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  1. Would be possible to have a settings to enable the following when a user uses the logout option in relation to their Hornbill Availability? Warning prior to logging out if Status is set to Available. Automatically set Status to 'Out of the Office' Cheers Martyn
  2. @AlexTumber Thanks for the pointer. I will give it a go. Do you know if the business and technical owner fields are new or legacy ones? Cheers Martyn
  3. I am looking to query the database to include a list of Services and the Service Owner. In the 'h_itsm_services' table there are four owner fields but none of them are populated, even though when viewing the Service in Service Portfolio I am shown as the owner. h_businessownername h_businessownerid h_technicalownerid h_technicalownername The business and technical ones appear to e new fields not yet accessible via the UI, but where is the current Owner value stored? Cheers Martyn
  4. Checking the database direct, I can see a h_itsm_problem record is created and the two custom fields we also reference in the progessive capture are populated but not the h_workaround field. ] Cheers Martyn
  5. We are using the h_workaround field name as the 'Field ID' in the Progressive capture for a Problem record, but the value entered which is visible in 'Questions' is not being stored in the field in the created request. Cheers Martyn
  6. @Alberto M Thanks for the pointer, got it to work with your date format and the timestamp format of 2020-06-04 14:30:00 as well. Cheers Martyn
  7. I have tried using a full format such as 00:00:00 01/07/2020, but still does not evaluate properly. Cheers Martyn
  8. Can we request a enhancement to add a new BPM Node to allow the sending of Hornbill Notifications from the workflow to a user or team. In our example we are undertaking an auto assign process in the workflow and want to force the sending of a notification to a user/team based on the severity of the issue. At the moment we would have to send an email rather than use the inbuilt Hornbill platform. Cheers Martyn
  9. I am trying to find details of the format to enter a static date as part of a decision node custom expression. In the example below we want to change the routing in the workflow when a request is logged against a certain service but only do so from the 1st July. At the moment the custom expression when logged against Service ID 245 is equating as true, even though the date logged is still June. Is there a specific format the date value needs to be entered as for the date/time condition to work? Cheers Martyn
  10. @James Ainsworth Thanks, we noticed the settings and now have consistent behaviour between closed and cancelled requests. Hopefully we can keep the momentum and move forward with other routing rule improvements such as having the ability to override visibility. Cheers Martyn
  11. @James Ainsworth I looking to change the icon of asset type and yes have the ability to utilise the font awesome icons. Cheers Martyn
  12. +1 @Frank Reay This is something we have requested before, so that there is some more flexibility and options when using the email notification processes in the BPM. Cheers Martyn
  13. @Daniel Dekel Any update on 'Alternate Email 2' aka h_email_3 being accessible via the UI? Cheers Martyn
  14. @James Ainsworth Thanks for advising that the changes have been made to make the icons consistent. Is there still a change in the list to allow selection of individual icons for individual asset types? Cheers Martyn
  15. @AlexTumber Similar to my other post under Service Manager, can the My Timesheet widget also display the Category and Sub Category descriptions when hovering over the selection, to provide additional guidance to the user? Cheers Martyn
  16. @AlexTumber When a user is selecting a Time Sheet Category and Sub Category, can it description be displayed as tooltip to help guide the user in selecting the correct category? Cheers Martyn
  17. @Jeremy If you turn the other two off temporarily, does it make any difference? Cheers Marty
  18. @Michael Sharp If you turn on the HUD on your service, does it appear at all when you log a request against the service/catalog combination? If HUD appears but red, it might allow you to see an BPM error being reported. Cheers Martyn
  19. @Jeremy The Customer and Service Portal used a common code base, so whilst we have been waiting for Employee Portal the replacement for Service Portal to final emerge, the Customer Portal has been in limbo for a significant period of time. Recent enhancement request have been logged under the CRM/External Customer Service Support forum topic. https://community.hornbill.com/forum/153-crm-external-customer-service-support/ On the presumption that you are not using SSO for the Customer Portal but the inbuilt Hornbill Customer authentication, then you the users should be able to update the password via their profile. It could be a byproduct of enabling the undocumented options. We just have the password one ticked. Cheers Martyn
  20. @James Ainsworth Is there any update on this change request/enhancement? Not being able to suspend the workflow to awaiting a Sub Status change is becoming very restrictive and affecting the ability to accurately track the SLA performance. Cheers Martyn
  21. Can we raise a enhancement request to add 'Replication Steps' as a standard 'TEXT' field to the Problem Request type, i.e field in 'h_itsm_problems' as we would like to capture the replication steps separately from the description of the issue. I appreciate there is a number of 'TEXT' type custom fields, but replication steps for problem records is a generic requirement and would be able to capture/edit this via the request view under Workaround tab. Cheers Martyn
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