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  1. Can we request a new additional Portfolio Status value for Service. At the moment when you set a Service to a portfolio status to 'Retired' the service is no longer visible on the portals or live user app, but also the customer can no longer search for or view their previous requests under the service by the historic URL link. Can we ask that a new 'Archived' status is added, which has the same impact on visibility of the service the portals/live user app, but the requests logged under the service are still included in the portal request search and historic request URL links. In the real world operation of the Service Catalog, there will be many service changes which will necessitate the 'archiving' of services, but it is important that co-workers/customers can still access their historic requests. Cheers Martn
  2. Could I request consideration for some filtering and additional columns in the Service Manager Reports area (may also be applicable in other areas where reports are available): Filters: Status - all / development / available (similar to Progressive Captures, etc) Columns: Scheduled / one-time (or similar) Last run date Next run date Thanks
  3. Hi Is there a chance that can be added to the incident side too? When we have a major running where we have lost outlook or something similar we would like to be able to publish something on the portal where the users can create tickets if they are affected as well. This will give us a good count of those affected during that outage without putting pressure on the service desk team.
  4. Feature request - would it be possible to have a library picker under the document tab against each service? This is so documents can be grouped rather than be in a long list.
  5. Would it be possible to request that another action is added so that we can 'Get Connection Details'? This would be useful to pull this information out e.g. connection name, handle, email address, site, department etc. This would then allow decisions (via decision node) to be made regarding connections or to place that information into tasks, descriptions timeline updates. One example that we have is we need the email address of the 'manager' that has been chosen to copy them into communications, but we have to pass out (via integration call) the username and then look up this user and return their email address into a custom field, all to be able to send them an email!
  6. Hi Team Some of our engineers would like to sort their different views by different columns but on a "set" basis. So when you create a view and select the columns you can have something there where you specify which column it will sort on and which way as the default for that view. The below is one of our engineers explanation (probably better than mine ) I think its actually a good idea but of course no ideal how easy it would be. "for example someone might have a view where they want it sorted by "raised on" ascending, and another view where they need "customer" sorted descending. It would just be good to have an option when creating a view to specify a "sort" column and choose either ascending or descending for the given sort column"
  7. Hello, We are using custom fields more and more in our Progressive Captures and Business Processes, and have even used them on the View Details Forms. We are now very limited with the custom fields that we can use and was wondering if more custom fields could be created please? They are very useful for reporting and storing information in the Business Processes. Many thanks, Alisha
  8. Auto Tasks is a very useful tool but also very powerful. Once the button is pressed then the task just runs without any further prompts (certainly we can't see any config option for this). We have entered a warning into the pop-up when a user hovers over the Task button but that is often ignored. Can we have the option of a Warning Prompt (with some customised wording eg 'Are you really sure you want to do this?').
  9. Would it be possible to add a (possibly optional?!) column in the Form Fields section of the PCF designer? I quite often have to look through the PCF's to see which custom fields are being used, and to do this I have to click through each separate question and open it up to see whether a custom field has been selected. Part of our process is to create an excel sheet with each question and the used custom fields, but this is obviously separate to the actual PCF and has to be kept outside of Hornbill. So, my idea is to have an option of adding the 'form field' to the list in the actual PCF. I realise that space might be tight, but I use a large external monitor, so for me it wouldn't really be too much of a problem! Having this addition would save me a lot of time, and would make creating reports a lot simpler I think.
  10. In our Change Request workflow, we have the concept that the Change Manager can remove the Human Task that the Implementer uses to declare the Start of the work. This effectively means they won't proceed because they are trained to use this task before starting. This can happen if, for example, new information comes to light about the CR any time between the time it is Authorised and the Scheduled Start Date. The case in point today is that the pre-cursor tests failed. Another case we have is expiry: if the Start is not declared before the Scheduled End date (missed window), the task moves on. My workflow then gives a task for the Change Manager to review the position before either amending the Schedule or the Plans and re-Authorising or Rejecting. Here's the enhancement. I want to UN-Authorise the Change Request at that point so it very clear that the work may not proceed. If the CM authorises, in their review, it will again be Authorised in Service Manager. At the moment I am in the position of having a CR that clearly states "Authorised" and my technical staff could debate that they implemented an Authorised CR even when I've tried to stop it for very good reasons... But here's the issue. The node for Authorisation Decision has no option to "Remove" an answer previously given: we have only Approve or Reject. I do not want to reject it (we are enablers to change not blockers). I request an option here to return the Change Request to the pre-authorisation state of null decision, please. If not in this node, is there another way to achieve it?
  11. Hi, Can we have some cloud automation around MS Project online? The ability to create a new project from a change ticket would be great for us. As well as updating projects when changes are complete etc.
  12. No doubt, everyone pastes the hyperlinks to Requests into various other platforms like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, etc. Hornbill could really help save us all time by investing in creating better hyperlinks that include the Request Summary. At present, if I paste a ticket hyperlink, it looks like this: This is not very useful to people (they would ask, "what change is that?") so I always need to go back to the Request to copy and then paste the summary: "Migrate Location 1 from vrf A to Corp vrf" so we end up with "CH00011180 - Migrate Location 1 from vrf A to Corp vrf". So that's two paste operations every time. But, you know, it would be dead easy for Hornbill to code the app to format the hyperlink result to be like this automatically; and I cannot think of may use cases when that wouldn't. We already kind of have this when we paste a link to the Boards because the Title of the Board is included in the pasted link: The secondary suggestion is to please remove an annoyance. At present, if I have a Notification in my console, when I paste the hyperlink to the Request it gets suffixed with "(1)" and this number increments for every un-dismissed notification I have. Since pasted links are always for others, these should not be reflected in the pasted hyperlink.
  13. Can we raise an enhancement request to have a setting to control the rendering of HTML Href within emails when emails are used to log or applied to Service Manager Requests. The setting is to determine what element of the Href is rendered into the text used as part of the timeline updated, i.e. the 'link text' or the 'url' value. At the moment the email rendering to textual timeline inserts the whole 'url' and not the human intended 'link text'. With the introduction of new security features in Office 365 in the form of Safe Links in Microsoft Defender for Office 365, embedded 'url' for Href in emails are encoded in a very long url which redirect all links to via the Microsoft's Safe Links dynamic checking facility rather then the original source url. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/office-365-security/atp-safe-links?view=o365-worldwide#:~:text=Safe Links scanning is enabled,Block the following URLs" list. As these links are very long and also do not represent the original embedded link in a human readable form, we would like the setting to be added so the Href 'link text' is inserted into the textual timeline and not the 'url'' content. Without these setting the timeline entry become blotted and unreadable very quickly. Cheers Martyn
  14. Hello, I would like to request the possibility of being able to branch on the request type being logged. This would mean we could have a single PCF for a Service Request and Incident for multiple catalogs (therefore easier to maintain). For example... I have a Housing Service and currently I use a single PCF for both Logging Incidents and Logging Requests (the same set of questions are asked). The only thing I cannot do is ask different questions based on whether the request is an Incident or a Request. Thanks, Samuel
  15. As discussed on the Supplier Manager Webinar, it is possible to trigger the start and stop of a Event linked to a Supplier, from the workflow in Service Manager, there will be occasions when within a single event the timer being run against the supplier will need to be paused. Starting and Stopping multiple events for a single 'service incident' would not give a true reflection of the service level being provided. For example, depending on the service involved there may be a period of time the responsibility returns to us the consumer of the service where the time would not run. i.e. arrange remote access, scheduling engineer visit/downtime, dispatching unit to the supplier etc Therefore can I raise an enhancement request to add the ability to 'Pause' and 'OnHold Until' the Supplier Event Timer in the BPM. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hello, As far as I understand it, the team that has been linked to the Service the longest (even by seconds) is the main supporting team when it comes to using the BPM node Assign to Support Team: Please can I request there to be a way to highlight the main supporting team against a Service under Service Portfolio, having a toggle slider? (Mock-up below) If someone attempts to turn on the Slider for another team it should either stop them and show an error message that the existing main support team must be disabled, or it should switch the existing main support team off, and the new one on automatically. I think this should only be accessible via a Role The Team with the toggle on, should remain at the top of the Supporting Teams list Thanks, Samuel
  17. Service Details and FAQ's are currently the same source when viewed in either portal, i.e. Employee and Customer Portals. When operating a services across both internal and external support, this generates a challenge when wanting to insert links to other content such as documents, services, other FAQ's etc. At the moment we have to put in the links using the customer portal URL for external customers (contacts) access, but these then fail to work when the same content is accessed via the Employee Portal. Can we request conditional formatting similar to that in the email templates to allow text and links to be inserted depending on a variable, in our example the Portal type. Cheers Martyn
  18. When raising a linked request from the BPM e.g. changing a Problem into a Known Error we would like to be able to copy the linked requests from the parent to the child request if possible?
  19. Could the image shown both on the Bulletin Carousel and in the Service itself be set to the same size? Or perhaps the option to toggle on/off in the Service? Pictorial images are not such an issue, but you can see my dilemma here! Maybe I have missed a setting somewhere? On the left, an image from the carousel On the right, how it appears in the Service
  20. We're still having intermittent problems with sending some emails with attachments, with SOME emails failing to send with a 'Unable to open cafs file.' error message. Although there is a 'known error' which covers why this happens (KE00169136 ), could you let me know if there's a way of checking whether an email which is sent from a ticket fails to send please? At the moment, the only way I can see of checking this is by going in to the Mailbox sent items and checking the status. There is NO indication on the request that the email has failed to send, and with 28 mailbox in our Hornbill instance this is a big problem. Also, is there any news on when KE00169136 will be addressed and fixed please?
  21. I'm finding that, when I put a request on hold, the majority of the time I've just sent an email to the customer asking for info... So, would it be possible to have a 'mixed' button in the email section where you can choose to send the email AND put the request on hold for a period of time AND have snippets available in the 'place on hold' form please? It'll just save a few clicks!
  22. Can I request additional question types: A slider for variable amount, like you have in your project management module e.g. A question with two different answers, like below questions is not a good example. But we have a need for matrix type questions choose colour and choose amount drop downs for the same question.
  23. At the moment there is a system wide setting which set the visibility of the timeline entry of an email update applied automatically to the Service Manager request by the Email Routing Rules, however it would be really useful to be able to override this setting at the rule level if required. In our case we have the setting set to customer, so when an email is received with a matching request reference in the email subject the request is automatically updated with the customer view able entry. However for internal emails, i.e. where we would use the 'domain' criteria in the rule criteria, we would not want them to appear as customer view able updates and therefore would want to override the default to make them team visibility. As it stands at the moment we have filter out the internal emails and update them manually. Hopefully this could be looked at as a enhancement, as i think this would be useful to other users as well. Cheers Martyn
  24. Relates to my earlier post below about overriding the default visibility for Email Routing Rule updates, it would be useful to be able to override the system setting on a rule by rule basis whether an update via the said rule will trigger an Sub Status Automatic update, asin our case for internal email we would not want it to do this, but for customer updates we would. Cheers Martyn
  25. What would be really nice would be able in the BPM and PCF (maybe) to be able to drag and drop decision lines from one decision to another. This would save a lot of time and also save from having to replicate some very complicated decisions.
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