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  1. At the moment there is a system wide setting which set the visibility of the timeline entry of an email update applied automatically to the Service Manager request by the Email Routing Rules, however it would be really useful to be able to override this setting at the rule level if required. In our case we have the setting set to customer, so when an email is received with a matching request reference in the email subject the request is automatically updated with the customer view able entry. However for internal emails, i.e. where we would use the 'domain' criteria in the rule criteria,
  2. In the Contracts details page can we have the 'pins' (from Service Manager) to default whether the sections are closed or open when the user starts to view the page? Also - I have added in a custom field with a drop down option. When this is displayed on the List View page it shows the DB value NOT the Label (or Display text).
  3. Hi all, We're now into our second calendar year of using Hornbill as our ITSM solution. I've had some queries regarding the advanced analytics reporting widgets. As we've now clicked over into January 2021, a lot of our customers are reporting that their dashboards are blank. Now technically that is correct, as the vast majority of ours are set to start of calendar year. As January is not yet complete, their data would be blank. I've flicked the one to the screenshot below to the start of last calendar year to provide a complete data set for the previous year. Is there any possible w
  4. As discussed on the Supplier Manager Webinar, it is possible to trigger the start and stop of a Event linked to a Supplier, from the workflow in Service Manager, there will be occasions when within a single event the timer being run against the supplier will need to be paused. Starting and Stopping multiple events for a single 'service incident' would not give a true reflection of the service level being provided. For example, depending on the service involved there may be a period of time the responsibility returns to us the consumer of the service where the time would not run. i.e. arra
  5. As an agent it would be great to have the option to enable tasks to be visible in my request list could I ask if this could be looked at as a possible enhancement??
  6. The owner of a Supplier can 'lock' the record and can then restrict who can view, update etc at a very granular level. However there does not appear to be any such control on Contracts. It is actually Contracts which are more sensitive. We really do need to limit who can view and update this data (much more so than Suppliers). These records have £ value, End dates, Cancellation periods etc. We do have the audit history to give us some protection from a rogue inputter but that is very much 'after the event'.
  7. This may be under consideration but I wanted to formally request... From Supplier Manager we can link Suppliers and Contracts to Assets. However when those Assets are viewed in the CMDB explorer the linked Suppliers and Contracts are not displayed. Can this integration be put in place? What is currently quite frustrating (and associated to the above) is that it is not possible to view linked Suppliers/Contracts from within an Asset. It is only possible to do this the other way round ie from Supplier/Contracts to see the linked Assets.
  8. I have recently been configuring Supplier Manager for our use. The tool will on the whole work really well for us but as is the case with a new module I have identified what I believe are some useful enhancements. Any support from other customers would be helpful (although unless people have dived in then I guess that some of this won't mean very much!) When viewing an individual Contract - the associated Supplier can only be identified by the Supplier Logo image (if one has been uploaded). If there is no logo image then the only way to identify the Supplier is to go back to the C
  9. Hi all, We would like to be able to add a link to the change calendar inside our employee portal. Certain members of our IT department don't need to log or manage tickets through the IT agent portal, but would find access to the change calendar useful. So our IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers, can gain visibility of what's going on, and avoid any potential conflicts when planning project activities. We wouldn't want to open this information up to all, so we would need it to be controlled with a permission, that we can add into our IT Business Analysts and IT Project
  10. Morning we are considering a use case for a second IT domain to capture and enable processes for operational maintenance requests that are not customer facing SLA driven activities. If we were to implement the domain I would need to be able to report separately the requests types across the 2 domains. At this time I cannot see that the service domain is added to the service manager request table for each ticket. Would this be possible to make future reporting easy?? any help would be appreciated. similar would also be a consideration for the implementation of any of th
  11. Within the Contracts List View it is not possible to search by Contract ID (which is the unique HB identifier). I cannot see how this list view is sorted and there is no way of sorting it myself. So with a growing list of Contracts the ID is difficult to find. All I can do is use Filters to reduce the list OR search on the Name field. I have raised an enhancement elsewhere to offer customised views functionality on this screen (as well as the Suppliers screen).
  12. We have recently started using Asset Management and as a result have a number of suggested enhancements. Support from other Customers using this functionality would be very welcome! Notes (field tips) describing Fields – these are only available to the administrator when creating an Asset Type. They are not available to the users who I would suggest are the people that need to see these ‘descriptors’ to assist when inputting. Audit Log does not show Creation details – when viewing the audit trail for an individual asset there is no info about the creation. The Audit Trail button ac
  13. When applying an email to a request, the date and time stamp information is not included in the header information added to the timeline entry. The timeline entry will just show the date and time the email was added to the request, which is fine, but in order to view the email delivery date/time stamp you have to open the request. Can we request the date/time stamp information show in the shared mailbox is embedded in the time line text. This could be a configurable setting to allow this to be turned on or off on a per instance basis. Cheers Martyn
  14. Currently the 'Wait for Status Change' node only completes when the primary 'Status' changes i.e. from 'OnHold' to 'Open'. It does not trigger is the SubStatus is changed within the same parent 'Status', i.e. changes from 'Open->Pending with AM' to 'Open->Pending with Analyst'. Can the node be extended to have the option to trigger on a change to the SubStatus or can a new Suspend Node be for this. i.e. 'Wait for SubStatus Change'? Cheers Martyn
  15. When working in the Design mode for the Supplier and Contract input screens there is a button to RESTORE DEFAULT. Once clicked this immediately removes all the customisation without any warning. This is easy to click on in error and the customisation has vanished! Can we have a 'Are you really sure?' prompt before it undertakes the action.
  16. Hello, Please can I request an enhancement for the human task BPM to a allow an Outcome to ignore the 100% checklist completion requirement. For example, we don't want to force completion of these checklist items if after logging the request the customer decides to back out of wanting a smartphone. In order to choose the outcome "Not Completed" (we need to rename this to something else or add other outcomes) the users till have to complete the checklist to make it 100% before the button becomes available. Thanks, Samuel
  17. Hello, I would like to request the possibility of being able to branch on the request type being logged. This would mean we could have a single PCF for a Service Request and Incident for multiple catalogs (therefore easier to maintain). For example... I have a Housing Service and currently I use a single PCF for both Logging Incidents and Logging Requests (the same set of questions are asked). The only thing I cannot do is ask different questions based on whether the request is an Incident or a Request. Thanks, Samuel
  18. Hello, Please can I request the width of the Services Portfolio takes the full width of the page? I want to utilize the columns, but it looks awful squished up. As a temporary workaround, I used the Stylebot extension (Edge and Chrome) to make it full width (as well as setting the minimum width of the columns) StyleBot configuration for the page: Thanks, Samuel
  19. Hello, Is it possible to use Wiki text in activities that are created by the Business Process? I have tried using [[mailto:email address]] in the Business Process but that did not work. In the checklist items, we would like the analyst to send an email out - it would be good if we could have a mailto link in there. If this is not currently possible, please could it be added as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
  20. When creating form/PCFs can we have variables so that we can match things, one of our examples is that we ask for a line managers email to send an email asking for authorisation for certain things but people have a habit of adding themselves. We can handle this in the BPM and reject it, by matching the input to the submitters info. However we would like to stop it at source and when we ask for their managers email address or get them to look up via the users data query we want to match this field against the customer submitting so it would be something like: Then if the customer emai
  21. We are in the process of trying to convince one of our other service desks in our wider group to migrate to our Hornbill Service Manager Instance from 'Salesforce Desk'. One of the features they use extensively and is one of the blocking issues, is there ability to add multiple tags/labels to there requests which they then use as part of there process for identification and searching/selection. As Requests can have multiple tags/labels associated with them and they are not necessarily sequential nor singular we cannot utilise sub states to emulate them. Example screen shot below show how
  22. Hello, We are using custom fields more and more in our Progressive Captures and Business Processes, and have even used them on the View Details Forms. We are now very limited with the custom fields that we can use and was wondering if more custom fields could be created please? They are very useful for reporting and storing information in the Business Processes. Many thanks, Alisha
  23. Hoping someone can help with this either a customer or Hornbill admin. Many suppliers such as Hornbill have a service status page (https://status.hornbill.com/). Is this functionality available within Hornbill now or is it being considered a function for future release? Having the icon on the service to demonstrate service availability is already there and I recognise that however, if you have a large volume of services and they are not all located on the same page it is hard for a user to understand whether there is a known service availability issue or not.
  24. We have recently switched this ON: This is all good, however when a Request is assigned to a Team and an Agent then assigns it to himself he needs to make a Comment. The agents get a bit annoyed by this. I presume this is expected behaviour but can the system be more intuitive (ie the same as when the system does not send an email if an Agent assigns to himself).
  25. If you have services that you don't want to show a description of can you put a 0 in the description field as with other portal stuff you want empty? We want descriptive texts on some but not all of our services.
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