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  1. Good morning, I would like to request the ability to display user hierarchy in the following places: Platform Configuration -> Users Home -> Co-Workers Somewhere on the Employee Portal and/or Customer Profile (only direct reports and colleagues related to the person logged on) Thanks, Samuel
  2. Good afternoon, I would like to request that we can view the linked Assets, Sites and Services in the document properties on Document Manager. We can link them to these entities, but we cannot see what the documents are linked to, from Document Manager. In addition, I would also like the abiity to link the document to these entities from within Document Manager as well. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Morning we are considering a use case for a second IT domain to capture and enable processes for operational maintenance requests that are not customer facing SLA driven activities. If we were to implement the domain I would need to be able to report separately the requests types across the 2 domains. At this time I cannot see that the service domain is added to the service manager request table for each ticket. Would this be possible to make future reporting easy?? any help would be appreciated. similar would also be a consideration for the implementation of any of the system domains thanks Andy
  4. When using the option to log a new change type, I wanted to copy all the important fields but Change Type is only listed in the area where you manually specify it. I believe this is an omission and there should be an option further down to "copy change type?"
  5. Hi I have a few requests which will be logged via CI's on the portal and all of these requests use the same Service. But - for each request I'm going to need a different email template to be available as the default when the email function is used in the ticket. I know that there is a default email template setting for each request TYPE per service, but I really do need to be able to change this setting per Catalog Item. Is that possible? Or is there a way of using an Auto Task which might help? OR is there a way of limiting the email templates that someone could pick from Template drop down box in the email function of the request? Any ideas please? thanks
  6. We are looking at sharing video content by OneDrive and would like to make use of the new'ish option to 'Block Download' when sharing a Drive Item. Can this be added as a additional configurable property on the existing integration node? Cheers Martyn
  7. Good afternoon, I'm posting off the back of this: I would like to request the ability to show/hide Connection Types per Service and enable us to be able to choose which types are relevant. By default, for a new Service, no connection type should be selected. - This could be a toggleable setting. If there are no active connection types for that Service, then the option to add Connection Type should be disabled against the request. Thanks, Samuel
  8. Good afternoon, As part of the latest version of our New Starter process, we need to be able to define the New Manager, Budget Holder, Same Access As user etc. as connections, but I'm facing a problem where the new manager could also be the budget holder as well as the person to copy the same access as to the new starter... I cannot add them multiple times for different Connection Types to a single request, especially via the Business Process. I would like to request an enhancement to enable the same person to be added as connection's multiple times for different types, either displaying each connection type next to their name, or displaying the person multiple times in the connections list. Not everyone may want this, so I would also like to request there be a flag, whether it's per Service or a global setting to allow this functionality to be enabled/disabled. Now, I'm not sure what else to do to get this working... as I don't want to have to create new connection types for the different combinations, as we cannot disable connection types per service, as it will clutter everything else. Thanks, Samuel
  9. Good afternoon, I am raising this off the back of this post: Please could I request that if a label is selected in the ICF, that the following options are not displayed, as they make no sense for a label unless someone can confirm why they might be beneficial: This field requires a value to be provided This field will be read only This field will be visible in read mode if it has no value Thanks, Samuel
  10. I have a number of scheduled reports that are automatically emailed from Hornbill, and this works really well. What would be even better, is the ability to add some narrative / free text to the message body that would allow me to explain the report, give some background and also flag any changes that have been made to the report since it was last generated. Could this be considered? Or if its already possible, could someone let me know how I can do it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Is it possible to add the number of documents attached to a Service using the same method as FAQs and Requests? Thanks
  12. Hello, When we add customers as Impacted to a request, it currently only shows their full name. Please could we request that it shows their full handle as well or their user ID? Many thanks, Alisha
  13. Hello, When creating Activity Templates, please could we have the option of using Capture Task Fields as we'd like to use drop-down lists, check boxes, etc. within the checklist. Many thanks, Alisha
  14. When users have a large number of Assets they use or are shared with them, the current 'Link Asset' screen can become somewhat cumbersome to locate the correct asset, whilst the the current Search option does not help given that it's scope is all assets. Can we request an enhancement to add in a Filter option on both the 'Used By' and 'Shared with' options, to make it easier to locate the assets linked to the current customer. Especially useful would be able to filter by state and operational state, so archived/retired assets can be excluded. It would also be useful to be able to have some control on the display order with sorting options, as not sure what order is currently applied by default. Cheers Martyn
  15. Can we raise an enhancement request to have the option to 'Archive' as Workspace, in addition to the current hard 'Delete' option. In other parts of the system we are able to archive/retire entities, but not in Collaboration Workspaces. The idea would be the Archive Workspaces would be excluded form the Global Search and only be visible to the owner. Cheers Martyn
  16. Please can we have the ability to rename a Simple List? (or if this already exists, how is it achieved?). Thanks.
  17. Now the Admin Tool is embedded in side the the main user app, can the Timesheet Manager sidebar applicaiton be updated to automatically pick up the context when in the Admin Tool so that any timesheet entries have link back to the admin page that is open? Cheers Martyn
  18. Hi All, We've recently dipped our toe into enterprise service management, by opening up Hornbill to more than just our IT team. We've now got our Facilities team using Hornbill for their Incidents and Requests and this is working very well. There is a genuine need for them to have stored contacts that wouldn't need access to the portal, but there are some external customers that they may need to email. I've studied the wiki page on contacts: Contacts - Hornbill These contacts would only be relevant for our Facilities team and our IT department wouldn't require access. I can see the ability to mark these contacts as private. But i believe this only makes the contact visible to an individual. But all members of the Facilities team would need to be able to see these contacts. Is there a way of locking these contacts down by support queue? If not I think it would be a great enhancement for us and I'm sure other customers wishing to use this feature. Kind Regards Adam
  19. Hello, We are using custom fields more and more in our Progressive Captures and Business Processes, and have even used them on the View Details Forms. We are now very limited with the custom fields that we can use and was wondering if more custom fields could be created please? They are very useful for reporting and storing information in the Business Processes. Many thanks, Alisha
  20. Hi all, Can we have some more custom fields in Supplier Manager please? I have used all the text only fields under contracts and still have at least 2 more fields to add. Or can we have the restrictions on date/time/decimal/int removed on the current ones? Also is there a list of the custom fields and the current restrictions anywhere. The wiki is more than a little light on info for Supplier Manager
  21. Copying and pasting nodes in a BPM is a very useful feature, but it is somewhat negated by the fact that every time I paste a node, its downstream connector pastes with it, leaving the new node pre-connected to the same downstream node as the originating node. Almost invariably I need to manually select and delete that connector because almost all my use-cases require the new node to terminate elsewhere. My request is simply that your user interface design be altered to stop pasting the downstream interconnects when we paste nodes. PS It would continue to paste interconnects between nodes if multiple nodes were selected for the copy and paste operation.
  22. Services have mutiple supporting teams. However, catalogue items set up for a specific Service may only be supported by a specific team or team(s). Therefore, in Service Portfolio - (Select Service) - Config - Catalogue Items, could a new option be added 'mange supporting teams', which allows specific catalogue items to be configured to a specific supporting team or teams. This could work in the same way as 'manage catalogue visibility' giving the user the option to add/remove supporting teams via a slider
  23. At the moment the 'View Request' option for connections allows the viewing of the request in the Employee Portal, but not the Timeline. Enabling the 'Allow Collaboration' option allows them to both view and interact with the Timeline. Can we an enhancement request to allow read only view of the Timeline but not being able to update it. Ideally controllable at the service level, or as a system setting which enables view only of the Timeline when a connection has been granted 'View Request' permission. Cheers Martyn
  24. Can we request an enhancement to the new 'Roles' tab under Admin > Users, to be able to copy roles from another user. This would make it a lot easier to manage new joiners. This could also possible automatically suggest the users to potentially used based on the User's manager or other users who share the same manager (peers). Cheers Martyn
  25. Morning, For our tickets we always ask for the Division then the Department, Our organisational structure is up to date but we have 300+ Departments. Is there a way that we can only show the departments associated with the division selected?7 E.g. I have selected 4DICT - ICT as my directorate on the intelligent capture, So I only want the departments associated to it in the org structure to show in the department field: I am currently using the Group picker option to get my list of divisions and departments. H
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