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  1. Hi all, We would like to be able to add a link to the change calendar inside our employee portal. Certain members of our IT department don't need to log or manage tickets through the IT agent portal, but would find access to the change calendar useful. So our IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers, can gain visibility of what's going on, and avoid any potential conflicts when planning project activities. We wouldn't want to open this information up to all, so we would need it to be controlled with a permission, that we can add into our IT Business Analysts and IT Project
  2. We are using the functionality of when there are updates to requests they go blue (in our instance) but when you have read and caught up with everything we would like to unread the request and have the ability to turn the color on/off at the analyst choice if that makes sense. So if someone goes through a request and catches up on everything and then decides I need to come back to this later we would like to be able to turn the color back on.
  3. Can I request an enhancement to have a new formal BPM process to switch the security context from the User to the System Context. In our example we have removed the User's permission to 'Close' a request, they only have permission to set it as 'Resolved'. This is because we have a number of post Resolution/Closure operations automated in the BPM. However at the moment we have to use the 'Suspend Await Expiry' with the minimum value of 1 minute to trigger the BPM security context to switch from the user who does not have permission to close the request to the system context which does. There
  4. Please can I raise a feature request for a setting to include archived users in the user search (this would be the Customer Search form in the PCF, Customised user-related questions in the PCF, change subscribers in the request record etc.) We have a use where a leaver may already be disabled in our AD and the user becomes archived and said user is unable to be selected in a our leaver request PCF. Thanks
  5. Hi All, Not sure if this has been raised previously - currently there are 3 options on the Service Availability function in Hornbill which is great. However, there does not appear to be any option to schedule a planned impact. The scenario we are looking to address would be for Planned Changes on a system which of course would impact its availability, so if a have a Change agreed at CAB we could also ensure availability data is kept up to date and accurate. Would it be possible to have a scheduler installed here at all, so we could for example set our out of hours changes to auto app
  6. The current Test Outbound Connection option under Email > Outbound Mail Routing does not allow you to specify the from email address, so will fail on properly secured mail servers as the 'do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com' will not be a recognised email address and the email will not be sent. Given that you can only have a single outbound server for each domain, but you may have multiple shared mailboxes and email addresses link to it, can we request an enhancement to either allow the manual specification of the 'From Address' or provide a selection list extracted from the email add
  7. Hi all. The charts that now we can get in the service portfolio are nice and useful. However, two remarks about it: 1 - Error: this is intermittent, but it happens often to get an error while navigating and making changes in the charts (see image below). 2 - Enhancement suggestion: we use mainly the services demand chart and it would be really useful if the chart showed us real-time data, i.e.: including current month to understand backlog variation within the month. Regards, Alberto
  8. Good afternoon, I would like to request some additional fields for Software Assets - Support Start Date - Support End Date - Extended Support Start Date - Extended Support End Date We need to be able to specify the Asset Support type... the list should consist of: - Unreleased - Supported - In Extended Support - Out of Support It would be good if the above options could be tied into the Support dates automatically. If a Supplier is attached to an asset, then maybe somehow there could be enhanced functionality, relating to Supplier Contracts updating these fiel
  9. When undertaking a simple search for Assets a number of fields are not searched and so do not return any records. This is when using this Filter This causes total confusion for our users (in particular Mobile 'Device Name' cannot be searched unless the Advanced Search/Condition is used). For example under Mobile Devices: Serial Number can be searched but NOT Device Name Operating System Version can be searched but NOT Operating System Apparently this is as intended(!) and requires an enhancement to be raised so user support would be welcome.
  10. Hi. Today one of my colleagues reported me that, when you add an update to a request, the first time you do it after opening the request page, the default visibility set in the Service Manager settings is correct (we have it set to "Team only") but, if you add an update with "Customer" visibility and then you want to add a new update without refreshing the request page, that new update visibility is not reset to the default ("Team only"), but stays set to "Customer" visibility.This can cause undesired situations of a customer to have access to updates we don't want, if the analyst doesn't
  11. Linked to @Giuseppe Iannacone post below, can we raise an enhancement to add the additional options to be able to set the Service and Catalog values by passing the Id's for these as well as the existing option to pass the name. We often change the name of services or catalog items, but the Id's do not change. Cheers Martyn
  12. We identified what appears to have been a historic issue, were duplicate service specific based SLAs where created when linking to a Corporate SLA. We have now removed these, but has identified that it is possible to create multiple SLA agreements with the identical name. Can the Service Level Agreement Name be made unique please. Cheers Martyn
  13. When you have a large number of requests in the Employee Portal it would be a real help to have a filter option within the widget, much the same as there is in the main application Request List. Cheers Martyn
  14. We would like to set up an email template and include an specific attachment as part of the email, is this possible? I have tried to think of ways around it but can't, I have thought to upload into document library but there is no way to include this in the email that we want to send as part of the BPM email template.
  15. The Employee Portal Request Widget allow the user to view requests where they are added as a connection which is a great addition, however the "How can we help?" Search is not including requests of these type within the scope, so therefore at the moment you have to page through the Request Widget with the connections option to open the request. Cheers Martyn
  16. Can we ask for the limit on selection of requests be configurable and/or extendable to more than 50 requests at a time in the Request List view. Also when selecting more than the limit using the shift key, the maximum number of requests is selected. Cheers Martyn
  17. At the moment if you want to close a bulk number of requests you have to update them to Resolved so that you can populate the resolution text and closure category, and then select them again for another Bulk Action to close them. Can we request a combined Resolve and Close action to allow the setting of the Resolution Text and Closure Region plus then updates the status to Resolved and then subsequently Closed, in one bulk action. Cheers Martyn
  18. Can the standard Visibility option be added to the Change Requests > Update Request > Add to Change Calendar node. We have the ability to turn on and off the timeline update being made but not it's visibility. Cheers Martyn
  19. Currently when using the Variable Picker in the BPM editor to get values from Progressive Capture Forms, is shows the 5 Most Recently Created, by title. Which is fine when setting up a new system, but when maintaining an existing system, this would be better to be the 5 Most Recently Updated. Can this change to "5 Most Recently Updated" or an additional option in the tree between the two existing Customer PCF options. Cheers Martyn
  20. Can we raise an enhancement request to have a setting to control the rendering of HTML Href within emails when emails are used to log or applied to Service Manager Requests. The setting is to determine what element of the Href is rendered into the text used as part of the timeline updated, i.e. the 'link text' or the 'url' value. At the moment the email rendering to textual timeline inserts the whole 'url' and not the human intended 'link text'. With the introduction of new security features in Office 365 in the form of Safe Links in Microsoft Defender for Office 365, embedded 'url'
  21. As confirmed under linked post below. the current API log request nodes only spawns a BPM if you specify the the serviceId and have a default BPM set at the service level. With the development of the service catalog and catalog items are now available on all current request types to allow use of different BPM workflows, can the API call logic be enhanced to apply the same capability that it offers for 'Service' level requests, so that the catalog specific BPM workflow is spawned when passing both the serviceId and catalogId as parameters. At the moment you have to undertake an addit
  22. Currently the RequestConnecitons > Connections > Add Connection node only has 'Update Timeline' parameter. Can the normal 'Visibility' option be added to allow more specific control. Cheers Martyn
  23. Hello, We are using custom fields more and more in our Progressive Captures and Business Processes, and have even used them on the View Details Forms. We are now very limited with the custom fields that we can use and was wondering if more custom fields could be created please? They are very useful for reporting and storing information in the Business Processes. Many thanks, Alisha
  24. Can we request an enhancement to the progressive capture 'Field Flags' conditions capability. At the moment you can enter conditions for static values, but we would like to be able to apply conditions against other variable (values) within the progressive capture. For example we have a form which capture a Change Request Period Start and End date/time fields, so we want to check they are both populated and compare the two values against each other. Cheers Martyn
  25. Hi. In Service Manager, if you are the owner of a request and you open it, even if you don't make any update to the request, the last updated date is updated with the date/time when you opened it. (this doesn't happen if you are not the owner of the request) In my opinion, this doesn't make any sense. Why is the last updated information of a request being updated if there was no update to the request at all?! Can this be changed? At least having a Service Manager setting to deny this behaviour? Our analysts often use this data to sort the requests list so they can manage be
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