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  1. Hi. Some weeks ago we changed the default visibility from a few timeline actions from "Customer" to "Team only". Since that change, we noticed that our analysts that activated the follow timeline updates button in requests are not receiving the notifications when the timeline is updated by the System AutoResponder. For us it's normal that analysts from one team want to follow and get updates on requests assigned to another teams, as we work together to get solutions but, from what I've understood, the "user" System AutoResponder is not a "normal user" and doesn't belong to any team (
  2. We would like to set up an email template and include an specific attachment as part of the email, is this possible? I have tried to think of ways around it but can't, I have thought to upload into document library but there is no way to include this in the email that we want to send as part of the BPM email template.
  3. We are in the process of updating some of our branding which include some changes to fonts and sizes. I am testing the changes to our Email Templates and noticed that even though in the HTML we do not mention Arial, when text is added in the email window in Service Manager it appears as Arial 11pt. I have now located the mail.client setting under System > Advanced Settings, so I can now get any new test added using the new corporate font, but there is no control on the font size. Can an additional setting be added to allow control of the default font size as well. Chee
  4. Following the addition of being able to publish documents linked to services on the portals, which is a big step forward in us being able to regain the ability to publish a knowledge base on the portals, can we request some enhancements to make it more manageable and easier to use for the consumer, especially when a large volume of documents are linked. Documents to be grouped under the source Library, and initial display is Library headings, with the option to expand to list documents in said Library. Ability to control the order of the Libraries and the documents in the Service
  5. Can I request an enhancement to the extend the JIRA iBridge integration to be able to trigger an 'transition' as it is called by Atlassian. In our case we are wishing to trigger the re-opening transistion from Hornbill. https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Answers-Developer-Questions/Can-anyone-let-me-know-if-I-can-re-open-an-incident-using-JIRA/qaq-p/533765 Cheers Martyn
  6. Can the Global Search option for 'Requests' have an extra criteria option added to allow searching by 'Organisation' , i.e. for external customer facing tickets with the organisation information populated? Cheers Martyn
  7. Can we request an enhancement to the 'Support Teams' functionality for Services. In the current security model you have to be a member of a 'Support Team' to be able to view a request or added as an individual member on the request. In order to give some of our teams access to requests, but stop them from being able to be assigned requests, I duplicate team organisation objects and then disable assignment to all users in the duplicate team. This has an overhead and create unnecessary duplicate teams. Can we request an enhancement to be able to disable assignment against a 'Supporting Team
  8. For analyst to be able to see and create views on the feedback star rating of calls, it would be really useful to have the 'Feedback Start Rating' field as a standard column which is visible on the Request List and can be used in views/charts. Cheers Martyn
  9. Related to my earlier post (link below) - I am trying to setup some charts for our individual analyst to view their own feedback rating however there is not the option in the criteria drop down for rating 'Not Set' i.e. Null. Can we request the option for 'Not Set' is added to the criteria options. Cheers Martyn
  10. When applying an email to a request, the date and time stamp information is not included in the header information added to the timeline entry. The timeline entry will just show the date and time the email was added to the request, which is fine, but in order to view the email delivery date/time stamp you have to open the request. Can we request the date/time stamp information show in the shared mailbox is embedded in the time line text. This could be a configurable setting to allow this to be turned on or off on a per instance basis. Cheers Martyn
  11. Can the 'Show Associated Files' dialog launched from the Request View - Email action, include the description text as shown in the Request View - Attachments? We often have a number of similar files attached to our requests and we use the attachment descriptions to differentiate. Cheers Martyn
  12. We are setting up a number of custom Asset Types which have similar configuration/fields, so can we request an enhancement to be able to copy an existing Asset Type, so that we do not need to set them up from scratch each time. Cheers Martyn
  13. Currently the 'Wait for Status Change' node only completes when the primary 'Status' changes i.e. from 'OnHold' to 'Open'. It does not trigger is the SubStatus is changed within the same parent 'Status', i.e. changes from 'Open->Pending with AM' to 'Open->Pending with Analyst'. Can the node be extended to have the option to trigger on a change to the SubStatus or can a new Suspend Node be for this. i.e. 'Wait for SubStatus Change'? Cheers Martyn
  14. We are looking to implement Change Control requests in Hornbill to manage and record service subscription changes to Hornbill services for out external customers. As such we would like to automate the process of adding and removing service subscriptions both at the primary service and secondary catalog level. Therefore can we request a new BPM Node Object to allow interaction with Service Subscriptions. * Query Subscriptions - Pass in Subscriber Type and Subscriber ID, result list of Service ID object is subscribed too. * Query Service Subscription - Pass in Service ID, Subscri
  15. With the 'Software' Asset parent type we have the ability to specify Vendor, Product and Version information for the respective drop down list. However these drop down are available on all 'Software' Asset Types. Can we raise an enhancement to have the ability to restrict at the Vendor or Product level values available for a specific Asset Type. This will ensure the data validation is correct and appropriate for the Assets being created under the Asset Type. Cheers Martyn
  16. Can we raise an enhancement request to add a second 'Next' button on the Service once selected or a scroll bar within the Service list sized for the current screen size, so that it is easier to get to the 'Next' button after selecting the service. We have a very large service catalog, so forever scrolling down to the bottom of the page to get to the 'Next' button after selecting the Server/Catalog combination. Cheers Martyn
  17. Related to @Jeremy post below and the work on having the ability to pause the SLA timers in the BPM to allow a request timer to be on hold when set to Resolved. Can we raise an enhancement request to have the option to allow the updating of request at the Resolved status to another configurable status, i.e.Open, when updated by email (manually or via routing rules) or via the portals. This way updates to Resolved requests can be captured after the Suspend - Wait for Status Change in the BPM, and the record processed appropriately, rather then the updates being missed. Cheers
  18. I was wondering if anyone can help, I have found a bit of a 'hole' in our process! When a request is in a resolved state, if a customer sends an email response to an 'update' email then this adds the update to request but the analyst doesn't see this as the job is resolved and this does not re-open the request therefore after 7 ish days the job closes with the follow up being missed. With 'closed' requests these emails are set not to apply and so our Service Desk can then decide the most appropriate action, can this be implemented for resolved requests?
  19. Related to our the posts about include additional fields in the Request Reference Hover Dialog, can we also request that the sub status is display next to the request's primary status in the Linked Requests section of the Request View. Cheers Martyn
  20. Related to our earlier post about the ability to copy a whole service (link below), we would also like to request the ability to Copy Subscribers. Like other parts of the system when dealing with Roles or Organisation objects you have the ability to copy the members to the current object, which is especially useful when migrating or replacing existing roles/organisations. The same is true for Services. We are going through a review of our Services at the moment, consolidating some of them down, so having the ability to copy subscriptions from the previous services would save so much time,
  21. Following on from @Michael Sharp post below relating outputting scheduled reports to a document library, we would like to request the ability to link a document library to an external customer and/or organisation, so that when the customer logs in to the portal they can see the library under the general Document option at the top. This is so we can setup scheduled reports for customers, which are then delivered via the Customer Portal, as another means of encouraging them to use the portal rather than just emailing them. This also help to alleviate the limited customer export/reporting op
  22. Related to my post yesterday about the creation of Assets via the BPM, can we request an enhancement to the manual 'New Asset' process, so that when you create a new asset and click on save, it does not automatically close. The reason being, is that you cannot enabling sharing on a new asset until it has been saved and at the moment as soon as you click on save you are returned to the full list of assets. You then have to locate the asset via the list or filter, open it and then enable sharing, which is inefficient. Cheers Martyn
  23. Can we raise an enhancement request to have the ability to create a 'New Asset' from the 'Linked Assets' section on the 'Request View'. This would improve the integraiton between Request and Assets, as well as make its capabilities consistent with the 'Linked Requests' seciton. Cheers Martyn
  24. Following on from my previous request to be able to create new Assets from the Service Manage Request View, can we also request an enhancement to be able to create new assets from the Service Manager BPM. We would like to be able to:- Create New Asset, to be able to create a new asset passing the required fields. Link existing Asset, be able to link an asset to the current request, passing the asset id. Share Asset, i.e. turn on sharing and pass the id to the object to be shared too, in our case external organisation (Organisation ID) Update Asset, as per Create,
  25. When working with a large request that is passed between owners it would be useful if the new owner would be able to read the timeline from first to last rather than last to first. I know we have the facility to sort by most recently posted or updated, search the timeline and to filter the timeline but it would be useful to have a simple sort order toggle. Many thanks
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