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  1. Hi All I have one basic user who is having some issues logging into the portal. When she uses the link to logon no identity provider box, or SSO box appears - she just gets the below error message appear. We have cleared her cookies / cached data etc and restarted the whole desktop but still getting this error for her. Her account looks fine in Hornbill admin and was last accessed by her in February of this year. The computer is on the network with no obvious issues, and has connectivity to the internet, and we are able to remote to her desktop (I initially thought it may be some kind of network issue on the desktop). Any ideas on anything else I should check here? I have asked her to try logging onto another desktop to see if the same issue occurs, and I am waiting on an update from this action. Many thanks
  2. So when you open a request in self service the Update text box to type in is not that clear, is there a way to change it? Can it be more like the Attach section where the box is white?
  3. Hello all, We have a particular service in our service portfolio that has a lot of catalogue items in it, due to the complex requirements of the service and the various different level of Service Level Agreements and priorities for these catalogue items. I needed to put one live this week, which has brought some areas of the business above 30. As we tailor our catalogue to visibility of catalogue items to what they consume by each business area department, meaning they get a tailored portal with catalogue items that are relevant to where they sit in the business. It has come to light that although I've made this live and triple checked the visibility, they can not see the item, however I could but because where I sit in the business I need to be subscribed to a lot fewer catalogue items under that particular service. I initially thought this was likely to be a browser cache issue, however I've had reports from multiple members and they can't see the item. However if you search for it, it does appear but it is not listed when browsing through the service. I've then decided to include myself into all of the catalogue items the business area that reports the issue in, and I'm able to fully mimic the issue. Has anyone else come across this, and is there a limit, that's set somewhere in the configuration of the employee portal which needs increasing? Or is this a fault the requires support to investigate? Many Thanks Adam
  4. Hello, The company I work for will soon be offering our IT services to new parts of the group (similar to us becoming a MSP), is there any way that we can customize part of the employee portal so that each company has its own branding / images? Keen to understand how other MSP customers utilise the employee portal?
  5. Hi all, I can't see that this has been asked and I've been unable to find the information that I'm after on the wiki. A customer has reached out to us who has access a basic license and therefore only has employee portal access only. The customer has asked that they would like to be able to extract the tickets they have raised from the my requests section. That functionality is already there and does work, however unlike the IT agent portal, you cannot choose the the fields you require, it automatically downloads the extract with a set of prepopulated fields. One of the missing fields is the description. Is it possible that we need to make an amendment on our employee portal configuration to allow this field to be included in the extract? Or is this baked in functionality, that would require an enhancement to be requested. Kind Regards Adam
  6. The 'Known Issues' Service Tab with the Employee Portal is not honouring the wiki markup formatting in the Description and Workaround fields. Example below from the same service on the Employee Portal and then the Customer Portal. Employee Portal Customer Portal (note we renamed the Tab on the Customer Portal from 'Known Issues' to 'Announcements') Can this be looked at as soon as possible please? Cheers Martyn
  7. Hi All, we have recently updated our portal including the images both in the loading screen and the main portal page. Our image is set to the recommended 1024 x 300 pixels and is loaded to the new Image Library setup in the system. It is set to specified height of 300, stretch on repeat image, and vertical align is set to bottom so that the text always shows. I have tried the fit content option but this made the image even smaller on a large window. What I wanted to ask is did anyone else have display issues here, and how you may have addressed these display issues? How the image displays of course will be dependent on the size of the browser window / what it is being viewed on / an individuals own personal setup on whatever device they access it from. The image shows perfectly if someone has a smaller window displayed on a large monitor, but when it is shown in a larger window the image is cut by about half. The corporate image also appears to move significantly dependent again on how the page is viewed. I would be most grateful for any tips or pointers ! As an example below shows smaller window browser view where the full image shows perfectly and the NHS logo shows in the top left: An this is the same window made full screen and the image is significantly cut off at the top. The NHS logo also moves from the top left to about 1/4 way over: Many thanks as always !
  8. Can we request the ability have a textual filter added to the Request List widget, much like the one that is present on the user app Request List view? This will make it much easier to locate requests when the user has a large number of requests. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hi All, Bit of a strange scenario I wanted to raise here. We have now introduced Domain configuration on our portal to split our IT services from our HR services. Our Service Desk manager raised a request to the HR department for someone who is leaving, which was subsequently closed due to an incorrect form being used. However, as the manager has a full licence in the system she could go into the portal and reopen this request due to her elevated rights in Service Manager. So in effect she was able to bypass the other teams decision and reopen the request just due to the privileges she has on her access. Is there anything I am missing which would prevent her (or anyone else with the correct roles in their access) from being able to reopen requests in the portal for another domain/division? Ideally I would expect her to be able to reopen any IT requests in the portal she may have raised, but should not be able to reopen a request under another domain/division This scenario is probably a rare scenario but I wanted to see if there was anything else I may have missed to prevent this from happening, Many thanks as always
  10. Hi all, I've just noticed that our search results when having All selected doesn't appear to be returning all results matching the search criteria. By selecting faults and requests I see all 6 results in Faults and Requests, this is difficult to screenshot so I've not included one. But it seems for us at least, All doesn't display all of the faults and requests that should appear. However changing to Faults and requests yields the full results that what has been displayed in all. Does anyone else notice this or have I missed something in a change to functionality? Many Thanks.
  11. Morning Team, Is it possible for a customer to have visibility of all tickets raised by their orgainsation in the employee portal i have looked at connections, which could work if we added an bpm automation to add the service owner to all company tickets but i wondered if there is a better way??? thanks Andy
  12. Can we look at the option to allow all the widgets that we can add have a subscribers option. I am looking a utilising one 'company home' portal but want to tailor which set of users (filtered by Subscribers) can see what widgets
  13. Service Details and FAQ's are currently the same source when viewed in either portal, i.e. Employee and Customer Portals. When operating a services across both internal and external support, this generates a challenge when wanting to insert links to other content such as documents, services, other FAQ's etc. At the moment we have to put in the links using the customer portal URL for external customers (contacts) access, but these then fail to work when the same content is accessed via the Employee Portal. Can we request conditional formatting similar to that in the email templates to allow text and links to be inserted depending on a variable, in our example the Portal type. Cheers Martyn
  14. We have a page that was designed by myself but we now need to put a page in front of it, I can create the sub-page but I was wondering if you copy the details to a new page so that you don't have to do the branding boxes information again..... I can only hope as there a LOT of links
  15. So we have a field that we have in the portal and in the analysts section when raising requests and the field acts differently e.g. in the portal we present a simple list and you can search: But analysts raising a request get the same box but cannot search Can this be updated so the analysts can search this box as this is very handy when presenting long lists of information.
  16. Hi all, Apologies, if this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find an answer for this question. In order to so we can capture customer feedback, we are looking to have a pinned bulletin post, on how our customers are finding the use of the employee portal and what we can do as a department to improve the search items etc for our customers. I'd like to include a link to the catalogue item where they will be submitting their feedback. I also want to include a link to our intranet article where we explain our reasoning behind capturing this feedback and why we want our users to engage with us on this matter. I've seen there is the employee portal link, which I presume will allow us to link to a catalogue item, but being fairly new to the use of the bulletins. I'm trying to work out if this would fulfil our needs. Is this easy for our wide ranging customer base to access? Also keen to reach out to other forum members to see if they have had success doing something similar? Many Thanks Adam
  17. Hello all, We're always trying to look at different ways on how we can improve the self service, that our customers use when using the employee portal. Whether that's better description of catalogue items, FAQ items etc. We currently have a customer feedback survey, but that's largely targeting what was their experience like with IT and how quickly we resolved their issue etc. What we would like to do is have some sort of ability that when a customer logs a ticket via the employee portal, that some sort of very brief survey could be taken, where we ask did the customer find what they were looking for? How easy was it to find the request etc? I can't see anyway of obviously enabling this or configuring this with current tools. But it would be something, that would benefit us, and also potentially benefit all Hornbill customers, of which we can improve the customer experience when using the employee portal. Any feedback regarding the above, to whether it's possible, or whether it's possible to request this as enhancement will be welcome. Many Thanks. Adam
  18. Is it possible to create bulletins via a BPM? This would be great to allow the creation of these as we are looking to use the the Service Status functionality to mark services as impacted etc, however if there is a system that is down etc and as part of this we would like the opportunity to create a bulletin to display on the Employee Portal. Maybe we could have our own stock imagery for maintenance/failures etc to link for images and then the text is pulled from a custom field etc, also when the maintenance is over or the system is fixed via the BPM we can then remove or retire the bulletin....
  19. The Employee Portal Request Widget allow the user to view requests where they are added as a connection which is a great addition, however the "How can we help?" Search is not including requests of these type within the scope, so therefore at the moment you have to page through the Request Widget with the connections option to open the request. Cheers Martyn
  20. Hi i wondered if it was possible to influence how and what the search widget returns currently it returns only 5 catalogue items before the customer has to click on the number found to expand to see the rest we have had feedback that this isn’t that obvious. I wonder if there is a setting that allows all results to be shown when searching? It would also be great to be able to hit ‘enter’ on the end of a search and a results page be shown. A bit like using the google search engine that so many people are very familiar with using. thanks Andy
  21. If people are willing, can I ask for other companies/users to share images of their homepage screens in the Employee Portal? I just wanted to get a feel for what others are doing well and if there anything that we can steal/use in our set up...I will go first and include an image of our homepage!
  22. When logging a request in the Employee Portal the Knowledgebase lookup results is expanded by default and also does not respect the sizing of the Employee Portal window. Either window need to be resized to allow for content or scroll bar used for results. Cheers Martyn
  23. There appears to be an issue when using the Progressive Capture Data Picker in the Employee Portal, when set to default value to current date & time. The value appears in the UI as expected, but if you do not alter the value this is not saved in the questions answers. Question section. This behaviour is only replicable in the Employee Portal and works as expected in the Live user app. Cheers Martyn
  24. Is there a way to change/remove this logo? Also is there space on the landing page to add text? As we would like to add some text and a link to the landing page.
  25. I thought this I had asked before but cannot find anything by searching, but when you initially go into the Employee Portal it says Good Morning/Afternoon Jeremy when flicks to 'Service Desk' (as we have set it) is there a way to keep the personalisation or to to have something to say Good Morning Jeremy welcome to self-service or similar? I wasn't sure if in the set up for the page you could use the {{user.Fname}} tags?
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