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  1. At the moment there is a Document Widget for the Employee Portal, but when you have a large volume of shared documents it display can become very crowded and not easy to use. Can we request an Document Libraries Widget which shows you the libraries you are shared with and the you can navigate tin a structured manner. Cheers Martyn
  2. If people are willing, can I ask for other companies/users to share images of their homepage screens in the Employee Portal? I just wanted to get a feel for what others are doing well and if there anything that we can steal/use in our set up...I will go first and include an image of our homepage!
  3. With this widget can we request that we can preset to show open/closed requests or ones that you are a connection of etc by default....
  4. Could you let me know where the setting is for altering the timeout of basic users on the employee portal please? I cannot find it for the life of me.... Thanks in advance
  5. I have added a new widget on the employee portal to list all of the service catalogue items. I was wondering how I can change the order of where these are positioned? I dont want change management first etc..
  6. I am wondering if we have the ability to remove all of the Hornbill branding logos from the employee portal? If so how can i do this?
  7. Is it possible to create bulletins via a BPM? This would be great to allow the creation of these as we are looking to use the the Service Status functionality to mark services as impacted etc, however if there is a system that is down etc and as part of this we would like the opportunity to create a bulletin to display on the Employee Portal. Maybe we could have our own stock imagery for maintenance/failures etc to link for images and then the text is pulled from a custom field etc, also when the maintenance is over or the system is fixed via the BPM we can then remove or retire the
  8. I have noticed that a CI is appearing in the portal and I am not sure why, I have recorded the settings etc to better see the issue. Is there something that we have done wrong or is this a system issue?
  9. We've noticed the services on the new Employee Portal are not always in alphabetical order. For the most part they are, however there is one out of place. Is it expected to be able to organize the services on the new Employee Portal or should they default to alphabetical?
  10. The search in the Employee Portal does not work this morning, yesterday we completed the Hornbill update but not sure if that is the cause, however when you enter text nothing returns!
  11. After the update this morning there are still some design issues, but only slightly. Also would it be possible to ask for an enhancement for the link boxes, when you set them to tiled would it be possible to choose how many columns are within the box (see below, this could take another column) to allow more information to be displayed at first glance?
  12. We have quite a few fields in different PCFs mapped to h_summary and it has been highlighted to us that this now basically does the same as the search function within the portal and tries to be clever in suggesting other CIs, FAQs, Previous Requests etc can this be turned off or hidden in the portal please? This can and will cause confusion as when customers complete these forms they have no concept of these things and should be (in my opinion) reserved for analysts, this is at least going to cause confusion for people filling in forms etc as the box is not easily removed. I have a image
  13. I am building my new employee portal and i have noticed that there is loads of wasted white space. I know I can change the layout but if I do not want to have the large icons, how can i get the box to auto fit?
  14. Good morning, please could you advise on how we upload our own images to use on the company portal & whether they need to be of a certain size, quality or format? Many thanks Mark
  15. When logging certain requests we make decision based on users email addresses but when we log into the new portal it does not honour these decisions.... basically if you have a @port.ac.uk email address it let's you proceed and if you have any other email address it will refuse your request with an incorrect account message. New Employee Portal Current Portal allows access: The PCF decision is as follows:
  16. Does anyone know where to change this... We have changed the 'Home' page to be this So I guess that this is set somewhere else in the config maybe?
  17. So we have links for a lot of things that now appear not be be redirecting e.g. in one article we have the link (https://live.hornbill.com/uopservicedesk/servicemanager/selfservice2/service/63/catalogs/511/true/) and when you click on it it shows (image below) we have the flag turned on for redirection but it appears that this not working correctly? The redirected link it should be is (https://live.hornbill.com/uopservicedesk/catalog/new-service-request/com.hornbill.servicemanager/63/511/) but in the address bar of the image this is not correct....
  18. I'm sure that there will be others with this issue but is there a way to include more Domain pages along to top of the site? As it looks a bit strange to have this 'more' option, also is there a way to reorder this list? Another option is to have a link box with all of the pages in I suppose but trying to use the functionality of the site....other people will surely have more than 6 Domains/Companies?
  19. Just to say thank you for all of your support @Hornbill Support Team we have gone live with this about an hour ago!
  20. Is there a way to change the background of the search box but not all inputs in the system? The way that we have it at the moment changes the input boxes to the same colour in the forms as well, I have tried playing around with the widget but to no avail.
  21. How do you create pages that are not linked to domains so that you can have private links etc hidden but accessible via a dedicated link?
  22. Please can we have some clarification, when we turn on the new portal, what happens to the 'old' links etc if we have links to the old portal that we have missed will they still work or will they die or be redirected to the new portal in someway or will they get an error message? e.g. Old Portal - https://live.hornbill.com/xxxx/servicemanager/selfservice2/raise/41/serviceRequest/1090/ Employee Portal - https://live.hornbill.com/xxxx/catalog/new-service-request/com.hornbill.servicemanager/41/1090/ And once we turn it on are the links to the pages going to stay as the above?
  23. Please can we get some advice on this as we have some new processes that we would like to open up for people outside of our University to complete form in our portal. However, this is not something that we have done before and we are wondering what is involved and if there is any documentation on how you allow this, we currently use SSO to login into our portal and I guess that we would need some config changes to allow this? Also once this happens how to make certain forms only available to this subset of users?
  24. Afternoon, I have read a couple of other company home links posts but don't seem to be able to quite find the answer Is it possible to remove the 'company home' link from domain pages? We do not plan to use company home because we have a company intranet thanks Andy
  25. I have created a series of link boxes that display the links nicely: But if you add a new Widget below the link boxes it shortens the boxes making you have to scroll: Can this be adjusted to show the original size of the box or allow us to set the pixel height of widget or an option for small, medium, large, larger widget height?
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