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Found 6 results

  1. Can we requests an enhancement to be able to import multiple connections on a request as part of the SQL Request Importer. We would envisage this as an additional sub query process much like the historic updates/comments. We would want to be able to pass both Co Worker id's and for Contacts, the Contact ID or Contact email address. Cheers Martyn
  2. Related to my earlier post below, can we also request an enhancement to allow the optional inclusion of as link to the activity itself in the timeline entry. We are creating a number of processes where a human activity is assigned to a 'Full User' to a request they are a connection on so that they can see the request timeline in the Employee Portal. We would like the option to include in the timeline entry the link to the activity itself so they can click on this directly in the Employee Portal to complete it. Cheers Martyn
  3. The Service Manager In-App Reporting is not including all the columns available in the Request List view 'Export Columns' configuration. In out case at the moment we are trying to get to 'Response Time' and 'Resolve Time', as well as closure category. Columns currently listed for In-App Reporting. Columns missing from In-App but present in Request List Views export highlighted in Blue. Can these column be added in, as they are especially important for reporting on performance on closed requests. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hello, Sometimes when creating captures I accidentally add custom expressions in the wrong order and have to delete them to put them in the right order. Would it be possible to add arrow buttons so that we can easily change the order please? Similar to how we can change the order of form fields (see second image attached). Many thanks, Alisha
  5. When adding another customer as a connection is it possible for the call to show in the portal for that employee too? We've not gone live with the customer portal yet so I haven't had chance to test this but when I was speaking to Daniel Riley he thinks it doesn't currently do this We often get users copying in other users on calls and maybe their managers It would be good if they could all have visibility of the call kind regards, Pete
  6. One of the features we use in Supportworks is the ability to select an email template when doing a call diary update and then editing the generated email to to include inline images/screenshots. At the moment in Service Manager it appears you are only able to use the Email Templates from within automated BPM tasks and not able to select a template to use when doing a manual/adhoc email from the request. Also as this is only a text only you not able to use inline images and have to add any non text elements as attachments. As we our predominantly an external customer facing service desk we utilise the email facilities in Support Works quite heavily to communicate with our customers. Is there any plans to improve the email functionality in Service Manager for manual generated emails? Cheers Martyn
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