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Found 73 results

  1. Could I ask for an enhancement to the task creation as part of a BPM, can we have the option to define the visibility of the task i.e. Team, Manager, Customer, Owner, Public etc Currently we don't seem to be able to define this so all the tasks are visible to the customer in the portal when sometimes we would rather these be hidden, so just view able by the 'team'. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, I am hoping someone can assist me as it confusing me at the moment and could not work out why it won't do the task despite of no error pop up. I am currently testing the bpm with board manager involve with the ticket into board, move and remove. First time setting up and testing, it was working so far but the issue I have is trying to re-add the ticket back to the board onto the relevant lane but for reason it kept adding back to the 1st lane and not the 4th lane (this is where I want to put it in). Please see below: Any idea of why it would not put back in "Testing" lane? (ID: 41)? Another thing that my colleague, @samwoo bought up was that the board Manager action is not visible on the request action pane despite of showing blue highlight in settings whereas Board action is visible on the request but it grey out in settings which is should not be on the action pane. (See below): Would appreciate the help with this, Thanks, Aaron
  3. Hello, I would like to know whether it possible to set to a specific customer through BPM? What I'm trying to achieve is to start the leaver process and when they confirm which applications the leaver user have access to which then raised a new linked request(s) to relevant team to confirm to remove their account from application(s). Much like assign to owner but for customer that we do not really want to use so we do have generic users that can be use instead of customer. This way is to avoid bombard emails of the actions from the process to the customer. Secondly - I wonder whether I can add functional BPM to a linked request through leaver BPM? If so, can you advise me of the steps that I can do? Many thanks, Aaron CC: @samwoo
  4. Hello, I thought to raise this topic with regards of renaming the BPM processes. Because we have add new team from different department means I need to change BPM process to include prefix (in my case, I want to use (IMT) at the start then name the process that related to the team.) However, when I do that, the message pop up (see below): Which I am aware that the process is activated so I de-activated the process and then tried to rename it. The error is still pop up saying the same message as above. My guess for this error is to do with the tickets that are currently active with BPM in place therefore it would not be possible to rename BPM process. I would imagine that can mess up the BPM process. Is there any chance you would be able to do it from your end to rename the process for me if this is possible? Thanks, Aaron
  5. Often when editing established BPM workflows it is necessary to insert additional nodes in between existing nodes. It would be a great help, especially for inserting nodes on a decision outcome, to be able to select an existing link and then insert a new node, without having to remove the link ( and conditions). The idea being that the new node takes over the existing link connection and then has a connection on to the node that the link original went to. Cheers Martyn
  6. There does not seem to be any BPM methods to interact with Assests. We would ideally want the ability to Add or Remove Assests, either linked to the Contact/CoWorker or Organisation/Team, using a search criteria. Where the criteria matches more than one assets we would want to add them all. Then the ability to query linked Assets, again using a search criteria, in order to access all their parameters including customer fields. In this case I presume this would need to only return one row, if the outcome of the request is to be successful. Cheers Martyn
  7. I thought I would post a quick preview of an upcoming feature of our business process tool. We are expanding its capability to include a new "Web Call" node. This new node will enable you to make calls to other systems or cloud services applications via restful API's which significantly expands your options for automation of business processes that need to interact with other systems. My goal as the architect for our platform technology has always been to keep the BPM 100% code free so that process managers do not have to have a programming background in order to make effective use of our BPM, but thats always a play-off, and this is one example where the absence of code limits absolute flexibility because there are so many different shapes and sizes of API's out there, code is the only "glue" that will give you ultimate flexibility. To solve that problem we are also developing an "API bridge" service that can contain and run glue code required while still keeping the BPM clean and code free for simpler day to day use. Once this feature is rolled out (expected to be in the next 2-3 weeks max) we will be exploring options for achieving the same for on-premise IT infrastructure and operations type orchestration and automation which I hope to be announcing in the coming weeks. This initial implementation is only the first step on our journey for much greater expansion of our BPM integration capability broadening our scope of IT Service Management into IT Operations Management for which there has been a significant demand for. Gerry
  8. Hi, Can we have some fields added to the 'Log Request > Known Error' node? I am trying to get our Problem request to log a new Known Error if a workaround has been found. However I cant get it to log the request with all the required information. RCA and workaround are missing from the node. Being able to set this via a human task to capture these before the log request node makes sense to me, rather than having the BPM log the request and then having to go into the KE and add more info. Screenshot added for a little more clarity
  9. Hi, Is it possible to extend the list of fields available when retrieving the request details in a BPM? What I am trying to achieve is detecting if the customer has closed the request him/herself via the self service portal. The idea is to send the customer an email to tell him that: she / he did not respond in the last 3 working days so we closed the call on his / her behalf she / he has 20 days left to provide some feedback. The ultimate goal is to get people to log onto the service portal a lot more often. One of the method to do it is like so: I would like to compare Flowcodes -> Customer to Flowcodes -> Closed By? Is that something you can help me with? I am happy with another new field too! Whatever is the easiest solution really
  10. Morning, I am looking for a little guidance, I have recently changed our IR Process to log cases from either the Self Service Portal or Email with a default category of "Logged by Email" or "Logged by Self Service". I am looking to make a similar change to our Starters Process which is based on our Service Request BPM - All Starter requests are emailed into the Service Desk so I am looking to set these cases with a Default Category that we already have "New Starters" Would anyone mind pointing out where would be the best place to start in the Starters BPM, I have attached a screenshot which shows the current state of the BPM The Custom Expressions that have been used in the IR Process are as follows: Flowcodes->Get Request Information->Source (Analyst/Email/Post/Request/Self Service) == Email Flowcodes->Get Request Information->Source (Analyst/Email/Post/Request/Self Service) == Self Service I thought that adding a Decision Node after "Assign to Team" with the above Custom Expressions would then allow for the BPM to process and assign the emailed requests to the Default Logging Category of "New Starters" however the process followed the "No Match" criteria and ignored the decision and processed the requests as previously. Any pointers or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello @Victor, First of all, do bear with me as I will try my best to explain of the situation of what I want to achieve. I have discussed with @samwoo about this: (This is for Infrastructure only once setup the service) When I raised a service request, it would automatically create a linked change request asking for (e.g. increase storage size for the server, this would copy from service request as well linked asset too), what I want is the service request to put on hold and wait for suspend status change from the change request to confirm approval task before it able to proceed the action to increase the size for the server (human task to let us know that it ready to setup). It quite hard to explain but what I'm trying to say is to have a service request that linked with change request but have BPM so that service request can only move to the next stage once the change request had been approved by the manager. Change request which would trigger the action to update the service request to confirm that I can start the process. If that make sense? Almost like a task in service request that need trigger/confirm by change request action so that it can move to the next stage. If you do kind of get what I'm trying to say then do let me know if this is possible, if not, is there a workaround for this if this feature is possible to add? Another question: I pretty sure someone raised this topic before but do not think i was searching for the right content but I wonder if it possible to add the ability to change the request from let's say service request to change request and then back to service request. (It almost like Progressive Capture that pass to a different team before it move to the next stage to return back to the team that set it up), I think this would not be possible as more likely it could mess up the system and cause more confusion. Thanks, Aaron
  12. I am trying to automate our file transfer process using BPM workflow, where customers will submits a request for a patch/upgrade file from a catalog item linked to a service they are subscribed too. The aim is to both restrict access to these patches/upgrades to those who are subscribed to the appropriate services and also keep a record of who has downloaded what. I had originally looked are using a third party application and then using web hooks/integration from the BPM, but at the moment this does not look feasible. Therefore I am consider whether it is possible to do either of the following with enhancements in Hornbill. Add (and remove) Attachments in via the BPM As part of the catalog items BPM process automate adding an attachment to the request form an external source such as FTP. The process would then email the customer to advise them to log in to the customer portal to download it and then but the process on hold for 1 week, before the BPM process then removes the attachment from the request and closes it. Central Attachment store linked to a Service Having a central attachment/distribution store, similar to Document Manager, within Hornbill where a single master copy of the patch/upgrades are held. Then having the ability in the BPM to add the access to download the attachment and again then removing the link/permission after a period of time. Obviously my main aim is not to fill up my Hornbill storage with multiple copies of the patches/upgrades and to automate the process as much as possible. Would any of the above be piratical and also useful to others? Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi, I am using the "post to public workspace" automated task in most of our BPMs with the below config: As you can see, it is a pretty straight forward setup. I noticed recently that not all P1 calls make their way to the workspace... Looking deeper into the details, I also noticed that only calls raised by users get published. Now this is a problem if a basic user (e.g. customer) log a request via the self service portal! Is this a limitation of the method? Or a bug? (I really hope for the latter, otherwise I am screwed) Thanks!
  14. I have just amended our Service Request Process to remove the "Approval Node", just to confirm that this has worked I have logged a test SR and all has worked however I can see that the Checkpoints are still listed within the Timeline: I have gone over the BPM to make sure that there are no other references but I have a feeling as though there is something cached but I am unsure how to resolve this, does anyone have any ideas? I have taken a screen shot of the Before & After SR BPM Process Before: After: Thanks
  15. @Ehsan I am trying to follow your steps from the post below for the 'Capture Outcome Fields' from a Human Task. I have an Outcome in the parent Human Task of 'Select Service' with an outcome of 'Atlas' which then has a outcome field associated with it called 'Catalog' (field name 'AtlasCatalog'. Outcome Field I am then trying to use the 'Catalog' value provided in the BPM node to log a new request and use the variable option to insert the value, but it does not appear in the picker. Where am I going wrong? Cheers Martyn
  16. I am sure I must be missing something simple, but how do you add a request to the Board in the New Board Manager from the BPM? I can see how you would do it with the Service Manager Boards, but not with the new Board Manager ones. I can also see how you do it in the SLA Escalations actions, but I want to add it to the board as soon as it is logged based on it fitting certain criteria. Hopefully someone can enlighten me what I have missed. Cheers Martyn
  17. I've been making some minor updates to our change request process, but have hit an issue that I can't seem to resolve. The change form users have asked for an automated email to be sent to inform them when their change request goes to CAB for approval. I can’t figure out in BPM how to send an email to the Request Creator. The default BPM options are Email Customer, which doesn’t work because the creator isn’t the customer, and I can’t use Email Request Owner because at this stage in the process the request owner is the Change Manager. Is there a way for me to automate sending an email to the request creator?
  18. We have updated hornbill (build 1364) and found that our bpm's that have decisions are not working as the default and customer display have swapped around as they are now looking and the wrong value meaning that our bpm's are not functioning correctly and are breaking. Please, can this be looked at asap? e.g. customer display is Windows 10 (temporary) and the default value is Windows 10 the bpm decisions are taking the customer display rather than the previous default values.
  19. Hi there, I've got a bit of a gripe... I recently did a massive overhaul of an existing process that we use for customer support. In this overhaul, I removed several human tasks, but today one of the managers asked that it be put back in, along with the custom fields update node that used to put various tasks' outcomes and completion details into a couple of different fields. I thought, 'oh ok, I'll just look back at a previous version to see what tasks were referenced where, and what fields from them were needed'. No. Because of the insistence of assigning a ridiculously long random number to each task - but not saying on the task itself what that random number is - I cannot actually work out what is being referenced where, I just get an endless stream of numbers and letters. Furthermore, the 'read only' system on previous versions is a pain. I get that you're not allowed to edit the text, but it doesn't let me scroll to the end of a field to see what part of task 'askfdjkhwq908213989u2r9uhd' is actually being referenced (is it the outcome? the completion details? WHAAAT?!). Also, on text fields where an editor window is used, I cant launch the window to see what's written in there - there could be a whole essay in there that I need to see - but alas, I'm left with the first two-dozen-or-so characters, which doesnt even get to the fully random name of the task that's being referenced in this case. TL; DR: Please make it possible to navigate text in the 'read only' mode of previous versions If you insist on using random numbers for task referencing, state the random number on the actual task somewhere - and preferably make the random number considerably shorter!
  20. Is there a way to add the request creator as a member to a request? I am trying (via BPM) to add our analysts who raise change requests to be added as a member of the request, this is to easily identify your changes that are raised. I have seen that you can add specific users as a member but we would like a variable picker to be able to choose the 'created by' person. Any other ways around this issue?
  21. Hi, does anyone know if any of the log files include useful information when trying to determine why a bpm might be erroring. I appreciate if I post the error here people will likely help determine the issue, but am interested generally if any of the logging might be useful for this.
  22. Why do people struggle to follow processes? Many a great manager has asked themselves the time-honored question; How do you make people follow procedures and not miss things?  Having more or less documented the processes, and having put them into your knowledge base tool, and having created internal training courses to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures and so on.  Despite all this effort, still the most basic things get missed. There is no glaring flaw in the process, and it seems random, sometimes its done, sometimes not, and when you ask why (assuming you or someone else has the time to monitor the process) there is always an excuse, everything from "I did not know" to "Oh, I forgot!" The answer to this is quite simple, you are dealing with people, and people are fundamentally variable in their behaviors, they are not robots, and even the best people will make mistakes from time to time.   Processes are typically designed based on logic and flow, and most often without considering the human factor,  because how do you account for the fact that a particular step in your process might get missed because of an unexpected event in a co-workers life - and that is where even the best most elegantly written procedures can fail.  I wanted to share my thoughts on the things you should be considering to make your processes work better.  You cannot rely on documenting your process Most people do not read documents, that's a fact. If you give someone a documented procedure,  they will read it once and file it away.  What you can be sure of though, is no one will have the process document in hand while they follow the process day-to-day.  Now that is not to say you should not document your processes, you absolutely should, and you should accept that the development of your process document serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it is your design document, its the physical manifestation of your thoughts and your process design, its the basis upon which you get organizational buy-in, its the thing that you "sign-off" before your process goes into operation.   Secondly, it is the "reference" to your process and its intent, its the thing you fall back to when the procedure is not working, and you need to change your process. Improving a process means, changing the document, and re-training people - in that order. Simplify your procedure portfolio We have all seen the case where over time an organization builds a mountain of processes and procedures, where each process makes sense in isolation, has already been approved and has a rational reason for existing.   You must work to reduce and simplify the things people are expected to follow.  If you have an extensive process portfolio, people will struggle with the library of process documents, let alone the procedures themselves. The truth is, processes work in an industrial setting, say manufacturing where you are re-creating the same widget over and over again, but in the case where you are dealing with knowledge workers, then process that aim to make your workers into robots are significantly less effective.  Allow Yourself to be Agile I have heard many times people refer to being agile as a lazy way of managing, or as a way to avoid having to follow a process.  The essence of being Agile is allowing your workers to think for themselves, to break away from what can be restrictive shackles of command and control and to "trust" your people will do the right thing.  It is a cultural thing because it requires your people to exhibit fundamentally different behaviors, and they need to be allowed to behave in that way.  But if you are pragmatic, being Agile can absolutely (and should) co-exist in a process controlled environment. The smart organization will know how to blend the two, in essence, be Agile where its possible, but rely on a smaller and more simplified process portfolio where its necessary to meet organizational efficiencies, regulatory or compliance needs.    Automate The go-to solution for continuous process failure is automation, but even today people, in particular, the people who are tasked with the design and deployment of processes misunderstand how Automation fits in.  In the world of IT, there are so many tools that are touted to automate everything, like software deployment or patches or creating user accounts or whatever, so it is easy to assume that automation is all about these types of things.  Now while automation can easily be applied here, it is worth taking a moment to think about the three words "Business Process Automation" and what they mean.  A great way to start to think about this is to think of your processes as concerning automating "human activity only," in other words, take the robot players like the IT automation tools out of the equation and work only with human activity.   Then you introduce a new idea into your thinking "Human Task Orchestration," and this is the most powerful weapon at your disposal when it comes to ensuring your processes are correctly followed.  A useful business process tool (like Hornbills obviously) will differentiate between human task orchestration and systems automation.  A well-designed process and the right business tool will make it possible for people (actors) to participate in a given process - without the need to understand the bigger process picture, they just need to do the tasks assigned to them, and the process will take care of orchestrating who has to do what, and when.  In summary, people are always going to make mistakes, the thing to do is to recognize and accept that, and design your processes to be tolerant of that fact. Automate the mundane work; when you have that tedious job that has to get done to keep the lights on, remove the thinking required and give people a list (of insular tasks) to work through, most people work a lot better with a simple list of jobs before them.  Life will be a lot better for everyone if you get your process strategy right. 
  23. Can someone tell me how do a restart a BPM in a live request please? We have some business processes setup that ask for a user to select a manager for authorisation, and some times they get it wring and enter the wrong name. Is there a way to restart the BPM so the analyst can enter the user again? Thanks
  24. Would it be possible to list a mailbox as your default one so that email is always sent, this would also be useful when setting up email nodes within a BPM so that if you 'forget' to choose the mailbox it just uses the general mailbox rather than breaking the Business Process.....
  25. We have set up some custom tasks as part of our BPM: These were working fine then we have found that they are not translating to the front end system: Is there something that has changed that we need to adjust?
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