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  2. Can anyone please provide a feedback? @Bob Dickinson would you please be so kind :) ?
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  4. @HGrigsby From the Insert menu in Word there is a specific option to add a link. Perhaps if you simply copy and paste in a link it is treated differently and there may be some hidden formatting at play, so might be worth a try specifically using the Insert option.
  5. @m.vandun PowerBI just asks your Instance to run the report - if it gets the message the report is running, that's what your Instance is responding with. What happens if you run the report manually from the UI?
  6. Afternoon All Hope you are safe and well. Apologies for the delay, my colleague has been trying the above and it does not appear to be working how they are expecting. Is it possible to update the relationships in bulk via a spreadsheet and json file. This is how we have currently imported new assets but there does not appear to be anywhere on the template to add the file that we want to get the query looking at. On new imports there is a section "AssetTypes": { "Server": "ComputerSystem_ServerTemplate.csv" Kind Regards Ann
  7. @David Hall Hi Dave Thanks for coming back to me. Yes exactly that type of link, ours is to a link for request new hardware (tried it with another couple of links to CIs and they were the same) Doesn't work from Excel either but perfectly from email Helen
  8. Hi @LouiseT I don't think this is currently possible. Nonetheless, once the request has been logged you may add in your BPM process a node to lock the asset action (Access Control) so no assets can be linked to the request. Here is some documentation about the asset action on the request and the BPM operation to lock the asset action: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Assets_Action_Item https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Access_Control Hope this helps Regards Armando
  9. Hi @Darren Rose, if you open the image outside the portal does it look fine? Also, when opening it independently (in a new tab) does it show the same size? What is the file format? If is JEPG (jpg) it could be very compressed. If you have graphics with sharp outlies like yours perhaps is better to use a PNG image (transparent) and set the background colour to white? Regards, Daniel.
  10. @nasimg it won't present like this in other interfaces, but the knowledge centre can be used in the * Agent Progressive Capture * Customer Portal Progressive Capture * Service Portal Progressive Capture All of these are controlled by the following settings In those interfaces, the knowledge centre presents like this: We are looking how we might present this knowledge better, so this will evolve.....
  11. Hi , We are looking at Amazon Connect as a possible replacement for our Unify Contact Centre software that we use on the service desk for receiving phone calls. I am trying to find out if and how Hornbill may be able to integrate with Amazon Connect or potentially other systems (telephony)? Would this be through the use of specific API's? I'm not overly familiar I'm afraid with API's and integrating into other systems (Hornbill in this case). Any info would be most useful thanks lee
  12. Yet again that is fantastic. Thank you Alex
  13. Hi All I'm relatively new in post in my organization and we have implemented hornbill service manager prior to me starting - however I believe we aren't utilising to its full potential - and I have little user experience of hornbill (more supportworks/landesk) so relying on local knowledge as to if my suggestions are possible or not. I was wondering if you would be possible for anyone to give me a quick whistle stop tour of their self service portal and service desk logging call process - to see if we have configured it as efficiently as possible or if we can make some great service
  14. These are the settings for the jpeg
  15. hmm, that does look ok though... interesting
  16. This is ours, but as you say the screenshot doesn't do that much justice @Darren Rose
  17. and it's a nice and crisp image @Jeremy?
  18. Just in addition to this, it doesn't matter if we upload a 72dpi or 300dpi image, it's always blurry...
  19. @Darren Rose we have an image size of 1500x538 and it centres the image, ours seems to be ok.
  20. I'm after some tips on how to get our background for the Employee Portal looking the best it can be. We're struggling to get it looking sharp, so I wondered if anyone else had successfully added some to the background without it looking blurry (the screenshot makes all of it look bad, but it's just the background image that's blurry) We've followed the guidelines on the wiki re: sizing etc... thanks Darren
  21. hi Steven, I have now sat with my Manager to view this issue, and it was a nice simple fix, we had his logon setup under one AD, and he was accessing Hornbill under another AD hence permissions error message swapped his access across and retested it, and it is now working aok Many thanks as always
  22. @Steven Boardman Thanks for this - I hadn't noticed it in other locations, do you have any examples where I can check. Nasim
  23. @nasimg you can turn this off specially for the Employee portal, using the following setting: It will still present in all other locations as before, if you disable it for the employee here. Steve
  24. @steve giller - Thanks for the really quick response. I have check out the wiki page.....As a quick fix I have used the 'Empty variable modifier' which is working.. The ESP conditions look good, but I think I need a quiet space and an little more time to digest that option. Thanks again :-)
  25. We are piloting the employee portal and the feedback for the "predictive help" has come back as saying its difficult to move pass it. Although all you have to do is click outside the box, it appears a look of our testers are getting stuck. Is there are way of disabling/ limiting this feature?
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