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  2. @LifeOfJonny Thanks for the network log, I will investigate to see if I can find out what the problem is Trevor
  3. Hello Support, I have a question regarding the Wiki for Hornbill Project Manager and a function in the past who i thought that was possible. Edit the Task Dates by dragging the start and or due dates,,, Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  4. @Victor can you please mention in this post a product manager and/or a developer that can provide us a feedback on the topic? thank you.
  5. Hello @AlexTumber any updates on this? thanks Nikolaj
  6. @TrevorHarris Just went to login this morning and kept the Network tab of developer mode open. You can see I was redirected to Azure twice for authentication, so its not like the first time I click it the page just reloads.
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  8. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Customer Manager (298) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: Change (internal changes) Updated internal pathsFix When using /Organisation search in activitystream the wiki makrup breaks if the organisation name has an apostropheOrganisations List - Sometimes the "Last updated" and "Members List" could not be displayed.Improved description in application settings (word "template")
  9. Hi @Paul Alexander, This will be in the next release. Cheers
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  11. Hi @Paul Alexander I will get this sorted for next release. Cheers
  12. Hi, We do a daily import of our current asset management tool data into Hornbill. I'm trying to Link link assets user IDs to their corresponding user departments. Any ideas on how this might be achieved? Our departments are recorded in our requests table under custom D. Attached is the report but missing the requests table asset-by-user---ph.report.txt
  13. HI @Bob Dickinson I currently use Power Bi for our reporting also, joining the assignment table and request table we obtain the assignment timestamp, assigned team, previous team assigned and the resolve by date and of course request ID, if assignment timestamp is greater than resolve by date you can tell it was breached when assigned and what team it was with and so on, its not fool proof but its a metric we can deal with until the ability to report on status when assigned is available. Prior to this I tried to use the escalation event notification being sent to team and pi
  14. After some discussions, I believe I understand what is happening. Within a parallel process in a workflow, the tasks within that parallel segment are seen as being dependent on each other. In order for the BPM to flow and end the parallel segment, all tasks must be completed as they are a related group of tasks. In the event of a BPM failure that occurs when the workflow is within a parallel segment, what is happening is that if one of the tasks failed due to misconfiguration, it will cancel the other active tasks that also sit within the parallel segment. This is by design in or
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  16. @AndyGilly This requirement has been discussed internally and is currently under review. The requirement has been penned as the ability to see a transcript of the chat in a request, even if you are not an agent of the LiveChat application. What we envisage is an integration that would have two modes of operation, Transcript and Agent. In the case of Agent mode (that is, where the user of ServiceManager is also a User Agent if the chat application) then the integration would effectively be an interactive chat session from right within the request its self. Independently of that, there
  17. Feedback on the feature from our staff: It would be ideal if this setting: webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.unreadColour in service manager could be controlled at the user level. Using the melon color now is difficult visually for those using Dark Mode. Within the tickets the right panel/information box is too bright The response options are too dark
  18. The webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.unreadColour setting is a global setting in Service Manager. It would be ideal for our visually impaired staff to have this setting at the user level. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate over 160 different user requests for the background color and have a difficult time finding a color that suits everyone's needs.
  19. @Foley Coker I believe that this is because the authoriser is already set. You would probably need to do something like this: Auth node with expiry set > decision node >approved/rejected > carry on as normal |__ > expired > select NEW authorisers node > auth node with expiry set > etc etc.... Hope that is a) clear and b) works for you
  20. Hi @Mary I assume that this change is the issue: system - org structure - users: in basic user view do not allow user to be assigned to a org of type team. Was there any reason for this? I only ask as I am now going to have to go through 4 pages of teams and change each one manually to 'General' or similar and hope that nothing else is impacted by this. (I am hoping that teams given access to CIs will not drop off the list and have to be readded) The roles which fail to be added via LDAP are at least: Docmanager Library User Docmanager Portal They show up as
  21. Hi @David Hall This is exactly what I was looking for. It doesn't seem to work with documents in Hornbill Documents, but it will be useful regardless. I have done some testing today and while I can get it working, it doesn't seem to suggest FAQs. As an example, I start raising a ticket with the keyword "Mimecast" in the subject and it suggests 99+ ticket records, but despite having an FAQ with the "Mimecast", it doesn't display. Is there something I'm missing? Many thanks Lee
  22. Help, I've just had this reported to me from one of our more interesting internal users - apparently this just started recently and I haven't had any other reports of affected users (let alone which OS/browser this user is on - and unlikely to get a response before Monday from them now) I am absolutely stumped on how to progress this (I suspect that it's one for our Infrastructure team given the error message however I don't know where to start troubleshooting this (and Infrastructure are likely to send it back to me claiming they can't help) so would appreciate any pointers? Thanks!
  23. Afternoon Hope you are well. Please would it be possible to advise if the following issue is a known issue or a bug please and if there is a fix in place? When a task is raised in the project manager module, and the technical resource records time against the task, it doesn’t automatically add it to their time sheet. It’s frustrating for the technical teams that they have to double key their time. Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  24. Hi. While navigating in the Timesheet overview page, I get no data displayed. I try to change month, category, view by month or week and nothing. Simply no data. If I run a few reports I have created for Timesheet, I get the data. Can you please check what can be wrong? Thanks. A.
  25. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill iBridge Content Pack (186) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Cloud Automation Integrations for Roadmunk. Operations to manage Roadmunk Roadmaps and Ideas. See the Hornbill Wiki for more information.
  26. Hi. When applying an email to a request, the "To:" line of the email is being stripped out from the timeline update. To check the email recipients we need to open the source email. Are you having this as well? Regards, A.
  27. It would also be worth checking that the values you are providing are of the correct type - for example some values that display in the UI as text are stored in the database as numeric values, you would need to provide the numeric value for the import in this case.
  28. @Alberto M "what about a new setting in Hornbill admin where we can set the visibility level that generates the notification?" Indeed, that's the proposal. We already have the ability to do this, but would be looking for an additional item to be able to set the value to something which would be visible to followers, but remain hidden from customers. I'll post back once I have an update, Dan
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