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  2. Hi Mojahidm, I have reviewed the Snippets and what you are experiencing. I believe that there are some issue at play and this is now being looked at. Regards, James
  3. Hi @Daniel Dekel I am part of our Trust and it is set as my Home Organisation. And within settings i have selected Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and it displays the following text. But on the Self-Service Portal i get something different.
  4. I don't think this is possible as you would need the logged in 'session user' which you can't look up via a variable...this however would be a great option in the assignment action bar to be able to 'Assign to me'....
  5. So I have been requested to find a way where on an open ticket an engineer can click a button and it auto assigns the ticket to them. I cant seem to find a way to pick up the "actioners" "log in id" so I can transpose it to them as the owner. Am I going about this all wrong?
  6. Hi @Adam Toms, I will add "removal of all roles for listed users"-functionality just below "removal of all roles of archived users" on the list. I might create a separate utility for it - to keep it at arms length from data preserving functionality. I will not implement a "remove all roles for all users"-functionality - only because no one would be able to log in to undo the damage. Yeah, this is going to be a separate utility - so it cannot be accidentally confused/triggered with the data import.
  7. Hi @Miro Apologies for the late response, we tested a few different forms and realised the issue was only in IE and Edge but didn't affect Chrome. We didn't look any further into the actual forms. Sounds like you've got a fix in the pipeline, thanks for your help Vikki
  8. I'd be interested in this too. We have a number of scenarios where rules based on PCF responses would be very useful, e.g. testing that a "start date" falls after an "end date" and suchlike.
  9. Given the (potentially coincidental) timing, is it possible that the launch of the new design has caused this problem? If so, could the UI upgrade be rolled back?
  10. @Miro is there anyway that this can be released quicker as we are trying to stop some of our workflows from breaking and causing us more work.
  11. Sorry, but next Tuesday's simply not soon enough. Business Processes often rely on mandatory questions being completed, so they will not behave normally while these questions can remain blank. Without confidence that our business processes are working correctly we will have to manually check each and every Request being submitted and potentially perform manual (offline) tasks which should have been completed in the Business Process. Could this be escalated, as the impact on our Service Desk and support teams is potentially massive.
  12. Thanks for the update James, yes I looked around at the regex validation also. I keep thinking my approach to the problem is wrong, open to suggestions on different ways of validating fields.
  13. Thanks Victor. That will be a slight improvement on adding a visible character. As I'm appending some text as a continuation of previous data and some a new lines, I appreciate it's impossible to keep everybody happy!
  14. @Paul Alexander fix is already in testing process. According to our schedule process it should be release in next Tuesday. Thank you, Miro
  15. @Chris Winship @Jeremy @Vikki Cameron fix is already in testing process. According to our schedule process it should be release in next Tuesday. Thank you, Miro
  16. Thank you for confirming @Adrian Simpkins ;-)
  17. Hi Daniel, Just to confirm the issue on our portal with the colours is resolved - it had defaulted to the same colour Many thanks Adrian
  18. @Dave Woodhead perhaps helpful... worth reading the entire thread maybe but I think what you are after is specifically here
  19. @Berto2002 1. No, this is not possible. 2. Yes, you can branch within a Progressive Capture and Switch Capture to a second PCF containing the additional questions. 3. Not the only option but it is fairly straightforward to have a "Do you require App A?" display the additional questions on the same Form is the answer is yes.
  20. @John C This has been raised internally and is being looked at. On a side note, please avoid tagging specific people unless you're replying directly to them as part of an existing conversation. You may be (as in this case) tagging someone who has no connection with the issue at hand, and this in turn may cause the relevant people to skip your post as they get the impression it's already being dealt with.
  21. I have a Business Process which populates a Custom Field over several steps (as different content is required according to the user's selections in the associated PCF.) I am using an Update Request activity in a Hornbill Automation node and have set the "Append Text" property to Yes, but any trailing whitespace at the end of existing Custom Field content or at the start of the data being appended to the Custom Field is being removed, so the appended text appears immediately after the exiting text. I am having to include a line with just a full stop at the start of the appended text where I want the appended text to appear on a new line. Is it possible to append data without leading and trailing whitespace being trimmed?
  22. @Victor hello, customer column not long enough to show full name, can this be fixed please? See below:
  23. We appear to be missing all of the catalog items within the "My Services2 page our users use, however they are set up to show in both Portals and Service desk within the portfolio.
  24. This concept works where you have a master ticket and use Activites, there is a setting to stop the request being resolved unless all activities are complete. Only issue we have is you need view the activities in a different location to the Service Request (unless the request is with you)....also you don't get an email notification of an activity being assigned to you (or your team). So if we could do this with linked requests I would say + 1 for us Nasim
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