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  2. @Darren Rose You were actually already on this change from this earlier post...
  3. Hi @Darren Rose We do have a change in our backlog that will look at providing options for links between a service and linking Document Manager. This will look at adding both individual documents and / or linking a service to a library of documents. I'll add you to the change. Regards, James
  4. Afternoon all, We are trying to set up some custom views so that we can sort by who is a member and who is not a member. There is a option to sort by Member "is" however there is not a way to sort by Member "is not" is this a bug? or can i put in a request for this to be added as a feature? IS there another way i can pull up this information at this moment in time? Hayley.
  5. @Shamaila.Yousaf good to hear you got this up and running. Deen
  6. I have managed to work this out. Thanks for your time:)
  7. @Steven Boardman Then I will come back to haunt you requesting translation functionality for all email templates, the same way as forms are now translated.
  8. Sigh, thank you @Steven Boardman Time to start reducing our Services Have a great weekend.
  9. @Jeremy there isn't currently an option to schedule activities against a Service (i believe we have this in our to do list). In the meantime as a workaround you could possibly look at the above post on the Scheduled Jobs thread. It essence you could schedule these via a master ticket, and have the service defined in the auto-spawning, which would then show them in the list of requests against each service. Maybe not ideal for you but thought i would at least share the workaround idea
  10. @Steven Boardman thanks for your quick response. These developments will be well received here. We think a central place to view both of these would be great and help as currently we have to look in two places to know what you are supposed to be working on.
  11. @Jeremy thanks for the post. There is nothing i am aware of to combine the views at the moment. Currently you can access your tasks on the righthandside from any view in Hornbill, including when onthe request list. We continue to add features to this area, including: * Filter the activities * Filter by Activities assigned to you, rather than one's where you are the owner * Activities which are New - grouped * Activities which are overdue, further out or have no due date. As with everything else on Hornbill we are always happy to listen to suggestions and community support for specific features.
  12. We know that you can schedule activities based on assets, but we have requirements to generate requests on a regular basis against Services and didn't know if this is possible?
  13. Is there a way to show your activities and request that are assigned to you or your team? We don't think that there is a way to do this but wondered if there was anything in the change backlog to accommodate this? We have analysts that want to be able to see both of these things in one view.
  14. Hello When logging a new request, could a search feature be added to the Service List section, that searches against service name or catalog item. It would greatly speed up the process of finding the correct service / catalog item thanks
  15. Hello would it be possible to be able to link documents in document manager to Services? In some cases, we have documents such as SLA / Charging information, which I would like to relate to a specific service. thanks Darren
  16. @Deen thank you, any ideas if I can go down to the second level category? I have entered as i.e. Hardware>Mobile Phone which didn't bring up any results when it should have done? Thanks for the info above:).
  17. Morning, Is there any update on this one? Now that we have started using Hornbill for HR processes, there are more scenarios where people work for us but do not necessarily have a computer, and therefore managers need to make requests on their behalf. Our cleaning workforce is a good example of this, as they don't have access to computers, but managers will be logging requests with HR on their behalf thanks
  18. +1 This would be useful for us as well.
  19. Hello We use an external BMS for the rest of the business, which includes all of the company policies, processes and procedures. The current scenario I am now facing is that I would like to associate documents documents maintained on our BMS to Hornbill Services, but I won't rewrite the documents in Hornbill, or upload them, because the BMS is the control for the documentation. Ideally, I would simply like to be able to very simply link to them from Document Manager. I'm sure this could be done by creating a new document and pasting the link, but it would be smoother if it could exist as just a link. Thanks Darren
  20. @Victor can someone have a look at this please?
  21. @Victor can someone have a look into this please?
  22. @Daniel Dekel ok, I was a basic user who went to My Services got a Good Morning/Afternoon... Can you tell me where the '0' is being pulled from on My Services then?
  23. @Steven Boardman I'll make it a bit difficult for you. Since we handle customers in 8 different languages we would require having translation functionality of this email template depending on customer language
  24. Hi, Can anyone help with this please? Thanks Tina
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