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  2. @Martyn Houghton what would be helpful until there's a better way of managing the structure would be a way off exporting the current org structure and subscriptions. Allowing for review.
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  4. Hi @Jeremy Could you check if "Quantity" field have any conditions? Could you export flow and send it in to me in PM as attachment?
  5. Hi Bernie, The dates are stored in the database in UTC format. There may be some differences between APIs and how they retrieve and output the dates, depending on their use. The profile settings for a user should only apply to the UI and shouldn't directly affect an API call. I'll see if I can find anything more to add from our development teams. James
  6. Hi David, The h_datelastmodified includes any update to the timeline. This would include both manual and automated updates that posts a timeline entry.
  7. Absolutely no problem at all. It is very possible that a session is active for more than 8 hours if they continue to login and check Hornbill. It is 8 hours of inactivity when it drops the session. So if you connect before your 8 hours are up, it would restart the inactivity check back to 8 hours.
  8. Once you select the custom column you wish to use you are given the option to specify a "friendly" name: This can subsequently be altered in the settings if required. However I don't believe the Display name is shown in the advanced filter.
  9. We have a a form that is presenting this: But these are not mandatory fields but it is still asking for completion... This is the field set up: And the form settings... This was never an issue with the Customer Portal... Please can someone take a look please? Thanks
  10. @Ann are there other errors showing on screen? I must admit I've not seen this sort of problem before. It sounds similar to issues you were having the other day. Feel free to DM me so that we can try and figure out what's going on. Alex
  11. @Jeremy Thats great news, thank you for sharing with us. Gerry
  12. As far as I am aware I have admin rights to Project Manager, I am able to set up Project Types. However when selecting a project, I click on the 'Details' tab and go to the 'Dates' section but the Scheduled Start Date and Scheduled End Date always show as Null. I have contacted the project manager of the project and they are able to see the dates. Is this an error or a permission issue please?
  13. Just to say thank you for all of your support @Hornbill Support Team we have gone live with this about an hour ago!
  14. Brilliant Thanks. I will sort @Ehsan Regards Ilyaas
  15. @ilyaas, Re-indexing can be achieved through the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE ID]/). Via System > Data > Index Storage tile, locate "hornbillitsm" and press the re-index button (highlighted in red). Ofcourse ideally you would want to perform this action out of hours. The amount of time it takes is un-determined as it'll depend on the volume of Requests in your instance. Would you be able to run this action tonight? By the way, after you've pressed it, you can close the browser down, you will not be required to perform any other action thereafter. Please note that this should be performed as an admin (i.e. a user who's assigned the Super User Role).
  16. Just to add, ideally it would be visible in the box highlighted below:
  17. Hi, Is it possible to make the 'External Reference' field visible on the Customer Portal? Is there a configuration setting anywhere that would let us decide whether or not we want our External Customers to be able to view the 'External Reference' field? Kind regards - Mojahid
  18. Thanks @nasimg might just be what we need. @Ehsan is this possible to do anytime after 11pm tonight?
  19. Hello When using the "search all users" drop down data query in a PCF, is it possible to add some more details to the names list which is returned please? For instance, we have a few people called David Smith in the company, so selecting the right one is a little difficult! Would it be possible to add data from 'some other field' (email address maybe) to this drop down list (or even using it as the default information returned) to make it easier to select the right person please? thanks Paul
  20. We had a similar issue last week, some requests didn't show (some did) - Deen run a full reindex of our instance over night and this fixed it. Nasim
  21. Hi, Currently we are using the field 'Custom D' as a Internal Ref field It may already be possible, but did you know where we can change the name of 'Custom D' to 'Internal Ref'? Below are the locations we would potentially need to see the new name: Creating a View: Adding a Column to a View: In the Quick Filter: Many Thanks - Mojahid
  22. Hi @Ehsan Thank you for your reply, the CTRL+SHIFT+F function works fine for searching and I will certainly pass this round to all users. The issue is that we have been able to find the requests perfectly ok up until this morning and the references in question go back to early march (IN00055687 - 05/03 + IN00062161 - 11/03) Any help would be much appreciated
  23. Hi @ilyaas, When a new Request is added, the database indexes the data. This could take a little bit of time before you're able to find it through Global Search. Have you tried using the keyboard short-cut to find the Request you need? This is much quicker, if you already know the Id of the Request and it will almost immediately find and open the Request. Ehsan
  24. Morning All, Have found this morning that when using the global search function at the top of the screen to locate an incident, it finds some incidents and not others. it has been perfectly fine up until today and there have no changes at all. funny thing is when searching at the top, no results are returned When searching using a view, the incident is visible and can access the relevant actions etc. Similarly if an incident is not visible in the global search and we receive a response from a customer to update an old incident, the email function doesn't find the incident either? Can someone assist or point me in the right direction. Regards Ilyaas
  25. OK, I understand now @Jeremy. We have a planned change to improve in general the result list. This part will also improve. You will see this in the next few weeks. Daniel;
  26. Yes @Daniel Dekel, it is this that we think some users are going to struggle with and click on and wondered if the whole grey section could be a link? i.e.
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