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  2. @Steve G Many thanks for your response to this, I was actually asking one of my colleague to investigate whether we could create admin account with the least permissions apply to only action when post into Team channel. Would this be necessary if you create a new specific keysafe with permissions locked-down? He said it can be done from our end to manage this but just wonder whether this is worth to go through the process? Thanks, Aaron
  3. Apologies, found the reason for this.
  4. We get mails from Jira which are a pain since they have them styled ad nauseum
  5. Hi @Steven Cotterell, This is more of a Microsoft Graph restriction than Hornbill I'm afraid. The Graph API that posts a message to a Teams channel needs the Group.ReadWrite.All permission (and odd permission, granted, but this is Microsoft...), and this specific permission requires admin consent during the login/oAuth process. See the Microsoft permissions documentation for more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/graph/permissions-reference Now, the Graph API we're using to post to a channel (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/channel-post-messages?view=graph-rest-beta&tabs=cs) is still in beta, and subject to change, so I wouldn't be surprised if the required permissions become more relevant (and hopefully no longer requires admin consent) when Microsoft promotes this to production. If/when that happens, I'll create a Teams-specific keysafe key type with permissions locked-down to just those required to perform the Teams actions. Will bookmark this post and let you know when that gets done Cheers, Steve
  6. Today
  7. @Alisha happy to be able to tell you you'll be able to add colours and underline soon, just need to wait for the right Collaboration Core build to hit your instance. [[https://www.hornbill.com|<span style="color: red; text-decoration: underline;">Hornbill</span>]]
  8. Hi @dwalby I shouldn't think this will be too difficult to add, I will have a look and let you know when we have this feature ready Thanks Trevor H
  9. @Steven Boardman That's excellent......thank you. To be honest (and it might have been the beer...) I didn't realise that a 'bulk update' option was going to be available! That's even better news....
  10. @Paul Alexander as per our discussions at INSIGHTS, an option in the business process list to search, find and replace is currently in the works. So finding which processes a leaver is referenced in, including the specific nodes (task etc) and an option to Bulk change these to the new employee should hopefully help with managing those processes (obviously this won't affect those in flight). Watch this space, and the admin tool release notes for when this is completed, tested and available Steve
  11. Fabulous! thanks @Steven Boardman
  12. Hi all, I'm beginning to build a knowledgebase using Document Manager and have begun tagging documents, ordering, categorising, etc. My vision is that when an analyst is working on a request, they can search for the knowledge they need directly within the request via the Link Document action. The issue I've found with this however is that the search is limited to Title/Description only. If you use the global search facility and select Document however it defaults to searching by tag. Is it possible to add the ability to search by tag when using the Link Document action? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi @Ehsan Thanks for that....it's not looking like I can achieve what I was hoping for at the moment. Everything is working fine at the moment, so this isn't a huge problem. I'm just trying to save myself some pain when one of the HR reps leaves! I suppose what I'm REALLY hoping for is a way to break out of a BPM, run a little bit of a separate BPM, then jump back in to the original BPM...that way I'd have only one place to make a change if anything DOES need changing. For the time being I'll have to make sure I mark up the BPM so that I can find it again if I do need to change it. thanks....
  14. Also the 1070s are listed on nVidias site as being compatible. I think in the next iteration of the nVidia cards it may be worth it. When 4K / 8K, high refresh rate gaming monitors are the norm, even more so. Until then, on my 1080p, 240Hz monitor I couldnt stomach the cost increase for so little gain. As Steve says, unless you spend most of your gaming time wandering around slow moving, highly realistic worlds I don't see the point. Now RAID 10 I get and is something I need to look into a little more. I currently have a 4 disk setup configured for RAID 5. I either need to move to RAID 6 or 10 but cant find the time for all the messing about so might wait until I start to see some failures before looking at it too much. What mobo you running for the RAID 10 config?
  15. Hi, On a previous created and run report, the table seems to have disappear, hence available columns are not showing. Please see screen shorts below. How can we fix this? I can't re-add the table, as it is there , but just not displaying: Thanks. Regards, Joyce
  16. @Paul Alexander, The subscription model for Services in Service Manager requires teams to support services. This is then reflected on whether or not a member can access and action on the Requests against a given service. By allowing members of a role to support a service, terminologies aside, the subscription model will go through significant changes. On the Assignment front, if a Request is assigned to a role (rather than a team), which team would the Request get assigned to? Consider an example where members of a role belong to different teams. This then affects how reassignments are tracked, where new owners and teams of a Request are recorded, which in turn will affect any reports or measures that you may have. For the Requests that are assigned to the member who's leaving - As long as the new member is a member of their team, they should be able to view their Requests and assign it to themselves. Through Co-workers menu in Hornbill (https://live.hornbill.com/[instanceId]/coworkers/) - The new member can search for the Co-worker who's leaving and via Service Manager tab in their profile, they can see the Requests that are assigned to the user. Alternatively you could create a View based on the Requests that are assigned to the leaver and then share it with your team or the new member - This helps to track those Requests either. Another way around it could be to add the new member as a Member of those Requests that are currently assigned to the leaver. If you enable "guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.membersRecipient" application setting, the new member will receive a Hornbill and email notification for those Requests, so they can go into those Requests individually and re-assign the Request to themselves?
  17. Hi @James Ainsworth Sorry to keep chasing - are there any timescales at all please? Thanks Lauren
  18. Ray tracing is really pretty in tech demos, but I generally find that past a certain point I don't notice while I'm playing. In games where there are times that you stop, pause, take in the scenery etc. it'll look amazing, but in fast-paced games (driving, fps etc.) you're only really noticing shapes and movement so for me the enhanced graphics don't justify the expense.
  19. Hi @Will J Douglas Thanks for the post. I can replicate the same problem here with the icons that are part of the new icon set. We'll raise a problem for it and get it addressed. Kind Regards, Dave.
  20. @Shamaila.Yousaf Could you assign the Service Desk Admin role to yourself and then give this a try?
  21. Hi, When viewing a Co-Worker - Service Manager - Co-Worker Services some of the icons do not display correctly. E.g in my case. Maintenance - Fixtures & Fitting, Painting & Decorating etc. shown below. I assume this is related to the new icons introduced recently. They do display correctly in the Service Portfolio view Regards, Will.
  22. Hi @samwoo, Thank you Was great meeting you both too. That's a good suggestion - I think this sub-forum is probably the correct place for this type of content, but adding tags to the posts might be a good way to easily search and retrieve them? Would save on having a separate sub-forum, or using a third-party tool like Github Gists... I'll have a think about suitable tags, and get that set up! Cheers, Steve
  23. Hi, Thanks for the link. However it is not quite what I am after. In the link it states that Tasks that require authorisation can only be completed by the owner, which is the problem. What I really need to know is how do we switch off "Authorisation Required" for certain types of task. We have staff who do the same job but are not always available to complete a task so one of the others picks it up. When done, the task cannot be closed by the person who has picked it up.] Kind regards Ian
  24. Yeah that is what we are looking at, will confirm here soon.
  25. Yes, given the instructions on the WIKI, any account with Microsoft Admin level permissions would work fine, but that massively weakens security. We want to set-up a specific account that can be just used for Hornbill (at the moment to post to a Team Channel) but adhering to a 'least privilege security principle'. We are going to try some stuff today hopefully and will report back. Thanks, Steve.
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