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  2. @Gary@ADL the ability to add draft notes and to view versioned notes have been added. Currently in beta so look out for it in the next week when we push it to live. Cheers
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  4. Service Catalogue Items per portal

    Hi @HHH We have a change in our backlog which should help with your requirement. We do plan on having subscription options on the individual Request Catalog Items. The default behaviour will be that it inherits the service subscription, but there would be options to override these within a Request Catalog Item. I will add you as an interested connection to the change. This is not currently scheduled for development. I'll will update this post as it progresses. Regards, James
  5. New Update: Hornbill ESP (2856)

    Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill ESP (2856) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Its now possible to filter the list of contacts in admin::portalAccountGetContactsreportRunGetHistory2 allows for paged results on report History as well as returning information on delivery and file outputSystem Reports Now Support Publishing via Document ManagerNew Additional Output File formats for System Reports (PDF,XLS,XLSX)System Reports Now Support SchedulingHTML reports now contain a Powered by Hornbill logo.Add Contact Flowcode (Contact.addContact3) based on Organisation ID as an input instead of Container ID as previous version addContactNew Keeps container functionality intact for now.add column h_versionnotes to h_bpm_processesChange reportRun will now optional publish a report, by default when manually run a report will not publish, only scheduled reports will automatically publish.By default System Reports will now export CSV and PDF (Instead of CSV and HTML)Implemented an option to control the Audience Condition check on the SAML Assertion Validatoradd missing portal account translations.It is now possible to use relative (to the schedule job run time) date specifiers which get translated into ISO8601 formatted date/times when the schedule job is run. See API documentation for detailsFix System Reports output would not correctly show custom columns names defined in the report and would always default to the table displayName for the column.Fixed a problem where the 'security.saml.timeSkewCompensation' was not being correctly applied to the NotOnOrAfter attribute.Issue where group by chart was not correctly orderedHTML Report would not display if Group By Samples was greater than 12.HTML Report would not display correctly if the group by chart was missing its label.Generic Report output would not correctly display any optional group by charts.Workspace Create - If no member is added, it will show an error message
  6. Self Service Reporting

    That's great, thanks @Steven Boardman We'll see what the new build brings
  7. Self Service Reporting

    Thanks @Darren Rose This sounds exactly what we are working on, so the option for Service Manager subscribers to create their own reports in the user app based on the data they are entitled to see is currently in development as are the options for these to be scheduled as PDF's and distributed to Document Manager (so you can keep all the revisions (history) and collaborate on the report content. In the short term hopefully the build out tomorrow will allow you to create and distribute reports in Document Manager which they can pick up. Steve
  8. Self Service Reporting

    Hi @Steven Boardman It was the new Service Manager Reports I was interested in. At the moment, I can't give everyone access to the current reporting functionality, but if there was a user app where people can select their own dat ranges etc... against standard reports such as resolved / logged, then that would be great. If they could be scheduled to send a PDF output, even better thanks
  9. We handle both external and internal customers in our Service Manager instance. Is there a way to differentiate service catalogue items per portal so that some are only seen on customer.hornbill.com/instance and others only on service.hornbill.com/instance? I have looked but seem to only be able to differentiate on service level by setting subscriber.
  10. Self Service Reporting

    Hi @Darren Rose Could you clarify what you are looking for with Self Service Reporting? In terms of report scheduling their is a build going out tonight which will provide the following: * Ability to schedule the distribution of system reports (Admin tool) to Document Manager * More output options including PDF * Ability to use date variables in the system report filters, i.e Today, End of Last Quarter etc As well as the enhancements to the admin tool reports we are still working on the new Service Manager reports which will be available through the user app to Service Manager subscribers. These will be released in stages but will also include formats such as PDF and the ability to schedule the distribution to Document Manager. Thanks Steve
  11. Column Headings on Reports

    @SJEaton this issued has been fixed and will be available in the update which is going out tonight, so should be available tomorrow. There are also a few additional reporting options being made available in this build including: * Ability to schedule the distribution of the system reports to document manager * More output options including PDF * Ability to use date variables in the filters for reports i.e Today, Endoflastquarter etc Steve
  12. Breach Emails

    @yelyah.nodrog we do have a change story for adding more email options but it is not currently scheduled. I have added you as an interested party to this, and as this progresses and is scheduled we will post back on this thread. In the meantime as @DeadMeatGF suggests the breach boards are a great way via the escalation actions to have wider visibility of those tickets which are approaching, and ultimately have breached their targets. The boards can be shared with a wider audience so hopefully gives you something to consider?
  13. Oh, I missed this bit of information, sorry ... I'll have a look...
  14. So how comes I received successfully getting emails from noreply@c*****.com? Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Additional Function on Gant Chart

    Thanks, @James Ainsworth
  16. @Harry The "live.hornbill.com" outgoing route in your instance is used exclusively to send out these notifications. It won't be used for anything else. The analystneeds to use the email action (the "envelope") on the request in order for the customer to get an email
  17. Hi Victor, Sorry for the confusion, the noreply@c*****.com is working now for analyst thank you. I am not using live.hornbill.com. But I enabled it anyway. Is the customer supposed to get anything if the analyst updates via portal or do they have to use the envelope? Kind regards Harry
  18. @Harry sorry, I am still confused, so backtracking our conversation: You mentioned this: "When a customer sends an update on a ticket, I don't get any notification in the top right corner or email notifications.". You confirmed the update is made by customer via customer portal. In this case, this how this works: "analyst (email) notifications for updates made by customer on the customer portal will be sent using "live.hornbill.com" and will have the from address as "no-reply@live.hornbill.com". This is not something that can be configured anywhere at the moment, it is hard coded." So you need to enable the setting(s) I mentioned before plus have the "live.hornbill.com" outbound route configured in your instance.
  19. Hi @James Ainsworth great news!! Thanks for updating me. I'll look forward to the next update and will feedback any issues. Thanks Keith
  20. Sorry if I wasn't being clear, is it still doable or it has to be the email envelope?
  21. @Harry analyst (email) notifications for updates made by customer on the customer portal will be sent using "live.hornbill.com" and will have the from address as "no-reply@live.hornbill.com". This is not something that can be configured anywhere at the moment, it is hard coded. Sorry, I was thinking we are talking about analyst notifications?
  22. Hi Victor, Customer still not getting notification from anywhere. the live.hornbill.com is not our main mailbox so I dont think that mattered. Our mailbox is c**********.com Kind regards Harry
  23. Thanks Victor, Does that to the problem relate? even though I am not using that mail box? I have changed that now anyway and see what happens.
  24. Breach Emails

    You should be able to easily create a breach board, that way anyone it's shared to can see what calls are breached. No need to go rummaging around in your emails and risking missing it.
  25. @Harry the "live.hornbill.com" mail routing in your instances is not configured to use direct outbound. Can you please change the routing mode to "Use Direct Outbound" for the "live.hornbill.com" domain? Let me know if the notification issue still persists afterwards...
  26. Breach Emails

    @yelyah.nodrog this is something @James Ainsworth or @Steven Boardman can advise on...
  27. Hi Victor, Yes thats correct. I tested the SPF which works fine. I'm using our own domain mailbox instead and I can send and receive emails via Hornbill. Other notifications like the IT analyst can receive email notification when customer updates via portal. But not the other way round. Kind regards Harry
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