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  2. Service Requests FAQs

    @Steven Boardman - Excellent news, thank you for adding this so promptly!
  3. Service Requests FAQs

    @dwalby just an update to this, FAQs in Service Requests has been added and will be available in a Service Manager update in the coming weeks (it missed the cut off for the next update, but will be out shortly)
  4. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Lyonel just an update on FAQ's in Service Request's, this has now been added and will be available in an Service Manager update in the coming weeks (it missed the cut off for the next update, but will be available shortly).
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  6. Widget Chart Advice

    If you are trying to show them per team then you will need to do something like: (h_status = 'status.open' OR h_status = 'status.new' OR h_status = 'status.onhold') AND h_fk_team_name = 'it service desk' AND h_withinfix = 0 You can also show them per analyst by adding h_ownerid = 'ANALYST NAME' The two measures you are trying to create in your post will be duplicates as you are asking the same thing. How many tickets are open within SLA. How many tickets are not resolved within SLA. They are the same measure.
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  8. Email Formatting

    I am looking at my statement and I must say is rubbish... because is not true! .. .well it is, in a way, but only because a particular application setting has "RequestMessage" configured as template... So, to make things clear and correct myself: on the service you can set an email template to be used when sending emails from requests raised against this service. You can choose any email template from the list however, there is an option to specify to use the "default" template for request messages: "Default (...)". This "default" template is set by this application setting: app.email.template.request.sendMessage. The default value for this application setting is "RequestMessage" template, and now you understand why I said my original statement is "sort of" true but not really... In your instance however it seems whatever value was set for app.email.template.request.sendMessage no longer exists and because of it does not exist it is automatically replaced with: undefined. EDIT: after a few tests it seems this (quote: automatically replaced with "undefined") is not true either, so all the below also becomes null... The value for the setting(s) is now "undefined" I have to find out how this happened...Need to have a more thorough look into this on Mon. So are you aware of anyone deleting any templates? Possibly the template configured in app.email.template.request.sendMessage was deleted by somebody by mistake? I'm afraid I can't tell what was the previous value for this setting... and is not the only "template" setting that has "undefined" value...
  9. Integration Call (Convert Date/Time)

    @SJEaton the date/time value in the custom field is stored as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. This is the, let's call it, calendar date/time format,that needs to be "translated" into the integration node date/time format (PHP date formatter) for "Input format" field. So, looking at the PHP date formatter page (http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php) we have the following: for YYYY - the format we need is: Y - a full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits for MM - the format we need is: m - numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros for DD - the format we need is: d - day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros for HH - the format we need is: H - 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros for MM - the format we need is: i - minutes with leading zeros for SS - the format we need is: s - seconds, with leading zeros So the input format should be (taking into consideration dashes, colons and spaces): Y-m-d H:i:s Have you tried this input format? (EDIT: the case is important here as the format is case sensitive) P.S. Apologies, I did not have chance to look at the example you posted, but I thought to confirm the input format that is being used...
  10. Email Formatting

    @Victor ‘Request Message’ is there but has been over written. Any chance you can revert it. And let me know who over wrote it? (As lon as it wasn’t me lol)
  11. Hi All, searched site but only seen @nasimg post for pruning multiple search results. Need to know a way, if possible, to offer a way of identifying customers when logging an initial support call that gives results from a search text of their (or part thereof) telephone number. We haven't any automated DDI/CLI feed into Service Manager for internal extension numbers to be making it Utopian, but we do have IP phones with 80%+ inbound Avaya calls showing their extension on the handset display - so, could then quickly (like Supportworks) let us enter the number to pull up a match. Bonus would be for this to extend to a mobile number if possible. We currently have "Co-Worker" and "Contact" as ticked options under the requester box. From Service Manager view, using the "Co-Worker" search, entering the exact number or partial does not return any searches. Within this result page, there is a dropdown for various other options; username, job title, location etc but none for "Phone Number". Thanks, Dave.
  12. Email Formatting

    undefined... hmm... the default template on services is "RequestMessage" ... does this template exist in your instance? If not, any chance someone deleted it? I know you can do SQL functions in ESP variables...like using SUBSTR and like... maybe something like this? You can safely ignore this, only templates that work are "Requests". The intention was to have different template categories (the drop down list). These categories in their turn will make available specific contextual variables... like you have SLA, Team, Customer, etc. variables for "Requests" templates, you could have a different set of variables at disposal for template category, for example, "Services" or "Tasks" ... unfortunately, this was never implemented, not yet anyway, is still something on our "to do" list... however is not really nice to see the error so I'll ask internally...
  13. Error while applying an email to a request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone I understand the scenario, but team membership has nothing to do with the error... You are affected by the highlighted defect on our portal: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/2/known-issues/ Sometimes the workaround described in the forum thread I mentioned above (trimming down the email) allows the user to successfully apply the email. However, if the workaround fails, then you would need the fix (probably will be in next Service manager update)
  14. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Dan Munns "a lot of work has gone (is going?) into pushing the portal as the best thing for the user since dress down Fridays" superb... I think you have it spot on, any business justification (such as for audit purposed) that gets your users on the portal will ultimately be better for your customers and you, frees your team up to deliver higher value work. Email is the devil when it comes to sucking up time for IT ... its always easier for people who want help from IT, just fire an email and make their problem IT's problem, but allowing that cuts off every possible avenue you have as a service provider to improve the service you deliver - kudos for getting those numbers. You also said, "The above chart is over a 6 month period from July to Dec 2017. Looking at our monthly stats almost (sometimes over) half of all our calls are password resets taken over the phone " so how can we help you automate that, it would be a big win for you guys if we can right? Gerry
  15. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Lyonel yes the analysts chunk is mainly password resets for NT accounts. If a user calls to log an SR over the phone though they get told they HAVE to use the portal. The above chart is over a 6 month period from July to Dec 2017. Looking at our monthly stats almost (sometimes over) half of all our calls are password resets taken over the phone The amount of email logged calls should drop even further as quite a lot of those above were logged from monitoring sources and we have a project to determine which emails are useful (ie warrant a ticket) so we can auto log them and get rid of the rest.
  16. Searching Requests

    We too would like to have the search option 'refined', I agree it can get a little frustrating at times. I've had to create a number of views and share the views out to my team or even go further to create a report. Regards
  17. Email Formatting

    @Victor Ok so the template is set to Default(undefined). I am sure that this used to work though with the default template. (our users would be quick to point it out if they thought it looked less than brilliant, and my manager would be ever quicker than that.) I have created a new template and added the correct variable to show the text written by the analysts. (is there a way of removing the "emailto<emailaddress>" line from {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}}? Also what is the drop down menu for at the top of the templates window? No matter what I select (other than Requests) I get a really complicated looking error message....
  18. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Dan Munns the percentage of Email is quite impressive I have to admit! Just out of interest, why do you have such big chunk under "Analyst"? Is that because the customer phones?
  19. Widget Chart Advice

    Hi First post of our new Hornbill era. So still learning! Trying to generate a graph for teams to show SLA's within fix, SLA's breached and ongoing tasks that are within the SLA but not yet resolved. I'm using the h_withinfix=0 and h_withinfix=1 parameters - however I cannot find a suitable 3rd measure which shows the number of "active jobs" that are still within the parameters of the SLA. Samples I've seen show the h_withinfix='' filter but this seems to duplicate the filter for h_withinfix=0. Any ideas?
  20. Error while applying an email to a request

    @Victor thank you for the reply. I believe there's a different story here. let me explain better our scenario: Team A, assigned to request 1 Team B, a member is trying to apply a new email to request 1, error received. Team A, a member is trying to apply to request 1 the same new email, no issue both Team are supporting the service, of course.
  21. Email Formatting

    @Dan Munns seems the service does not have a template to be used when sending email from requests... check the service configuration for this request type and see if is using an existing template...
  22. Error while applying an email to a request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone It's not what you think it is... The issue has been raised before have a look below. We also suggested a solution there, let me know if it works for you.
  23. Error while applying an email to a request

    sometime we receive this error while applying an email to a request currently the request is assigned to a specific team. it seems like only the member of the team can apply the email. supposing we have different team working on the same service, how can avoid the error if a different team wants just to apply new emal to a request assigned to a differente team?
  24. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    We use the old 'for audit purposes' to make users log tickets via the portal. "For audit purposes all Service Requests need to be logged via the portal, so that all relevant information is captured and logged correctly against the ticket" In fact the only ticket type will accept via email is an incident and unless it is a password reset (which most are) even then it is done grudgingly. All of our 'New Ticket Logged' email templates say 'ticket updates will be provided via the Support Portal, available here <LINK>' to get users used to going there in the first instance. We put bulletins for new services a couple of weeks before they actually go live and a lot of work has gone (is going?) into pushing the portal as the best thing for the user since dress down Fridays. Our results have been promising to far. That being said having the ability to resolve a service request with an FAQ would benefit us from another angle. User is added to shared mailbox and FAQ instructions on how to add said mailbox is included in the resolution. User logs a request to have an address added to the spam filter and FAQ on adding email to users spam filter included in resolution. User logs a request to have a network location mapped, FAQ included in resolution These are just a few examples of where the SR FAQ resolution would be a great help to us as well.
  25. Email Formatting

    Hi all, When sending email to customers from Service Manager we have noticed that formatting is dropped. Is there a way around this?
  26. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Lyonel lol "if emails were down for 2 days, most people in the IT department would get the sack! that's why we moved to Office 365" I hear your pain, not every organisation is quite ready to let go of their beloved email treasure I will let one of our SM product team pick up on the FAQ requirement and respond with something that does not include get rid of email... thanks for the clarification Gerry
  27. Emails

    @Steven Boardman - It's really the step before this what we are struggling with. So an email comes in from a new external contact and you click Raise Request, the screen changes to the Create New Request (and you can no longer see the email) and when you click 'New Contact' another window opens over the top and that's where you need to enter the contact details. Once the email address goes in that will help but it's annoying that you can no longer see the details from within the email. Maybe it would be better if we could create a new contact from within the actual Email? New Contacts.docx
  28. Integration Call (Convert Date/Time)

    @SJEaton no, sorry, didn't have a chance to look yet, will try and have a look later today...
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