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  2. If the Departments aren't at the root level you'll need to change the dropdown to 'Search in the and child levels'
  3. I am reviewing my organisations and the filters are not doing what I expect. Can anyone help please? Firstly, when I select Division from the filter I am expecting to see my Divisions but none are showing: And yet when I go into a Company and see the list of Divisions, I clearly have some! The same is true for Department which sits in the next level 'down'. My filter on "Department" shows nothing on the high-level Org view but I have loads of them: This is making it very difficult for me to reliably review what we have because I cannot get the Division view. This has become visible because there is a node in the PCF that uses the Group Picker - Departments but I am unable to view all those departments in the back-end through that filter:
  4. Hi @Nbt, The following article might be of some use: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=XMLMC_API_File_Upload_Sample
  5. Hi @Nbt, You need to HTTP PUT the file into that location, not POST. Regards, Steve
  6. Hi All, I am trying to uppload a file using the API and always getting a 404 error. I am trying to do an HTTP POST to https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/<instanceid>/dav/session/filename.csv using the file content on the request body and the API Key on the http headers but I always get a 404 error. Do you know what could be causing this? Thanks Nbt
  7. We are also looking to use Power Automate to create tickets in Hornbill
  8. @TrevorHarris ok so if the lane is only used by one workflow, I can only ever have my cards appearing in the first lane (i.e. a single column); because I cannot tell the workflow to alternate the lanes every other Change Request to fill/use both lanes. And thus, the lane width option is not useful when the board is only used as a tracker for Cards moved exclusively by Service Manager Move Card nodes in worflow. There is an enhancement opportunity here for there to be an 'alternate' or 'least used' option, perhaps, in that setting. Interesting that the Board counts the right-most column as the first column in the lane; as per my screenshot. Those cards have arrived there in the right-most lane of 2-width lane without the lane option being specified in the node.
  9. Hi, You can specify the column within the lane by using the Lane Column option of the add to board operation, this should be supplied as a number which 0 indicates the first column, 1 the second etc. If you don't specify the column it will always be added to the first column in the lane Thanks Trevor
  10. I had hoped that having the lane with a width of 2 would mean the cards that were moved to that lane by the Business Process would stack-up into two columns so we would see more without having to scroll down. But they don't: they seem to just stack in a single column, which makes the double width pointless. Should it be working like this?
  11. Thanks Berto - we used to control card board movement via the BPM, but our staff were not completing the Activities at the right time, so items got stuck. So now we only write to the board at the start, and remove at the end. The movement to other lanes is handled manually so I will continue to dig around Many thanks
  12. We only use Board Manager in conjunction with a Business Process so Card movements are governed in workflow; and thus we are able to capture the times cards move from one lane to another as custom fields, which can then be reported on. I do not know how to capture the times if they are manually dragged to a new lane.
  13. Hi James We would really like to be able to copy pages / widgets when designing our portal pages too. Is there any update on this? Thanks Sam
  14. Hi Steve, it appears to be notifications on all sorts of email activity in requests - i have a constant stream of notifications relating to all sorts of emails. I have turned off email notifications in my Profile but these notifications are still appearing in my Desktop pop up window). The below screen shot shows the desktop notifications - just to confirm I am seeing no notifications against these in Service Manager itself:
  15. @Hannah Pattison It's not completely clear from the above, but that sounds like the Business Process for a particular Request has a Human Task node which creates an Activity are part of the Workflow.
  16. @Adrian Simpkins Are these specifically for email updates to Requests, or for emails being received by an Inbox? These can be generated from different areas so identifying where the notification is generated is the first step.
  17. I am trying to manage some activities that have been set up by an ex employee and they are causing lots of issues within our teams so want to delete them so they don't auto populate when a certain call type is raised but I cannot find the part of Hornbill where I look at all of the activity types that have been created. Is anyone able to help please!! Thankyou!!
  18. https://customer.hornbill.com/ and then our instance ID
  19. Hi All, for the last 40 minutes or so I have started receiving Windows desktop notifications on every email action in the mailboxes/requests? As an example I have a request where the customer has responded, and the system has auto attached it to the request as expected, but I got a desktop notification for this? I am not a member of the team working the request, and i have not been added as a Member to view the request, but I got a notification when the email was attached to the request? Is anyone else seeing this? NB I have turned off the notifications in my profile and this seems to stop the spam, however once turned back on it starts again? No one else in my teams is seeing this issue, just appears to be me? Many thanks
  20. @Steven Boardman I was wondering if there had been any development in this area as we going live with the Employee Portal this week and have FAQ content that would be useful to display. Currently I will disable the "results" as feedback we received was it confused some staff, is there a way shift the box so any fields below are visible (even 1 cm to the right would probably work) or some text to cancel the help (I know pressing Esc stops it but good to show it).
  21. Hi James, Yes posted as a support ticket in the end and all sorted - thanks
  22. Hi @nasimg, That is part of the breadcrumbs. It links to the domain the service belongs to and is not possible to disable this. Regards, Daniel.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Hi Jeremy, I've not personally seen this spreadsheet calculator. Using an online date calculator I did get a total of 307 work days between 13-Aug-2020 and today. (https://www.timeanddate.com/date/workdays.html) 2737 hours based on 8 hour days is 342 days. Which is still 35 days to go from 307. I'd need to know if you have longer days or include weekends in your WTC calendar and also additional holidays above the standard bank holidays to get a more accurate calculation.
  25. Hi Will, Thanks for your post. I'm not aware of any issues regarding the creation of new Suppliers. Had you been able to create suppliers previously? Can you confirm that the user that you are logged in as has either one of the available Supplier Manager roles? Supplier Administrator or Supplier User.
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