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  2. Hi All One of my Users has asked if there is a spell checker button within the email node so we can check spelling before sending - I note Service Manager appears to have this built in as it autocorrected one word I entered incorrectly and it also inserted a red underline on another incorrect spelt word. They have also asked if there is any way we can add custom words to the system as we have a number of Systems and functions which will always be highlighted as a 'spelling mistake' - for example our Systems names are quite often an acronym or a word that is not in the dictionary. I had a brief look at settings, but nothing obvious jumped out Many thanks
  3. Same here...filters and views are still not working as expected. thanks
  4. Good Morning, @DeenIs there any more news on this? I have checked this morning, and I can confirm we are still having the same issues as we were last week. Many Thanks.
  5. Hi All One of my teams has asked if it is possible to have a calendar for Holidays for their team within Hornbill - I know there was previously a Holiday Manager plug in of some sort, which I presume is now superseded by Timesheet Manager as I do not see this anywhere as an option to install? Basically we want to record our teams holidays within Hornbill so availability etc is recorded within the tool, for example if I book off the next 2 weeks and mark this in the calendar this could be available for the team to access / review. I see we can create new calendars, but I am unsure if I just create a Holiday calendar and share this to the Users? Many thanks
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  7. @Frank Reay There are generally two reasons, the first is data security as you suggest, and the second is where we have drawn the line of functional access for non-subscribed Service Manager users, it could be either one. Someone form the SM team will comment with confirmation. Gerry
  8. @Adambingley Thanks for the details, I will need to ask someone who knows the Service Manager data structures to comment here, we will post back soon Gerry
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  10. Hi Gerry, Thanks for responding. No actual errors, just get "No Data Available" when there clearly should be. As an example, using the built in report "Requests Caused By Change" immediately shows no data as soon as you apply any date filter, this seems to be the same with many of the others. Below shows a snip from the "Default Report" data, for "Requests Caused By Change" If i then create a custom view on this report with the following criteria (or anything to do with dates) I get the following.. All issues seem to relate to when you use the Custom Reporting, the default reports work, although they include nonsense data such as cancelled testing requests etc so are unusable. The bespoke SQL reports I've had to create show: - SLA compliance. (First Response, First Resolution etc) by year/month - % Tickets raised by Analyst vs Self Service by year/month - % ticket reopen by year/month - % Incidents caused by change by year/month - % staff satisfaction year/month - Avg resolution times by SLA (This is in the reporting but the data doesn't seem to include actual working hours and cannot be filtered to show anything meaningful) You can probably produce most of these form advanced analytics, but the cost I was told was an additional 50% of our annual Horn bill spend . Thanks Adam
  11. @Adambingley When you say completely broken, is there any errors being reported? None of the built in reports should be broken, its possible that something might be, and if it is we will of course fix. I am wondering if you could be any more specific? "Is there any plans to improve the reporting?" we are always trying to improve both the way our reporting engine works and of course the reports we provide, the main issue with reporting is every customer has different needs and its not always easy to anticipate and meet these. "I'm having to write custom reports constantly using the direct database SQL which is very time consuming trying to find the right columns and relationships between tables" if you had a distinct set of reports that you need, it might be worth feeding these back to our dev teams, in order that we can bake some of those into the in-app reporting we include. Gerry
  12. Some of the reporting built into service manager seems to be completely broken. I had various custom reports, that now show no data and there's no reason as to why. As an example, the built in report "Requests Caused By Change" immediately shows no data as soon as you apply any date filter, this seems to be the same with many of the others such as reopen request count etc. Is there any plans to improve the reporting? I'm having to write custom reports constantly using the direct database SQL which is very time consuming trying to find the right columns and relationships between tables. Thanks Adam
  13. I appreciate this is an old Topic but can I clarify what the end result was. Our analysts use the colour change in the list view as the main indicator for when a ticket has been updated. They tell me that they have been caught out a number of times by not seeing an update when entered as a Comment. A normal update does trigger a colour change but not a Comment. So what did Chaz do to make it 'more consistent'? The analysts have asked if Comments can actually be switched off, as even if they are notified that there is a Comment then they have to search for it in the Timeline rather than just look at the most recent update. I don't think that is possible but it's always worth asking. We mainly want to stop portal users adding Comments as I have more 'control' over what Agents do. Frank
  14. We are using the my-services portal (but keen to move to the new Employee Portal). It is frustrating that Connections are unable to view attachments (it also a pain that they cannot add but I can sort of understand that). This is clearly deliberate as stated in the Wiki but can someone explain why Connections cannot view - is it because you are concerned about data sensitivity (although the Connections can see all the updates) or is there some other business/technical reason? Will this be the same in the new Employee Portal?
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  16. We are now also getting this error on some tickets. Please can someone help @Hornbill Support Team?
  17. Hi @AndyHill Are you still experiencing the issue you described above? If so, would you be able to provide any further replication steps and / or configuration details as our developers have unfortunately been unable to replicate the issue Thanks
  18. Having used Asset Management for a while now we've come across a few issues with its functionality. The first which was raised with Dan was after the introduction of customisable State dependent Substates. We found that if a record state was changed on an asset it would clear the invalid substate but retain the previous substate in the main list view, the only way to clear this is to change the substate then change again to clear. I've also been told this doesn’t fully record in the history but not confirmed this myself. More recently We've found a problem with name changes. In order for records to sync from our contact database we populate User ID with our unique ID number, this way if a name changes via marriage it doesn’t break the call history as only First Name/Last Name/Handle are updated. The problem is asset records are not reflecting this change and still displaying as the old name so if i search for Assets under the new name i find nothing and the old name no longer exists as a user. Odder still if I try and update the assets Used By field the new name wont display unless i search using the unique User ID. PS: When's proper filtering coming to the Asset Manager as its now available within call logs?
  19. @Neil Smith This feature is completed and has been available for some time If you create a new custom view you will find the options to add custom columns (and assign them display names) on the columns tab.
  20. Once the user configured the notification, they will stay in place as long as the user does not change them. Disabling guest.app.requests.notification.allowUserDefinedNotificationType only prevents the user from accessing the notification configuration, it will not change any existing notification configuration.
  21. @Gareth Watkins from our investigations it appears the reason why the request is not visible on the portal of the user is because the service associated to the request is configured as "not visible" on portal. Because of this, any requests associated with this service will not be visible on portal.
  22. Hi I have logged this before, but must have figured it out but have since forgotten how I did it? thanks lee
  23. @all Please follow the below forum thread and https://status.hornbill.com/
  24. We are having several issues with being able to search for certain request on our instance that were logged in and around the point of the Service Manager outage. To rectify this issue should we re-index our instance?
  25. Hi @AlexTumber can you please advise how to find this? Thanks
  26. Hi, Is it possible to resolve linked requests as one request? Usually we have users reporting relating issues such as if a printer is down but for reporting purposes want to have them be resolved as just one request if their all relating to the same issue. Thanks
  27. The latest build of Hornbill Supplier Manager (116) has been released to live. New 5 additional custom fields added to supplier contracts It is now possible to import supplier contracts (new and existing records) from a csv spreadsheet in the Hornbill Admin Tool Fix Creating new suppliers, contacts and contracts was using an incorrect hb-form configuration Missing validation checks on new supplier contracts
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