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  2. James Ainsworth

    Timeline sorting

    Hi @HHH Thanks for your post. We are looking into it. At the moment it looks like the option is persistent to the selection that the user has made here. The setting may only be applying the default for when a user first views a request. Provided that you select ''Most recently updated" on the option above, this should remain in place for you. Regards, James
  3. James Ainsworth

    Raising Requests from Assets

    Hi @Lauren Thanks for your post. Including the ''Raised Linked Request'' option that you see on the Link Action of a request to an Asset is a good idea. I have raised a change and this will be considered as an approach to achieve this. I'll post back here once it is closer to being worked on. Regarding the custom buttons and the use of the iBridge integration for raising requests, this operation is likely to be changed on how it works. The primary purpose of the iBridge is to work with external systems. In this case, the iBridge for log incident and log service request will be directed more at raising requests in a different Hornbill instance and not within the same instance. The solution for you will be to have the above mentioned change . Regards, James
  4. James Ainsworth

    Custom Button Visibility

    I wanted to follow up on this post with the option that we now have to allow you to set conditions on the custom buttons. In this example, the custom button would only display if the service under which the request was raised matches the condition. I hope this helps. Regards, James
  5. Logan Graham

    IMAPS 2016 Exchange

    Hi All, I found this article on the wiki for email protocols https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/E-Mail_Protocol_Support but cannot see 2016 in the list, is this supported? if so is IMAPS supported? Thanks, Logan
  6. Jeremy

    PCF autofill options

    Thanks @Dan Munns
  7. Paul Alexander

    Capture design - add Email as a source

    Looking at this again...my 'update' (above) doesn't work! Presumably the Progressive Capture only has two 'source type' options (Portals and Service Desk) so there isn't a way of branching off if the request is being logged from Email. So.....yes, as with @Alisha - could we have a separate 'source' option of email please, so that calls logged from an email can branch off separately? thanks
  8. Dan Munns

    PCF autofill options

    You would need to do this with dynamic forms options. So a number of fields under the drop down one with the data ready and only visible when the drop down has been selected with the correct answer. 1st screen shot would be the 'hidden until whatever option is selected' field. 2nd screenshot is the conditions which will allow the field to be shown (obviously you just need to set it how you need)
  9. Jeremy

    PCF autofill options

    Is there a way in the PCF to choose an option from a drop down/check box group and then for it to autofill a multi line text box with text/data? e.g. If you choose Item A it puts that text into a box or if you choose Item B then different text is populated in the box?
  10. Hi, I need to log a request with a specific service and CI that has two questions (which will be answered in the scheduler app .json hopefully) so that the request will be created, log the start and end times on the change calendar and then close. This job will (hopefully) be run once at the beginning of the year, create 24 requests, add them to the calendar and then close. Any ideas / insights? First time trying something like this with APIs so total novice, but hey, every days a school day right?
  11. Victor

    Emails reopening resolved tickets

    Mkay... so, broadly: In this 7 day grace period... have a parallel branch in the process waiting for a request update. If the update is an email then process reopen the request... P.S. This is just in theory, I never tried it in a process myself...
  12. It is. There is a 7 day grace period in BPM before closing the resolved request. But if I apply an email to the resolved request during this period I need to manually re-open it. I would be good to have that done by the system.
  13. Victor

    Emails reopening resolved tickets

    @HHH possibly, but you need to have the process active for as long as an email is expected on that request...
  14. @Dan Munns no updates ... I think Samrai or Customer Success will get in touch with you to discuss this further, however, I do not know their plans how...when...
  15. Victor

    Email isn't sent to linked requests

    @Jamie Talbot ok, let me have a look in the event logs and see what I can find...
  16. Jamie Talbot

    Email isn't sent to linked requests

    @Victor Sorry, forgot to @ you before.
  17. Dan Munns

    Authorisations: Need to see attached documents

    @Victor any update on this this week?
  18. TrevorHarris

    "Board Super User" Role

    Hi @Lauren The Board Super User role will give a user full permissions to view, modify and design every Board even if they don't have that Board shared with them. However the boards will not be displayed in the Board List page unless they have been shared with you or created by you. In order to access boards as a Board Super User that haven't been shared with you you will need to access them directly via the URL. Its intended to allow for administrating boards if the owner leaves is away etc and for helping to intergrate with other applications rather than being used as a way to grant access to all boards Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  19. TrevorHarris

    iBridge for link document

    Hi @Joanne , One possible reason I've found for this is if the instance URL you've specified in your Hornbill Credentials is wrong, please make sure this is set in the following format https://eurapi.hornbill.com/<YOURINSTANCE> You will also need to ensure the user whose credentials you are using has access to the document and to the docmanager app More details can be found on the Hornbill Intergration wiki page https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Integration_Bridge Hope this helps Thanks Trevor
  20. Jamie Talbot

    Email isn't sent to linked requests

    The problem was PR00000657 and the linked incidents were IN00000650 and IN00000651, we have tested this multiple times and it doesn't want to work. We last tested it around 10:30am today. The email should have sent the incident customers the resolution email template.
  21. Victor

    Email isn't sent to linked requests

    @Jamie Talbot - can you give me a request reference from where the email should have sent ( the source and the links) and tell me when you tried this and noticed it does not work (date/time)
  22. Hi all Is there a way to make an email reopen a resolved (not closed) ticket when applied to the ticket trough routing rules and also when manually applied to a request.
  23. HHH

    Timeline sorting

    In Service Manager -> Settings the value webapp.view.ITSM.requestTimeline.orderBy is set to mostRecentlyCommented which we understand should display the timeline post which has been most recently commented on at the top. We find that not be the case and in several instances have seen customers comment to a timeline update way back, which is the missed because the comment is far down on the screen. We tested setting sort to mostRecentlyPosted but can not see any difference. Can someone please sort this out for me? (pun intended) Is there a way to display the most recent comment or timeline update at the top.
  24. Hi Is there a way to transfer ownership to someone else? The person who wrote many of our dashboards, reports, measures and widgets is leaving the organisation. Or is there a permission that allows you to take ownership? Thanks Helen
  25. Victor

    Unable to delete catalog item

    @RobW - can you please create an API key for the admin account (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys) and send it to me via PM so I can have a look. Also, I would need to know what service and what CI are having this issue...
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