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  2. @AlexTumber excellent news and thanks for the update. These updates look really interesting.
  3. @Frank Reay the latest update of Supplier Manager has just been made available to customers and it includes revamped (and working) functionality for duplicating/renewing supplier contracts. Please let us know if you have any issues. Alex
  4. @Jo Sword thanks for your post. I don't have any updates at preset but I can tell you that resource management is something that we are looking to add to Project Manager over the coming months this year. As soon as we have something to share I'll post back to this thread. Alex
  5. Hello Everyone The latest build of Supplier Manager (173) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Supplier Details and Contracts now visible on Service Manager AssetsChange Additional functionality for renewing supplier contractsFix Issue with renewing supplier contracts from an individual contractMissing translation strings for changing a supplier ownerUnable to view supplier contact audit informationUnable to edit supplier links
  6. Hi, Is there any updates on this as this article, this is something we are looking into for Resource Management Kind regards Jo
  7. You could create a report using the main requests table and also h_buz_activities I believe. There is a h_actor column in the activities table which you can use to filter by technician.
  8. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Timesheet Manager (159) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New It is now possible to record time directly against Assets from Hornbill Service ManagerFix Unable to update the status of a timesheet sub category to 'offline'Unable to update the status of a timesheet category to 'offline'Issue with one of the directives using the wrong field as a last modified date
  9. Hi @Martyn Houghton This issue is a bit more involved than what we initially thought, and would like to let you know that we are still investigating this. Will give you an update next week. Cheers! Michael
  10. HI @Samantha Melville, The Intune to Hornbill asset import script can be installed via the Runbook Gallery in Azure Automation: Note, this requires the Hornbill modules to be installed from the Modules Gallery: Thanks, Steve
  11. Thanks for the quick reply @Steve G i will have a chat with the dev
  12. Hi @AndyGilly, This is posssibly due to the default ErrorAction for the cmdlet in question not being Stop. I've seen examples where the error is output to the CLI and the script continues as normal, even when in a try-catch. If the cmdlet you are using supports it, then set the -ErrorAction Stop argument (either directly in the command line, or by splatting the param(s) in a hash table, example below). This will ensure the error can be caught and handled gracefully. try { $Params = @{ Name = $Name ErrorAction = "Stop" WarningVariable = "warnings" Wa
  13. Hello @Steve G I would like to use a Ticket that has been raised with a certain template to then trigger a pipeline run. I would like to use specific values out of the ticket to provide values for parameters? Hope that makes sense.. Thanks Ieuan
  14. We are trying to put some error handling into our PowerShell scripts that are making packages in ITOM. When the script is processing it does not seem to be able to step from a 'try' statement into a 'catch' The try is processed successfully if everything is valid but if its not then falling into the catch does not happen. The Powershell script itself seems to run OK in Powershell ISE would appreciate any thoughts or guidance thanks Andy
  15. Hi @Ehsan Could you please take a look here? We're trying to use the same 'update' API call as Ben was but we ARE trying to update the custom fields (he wasn't!). Any pointers would be great please!
  16. Hello Everyone The latest build of Project Manager (351) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: Change Project risk description field increased in size from 256 to 512 charactersOverdue project tasks now highlighted in red on the main project viewFix Permission error when attempting to raise a new project through progressive captureUnable to raise a project through progressive capture without providing a project templateIssue with migration of project template tasks from previous updateIssue with updating project templates
  17. Sorted now. They had to log on to be counted in the subs. Also, Luckily I know the approvals-only people by name.
  18. Hi @Steve G, do you know if this tool is available with Hornbill now?
  19. @Steve GillerNope she's definitely on point! Thank you again @Mary
  20. @aykut.boyraz I don't think @Mary ever misses the nail
  21. 7th April is after BST starts, so 07:00UTC is 08:00BST - that's displaying the correct time based on field_4's value.
  22. You've got double-quotes within double-quotes, which doesn't work. You'll need to use PowerShell's version of escaping the quotes, which I believe is to double-up like so: Add-HB-Param "customFields" "{""h_custom_a"":""test""}" but please check this in the PowerShell documentation because I'm no expert on that.
  23. Hi @David Hall That's really helpful thank you. I'll carry on with what I have at the moment and change it when the 'updated' options become available. thanks
  24. @Paul Alexander I've reviewed the code and currently months are as you say just being determined as a 4 week period, this is likely just a legacy choice due to ambiguity over what is defined as a month e.g. 28 Days in Feb/31 Days in March etc. I'll make an enhancement to this flowcode so that when you are defining months and we are not working against a working time calendar, we will treat "a month" as the same day in the following month etc.. so in your example 26th Feb will become 26th August, however there will of course be some exceptions e.g. adding 1 month to Jan 30th with resu
  25. Thanks @Victor Can I ask that a function be added to the iBridge which will give us the date for 6 calendar months in the future then please?
  26. @Victor the script developer has asked why HB seems to be asking for a 'system.boolean' value when we're trying to use the customFields parameter (Add-HB-Param "customFields" "{"h_custom_a":"test"}") when the template doesn't ask for ANY boolean values?
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