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  2. Hi James There wasn't any checklists assigned to any tasks...… so I added a checklist to the problem task and that has fixed it, bit of a workaround so must be a bug that could be looked into. Happy that it is working now though. Thanks
  3. Hi Jeremy, Nothing in the BPM at the moment to do this task automatically. Out of interest, do you need to keep these requests that you create with the Progressive Capture info once the other app is updated (just without the questions) or are you looking to completely remove the requests? Also, is this another Hornbill app or an app external to Hornbill?
  4. Hi Mike, I have seen before where updates to the status via the BPM were incorrectly set up and they were updating the status with just the word Open when it should be status.Open. If someone has access to the Database Direct tool in Administration, it would be interesting to see if the values held in the status field for these 3 requests match those of other requests.
  5. In the BPM this is where this is configured. You would start by defining a checklist under the Manage Checklist button. The option Do not allow completion unless checklist is 100% complete will then become available and can be selected.
  6. Hi Stephen, This I believe refers to the checklists on a task. If there is a checklist on a task, it can be set so that all the checklist items need to be checked off before it can be completed.
  7. Hi Could someone tell me why this message is coming up please The specified task 'TSK20191022000006' is configured to not allow completion, if progress is not 100% All fields have been completed in the task.
  8. Hi Michael, I'm not having any issues myself. Can you just confirm that there are no updates for Hornbill available on your device?
  9. Hi Michael, Thanks for your post. I'll see what I can find out from the mobile development team. Regards, James
  10. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Collaboration (1109) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: Change redirect my-profile pages from service portal to new portal if guest.anonymous.portal.redirectServicePortalToEmployeePortal is setFix Conversations List - Unable to load on the list in the right panel (Internet Explorer 11 only)
  11. Hi Adrian, Yes, that is correct. Well, not a known issue with IE but just that IE doesn't offer support for this. When Microsoft provides the ability for us to do this we can have it added.
  12. Hi David, I'm assuming that you are referring to the Extra Details section on the Service form. Could you do me a favour and provide me a list of the fields that you would like to add? Rather than creating more custom fields, if you have fields that are fairly generic and can be used by others, it might be worth getting these put in as standard fields. I'll also look at the different types of users that you have mentioned.
  13. Hi Paul, I wanted to try and recreate your issue, but when viewing a BPM instance I have no options to add or replace nodes. Only view and update the properties of each existing node. Not sure how you managed to add that decision node.
  14. @Dan Munns, We found the problem and it was a simple fix. The fix will be soon available in a new build. Daniel.
  15. Hi Paul, In theory, you shouldn't be able add a new node to an existing BPM Instance. You should only be able to change the options with the existing nodes. I'm guessing you used the Replace Node option? If that is the case, have you tried putting it back to the original node type?
  16. Hi @Josh Bridgens, the Sub statuses are changed manually, for example On-hold - Awaiting Response from Customer - this Sub-status requires a date and time to come off hold. When a customer updates the call or sends and email into the ticket, it should automatically set the call to Open - Customer Update. This happens 99% of the time, except for when it doesn't. The only time the BPM touches the substatuses is when a call is resolved or closed, and the call was not resolved yet in these cases. Thanks, Samuel
  17. Hi Alisha, I'm not sure if this will help with your reporting but if you are using the Connections feature for associating impacted customers you may be able to get what you need from this report It can help identify the requests with the most connections
  18. I've just tried to look at a 'failed' BPM and attempted to change something to see if I could get it working and it's gone a little....er...awry!! Here's how the BPM looked originally (in it's failed state....which is fine, the BPM error says that it can't find an owner and that's because I've forgotten to add a 'get request details' node) So, I made a change (in this instance I just thought I'd put a decision in to bypass the 'Value Added' activity, just to get me out of this particular mess...as I know the team didn't want to bother with this particular activity. But, when I went to save the stage, I was told that there were items which weren't set up correctly, so I refreshed the page and this is what I'm left with.....which is a complete mess, and has completely different stage checkpoints and parallel processes in a completely different order! I now can't get back to the original BPM to save it. I thought maybe this was a one-off glitch, so I tried it on another failed BPM (of the same type:INCIDENT - V-FORMS-Default Incident (Version 2)) and exactly the same thing happened. I've done this quite a few times before and I haven't had any problems with updating failed BPM's, so any idea what's happening please?!
  19. @Dan Munns, The 2nd error (when trying to add a participant) this is because the conversation is a 1 to 1. In that case it will not allow adding a participant. The user will have to create a new conversation and select it as a Group Conversation. I'll look at the 1st error. Daniel.
  20. Hi @Daniel Dekel The user has Windows 7 and was accessing the conversations from the panel on the right. Tried on IE. Browser refresh, Ctrl + F5 refresh, logging out and closing all have no effect. Conversations work in IE if access via the Home panel but an error was received when trying to add a user to a conversation she started: Conversations work in Chrome.
  21. Hi David If you are referring to Custom Data fields within a progressive capture on a service there are up to 40 custom fields available - is this what you are referring to? Thanks
  22. Hi @Dan Munns, Where is the user trying to open the conversation from? The right panel or from the main conversation view? Also, can you please let us know what browser and what Operating system does he have? Did the user try to refresh the browser? Thanks, Daniel.
  23. @Lauren @Alisha our developers don't believe that there has been any change to the functionality in this area. It would be worth logging a request with Support for further investigation.
  24. Hi all, I have at least one user who gets this error when trying to open conversations. They have been using it fine up to today. Thanks Dan
  25. Can anyone tell me what application rights someone needs to be able to change the assignment rights of members of a team please? Still got the same problem (as detailed above) with one team manager....
  26. Hi Joyce, sorry for the long delay! I have just had a look for you and this is the same for us, some have the time (in seconds) and some don't. Hope this helps!
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