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  2. I just got notice that SDI are opening their award submission for their conference in 2019. We've helped lots of customers submit for these awards and had quite a few winners over the years. People often don't submit because they think "we're not doing anything special." Having submitted and presented on behalf of customers and ourselves, and from sitting on the other side as a judge, I can say that you don't need to be setting the world on fire to enter. Details of the SDI awards can be found here - https://www.servicedeskinstitute.com/events-networking/2018-2/the-it-service-support-awards-2019/ I can think of several customers that would be more than worthy of an award. Whether you win, or not, I guarantee that it will do wonders for the morale and profile of your team within your organisation. If you'd like to consider entering, please let us know. Of course you can do it all yourselves, but I'm sure that we can provide you with some useful guidance and assist you with your entry if you need any help.
  3. Patrick Bolger

    Need advice - SDI or itSMF

    @Keith I've worked extensively with these organisations and both have their merits. itSMF have more of a focus on the process side of things, with some great special interest groups covering Service Transition, Service Level Management etc. SDI has more of a people focus and although they cover ITSM process topics, they're more about enabling people and exposing them to broader service management skills. I hope that helps, and if you want to chat about it further, let me know.
  4. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Document Manager (298) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: Change Add a media embed for libraries when pasting the library list into an activtystream etcDocument Link search now uses title/description keyword search instead of autocomplete to help in locating documentsAllow editing of update posts
  5. Logan Graham

    Reassign Ticket If on-hold

    Thanks Steve.
  6. Paul Alexander

    Struggling to add AD group members to Organisations in Hornbill

    Hi @samwoo Thanks for your ideas.....I've now tried changing to the OU rather than the CN and tried again, and got the same error. I also tried changing the objectClass bit too, and got the same error. I did then try changing the objectClass to 'group' and have had two group names added as members in hornbill (the two nested groups in AD). So it's definitely looking in the right place, just not picking up the right objects! thanks
  7. Hi @Paul Davis , apologies for the delayed response. I was sure I had replied but clearly not I appreciate you and the team reviewing your processes and trying to affect change for the better of your customer base. I just want to make it clear that in my request for visibility I was not pushing for a resolution timeframe or prioritization within your development queue. My concern was that incidents raised which relate to a product defect were being marked as resolved when if fact no "real" resolution to my issue had been provided. At this point of resolution, I lost visibility of the issue and ability to correspond with Hornbill on the topic. Hopefully, the changes being implemented (are they in place yet) will have a positive effect and provide more incite and status as to the current state of my issues. Regards Keith
  8. Hi @Paul Alexander, In the DSN field, take out the CN bit and try again. Basically when you specify the CN this is the lowest point of the hierarchy which usually points to a User or Asset record. The lowest level of the DSN should be an OU, so you are in a sense searching for everything in this OU and any Sub-OU's (according to your scope). This is an example from one of my LDAP_Import configs: OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU=####,DC=########,DC=gov,DC=uk Another bit of advice that I found was in the filter, use the following: (&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person)) This will guarantee only "person" users are being pulled in. But you may have a reason as to why you might not use the above filter. Hope this helps in some way, Samuel
  9. Victor

    Archived Team still showing

    @Kelvin ok, I'll have a look... this is really odd, it should not be doing this ..
  10. Hrmmm Yeah documentation... ill add the example I used for testing but its pretty noddy a new tab in the import configuration called Pre Import actions and you can create actions for replacing and regex matching. I will update the wiki page on Monday when the Admin Release goes out.
  11. Kelvin

    Archived Team still showing

    @Victor There are no analysts in the list but you can still assign to the team.
  12. Hello I'm using the LDAP Import tool and trying to add members of an AD group in to a Hornbill 'General' Organisation. I've called this Organisation 'CRM Subscribers' and I'm trying to add all the users in the AD group (shown) below into this Organisation. But, when I run it I get a message saying 'Error LDAP Search - No Users Found' There are definitely users in this group in AD, so does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong please?
  13. Victor

    Archived Team still showing

    @Kelvin hmm... that's odd... so, when this team appears in the drop down list during assignment, if you select it and then you select the analyst field, do you get an analysts list you could choose from?
  14. thank @TrevorKillick - will you have the documentation handy by then or should it be relatively simple to pick up? (it sounds like it should be)
  15. Kelvin

    Archived Team still showing

    @Victor So far I have removed the organisation from everyones users profile and then disabling "Allow Task Assignment" If I look at the Service Desk page for this team the tick and cross are greyed out
  16. Victor

    Archived Team still showing

    @Kelvin may I ask how you have "stopped using" it? From the screenshot you posted it looks like you suggest that you tried to do this by disabling "Allow Task Assignment"? If my assumption is correct then there is a misunderstanding here... disabling "Allow Task Assignment" does not mean the team will not be available in the assignment drop down list... You can do this however from the Service Desk configuration (edit the team): You can disable assignment for all members in the team one by one or using the "Disable All" button.
  17. Dan Munns

    Bullet points not showing in labels

    @Mohamed, yes sorry, in PC. In the description: On the form: This is in the top description field for labels. If I add the text to the bottom description field the * are shown rather than the markup.
  18. Hi @Keith Stevenson any update on you providing a suitable solution to this?
  19. mojahidm

    Using the Hornbill App for external customers

    Thank you for the info @Martyn Houghton Mojahid
  20. Mohamed

    Bullet points not showing in labels

    @Dan Munns Just to confirm, is this in the Progressive Capture using custom forms or is it elsewhere? Additionally if you have an screenshots or anything, that would be helpful, thanks :) Regards Mohamed
  21. Hi all, I have noticed that bullet points do not show in label description fields. It does indent if you use multiple *'s as if the bullet points are there, but the bullet points themselves are not rendered. If this is a browser issue, I am using Chrome Version 66.0.3359.170 (Official Build) (32-bit) Thanks
  22. @samwoo The functionality is in Version 3.1.0 of the LDAP User Import tool, but to configure the import with the Pre Import Actions a new build of the Admin tool needs to go out with some new UI. This should hopefully go out on Monday. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  23. AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT

    Create a new Role for creating Bulletins

    @Chaz perfect, thanks very much Andy
  24. Dan Munns

    More Custom Fields

  25. Victor

    Stack Authorisation Tasks

    @AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT just to make sure I haven't set a wrong expectation here, my idea of a "new list of authorisers node" was just an idea to explain how this could work but is up to James and dev team to implement the functionality as a whole which might be something else that the "new list" node but to achieve the same result
  26. AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT

    Stack Authorisation Tasks

    Hi @James Ainsworth is there any update on this change please? As @Victor mentioned in an earlier post, if a new node for "Wait for NEW List of Request Authorisers", similar to "Wait for New Request Owner" node existed, it would probably fix the issue. Thanks Andy Hodkinson
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