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  2. Thanks @samwoo for the suggestion, sounds like something we can take a look at. I have created a story and added those interested. As this moves forward we will post back here.
  3. Turn on Automatic Backups notification keeps coming up

    Hi @HGrigsby, The notification will apear each time you get in to a new machine, this is because the information (backup) is stored against the machine. That's why for security it asks you. Once it asked you once, it will not ask you again on that machine (unless you clear all your browsing cache). A new option in coming soon that completely disables the features for all your machines if it keeps on bothering you. Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    HI @lee mcdermott in my example i am simply checking the priority of the request to see if it is Major in my example i check this on logging, to see if a Major Incident Comms plan needs invoking, and at the end of the workflow to see what i need to do to close it down. You could of course look at any other value to determine if it is a major incident, such as a request custom field as a tick box. On the demo instance, if you want to take a look their is an example major incident process which takes care of: * Adding operational management * Adding in senior management * Invoking the relevant Service Level Targets * Notifying all interested parties (email and workspaces) as the major incident proceeds and is updated * Use of hot topics Boards * Closure of all linked requests * removal from boards Access the sandbox at admin.hornbill.com/demo user: grahamc password: H0rnbill In the process designer take a look at the Desktop Support example Hope it helps Steve
  5. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @DeadMeatGF thats great thanks
  6. You need an Automated Task node in the BP set to 'Automated Task -> Hornbill Service Manager -> Entity -> Requests -> Get Request Information -> Progressive Capture Answers' Then in the Decision node you can set the branch to test your answer using the variable picker, expanding Custom PCF and selecting the required answer.
  7. Hi Daniel Sorry for the delay in coming back to you. They don't seem to have any special configuration of the browser. We use IE 11 across the estate. For me - on my laptop it is fine, it never reappeared after the first time but every time I log onto another PC it comes back again. Just that notification, none of the rest of them. Helen
  8. How can I automate two outcomes in a Business Process based on the answer to a question in a Progressive Capture? I thought it may be 1. Making the capture complete a custom field with the variable answer 2. Have the BPM make a decision about what was based in that field. This did not work, so if this is a solution I've implemented it incorrectly. Thanks in advance.
  9. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    A bit like this:
  10. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman @DeadMeatGF finally cracked it, on the task to add outcome to custom field I had it to put the outcome to the field, I must have without realising changed it to add completion details to custom field instead of outcome....dohh. I checked everything so many times but just missed this one. Thanks for the help though. just out of interest how do you add the custom field to show on the timeline...will be useful for testing if I run into this sort of issue again. lee
  11. Thanks Guys Very quick resolution is appreciated.
  12. Show handle rather than user id

    Hi @James Ainsworth is there any update on this please?
  13. Ermm... you don't have to but why won't you? You don't like us...
  14. Change workflow version for an existing request

    @Victor - thank you - I noticed the errors had gone on this and I was able to progress it - is this a change we can make ourselves to any other tickets that require it? or do we need to come to you guys? as I think we'l have a few more of these to come, thanks Gary
  15. Text box bug

    @anitguy much progress I have to say, part of it was fixed, it just needs some minor touches (from my understanding) so it won't be long now...
  16. Project Portfolio View

    Thanks, @alextumber
  17. Allow other users to update tasks

    Thanks @Paul Alexander and @alextumber It's definitely slowing us down at the moment, because people are having to assign themselves the task so that they can update it, before then re-assigning it back to the original person Thanks
  18. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    @Steven Boardman thanks steve. I will give this a try. On a slightly separate note I was going to start looking at how we deal with and process major incidents. i noticed your example is checking if it is a major incident. How or what is this actually checking is it just a certain priority level or is there something in Hornbill where you can actually specify the call as being a major incident?
  19. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman @DeadMeatGF thanks for that I will give it a try. I have checked that the case matches and the get request details is correct. Will see what the no match throws up. I've added the no match to the decision node and added the following automated task - is this correct or do you need additional nodes to add the contents of the custom field to the timeline? lee
  20. Allow other users to update tasks

    @Paul Alexander I'll ask our team to investigate as that sounds like a bug to me. Hopefully the full functionality will be available in Project Manager soon. Alex
  21. Allow other users to update tasks

    Thanks @alextumber Does that mean that there's no point me looking around trying to find a fix? We do know that people with the 'Admin Role' can do this, so I've been digging around trying find a tick box to tick to give others the same ability without giving them the 'full' admin rights... thanks
  22. Allow other users to update tasks

    @Paul Alexander thanks for your post. This is an area that we are actively working on at the moment. The basic concept is that any project stakeholder should be able to update a project task for that project, even if it is not assigned to them. Alex
  23. Project Portfolio View

    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. I'll feed this back to our development and product teams. Alex
  24. Allow other users to update tasks

    Hello In project Manager I'd like to be able to give some users the rights to update a task even if that task is not assigned to them. At the moment, they have to reassign the task to themselves, then make and change the update, then reassign it back to the original owner. Does anyone know which permission or rights need to be added to the users role for this to be possible please? thanks
  25. Text box bug

    @Victor Monthly checkup, how are we doing with this?
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