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  2. Hi @David Hall Apologies for the various chasers Just to let you know, Some more examples from April of Service Manager incorrectly recording a call as breaching the resolve timer when it clearly hasn’t.
  3. Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill iBridge Content Pack (210) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Cloud Automations for Esendex. Send one or more SMS messages via the Esendex gateway. See the Hornbill Wiki for more information.
  4. And, is the template (CustomerTimelineUpdateNotification) still available in your email templates?
  5. Not sure if this will have an effect or not, but does the SERVICE that the request is logged under have a default mailbox set?
  6. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for coming back to me. I really wish you could convert or copy a page from one group of user to another and from one service to another. Our pages are quite similar for the various services and it would be easier if you could copy it and then tweak it to fit. On the plus side, I have got a lot quicker at creating them! I still have the same issue with the basic user view but I have created an All User view to use instead. Thanks Helen
  7. The customer is Dermot O'Donnell, not me, I know that much Victor
  8. Who is the customer on that test request? If yourself (your user) then there will be no notification (we don't do notifications to self).
  9. @Victor thank you for your prompt response, firstly I have the necessary roles, see below, no mail in sent items either...
  10. Who is the customer on that test request? If yourself (your user) then there will be no notification (we don't do notifications to self). If customer on the request is a different user, can you have a look in the mailbox in "Sent Items" and see if the email is there but failed to be delivered? If none of these can you confirm your user has the relevant roles that give access to the mailbox that sends out the notification?
  11. Mike, Can you Direct Message me with a Date\Time and Recipient that you sent to that failed to send over TLS and we can check the recipients server . Kind Regards
  12. Hello All, I have reported this issue to Hornbill several times in the past two months, however still no fix issued or applied. When an analyst updates a ticket, our settings is that the customer receives an email stating the ticket has been updated however no such email is sent, therefore customer does not know of the update.. All of our settings are correct and checked 10 times over, perhaps someone can help? See attachment below: Thank you @dan @Victor
  13. Hi @HHH Yes, this is the logic to paste into the node e.g. "Update Timeline" {"<name>","urn:sys:user:<userID>"} So to have myself mentioned it would be: {"Bob Dickinson","urn:sys:user:bobd"} You could also inject variables into this providing the rest of the formatting is in place Kind Regards Bob
  14. Is it possible to add an @someone to the timeline through a BPM node?
  15. Hi Paul, Answer to first question is no. I dont even think there is a flag against report table to even indicate a schedule was setup for it. Unfortunately the coupling between "things" (entities) and scheduled jobs is very losely set in the job metadata i believe...i will have a discussion with server team to see what can be done. I think the immediate quick win is to at least have a flag in report table to indicate a report has a schedule defined in it. Could then filter report table to at least show just those with some scheduling info set. 2nd one just sounds like a defect. I wil
  16. Very true, and yes, not very practical... However, the main (only) reason for my comment is that the subquery can be (become) even worse in some scenarios... Now, there might be that the subquery is the most practical way to do this but it can (not a certainty but a possibility) cause performance issues especially on measures. So this is what I was trying to find out if we can not use it...
  17. @Victor seems very cumbersome as you would have to adjust ALL reports, ALL metrics and ALL filters in order to introduce a new service for example. Is there no easier way to do this? Obviously capturing service domain into the main requests table automatically would be more ideal? How do other companies achieve this to separate IT from HR for example? Mike.
  18. @Michael Sharp well.. might not be possible (haven't checked) but even so I would still advocate for no use of subqueries even if there is a way to filter by service domain... so perhaps the filter should have the query like: h_fk_serviceid IN (1, 5, 24, 85, 16) Just an example, the IDs will be the relevant ones from your instance...
  19. @Victor ideally I would filter by service domain but I was told by prof services that this was not possible?
  20. @James Ainsworth I had not thought of using a custom field for a flag, that is a great idea that I think we will introduce....now to find a free custom field
  21. @Michael Sharp is that a list of services where the custom field has the "IT" value? Would it be possible to actually put the id values in the list rather than using the subquery to retrieve that list?
  22. Hi We have a field (Case refs) that is used to capture some reference numbers that we update External Ref with. We realised there is a character limit on the ext ref field so a regex have to limit it. It works fine it stops you from entering more than 60 chars in the progressive capture. If we update the field in the details section once logged, as soon as we hit the character limit instead of warning or stopping the page just freezes and eventually times out. Can anyone help with this? Thanks Helen
  23. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your post. I personally use the Bookmarks feature for exactly this purpose. If I read a request but I need to come back to it for one reason or another, I just bookmark it or if there is a bigger piece of work needed, I create a task. I think that manually changing the read by owner to an unread by owner could give the wrong impression to the other users, making them think that the owner hasn't seen their last update, when they have. You could even go as far as adding your own custom field for a Review Flag, and then a user could create a View to show al
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