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  2. There are a few points made here which may be of interest.
  3. You don't need to demote to a basic user. Probably best practice to keep them as a full user, but archived. That way you can easily reinstate their account for any reason. Workflows won't be lost when a user is archived. Nothing is removed when you archive a user. An admin will still have access to all the workflows created by them. And if for some reason you do run into an issue, as mentioned above, you can just reinstate the user.
  4. Under the User Options tab for the import setting it to create only and not update is the only way round this that I can see, as the User Type field will only accept a value of 'basic' or 'user'.
  5. Although sending that initial email is a good measure of a first response, using the timeline update or conversations may not be the best method as they could easily be internal only updates and not an actual response to the customer.
  6. @Jeremy i'll see if the team can take a look at this, as the logic should allow for portal updates
  7. @David Longley just to add a couple of bits to Jeremy's response. Mapping the proposed start and end dates won't populate this change on the calendar, as they are the proposed not actual dates. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms You can still use the dates captured in progressive capture, but use the bpm operation to inject the start and end dates for the change using the variable picker - there is another post on this exact same thing here: This might also be worth reviewing: Jeremy covered off where the remove from change calendar options are.
  8. Hey @Adrian Simpkins Thanks for getting back to me and clarifying those steps, they've been really helpful. Much appreciated! I've raised this issue with the with the development team Regards Mohamed
  9. so the start and end times will need to be pointed to either your form where you ask the times or to the scheduled times of the change are done manually. take a look at this, scroll down to Change Requests and the update request section https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow
  10. Thanks @Jeremy, i have added this node: logged a change, but nothing is showing on the change calendar.
  11. just leave it as auto @Dave Longley then it will apply to any change that has been raised and goes down that path
  12. Hi Mohamed, they have all asset options set to No so all visible. The forms also include guidance to select All Assets if there is no shown associated Asset. Just noticed it is now not capturing the asset and letting you bypass it if there is no associated asset, which it did not do previously - it forced the asset capture if no known associated asset shown, or if the shown asset not correct they could search for another. Thanks
  13. Hello, What node do i need to use to successfully add a change to the change calendar and then for the change to get removed when completed? Thanks
  14. Hi @Gareth Watkins Unfortunately, there's no way to do that. You would have to re-log the request or if you have the request still open (or know the request id), you can raise a linked request from there perhaps Hope that helps Regards Mohamed
  15. I presume you mean this: but that sets the default template for an Email Update when undertaken by the Agent. It is not the same as the auto response sent by the system to a Customer confirming to them that their incoming mail has successfully updated the Request. Or do you mean somewhere else?
  16. Hi @Adrian Simpkins So that sounds like a different issue since the previous one was regarding a custom form, returning the assets via data query, whereas the Assets form has wider functionality To understand the issue better, the assets form do you also have visibility of other tabs outside of the "Customers Assets" tab, such as "All Assets" or "Shared Assets" for example, have you configured them to be visible? Hope that made sense Regards
  17. In the service admin, you need to specify email template. Look for Email Template in the service config. It can be specified separately for incidents and service requests
  18. Can calls, cancelled in error, be set back to open status? I have accidentally cancelled a call and was hoping there may be a way to amend its status, kicking the workflow back in.
  19. this is what happened on the portal @Steven Boardman When I added an update myself it then moved to the next step but the one via the portal doesn't seem to have triggered it.
  20. @Jeremy a connection, customer or agent update should trigger the unsuspending. Is the connection on the request using the '''Update''' option, i.e adding a new post, or are they commenting on an existing post? The Suspend wait update, is only looking for new posts (using the update) option, not comments on an existing post (update) Is your connection possibly adding a comment?
  21. +1 But also I would want the enhancement to resolving linked requests to include on-hold requests (so need something to take them off-hold). Currently they are not resolved via the "Resolving this and linked requests" Nasim
  22. We have these settings: and these Templates in place: So why is it that customers who send an email update to Incidents and Service Requests only ever get the Incident template in response? I can't see what I am missing.
  23. I have a Suspend node waiting for the connection to add an update via the portal, but although they are adding an update it isn't moving to the next node once the update is applied. I am having a brain blank and can't work out why....it will be something simple I know! Node setup
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