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  1. Is there a way of showing if a change is a Normal, Emergency or Standard change in the request list view, we cannot seem to find a way of displaying this information? How do others work with changes in the request list? Kind regards Jeremy
  2. The Request List displayed within the Service Portfolio > Service screen only displays request of Incident, Service and Change Requests types. It is not showing Problem, Known Error nor Releases, so appears to be hard coded to the original three Request Types. I have checked I have access to the Full Access role for the request types and request existing under the service (which I can see in the normal Request List). Can this be looked as please. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can we request the ability have a textual filter added to the Request List widget, much like the one that is present on the user app Request List view? This will make it much easier to locate requests when the user has a large number of requests. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi, Within Supportworks, we have "Last Action Text" column (OpenCall -> Last_Text) where we can quickly see the latest update for each calls within Service Desk feature, and we rely on this very heavily in reportings. Service Manager does not have this within Request List, is it possible in there being an ability to display the first 255 characters of the last request timeline update in the request list? We can also then make use of this in reportings. Thanks in advance.
  5. It appears that when I go into this to change it to disabled or anything else, the system doesn't save the change and just defaults to 1 minute. This fine apart from when doing work in views or dashboards as when these auto update after a minute, this then unselects the request you are selecting or with the dashboard this is particularly annoying as it loads then instantly refreshes the data meaning you never get to see your dashboard. Can this be looked into for me please?
  6. Hello I have received a request to change the list of available columns in the request list to include the text from the latest update in the timeline (just like with Summary) I think confusion had arisen from Last Updated and Last Updated Date effectively showing the same thing albeit differently, the users expected to see the Last Update Text. I understand that the number of characters may exceed the maximum allowed to populate this field so perhaps it could show the first x number of characters. This would help agents to see the current status of all calls from one view rather than clicking into each one in turn. I hope this makes sense. Many thanks!
  7. As an agent it would be great to have the option to enable tasks to be visible in my request list could I ask if this could be looked at as a possible enhancement??
  8. Is there a way to show your activities and request that are assigned to you or your team? We don't think that there is a way to do this but wondered if there was anything in the change backlog to accommodate this? We have analysts that want to be able to see both of these things in one view.
  9. Hi Despite being able to show Department on the request list, it is missing from the advanced filter. Kind regards, Carl
  10. For analyst to be able to see and create views on the feedback star rating of calls, it would be really useful to have the 'Feedback Start Rating' field as a standard column which is visible on the Request List and can be used in views/charts. Cheers Martyn
  11. Related to my earlier post (link below) - I am trying to setup some charts for our individual analyst to view their own feedback rating however there is not the option in the criteria drop down for rating 'Not Set' i.e. Null. Can we request the option for 'Not Set' is added to the criteria options. Cheers Martyn
  12. We have updated to the most recent version of Service Manager and in the request list noticed this: Is anyone else suffering from this?
  13. Hi, We've got several custom views that we need to remove/update that were created by someone who no longer works in the organisation. How do we go about doing this? As I understand the only way to do this is to get the owner (creator) to... Thanks Lauren
  14. Thought latest Service Manager builds have include fixes to the Request List Service Level Target (SLT) indicators, there are still requests which are displaying incorrectly. For example we have a case logged, response timer marked and put on hold within 7 minutes of it being logged, significantly within both the Response and Resolution service level targets, however this is showing as Red on the request list SLT column. SLT calculation does not appear to be taking into account if the request is on hold and was put on hold prior to the current calculated fix by target which was set when request was calculated and obliviously will not updated until the request comes off hold. Can this be looked at please. Cheers Martyn
  15. We have a ever growing list of views setup in our request list, both individual and shared. Consequently this is becoming harder and more time consuming trying to scroll down to locate a specific view. Can a Filter field be added to the View drop down covering both your own and shared views, akin to the one on Team drop down, so it easier to get to the view you want more easily. Cheers Martyn
  16. At the moment you can only have one Request List 'Personal Dashboard' which you access via clicking on the icon to "Switch to My Dashboards", which then displays all views with a configured chart. When you have only a small number of charts configured this is not too bad, but once you have a growing number this can be quite cumbersome, slow to load and put unnecessary load on the instance. Can the system be enhanced to allow the creating multiple 'Personal Dashboards' and when setting up charts you tick which 'Personal Dashboards' the said chart will then display on, i.e. none, one or multiple. Then when you click on the button as is you see all as you do now, but if you click on the drop down you can select the 'Personal Dashboard' you want to view. This will mean the output is better formatted with only the charts you need for the actions you are currently taking, as well as reducing the unnecessary database load of querying every chart data source, therefore providing a faster response to the end user as well. Cheers Martyn
  17. Can the Request List View Charts be extended to include a score card output as well, i.e listing the number of current cases against a label which can then be clicked on to access the associate requests? This comes from us trying to migrate one of our service desk from "Sales Force Desk", where on the left hand side of the request list has a configured list of views with real-time counters on them, allowing them to see at a glance the current call volumes and drill down into the different categories. Example screenshot below. Cheers Martyn
  18. Could the buttons representing the different request types on the Request list be toggle buttons? It would be cool if it was possible to toggle two or more of the request types. Like if I wanted to see both Problem and Known Error. (Without adding views.) This is a "nice to have"-feature.
  19. Hi, It is likely that this has been raised previously, however I was unable to locate any posts: Currently, within the request list you are either able to view all request types (by selecting "All") or one request type (by selecting the relevant icon) - you cannot select two different types of request without creating a custom view. Is there a change planned at all to enable analysts to select multiple request types? Thanks Lauren
  20. Hi When viewing any of the out-of-the-box request list views (e.g. My Requests, I'm Following etc) the following toolbar is displayed, that lists how many of the requests in that view are open, on-hold, resolved: When creating a custom view, the above toolbar disappears and it just displays a request total: At first, I thought this could be because all 215 requests in that view have the same status. However, I can see that there are requests that are on-hold, resolved and closed in this particular view. I've tested another view and have found the same thing. Could the status toolbar be enabled on all views, whether they're custom or out-of-the-box please? Thanks Lauren
  21. We've started to utilise the "Company" field for our sites - to add some context, we have sites across both Kent and Essex and have added the two counties as our companies. We've then associated each site to a company based on its location. We have support teams across Kent and Essex who currently have their request lists set to show any requests where the customer's company is either Kent or Essex. However, some of our staff based in Essex work in Kent and vice versa. This therefore means that the support teams' requests lists aren't always accurate. As every request has a site associated, could I request that the "Site Company" is added to the filters for request list views please? Thanks Lauren
  22. Hi Is there a way to add an additional field to the request list that'll show linked entities? We currently have some incidents that are associated to problems and some that aren't - having a field that shows linked entities means we can sort our request lists more effectively. Thanks Lauren
  23. Since we've updated to Build 1439 (released today), our shared views are no longer listed under the "Views" drop down in the request list. Is this a known fault at all? How do we go about getting these back? Thanks Lauren
  24. i have recently implemented the priority colour coding which has gone down well. A number of the team have asked would it be possible to colour code the request lists so that calls resolved and closed have a light green appearance similar to the yellow when a call has been updated.
  25. When in a view is it possible to get these icons to show? (like in the normal request list view)
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