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  1. Can we raise an enhancement request to have a Suspend Node under Known Error to await Publish. This is so the workflow can suspend waiting the Known Error Request being set to Published. Cheers Martyn
  2. Can we raise an enhancement request to the Suspend nodes, to control whether a Working Time Calendar (WTC) is applied when using the 'Expiry Period' parameter as in the 'On-Hold- node and similar to our separate post on the related on the WTC option already present in the On Hold node, the WTC to be the actual WTC associated with the Service Level Agreement in force on the request not just the default one. Cheers Martyn
  3. Bit of a question around this one, There is a option to suspend and wait for priority, however is there a option to suspend and wait for a priority change? For example, we have assigned a priority automatically however we have now suspended the ticket and are awaiting a analyst to review the priority, I cant suspend and wait for priority again as it just skips the block becasue its already got one. I cant use Suspend and wait for update in case something else happens on the ticket in the mean time. Also if there is a way to do this, what happens if the analyst assesses the ticket and decides its already on the correct priority. It wont move on as nothing has been changed? Many thanks, Hayley.
  4. Currently the 'Wait for Status Change' node only completes when the primary 'Status' changes i.e. from 'OnHold' to 'Open'. It does not trigger is the SubStatus is changed within the same parent 'Status', i.e. changes from 'Open->Pending with AM' to 'Open->Pending with Analyst'. Can the node be extended to have the option to trigger on a change to the SubStatus or can a new Suspend Node be for this. i.e. 'Wait for SubStatus Change'? Cheers Martyn
  5. Currently only the Suspend > Await Expiry, has the capability to set 'Expire Date/Time' value, all the other Suspend nodes only have the normal duration based 'Expire Period'. We want to allow the analyst to set a follow date/time in a previous Human Task using a date/time control field and then suspend the BPM whilst awaiting for the Email response, but expire the suspend at the date/time set. The SLA needs to be running during this time, so not able to use the On Hold approach and just using the Await Expiry does not allow for BPM to resume due to separate update. Cheers Martyn Await Expiry node Example other Suspend Node.
  6. We have noticed that our established workflows which have a Suspend > Wat for Customer Feedback after the request has been closed is no longer suspending at all and the workflow proceeds immediately. Does anyone else use this Suspend node and is it working for you? Cheers Martyn
  7. Are there any thoughts about having Wait for Attachment in a suspend node there is the option to change the focus but not to wait? Also, we would like a BPM task to indicate if there is an attachment in the request and to pull the description/filename into the task, but can't currently find a way of doing this.
  8. I have a number BPM with a number of human Tasks which should run in parallel. I want to suspend the end of parallel processing until all the human Tasks have an outcome of either completed or skipped. I've tried an automation node but I don't have the option to wait for a task outcome. I also tried a decision but can't figure out where to send the 'no match' option if the condition is not met. Thanks
  9. We have a process that sometimes fails and I know how to restart it as it gets stuck in a parallel process with dates, but when it trys to carry on the process it seems to get stuck here: And there appears to be nothing that you can do, as it won't allow you to restart a suspended process but as far as I can see it is not waiting for anything. How can we progress these requests to the next step?
  10. So we have our change process that I have now seen this for the second time this week... where the BPM stops at a node. This has not happened before: In the change request, the task has been completed but it won't move on. In the instance log it says this: There is only one error in red but I have no idea what this means. If anyone can shed some light that would be great.
  11. I have a process that I would like to wait for a request to be linked to it which I can achieve and I can get the linked child request to update the parent request with some text, however I put a suspend node in the parent request to 'wait for update' and although the linked child request updates the request but the parent does not 'unsuspend' and carry on the process. Any help appreciated. Child Request: Update on Parent Request: Parent Request node which doesn't recognise the update:
  12. Evening all, almost Friday! New Hornbill Service Manager customer here. I'm currently trying to get my BPM workflow to move past a "Wait on Request Update" suspend node by updating it using PowerShell and the API but I'm hitting an issue and was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction. Up to now I've been able to update the requests using Requests::update to make a number of changes but this doesn't appear to progress the flow past the suspend node. I've also attempted updating the description field via the API while using the "Wait for Request Description" task in the flow but this too didn't go anywhere. This is the code I'm using to do the update to the description field in this case. # Build XMLMC API call Add-Param "requestId" "SR00000646" Add-Param "h_description" "Updated AGAIN!" $xmlmcOutput = Invoke-XMLMC "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Requests" "update" -Verbose Is there a different method I should be using to fulfil the update action that the suspend node is waiting on? Many thanks Brendan
  13. I have a Suspend node waiting for the connection to add an update via the portal, but although they are adding an update it isn't moving to the next node once the update is applied. I am having a brain blank and can't work out why....it will be something simple I know! Node setup
  14. Hi, I am currently working on our Problem and Known Error processes in Service Manager. As part of the Problem process, I would like the process to wait for the workaround tab to be populated before it can move on. I think I've located, under "Wait for Request Update" (Action Focus = Workaround), the way to do this however the process is just skipping this node. Is there a specific node I need to put prior to the Wait for Request Update node? I've configured various other processes with "Wait for Request Update" nodes (other action focuses, including resolution etc.) and don't recall ever having issues with those. Thanks Lauren
  15. The 'Wait for Request Off Hold' suspend node does not populate the 'Stage Expired' parameter with any value when using the 'Auto' option for the expiry period. We would expect using the 'Auto' option for the node to expire when the on hold until period expires, which it does, but the parameter is not set to indicate this. Can this parameter be set, so it is possible to use this in the workflow to determine if the hold period has expired or has come off hold following an update. We are using the expiry of the hold period to implement automatic chasing and closing of requests. Cheers Martyn
  16. The current 'Wait for Request Update', is only applicable to the first update made to the request in its lifespan. If the suspend node in is used in the BPM process after a single request update has already been made, it will not suspend. As such, support confirmed this is working as designed, so is only really useful for pausing new requests at the beginning of the workflow. Therefore this is a enhancement request to provide a new suspend option 'Wait for New Request Update', which will suspend the node at any point in the BPM and irrespective of whether there has been previous request updates and await a NEW update being made. As with the other suspend nodes, this should also include the expiry period option. Cheers Martyn
  17. Can the Suspend node such as 'Wait for Request Update' node be updated as include the application of the Working Time Calendar (WTC) to the 'Expire' period? Appreciate at the moment this will be just the default WTC, which may be different to the linked SLA WTC, but this would be a start and allow us to set the expire period taking into account working days at least. Cheers Martyn
  18. Hi all, Our Incident BPM is set to suspend for a number of reasons after logging the call. The user will log the call in the portal and then the BPM will suspend - wait for owner. Once owner is assigned it will suspend - wait for category. Now, when the BPM is suspended it will normally focus on the action it is waiting for, however on wait for category there is no auto focus. The analysts have to go into Details > Edit > Category to set the category which is a little out of the way and during our internal test phase almost all of the logged incidents have been logged without a category. There is also nothing to tell them what the BPM is waiting for so most of them didn't know they had missed anything and the ones who did know didn't know what it was. The BPM will not move on correctly without the category and tasks are not generated with is kind of the point of the BPM in the first place. Can I raise an enhancement request to make the suspend - wait for category auto focus on the required step or (preferably) present the analyst with a list of categories to select from based on the category level of the service? I don't want to add it to the procap as I don't want users picking their own categories as that is always a bad idea. Any other ideas welcomed. Thanks Dan
  19. Can I request the addition of a 'Seconds' column to the 'Expire period', as there as cases when trigger BPM actions we need to suspend for a shorter period of time than 1 minute. This is especially true when under taking integration actions and also action after other suspend nodes where the BPM process has been resumed but simultaneous operations occurring on the request have not been committed to the database which result in the BPM retrieving on incorrect data. For example we have a process which awaits the request coming off hold which is followed immediately by a get request details and decision node. We have had occurrences where the request has been taken off hold by an update on the customer portal and the BPM has resumed but the full update from the portal has not completed/committed so the subsequent decision node does not have the up to date information and branches incorrectly. Cheers Martyn Note: the above scenario was discuseed with @Victor as part of IN00158237
  20. As per of a investigation with Hornbill support (IN00158425) the Suspect - Await Expiry is applying some form of Working Time Calendar even though it does not have the WTC options the other hold/suspend processes do,. We when using the suspend node and the BPM resumes out of hours, the node will suspend not for the duration of the expiry there and then but hold until the WTC starts and then commences the timer to suspend. Cheers Martyn
  21. In our Incident process we have automatic assignemt to a team and then a "Suspend, wait for request owner" node where the analyst in charge of the "Inbox" manually assigns tickets to an analyst depending on product and availability. Is there a way to set a timer on the suspend node so that if a request has not been assigned to an owner for a set period of time, a manager is notified?
  22. Can a new Suspend - Await Feedback option be added to the Suspend Node with Expiry. Our aim is to have a post closure process which triggers after the feedback has been provided, to follow up negative feedback. If it is possible if a variable or input can be used to get the Service Feedback Expiry period set in the service definition. Cheers Martyn
  23. elated to my post regarding 'Suspend and Wait Feedback' (link at the bottom of this post), can all the Suspend Node be updated to allow the insertion of separate variables into the Expire Period values for Years, Month, Days, Hours and Mins. This will provide flexibility to set different Expiry periods without having to hard code in the BPM with multiple decision nodes. Cheers Martyn
  24. In order to try an get a workaround to the issue with the 'Wait for Status Change' node not triggering when the SubStatus is changed (post link at the bottom of this one) I am attempting to use the 'Wait for Request Update' node. My logic was that I could use the 'Wait for Request Update' node to suspend the workflow and then check if the SubStatus had changed. If not return to the suspend node and wait for the next request update. Extract of the workflow and condition statement below. However my BPM do not un-suspend when making a change to sub status, which leads me on to my question of what does trigger the 'Wait for Request Update' suspend node to complete? Cheers Martyn
  25. Afternoon, As part of a process i'm building we suspend a ticket, wait for request email: However once the email has been received into the ticket, the process is not starting up again, it should the move the ticket to open. However that is not happening? Am i assuming the node does something it doesn't or is there a issue? If this isn't the node to use to start the process up again could someone please point me in the right direction? Many thanks Hayley
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