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  1. Hello, Would it be possible to look at the following characters which when added to an email aren't correctly visible in the timeline? Greater than > Less than < Ampersand & Presently, if these characters are included in an email to a user the email shows correctly but the entry in the timeline does not, the characters become &gt; &lt; and &amp; respectively If these characters are added to the timeline as an update they show correctly, it seems there is something specific about email that is a problem. Many thanks
  2. When opening/download a service linked document on the employer portal, the original document name is not being used and internal non human understandable file name is created. When doing the same on the Customer Portal this works as expected with the file downloading/opening with the correct filename. Can the employee portal use the original filename. Also it appears to also affect check out of files in Document Manager as well. Cheers Martyn
  3. When chasing up change control, we create an activity for the user to undertake the change, which then expired after 24 hours before we email then again and create a new activity (thus triggering notifications/email etc). The activities show correctly on the Service Manager requests, but when you go into the main 'Activities' view you see both the current one and all the previous ones which are have expired. Should this not just display the current un-expired activities? Cheers Martyn
  4. When attempting to add a Translation to a Request Sub-status, they are not saved. My also be related to our other post where the Request Type for All is not pulled through. In this case I have to set the Request Type to All on the first tab before the Save button will enable. Cheers Martyn
  5. You no longer seem to be able to create API Keys without specify an expiry date as a mandatory field, where as before this was optional. For ongoing live integrations we would not want to specify an expiry date. Cheers Martyn
  6. When editing existing Request Sub-status which is set and shown as Request Type 'All' on the parent list screen in the admin tool, the Request Type is not carried through to the edit dialog window and requires manual population in order to save other changes. This could lead to the incorrect value being entered and also is unnecessary manual intervention. Can this please be populated with the current value. Cheers Martyn
  7. Good afternoon, I just wanted to report a bug (or design oversight?). When someone is using the Copy Request functionality within a ticket that they are not the "Owner" of, and the ticket is logged, the "Owner" of the original ticket gets a notification that a ticket has been assigned to them (these are the notification we enable/disable in our profile). However, the ticket is logged to the original team, with no "Owner" set... so, it sounds like the Copy Request function seems to check the "Owner" of the original ticket before firing the notification email to them. If I use the Copy Request functionality against a ticket that I am the "Owner" of, then I don't receive a notification email. We tried this three times yesterday, and the original owner got three notification emails from the copied requests, but there was no "Owner" set against these requests. Thanks, Samuel
  8. When editing a BPM in the new admin tool and you have Timesheet Manager sidebar appearing by default, the BPM Editor workspace does not re-size when you close the sidebar. Cheers Martyn
  9. The HUD on the Request View is not resizing properly when using the Timesheet Manager sidebar app. See example below:- Cheers Martyn
  10. The 'Link Asset' - 'Used by' option is not returning all the rows, only showing the first page of 10 matching assets. Can this be looked at please. Cheers Martyn
  11. When using the Email Snippet option, if it opens near the bottom of the window, it does not then scroll up with the rest of the windows, but remain stuck at the bottom. Then scroll the page Cheers Martyn
  12. We have noticed a warning in our Mail Importer Log against all our mail connections configured with the Microsoft365MailConnector Keysafe. On each connection attempt the warning "Unable to load KeySafe types file: http://config.hornbill.co/hornbill/keysafe/key_types.xml. Error: Unexpected content type returned from server: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" is showing but email connection does still seem to be working. Can you please advise? Cheers Martyn
  13. Linked to my earlier post about duration period when entering them manually (links at the bottom of the post), the same issue occurs if you simply insert a duration value of 'P2M', the node works but only puts the request on hold for 2 mins not 2 months. This is expected as the M is used for both minutes and months. However you try to use more detailed duration string the node will error, for example 'P0Y2M0W0DT0H0M', 'P0Y2M0W0DT0H0M0S'. Note - In the example below I have removed the numeric variable from the human task which is setting the number of months to rule that out for the moment. Change the Hold Period to manual and entering the same value in works, so it appears to be something in the format I am using to specify the duration or the translation of the format into what Service Manager expects. @Ehsanam I using the correct format for specifying the duration? Cheers Martyn https://www.digi.com/resources/documentation/digidocs/90001437-13/reference/r_iso_8601_duration_format.htm
  14. There seems to be an issue with Update Request > Place on Hold node. When specifying a value in the 'On Hold Period', in this case 6 in the month field, it actually puts the request on hold for 6 minutes! 1st screenshot is from the BPM and the second is from a request which has passed through the node. Not sure if this is relevant but this is on a Known Error request type. Cheers Martyn
  15. There appears to be an issue with paging through Known Issues on the Customer Portal. I have replicated it on both Chrome and Edge, so appears to be a potential bug. There is no apparrent error in the dev console but the page does not update whatever page you select at the bottom. Cheers Martyn https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/21/known-issues/
  16. When using a Via node prior to or earlier in the flow to a Decision Node the Variable Picker does not show all prior objects in list. Cheers Martyn
  17. The Request List displayed within the Service Portfolio > Service screen only displays request of Incident, Service and Change Requests types. It is not showing Problem, Known Error nor Releases, so appears to be hard coded to the original three Request Types. I have checked I have access to the Full Access role for the request types and request existing under the service (which I can see in the normal Request List). Can this be looked as please. Cheers Martyn
  18. The 'Known Issues' Service Tab with the Employee Portal is not honouring the wiki markup formatting in the Description and Workaround fields. Example below from the same service on the Employee Portal and then the Customer Portal. Employee Portal Customer Portal (note we renamed the Tab on the Customer Portal from 'Known Issues' to 'Announcements') Can this be looked at as soon as possible please? Cheers Martyn
  19. There appears to be a bug in the New Admin Tool > Service Manager > Request Sub-statuses, when you change an existing Sub-status from a request type-specific, i.e. Incident, to All. Though the correct Request Type is shown when viewing the Sub-status after the change, it does not show correctly in the list of Sub-statuses as 'Request Type' is empty for the row in the list and the Sub-statuses was no longer selectable on requests. I have to revert to changing the Request Type via the legacy Admin Tool in order to get the Sub-Status to appear again and correctly change it to 'All'. Cheers Martyn
  20. Using the new Image Library in the Admin Tool, when we use the Change Image option on an existing image it does not change the image and wipes out the existing Description text after selecting the new file. Example screenshots are below. Can the 'Description' be retained and solely the image content updated. Cheers Martyn
  21. When using the 'is in' condition on a conditional branch in Intelligent (Progressive) Capture, the condition appears to always appears to evaluate as true even though the condition is not met. Example Condition used to branch to form with custom Priorities 1 to 5 on. Added Organisation Id is set, in case it was evaluation of nulls, but issue persists. Example using internal contact, so organisation id not set. Example using external contact in organisation id is not 772 or 245. Cheers Martyn
  22. When changing a existing user account form 'Basic' to 'User' and clicking Save, you are still not able to add 'User' based roles to the account until you manually refresh the browser session. Can the Save action refresh the page as well so you can then proceed to add the 'User' based roles or when changing the user type it forces you save the change immediately and refreshes the page. Cheers Martyn
  23. When in the new Admin Tool, if you click on the Bell notification to open up a different page, such as a Request, the admin side bar is not removed and obliterates part of the page. Cheers Martyn
  24. @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman The Service Manager Coming Soon pages appears to have stopped being populated. https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/2/outlook Cheers Martyn
  25. Hi I was working on a PCF via the new view and I got an activity message come up in the top right (not related) I clicked on it and looked at the ticket in the message which of course navigated me to the ticket view. When I went back to my PCF all the changes I had made not saved. I understand I should remember to click save often but I guess before have two separated windows it wasn't an issue. Also if you did come out of a PCF or process it would say save changes, yes no ignore. Could perhaps there be a "changes are not saved" when it navigates you away in the new view please? Thanks
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