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  1. In the ESP build 3511 announcement it advises of a change "Added purging option to delete messages older than a certain age (Default 3 Years and maximum allowed up to 7 Years) in the Sent Items folder". Can we presume this is not on by default, so we have the ability to set the value we require before any data is lost? Also what is the setting(s) name that control this? Cheers Martyn
  2. As a workaround to allow customers to see their historic request on 'retired' services (see enhancement request below) we are looking not mark services as a portfolio status of 'Retired' but update the Service Name so that it would appear at the end of the list of services. We are testing using ASCII higher special characters so that they should appear at the end of the list. This works in the Live User App :- But in the customer portal it at the beginning! What sort order is applied to the Service List in the Customer Portal and is there any other special characters we can use to order after the normal alphabetical service names. Cheers Martyn
  3. We are looking at implementing the use of the Hornbill Data Export utility to warehouse some of our data to a local SQL Server database. As part of this we need to create a permanent API Key, which we would like to restrict using the 'Rules' option for security purposes (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=API_keys). Therefore can you please advise which service:api combinations are required by the current Hornbill Data Export export utility. Cheers Martyn
  4. We seem to be experiencing an issue after lunch today, for those users who had logged out over lunch and then attempting to sign back in with single sign on in Chrome. Those of us who did not logout over lunchtime have continued to work unaffected. If they switch Brower to MS Edge they are able to login fine. Basically after completing the SSO authentication they are just returned to the sign page again where they started, with no errors reported at all. I am able to replicate it when attempting to open a new session in incognito window in Chrome, whilst still having my original connection from this morning open on my main Chrome session. Not sure if this is specific to us or something related to the recent updates today. Cheers Martyn
  5. @James Ainsworth We are in the process of setting up a number of new services for a customer based in Toronto, so are now looking at the Working Time Calendar which would be 'Atlantic Time' (GMT-4hrs) however this has then lead me to query how the Daylight Saving time are applied to the different Working Time Calendars, as each timezone has different criteria for when the DST is applicable. Can you explain how the DST changes are configured or if they are handled by Hornbill how we can view them? Cheers Martyn
  6. We recently undertook an import of request form an ZenDesk service desk into Hornbill which all loaded correctly in to Hornbill, except for the active requests where the incorrect Service Level Agreements where assigned as the SLM Rules to determine the correct SLA to apply did not evaluate correctly. New request logged correctly since the migration directly in Hornbill do have the correct SLA applied using the rules in place. Our SLA rules use both the Organisation and Organisation Industry to determine which SLA to apply and as per best practice we have a default catch all rule to apply a default SLA. All the imported active requests got the default SLA. It appears the Organisation relationship used by the SLA rules is not being set properly by the import tool, so it is not able to evaluate the Organisation name or Organisation Industry values used in the rules. In terms of the imported requests these where matched at the user level by h_logon_id and also supplied the h_container_id of the organisation, using v1.8.1 of the tool. We have two concerns, One how to do we avoid this for future migrations, so that SLA rules apply properly? We have had previous issues in our instance where requests have subsequently become cross linked to the incorrect organisation due to different interpretations of the organisation and container id relationships, which has involved @Victor have to undertake corrections. Example SLA rule below Cheers Martyn
  7. @Steve G @Victor Can I clarify which value related to the Logging and Closure category is to be entered into the 'CategoryMapping' and 'ResolutionCategoryMapping' sections. In the example json files it mentions ID for the former and Code latter, but neither have an actual example value. }, "CategoryMapping": { "External Category": "Service Manager Category ID" }, "ResolutionCategoryMapping": { "External Resolution Profile Code": "Service Manager Resolution Profile Code" }, At the moment I have tried the code as copied from the admin screen with the - delimiter and also the key value from the same screen but to no avail. Cheers Martyn
  8. @Steve G @Victor Is is possible to disable or bypass the Priority/Team/Category/Service/Catalog/Status Mapping on the Request Import tool? The reason for asking is that we do a loot of our mapping and data cleansing in the an interium database and already have the priority, service, status, catalog id mapped in the source data. However at the moment we have to add the values in the mapping to map the same to the same to get it to load. "StatusMapping": { "External Status": "Service Manager Status", "status.open": "status.open", "status.onHold": "status.onHold", "status.new": "status.new", "status.closed": "status.closed", "status.cancelled": "status.cancelled" } We would like to bypass the mapping and insert the values in from the source query. Cheers Martyn
  9. We are just testing implementing a LogIncident and LogServiceRequest API calls. These are api calls are successful and the results returns the RequestId, summary and an empty warning array. We are including the ServiceId and CatalogId in the requests which is showing correctly when we view the request in the live user application. However a linked BPM process is not being spawned when to make these requests, even though the documentation states it will be when the providing the ServiceId. We have also tried the LogRequestBPM node afterwards but this returns the 'defaultProcessNotSet'. We do not set a default BPM process at the Service Level as we have the system set to enforce the selection of the catalog. I wondering if the api documentation needs to be updated when using the combination of ServiceId and CatalogId? We are not passing a bpmName, as we are expecting the provision of the ServiceId and CatalogId to used to determine this rather than having to hard code this or make an earlier call to get the bpmname from the service details. Cheers Martyn
  10. There are two field with the same name of Service Category on the Service Details page. One under Configuration and the other under Employee Portal. The Get Request Information > Service Details node returns a 'Service Category' field but which one? I am presuming its the one under Configuration but can this be confirmed. Cheers Martyn
  11. We are attempting to do some date matching and need to export all our records from h_sys_contact as we provide external customer support. We are hitting the limit of 20,000 records as we have 28,890 current records which is growing daily. Is there a setting to control the record limit or is this hard coded? Cheers Martyn
  12. @Steve G I am once again importing a new set of organisation and users into Hornbill as we integrate another part of the business. We have started using the region field and to a lesser degree the timezone field in the organisation table. However when I attempt to update the SQL Organisation Import Tool, I am not able to get it to accept region or h_region as a valid target field. Is this accessible in the tool or is this an enhancement request to get the fairly recent field added to the tool? Cheers Martyn
  13. We are currently implementing a in built Widget to our applications to allow the logging of Requests into Hornbill to replace a current ZenDesk solution. This includes the ability to opt in take a screenshot of the current screen. We are trying to find more details or examples of using the 'webdav' session in conjunction with the invoking of the appropriate api items such as addAttachmentToEntit. https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Attachment?op=addAttachmentToEntity Has anyone got any examples for this this or any insight on how achieve this? Cheers Martyn
  14. @Steven Boardman Is it possible to give external users, i.e. external contacts, access to Hornbill Board Manager boards? I am thinking this is not currently possible, but if not is there any intention to do this? Cheers Martyn
  15. @Victor @Steve Giller @Paul Davis Hornbill Support and Service Manager services have disappeared of the Success Portal for us? Cheers Martyn
  16. In the API call LogIncident, there is a string parameter 'questions' but we cannot find any further information on the syntax of this string parameter on how to pass and delimiter individual questions and answers. Has anyone got any more details or examples for populating this parameter? Cheers Martyn
  17. Related to the forum post below, we are have to call the 'getCatalog' API call in order to obtain the catalog specific BPM Name, however this call fails reporting no access allowed, unless I give the integration user admin/super user roles. Can you confirm the minimum permissions needed for the 'getCatalog' API call to be able to return the details successfully? Cheers Martyn
  18. We have a legacy Shared Mailbox which we are about to delete. I want to check that in deleting the mailbox it would also cascade and delete all the stored content of received and sent email in said mailbox.Or is the guidance that this should be deleted first? Cheers Martyn
  19. Is there a way to get populate a custom field/variable with the current system date but set the time element to the end of the day? The reason I am trying to do this is to create an activity for an overdue action (i.e. the original activity has expired) which will be due by the end of the current day, so that it will appear on the Co Workers Employee Portal Activities Widget, as the latter only shows activities ending today. If I use the due date to 1 day, depending on then the activity is created that will most likely be tomorrow as the end date. Therefor my approach of trying to get todays date and then setting the time element to 23:59hrs. Any ideas? Cheers Martyn
  20. @Steve G Can I just double check that when invoking API methods using the APIKey connection parameter, does the session persist? I was thinking the session is closed after each method is invoked, but when looking at the User in the Admin Tool it is showing as Online. If the session does persist, is there a method that is required to be called to terminate the session? The UserLogon/Logoff methods seem to only relate to sessions being made with username/password combinations. Cheers Martyn
  21. Whilst attempting to setup the Microsoft Office 365 Mail Connector - we have identified that it does not support Microsoft 365 Approval Process, where the request is made and then sent for approval. The process appears to require you to log in as a full global admin account and do the process inline as part of the single session. Can the keysafe process be amended to support approval process? Cheers Martyn
  22. I am trying to locate the simple list which provides the drop down list for the License Type field in the Software Information for the Software Asset type. We need to add for few extra options, i.e. Domain Licence. Cheers Martyn
  23. We are looking we replacing an embedded ZenDesk Log Request Widget for one of our divisions we are looking to move over to Hornbill. As part of this we are looking at the API to determine how to collect the necessary information required to call the LogRequest node. In the web application where we are trying to use the application we will have the email address of the user, so are trying to locate a api method to get the Contact ID of the external user (i.e. Contact) based on the email address. The API library does not seem to provide a method other then GetList to be able to retrieve by searching, but this is marked as internal use only. Any suggestions on what method we should be using? Cheers Martyn
  24. Is there a logical limit applied to the number of 'Form Fields' which can be added to a custom form in the progressive capture? We are looking are replacing a large number of branched progressive captures with conditional fields on a common custom form, but wanted to know if we are going to hit a limit? Cheers Martyn
  25. Can I just check what time zone is used when retrieving a date/time field from the request in the BPM? The reason being is that we want to put a change request on hold until after it has been scheduled and until it is scheduled to be done. I am presuming the BPM works in UTC, so have used the Get Local Time node set to UTC and then using this to compare is the scheduled start date/time is greater than the local time. If the BPM using the session time zone then this potentially may not be correct, given the session may be user interactive or operate as the system context. Has anyone else come up with a method to check if a request is scheduled in the future? Cheers Martyn
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