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  1. I am currently testing the creation of some reoccurring scheduled requests via the API Scheduler, but even though the requests get logged via the call to 'logServiceRequest' and the 'bpmName' parameter is passed with the correct and valid name, no BPM is being spawned against the request. Any suggestions as why it is not spawning? Cheers Martyn { "APIKey": "REMOVED", "InstanceID": "REMOVEd", "Schedule": [{ "Enabled": true, "CronSchedule": "15 * * * * *", "DayOfMonthANDDayOfWeek":false, "ScheduleFrom": "2022-07-25T00:00:00.000Z", "ScheduleTo": "2022-07-26T00:00:00.000Z", "Service": "apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ServiceRequests", "API": "logServiceRequest", "APIParams":{ "0": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"summary", "Content":"UKLive:- Prepare Detail Health Status report" }, "1": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"description", "Content":"# Check critical BI Jobs status\r\n# Check and verify the essential functionalities of Idox software solution\r\n# Take preventive action if any failure" }, "2": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"requestType", "Content":"Service Request" }, "3": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"customerId", "Content":"11152" }, "4": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"customerType", "Content":"1" }, "5": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"priorityId", "Content":"3" }, "6": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"sourceType", "Content":"Scheduler" }, "7": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"serviceId", "Content":"245" }, "8": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"catalogId", "Content":"973" }, "9": { "Type":"Content", "Parameter":"bpmName", "Content":"Idox SR SLM" } } }] }
  2. Can I ask for clarification on how the decision branch condition will interpret doing a comparison between the current System Time obtained from the 'getLocalTime' against a Request's Schedule Start and End datetime stamp values? I am aware that the display of the Request's Schedule Start and End datetime stamp values will be done using the session Timezone, but held in the database in UTC timezone (Zulu time), but does the condition statement also apply this translation or should I be setting the 'getLocalTime' node to return this as UTC? Cheers Martyn
  3. Has anyone undertaken a migration from Microsoft 365 Dynamics into Hornbill Service Manager before? We are looking at migrating another Service Desk into Hornbill that currently operate there service desk through Dynamics, so was wondering if anyone has got any experience of doing this already? Cheers Martyn
  4. @Steve G We are looking at using the Hornbill Cleaner Utility to remove an previouse customer Organisation and Contacts which has asked us to remove all Personal Identifiable Data (PID) from our system. Can I jsut confirm that when deleting a Organisation and Contact the assoicated Audit Trail with the said objects is also deleted? The reason being is that the Audit trail contains details of changes to PID during the lifecycle so I have to also confirm that this record is also deleted. Cheers Martyn
  5. I am slightly confused by the Update Request > Closure Category parameter documentation. You seem to be able to use a variable both under the 'Category' field and the 'Category (From Variable)' fields. The documentation seems to state you use the Key/hid column of the hsysprofile table for both options. Can you confirm the documentation is correct or whether the intention of one of the variable options was to allow the setting of the Closure Category by passing the textual code for the profile? Cheers Martyn
  6. @Steve G I trying to import Known Errors into to Service Manager but hitting an issue with how I import their published status. Looking in the database there is a separate table h_itsm_published_requests which sits over Problem and Known Errors. As part of the import I need to be able to pass a flag to indicate whether the request being imported should be published. Is there anyway to currently do this as I am on a tight timetable to migrate the data from a system which has to be decommissioned very soon. Cheers Martyn
  7. @Steve G We are receiving an warning when using Service Request Import Tool version 1.10.0 saying it is no longer the latest version and that we should be using v1.11.0. However on the former version appears to be available on GitHub. Can you advise? Just wondering if this is related to the LastUpdated issue we are having (see post link below)? Cheers Martyn
  8. @Steve G Could I just double check that when deleting Problem and Known Errors with the Hornbill Cleaner utility, any which have a 'published' request linked to them (h_itsm_published_requests), that the latter will also be deleted when the parent request is removed? Just checking as cancelling and closing a Problem/Known Errors which are actively published does not result in the published information being removed from publication on the portals. Cheers Martyn
  9. I trying to locate which field is used to hold the 'Include Workaround' flag used for published 'Known Issues'. It does not appear to be in the 'h_itsm_published_requests' nor the 'h_itsm_known_error' tables? Cheers Martyn
  10. I might be going a bit mad, but I no longer seem to be able to locate the Working Time Calendars - Calendar: "Add System Exclusions" button anymore when viewing a WTC. I check in both the old and new Admin UI's. Has this been removed or permission/role added to it? Cheers Martyn
  11. It might just be me not looking in the right place, but I cannot locate the 'Application Entity Viewer' anywhere in the new Admin Tool. Can someone enlighten me to how we access it once the legacy admin tool is decommisioned in 15 days? Cheers Martyn
  12. I am trying to locate the 'Description' field on the Known Errors Publish to Portals action. I have located the Workaround field as 'h_steps_to_resolve' in h_itsm_knownerrors, but checking the table in Database View does not show the 'description' field. I know this is separate to the main request description field as it has different content. Can some one confirm the table, field name and maximum size applied when populating via the GUI? Cheers Martyn
  13. Can I has query about the time zones for the Cron parameters with the API Scheduler. We need to schedule logging of re-occurring requests for a number of different service which operation over a number of different time zones, with some of the those time zones using daylight saving time and other that do not. The documentation currently states that it inherits the local machine time zone, but is it possible to specify the specific time zone as part of the Cron Job definition and thereby support different time zone settings? Cheers Martyn
  14. We have been advised via Support under IN00171475 as our one of our custom roles was not permitting analyst access to the new request action lock function under Service Requests, to log a request on the forum for details of the Service Manager Application Right(s) that need to be added to our role to permit analyst to lock a service request. The only to Application Rights returned with the work 'lock' in them relate to the 'Update Locked Incidents' or Update Locked Service Requests'. It would appear the ability to 'Lock' a request has been embedded in another pre-existing application right. There does not appear to be any documentation on the wiki for the 'Lock' functionality at all. Hornbill can you please advise? Cheers Martyn
  15. @Gerry Following on from the Roadmap session last week where you demoed the new 'Image Library' functionality which is coming soon, can I ask a question of whether it is possible to store other content such as Video's which we would not want to be public but require the consumer to be authenticated as a 'Guest' (i.e .Customer Portal) user. The logic was that we want to include video's in within our FAQ's but we want to control access to them. Cheers Martyn. PS, is there an update on when we will see the new Admin Tool released?
  16. Related to our enhancement request (link below) on Data Query for Services/Catalogs, can I ask for clarification on the logic applied to the Update Request > Service node. The default 'Service' option is left as the default option of 'Auto' and the Catalog Item is supplied, given the one to one relationship between Catalog and Service will it 'Auto' populate the Service? Will the node have a failure outcome if the co-worker/contact of the request is not subscribed either directly or through there groups/organisation to the service/catalog provided? Cheers Martyn
  17. Related to our linked post below, we are having issues with the syntax of the Reporter and Watcher ID now that we need to pass the accountID value rather than the clear text username. I have a valid accountID value but passing in as a literal does not work, so suspect I need to adjust the format/syntax of what we are passing to get it to be interrupted correctly via the API. Has anyone else hit this issue? Do we currently prefix the value type in this field as "name": parameter? Cheers Martyn Background information link https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Jira-questions/Getting-Reporter-field-is-required-error-when-creating-Jira/qaq-p/1304128
  18. @Steve G Though iBridge logging was added to the ESPServer Log back in January 2019 (see linked post), I am struggling to get JIRA on premises working on our instance. I had asked Support for a copy of the iBridge logs as you had referenced these in a earlier post when we had issues to see if I could sort out what's going on. However I was told this is not possible as they are shared logs and I have to raise any questions on the forum. I suspect is something on our side but all I can find in the ESP Server Log is below, which does not appear to give any clue to the issue. It does not show the value we are passing or what the response is from the node/endpoint. ======== record data ======== 1: flowcode-cdfe35d9 2: 4 3: 2021-11-08 15:55:29 4: {"id":"BPM20211108000195","application":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","name":"jira-test","currentStage":"4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b","currentNode":"flowcode-cdfe35d9","suspended":true,"cancelled":false,"failureMessage":"","stages":{"4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b":{"number":0,"displayName":"Investigation","translatedDisplayName":[{"text":"Investigation","language":"en-GB","tooltip":""}],"status":"inProgress","items":{"4be938f6-40f3-3ba7-f102-473e8cc59c4c":{"displayName":"Investigation Started","translatedDisplayName":[{"text":"Investigation Started","language":"en-GB","tooltip":""}],"required":false,"state":true,"position":0},"871c9a1b-39e5-3afe-3b6d-d3e310c567eb":{"displayName":"Investigation Complete","translatedDisplayName":[{"text":"Investigation Complete","language":"en-GB","tooltip":""}],"required":false,"state":false,"position":1}}}},"TASKS":{"4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b":{"task-67b55159":{"type":"task","threshold":100,"tasks":[{"assignee":"martyn.houghton","weight":100,"grouping":"cf59570d-e9e3-4b91-8796-af25bc9debcc","request":{"result":{"@status":true,"params":{"taskId":"TSK20211108001468"}}},"response":{"result":{"@status":"ok","params":{"status":"complete","title":"JIRA Tasks","details":"Log new JIRA?","options":{"timeSpent":"true","enforceProgressForCompletion":"false","hideReason":"false","enforceTimeSpentForCompletion":"false"},"priority":"normal","appointment":"false","reference":"bpmTask","createdOn":"2021-11-08 15:55:01Z","createdBy":"SYS_BPM_MANAGER","timeSpent":"0","timeBillable":"false","progress":"100","assignedTo":"urn:sys:user:martyn.houghton","owner":"idoxsd","outcomes":"NewJIRA,LinkJIRA,UpdateTicket,NoJIRA","outcomeInfo":[{"outcome":"NewJIRA","displayName":{"text":"Log New JIRA","language":"en-GB"},"buttonColor":"success","requiresReason":"false","customFields":[{"id":"TicketTitle","label":{"text":"Ticket Title","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false"},{"id":"TicketDesc","label":{"text":"Ticket Description","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false"},{"id":"TicketProject","label":{"text":"Ticket Project","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false","dropdownSelectDynamic":{"dataProvider":"JIRA_Project_Key","dataProviderAppName":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","dataProviderSortBy":"itemName","dataProviderSortDir":"ascending","isStoredQueryProvider":"false"}},{"id":"TicketType","label":{"text":"Ticket Type","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false","dropdownSelectDynamic":{"dataProvider":"JIRA_TypeId_keys","dataProviderAppName":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","dataProviderSortBy":"itemName","dataProviderSortDir":"ascending","isStoredQueryProvider":"false"}},{"id":"TicketPriority","label":{"text":"Ticket Priority","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false","dropdownSelectDynamic":{"dataProvider":"JIRA_PriorityId_Keys","dataProviderAppName":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","dataProviderSortBy":"itemName","dataProviderSortDir":"ascending","isStoredQueryProvider":"false"}}]},{"outcome":"LinkJIRA","displayName":{"text":"Link Existing JIRA","language":"en-gb"},"buttonColor":"info","requiresReason":"false","customFields":{"id":"ExistingJIRAKey","label":{"text":"Existing JIRA Key","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false"}},{"outcome":"UpdateTicket","displayName":{"text":"Update JIRA","language":"en-gb"},"buttonColor":"primary","requiresReason":"false","customFields":[{"id":"UpdateJIRAKey","label":{"text":"JIRA Key to add comment to","language":"en-GB"},"placeholderText":{"text":"JIRA Key of existing issue, you wish [TRUNCATED] 5: BPM20211108000195 2021-11-08 15:55:29Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[464] UPDATE h_bpm_instance SET h_current_node = ?, h_current_state = ?, h_last_updated = ?, h_state = ? WHERE h_id = ? [5402 us] 2021-11-08 15:55:29Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[464] INSERT INTO h_bpm_timeplan_events (h_instance_id, h_stage, h_time, h_event_type, h_time_plan, h_time_plan_slc) VALUES ('BPM20211108000195', '4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b', '2021-11-08 15:55:29', 'processPause', NULL, NULL) [2578 us] 2021-11-08 15:55:29Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[464] INSERT INTO h_bpm_instance_log (h_bpm_instance_id, h_timestamp, h_timepoint, h_host_proc_id, h_host, h_caller_transaction_id,h_transaction_id, h_caller, h_log) VALUES ('BPM20211108000195', '2021-11-08 15:55:29', 731841510147, 4088, 'mdh-p01-node3', '', 'a7f6951f91104133bd3e04e04591967c', 'task/taskComplete', ' 0.000008s [INFO] Workflow processing started, processId=BPM20211108000195 workflow=com.hornbill.servicemanager/jira-test (revision=9, type=businessProcess) 0.008831s [INFO] Process Execute startNode=0 reason=erResumeTask 0.009033s [INFO] Called by: task/taskComplete (host=mdh-p01-node3) 0.009035s [INFO] Transaction ID: a7f6951f91104133bd3e04e04591967c 0.039316s [INFO] Process Wakeup/Check event ''Raise JIRA'' (id=task-67b55159, type=HumanTask) 0.044826s [INFO] Execution session is ''U20211108156360745.240165'', user is ''martyn.houghton'' 0.044828s [INFO] Execution reason is ''erResumeTask'' 0.044844s [DEBUG] Max exec loop count is set to 1000 0.044847s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''task-67b55159'', suspended=''true'' 0.048563s [INFO] Task completed (stage-id=4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b, node-id=task-67b55159), Outcome is ''NewJIRA'' 0.048589s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Raise JIRA'' (id=task-67b55159, type=HumanTask) to ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c, type=Decision) 0.053981s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c) 0.062348s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''decision-5749bc9c'', suspended=''false'' 0.064699s [INFO] Decision ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c), evaluating 3 branch expressions 0.064712s [DEBUG] Evaluating expression: ''outcome== "NewJIRA"'' 0.064714s [INFO] Expression matched: [outcome== "NewJIRA"], forwarding to target node: integrationMethodCall-cff1f979 0.064724s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c, type=Decision) to ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979, type=Integration) 0.195775s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''integrationMethodCall-cff1f979'', suspended=''false'' 0.302914s [INFO] Suspending process at node ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979) 0.619862s [INFO] Process Wakeup/Check event ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979, type=Integration) 0.627111s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''integrationMethodCall-cff1f979'', suspended=''true'' 1.142854s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979) 1.142866s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979, type=Integration) to ''Decision'' (id=decision-8217329f, type=Decision) 1.156734s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''decision-8217329f'', suspended=''false'' 1.157086s [INFO] Decision ''Decision'' (id=decision-8217329f), evaluating 2 branch expressions 1.157090s [DEBUG] Evaluating expression: ''(global["integration"]["key"]!=undefined && global["integration"]["key"]!=null && global["integration"]["key"]!='''')'' 1.157092s [DEBUG] Evaluating expression: ''true'' 1.157094s [INFO] Expression matched: [true], forwarding to target node: flowcode-4ced9a01 1.157109s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Decision'' (id=decision-8217329f, type=Decision) to ''Log Request Failed.'' (id=flowcode-4ced9a01, type=HornbillAutomatiomn) 1.169340s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''flowcode-4ced9a01'', suspended=''false'' 1.169350s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Log Request Failed.'' (id=flowcode-4ced9a01) 1.595746s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Log Request Failed.'' (id=flowcode-4ced9a01) 1.595767s [INF[TRUNCATED] Can you advise how we should diagnose issues like this? Cheers Martyn
  19. Can I clarify the exact format of the Endpoint URL for the JIRA On Premise KeySafe as there is no example in the Wiki screenshot. Does it require the 'htps://' prefix and the API suffix? https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Jira_On_Premise Cheers Martyn
  20. In the ESP build 3511 announcement it advises of a change "Added purging option to delete messages older than a certain age (Default 3 Years and maximum allowed up to 7 Years) in the Sent Items folder". Can we presume this is not on by default, so we have the ability to set the value we require before any data is lost? Also what is the setting(s) name that control this? Cheers Martyn
  21. As a workaround to allow customers to see their historic request on 'retired' services (see enhancement request below) we are looking not mark services as a portfolio status of 'Retired' but update the Service Name so that it would appear at the end of the list of services. We are testing using ASCII higher special characters so that they should appear at the end of the list. This works in the Live User App :- But in the customer portal it at the beginning! What sort order is applied to the Service List in the Customer Portal and is there any other special characters we can use to order after the normal alphabetical service names. Cheers Martyn
  22. We are looking at implementing the use of the Hornbill Data Export utility to warehouse some of our data to a local SQL Server database. As part of this we need to create a permanent API Key, which we would like to restrict using the 'Rules' option for security purposes (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=API_keys). Therefore can you please advise which service:api combinations are required by the current Hornbill Data Export export utility. Cheers Martyn
  23. We seem to be experiencing an issue after lunch today, for those users who had logged out over lunch and then attempting to sign back in with single sign on in Chrome. Those of us who did not logout over lunchtime have continued to work unaffected. If they switch Brower to MS Edge they are able to login fine. Basically after completing the SSO authentication they are just returned to the sign page again where they started, with no errors reported at all. I am able to replicate it when attempting to open a new session in incognito window in Chrome, whilst still having my original connection from this morning open on my main Chrome session. Not sure if this is specific to us or something related to the recent updates today. Cheers Martyn
  24. @James Ainsworth We are in the process of setting up a number of new services for a customer based in Toronto, so are now looking at the Working Time Calendar which would be 'Atlantic Time' (GMT-4hrs) however this has then lead me to query how the Daylight Saving time are applied to the different Working Time Calendars, as each timezone has different criteria for when the DST is applicable. Can you explain how the DST changes are configured or if they are handled by Hornbill how we can view them? Cheers Martyn
  25. We recently undertook an import of request form an ZenDesk service desk into Hornbill which all loaded correctly in to Hornbill, except for the active requests where the incorrect Service Level Agreements where assigned as the SLM Rules to determine the correct SLA to apply did not evaluate correctly. New request logged correctly since the migration directly in Hornbill do have the correct SLA applied using the rules in place. Our SLA rules use both the Organisation and Organisation Industry to determine which SLA to apply and as per best practice we have a default catch all rule to apply a default SLA. All the imported active requests got the default SLA. It appears the Organisation relationship used by the SLA rules is not being set properly by the import tool, so it is not able to evaluate the Organisation name or Organisation Industry values used in the rules. In terms of the imported requests these where matched at the user level by h_logon_id and also supplied the h_container_id of the organisation, using v1.8.1 of the tool. We have two concerns, One how to do we avoid this for future migrations, so that SLA rules apply properly? We have had previous issues in our instance where requests have subsequently become cross linked to the incorrect organisation due to different interpretations of the organisation and container id relationships, which has involved @Victor have to undertake corrections. Example SLA rule below Cheers Martyn
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