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  1. @Jim The Autotask API takes an array of inputParams, so the full JSON for your autotask would be: { "@service": "bpm", "@method": "autoTaskRun", "params": { "application": "com.hornbill.servicemanager", "name": "scc-portal---hold", "inputParam": [ { "name": "requestId", "value": "IN00071802" } ] } }
  2. In the Microsoft 365 Create Calendar Event automation, we need to specify each attendee during the workflow configuration. I would like to have the option of being able to add Request Members and/or Request Connections when creating a calendar event (either as required or optional), however I don't currently see a way of doing this.
  3. @Joshua Howitt great work, we have successfully established a connection and can create basic calendar events, now time to fill up the forum with some more enhancement requests
  4. I have been trying to use the "Get Asset Information" automation for a custom asset button, however, the "External Source" and "External ID" attributes are always returned empty, even though they have values set in the database. I want the auto-task to perform slightly different operations if the asset is from an external source as opposed to manually entered, however without these attributes getting set, this is not possible.
  5. When creating a new asset manually, all the sections are hidden, including the ones with mandatory fields. To get around this, I currently hit the "Create" button with no data filled in and this causes the sections with mandatory fields to expand. It would be preferable if all sections with mandatory fields expanded automatically on creation, rather than needing the above extra click.
  6. I'm more used to seeing brackets in an editor than in a UI builder. Adding the extra brackets did the trick, thanks! I am unable to set the alias even after logging out and clearing all my caches and doing a hard refresh from developer mode.
  7. @Ryan I created the report in the UI, not via the definition file. I downloaded the definition file solely to attach to this post. I get the same data irrespective of the timestamp filter - i.e. if I remove it completely, I get exactly the same number of records returned, basically everything since the beginning of time (or July 2023 in our case)
  8. It's more of a field view rather than an editor in my experience. Clicking the "Save" button pops up a red error message.
  9. I came across a couple of issues today when creating a new report in Service Manager: I am unable to add or change the alias of a table Filtering on timestamps is not working I have attached the report definition - no matter what I try, it will not filter on the timestamps. I even tried adding in the "Requests -> Date Logged" column and it will not filter on that either. de-prioritised-incidents.report.txt
  10. @David Hall I shared your update internally, and received this feedback from one of our users (with an attached screenshot): "This looks like they're just overriding the style for the summary so it doesn't inherit the link colouring. The root issue is that they're not changing the link colouring in dark mode to use an adequately contrasting colour. This doesn't really fix that. WCAG accessibility standards specify a minimum contrast ratio between text and background of 4.5:1 but Edge recommends 7:1 for "AAA" accessibility. Hornbill's links over the "new" background highlight in dark mode is about 3.63:1. Desaturating the link colour would probably be enough. A link colour of #9bd3ff would give a ratio of 7:1 over the highlighted background colour, the while retaining a differentiation for links:"
  11. Had another 3 failures overnight affecting our US teams.
  12. When creating a view in the Asset manager, it is not possible to share this with other teams or users as is the case in the Request List. Could we please look at extending the shared views concept to Assets as well.
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