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  1. @Victor can you please raise this to the developers to be added into the roadmap?!? what about updating the custom field with an empty custom field e.g. Custom 0= "xxxvalue" Custom M= "" (empty because never used) hornbill automation update custom field->variable Custom M
  2. Is there a way to clean a custom field once it is set and used? the idea is that in a human task a value is captured and stored on a custom field, based on this value an autotask will run, at the end of the autotask i would like the custom field to be "empty" (null)
  3. @James Ainsworth thanks for the feedback, do you suggest to submit a ticket on Success Portal?
  4. is it my impression or some missing setting in my instance? my services pages shows for the asset the related description, while the same prog capture in the Employee portal is not showing:
  5. @Steve Giller in regard of this topic, you have identified a defect and I know you are working to solve in a future update of Service Manager. When a new BPM has spawned all the custom field get reset or the data are persistent?
  6. @Victor can you help me in addressing this issue? thanks
  7. I'm receiving this error message while trying to validate the priority of a request, based on a task field outcome
  8. @James Ainsworth & @Martyn Houghton I confirm, as suggested by James, that the BPM now is working as expected for the node "update request->Service" unfortunately I'm experiencing another issue on the same BPM but on different topic.... I will probably need to post another topic. thanks for the support
  9. @James Ainsworth thanks for the reply, i was quite busy during these days and still unable to make a test... I will update the post as soon as possible
  10. @James Ainsworth so just to double check the service field should match the ID while the catalog the name, correct?
  11. @James Ainsworth well at this point is not clear to me what should be used in the field service (I am using the ID because I've tried the name previously and had the same issue). I'm using the ID because the error message states that no ID were found So I agree with @Martyn Houghton a clearer tip might help. I will try again with the name and let you know
  12. @Martyn Houghton I will give it a try and let you know... @James Ainsworth if you have additional ideas, you're welcome
  13. @Martyn Houghton thanks for the reply, you are always so kind and your support is very valuable. hope to meet you soon at the next Hornbill Insight. Said that I'm using the value from the simple list, and I also tried with an autotask (with no success)... so i suppose I'm doing something wrong... as you can see from the first post the service too is not found (service id = 85 aka "02 - Email & Outlook") any help would be appreciated!!!! ❤
  14. @James Ainsworth this is the variable I'm using with the related simple list
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