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  1. @James Ainsworth thank you for the reply, but this answer only partially to my question. I mean I know how to place the field now in the Co-Workers view but the "Attribute 1" is synced with the AD and it is already populated in hornbill, I just want to show the stored data into the Co-Workers view. in my example the additional field should show the value "110920" which is my cost center.
  2. How can I show in Service Manager a Co-Worker's "Attribute 1" field? I've correctly imported the field from LDAP sync into Hornbill, but I don't know how to show it in the Co-Worker "about" section in service manager:
  3. @Victor sorry for the late reply, i was out of office... yes the log has nothing relevant on it
  4. @Victor thank you for explaining, so I was thinking the issue we are experiencing was due to this pending status... but it's not. so why we often receive this error (account loaded 0/XXXX): sometimes when retrying it works, sometimes not... I would like to be sure it is working
  5. I have a couple of data import task freezed, how can i stop them from running?
  6. thank you @James Ainsworth for some reason we still not have a Premier Success plan...
  7. @Victor or @James Ainsworth or @Steven Boardman can you please assist us on this topic or address the issue to the right person? Thank you!
  8. @James Ainsworth i'm still not able to understand the rule logic, could you explain me how it works... for example this screen shot to me means: (Request type = incident) AND (priority=critical) AND (company = (Datalogic do Brasil OR Datalogic USA OR Solution Net System)) AND (site= (jundiaj OR Quakertown OR Sao Paolo OR Telford)) Am i understanding correctly or not? and also how are evaluated the "All of these condition must match" and "Any of these conditions can match"? I mean "All of these condition must match" must match but in addition it will evaluate one of the "Any of these conditions can match"?!? could you help me to clarify it better?
  9. is there a way to have a decision node in a BPM with a custom expression that identifies the source(analyst, self service, etc.)?
  10. @Steven Boardman for example this user has an home organisation, and since then, when assignin a request to this customer, the Organisation is not set into the request, while is available into the Co-workers view
  11. I will join the insight, but @Steven Boardman it seems to me that now a couple of user that i have assigned an home organization are not recognized correctly by the SLA rules which is based on the company name. How can i remove an home organisation?
  12. when the Home Organisation has to be used? Also, it seems that once assigned is greyed-out and it cannot be removed, how can i remove the home organisation?
  13. @James Ainsworth thank you very much. I was not aware that even on the service it self you can configure rules I will do some tests and come back if needed
  14. @samwoo Thank you Samuel (I really appreciate it and hope to meet you at the Insight) for the reply you described perfectly the scenario Where the request type is Incident AND the Priority is Critical AND the Company is "Datalogic do Brasil Ltda" OR the Company is "Datalogic USA, Inc." OR the Company is "Solution Net Systems, Inc." AND Site is "Jundai" OR Site is "Quakertown" OR Site is "Sao Paolo" OR Site is "Telford" the point is that it's not clear to me if the "ALL" criteria is an "AND" and the "ANY" criteria is an "OR"!!!
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