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  1. Is there a way to assign a human task to the request's owner AND the team who is member of? It's seems to me that the members of the team which are assigned the manager role are capable to manage the tasks assigned to a different owner (think on vacation, day-off and so on) I'm able to create manually a human task that is shared to a group (team) but it seems to me that is not possible at a BPM level, am I wrong? And in this case can you show me which is the right node setting?
  2. @Victor this is the BP not the PCF is the capture field in the human task seems like a PCF but it's not! (you can see it at the top bar address, I'm into the business process)
  3. @Victor I'm trying to add a user to an organisation, starting from a human task capture field, I will use this capture field to send the user id to your suggested node(hornbill collaboration->application):
  4. @Victor I'm still having this error, maybe it's because the user group picker doesn't provid the userID??? where the variable is &[functions.getTaskAnswers("task-34e70974").field_2]
  5. @Victor i've left it in auto because moving to manual cause this error
  6. I'm not able to understand what am I doing wrong, the idea is to capture via a capture field a userID and send it to an hornbill automation... it seems like this is not the right way to do it.
  7. @ArmandoDM i will check the report in service manager and get back. thank you. PS) tutti bene, mi fa piacere sapere che è lo stesso per voi... qui sarà ancora lunga per tornare alla normalità.
  8. @ArmandoDM thank you for the quick reply, I believe this information is therefore available in the report section of the service manager, right? PS) come stai? e la tua famiglia? mi auguro che siate tutti in buona salute.
  9. I've noticed that the history in the asset device is not tracking who has created the device and also there's no evidence when you switch on/off the "used by" option to shared. is there a specific reason for this? can this be ammended?
  10. @Steve G I've looked into the log file and there's nothing very useful to my eyes... would you like me to send you a copy privately via email?
  11. @Steve G I forgot to add the dry-run option and now i have a lot of duplicate... beside the issue it self, why it is happening that we now have duplicate? If I'm not wrong if the "h_serial_number" is matched it should updated the assed and not create a new one, right?
  12. @Steve G thank you very much for the quick feedback (as usual) I will test it as soon as possible and return with a feedback.
  13. @Steven Boardman now infact looks the same, thank you for the quick feedback
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