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  1. @Berto2002 & @Martyn Houghton thank you for the feedback, as far as you know it's a matter of changing the subscription model or we have to rearrange everything in a new instance?
  2. @Gerry would you be so kind to clarify my request or address it to the right person?
  3. @Steve Giller maybe the right one could be updateActivityStream, since I see is the one called from the GUI itself, or it may have other unexpected impact?
  4. @CraigP - I've thought it too but this breaks the JSON syntax. - it is simply Postman a great tool for developers. You can even find some templates for Postman if you look at the documentation, let me know if you need more details: https://docs.hornbill.com/esp-api-api/postman
  5. @Steve Giller I'm using the updateReqTimeline and I was wondering if the visibility set to trustedGuest may do the trick
  6. I'm trying to update a custom field with the "update" method but got a response that the field was not expected, as far as I can understand from the documentation the value of the "customFields" parameter has to be a JSON object of the custom field to be updated, what am I doing wrong?
  7. I was wondering which might be the right API to call to simulate a customer update, the idea is we have a service managed by a team, the customer is for real an automated user, which collects from an external system an error log and open a ticket or update a ticket whit the relevant data from the external log. all is fin except that I'm unable to post an update on the timeline as customer, the idea is to get the onhold request automatically off the on-hold status (matching the substatus rule)
  8. @ArmandoDM forget about my question, I've got the point, since I've changed the user and the related api key when using the method, I was not getting the expected result because the user it self didn't had the right permissions to see the requests I was searching for. Thank you anyway and sorry for the "silly" question.
  9. @ArmandoDM Ciao Armando, is good to "talk" with you again, all is fine thank you and of course I wish is it the same or better for you. we used the method to search some text within the summary or in the request description, now if i search for a string that I'm sure is there, I'm getting no results.
  10. we were used to call this api call method since a couple of years ago. it seems now it's no more working the same way it was in the past. I have to assume to no more use this method and switch instead to an official supported method? or am I wrong? thanks
  11. can you please help me to address the browse record? my idea is to search the service manager if a request that matches the searchfilter criteria exists or not in my instance I'm unable to understand how it wants the valus or the parameter.
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