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  1. I'm having the same doubt here, can someone from Hornbill, please provide us a feedback on the topic? Thank you!
  2. thank you Chaz, so for a specific quarter i may have '-07-01' and '-10-01' for quarter 3 for example, right?
  3. Can you please provide me a dinamic sintax solution for a widget to get the data of quarter 3 I'm using this sintax, but has to be adjusted every year! (h_status != 'status.cancelled' AND h_status != 'status.closed') AND (h_requesttype = 'Incident' OR h_requesttype = 'Service Request' ) AND (h_datelogged>='19/07/01' AND h_datelogged<='19/10/01' ) AND h_fk_team_name = 'Infrastructure'
  4. @David Hall thank you for the reply is there a setting for the update action (similar to the email routing settings?) or the lock action is the only option available?
  5. I remember there's a way to prevent the update of closed requests (both via email and update action), but i don't remember if has to be done via BPM (lock action) or it has to be done via a system setting. Can someone help me?
  6. it's true! thank you for the suggestion!!! LOL
  7. I don't see the setting available on our admin page guest.anonymous.portal.redirectServicePortalToEmployeePortal
  8. is there a way to customize colours on the My Dashboard view into the request list view in service manager?
  9. @Victor & @James Ainsworth sorry to bother you again but it seems like our 2 stage closure is not working properly, can you please attach a bpm sample so I can adjust mine according to your suggestions?
  10. @Steven Boardman thanks for the feedback anyway
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