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  1. Can anyone please provide a feedback? @Bob Dickinson would you please be so kind :) ?
  2. we have a widget that compares the number of IN/SR logged vs the one resolved (per team/service), is it possible to have a line for the Average value? Thank you
  3. @ArmandoDM & @Steve G thank you very much, this has sorted out my issue. here is the remaining portion of the script for people in the forum to check out
  4. @Steve G I'm sorry to push on this, but it will be very useful to understand why it's not working or better the "h_record_state" is correctly updated but not the substate Thank you!
  5. @Steve G thank you for the info, now I'm able to correctly run an api call with powershell. Can you please help me with the remaining part of the script... I would like to mass update state and substate for an asset
  6. @Steve Gthank you, where this info can be found? it is "odd" that the wiki still refers to the github repo, and would be nice to have such update when they come trough thank you!
  7. @Steve G I'm unable to find this version of the module both on wiki or github
  8. @Steve G I will give it a try, thanks where I can find this info? I've tried into the wiki but to me it seem there are not... would be very useful, for the time being thanks again.
  9. @Steve G still a blank ID I'm going slightly mad same error no ID returned... what am I still doing wrong?
  10. @Steve G and @SamS following your suggestion tu use "entityBrowseRecords2" it seems to me that i have to adjust this part of the script for the "searchFilter": so the script should be adjusted in something like this (but I'm not understanding which is the column that i have to search for)
  11. @SamS I've now read more carefully your post and it seems like I'm using a deprecated method, where i can find info for the supported one "entityBrowseRecords2"
  12. @Steve Gand @SamS while I understand your point it makes no sense to me, while this was working before and I'm sure I have only 1 ID for the Name provided. can I send you privately (via forum inbox) the script for a review?
  13. I used to use the powershell API module (https://github.com/hornbill/powershellHornbillAPIModule/blob/master/xmlmcModule.psm1) to massively update some data in our asset management. has been a while since i used it but now the same script i used succesfully is returning an error.
  14. @James Ainsworth any update on the topic? also with the advanced filter i was searching for all non tagged device but unfortunately the 65 result are populated with tagged device.
  15. @James Ainsworth thank you for the feedback, but what about point 2?
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