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Found 6 results

  1. At the moment though you can link assets together, there is not option like in requests to raise a new asset (copy) taking over the details of the current asset. Can we raise an enhancement for the ability to copy an asset from both the asset form and via the asset list view. In our case, we have annual licenses which are issued each year, so we would want to copy the current software asset and then create a new one which as a new license code/expiry on it. I could also see this being applicable for hardware assets where a unit is switched out such as a laptop, where the disk may be move the replacement machine. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi all, We're working with our Operational Technology team to create a process in our Incident flow to capture jointly owned asset information from Incidents. Our Operational Technology teams have the ability to replace jointly owned OT & IT communications assets. The incidents they we will raise will be pretty much retrospective as they have access to a joint stock pool, so they will have already replaced the faulty asset with stock from the pool. What we in IT need to be able to capture is the faulty asset and replacement asset information. So the warranty process can be engaged on the faulty asset. I have been able to achieve getting the list of assets through the intelligent capture, which means that we can get information from our asset database to do the look up but i would like to through the bpm, grab the faulty asset details and update our database to place item into faulty status, and then when with replacement asset update the database to go from in stock to in use. Is this possible? Many Thanks Adam
  3. Hi all, There is a need for us to obtain a list of all mobile assets from our Asset Management Database. We need to check this data against what our mobile comms provider Vodafone has against our mobile asset estate. I'm aware of formatting issues when pulling an extract of data which includes Vodafone sim cards which are 20 digits in length, when an extract is pulled from the Asset Management database. The last digits of the sim are automatically changed to zeros when the file is opened in Excel. This appears to be due to character limit formatting issue in Excel. If a SQL Report is built and then run as a report is run you get the option to to download this as a PDF. When the data is translated into a PDF the formatting issue doesn't occur which confirms this is an Excel issue. But due to limitation of the number of fields you can pull through using the PDF file format this doesn't allow us to obtain all the data we need. Has anybody been able to overcome this error. I'm aware of the quotation fix in Excel, but the problem is you then have to go back into the database grab the correct number and edit every single line, which defeats the purpose of the extract. If it was possible to preload the CSV before the data is inputted and then downloaded with quotation, which looking at our extract from our supplier Vodafone, seems to be how they've worked around this issue. Would it be possible to request this an enhancement? Any other workarounds/ advice would be gratefully received. Kind Regards Adam
  4. At the moment there is only system wide visibility setting on the Asset Type fields. Can we request an enhancement to have the visibility split between the user (Used by) of the asset and the owner (owned by). For example we would not want the user to be able to see the 'License Key', 'License Cost' but we would want the owner, for example IT team, to be able to see them. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi there, I am looking to edit the names of the custom columns, I am building a servie catalog and want to use the asset management for storing all the information of the software used within London Redbridge Borough. I have attached a screenshot of where I want to edit the name of the columns. Is there anyway I can edit the names or even add new ones?
  6. Afternoon All, can someone advise where you would create or configure / copy and amend the application rights. specifically we want the service desk to search and view CI's to find service tags and IEMI's ect...without the ability of creating new ones we want to be able to copy or edit the following app right I'm happy to copy this role but cant work out where the app rights are held or created. Anyone had this issue ?
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