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    @HHH in the next Service Manager update all Suspend options will have optional definable expiry periods. This would allow you to set an expiry period and then perform another action in the workflow if the assignment has not been made in the timeframe you expect. This update is due in the next week to ten days
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    @samwoo thanks very much for taking the time to provide these detailed thoughts and ideas. As you may recall from the Insights event from earlier this year we are looking at re-vamping the service experience for your end users / employees so this type of feedback is really useful. Let us digest the ideas and check alignments to our current development plans.
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    Hello @Aaron Summers I think its a bug. I will report this issue to the relevant people in order to fix it. I will also mention your requirement to show the number of users the asset is shared with. Regards Armando
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, Is there a date scheduled for this change please? This is causing us issues since we went live as customers are emailing (and attaching) authorisation for access. While we can see the attached authorisation in the email, when the email gets deleted, the attachment will also be deleted. I understand that we can save the attachments and upload them ourselves, but this is an overhead as we get several requests like this. Additionally, being able to reply to an email and adding an attachment, rather than going to the customer portal, saving an authorisation email, and then uploading it as an attachment, greatly enhances the overall customer experience. Many thanks, Alisha
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    Probably one for the roadmap more so than an immediate query - we have just had a very interesting meeting with a company providing bespoke omni-communication integration which demonstrated a platform that integrated with our IP telephony system. This provided screen popping to a SaaS solution which identifies the customer (number match) and also triggered an action to our case management system. Further to this, recordings (and even transcriptions of those recordings) could also be injected directly onto the case notes. They also demonstrated an automated voice recognition/verification system which could be useful for HR or account recovery queries where the user is not familiar. I wondered if Hornbill had any desire for telephony integration or screen pop functionality within your platform so calls can be captured and logged more easily than manually by the agent. After speaking with my team about the concept, that was received extremely well so would expect other firms to want this - even if you partnered with a company like this to provide a similar service? Regards, Mike.
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    Thanks to all for the replies - and to the Hornbill team for the quick fix!
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    Thanks @Michael Sharp. I've added you to the change record. I also wanted to provide an update and let everyone know that this change request for setting a colour on a priority is now in our 90 Day development queue. Regards, James
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    Oh... Hmmm... well... according to the logs and investigation done by Mr. @AlexTumber the project fails t create because the "Create Date" does not have a value. This date, however, is picked up from the user session so it should always have a value... We have raised this behaviour internally for discussion so we will keep you updated on this...
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    I'll have a look now - thanks for the update
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    Hello, The Info Message has been really helpful on the Add Attachments and Asset forms. Please could we also have an Info Message on the Select Site form? Customers are finding it difficult to search for their site, so it would be really handy if we could add some text to this to prompt them on how to search for their site. We currently have 225 sites in our system and not all the results are filtering in the way the customer expects it to. For example, if we type in 'Headquarters' it only lists the first 5 results, but we have several Headquarters sites. If we could customise the Select Site form, we could could then explain how to use the filter to find their site. Many thanks, Alisha @lokent @Gemma Morrison
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    @dwalby @HGrigsby @HHH @Dan Munns @nasimg just an update to let you know in the next Service Manager update due in the next week to ten days you will have the ability to enable dynamic recalculation of Service Level Agreements and Service Level targets based on manual changes to requests attributes. With this feature enabled if the Priority, Site, Customer, Category fields etc are changed manually on a request, the SLA / SL Targets will be recalculated and if needed automatically changed based on the rules you have defined in your SLA's. This will be off be default, but can be enabled globally by enabling a system setting There are of course already options to manually change an SLA /SL Target or do this as part of the Business Process but this just extends these options to manual changes to values on the request - most commonly the priority.
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    We have the same scenario and solved it by looking at customer organisation using a custom field for "default service desk" and in other places by looking at contact language
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    Hi Hornbill Anything on this. We work in 8 languages and being able to use templates rather than manually writing everything or using snippets would help a lot. Also when building BPM's it's a hassle to need to branch every process 8-ways depending on language as soon as customer communications is neccesary.
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    I'll add us as interested as well since we have a lot of linked requests this would ease things
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    @Daniel Dekel thanks for the heads up ! I am very pleased to say that the functionality is now working like a charm Thank you very much. It will be incredibly useful to us in the coming months.
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    Just had a thought about this somewhat. Why not have a new area under Service Manager Services Portfolio for managing Portal Banners? This will then allow users to do various things. Create / Edit / Delete Banners in a single area Create Banners not tied to Services Create / Edit Banners and link them to Services if so required Create / Edit Banners and link them to Catalogs (takes users straight to a form if required) Create / Edit Banners and link them to external sources such as other Web pages or Intranet sites. Additional options would include Include the Banner Title and Banner Content Ability to define an icon against the banner should one need to Ability to only show the Banner in the main Portal or only against the Service or in both areas Ability to re-order banners using drag and drop on the fly to prioritise them (or they can be left alone unordered) Ability to set the duration of the Banner before it switches to the next one in the ordering set. Carry over the current ability to hide shadow, set start and end date etc. Visibility of the Banner can be set to "All", " Service Subscription", "Service Owners", " Organizations", "Roles", " Users" and if we can... set to users who are assigned to specific "Asset Types". The visibility of these wholly depends on then visibility options we choose Any Banners created here will show up in the Banners area against the Services within the Services Portfolio if they are linked. But we should have the following in my opinion for displaying the banner(s). The Banner region on the Portal will be divided into 2 sections and will be device responsive. The left (or right) should be smaller and have a list of Title's of the Banner showing (with the icon if present) in the order specified in the Banners area of the Service Portfolio. The other side will be larger and will show the banner content as we have now. The list will be highlighted with the currently shown Banner and move to the next in the list after a duration (if custom or default). This means that the Banner ordering will be visualize and yet the users will only see the Banners they have visibility of. I hope I explained this clearly. Thanks, Samuel
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    @Josh Bridgens - if it is indeed the case, would you mind coming back here and tell us/me what it was? I am working on a KB article that would include possible issues and solutions for such scenarios...
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    Hi @Lyonel I was just reviewing this post and I wanted to make sure that you were aware that the requirements mentioned here have been provide. Your original requirement was to be able to hard code a particular recipient. This can be done by selecting the Specified Recipients option and entering a specific user to send an email notification to. Regards, James
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    Hi @grahambird80 , Glad to hear that's working now, I'll go and correct the documentation Cheers, Steve
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    @dwalby @Ria thanks added to the story for this - there is some good support, we'll post back as it progresses
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    @Alisha @lokent we have raised a story for this requirement. It is not yet scheduled but as it progresses and becomes scheduled we will post back here and update.
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    Reviving this thread Any further updates to being able to use a Variable to assign teams? I haven't had an opportunity to look at what @Dan Munns has suggested yet though. Thanks, Samuel