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    As the year is drawing to a close and the magical Christmas day is only a weekend away, we are now looking back at the year that passed and oh, my! ... What an amazing year it has been! Many exciting things have happened. We created many amazing and innovative things. It was a journey well worth it! But, but... Nothing of this amazing Hornbill journey could have been possible if it wasn't for, our most valued asset... YOU! All of our customers are amazing (I keep repeating this word but I can't find anything worthy to match it). It has been an absolute pleasure to have you on board with us! It hasn't always been a smooth ride, sometimes the road was bumpy and sometimes we hit a few roadblocks… But with you on our side, we got past any challenge we faced… Together! We have many, many fantastic and amazing things in the year to come so everyone, please put your seatbelt on (health and safety first!) and get ready to boldly go where no one has gone before! We at Hornbill wish you a "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Christmas time for you, your family and loved ones! May Father Christmas make all your wishes come true! Now... if I can only find where I put my G&T glass...
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    @Steven Boardman thanks again. I have had a play and created the new starter PC and BPM on our test service and all seems to work as expected. Here's to trimming down all our PCs.... (Old vs new attached)
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    @Dan Munns "a lot of work has gone (is going?) into pushing the portal as the best thing for the user since dress down Fridays" superb... I think you have it spot on, any business justification (such as for audit purposed) that gets your users on the portal will ultimately be better for your customers and you, frees your team up to deliver higher value work. Email is the devil when it comes to sucking up time for IT ... its always easier for people who want help from IT, just fire an email and make their problem IT's problem, but allowing that cuts off every possible avenue you have as a service provider to improve the service you deliver - kudos for getting those numbers. You also said, "The above chart is over a 6 month period from July to Dec 2017. Looking at our monthly stats almost (sometimes over) half of all our calls are password resets taken over the phone " so how can we help you automate that, it would be a big win for you guys if we can right? Gerry
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    @Lyonel yes the analysts chunk is mainly password resets for NT accounts. If a user calls to log an SR over the phone though they get told they HAVE to use the portal. The above chart is over a 6 month period from July to Dec 2017. Looking at our monthly stats almost (sometimes over) half of all our calls are password resets taken over the phone The amount of email logged calls should drop even further as quite a lot of those above were logged from monitoring sources and we have a project to determine which emails are useful (ie warrant a ticket) so we can auto log them and get rid of the rest.
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    Hello, Not sure if I've spoken to folds about this before or not, but it's something that's frustrating me! If I want to quickly search for tickets that include a certain detail, for example the below when I want to see tickets that mention "greyhounds". The results are not in any particular order. Or they look like they go by class, then date... but then on the next page there's more of each class with differing dates again. With most search results you can change how these are sorted. Like you can click a date column and have it sort by Date Logged, or Owner. But in Hornbill it seems you cannot do this? Are you guys working on any improvements to this, or am I doing something wrong?
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    @Gerry, @Patrick Bolger I do not disagree with any of what you said! And I wish we could stop emails altogether but it will never happen in my company. So, given a bad situation, I am trying my best to use Hornbill and convince users to log calls themselves, go onto the service portal, provide feedback, etc. Having the option to resolve a Service Request with a FAQ entry would considerably enhance this communication strategy (my only option here as I can't remove emails at all) as it would literally force the user to realise the information was already available to him/her. Of course, the template for emails is extremely helpful for this communication strategy and I am planning on a new "marketing campaign" to promote the service portal. @Gerry if emails were down for 2 days, most people in the IT department would get the sack! that's why we moved to Office 365, so that it does not happen (or if it does, not really anything we can do about it). Joking aside, if emails were down for more than a couple hours, it would be "the end of the world" for top management (and almost "holidays" for everybody else as we could actually focus on our jobs instead of emails)
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    Hi @dwalby While this is being looked into, I was thinking about your wiki and I would imagine that it would take some time until all is moved to Document Manager. I have a custom button on requests that searches the Hornbill wiki. To do this just do a normal search on your wiki, take the URL from the results page and make a custom button with it, and add the summary or description variables where you see your search text. I thought that having this on your requests may help until Document Manager is ready for you. You can do the same with Hornbill Workspaces Workspaces become a great place for less formal knowledge. It is amazing what useful information can get captured through a discussion on a workspace. Regards, James
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    @dwalby Could you not add the documents to collections? So all your installation documents get added to the 'Installs' collection. Use a naming convention that is the same for all documents (and enforced) and tag the document with the software name only. So... Install - Client - Kypera.doc Install - Server - Exchange.doc Install - Client - <SOFTWARE>.doc Office - Outlook - Out of Office.doc Office - Excel - VLOOKUPs.doc for examples. You just need to make sure you have the fields for your naming convention set out to cover most things before you start. Otherwise you may end up with Microsoft - Client - Office 2016 - Outlook - Shared Mailboxes - Adding a shared mailbox.doc Previous places I have worked also wanted version and dates added to file names so it can get complicated but if the fields are sorted out from the get go and don't change it can work really well. Or we might get Hornbill to add boolean operators to the filter field (if we ask very nicely ) as a search of 'Kypera AND install' would have returned the correct result.
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    From another post I believe I read that the next SM update is due in a couple of days.
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    @Keith it seems I was talking rubbish ... ... The fix is not yet in live instances, it will be on the next Service manager update... I have no idea why I thought it was already available... I am sorry *sniff...
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    I have now resolved the issue buy chance more than anything. i amended the auto task with the following
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    Hi @dwalby, I've placed a change for adding a view that can be reached by a link from anywhere in the system. So basically when you see the site name you will be able to click on it and you will be taken to the site details in the same Collaboration Core. The only thing is that this can take some time to be developed because of other priorities but I'll keep you informed. Daniel.
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    People have a status quo bias, and don't like change. The problem with most efforts to deploy self-service, is that they're driven by IT, with the intention of reducing costs, rather than being driven (with the customer) to improve the service experience. Some of the best deployments I've seen have involved feedback from customers/users from start to finish. They focus on what the customer/user wants to do and see via the portal (FAQ's, Knowledge, videos etc). Customers usually want a simple way to say "Something's broken", or "I need something" and be able to see what's happening with their requests. The experience should be better and quicker than email. However, regardless of how good it is, you'll still need to promote the portal and an easy way to do this is with a soft launch. Get service desk staff to say "Did you know you could have logged this via self-service?" After a while, they can say..."Is there any reason you have not logged this via self-service?" The message will need to be consistently reinforced. At the same time, the "What's in it for me?" messages need to be marketed to users, e.g. Self-Service is open when we're closed, You can access popular FAQ's 24/7, etc. Although I accept that each industry is different, people are generally the same, and will use any channel that's easy to use, and delivers the best experience. Changing their current habits isn't easy, but it's worth it for both the customer and the service desk.
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    Hi @dwalby Thanks for your post. One of the things that I'm investigating at the moment is to see if we can provide some information on a User's profile where their primary site is listed. Possibly a hover-over popup that shows the address. We can also look to do something similar in the Request details. I'll let you know what the outcome is. Regards, James
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    Hi @DC-BEN, no problem. Yes, the queries are run from Database Direct; hope your colleague can help. Regards Armando
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    Hi @dwalby, Just to let you know that embedding Microsoft Streams is now available in Hornbill Collaboration You should be able to embed them by pasting a link into a post or comment. Thanks Trevor H
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    Hi @DC-BEN, one way of identifying duplicates would be running a query as described in this thread This way you will have the IDS of the duplicated Assets Hope this helps Armando
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    Hi @Darren KIng, This should be available now, the following application settings can be used to specify a redirect on logout app.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the Hornbill Collaboration client guest.anonymous.portal.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the customer portal guest.anonymous.servicePortal.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the Service portal You should be able to set these in the Admin tool under Hornbill Collaboration > Settings and should set the full URL that you wish to redirect to, eg https://www.hornbill.com/ Hope this helps, let me know if you have any problem Thanks Trevor
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    Hi Sam, This hasn't yet reached the 90 day development queue. However, it is currently being planned and we should see it move to development before too long. Regards, James
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    Thank you Trevor. I used the old config file with the new version so I never saw the new fields. All OK now. Thanks J
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    @dwalby The sub-status will only be updated from within the request if it is manually changed by the user, to make it more configurable (via BPM) there is no automatic updating or resetting of the sub-status when resolving/closing etc... this should be built into the BPM process as you have now attempted to do. Regarding the error, I have checked myself and if you include a node to update the sub-status with the settings shown in the attached screenshot then it shouldn't error and it should reset the sub-status. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Dave.
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    @David_Wilson to answer your question: YES you need to use a license for a user to consult dashboards. It is NOT part of the basic user model...
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    Hi @dwalby Something else that you might be interested in is a new feature for conditional fields on a single Progressive Capture Custom form. There is some documentation here and it is accompanied by this video...
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    @TSheward_SGW, I can now see the problem. I can also replicate the issue. I'll raise an urgent defect for this to be fixed ASAP. Will probably have it tomorrow working if the solution is simple. Sorry for this, Thank you, Daniel.
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    @Dan Munns you are right... I thought this was fixed already... !! ...I chased this internally...
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    Hi Tom, I cannot see any reason why not, I am not entirely sure why its not already there, I will raise the question and get it sorted if we can. Gerry
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    Hi @dwalby, Have added Microsoft Streams as an embeddable media type so you will be able to embed them within Activitystreams similar to how youtube and other video content is embeddable ( https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Activity_Stream_Integrations ). This should be available in Hornbill Collaboration very soon, will let you know when its available. Thanks Trevor Harris
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    @alextumber @Prathmesh Patel - I encountered the same issue when looking at this yesterday, in the end I just renamed the progress capture, then updated the default new project action with the new name within settings of the Project Manager application.
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    Hi @samwoo It's taken a little longer than hoped to get this ready but we are very close, if you can bear with us a little longer this should be out shortly. Thanks Steve
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    Thanks for your post. As a temporary measure you can add images to your published issue using wiki markup. This is by using the format [[file:<urlTofilename>]]. In the example below, I did the following... I attached an image file to the problem record. I expanded the Attachment section of the request. I right clicked on the name of the attachment and selected Copy Link Address. In the description of the Published issue I typed [[file: then pasted my link address and closed with ]] Added a link to our website using [[https://www.hornbill.com|Our Web Site]] I hope this helps. Regards, James
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    @dwalby you could keep the check box list as it is and have dynamic fields for each line on the checkbox list. So if they select monitor then a new line pops up underneath asking how many. Probably easier to show you.....
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    @alecwa firstly, please note that I edited your screenshot and removed some sensitive information presented there (there was a visible email address). Please be aware the Hornbill section of our forums is publicly available... It means anyone with internet access can see these posts... Obviously posting on Hornbill forums is restricted to registered users but visibility is available to anyone... Needless to say why is not a good idea to have visible sensitive information (such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.)... Now, regarding the issue, most likely the email failed to be applied to request due to the amount of text in that email... I counted around 9K characters in the email which most likely will exceed the limit of characters allowed for a request timeline update. The limit of a timeline update or a post in a workspace (they share the same logic) is managed by this system setting: buzz.activity.post.maxTextSize (in Admin tool: Home - System Settings - Advanced). My suggestions: advise the users to try and edit the text being applied to the request, for example only keep the laters reply in the email trail and remove the rest. The original (full) email is still available via the "View Email" option on the request timeline. increase the max allowed text size for a timeline update or workspace post to accommodate larger updates. I personally prefer the first option as it creates less cluttered request timelines.
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    Try explaining that to a Manager that doesn't understand IT
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    Hi @Kelvin Sorry if I have not understood your question, but there is a Label option that lets you put text on a Progressive Capture form without needing any field for a response from a customer. Let me know if this is what you are looking for. Regards, James
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    @samwoo when using the custom buttons, this will open a new tab in your browser window
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    Hi, Within Progressive Capture for Change there is a "Change Type" form where you can add Emergency, Standard, Planned etc. but when you look at doing the same for Release there isn't one. Is this something that is being fixed at the minute?
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    @David_Wilson @Martyn Houghton @DeadMeatGF @yelyah.nodrog Just a quick update to let you know in the next Service Manager update (due in the next couple of weeks) we have added a couple of additional email recipient options to the escalation - send reminder option * Team - All members of the defined team will receive an email reminder * Specified Recipients - Specify multiple email addresses to receive an email reminder Please keep an eye out for the release notes on the next update Steve
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    @dwalby yep. I have set them up to allow access from anyone with the 'Basic User' role (for the FAQs) and anyone in the IT Service Desk team (for Knowledge Base)
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    Hi All, our infrastructure team identified a process that was consuming an unusual amount of resources. They have dealt with this process which should now have resolved all the performance/server connection issues. All effected instances will now be operating as normal. Please accept our apologies for this short period of disruption. Work will commence to understand the specific nature of the issue and steps taken to safeguard against this in future. Dan
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    Security: Meltdown and Spectre A recent critical security announcement for three bugs CVE-2017-5715 CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5754 which have been nicknamed meltdown and spectre. These were found by multiple people, including Jann Horn, who works for projects Zero at Google. He has done an excellent write up on exactly how he found the Issues.  As with any new serious vulnerability found these days it has to have a catchy name, matching logo and dedicated website that says this about the two issues - "Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors. These hardware bugs allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer. While programs are typically not permitted to read data from other programs, a malicious program can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of secrets stored in the memory of other running programs. This might include your passwords stored in a password manager or browser, your personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents." These security issues have been hidden in Intel CPU's since 1995 undiscovered until now.  Spectre can also effect AMD and ARM CPU's because these processors also implement speculative instruction execution features, which means pretty much every major manufacturer. The good news though is there are currently no known active uses of the exploit. Hornbill's own cloud is running a mix of the CentOS Linux distribution and Windows. Both Of these OS's are affected by these issues so will require patching when they are made publicly available. Our "Secure By Design" approach means we run our own bare-metal hardware and do not provide direct access to our systems to anyone outside of our own operations team. We are in full control of the software we execute on our systems, our customers are not able to run code on our systems, only access the services we provide, which significantly limits the exposure we have for these vulnerabilities. The patch process for this will be the same as usual with the exception of starting to applying as soon as they are available. The process is to push to our development environment and run our tests. We then push to our beta environment which is used internally by Hornbill as our production system. If no issues are found here normally after 48 hours we then push to our productions machines. There has been speculation that performance degradation anywhere between 5% and 30% my be experienced after applying the patches. We will of course be monitoring this after applying any patches and do what we can to mitigate this impact for our customers. As this will be an OS/Kernel update a reboot will be required of the production systems in the usual maintenance windows.
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    Correct. You can see such limits in the "Entity Viewer" (when using "Database Schema"). The entity viewer can be found in admin tool: Home -> Hornbill Service Manager -> Entity Viewer Pics or it never happened!! ... Jokes aside, if you can PM a screenshot of an example please? I just tried this and I don't see a character limit on the description (as I would have expected)... Logging from email might follow a different scenario (don't see why but could be). So, if you can send me some examples (PM) of the issue, I can have a look and see what's going on...
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    @Dan Munns just an update here to let you know the option to evaluate values from previous custom forms in your override flag conditions on fields on other custom fields has now been completed and has been pushed to beta admin - meaning you can take a look at this if you log into your instance as follow: https://betaadmin.hornbill.com/INSTANCENAME The new functionality will allow you to evaluate field values from multiple previous custom forms i.e field 1 on custom form 1 and if needed field 1 on custom form 2 to control if a field is shown on custom form 3. This will be pushed to live shortly but i know you were keen to use this functionality so wanted to let you know it is available on beta and accessible if you wanted to utilise it now. Thanks Steve
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    @TrevorKillick Doing a bit more digging it appears AD holds them both. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms677987(v=vs.85).aspx It looks like we need to the 'c' attribute to get the alpha code rather than the LDPA attribute of the same name 'countrycode'. Cheers Martyn
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    I expect it would be code, rather than the display name Gerry
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    @HHH You may want to review the post below in terms of previous discussions about providing more information/reporting to external contacts via the customer portal. We too are an external customer support provider and from the sounds of it have a similar volume of external organisations using our services. Cheers Martyn
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    Hi @Darren Rose @samwoo Just a quick update on this, we are currently working on a knowledge story to introduce dynamic knowledge in progressive capture - so basically as your analysts and customers are filling int their progressive capture forms, they will (non intrusively) be presented with relevant knowledge (in the form of FAQ's, requests, known issues etc). As part of this story we have improved the search query, and also applied this to the general search query used in the portals. So once the knowledge story is released, your users will get two things: 1. Dynamic knowledge during the progressive capture logging process (hopefully cutting down further on the amount of tickets which need to be raised) 2. Multi word search matching, irrespective of order or position in documents, so using the original example a search for Holiday Approval would look for matches on Holiday Approval, Holiday or Approval and return matches against all of these. Sneak preview of the NEW progressive capture search below, obviously the look and feel is subject to change before release: This work is currently ongoing but watch out for the release notes in the Service Manager updates in the coming weeks Steve