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    We have moved the Activities component to just below the Information panel. This should be available over the next few weeks in one of the upcoming Service Manager updates. Regards, James
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    @Jeremy Yeah that makes sense, I've added a new output parameter to both the Sheets operations that will contain the row number that has been updated/appended. I've just released them to live, so your instance should have the updates in the next 5 minutes. Let me know how you get on with this. Cheers, Steve
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    Our development team has been hard at work since we first launched Project Manager in February 2018, 18 months on and lots of new features and areas of functionality have been added with lots more still to come. If you already have Project Manager or are looking to subscribe and would like to know more our next Live Product Demo is taking place where you can see the product and ask questions: Join Hornbill's Solution Specialist for a webinar offering a live overview of the Hornbill Project Management Solution, a native cloud service, offering a simpler and more intuitive way for Project teams to adopt and deploy best practice, with a shorter time to value. During the live webinar, we will explore the following Project Management Features: Program Management RAG Status Reports Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies The ability to raise Projects from Templates Project Milestones Task Management within Project Project Resourcing Cost Management GANTT Views Register Now
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    Hi @Lauren, Thanks for your post. TImesheet Manager is currently undergoing a major restructure. We are hoping to be able to share the new update with all of our customers in the very near future. Many things have changed, including the way categories are managed. Alex
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    Hi, Currently we get an error message every time we open (not create, just open to view) a call in Service Manager. No matter if it is a Service Request, Incident or Change. It seems it doesn't impact the functionality but for sure it is not looking good. I can't say when this started, if it was after the nightly update or before that. Can someone please let me know what to do. Kind Regards Per
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    @Alisha - I would go with @Keith's advice however I would say to be aware of the following: having multiple wildcards in a LIKE expression is not 100% fail proof, for what you are trying to achieve. You could have an expression as: subject LIKE '%Priority%1%' which can catch expression such as "Priority(1)", "Priority 1", "Priority: 1", "Priority Level 1", etc. However it can also catch expression such as "Priority 9 for user 1", "Priority 91", etc. As you can see, judging the expression the latter examples, the emails are intended as Priority 9 but they will match a Priority 1 criteria if built like that. The best solution is to actually ensure that the emails are sent using a set pattern such a "Priority: N" without any deviations. This would only be possible though if you can control the source of these emails...
  7. 2 points
    I haven't tried this but assume you can use something like this in your mail routings: subject LIKE 'Priority%1' OR subject LIKE '%Priority%1%' I don't think theres a limit to how many '%' you can use. This just represents 0 or more characters. Regards Keith
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    Hi Shamaila, One case where I have seen this is that the manage associated to the user's profile has been incorrectly set as part of an import. Best action is to look at the user's profile within Administration to see if the manager or the user name fields for that user contains too many characters.
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    OK @Martyn Houghton, I'll share this post with the Service Manager Team as it will have to be implemented in that context. They will be able to help more... See you in the next one ;-) Daniel.
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    @Martyn Houghton, cancellation reasons can be self defined... check here... Cheers Steve.
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    What's Changed HTTP Request iBridge utilities - updated the Body input parameter to be a multiline text entry field, rather than a single-line input.
  12. 1 point
    @carlt fix won't be available in the next SM app update, but the one after. We're looking at maybe 2-3 weeks or so.
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    Morning, I am having trouble this morning scheduling the change on the change calendar, It wont allow me to put a time in for the Change end date? it is grayed out? Am i doing something silly? - It will let me manually type in the end time but i cannot use the picker? Many thanks Hayley.
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    @chrisnutt looking at that setting it appears to be a global on/off setting and therefore could not be set on a per service basis. No harm in requesting it as an enhancement though if you need it to work in that manner.
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    @Steven Cotterell so basically this seems to be the issue, right? And this is on request details on a request with no service, correct?
  16. 1 point
    @dwalby Obviously the method above works best when it's on a form with other questions - on its own you'll just get a blank form, which will look a bit weird!
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    Thanks for the update Steve. Good to hear that this is working for you now.
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    @Michael Sharp we use a Hornbill only account called 'IT Wallboard' to display all our wallboards. Credentials are saved in Chrome / Password manager and it uses the 'backdoor' url to access the dashboards without the need for SSO so the machines can be on or off domain depending what else they are displaying. We just give it access to the required dashboards to display them around the business. Currently we have 6 wallboards using this account with no issues.
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    Can the order of the right-hand panels on the 'Request Screen' be made configurable, so that the 'Activities' panel can be moved up to immediately below the information panel. When time recording and members are added the activities section disappears downwards and you have to scroll down to see the current activities. As we extensively use workflow and activities so would be useful to have these more prominent at the top, compared to the other content. Cheers Martyn
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    Hello, Please could we have a field type for the time only when creating progressive captures. Instead of using a 'Single line text field', where customers/analysts can input times in different formats, e.g. 11am / 11 AM / 11:00 etc, it would be handy to have the option of just a time field to capture the time accurately. I know there is a 'Date & Time control', but sometimes the date is implied (the date of logging the request) or not necessary to capture. Many thanks, Alisha
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    @Victor, just to close the loop - the reports are working fine now. Thank you and thanks to those that worked on the fix. Much appreciated.
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    Would it be possible to add the ability to click, drag and select a whole bunch of nodes etc to select them in a PCF or BPM editor please? Or, if I've added a load of nodes to a Group Box, to be able to select that Group Box, press delete and for it to delete the box AND all the nodes inside it? thanks!
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    I need to have a look in the new build but I don't think re-running is necessary. I'll come back to this.
  24. 1 point
    @Steven Cotterell if you navigate to report history to a pending any report and then click on run ID it would throw an error like this: If you get this error on pending report then that was fixed and this is the unknown column the notes are referring to...
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    @Victor, will any scheduled reports that are showing as 'Pending' by re-run so that they then show as 'Completed'?
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    @all - a fix is on its way, will update with more info shortly...
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    @JO_7001 we’re looking into this, please bear with us...
  28. 1 point
    Good to know and have now done the 1st Option as this is probably the better one for us and it works well for what we need.. I'll keep an eye out for a fix when its available. Thanks again Bob! Cheers Simon
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    @HHH {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}} However there is an issue retrieving the latest update currently so I would wait until the next Core Collaboration and Service Manager update before using this.
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    @Logan Graham a task can have a maximum of 8 outcomes. If it has more, you get this error. Reduce the number of outcomes, I would suggest using custom fields in outcomes to enhance the options for each individual outcome while reducing the actual number of outcomes. More info here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Capture_Task_Fields
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    @Prem Prakash gautam Please can you PM an API key and we can look into this for you? Please find below a link to our guide on creating an API key: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys
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    +1 please - Filter would be good, but could we also have the option to store in folders too to help group types of views?
  33. 1 point
    Looks like a defect to me, I'll get it raised with development
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    Hello, I would like to use the {{user.phone}} session variable in a progressive capture. However, it only seems to work if I put it in the Description field. One of the questions we ask our customers is to provide their best contact number; the reason for this is if they are working at a different location, we will require that phone number instead for a call back. In order to improve the customer experience of logging requests, I wanted to use {{user.phone}} in the Default Value of a Single line text field so that their number appears and they don't need to type it in. I could even use both {{user.phone}} and {{user.mobile}} in the same field, and the customer would only need to edit the number if they are not working at their usual desk. Please could I request this as an enhancement, if not already possible. (I have tried, but can't get it to work.) Many thanks, Alisha
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    hi @Alisha, This feature is in our TODO list. You will definitely know once it will be released. Will update that post about it. Thank you, Miro
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    @Logan Graham Thank you for the post, we are aware of the issues & are currently investigating this. This is not affecting the requests in any way other than presenting the message. There will be an update automatically applied to remove the message. Many thanks, Nanette
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    Whats New New Hornbill Service Manager integrations - Log New Change Request; Log New Known Error; Log New Problem; Log New Release. Whats Changed Hornbill Service Manager integrations, added new exception handling - Log New Incident; Log New Service Request. Whats Fixed iBridge integration - HTTP Request - Basic Auth. Fixed typo in output parameters display name.
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    @Stuart Torres-Catmur @SimonSheldon suggested change is done and it need to go thru our release process - so you should see it soon. Thanks, Miro
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    I think this post may help here:
  41. 1 point
    +1. This may be our most important issue with Service manager ever. That assets cannot be "used" by external organisations
  42. 1 point
    +1 on this from me too!
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    Hi @Jeremy I've added support for the above in to the password generator utility, it's been released so should be on your instance in the next few minutes. Config as below. Cheers, Steve
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    This has been a useful thread. I'm just starting out and could foresee a similar situation arising so have just updated the 'CancellationReason' simple list. Thanks James
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    @Steven Cotterell Thanks!! You learn something new everyday
  46. 1 point
    Hi @HHH We do have a change in our backlog for this. I'll add you to the change. Regards, James
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    To be honest, all I've done is taken a look at JavaScript coding (https://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp) as I'm really not very good with this sort of stuff! I've just messed with it and (so far) it seems to be working ok!
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    Hi @David Hall Looks like a 'cache' problem (or not as the case may be!) The person was making change, coming out of the settings page and in to the request list, then going back to the settings page, and it didn't look as if the changes had 'stuck'. But refreshing this page DOES pick up the saved settings....so thanks for that!
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    A big thank you to everyone that has already indicated their availability for our Insights 20 Customer Roundtable. I can now confirm that the Roundtable will take place at 16:00-18:00 on Thursday 25th July at The Sir John Balcombe, Marylebone. Venue Address: Sir John Balcombe, 21 Balcombe Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 6HE We are very keen to attain your feedback from Insights 19 so that together, we can formulate the most valuable content and structure for Insights 20. We want to hear about the challenges you are facing within your organisation which will greatly help us drive the content we deliver to you all. Your contribution is invaluable to the Hornbill Community and we greatly appreciate your input. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday for some lively discussions accompanied by some drinks and food of course! If you haven’t already confirmed your attendance and you are now able to join us please could you kindly let us know, thank you
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    @Nick Brailsford you have to use a full licence unfortunately but as we allow multiple log ons we only use one account to display around 10 wallboards around the business. If you are only using the wallboard for Service Desk stuff we have 4 pages on the slide show (though some widgets are mirrored on other pages) showing things like (in no particular order): Unread emails in Service Desk inbox Total number of SRs logged this week (and another widget to show closed this week) Total number IN logged this week (and another widget to show closed this week) Number of requests assigned per analyst Number of requests open and breached Total number of all requests in queue Total number of all requests closed this week Total number of requests unassigned Requests assigned per analyst IT Security show things like: Number of Security bulletins per month Number of SOC alerts per month Total number of open requests Number of requests open by anayst I think you just need to work out what info will be useful for the SD team leader / manager to have without having to navigate to a dashboard they have set up from views. Requests per analyst helps here as they just have to look up to see the most available analyst rather than go to an analysts stack or create a view etc. We also use some of the wallboard info in a separate dashboard to cut and paste into the monthly SLT report to make the reporting a lot easier as well.
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