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    I absolutely agree with Dan, it was a great day yesterday and he anticipated my words. (have you got a backdoor in my brain LOL); It was really amazing meet the people that made Hornbill the amazing rocket it is! a special thank for @Manish @AbdiH @NadeemMazhar @Nanettem @Daniel Dekel@ArmandoDM @Steven Boardman @James Ainsworth ROCK'N'ROLL!
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    Thank you all for your feedback, its much appreciated. We will be making next years event a two-day affair, we will be announcing the dates very soon so you will have plenty of time to organize your diary. The event will have a much bigger focus on training and education, so watch this space for dates and a preliminary outline over the coming months. Kind Regards, Gerry
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    Would be nice if we could have a widget for your current requests outstanding or something.?
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    Topic to discuss the upcoming My Services view - be there at INSIGHTS 2018 to discover more.
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    @LawesD, Thanks for your post. Custom fields in Tasks does not behave in the same way as a custom form in a Progressive Capture. You could use the value from a completed task to update h_custom_a in a BPM. I can elaborate on how to achieve this requirement. You can use Requests > Update Request > Custom Fields Automated Task to update h_custom_a (or any other custom field for that matter) using the answer to a custom field in a Task. Consider the following example where I have created a custom field called fieldEmail in a Human Task... I can then use the Variable Picker pop-up for Custom A option in Requests > Update Request > Custom Fields Automated Task to instruct the Business Process to set h_custom_a with value of the custom field that I had defined against the Human Task. Hope this helps. Thanks, Ehsan
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    Topic to discuss the upcoming Hornbill Today view - be there at INSIGHTS 2018 to discover more.
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    Hi, Could we have the option to create tasks as cards from the 'Add new' button. At the moment I am creating tasks and then having to add them to the boards. This would be much quicker with tasks as an option.
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    This is available by uploading an image attachment to the card, you can do this by editing the card and uploading your image. You can then set the attachment to be the card background by clicking the picture icon next to the image This is only available for certain types of cards as some cards do not provide the option to edit or attach a file. Currently it can be done on standard cards and those created from activity-streams posts. Thanks Trevor
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    @Kelvin @Lyonel so, this query gives you all the processes that are in use. For some reason I can't get a query running to retrieve processes that are not in use (not sure why, I'll keep looking). SELECT DISTINCT(h_title) FROM h_bpm_processes WHERE h_name IN (SELECT h_value FROM h_sys_app_settings WHERE h_key IN ('app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.incident','app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.service','app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.change','app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.problem','app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.knownerror','app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.release')) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_incident_bpm_name FROM h_itsm_services) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_service_bpm_name FROM h_itsm_services) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_problem_bpm_name FROM h_itsm_services) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_change_bpm_name FROM h_itsm_services) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_knownerror_bpm_name FROM h_itsm_services) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_release_bpm_name FROM h_itsm_services) OR h_name IN (SELECT h_bpm FROM h_itsm_service_catalog) ORDER BY h_title This being said, you can simplify the above if, for example, you are certain you only have and use processes on catalog items, then the query becomes like: SELECT DISTINCT(h_title) FROM h_bpm_processes WHERE h_name IN (SELECT h_bpm FROM h_itsm_service_catalog) ORDER BY h_title In any case, the first query returns all processes configured in all possible/potential places. With this list, you can then have a look at all processes in your instance and remove the ones that are not on the list if you like. The query can also be ported into a report with the use of JOINs...
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    @Darren Rose, All, Just wanted to add to Ryan's post for future references... You can add a card to a Board via a number of automated tasks in a Business Process. In the example below, I have added a Request card to a Board. Please note that by selecting Hornbill Service Manager from the Application drop-down list, you're instructing the Board Manager to follow the template for a Service Manager Request card. You may use this operation to add other card types. I would hope that the documentation for each option provides the information required. To move a card from a lane to another lane in a Board, you'll need to chain the following automated tasks. To begin with, we need to find the card on the Board using Get Card Information automated task. Below, I have provided the Board, Lane and the Key to the card (i.e. Id of the Request). I have then used an automated task to move to card to another lane on the Board, using Move Card On Board. My Business Process then looks as below. You can also remove a card from a Board. Hope this helps. Ehsan
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    I have some concerns about the new anaylst portal design, and the choices made RE: spacing/colours etc. As you can see, the questions are very pale and difficult to read as the font appears to have shrunk. There is also an issue whereby the 'description' from the previous question seems squashed on top of the next question's header thus again, making it difficult to read. Please could I ask that this is reviewed and the spacing/colouring looked at because whilst it looks clean and modern, our analysts have voiced concerns. Thanks
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    This is a long requested feature which I spoke to several developers about at Insights ( @Ehsan ).
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    Hi @Steve G, Thanks for your response. You are right, Power BI authentication wasn't recognising the installed gateway (personal mode). After reviewing the pages from you and from Microsoft website , it seems to be a known issue with the personal gateway. The workaround available is as per below; 1. Open the On-premises Data Gateway (personal mode) desktop app on the machine where the gateway is installed. 2. Go to the connectors tab and switch off the Custom data connectors feature. 3. Click Apply -> Apply & Restart. 4. On the data-set page, click edit credentials and sign in. This resolved my issue and now able to schedule refreshes etc. Thanks for all your help @Steve G and @Victor . Kind Regards Michael
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    I'd like to +1 this. I'm having most of the same issues. This is a small thing, but can I just add my massive disappointment that the buttons are now ALL CAPS. It was much nicer looking previously in sentence case.
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    @Kelvin I think it's here: (edit: just seen @Daniel Dekelpost.....beat me to it!)
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    I second this, Ours have also gone gray and shrunk, and the explanations/supporting info below the question are bigger and clearer than the question itself? Another problem is that the boxes don't expand with the amount of information typed, so analysts cant see what they have typed if they have typed more than the spacing allows. They have already started moaning about this. I am finding this quite messy, its not easy to view, especially if you have explanations underneath the questions, you cant easily tell where the next question starts? Hayley.
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    @dwalby here is the templates we use: Request logged: Request updated: Request resolved: I hope this helps
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    +1 for us too: - Linking documents to Service - Tag search available from the global search bar in service portal
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    @Martyn Houghton - I hope I can help in some way to boost this... +1 to publishing documents to Services on the Portal
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    Would it be possible to have the ability to control the display order of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ's) within the Service properties, so that they can be reorderd when displayed on the customer portal? Cheers Martyn
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    +1 !!!! Definitely. I was planning on selling this app to my colleagues on Monday and hit the same inconvenience as Dan
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    Keep up the pressure @Keith @Ehsan that's great to hear!
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    @Josh Bridgens sorry, just seeking some clarification, why the need of completing both is not right for what you need to achieve?
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    @Keith It is indeed. Look forward to seeing you there. https://insights.hornbill.com/ Gerry