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    @Steve G using IP instead of host name works like a charm with v1.5.0 Not ideal, but definitely nothing you can do about it. I do understand that. I will keep an eye on the github issue. Thanks for everything guys! Works as expected now
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    We work with external customers worldwide and expect to, when we have completed our roll-out, handle around 3000 customer organisations in Hornbill and their linked contacts. We went live with our first offices on August 1st so we now have some experience of working with the system and our analysts and admins - though overall very positive - experience some frustration when it comes to the organisation and contact management as well as linking to services. This is the feedback we have compiled: The process of adding new organisations and contacts as well as linking them to services and enabling portal access is very cumbersome. We would like the following improvements to this process:- To be able to link services directly to the organisation when we create the organisation, from the organisation.- To be able to view and update which services an existing organisation is subscribing to directly from the organisation.- To be able to set organisation view as default for an organisation (on organisation level) - also when the customer has not yet logged any tickets.- To be able to set portal access and login id directly when creating a contact (in the same form)
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    @Cizzling Some of your feedback echos our experience as well, as we too are a predominantly external facing support service, with about just under a half of the organisation volume you have. Though there has been some improvements abut viewing service subscriptions, the subscription process itself is still only able to be set from the Service end. Hopefully as more of us utilise the tool for external support we can increase the focus on the organisation/contact and customer portal elements of the platform. Cheers Martyn
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    Thanks @Mohamed, any timeline on this? Sam
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    Thanks ... but my effort on this was limited (actually very close to none) ... Full merit is for @Daniel Dekel and @trevorharris !!
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    @Aaron Summers so: tag for the first build: .. and also another tag for the second build which actually fixed this
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    Any updates regarding being able to connect assets to customers or organisations?
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    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. Our development team is currently looking into the best solution to this. I totally agree that you need the context of the post for it to be useful. I'll post another update when we have more information. Alex
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    @Martyn Houghton in the next Service Manager update we have made some enhancements to the email component on requests * Ability to view / choose the email template you wish to use (see drop down in screen shot) - controlled by a system setting, so those who do not want agents to have the choice and want to retain the existing behaviour will be able to do so. * The ability to see the template content / variables * Ability to edit it before sending - including the insertion of existing snippets * HTML editor options as shown below We are probably a couple of weeks away from this Service Manager update being available but hopefully this will help Steve
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    Fantastic!! Wanted this for a long time
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    And by AlexpandrP I obviously mean AlexanderP - I CAN spell my own name...honest....
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    Hi @James AinsworthAinsworthAinsworthAinsworth, (There's something wrong with the forum on my mobile, it duplicated your last name above and wouldn't let me delete it) I know I've posted my interest on this in the past in other posts... But I was wondering if we can do something around Services for visibility? In our organisation any manager within a Service should know what's going on within that Service and not any other Service. I propose there to be a Business Manager(s) field within the Service Portfolio where we can define these managers who should have visibility of all tickets within that Service. This could then be extended with some of your options above - I particularly like the idea of "Who can see my request" and if the customer clicks on it they can see a list of people and manually remove the ones they do not wish to view it. This scenario is unlikely here but may cater for other organisations. Another option i thought of is to use the current Manager fields against the users and automatically build an internal visibility hiearchy (which I hope in SM and the Portals we can view this hiearchy) which can be used to control visibility of the request(s). This option is suited for organisations where the manager field is populated for every employee within a team this would work for us for example. Director of Service | Manager | Supervisor | Team Leader 1 ------------ Team Leader 2 |. | Staff 1. Staff 4 Staff 2. Staff 5 Staff 3. Staff 6 With the method above there will need to be an option to define whether an organisation would allow users at the same level to view requests or have it only hiearchy based. I know that some teams this is important and others not so much. I understand the importance of private information within requests so if there can be a solution to that combine with some of the ideas... Would make for a very robust visibility system. Thanks, Samuel.
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    Hi @Alisha, I have made a change to only display the content of Default Value within the Questions section, if the field type is Label. In the example below, only "Welcome to Hornbill ;)" text in Default Value field will be shown in the Questions section of a Request. As per below, there will be no duplication of text. This does means that you'll have to revert your Progressive Capture back to it's original version, where the Default Value contained your message. Would you be OK to make this change? This change will be available in the next major Service Manager build, which is estimated to be available in the week commencing 24th September. Thanks, Ehsan
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    Please play Alien Isolation in VR .... ideally at night! https://store.steampowered.com/app/214490/Alien_Isolation/
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    HI @Alisha Some of the other variables that I believe are currently available are... user.fName user.lName user.accountRefUrn user.currentTimeZoneOffset user.userId user.userName user.jobTitle user.mobile user.email Regards, James
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    @dwalby try this in the WHERE clause: h_datelogged >= NOW() - INTERVAL 1 MONTH *don't forget to have the h_status criterion in there as well...
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    I have numerous custom views with numerous charts that were visible up until a few days ago Sam
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    @Martyn Houghton - I think you know we are doing a massive overhaul of portals. It would be worth asking @Gerry about this I think... maybe the new portals will have this capability
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    @Victor custom expression display names are the same as before, just now you can actually see the full path of the variable that has been selected (in old form they were cut off so you would never know what the var was that you picked). However the starting part in this case "Custom PCF...-." is quite space consuming so i have shortened start of all refs to PCF questions to just "PCF->" . Will be in next build.
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    Hi all @Victor @Daniel Dekel @trevorharris I'm pleased to say that it fixed and confirmed from my manager that it is working. I truly appreciate for all your effort to resolved this issue Many thanks, Aaron
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    @dwalby I won't be able to tell you exactly as many people are on vacations now and the change needs to be done across various teams. A rough estimate is about a month.
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    @TSheward_SGW the latest Project Manager update, which is now live, has removed the restriction around adding project tasks to boards that are exclusive to that project. I hope you find this a useful addition. Alex