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    As I am sure you know, Hornbill platform updates are fully automatic and happen without any human intervention, ensuring you are always on the latest software versions, this is part of our continuous delivery development process and strategy and we have been doing this since 2015 when we introduced the Hornbill platform. However, I am also sure you that you know, while the platform is kept up to date, applications are not, its left up to you as an administrator to do the update by simply pressing the "Update" button in the Hornbill app store. One of most requested platform changes we have had at every Hornbill INSIGHTS meeting is for us to extend the automated updates to applications that are installed on your instance, so I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have now reached the point where we are able to do this and will be turning this on over the next 2-3 weeks. The main sticking point for us this end was building out, and ensuring we had robust automated testing for each application, which we are now satisfied we have achieved. Once we switch over, application updates will be automatically applied to your instance within the maintenance window you have set. You will also receive email notifications advising you of updates to applications when they happen just like you do for platform updates (assuming you have that configured). You will see that the "Update" button will still be present in the Admin tool when there are new updates, so if there is a need to update in an emergency, for example, if we pushed an urgent hot-fix that you need to apply, you could do that immediately without having to wait for the maintenance window. However, when updates are made available, they will be applied automatically at the first opportunity within the maintenance window configured for your instance. This was a much requested change that I know a lot of you have been asking for, expect to see this change in the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks Gerry
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    @Neil Smith, @Charlie Jones, @Vikki Cameron, @Blowerl, @Philip Walker, We have identified the cause of this issue. This will be patched directly to your instance very shortly. Apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused. For the Requests that were effected by this failure, a restart may automatically resume the Request's progress. Please refer to "How to restart a failed workflow" section in the Wiki document below for instructions: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Designer Thanks, Ehsan
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    Hi @Lauren The following should give you the results you need. This will give you the previous months results based on the current date: Here is the text if you would like to copy and paste: YEAR(h_dateresolved) = YEAR(CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) AND MONTH(h_dateresolved) = MONTH(CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL 1 MONTH) Kind Regards Bob
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    I'm looking into raising a change that will allow a customer to update their previously submitted feedback. This will most likely have a setting to control if this is enabled or disabled across all requests to begin with. I'll update this post with any progress of the change. Regards, James
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    Is there somewhere that I can switch on 'wordwrap' in the description box when I'm creating a PCF please? I'm having to resort to typing out text in notepad++ then transferring it to Hornbill as, if I need to type anything more than a line long it gets really difficult to see and edit.... thanks!
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    @Jo Sword the project settings tab only appears in the right hand menu when you are looking at the project, and if you are the project manager of that project. Alex
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    We use several custom forms in our progressive captures. If I add a regexp validation to a field there is no way to display the validation error message in the customer's language. There is no translation function.
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    hi @HHH I just did check and regex translated errors are working like expected. Here is how I did it: 1) pickup language you want to edit 2) enter translated message As you can see I'm testing here if user enter digits, if it fail it disply error in proper (user session) language. Let me know if you did it. Thank you, Miro
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    Hi Foley, Thanks for your post. Looking at the attached email and the explanation within that email, I see that you are using wiki markup, and I believe this is what you are expecting to be bold within the email. Wiki mark-up is a great way to format text that is held in certain fields or forms within Hornbill, however the limitation comes when transferring this information to applications external to Hornbill. The wiki mark-up will only be recognised with Hornbill or by other apps that also use wiki mark-up. In this case, the email client will not be able to interpret the markup that you have used within Hornbill. The email templates and email editors in Hornbill are HTML based editors where you should be able to apply the appropriate font. However, if you are using that particular string that includes the the three apostrophes, the may also be included in your email. Also worth a mention, this is a public forum so you may want to remove that email which contains valid email addresses. In its place, a screen grab with the email addresses masked out would be recommended. Regards, James
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    Hello, Is it possible to disable comments when a request is in a 'Closed' state? If not, please may I request this as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
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    Hi Alisha, Since our earlier posts, a new option has been added to the widgets so that this can be done within the widget itself under the Datalist Settings Let us know if this works for you. Regards, James
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    As @Alberto M has outlined we too have the situation where customer gets confused and feedback needs to be corrected. Perhaps the option here is to allow as user's to change there feedback score through the portal and the change is recorded on the timeline as an audit? @Alberto M Out of interest are this internal customers using the Service Portal or the external one using the Customer Portal? Cheers Martyn
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    @Alberto M basically the place to discuss these things is right here, on our forums. If you need to run UPDATE and/or INSERT then it mees somewhere there is some functionality missing. It can possibly mean that something is actually broken.
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    @Victor, we used to run a few UPDATE and INSERT scripts from time to time. If you say "If there is a need to run INSERT or UPDATE then it means there is a lack of functionality somewhere or some existing functionality does not work as intended, which needs to be looked at product managers and/or development team.", what will be the best way to share with you our needs for running those scripts? (Sorry to hijack your post, @Martyn Houghton )
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, Do you have an update on this, please? We would like to have the option to disable comments when a request is closed so that customers don't raise anything new that way. Comments here could also easily be missed. Many thanks, Alisha
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    @Nikolaj i am sure there is a better way to do this (but it's late on a Friday evening) Report definition attached project-tasks---assignee-id.report.txt
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    We have gone live across our group of three hospitals with service manager for the digital services team (IT), this has allowed our staff base from each employer to function as one service before the organisation has progressed with a legal merger. This has benefited our service delivery and allowed us to define and create single processes where possible. As a result of this success the organisation is looking at other departments/services to on board the platform and start benefiting from the same efficiencies and create a "one-stop-shop" for our staff base (15,000+ staff). I am looking to engage with anyone that has either done this across all of their corporate services/back office functions especially those in public services or preferably a healthcare environment. Being in a group model of hospitals makes our environment very complex and challenging to structure and merge so it would be very beneficial for me to engage with other Hornbill customers or Hornbill team Experts and discuss to the right approach for this and compare with real life case studies. Our Estates & Facilities Management (EFM) Team are looking for a single solution (if possible) now and I would be grateful for any EFM customers of Hornbill to share knowledge and lessons learned. This applies to all functions in truth, Security, HR, Finance etc so I would be grateful to hear back from anyone this relates to.
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    Hi @chriscorcoran, Yes currently the you can only get Assets filtered by a Customer's Site and not by simply selecting a Site via the Site form Since this new functionality, I will raise it with the team for discussion and will get back to you Regards Mohamed
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    @Nikolaj sure just go into the report config - Select Filter and choose the Due Date between filter If it is between two date periods, leave the Value is between setting (change this to greater than or less than if you are looking for due dates before or after a variable, i.e due date before end of yesterday). But if it is for the current month - then delete the two values (start of Yesterday and end of yesterday) and add new values (always two if you are dong a Value is Between filter), and use the variable picker to choose Start of Month and End of Month for example. if you are dong a greater than or less than then you only need one value to evaluate against. Remember you also have the Save As option with the reports, so you can create various different versions of the report if needed.
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    @Tom Gilbert thanks for your post. I'll ask our development team to take a look at this. It shouldn't be possible to cancel a project when there are still active tasks and it shouldn't be possible to delete a project unless it is cancelled. Something clearly isn't right here... Alex
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    Hi Gerry Thanks for the above explanation on the approach to updates. Personally, I like the idea of taking the task of updates away from myself However, other interested parties within my organisation are nervous around changes outside of our control, I will just have to sell this approach to them, and will use O365 as a good example Some kind of heads up on the Forum would more than suffice - I will let you know of any feedback when I check this with the CAB team. Many thanks !
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    Hi Gerry Will there be a published schedule of when these updates would take place at all? Would it be a set date each week / month or would these updates potentially be implemented any day? The reason I ask is for any updates I have implemented to date, these are discussed and agreed at our weekly CAB meetings. If there is an option for us to specify a date for these updates to allow us to be able to present the changes to our CAB? I note you do mention these updates will be implemented within a specified window set by ourselves? Many thanks
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    @Michael Sharp @AlexTumber FYI I've moved this to the Project Manager forum.
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    @Victor yes just checked the workflow and it was doing exactly that, Thanks
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    @AlexTumber probably text, so that we can add additional contacts, business and customer owners for certain products/services.
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    @Darren Rose glad you like them :-) . A very happy new year to you as well! I'll speak with our development team regarding the Harry Hornbill image on the report. I know that the plan for printing the report is to offer choices on which sections of the report to print (much the same way as it works in Service Manager) so I'll make sure it's something that's taken into account. We are working on the other report actions right now so hopefully they will be available soon. Originally we weren't going to show the icons if they weren't available but we wanted to give you visibility of the functionality that's coming. Alex
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    Hello, Is there a way of finding out who has clicked on the 'Dislike' button on the FAQs so we can get feedback on how to improve the information we provide our customers? If not, please may I suggest this as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
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    The fix for this issue has been completed and is expected in the next Service Manager update which should be available in the next week or two. Regards, James
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    +1 for me too please
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    @Adrian Simpkins At the moment it's not possible to provide a reason when adding a Member so your suggestion is spot on.
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    I would recommend greenshot for this. It is a free tool and if you select 'Open in image editor' when you do your capture you there are options to allow you to obfuscate data/highlight/add step counters very easily. One of the best tools I have used for grabbing screenshots and using them for forums or how to documentation
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    @Martyn Houghton The forum is correct, the notes in the admin tool are showing the notes for 1803. I'll get it updated for when we do our next update.
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    Hi @Steve G, Thanks for this - I will give it a go. I have come across that method but didnt' think to use it instead of entityBrowseRecords2. Cheers, Samuel
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    I think it has worked! Thanks @Victor Hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!
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    hi @Darren Rose, There are some plans to share activity board views with others but can't tell you more details as it's still under planning. In other words it won't happen soon but it's in work stack. Thank you, Miro
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    I use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-mode-zen/ for Firefox. Works really well with Hornbill ITSM
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    +1 for us too please.....sames as @Adrian Simpkins we have new teams and departments joining Hornbill all the time, and setting up their profiles and roles is pretty difficult at the moment! Adding roles to Teams would be a good start for us please. thanks
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    Bump for this one - is this something that can be added to the Roadmap Developments at all please? This feature is something we would utilise greatly going forward, as other departments are interested in onboarding to Service Manager, so we have a vision of ultimately automating this in a BPM, so for example a new User joins a team, and the BPM could call the template specific to their role and potentially automate their Hornbill setup? Thanks !
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    Over the past quarter, Team Hornbill has added a number of new features to Service Manager that you may not have been aware of. We have added a new section to the Wiki to give you a quarterly overview of these new features, along with some information around the setup and configuration if you would like to use them. We hope to update this "What's New" section regularly with new features from other applications too, so keep a lookout This quarters overview can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2019_Q3
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    same here. +1 would like email to be handles as attachements, rahter than timeline update. basically how support-works used to do it
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    This would be helpful for us as well!
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, Do you have an update on this please? We have started to use routing rules to automatically log requests and it would be really helpful if the attachments are also automatically added. Many thanks, Alisha
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    @HHH When a request is at Resolved status. in the customer portal they get the red and green button prompt to confirm it is fixed or if it is still not working. They do not have the option to comment, attach or feedback when the status is set to Resolved. If they click on the it is still not working, it will reset the status back to open. We adjusted/removed the standard by updating the translation, but you cannot disable the buttons, hence why the red one just has a dot in it as it could not be null. The reason we do this is to stop the customer from re-opening request as this currently breaks/reset the SLA from scratch. Our current BPM close the request one minute after it is set to resolved, so the customer can then leave feedback. We have asked to be able to trigger the above by setting a request as resolved but not marking the SLA timers, but pausing them, so you do not hit the issue with the SLA being reset. I dig out the forum posts and add them to this for info. Cheers Martyn
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    @Tom Gilbert a new field on the Issues form 'Mitigation' has been added to the next Project Manager update. Alex
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    +1 from us too, to prevent updates being applied to closed requests especially via the portal.
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    Hi @James Ainsworth, please add me to this change thanks Neil Gallacher
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    I agree with @HHH. We are moving from a system that does this already (puts attachments that are emailed in or attached via the portal in an attachments section). Hoping this arrives sooner rather than later into the application.
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