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    I wanted to post a quick update on the progress of scheduled reports. We have been doing a lot of work in this area and have been looking at how we make this do some really useful things. There are a number of things we have had to develop in order to pull this together. Scheduling - we built a set of API's and system functions to support generic scheduling, we initially used this for scheduled tasks, this is now also being used to drive scheduled reports Presentation - we have re-styled all report output and have implemented PDF output, we will be replacing the HTML output with PDF output as the standard, this makes the report presentation consistent and portable on all platforms including mobile. Delivery - our current implementation of report delivery will be via Document Manager, not email. We have taking this decision as we want to facilitate other functions and capabilities, specifically we want to enable mobile delivery and report schedule history as well as collaboration of course. We are still rounding out some of the finer technical points but I am pleased to say that all of the technical problems have been solved so we have something working and I hope to have this in preview/beta in the next 2-3 weeks all being well. Gerry
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    We already have a "Product Manager" app under development. It handles (or is planned to handle) the following major data entities. Products Components Releases Defects Features The basic aim of the application is to provide product lifecycle management. Once a product is defined, you can create releases. Released have a lifecycle so Planned, In Progress, Released as well as a status, Alpha, Beta etc... A release is essentially a container of Releases and Defects against a product. A release is considered feature complete when all Features associated with the release are implemented and all Defects associated with that release are Fixed. The application will allow you to manage/generate release notes etc. The Portal interface will provide a way for customers up-vote/down-vote features and defects, features and defects will also have a lifecycle, when they are open they will either be in the product backlog, or they will be associated to a release. Thats a very high level overview but thats the essence of the high level specification. The application is targeted at "Software Companies" who make and support software products they make. You can achieve the same thing using Service Manager, mapping problems to defects, enhancements to changes and releases to releases but I felt that the business of managing software products has some very specific needs that if we tried to meet with Service Manager would either be very hacky or would take Service Manager off in the wrong direction. I have no target date at the moment, the development work so far as been unprioritized. If there is sufficient interest from say 3 to 5 companies already using our platform who would like an app like this that we can wok with, and who would be willing to help drive the feature set and once built be willing to do a case study I would be keen to put together a working group and prioritise development of the application. In exchange for that early input, testing and roll-out I would of course offer those companies the use of the app for free, for life. @samwoo does that sound like the sort of app you are looking for? Interested? Anyone else interested at this point in time? Gerry
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    Hi Tom, we are aware of the issue and our infrastructure team are currently working to resolve this. Further information will be posted as and when it becomes available via the Hornbill forums at the following thread: Please monitor this for the latest updates. Best Regards, Daniel
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    @alecwa apologies. I misunderstood your requirement. To set up a role you need to set at up at Home > System > Organisational Data > Roles and then create new role. Add Hornbill Service Manager under Applications, privilege level will be user. You can then set application rights (the tab wont show up until you have saved the role). You can set 'View Service Requests' / 'View Incidents' / 'View Requests' then save it and assign users to it. You just need to make sure that the users don't have any roles which will elevate their permissions so you may need to add other permissions to the newly created role (view only on the mailbox for example) Our read only users have the following roles. 'Basic User Role', 'Self Service User', 'Collaboration Role' and 'Read Only Requests' (which only has the 'View Requests' permission mentioned above)
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    No worries. I thought the title might draw people in. Mission accomplished!
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    @all The issue is that one of our infrastructure resources is heavily under load. This is causing the exact symptoms you experience: slowness, the timeouts, etc.. We are working on the clock to free up this resource but is taking a but I'm afraid. I don't have any more updates at this point but it might be the case it will take a bit longer than our original estimate to restore the full service. As I understand at this point it will take roughly 20-25 more min to have this sorted. Once again apologies for inconveniences caused.
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    Just to back up what @Gerry posted - almost every time I have had issues (and not just with this specific goal) is when we have agreed to take this path, and then someone, or a small group, don't stick to pushing replies to the workspace. The walk-up requests can also be the best leverage, especially if you're sneaky - I've used phrases like "I can't help just now, but if you post it on the workspace I'll see it as soon as I'm free, and someone else might even get to it first." then (when they've gone) nudge a colleague, get them to answer it as soon as it's posted. This is slightly artificial, obviously, but it helps to cement the awareness that you get a faster answer when everyone can see it, rather than just asking one person.
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    @Keith the latest build of Project Manager now includes the ability to relate Service Requests to projects Thanks Steve
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    Sorry, found the solution already. I did not have the project administrator rights. Added these and I was able to create the template.
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    Hi @Lyonel Just to let you know, we have an idea on a way of potentially improving this and this has been proven against one of the internal apps we are working on. We are now in the discussions on how we could best transfer this to Service Manager and its feasibility. So although I do not have a tangible update for you at present, please be assured this is still something we are investigating and I will endeavor to keep you up-to-date with any developments Kind Regards Bob
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    Good to hear @Chaz its been a long time coming and I know its a problem i've seen often on the forum. I'm sure you guys will review the other comments on the forum surrounding this area i.e. icon size and ordering and not just the removal of the "more" button to allow displaying more icons (although that is admittedly this biggest issue). Keith
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    Happy to say that a change to how we display icons is in our 90-day queue and we'll be starting on it soon.
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    Are there plans for any custom fields to be added to the projects. I can already see that we would need some additional information. See screenshot of our current excel project portfolio. Thanks Keith
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    Good to hear @alextumber
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    I don't think it is sufficient to limit the use of progressive capture to that contained in the settings. I can envisage us wanting different progressive captures (with custom forms) dependent on project type. It would seem to me that the project type should allow a progressive capture & BPM to be assigned. Regards Keith
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    Thanks @Darren Rose I'll add this sorting requirement and get back as we progress it, seems like a reasonable one Steve
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    @yelyah.nodrog Hayley At the moment I do not think this is possible but is something we would use as well. Cheers Martyn
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    It would be possible for the pop out window when hovering over the Linked Requests to include the Sub Status as well as the parent Status value? Cheers Martyn
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    @Paul Morrow great, do let us know how you get on looking at Project Manager and if you have any feedback / suggests. We are currently in BETA status with this app so looking for feedback on how it can be improved, refined and enhanced Thanks Steve
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    @Steven Boardman Cheers, I've set this up as you requested. It looks like it's refreshing absolutely fine for the console and testing. Gone back to the other dashboard and seems setting refresh to 1 minute is doing the trick there too. Thanks, looks all good now.
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    No need, thanks @Victor
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    @Ralf Peters @Dan Munns the incorrect action focus has now been confirmed as a defect, our dev team is working to have it fixed.
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    Hi When using an 'Add Attachment' node in a ProCap, customers are able to upload documents but sometimes the documents our customers want to upload are emails. We have tried to drag and drop an email in but it doesn't seem to work so we are having to tell customers to save emails on their desktops and then upload from there. Can something be done so emails can be uploaded if required? Thanks Sam
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    @Martyn Houghton @DeadMeatGF @samwoo @m.vandun Appologies for the late response, this feature was released in September so you can make copies of existing email templates. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    @Darren Rose it would be a report based on this type of query: SELECT h_itsm_requests.h_pk_reference, TIMEDIFF(h_itsm_requests.h_datelogged, h_msg_messages.h_msg_date_received) as time_difference, h_itsm_requests.h_datelogged, h_msg_messages.h_msg_date_received FROM h_itsm_requests JOIN h_msg_messages ON h_msg_messages.h_msg_id = h_itsm_requests.h_source_id WHERE h_itsm_requests.h_source_type = 'Email' Obviously, the fields ins this SELECT example are just that, examples, apart from calculated "time_difference" which is actually the time difference you are looking for... What I mean is that you don't have to return h_pk_reference, h_datelogged or h_msg_date_received ... you can remove them or not, add other fields, etc. As per your needs.
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    Hi @dwalby Having to refresh the page is not normal. Any action that you apply to the request should be seen immediately, and not only for you but also for anyone else who might be looking at the request when you make the change. We may have to have a look at your logs or have someone from the support team take a look. Regards, James
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    @Chaz Is it possible to have a telephone 'number' be an email address - as we use Skype for Business exclusively for internal calls we don't have phone numbers, just the sip address, and we would find it very useful to have that clickable to call a colleague, rather than open an email dialog.
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    Update looks like it was a red herring the charts seem to be working. one of them seems to be faulty looking into it now, thanks for the updates
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    Thanks @Gerry I will keep you posted. It certainly looks to be a problem our end. Thanks for the help.
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    Hi @shamaila.yousaf the lists have been in for a while but we are always adding more options to evolve them. On that subject we have a story to look at views, and export options but it is not scheduled as yet, as soon as it is i'll post back with a better indication on when this will be available Steve
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    Hi @yelyah.nodrog I think the basis of this is correct - but it might just need some small amendments: 1) Value Column - Change this to the Request ID 2) Query Where Clause - Change to (h_status = 'status.resolved' OR h_status='status.closed') AND h_resolvedby_teamname = 'Service Desk' 3) Percentage Sub Query - Change to (h_withinresponse = 0 OR h_withinfix = 0) Check to see if this works....if so you can take a copy and simply change the team name for other areas. Kind Regards Bob
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    @SJEaton let us know how you get on with the customers manager views. We do have a story for enabling connections to view requests on the portals but this is not scheduled as yet. I have added you, Samuel and Martyn as interested parties to that story which will help move it's priority forward. We'll post back here as that story moves forward, but do let us know how you get on with the customers manager option Steve
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    Hi Darren, What do you guys currently use to do this? Do you guys create software? Gerry
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    Hi Claire, Everyone will get this as soon as its in preview, you will see a Harry Hornbill notice once its rolled out. We wont be doing email distribution at this time, we are using Document Manager as the distribution mechanism because we get more functionality and of course it makes the reports more collaborative. Gerry
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    Hi Samuel, I would agree and Product Manager would be the right term for this app. It is something that we have discussed several times here at Hornbill. Defining and managing requirements for a product is almost a precursor to something being done in Project Manager. I can see that this would provide a complete suite of apps for a complete life-cycle of a product, from product ideation, to project, to support and customer management. I'll definitely raise the question internally. Regards, James
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    thanks @TrevorKillick - tis really good to know that if someone has a moment and presses uninstall that it's easily reversed. Much appreciated! Claire
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    I was just browsing the forum looking to see if anyone had worked out how to get an email notification for the owner of the call as soon as it came off hold. Your suggestion @samwoo would be perfect. I think we used to get an email when calls came off hold in the old system, I can't see how to do that for Service Manager...
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    I have just found out what this is called "Product Management"
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    Its interesting looking at this, it would seem that most all platforms support this, its actually a valid approved unicode character https://emojipedia.org/reversed-hand-with-middle-finger-extended/ The daily emjoji selection is just random but its somewhat unfortunate selection Gerry
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    Hello I'm creating a ProgCapt form and I have a couple of questions within this form which, depending on the answer given, may or may not need extra information. This information is mandatory IF a particular option is selected in previous questions. I understand that I can use a decision node to open up (or not) a separate form asking for more information depending on the answers given, but has the idea of having a field which pops up on the SAME form IF a particular option is selected been looked at? For instance, the form I'm working on at the moment is a request for a new server build. On the initial form, one question is 'Location of Server', and we have three options plus an 'other' option. If the 'other' option is selected, we ask for more info. This info needs to be mandatory, however if any of the other options is selected then the 'other info' isn't required. It would be handy if this field could be on the same form as the initial question. (this is just one example...and it probably doesn't seem very important, but having the option to show or hide a field depending on which answers are given on the form would possibly open up a better way of showing the forms in the portal) Hopefully that makes sense...anyone got any ideas or reasons why this shouldn't be possible? thanks Paul
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    @samwoo Thanks, ok so the field i needed to see was Instance URL but i can tell from the amount of text blurred that its not right, it should be https://eurapi.hornbill.com/INSTANCENAME Can you try that and let me know. Cheers Trev
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    Hi, when setting up services, we can select a category ("Request Category Level") which is great (as we can now filter easily on the service portal ). Go forward, when setting up catalogue items, you can order then easily by drag & drop. This is also great for sorting them in a very specific way, giving us the ultimate flexibility. But such feature does not exist for services... Would it be possible to have a simple "Order [int]" field for services? That would allow us to order them the way we want rather than only rely on alphabetical order?
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    @Pamela thank you for that. After resampling them all it appears to be ok thanks Darren
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    @shamaila.yousaf If you go the the filter tab you will see an opening parenthesis and no closing one i think this is causing the error if you select it you can then click "Delete ( ..." Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    HI @Keith We are just about to start a change that will let you set which actions are available when a request is on hold. There is another forum thread which I'll see if I can find the link to.. James
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    Hi @Darren Rose There are a couple of options here. 1. Organisations and Contacts are provided as part of the collaboration functionality and provide the basic information and capabilities. We then have the Hornbill Customer Manager app which can be installed and this enhances the functionality which is available against each organisation. * Add Attachments * Link Documents * Schedule Activities * Add Members * Add a Timeline for collaborating on the organisation An example of this is shown below: Other features are constantly being added and one example which will be added is service contracts. Customer Manager is a app which carries a monthly subscription and is £19 per user per month. 2. Alternatively if you don't have a need for all of the above functionality you could do possibly achieve what you need with the existing organisation record, the use of Document Manager (free app) and custom buttons. So in the example below i have done the following 1. I have added the document i want to link to Document Manager (from here i can revise it, share it, collaborate on it, se review dates etc) 2. I then use the form designer on the organisation record to use a custom field to the 'Extra' details section to hold the document reference id in this example 'DOC20160800000001' this field does not need to be visible in the extra details section i have just shown it for example purposes. 3. Using the Custom buttons option at the top add a new button which in my example opens the document. To create a new Custom button click on custom buttons, give the button a name, colour, icon etc and then define the URL - in my example it is as follows, where <template> is your instance name and [h_custom_4] is the custom field in which the document name is held on the organisation record https://live.hornbill.com/template/docmanager/document/details/[[h_custom_4]] This approach allows you to add a specific type of document to each and every organisation record and as the custom button is passing through the custom field variable, it will open the relevant document in document manager based on the document id held in this field on each org record. You can of course repeat this for other documents and use other custom fields and custom buttons. Alternatively there is the Customer Manager app which gives you both attachments, a document upload link and more, but hopefully some things to think about Steve
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    Thanks @Steven Boardman that looks very promising indeed. As soon as it's ready, we've some excellent scenarios where it will definitely win us some points with the business. We've got the buy in from another team to start using Service Manager to manage their own service, and FAQ's and End User knowledge at point of logging a call are going to big factor in how successful it is. Thanks Darren
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    HI @Darren Rose It's close, we are still working on some final issues and UI, but here's a little update on how this is evolving from the first post The above possible knowledge is presented as you go through progressive capture forms, and the matches dynamically narrow as as you provide more info. users can click and view the knowledge and move between knowledge results (FAQ's / Known Issues etc) We still have a few final bits to iron out and get through internal testing but it is not far away. * As per above this is evolving all the time so this is not the finished article but hopefully a good indication of our direction Steve
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    @lee mcdermott Whilst this is not currently possible, we have a change lined up which will allow you to add 'connections' to a request from progressive capture. Based on how the connections work, you would be able to define a Connection type of 'On Behalf Of' and when raising a request you would be able to select and add another customer as a connection to the request as type 'On Behalf of' and then using the business process options for emailing, you could both auto email this added connection and the logger as the ticket progresses. More info here regarding Connections: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Connections_Action_Item This feature has a lot of support from other customers, so i would hope it would be available in the not to distant future, once this change is scheduled i will post back here. Ironically i will add you as an interested connection to this change Steve