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    @HHH @samwoo apoligises for this, that release note should not have been visible, as the feature is not yet ready. But as a head's up we are working on a feature in the business process engine which would allow custom fields on tasks and task outcomes - kind of like custom fields in the progressive capture designer custom forms but tied to outcomes on tasks. This requires a few internal changes and the above was an internal update for another team to pick up the baton to move this story forward. This will be a great feature when ready so watch this space
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    @TrevorKillick - thanks for that......nice to know it's not me for a change! @Lyonel - this tool is MUCH quicker at importing AD accounts which, although we tend to run it at silly o'clock in the morning so it doesn't affect us, when we have to run it during the day for some reason, shoots through in a fraction of the time. It's also a much nicer, easier interface to use. So yes...I recommend trying it out!
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    @Daniel Dekel not sure why but, your welcome
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    We've just added Templates to the Activities. Soon you will be able to create templates for Activities which will be available to all users. These templates specify the outcomes and checklists that will appear on an Activity and a list of available templates will appear when creating a new Activity. To manage these, you need the "Activity Template Manager Role". Some of the template functionality, such as the outcomes, were previously handled by the Categories. Now it's been separated, but don't worry, we've created pre-defined templates for you based on your existing Categories. Those categories will still be there, but now will be much simpler. You can also now create and change Outcomes when editing an Activity. Hope you like it!
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    Original post edited with the latest updates. The issue seems to be resolved now.
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    @Darren Rose thanks for you post. I believe this is part of the same thing requested by @TSheward_SGW here: This is something that we are actively looking to add and hopefully it will be in the next update which is due very soon. Alex
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    @Steven Boardman I've just installed the update this morning and already I can see this search being so useful. It really is a great leap forward from what we had before. The feedback I have also received in the short time since I updated is really positive. Thank you! I'm also loving the ability to shrink the Service Portal icons and remove the need for the "More Services" button. No one ever noticed that, despite it being prominently mentioned in all training materials made available to our end users. A really strong update this one. Chris
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    Hi David, thanks for your post. The latest build of Service Manager incorporates a new feature called the "Knowledge Centre". When enabled, the feature returns relevant Requests, FAQ's, and Known Issues based on the words being typed in the "Summary" field when logging a call via progressive capture. More information on this new feature can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Knowledge_Centre I hope that helps, Dan
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    Hello, The amount of times a user has admittedly forgotten to put a call on hold-on after sending an email or updating a request to await the customer's response has had a huge affect on SLA causing investigations into why these tickets have gone beyond their resolution times. This is admittedly human error across the whole department, but if we can have a tick-box to help this would minimise this issue. I would like to request for there to be a tick-box in the "Email" action against a request. If ticked, once the email is sent, the call is put on-hold. The tick box should be appropriately titled "Awaiting response from Customer". There should be an additional option under the "Sub-Status" area's in the Admin Tool and Service Manager to cater for this setting. We could set a "Global Sub-Status" to auto-set when the tick-box against the "Email" action is ticked, which will put the call on hold for say... 5 working days (or whatever is set up in the configuration). This should be configurable at the Service (or even Catalog) level and override the "Global Sub-Status" on-hold timer. It could even be worth attaching this to the SLA or Service Level as well. Thanks, Samuel
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    Hello Would it be possible to have the columns on Project Portfolio amended, or have the option to configure the ones we want to see, similar to how the request list works on Service Manager? We haven't found the Last Modified By and Last Modified Date to be much use to us, but having the Sponsor, Actual Start Date and Scheduled End Date information would be extremely useful as a minimum Thanks
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    Thanks @Paul Alexander and @alextumber It's definitely slowing us down at the moment, because people are having to assign themselves the task so that they can update it, before then re-assigning it back to the original person Thanks
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    Hi @samwoo We have Document Tags which are used to organise documents (other than in libraries and collections), i can raise the question to see if we can include some sort of filtering by tag grouping of documents linked to other entities. Below is a view from the library in Document Manager where inside the library you can filter further based on the documents tags (process design, problem management etc) @Kelvin i've added you to this story as well Steve
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    I was wondering if there were any other Universities or HE Institutions on here who would be able/ willing to share their basic Service structure? We've started to come up with our lists of Services here at the UoP however it's quite challenging having multiple types of user, across multiple sites who are all using dramatically different services. I'd be interested to see how other people have approached this? Thanks in advance, Katie
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    @clampj I love our dev team !!! ... so, can you PM me the details, please? Yes, I do know I said I don't need them before. That was before.
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    @Paul Alexander @samwoo @HGrigsby the admin console will be updated later today and will include the following: * Top 5 most recent PCF's will display correctly (these are PCF's which have custom forms) * The experience will be consistent when using the variable picker in single and multiline selectors (i.e the Custom PCF (All) PCF's will be listed alphabetically) * Questions listed in each PCF's will not be listed alphabetically but will persist in their order from their PCF's custom forms
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    @Daniel Dekel Thanks, thats good to know something in planned. Cheers Martyun
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    @samwoo I was informed that it was just added to the platform, so you will probably be able to see it in a week or two ;-)
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    Does anyone know where is best to park? Considering the Long stay car park and then walking from Terminal 4.
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    Just to confirm that the fix around "Division" / "Company" with the ID is working fine now
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    Use the field "h_class" 3 = Basic 1 = Full
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    It would be good to be able to assign the authorisation task to a role rather than a user. That way we could assign authorisation based on department roles. I.e. IT Change Manager, Business Change Manager etc. At the moment it is only users and variables (variables I can't seem to work out how to use properly). As far as the uncreated tasks go, you will have to grant the archived account a user licence and set it active, then when the tasks are created you can reassign them manually.
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    Well in order to satisfy your curiosity, have a look here: https://www.alt-codes.net/miscellaneous-symbols these symbols are a part of the Character Sheets used by all systems. It's pretty epic and makes for an eye-catching title having the Biohazard Symbol on there. I am still unable to get a screenshot of the issue (they all went home!), but these users are unable to scroll the list of teams when expanding it in the Request List... if the list expands beyond the height of their screen. Thanks, Samuel
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    Hi @chrisnutt Please see the following document, this is our current status against WCAG 2.0 requirements. We continue to plug away at this and meet more requirements, this wiki page is our running status. Hope thats what you are looking for. Apologies, this thread should have been closed out when we published that document. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Collaboration_Core_WCAG20_report Gerry
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    Yeah, sorry, not possible with current functionality, so something for @James Ainsworth and/or @Steven Boardman to consider/comment on...
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    Hi @Charlie Jones As mentioned above, we are hoping for sometime over then next few weeks. The development work is complete, it is just going through its final testing. This post will be updated to confirm once it is available and it will also be in the release notes which can be seen on your instance App Store or you can follow the Announcements on this forum. Regards, James
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    Yes it does make sense. In my defence those rules were not created by me. I'm not sure why they are named different as if you click in the field it give you the list of correctly named rules to choose from. I've tested, now have a date and time showing and you have me out of your hair...............until next time Thanks @Steven Boardman & @Victor for taking the time to look at this. You've been a massive help.
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    Hi @samwoo, Yes, is fine ;-) . You will be able to see this working in the 2nd next release of collaboration core. Regarding the horizontal rule, is based on the same wiki mark-up definition. Use four dash chars in a new line. Outlook will also work in a similar way you you type four dashes so it might be OK for email. We'll have to see how it behaves. Also each email client will use a slightly different code. Anyway, first let's have the proper wiki mark-up and then we see how we go from there. Thanks, Daniel. P.S. Thanks @Dan Munns!
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    @Steven Boardman Sorry for being so late in coming back to you on this. Thanks for the in-depth response as always on what has or is being developed. I really appreciate all the development improvements in this area. Of course I'm sure your aware that one of the most important areas also seems to be the most challenging to implement. That being the timeline search. I hope you guys are able to make some progress on this in the near future. Best wishes Keith
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    @Paul Trenter thanks If the rules are all based around the request Priority, when is the Priority set in your Business Process in comparison to your start response or resolution nodes? If you use the start resolution or response nodes before a priority is set, then it would make sense that the SLA is invoked but no rule would match as no priority is set so no Service Level Target would be invoked? If this is the case, you could use a Suspend await Priority node ahead of the start timers, to ensure a priority is set before starting the timers? This may no be the issue if you are choosing the Priority as part of progressive capture or if you are setting the update priority in your business process ahead of starting the timers but worth checking. Maybe a screen shot of the business process? Thanks Steve
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    @dwalby @samwoo we do have a story to provide email notifications to customers when there are customer facing updates posted to a request We are also considering options to make this configurable and options for customers to opt out of such notifications. This is still being planned out and as it progresses we will post back updates here.
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    @HHH, no, at the moment you can only select a template from the Collaboration Core, not in the Admin Tool. Also since the BPM is repeatable you have to create it only once.
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    @HHH once you are in the Activity Templates view: You can either select one to update it or Save As New (duplicate) Or you can create a new one Hope this helps, Daniel.
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    Not that I know of unfortunately. You could add the template text into the task description with the instructions to copy and paste it into the reason field. Or have 1 task per field and use the reason for each as a separate variable. Hornbill Request ID: (Request_ID_Variable) Steps to reproduce: (Task_1_Reason_Variable) Expected Result: (Task_2_Reason_Variable) Actual Result: (Task_3_Reason_Variable)
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    It would need to be a linked request to use a new PC. Or you could use tasks and use the reason variable to add text to the description.
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    Tags could prove useful for some fields, definitely. Reporting against them is key so that we can visualise our portfolio using PowerBI.
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    Hi guys, I finally got FarCry 5 last week on PS4 and was curious to know if anybody else is playing it? If so, I would be interested to hear your views on the game
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    Looks pretty amazing, no way I'm paying £75 for it, though.
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    Hi, it's about different types of metadata for each report, the majority of which will be freetext but some will also be list.
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    Hi Samuel, Interesting request. So you need to make some constraints for date picker like not less than 5 work days ahead. I think we can add it to our work stack but can't tell you exact date. Regards, Miro
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    Hello Everyone The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (181) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Foundations have been built to see the workload of each project stakeholder in a calendar view. Due to be added in a future update.Foundations have been built for categories against project tasks and project template tasks. Due to be added in a future update.Change Project names are now shown instead of project Id's when viewing tasks/activities in their native views that are related to projects.Fix Icons were not displaying correctly in the admin tool following the font awesome upgrade.
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    There are some issues with Virgin Media at the moment which is affecting any customer using this internet provider to access the Hornbill instance causing service disruptions. We will post more updates shortly. UPDATE 16:00: If you reported an emergency request via our support web form and you haven't received a reply or an update via the request yet, this is because the issue with Virgin Media is also affecting the connection between our office and the Hornbill instance we use internally. Simply, put we are not currently able to access the requests that were raised. Please try and follow this forum thread for updates. UPDATE 16:10: We managed to localise the issue being specifically a Virgin Media connection to our data center which is currently not stable. As mentioned above any machine using Virgin Media to access the internet will experience disconnections. Using any other internet provider (e.g. BT) seems to work fine. As far as we understand, the infrastructure team at our data center is currently liaising with Virgin Media technicians to fix the issue. UPDATE 16:15: Our data centre technicians confirmed the issue has been resolved and connections via Virgin Media should be fully restored shortly.
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    Hi @samwoo There is similar forum post and a related change in our backlog for adding more formatting to emails sent from a request which I have your name on. These are closely related and possibly the they would be done at the same time. There are some complexities and challenges with this as the formats need to be transferred across into an email template which is used to send the emails that are composed within a request. We have a couple of concepts that we have tried and we plan on moving forward with one of these in the future. Regards, James
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    @Paul Davis The development comming soon display apears to be back now, as I can indeed see CH00138542 "Creation settings to allow for the configuration of available actions while on hold". Cheers Martyn
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    @Lyonel don't laugh.. it was written in very small letters...
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    Good morning @Daniel Dekel Many thanks for that. I have disabled the feature and we are now able to add these contacts successfully. Cheers.
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    @Kelvin yes, it seems I was right ... This is the team that was created (screenshot) and have a look now at those two services, it should show that (only) reporting team supporting the service... so, remove it and try the views
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    @Josh Bridgens fantastic news! Happy days!