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    Morning Just thought I'd share this with you all - VINCI have recently had our ISO27001 external audit, which we passed (well done us!). But, two of the comments from the auditors have reinforced just how much we rely on Hornbill for our day to day operations throughout the company. They were: Asset Management in the Service Desk is greatly improved and the process is working well. Keep up the good work and don’t become complacent! Service Management, including incident management, problem management, project management, risk management, analytics and reporting is very impressive, possibly the best he has seen in any company he’s audited. Asset Management is something we have been working on to improve since a non-compliance last year, and the comment about SM being possibly the best he has seen is a VERY comforting and humbling statement. Considering the work we have all put in (and this includes the staff at Hornbill) to get things to where they are now, it is so nice to know that it doesn't all go unnoticed. Also, now that we're all trying to work from home while still trying to keep our operations and processes flowing as usual, the Hornbill platform is proving that we don't all need to be in the office sat at our desks to get things done. So, we'd like to thank Hornbill for helping us get to where we are, and that we now have written proof (not that we needed it) that our partnership with you is reaping great rewards! thank you! And keep safe!!
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    As the COVID-19 situation continues to escalate, we are all doing everything we can to keep our businesses running, protect our livelihoods and our loved ones. In such unprecedented times, it’s only natural to be a bit scared. It was fear, more than greed, that stripped our supermarket shelves bare. Yet, across the entire supply chain, people are collaborating to address challenges, and ensure shelves are restocked. In the coming weeks, we’ll hear more and more stories of selfless acts, bravery, kindness, and people working together to keep services running and support their communities. As you face your own business challenges, remember that every member of the Hornbill community is facing these too. Please reach out to this group, share your challenges, and ask for help. People have already addressed issues that you are about to tackle, and in true Hornbill Community form, they will be happy to help, despite having to keep their own plates spinning. As you tackle the huge task of enabling remote working, keeping information flowing between your teams it is more critical than ever. Over the last seven years, collaboration has become part of Hornbill’s DNA. We can offer guidance, advice and free collaboration licenses to help you through this crisis, and as a community, we can do even more. Please let the Hornbill community know the issues you’re struggling with, and although we’re all flat out, you will get help, because we’re in IT together.
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    Just to say thank you for all of your support @Hornbill Support Team we have gone live with this about an hour ago!
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    @Adrian Simpkins Yes you are right and it would be wrong of us to impose those dates now, so assume that cut-off date is now deferred until further notice, the last thing we want to do is create addtional work for you guys while the country is fending off COVID-19 Gerry
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    One element of our vision for Hornbill has been the elimination of the dreaded software upgrade that is typically both expensive and time consuming for customers. Being a solution operating in, and built for, the cloud, enabled us to adopt an agile development process that supports continuous delivery. Essentially, this means that Hornbill takes on new updates both regularly and seamlessly in the background and crucially, without you having to lift a finger. Up until this point, we have only been able to deliver on this vision for some elements of the solution, such as the Hornbill Platform itself and administrators still needed to press the update button for each of the applications. I am pleased to announce that starting at the end of the month we will be extending this across the whole Hornbill offering by providing automatic updates for the whole portfolio of Hornbill applications too. This means no more worrying about getting up to the latest application version and missing out on new features and functionality, and no more scheduling and attending CABs to approve that change each time an update appears. This, in turn, allows us to move towards smaller and more frequent updates; which both reduces risk and ensures customers get to see the value of each new feature as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions.
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    Please could we have an additional field in the request list view Last Updated By This would help me as a ticket owner see quickly if any calls have been updated by anyone other than me.
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    When you go live, does your homepage URL change? Hi @Jeremy, This question was posted on the Employee Portal Webinar this morning. Depends, when you turn ON the Employee Portal flag but not the Hide My Services the home page will remain the same (my services) If you turn both flags ON, the home page URL will switch to the new one. You can also use the redirect flags (mentioned in the webinar) in case customers have the links to the old home URL. Hope this answers your question. Thanks, Daniel.
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    @Alberto M We operate two different SSO configurations, albeit to the same underlying source but using two different 2FA methods. So when logging in you get a prompt and the end user has the option to remember their choice, which will cause the initial screen not to appear. Though their is a 'realm ' setting on the SSO and you can determine what meta data to import into the identity provider, i.e. admin, user, service and customer, the for mentioned realm only allows you to select user or guest. Therefore I not sure you could still authenticate to the service portal with Hornbill local authentication when SSO is enabled, as unlike the Admin tool there is no bypass URL option. Cheers Martyn Notes, You are not currently able to modify the Hornbill logo. If you want to remove the 'Remember' option there is a cookie you need to remove.
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    @Shamaila Naim no, we can see the issue from here. Your instance was addressed, you should no longer see any issues from now on, let us know please if you notice anything new... @Logan Graham yes, various functionality is affected...
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    @Paul Alexander Thanks for the feedback, our own auditors told us similar things too. Thats great you gave passed your ISO27001 audit well done to you and the team, and Its great to hear how Hornbill has supported you on that journey, long may we continue to work together, its a great partnership. Gerry
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    @James Targett there is an API scheduler utility which can be used to schedule the logging of tickets in Hornbill. This is documented here, and the example API given is logging a new Incident https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_Scheduler
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    I haven't had a lot of luck in this area (it was rather fiddly to even get something working, then I broke it and cannot figure out how to fix it - but it was just a test)... you could try using Microsoft Flow / PowerApps in SharePoint Online to automate creating tickets into Hornbill, or you could ask King @Steve G nicely for assistance on this.
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    @Keith @nasimg @Alberto M We've identified a known defect (KE00161993). We are currently working on fix, we will let you know as soon as there is any further update. Kind regards, Nanette.
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    Just noticed that the feedback 'star rating' isn't working on our portal. The form pops up, but we can't select any 'stars' - thanks
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    @Martyn Houghton @Adrian Simpkins Good news, the change that we have outstanding will include the set message priority option within the email template. This will be available in a future service manager update - keep an eye in the announcements section. Many thanks, Nanette.
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    If you have access to database direct you can use the following query. Just change the parameters (upper case text). It will return application and key. Language code can be skipped if needed. SELECT * FROM h_sys_app_strings where h_value like '%CHANGEME%' and h_lang = 'LANGUAGE CODE'
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    Thanks @Martyn Houghton I've just had a look at the post and its exactly what I'm after. I asked if there is an update, hopefully there will be an ETA. Thanks
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    Is it possible to change the customer of a request via the BPM? or will we need to do this via an intergration call?
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    @Nikolaj no problem, i see where the confusion could come from i've edited my earlier description of the required roles
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    @Nikolaj I'm currently checking this with our development team and have been since yesterday. When I have an answer I will reply back. Alex
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    @Anthony Albon have aread on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Using_the_Timesheet_Manager_Plugin and here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Configuring_the_Timesheet_Manager_Plugin_for_Service_Manager. General info about TM is here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Timesheet_Manager Let us know if you have any further queries
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    @Michael Sharp We will add a setting which will allow you to display any status of the service, on the service widgets (configurable per widget), please keep an eye out for updates which include this option.
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    Unfortunately the simple answer is no, you can't have one group of Users on SSO and another on Hornbill Usernname/Password.
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    I want to restrict access to a new catalog item. However, as the service subscription is no limited (and therefore available to everyone), I don't get any option to restrict use of the catalog item. Is there any solution to this or work around? @Hornbill Support Team I notice that there is an option to give subscription to "All contacts" however all my users are "Co-Workers". Can we have this added as a option to subscribers? Thanks Keith
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    Hi @Paul Alexander It is indeed still going ahead. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
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    @Paul Alexander thanks for the update. Just t confirm, I did see yours but main focus is now to ensure that service on all instances is restored. Then I will come back to each individual mention/issue/follow up issue afterwards.
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    @Gerry Is there any up date on the provision of the ability to update existing requests using the import tool? We have two further scenarios now where we will have to log support requests to get data corrected. We have a number of requests where the SLA was incorrectly calculated as there was a period of time when the workflow did not resume correctly after the on hold period expired, due to changes introduced on the platform/Service Manager Build., support reference IN00161542. We need the ability to update the h_withinfix and h_withinresponse fields. We have a number of imported requests where we need to update the custom fields held on the primary h_itsm_requests table as they where only imported into the h_itsm_incidents table, so the values need to be duplicated so that they will appear in the 'Request List' views. Wiki has since been updated with new guidance on populating both since we logged this issue under IN00161767. Cheers Martyn
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    @Alberto M The wiki main request table page, though not as up to date as the Entity Viewer in the Admin Tool (screenshot below) does tend to have a bit more of explanation text against it. Though the Entity Viewer tells you the maximum length of the field. @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman Can the entity view descriptions be extended to have example data values and notes added to them as per the level of detail provided in the wiki page? Cheers Martyn
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    @Alberto M We populate h_source_type with custom values, such as 'IM', 'InPerson' etc, so yes you can use your own custom values for this field. In terms of 'h_source_id' we do not populate this but looking at the wiki, probably best to use the Analyst ID of the account you are using the API Key from. Cheers Martyn
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    @Jeremy no problem, we are hoping to push the update on Monday, so hopefully not too much manual changing of the customer in the interim period.
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    Some support systems have a "Reply above the line" in emails sent out and any text below the line is automatically truncated from the request update. Is there a way to get similar functionality in Hornbill to prevent our own email text from being entered into the timeline when a customer replies to an email, thus cluttering the timeline.
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    @Jeremy Yes of course, thats fine, we are not going to drastically change it now, just improve from here on in. Gerry
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    Hi Martyn, I'll see if I can have someone provide you with an update.
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    Hi. I don't know if this would be useful for someone else. From our service porfolio, we have several services with automatic email notifications activated, and other services where this is not activated. We have analysts working on requests from different services as well. I think it would be useful to have an icon indicating if the update action will send an email notification, or not, depending on the service/service_type email notification setting, so the analyst can be aware of it. What do you think? Cheers, Alberto
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    @AlexTumber great news, thanks
  36. 1 point
    @Martyn Houghton not personally, no. I will check with our support team to see where we are on this issue. Alex
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    HI @samwoo I think the process that we were commended on was the one we use for keeping track of laptops (we're a building and facilities management company so our equipment and workforce are all very mobile so we need to keep track of each item from procurement to destruction). Basically, we've just added a few states and sub-states to help with the tracking. We're using: Current (state) Not used - held by IT (sub-state, for if the laptop is still in our stockroom for whatever reason) On loan (sub-state) Stolen (sub-state) Active (state) Decommissioned (sub-state) In Flight (sub-state, for when the laptop has been sent out for delivery either to or from IT) Live (sub-state, for when the laptop is with the user and is actively being used) Within our processes we have activities where the analysts have to update the status of a laptop accordingly. To be honest, this has been the easiest change with the biggest impact! We can now report on any substatus and very quickly get a list of lost, stolen, live etc laptops that we need. Once a laptop is decommissioned it is sent off to be destroyed, and we then get a report back from the destruction company which is then added as an attachment to the asset, so we have a start to finish record of where that item has been, and proof that it has been disposed of correctly. So, again, we found that using the statuses and sub-statuses has been a relatively easy and useful way of managing the asset lifecycle. It's a start, at least....
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    thanks @James Ainsworth and @Daniel Dekel I will make sure we do that config
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    Hi Gerry, Thank you for confirming, this will lower my current stress levels ! I will monitor for confirmation as and when you are ready Many thanks as always
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    Hi all, Just to let you know that the latest build which has the fix is available Regards Mohamed
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    You can always PM me the screenshot and just mention on the thread that details were sent by PM
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    Hi All I wanted to see if there is anywhere we can set outgoing emails from within Service Manager to have a High / Low Importance marker like emails going out from Outlook please? I have looked over the email node, and checked settings but could not see anything obvious. Is there somewhere we can enable these at all? Many thanks
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    Hi @Adrian Simpkins, Thanks for the feedback. We will improve that area. Will let you know when is done. Daniel.
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    Ill admit, I didnt search - was in a rush sorry
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    @Martyn Houghton You would need to delete the idpdisco_saml_remember cookie from the domain live.hornbill.com or delete all cookies from the live.hornbill.com domain. In chrome you can do this by opening the application tab in developer tools and clicking on the cookies option select the address https://live.hornbill.com which will give you a list of the cookies and you can delete the idpdisco_saml_remember, if other browsers it will be different. Many thanks, Nanette.
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    @Alberto M the Connections option is not available on the Service Portal, but it is available to you on the New Employee Portal, which was launched last month, and will replace the service portal. Wiki info here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Employee_Portal There is a separate forum for this: https://community.hornbill.com/forum/155-employee-portal/ There was a launch webinar and a follow up configuration webinar on this at the end of March, which covers the migration from the service to the employee portal. The employee portal, also includes a new employee mobile app, with like for like capabilities. Hope that helps Steve
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    Hi @lokent We don't have an "automatical popup/download/generate" type option for documents (other than actually creating a specific part of the Progressive Capture for them). What you could do is save the document in Document Manager and then link to it in Progressive Capture. You can use a mix of labels, questions, prompts and functionality to ensure it's been attached and they are aware of what they need to do, for example: Other than the document auto opening, is there anything more that would be required here? I'm conscious I may have misunderstood the process/requirement! Kind Regards Bob
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    Hi @Jack_Podmore Thanks for the post. I've checked this out and you are in the correct place, we just appear to be missing an option for the category tab. I'll raise a defect for this and we'll get it corrected for the next update so watch out for it in the release notes. Kind Regards, Dave
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    Hi @James Ainsworth @Victor, Is it possible to have different colours for when a customer updates the request and when an analyst updates it? Just so we can differentiate between the two different types of updates. Many thanks, Alisha
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    @samwoo just an FYI, there is a change in the backlog to implement a mechanism to alert and differentiate requests which have not received ongoing timely responses (i.e. different than current yellow background alert)
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