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Found 43 results

  1. When we try to choose assets in a PCF (form) on the portal it does not return many assets but when raising a request in the analyst side there are there. Please can this be looked into: Raising a request: On the portal:
  2. We are looking at importing all of our assets via CSV and on the test samples we have selected, it does not auto populate the used by field. I have attached the CSV which imports fine. Can someone tell me what I am missing or doing wrong? Thanks Assets-v1.xlsx
  3. What it be possible to request custom fields to be added for assets? We are finding that we want to record information against them but the field descriptions don't match what we want to use them for.
  4. Hi, We've been looking at the Assets and I have a couple of suggestions for improvements. These are: * Ability to have different views within Assets - to show all operational or retired assets etc * A shorter list of assets that get returned - it is very slow to load and scroll down. Maybe if it just displayed 100 and then you had a next page I'd be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts on the above. Many Thanks Tina
  5. Hullo, We've a number of mfd's that are no longer in service, and I've been asked to delete them, because they clutter up the Asset management screens, and there is no way of filtering on archived / current assets (that I can see). Firstly do you recommend deleting assets against which tickets may have been raised (or will it corrupt the tickets). Secondly, are there improvements to filtering, selecting and sorting Assets in the pipeline? cheers Claire (I have not had a great deal to do with Assets up to this point, so if I'm missing something do tell me the obvious :-))
  6. I have also logged as a support request but I am unable to save any changes to asset records since today's update has been applied.
  7. The Asset Import utility v1.9.0 was executed to test the removal of values for a specific field using the '__clear__' as clearcolumn in the SQL statement within the config file but it does seem that the utility inserts a new duplicate record for each asset record instead of updating the existing asset by clearing the value in the existing field.
  8. Hi. To enable effective asset management it's important there is a unique identifier. As the "Name" filed is the main mandatory filed it will be used as our unique identifier field, holding asset tags. Server names, Database names etc. There is no validation on it or any other field. Can validation be enabled against the "Name" field so that no duplicate asset can be added It would also be good to have the following added to "State" and "Operational state" so they are more reflective of an asset life-cycle. Then I can add the relevant sub states , Rather then having to use "Current" as Stock and "Active" as in use State Sub State On Order None In Stock Available, Reserved, Defective, Pending repair, Pending install, Pending disposal, Pre-allocate In Use None Retired Disposed, Donated, Vendor Credit Missing Lost, Stolen Operational State Production UAT Test SIT Thanks
  9. Hello HornBill community! :) I'm wondering if someone has the same issue as me or if I'm just missing something. I'm on build 1781 of the Hornbill Service Manager and I'm looking at the default asset picker that is available in the Progressive capture tool. I'm attempting to hide "Site" & "Companies" assets in the picker but as your see from the screen captures attached I've configured it to hide everything (just to prove to myself that I think it's broken) but when going into my capture from the self service portal I can still see all four asset selection boxes and they still work! Am I misunderstanding something or have I found a bug? Does anyone else have the same issue on the version I'm on? Thanks, Martin
  10. I am after some help with assets please, we have two assets that we have retied, archived and make out of policy but it still appears in the asset search. We think that if an asset is marked in this way it shouldn't appear in the search to Link assets?
  11. Please see the image below we cannot upload any assets as the asset classes are missing.... help!
  12. Hi Is there a way to lock down the permission of editing assets within Service Manager, but still giving users the ability to view/link/raise activities from assets? Thanks Lauren
  13. Hi, We are currently importing various types of assets into our Service Manager instance. We have found that, when logging an incident/service request via the customer portal, all types of assets are presented to the customer - including servers, switches etc. We would like to be able to filter out certain asset types on the portal, via the "asset details" out of the box form, so that only those relevant to the end user are presented. Is there any way that this can be achieved? I've looked within the "Asset Management" section of Service Manager and cannot see anywhere that this would be set. Thanks Lauren
  14. So I am having some issues with a PCF I have created a node (as below), this allows the user to select an asset of a specific type which works well however when the request is logged this asset is not linked to the request (see bottom image). Is there a way to link the asset to the request in this way?
  15. Currently, we cannot add any Assets manually into the database we have tried with two users who could enter these details, but when you click Create at the bottom nothing happens and the asset is not created. Please help.
  16. Is there a way of exporting the linked requests of an asset into an Excel type document? This would be great for us, or maybe even a link through to a view of that asset. I cannot find an asset 'condition' when creating views so I guess that bit isn't joined up but it would be great additional functionality.
  17. Hi In the Requests List view there's an icon which allows you to export the list of requests to a .csv file. Is there a way of doing the same thing with the Assets view? Thanks, Trish
  18. We have a form that we ask our analysts to complete which includes picking an asset from a list taken from the asset management panel, is there a way to add this asset to the request as part of the BPM?
  19. Hi Guys, just wondering if it was possible to script an asset scan/upload in hornbill at all ? just trying to find a quicker/simplier way to get our assets uploaded and listed rather than having a manual entry, or having to do a mass upload every X period.. is it possible to do a script to scan an AD OU for anything "new" and interogate the WMI Data to fill in the required fields before upload into Hornbill ?
  20. Is it possible to search for requests that are associated with an asset? I ask this question because I am trying to create reports to find incidents, services requests etc. that are associated with a particular asset. There must be an association because when you look at a particular request, you can see the assets associated with it. I am essentially trying to do the reverse of this. I've been looking at the various entities in the Entity Viewer to find a link but have been unsuccessful so far!
  21. Hi all, Is there a way to add an asset class? I need to add a list of asset types that we will use for creating new assets for disposal and wanted to add a new class called 'Disposal' and then add the asset types to this. I cant seem to find a simple list that holds the info though. Any ideas?
  22. At the moment we can display all the Pritners by selecting "Get Asset By Class" and flitering on the "Class ID" and then users can search for the printer. We would like their to be the ability to select an asset during progressive caputre based on the Site that the User is located in. E.g. If logging a request for additional Toner for a printer we would like the system to narrow down the list of assets to the pritners that are in the users site.
  23. Hi all, I am trying to create a report of assets attached to a call. I want the analysts to be able to run the report, type in a call reference and output a csv of all linked assets with the following info: Type Name Serial number I am having difficulty working out the table joins to pull out the required information. Thanks
  24. When searching for assets some of our's are not appearing when searching even though they are in policy, we have to log jobs with different assets then once logged go into the request and change it to the actual assets. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, is there a way to increase the list of returned assets? When you search there are 5 that are returned but if you need to add more or there is a list of multiple items, you cannot scroll or add more from the asset picker in the PCF.
  25. Are there any plans to be able to connect external customers and/or organisations to assets? If yes it is in the nearby future?
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