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  1. Can we raise an enhancement request to have the option to 'Archive' as Workspace, in addition to the current hard 'Delete' option. In other parts of the system we are able to archive/retire entities, but not in Collaboration Workspaces. The idea would be the Archive Workspaces would be excluded form the Global Search and only be visible to the owner. Cheers Martyn
  2. When using the 'Open Post' option on a post in workspaces or from a Request timeline the new tab opens and the main elements appear but not the actual post. You have to do a browser refresh to get it to load the whole page. Cheers Martyn
  3. There seems to be an inconsistency in behaviour when click on the 'Buzz!' option on the Workspace, when clicked from the 'Configure' page. It does not always return you to the workspace timeline. Most of the time when the issue occurs it takes you to the list of workspace, but I have also had it go to the list of Boards as well. Not a big problem at all but thought I mention it. Cheers Martyn
  4. Related to my earlier post about being able to 'Raise Request from Workspace Comment' can the feature also be extended to include the in line image associated with the Post or Comment used to raise the request as an attachment automatically on the requests progressive capture flow. Cheers Martyn
  5. Is it possible to enabled time recording on Workspace posts and comments? I am trying to encourage my team to post knowledge on to the workspaces and it would be good to be able to record there time spent doing this as well as give me a measure. Cheers Martyn
  6. At the moment you can only 'Raise a Request' from the parent post in a workspace. Could this also be enabled against a comment on a post? Often the initial workspace post will not have sufficient details in it and it will not be until later in the conversation on the post that you want to raise the request using the text from the comment not the original post. No problem with link still being back to the whole post, but it would make it easier using the comment text. Cheers Martyn
  7. We make use of Workpspaces quite extensively to keep coordinated, record meeting and actions. This means we will often have multiple notifications within a single workspace appearing in the notification bell at the top. At the moment the behaviour is that when you click on the blue link within the notification is takes you to the whole of the workspace, which then results in all notifications of updates within the workspace being dismissed. Can I ask that the Workspace notifications include a link to the individual post that triggered the notification, that way only the notification for updates on the same post would be cleared and you can then return to the notifications to view the other updates post by post. Cheers Martyn
  8. At the moment the Global Search only allows you to set a criteria based on who created the original post. Can this be extended to include who created the comment as well or add an additional option for 'Commented By'? Cheers Martyn
  9. We now have the ability to Lock individual posts on Workspaces which is a great help. However there are some Workspaces which have historic content on them which we wish to retain with direct access by users and also via the global search, but do not want any further posts to be made. Therefore could a feature be added to allow the owner of a Workspace to place a 'Workspace Lock' on it, so as to make the Workspace read only? Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi, I am using the "post to public workspace" automated task in most of our BPMs with the below config: As you can see, it is a pretty straight forward setup. I noticed recently that not all P1 calls make their way to the workspace... Looking deeper into the details, I also noticed that only calls raised by users get published. Now this is a problem if a basic user (e.g. customer) log a request via the self service portal! Is this a limitation of the method? Or a bug? (I really hope for the latter, otherwise I am screwed) Thanks!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to post to a workspace directly when receiving an email, without going through logging a request and using a BPM? Something like: - Application: "Hornbill Collaboration" - Operation: "Post to workspace" - Workspace: XYZ Or do I have to raise a new request with a specific BPM? If so, what is "Routing Rule Template" and where do you set it up? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Hi, Would anyone else find it useful to be able to pin workspace posts to the top of the stream. We use it to keep information that's more transient than we might use an FAQ item for. But sometimes there's posts we would like to hang onto rather than lose down the stream as we post subsequent bits.
  13. It would be useful to have a quick 'Search this Workspace' facility on the Workspace view, the same way you have search/filter option on other content pages. I know you can achieve this by using the global search and selecting the workspace, but when you have a large volume of them that can take a while to do. Whilst using the browser find option will only find the value in the content which has been loaded, rather than the whole content. Cheers Martyn
  14. Hi, is it possible to copy a post created in a request timeline to a workspace? If not, could it be possible via the "more action" menu on the post? The reason I ask is because many of our analysts follow each others' request. Taking it a step further, I would like them to share with their teams the stuff they learned or found interesting on a workspace. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am seeing a lot of duplicate notifications on my profile... Anybody else has the same problem? For instance, somebody posted something on the workspace, to which I answered. They answered back and I got the same notification twice... The same thing happens against requests. Perfect example: Anybody else experiencing the same thing? Thanks!
  16. Hi, A colleague recently left the company but did not change his ownership of a private workspace. I am the admin but not a member of that workspace... How can I change the owner in such scenario?
  17. Similar to Mentions in Workspaces where you can link in a 'User' into the Workspace update, is it possible or are there any plans to allow a similar functionality for Service Manager Requests? It would be good if you could enter a request reference which provides a preview of the incident title/contact as you enter the reference. Once you enter the reference it could then insert a timeline entry on the request to advise 'Has been mentioned in workspase xxxxxxx' and provide a hot link in both directions to open the request from workspace and workspace from the request. Cheers Martyn
  18. Hi eveybody, is there a way to delete a post (generally speaking) especially into a workspace? thank you
  19. As we widen the use of Hornbill to be used by multiple services, it has highlighted the need to have some form a scope on Workspaces, akin to the security model for requests/services. At the moment a Workspace can by Public (Open) or Secret, but as you add more teams and service desks into the platform, Public Workspaces can become quite cumbersome, given that the content of some of these workspaces will be specific to certain teams/service desks. This also means that searching workspaces can become an issue to the potential matches which are not applicable to a certain team/service desk. In essence what we would envisage is a middle setting, where a Workspace can be Public for a member to join and search but is applicable to only certain teams/service desk. This way you can still have global Public Workspaces everyone can see, team/service desk associated ones and the secret ones. This way it will make Workspaces more manageable and scalable. Cheers Martyn
  20. I really enjoyed the Insight17 last week and noted we need to use collaboration more. We are keen to use workspaces but noticed you can only add user accounts (all or individuals). This isn't really great when we have large teams (50+ accounts), and we have different business within our organisation using the tool (Web team, AV team, Finance Team). Is there a way to assign workspaces by team, department etc? Nasim
  21. Though you can edit your 'Comments' in a workspace after submitting them, you do not appear to have the ability edit your own 'Post'. Is there a reason for this or is this just something that has yet to be implemented? Cheers Martyn
  22. Hi, It is possible to disable workspace notifications via membership properties, however this also disables the small orange icon indicating the number of updates to a workspace. Would it be possible please to add an additional level so that you can enable/disable just notifications whilst allowing the icon to still display? Thanks Martin
  23. When inserting a link into a workspace post or comment linking to another workspace post, this is not interpreted like links to requests with a shortened link/preview. Is it for support for this to be added? Cheers Martyn
  24. As you are not able to edit a post on a workspace once it has been posted, it would be good to have a preview option to allow you to see the content as it will be displayed, especially when you are using the markup formatting. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup Cheers Martyn
  25. I might be missing something obvious but I thought I ask as not been able to find how to do it. How do you leave a Workspace? Cheers Martyn
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