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Found 25 results

  1. At the moment there is a system wide setting which set the visibility of the timeline entry of an email update applied automatically to the Service Manager request by the Email Routing Rules, however it would be really useful to be able to override this setting at the rule level if required. In our case we have the setting set to customer, so when an email is received with a matching request reference in the email subject the request is automatically updated with the customer view able entry. However for internal emails, i.e. where we would use the 'domain' criteria in the rule criteria, we would not want them to appear as customer view able updates and therefore would want to override the default to make them team visibility. As it stands at the moment we have filter out the internal emails and update them manually. Hopefully this could be looked at as a enhancement, as i think this would be useful to other users as well. Cheers Martyn
  2. Can the standard Visibility option be added to the Change Requests > Update Request > Add to Change Calendar node. We have the ability to turn on and off the timeline update being made but not it's visibility. Cheers Martyn
  3. Currently the RequestConnecitons > Connections > Add Connection node only has 'Update Timeline' parameter. Can the normal 'Visibility' option be added to allow more specific control. Cheers Martyn
  4. I have a question regarding portal visibility for external customers A bit complex but I'll try to explain. There are 2 organizations A and B, both of which are customer organizations in Service Manager. Organization A has two contacts, Anna and Andrew, both of them have "Organization View" and can see the requests of all of Organization A. Organization B also has 2 contacts, Bob and Betty, both of them have "Organization View" and can see the requests of all of Organization B. After a while Anna switches jobs and starts working for organization B. She has three requests open where she is the customer. These were raised while she was part of organization A. In Service Manager, the admin moves her from Organisation A to Organisation B, still a customer in the three open requests. My question is. Who can see the three open requests? Anna? Since she's the customer, even though she has switched organizations. Andrew? Since he has organization view of the organization to which Anna was attached when raising the requests. Bob and Betty? Since they have organization view of Anna's current organization, even though they were raised while Anna was part of A. None of the above? All of the above? Something completely different? Can someone clear things up for me please.
  5. We have lots of tasks in the system that we don't want the customer to see in the portal by default an example is below: How do we change this to be visible to 'Team' only as there are no settings per task in the BPM, is this the correct setting to change (below)?
  6. At the moment there is only system wide visibility setting on the Asset Type fields. Can we request an enhancement to have the visibility split between the user (Used by) of the asset and the owner (owned by). For example we would not want the user to be able to see the 'License Key', 'License Cost' but we would want the owner, for example IT team, to be able to see them. Cheers Martyn
  7. Hi. My colleague send me an answer from e-mail and visibility was customer. I logged in as System admin, but I can’t change e-mail’s visibility. Is that option taken off? Here's a picture from timeline, when I'm login as System admin: Best Regards, Mika
  8. Can I raise a enhancement to be able to configure within the 'Human Task' node the visibility of the timeline entry made and also even if a timeline entry is created at all. This could go under the current Task Options section. Given that all Human Tasks will be listed under activities (active or completed) on the right hand panel, there are occasions when there is no need to insert a nominal timeline entry just to reflect the completed activity details, as often this will go on to undertake other operations in your BPM and in essence creates a duplicate post on the timeline which means it is not very clean and become bloated. Cheers Martyn
  9. One of our teams who we are looking to migrate over from 'Desk', have asked if there can be an option to colour code the whole timeline post based on its visibility, so it is clearer which are visible to the customer and which are internal, rather than just the colour of the visibility value. Example below from 'Desk' where white posts are customer visible and the yellow background ones are internal. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi We've recently encountered an issue whereby an analyst added a lengthy update to an incident of critical priority, but set the visibility as "Owner" before going on leave. We therefore didn't know what information the analyst had placed on the request, and had no way of providing updates to management etc. Therefore, is there a role or setting that enables certain admins of the system to see ALL updates, regardless of the visibility? Thanks Lauren
  11. We are now looking to enable the visibility and raising of Change Requests via the Customer Portal. My query is for our existing historic change requests which where raised as changes on Services which where not configured with Catalog items under change type at the time. How will the visibility of these be determined, as the portal visibility is set at the catalog level and service level. There is no option to set visibility at the request type level. Though we can control this going forward, my concern is what happens to the existing ones. Cheers Martyn
  12. Hi If an incident occurs which has several organisations that are impacted only the customer, or if organisation view is enabled, those in the customer's organisation, can see the ticket in the customer portal. It would save a lot of administration and work to be able to create one ticket, add all impacted customers to this and allow all connected to view the ticket and timeline updates where visibility is set to "Connected", which would be a new visibility setting.
  13. in the example below the autoresponder has correctly processed with an email rule routing and the email has been added to the request, but it is visible only for the team, how can i change this default behaviour to customer instead I was trying with the settings "guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility" but I don't think is the right one
  14. I do not think this is configurable at the moment, so it would be really useful to have the ability to control the default visibility of attachments when they are added on to a request, either via Email or via the Self Service. At the moment they are loaded as Team, but in our case we would like to be able to set the as customer. I know some sites will want to retain them as Team, hence the request for a setting. Cheers Martyn
  15. When posting timeline updates on Service Manager, via the mobile app, on IOS or Andriod the timeline updates have the options of 'Public' and 'Members'. When using the main user app, these options are called 'Customer' and 'Team', also there is an option to also for 'Owner'. Can the settings in the mobile app be labelled the same as the main user app. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hi, Could we have the option to set the default visibility per service, much like you can with email template, Request Category Level, etc We are going to be adding teams where the end user will get a reference number but needs to be unable to see all other aspects of the request. I understand you can change them from the global default each time but that is asking for someone to forget and breach our regulatory requirement/responsibility. Thanks
  17. The email visibility drop down from the bottom right hand corner of the email action in the Service Manager request window, appears to have disappeared since applying build 1145 to 1149, so we are no longer able to select the appropriate visibility. Can this be reinstated as a matter of urgency or advise if this is now controlled by some configuration setting. Cheers Martyn
  18. At the moment it seems you can only control the visibility of the reason entered when completing a Human Task using the system wide setting ' guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility'. Different services using the platform have different requirements on this, i.e. some want it to be shown others want to continue to be restricted. Can the option to set this on the BPM Node itself be added to the system, so the workflow itself set the visibility. Also if there was the ability to set the visibility default in the BPM Node but enable or disable the visibility selector to be displayed so the end user can override the default. Cheers Martyn
  19. When printing a request from within Service Manager you can choose to select the content in terms of sections to include, however there is not the option at the moment to only include those which are set to the visibility of 'Customer'. Often we will get a request to provide a report or printout of the whole request timeline to a customer, which at the moment we can only do via a report option in order to filter out the Team and Owner visibility options. Having a additional option on the print function to include/exclude the Team and Owner marked entries would enable us to use the Print option for this requirement. Cheers Martyn
  20. Hello, I am hoping you may be able to help. We have a team who we would like to lock down so that they can only see calls raised to their two relevant services. They should not be able to see any calls that have been raised under any other service. Anyone should be able to see their calls and anyone should be able to raise calls under their two services. Could you tell me what the best way of doing this would be? I have tried a few different ways but can't seem to get it quite right. I hope this makes sense. Your help on this matter would be appreciated. Many thanks, Melissa
  21. When the Email mailbox 'Apply to Request' option is used to update a request the resultant timeline entry visibility setting can only be adjusted by the user who undertook the update. Even as a super user/system admin we are not able to alter the visibility, only the user who undertook the update. This seems to be a bit restrictive give that the visibility of other timeline updates can be changed. Also with us operating a shift system with our 1st Tier, where an email update has had its viability incorrect set, i.e. an internal email marked as customer, we may not be able to correct this for sometime, making it visible to the customer on the portal. Can the ability to alter the email visibility be configured as a setting or the unnecessary restrictions removed? Cheers Martyn
  22. Related to @Ralf Peters post below,it would be could to have the visibility option displayed in the completion window for a Human Activity, with the ability to either hard code this from the BPM Node itself or set a default value allowing it to be set on completion of the task. Cheers Martyn
  23. Is there a setting to control the default visibility of the time line entries when updating the request details section which include custom fields as well as the standard summary and descriptions? At the moment it defaults to being customer visible, which I can see would be applicable when changes are made to the summary or description, but the time line entry gets triggered when you change any field in the 'Details' section. Cheers Martyn
  24. At the moment in most BPM nodes you have the ability to determine if the timeline is updated or not. What would be useful is for these options to be expanded to include the visibility of the timeline update, i.e. have the option No, Yes and Yes (Team only). Cheers Martyn
  25. Hi, I was wondering if there are any alternative options on the screen that our colleagues see with so much in depth information once they log a self service ticket. This is the screen that is currently shown, but this mirrors what our analysts can see and would be quite confusing and unnecessary for our colleagues who are logging a request to see. Is there any way to remove specific things from the timeline etc? Thanks Greg
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