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  1. In terms of the actual custom field with options, the issue appears to be the way the parameter is passed to the API call. I have tried passing the value id and value itself but neither work. "iBridge Method: /Atlassian/Jira Cloud/Update Issue.m Error: Jira Error: customfield_10714: Could not find valid 'id' or 'value' in the Parent Option object...." I suspect their needs to be an additional option of 'SelectList' along with the current 'Text' and 'Number' options, so that the api call format below can be used. https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/jira-rest-api-examples/#creating-an-issue-examples Cheers Martyn
  2. Extended the current JIRA Cloud and On-Premise iBridge integration methods for Create and Update to allow access to the standard field 'versions' which is a multiselect array type. Not able to populate or update this using the custom field array type option. As this is very often a mandatory field in JIRA as it is used for development/release management, we are not able to raise requests where this is the case. Cheers Martyn
  3. @Steve G The issue appears to be that the 'versions' field is not a custom field, but a standard one in the JIRA schema of type array/multi-select. Therefore the prefix applied of 'customfield_xxxx' when using the custom array parameter will not work. I will raise a new forum post for this to be added as an enhancement., whilst I still try to resolve the issue with the other Customer Field. Cheers Martyn
  4. +1 from us. We too have got around not having the ability to copy service and objects using INSERT statements in Database Direct. Having the ability to copy SLA assignment and rules would be great help and lines up with our previous request for a 'Copy Service' option raised back in 2016. Cheers Martyn
  5. As @Alberto M has outlined we too have the situation where customer gets confused and feedback needs to be corrected. Perhaps the option here is to allow as user's to change there feedback score through the portal and the change is recorded on the timeline as an audit? @Alberto M Out of interest are this internal customers using the Service Portal or the external one using the Customer Portal? Cheers Martyn
  6. @Foley Coker We use the Round Robin auto assignment, but do not use the offline option. What I can confirm is that irrespective of whether they are online or offline, a Hornbill status of anything other then 'Available' will mean they are not included in the assignment process. in our case our analyst have learnt very quickly to ensure set their Hornbill status properly. In relation to you online/offline issue, are any of the users using the Mobile App? Cheers Martyn
  7. @Joe We have multiple shared mailboxes setup which use a common outgoing mail server. The account that you are putting in the outgoing mail server, must have SendAs permission on the other mailboxes you want to send from. Then under each Hornbill shared mailbox you specify the emails addresses you want to be able SendAs from the shared mailbox, you can have more than one but you need to specify one as default. Then when you send an email from the shared mailbox it will come from the email address you linked to the shared mailbox not the one that is associated with the outgoing mail server. Cheers Martyn
  8. @Jamie Talbot If your not using Sub-Status values in this service then might be worth setting the sub-status property of the node to Ignore, rather and Auto, in case that is what is tripping it up. If you are using sub-statuses, then you would need to specify the sub status as well. It could be that the node logic has changed around validating the properties and does not know what to do now with the Auto option. Cheers Martyn
  9. @Steve G I am able to to successfully use the JIRA -> Create Issue Method to create issues in our cloud based JIRA instance where the form does not contain any mandatory fields of type 'Option' or 'Multi Select Array'. I am trying to implement logging of 'Support Item' issue type in our JIRA instance from Service Manager. The create issue form has both a mandatory 'Customer' field with prescribed options and a multi select field for versions. I have tried populating both but the JIRA Create Issue method fails. As there is no error logged I cannot determine whether it is failing on both or just one of them, as both are mandatory. How can I diagnose this further? Cheers Martyn
  10. @Gerry The example of I was referencing was the Activity Stream rewrite introduced in Collaboration Build 1120 which caused introduced a brand new timeline view and problems such as PM00158398 in relation to re-instating the option to open emails using the right click -> open in a new tab. As this was a Collaboration Build this was applied as per the proposed process for applications on the next maintenance windows which would have been within 24 hours of the release/announcement being made. My main point is visibility, in the example above I do not believe there was any pre-announcement about the intended change, where as in the past we have had the option to turn elements on to evaluate and feedback on. This approach compliments you own testing process and helps to improve the product for all of our benefit. Perhaps a compromise, is if the announcement is made on the forum, a few workings days ahead of the release being pushed to live, so any questions or concerns can be raised ahead of time. Along with the use where appropriate of the method of providing a preview setting ahead for a short period of time before it is applied by default. Will this also mean that application updates will be more frequent and smaller, as the perception is that they have become less frequent and larger? On a side note, with Office 365 tenants you do have the option to control your update frequency to manage risk and undertake targeted deployments. I am not suggesting you apply a 'Semi-Annual' process https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/change-management-for-office-365-clients#Options I am not suggesting you apply a 'Semi-Annual' process and agree automated updates are a good thing, but as above a bit more visibility at least. Cheers Martyn
  11. @Nikolaj I believe it is one setting under Service Manager Settings for both the service and customer portal - guest.servicemanager.portal.additionalRequestTypes.change Cheers Martyn
  12. When importing requests into Service Manager using the Request Import Tool, the requests are being matched to the correct organisation, with h_container_id and h_company_name being populated, but the h_org_id field is not populated with the link organisation id. The the application uses the container id for the link, we also use the organisation id as a field in some of our widgets to show top 5 logging organisations etc. Cheers Martyn
  13. @Adrian Simpkins The existing maintenance window setting (autoUpdate.maintenanceWindow) only allows you to specify a time window, not a day. We previously raised an enhancement request to have the ability to specify a day element as well. Cheers Martyn
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