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  1. Good morning, Our Tech Support team have started doing today's New Starters and are now having problems with the accounts not being created in Hornbill using the iBridge Integration - Hornbill/Admin/Create a New User. Following on from this iBridge Integration node is the node to add the New Starter as a connection to the request... this node fails because the previous node is not creating the User accounts in Hornbill. This Business Process hasn't been updated since early June, and this was working fine last week (which was the last time the New Starters were done). Please can someone have a look at this please. When Tech Support are at this stage of the New Starters, I am now having to create the Hornbill accounts manually and updating the BPM's to manually select the Co-Worker instead of using the variable from the iBridge node, then restart the process to allow them to proceed. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Good afternoon, I have been updating our processes where Board Manager is involved, and have come across a bug, I think. On our Boards we have a "Card Bin" where we can drag and drop cards to remove them from the Board automatically. However, if a card is move into the "Card Bin" lane via the BPM, it remains in that lane. I know I probably should've just removed the card from the Board in the Business Process but I just wanted to highlight this as a potentially unintended issue that could occur if any Business Processes are set up this way for any reason, accidental or otherwise. I set a 1-day time on that lane for when cards are automatically removed. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hello, When using a Radio set and there text is longer than the width of the container, the text overflows to underneath the radio button. Please can this be corrected so that the text will correctly align next to the radio button if there is an overflow.
  4. Good afternoon, I have added a date range question to a new version of our New Starter form, with the range starting from 5 to 999. I just tested it out and it produces a rather comical message when setting a date outside of the range, as seen in the screenshot below: Please advise how I can change that message... I cannot seem to find it in Translations... Thanks, Samuel
  5. We have only just noticed that when a request is 'Closed' either manually or via the BPM when you reopen the request and then edit the resolution and re-resolve the Resolution Email is not being sent to the customer. This is when the BPM has ended and the system is supposed to send the email as set here: Also unassigned tickets are assigning to you when you open them You cannot Assign to the team, e.g. remove yourself as the analyst and assign back to a team Please can this be looked into, this has only started happening this morning as far as we can see but guessing that all these things are linked
  6. In the BPM we use wiki markup to 'highlight' things in the description to the analyst e.g. But when we use these details in the description and then send an email it includes the Wiki Markup that looks strange in the emails: Is there a way to remove this?
  7. I’m having trouble getting the following setting to work (turn off the bulletin on services landing pages). Any Ideas? ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.serviceCatalog.bulletinsAsHeader Toggle this setting for the Bulletins in the Serviice Catalog landing page to be displayed at the top of the page The reason we want to do this is when there is no image the text is not cantered within this area. Thanks Chris
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why the mail icon is showing with 1 email but when going into the mailbox there is none in the inbox. It has been like this for a few months but people have only just started to question it. Any help would be great, thanks.
  9. Hi Hornbill, I'm unable to set manager or any other fields on a user without having to make them a User, set the properties and then change them back to basic. As you can see from my screenshot the details tab is missing, if I make them a user it'll appear, then I can do what I need then change it back again. Jonny
  10. Hi, When you looking at a service, and go to look at the direct requests, the filter options aren't quite right. "All My Teams" filters correctly, but if I want to see all the requests in any of its supporting teams, I have to select "All my service", then create a filter for the service, which makes this section of the service pointless??? Jonny
  11. Hello, Every now and then we get an issue with releases come up. Within the progressive capture it asked the user to select from a form either 'Planned' or 'Emergency' release: Within the ticket this then populates the field: h_release_type although in a couple of tickets this information does not seem to be brought forward and then leave this section blank in the form causing a no goto if error later on in the BP where it will decide if its emergency or planned. Below are a couple of recent tickets with the issue seems to be happening alot more and all of the below are from today. Is this a current issue with this custom field? RM00068407 RM00068409 RM00068422 RM00068414
  12. Hi Hornbill, If you search for a co worker at the top of Hornbill, it then searches and you find the co-worker in question. If you go and use the same search box again to find someone else it doesn't actually search. The Search box above the results works but not the global search bar at the top. Many Thanks Jonny
  13. Hello, We have had an issue arise where the schedule time is showing an hour behind and with a z at the end as per below: Once in the forms design view however it shows the correct time that has been chosen: Due to this some of the notifications sent out are displaying the time incorrectly and some even though it shows the wrong time is still outputting to the notification correctly: One that sent out correctly: Any help would be great thanks.
  14. We have been working on our portal and have noticed that if you start to log a request the cancel button at the top doesn't do anything.
  15. Hello, Starting today we have been getting the following error messages on a range of tickets: Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 'stage-b656dda2-4478-4afb-5baa-d1b8ad58c648/flowcode-8b6ec817-710e-4646-a47b-d46435094188': 0200 apps notifyEmailCustomer FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/notifyEmailCustomer): nodeName: Exception; nodeId: acd1ebbe-1cd9-4aed-bf14-50ce53f9a013; At 279/1: "Uncaught FCSException: The email template specified is invalid. Please contact your Hornbill Administrator." throw(e); _fc_node_exec_acd1ebbe_1cd9_4aed_bf14_50ce53f9a013 When checking the the external email template associated to the node there is no issue with it, neither the email template or BP has been changed recently.
  16. We have started to use Supplier Manager, but we have found that: We cannot add any tags to suppliers Cannot create a new supplier contract There is also no guidance regarding the possibilities around Business Processes and what can be achieved.
  17. When looking at the requests tab of a service, we can see Reference, and Status but all other columns are blank. This was replicated on another users machine and a browser cache clear doesn't fix the issue.
  18. We have a worrying issue. We have a PCF+BPM that supports our staff booking on external training. This includes a few date fields. (Departure, arrival, etc) One of our admin staff who undertakes the booking of these had printed the job and noticed the dates on the printed sheet, were different from those displayed on the screen (within Service Manager) Given that these are used to book hotels/travel/etc these discrepancies are extremely problematic. I've attached a screenshot of a print preview and native view of the job. This appears to be the case for most of the jobs I can find. Interestingly when you click print in the interface in chrome it shows the preview, when you click cancel and return to the job it's Questions layout is different (longer) and the dates are correct. When then clicking between the pages it's then wrong again. I'll try and grab a video screen cap to show what I mean.
  19. Hi All, I believe the following is a BUG but there doesn't appear to be the option to log this in the service portal. I have created two charts based on a request view in service manager, when previewing the charts the data's correct, when viewing them in the dashboard vie the data does not seem to reflect the criteria set against the view. The problem seems to be using the "Raised On" condition, if this is set to "Previous Month" it doesn't work, if set to last 30 days it works. Its very odd. Screenshots shown below, View Criteria: (Returns 94 total requests) Chart Preview (Shows 94 requests correctly): Dashboard View: Shows incorrect data, there should only be 94 requests in total but the following is showing 363, when the segments of the chart are clicked, the drill down data is correct. as an example, there is currently 1 request in "Not Set" not 13.
  20. When viewing dashboards it appears that the charts are out of alignment and it can get a bit confusing, could this be looked into please (the titles of the charts are appearing at the bottom of the one above)? Also when moving charts to relocate you have to position a lot higher than you think to get them to stay in the new location.
  21. The notification bell in the top right when you click on the requests in the list the number does not decrease, it stays static unless you actually click the x or dismiss all. Has something changed in one of the updates as this used to work ok?
  22. So it appears that when you have a CI that was listed in the portal the link still works when the CI is retired, this has meant that some people can fill in/complete a form which is retired but it fails as the BPM doesn't work or process it normally. Is there a way of fixing this or do we need to change the setting inside the CI to be available just to the Service Desk?
  23. SQL Contact Import Utility falsely reports new contact creations as updates when run without the dryrun setting, even though the log shows them as creations. Running with the dryrun setting to true (top section of the screenshot) they are correctly reported as Created Skipped. Cheers Martyn
  24. We have found that when limiting a self service form to individuals, you can send this link to others who are not on the list and they can see this form and submit the form. The only difference is that if the person is not on the list then when it logs a request it 'breaks' and does not assign to a team and does not pick up a BPM. This seems to me that this is a bug as the person should not be able to see the form let alone submit it if they are not subscribed too it.
  25. When using the ADD CONTACT button from organisations view it brings up a form in-place, but with less fields compared to the full form here: If you need to enter additional data, there is a button MORE... to bring up the full form. The fields you entered into the shortened form are transferred over. When you're done entering, there is a button ADD, which creates the contact on click. The long form disappears as expected, but the brief form still shows with the data you entered originally. I expect this form to be cleared in the moment I create the contact, so that I can enter another contact without manually overwriting or deleting the content I entered earlier.
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