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  1. Hi Trevor, Thanks for your response. It's not locked out to anyone. Is itwise for me to delete the library and the document in there, create a new one from scratch and see how I get on? I'm not getting this on any other library and as far as I can tell access and permissions are correct. I was largely reaching out in case I was being silly and missed something obvious. Thanks for your response.
  2. Hi All, I've not come across this before and I've not seen any documentation on this. But I have created a library shared with basic users, which contains a SQL report which is scheduled to run on the first of every month. The basic users, and I can see the library and attempt to download the document. But every time we do the document is locked and it's not possible to open. The document is not checked out for editing and and everyone has read and edit permissions in the library. I've tried creating a different blank spreadsheet and a new tag for the scheduled report to go into. I'm clearly missing something but not sure what. I'm at a loss to what's causing the document to be locked, I can't unlock it, the only way I've been able to get around this, is to download the report manually and send it as an attachment to the users of library via Outlook. Does anyone have any ideas? Many Thanks Adam
  3. Thanks @Ricky for coming back to me, this idea is very much it's early phases of planning, but it's good to know this information up front. Thanks again.
  4. Hello Team, Apologies if this question has occurred before, but we have multiple AD domains, and it looks like there may be need to expand our Hornbill ITOM AD automation capabilities to multiple domains. Is it possible assuming firewall access etc is configured to allow this to happen, to have one Hornbill ITOM Server integrating with multiple domains? Or do we need to have an ITOM server per domain? We'd need to be run AD automations in these domains. Many Thanks Adam
  5. Thanks @Daniel Dekel, That's great. I'll take a look at that page I wasn't sure if the description field was WiKi - mark-up capable in the bulletins section. Thanks for your help with this. Kind Regards Adam
  6. Hi all, Apologies, if this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find an answer for this question. In order to so we can capture customer feedback, we are looking to have a pinned bulletin post, on how our customers are finding the use of the employee portal and what we can do as a department to improve the search items etc for our customers. I'd like to include a link to the catalogue item where they will be submitting their feedback. I also want to include a link to our intranet article where we explain our reasoning behind capturing this feedback and why we want our users to engage with us on this matter. I've seen there is the employee portal link, which I presume will allow us to link to a catalogue item, but being fairly new to the use of the bulletins. I'm trying to work out if this would fulfil our needs. Is this easy for our wide ranging customer base to access? Also keen to reach out to other forum members to see if they have had success doing something similar? Many Thanks Adam
  7. Hi @SamS, In addition to the above post, we'd like to request this as a feature request where the roles can be removed from Active users. This is more important for us. But it would also be nice to have the ability to do this on archived users, but active users are the bigger concern. Many Thanks.
  8. Thanks @SamS for your response and the information provided. We would like to pursue this as a feature request, which removes all roles from archived users. Many Thanks Adam
  9. Just a follow up to this. I have tested with the config in the bpm node as highlighted in the video, and I can confirm this works perfectly for us whether we have one or two peer reviewers selected and chosen manually just as we needed. Thanks again to @James Ainsworth for your help with this. We'll be putting this into our live change bpm later this week. Thanks again Adam
  10. Thanks @James Ainsworth for this information. Very useful. I'll take a look at building this into our BPM. Certainly the unanimous authorisers option wasn't something I was aware of, and sounds ideal for what we are looking to implement. Thanks again Adam
  11. Hi All, We have a particular change request which requires two authorisers before being reviewed by the our change management team. Due to leave and the authorisers work loads, we want this still to be a manual selection of the two authorisers (as they may differ) We have found that when authoriser approves rather than waiting for the second it will continue onto the next step. I understand that if these authorisers were always the same and known, we could alter the weighting of the approval, and set each one to 50%, but as mentioned above this wouldn't work for us. I have checked out Service Request BPM, which places the ticket on hold, but as changes do not have an SLA, there would be no reason for the change to be placed on hold. Is there another way of being able to add suspend wait for authorisation to occur? Below is a screenshot of the suspend node, to allow the authorisers to be manually selected, but there doesn't seem to be a similar process for suspend await authorisation: Any help would be gratefully received. Kind Regards Adam
  12. Hello all, We use the Hornbill SQL User Import utility version v2.2.6 to create our Hornbill User accounts. When a user has left, the account is set to archived, but it retains the security roles and retains user account type. We have confirmed that the account we are using has the User Import role, which allows managing, creating and updating of users. We would anticipate that when the user account is set to archived the account would revert to basic and user roles stripped as an update. But the user import utility is not doing this. Are we missing something, or is this by design? If it is by design, would it be possible to request this as an enhancement? Many Thanks Adam
  13. Thanks @Steve Giller for confirming there isn't anything separate and there is not a random function. Having a think further on this we could have a separate catalogue item that we could link to in a bulletin post, of which we have started using on the employee portal, and that seems positive, perhaps we could capture their feedback, via that method. I don't think it's going to be appropriate to do on every single progressive capture. But we would could then use that as an option, and then turn that bulletin off and on from time to time, and use that a potentially a way of capturing this. Thanks again for all your help with this. I've now got some ideas on how we can progress this. Many Thanks Adam
  14. Thanks Steve. I was looking at like a pop up window after the request has been logged, that would appear at random. As I fear the our customer would just add this information in with details about the request. I wonder now if what you have suggested could work for us, or whether once the details had been captured in the PCF we could add something in before the process competes. So I'll certainly take a look into that and do some testing. Thanks Adam
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