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  1. Thanks @Deen we were also impacted by the issue. Do we have a root cause for this issue as of yet? Many Thanks Adam
  2. All, I thought I'd add this information in, in case people weren't aware. Whilst this has been going on and something we're waiting for, we have been using the Get PCF answers node to help us reduced the number of custom variables used. Where we don't need to specifically report on these items, which then limits the numbers of custom variable characters being used, and then for those circumstances where reporting is required, the remaining custom variables can then be used for reporting. One potential option if it's a struggle to get additional custom fields in, is would it
  3. Good Afternoon all, We're experiencing a strange error regarding our SIS server. Please see the SIS Server updated message screenshot attached. It would seem that our version is out of date, but the version to update to is a lower number than the version installed. We have rebooted our server to see if this resolve the issue, but it hasn't resolved the issue. I have also attached the screenshot of installed packages. Do you have any ideas how we get around this issue, and ensure that our SIS Server is running the latest version? Many Thanks Adam
  4. Hello all, I've been asked to look in to P1 data for one of support teams. Essentially what I am after is all P1s in the two support queues that make up this support team that are outside of our defined office hours: Mon - Thurs 0730 to 1715 Fri 0730 to 1645 Also weekends and bank holidays I'm far from a guru in SQL but I am learning all the time. I wonder if anyone could help me build some SQL logic, to allow me to capture this data? In my head I would look at request type: Inci
  5. Just to add to this. For the benefit of other members. We found that we still ran into issues with this. Thanks to @Steve Giller for confirming in the team assignment node we needed to use the Team from Variable and then inject the Site Details from Custom 1 field. As we also use Hornbill Asset Manager we have used the asset details inside the PCF to link the site the customer is requesting from there. It seems from my experience that both of these options are required for successful ticket routing.
  6. Through speaking to my colleague we've worked this out. We need to ensure the Get Site Details node is in the correct stage in the BPM. If you need this is in more than one place it needs to be configured in every stage of the BPM you wish to use this information. If it's not there you can't use the variable.
  7. Hello all, I'm trying to set up a BPM that will use the queue name stored from a custom field against each site in our organisation. I've gone through and updated all the sites that are looked after by Field Engineers with the correct queue name inputted into the Site Custom 1 field. When configuring the Hornbill Automation bpm node, I can get to the select site option, but I cannot drill down further nor does there appear to be any ability to use the site custom field as an automation task. Has anyone else been able to get this working using the Site custom fields in the addit
  8. Hi @Victor, Thanks for the quick response. You were correct that although the Word file copied was stored in SharePoint, the images were pointing to a temp file location stored on my PC. To see if the issue was due to this, I've stored the images in my One Drive, created a URL and inserted the images into the email template, however the preview is still broken. Please see screenshot attached. I'm now at a loss as to why this is not working. Many Thanks Adam
  9. Hi all, I've looked to see if there are other posts regarding this issue but haven't spotted any so apologies for any duplication. I'm trying to create a template to provide our customers with some instructions on how to access Microsoft Forms after and automated actvity to add the user into an AD group has taken place. We have been able to in the past copy content stored in Word, stored in SharePoint or One Drive, and use this to base our instructions on. When doing this, I get broken previews of the images stored Please see the screenshot below: Does anyo
  10. We are also experiencing issues this morning @Deen Any chance we could also be added into this? Many Thanks.
  11. Thanks @Victor, I was just trying to understand if there was a best practise. Thanks for explaining the pros and cons to both. I've gone down the custom field route, as that has been the method that has been working for us, and I'm familiar with that process. Through reading the forum and seeing what other customers have done I saw that others have used the get PCF answer, and wondered if we were missing a trick. I'm nearly complete with the bpm building, so hopefully I'll be able to start testing over the next few days. Thanks again for both yours and Steve's help.
  12. Hi @Bob Dickinson, thanks very much for coming back to me. I'll certainly look into that setting. I wasn't aware that was an option. Kind Regards Adam
  13. Thanks @Victor, much appreciated. My mistake. This is great news the app settings can be turned on, if you haven't got this node configured in your BPMs. Thanks as always for your help.
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