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  1. @AndyGilly This requirement has been discussed internally and is currently under review. The requirement has been penned as the ability to see a transcript of the chat in a request, even if you are not an agent of the LiveChat application. What we envisage is an integration that would have two modes of operation, Transcript and Agent. In the case of Agent mode (that is, where the user of ServiceManager is also a User Agent if the chat application) then the integration would effectively be an interactive chat session from right within the request its self. Independently of that, there
  2. I am delighted to announce that the Global Analyst Platform G2 has unveiled Hornbill as a Leader in both the ITSM and Service Desk Markets. Thanks to your advocacy and reviews we now feature across 40 reports including the flagship G2 Grid Reports. The latest G2 ITSM Grid Report, ‘Fall 2020’ combines the views of 2,900 IT Service Management Professionals to rank the Top 30 Vendors head to head. G2’s General Manager Henrique Moniz de Aragao yesterday showcased the power of your customer advocacy in the market highlighting Hornbill for ‘Leadership in the global service desk market
  3. @AndyHill I think thats an oversight, that should have been hidden when the option is disabled. I will mention internally Gerry
  4. @DFarran Yes you will need to make quite a lot of database changes because the user account Id on Hornbill be used as a primary key reference in a lot of placed. The recommended approach would be to either use the same UserId in ADFS or, create a custom attribute in AD and then map that into the nameID field in the Hornbill SSO profile, either will work fine. Gerry
  5. @DFarran There are only two causes for that specific error message... 1. The user was not found. You need to check that the nameID which the SSO server will reply with in its SAML response, and the userId (user ID in account) in Hornbill match, if they do not match then Hornbill server has no idea who is trying to authenticate. The nameID is also customisable, so if you want these to be different on the two systems, you can if you want map a customer attribute in your AD server to the nameID. You need to have a good understanding of the ADFS configuration and system in Azure to under
  6. @Nikolaj thanks for the question. We have in the pipeline an option to state when you will return when setting a status. In our default use case this would be used for "On Holiday" only as thats where it makes sense for anyone. However, you will be able to create custom status's and set this option on that status. Like below, there will be a new flag "Use Return Time" which will allow you to specify a date/time to return (i.e. when you are expected to set your status to something else. This is coming, its in our 90 day dev priority window currently Gerry create
  7. Just a notice to let you know that ITOM is now feature-complete and we are getting ready for its initial release. As a result, ITOM will be coming out of preview soon and we will be entering into the Early Adopter stage, which is likely to run until the end of the year. We are still finalising the packaging and commercials and are of course very keen to work with existing customers, so if you have been previewing ITOM and can see the value in the automation possibilities, and are interested in adopting ITOM into your environment, now would be a very good time to get in touch so we can dis
  8. @AlexRutter I am not sure I understand what exactly you are asking for here. Are you saying that you have prefixed the service name with something and you want to not display that prefix? Maybe a screenshot might help understanding here? Gerry
  9. @HGrigsby It had not been apparent this was being used for Basic users, I will ensure we get that changed early next week so the manager field and custom attributes are re-instated for basic users. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this Gerry
  10. @Jeremy I am not sure that is possible as its currently implemented to be honest, our goal was to ensure there was always a way of being able to log in, especially given the fact that when an SSO cert expires things can get complicated. There is a general practice emerging in cloud based solutions where there is a requirement for a positive "LOG IN" action to be taken, and there are lots of good reasons for this which I highlighted, so its that learning that others have followed that we have taken our queues from. These changes we are making are paving the way for some further under-the
  11. @Alberto M Yes I believe that should still work, I will need to double-check though to confirm, I will post back once I have gotten a confirmation Gerry
  12. @AndyGilly None at all, it will work exactly as before, its really just a UI change with the addition that you need to make a positive action (i.e. press the LOGIN WITH SSO button) to log in. Other than that, everything will work as before, nothing for you to do configuration-wise Gerry
  13. @Martyn Houghton I will be honest and say, I am not sure, my understanding was thats a different code-base so not sure whats going on there, it might be something specific to us... but hmmm.... I will go and find out and post back Gerry
  14. @Adrian Simpkins In the end its only a login screen, and I would hope it should be intuitive enough that it will not need explaining. I think I would have a lot of explaining to do if the Hornbill dev team could not produce a login screen that is intuitive and obvious :/ Gerry
  15. @Adrian Simpkins The login screen does not affect the customer or service portal, only the user and admin apps - the user app does of course include the Employee Portal so if you are using that and by "existing customers" you mean basic users on the system, and as basic users they are using the employee portal, they will also see this screen. The image and some aspects of this login screen are customisable, so you can get it falling in line with your internal branding/corporate identity pretty easily. hope that answers your question. Gerry
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