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  1. @Dan Munns It would be perferrable that we add the classes you need rather than extend the base general type - no all asset types would have a serial number so having the field their is sub-optimal from a design perspective. Hardware generally does have an SN so perhaos we create a "General Hardware" asset class for this purpose? Gerry
  2. Portal - Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.0

    @chrisnutt No problem. Consider the document a work in progress, we have published it so everyone has a point of reference for any individual item(s) we have either not yet covered or if there is any dispute about what we have implemented, makes it easier for everyone to reference. Gerry
  3. Portal - Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.0

    Hi @chrisnutt Please see the following document, this is our current status against WCAG 2.0 requirements. We continue to plug away at this and meet more requirements, this wiki page is our running status. Hope thats what you are looking for. Apologies, this thread should have been closed out when we published that document. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Collaboration_Core_WCAG20_report Gerry
  4. New Field Type

    @SJEaton Thanks for the clarification. The dev team are currently discussing what might be possible to support this type of input, some early suggestions indicate we might be able to create an array of forms, presenting the overview in the RHS of the PC. In any case, I think we understand the use case and are looking at what solutions we might be able to come up with. Will post here when we have more. Thanks, Gerry
  5. New Field Type

    @SJEaton The problem I see with this is what you do with the collected data, where does it get used and what is the purpose of collecting such data. What you are showing is conceptually a spreadsheet or tabular data. You have shown 3 columns by 3 rows, but what when you want more rows or columns, and where would the limit be. I started this comment with all the negative points, I guess I am not fully understanding what problem you are trying to solve with this. I am keen that Hornbill is the best process automation platform every conceived so I want to find a way of solving the problem, I just in this case don't understand the problem. Could you expend with a real-world example of where you would see this being used, perhaps I can draw some inspiration from that? Thanks, Gerry
  6. Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    HI @samwoo No no limit, our big problem tends to be no-shows. We size the venue according to the number of registrations, when people don't turn up on the day it becomes a real waste of money. So all I would ask is when you register please make sure you are able to attend - save for any emergency of course. Gerry
  7. Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    @samwoo The details are nearing being finalised and invites will be sent and a registration form provided. The date however is fixed and already booked so you an put this in your calendar now, the date is not going to change. Gerry
  8. Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    See comments above, this was a tentative date, so not sure this has been confirmed yet or not. I will ask... Gerry
  9. Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    @Darren Rose Yeah I was excited about putting on a second day but the costs vs the interest was not viable this time around. The bad news is we have removed quite a lot of content we could have covered, the good news is we have quite a lot of unused content Gerry
  10. Add an asset class

    @samwoo Ok I will feed that back, there is no reason not to expand it to include the sorts of things you mention above that are not already covered. Gerry
  11. Add an asset class

    @samwoo I can see how you would come to that conclusion but the class definition of "Computer" really is the top-level. Our general rule for defining a class is to try not to duplicate, a server is just a specific "type of" computer, thats how we think of it. I would be interested to hear your views though, what would be your justification? (in the context of the structure of a CMDB, as opposed to your personal preference)? Gerry
  12. Add an asset class

    @Dan Munns Assuming those three classes make sense to you, could you give me a list of attributes you would want to store against each of the types you would derive from them? that way I can ask the SM dev team to create the classes. Gerry
  13. Add an asset class

    @Dan Munns Ok thanks for the list. Conceptually, a class is meant to be generic. So for example, both Flat Panel Monitors and CRT Monitors and Projectors would all be "types" of class "Display Device", of course it would help if we actually had a Display class in the first place. So from your list I can see the following addtional classes. Display Device Battery Storage Device Things like toner, packaging etc would not naturally fit into an asset or configuration database, so if you wanted to put those in there, then I would suggest the General class for that. Make sense? Gerry
  14. Add an asset class

    @Dan Munns There is no way of adding a class of asset yourself, the reason being there is a physical database schema under each asset class, if we allowed you to change the schema there is no way we could handle upgrades to things we provide. If you need a new asset class then please propose it and we can introduce it for you. If you can breakdown what you are looking for then we can get that sorted pretty quickly I would expect. There is a "General" asset class, does that not cover what you need? Gerry
  15. @Dan Munns Glad to hear its all working, thats good to know. You are most welcome, I am very glad we have been able to help Gerry