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  1. @Logan Graham Is this software a cloud application? or installed behind your firewall? The Hornbill iBridge is focused on cloud applications. Granted, some customers have used it for plugging into behind-the-firewall integrations (for example with Jira) but that involves punching a hole in their firewill and exposing their internal application's API to the internet accessible endpoint, this is not really what the iBridge is designed to do. As we move forward with our ITOM offering, behind-the-firewall integrations with other software is very much on the agenda, and we could certainly look at PRTG. I do not know PRTG so dont know the semantics of how it works, I would be interested to understand more details about what an integration would look like - what are you trying to achieve by integrating Hornbill with PRTG? From your brief description, I think you are talking more about the ITOM Site Integration services we are introducing. Gerry
  2. @Steven Cotterell To be honest I am not sure we would even know that. To the best of my knowledge, the authentication scheme we are using is OAuth2, so the rights that the service account needs would be something I expect should be in the Teams documentation. Teams is not something we use so I am honestly not sure we would even know ourselves without looking it up. Our integration engineer that built the integration might know but he is on leave now until next week, hopefully, if he knows he will be able to let you know Gerry
  3. I have now started a forum so we can at least get discussions underway, please visit here. https://community.hornbill.com/forum/153-crm-external-customer-service-support/
  4. @Steven Cotterell I am a bit lost as to where the "Service Account" comes into it? I am pretty sure the Teams post API will not require admin, it might just be you are required to have an account that has the authority to let you authorise the Hornbill app to be able to use the API for teams, I do not think Hornbill will be getting admin rights. Gerry
  5. Dan, I think you should have a look at what I will be introducing tomorrow at INSIGHTS! See you there. Gerry
  6. I think it might also be possible to create a task with no outcomes, which might be another option if you dont need the outcome of the task to drive the flow forwards. Gerry
  7. @nasimg To be honest, its not come up that much, people who use Hornbill for task management tend to use Hornbill fairly regularly so its not really been a priority for us. It is still on the list but no progress made so far I am afraid. Gerry
  8. Hi Paul, It is not practical for us to index every custom field in the underlying database, it would just lead to all fields being indexed (they need to be indexed to be searchable). However, we are looking into changing our underlying indexing architecture which would allow you (through configuration) to decide what custom fields you want to index. This is some time off though, might not be there until the end of the year as other priorities are currently present. Gerry
  9. There is normally a “me too” button visible on known errors which your users can just click on. Someone more knowledgeable than me should be able to provide the setup steps - I think it’s very simple to do though gerry
  10. @Lauren No the delegates and the holiday availability would not be linked in that way. The idea would be, you can add delegates to your profile at any time and give them permission to view and action your tasks on your behalf. Gerry
  11. @Lauren @BobbyB @Alisha We do actually have on our platform roadmap adding Task Deligates to user profiles. The use case here is, in the vent someone goes on Holiday they will be able to enable one-or-more delegates who will be able to action tasks and approvals on their behalf. This is not likely to be implemented any time before Q4 though but it does sound like this might be what you are looking for? Gerry
  12. @Paul Alexander Have you tried the bookmarks function, this is exactly what they are for and should meet your requirement - and if your users get used to the bookmarks system the same scheme will work for projects, contacts, emails etc... Gerry
  13. @Dan Munns I notice today that this has been added by our dev team. it's currently in beta for review, once we have seen internally it should make it out to production in the next week or so. Thanks for the suggestion Gerry Gerry
  14. @Dan Munns One of our devs will take a look at this over the next couple of weeks, we are not sure what's involved but I can see the benefit of having this capability and if you are to use DM as an alternative I can understand why you would not want to lose this capability. Watch this space... Gerry
  15. @Trevor Tinsley Thanks for your comments, the position was not supposed to be dismissive of any need, if it came across that way I apologize. We do understand that IT is seen as being responsible for HSM and its important for you to be aware of all and any changes, this is why we set up the update forum above so you can be notified of changes in advance of you applying those changes with regards to the Service Manager and other applications. I think @Victor was simply trying to highlight that we are in the future (due to overwhelming customer demand) will be making these updates automatic, which means they will get applied for you in the maintenance schedule window that you define. I fully acknowledge that there can be issues that arise but I can assure you we take our testing/validation very seriously, and we always look for ways to improve our approach, and we very definitely do not use an Agile approach so as we can abuse or compromise our approach to quality. We have good data over the last 15 years or so, and hands down our customers get an overall better experience by a very long way, our the number of support issues and the nature of those support issues tells us this. It would be a terrible situation, and we would have failed in our mission, if our customers need to be notified in advance of changes to our software and have to do their own testing/roll-out plan every time we do a release/update, most customers don't want to do that, or be involved at all, which as I said is what I am told by many customers is one of the key drivers for buying into a SaaS solution with a Continuous Delivery approach. We prove our service to all customers with a zero contract tie in which we believe allows our customers to vote with their checkbook, if our approach, our service does not live up to the needs of their organization they can leave without any contractual obligation, everyone at Hornbill knows this so we are compelled to always do the right thing, software quality is a big part of that, if we do make a mistake it is certainly not intentional and we will do everything necessary to put it right as soon as we can. Thanks, Gerry
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