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  1. Gerry

    Hornbill LDAP Import Issues

    @Izu Of the two logs, one looks like an incremental import, the other looks like a full import. I believe the tool does both types of import and that depends on the way you run it. I can only assume that both of the above logs were generated from different run method - although that is a just an assumption on my part Gerry
  2. @Izu Its a difficult question to answer without being highly specific. Part of setting up both systems to use email and autoresponder type behavior will be to ensure there is no loops, this is an implementation-specific thing. It is certainly possible to configure Service Manager to not send automated emails on an update, in fact, it does not by default so what you want to achieve should be possible. Personally, I would advise you would be much better off using the iBridge and BPM to log the requests on Jira from Hornbill and to use whatever call-out capability Jira has to invoke our API's to do the same. You will have for more control over the integration and the performance quality this way. Gerry
  3. Gerry

    Custom Button in Asset Management

    @Giuseppe Iannacone In regards to the question "and generally speaking why we can have all the field as variables", there are potentially hundreds of variables that *could* be included, it would be very inefficient to load all information into the browser "just in case" you make use of one value, this is why we have a pre-defined subset. Just let us know what you need and we can update this. If this list ultimately gets too big we would need to change the way it works. Gerry
  4. @Joanne Can you post a screenshot of what you mean? It may be your iDP doing what you describe and not Hornbill... Gerry
  5. @Izu I would suggest running such a process at quiet times, there will be some locking and stuff that would slow things down on a busy instance. As for data backups, we do have nightly snapshots, for EU instances they are generally complete by 3AM UTC, so I would suggest an early-morning clean-up would be a good time. The DRYRUN is non-destructive but will allow you to see what will be run against the database, this is not a heavy process and nothing gets locked during a dryrun. Gerry
  6. Gerry

    Service Manger not working

    @Jeremy It was a node failure, so while your instance was not able to serve requests for a short time, it was not specific to your instance, it was a problem with one of our cluster nodes. Our monitoring picked this up and was rectified within a couple of minutes. I do not have the exact RCA, I think we are still looking into that, but that's what our logs are showing. Gerry
  7. @Joanne Yes, we are looking at a number of options in this area. As above, we have disabled this capability because the BPM is designed to be used by non-technical/business people, and its to technically complicated to deal with web calls, specifically in relation to input/output parameter mapping. This is why we created the iBridge, but that's generally better for cloud-based integrations, although in some circumstances it can be used to integrate this behind-the-firewall deployed tools and systems. What is your deployment tool? is that cloud on on-premise based? What are you trying to achieve? Thanks, Gerry
  8. Gerry

    Customer Portal - Dynamic Branding

    @Martyn Houghton That's quite a timely request! We are in the process of transitioning the codebase so that the service and customer portals can have their own development paths. Right now the focus is on the service portal and the implementation in the main application as seen currently in preview. We have made a lot of good progress in this area, and one of the things we have introduced is the notion of "branding/styling per organization". However, as of right now this only applies to the service portal, and not the customer portal. On our roadmap is to do some really big improvements to the customer portal, including multiple branded portals and custom domains, we are not there yet and its not quite in our 90 day pipeline (primarily because we have to complete the code separation between the service and customer portals), but I wanted to assure you that it absolutely is on our agenda to make this change. I will keep you informed of progress. Gerry
  9. Gerry

    Maximum Report Cell Count

    @alecwa One of our integration engineers will post back and offer some alternative guidance. I would like to point out though that regardless of the system you are using if your strategy is to pull out all data from an ever-growing dataset then there will come a time where performance and reliability are going to become an issue. It is perfectly feasible to achieve near-real-time reporting in this way but as I say you need to have a better approach and pull data incrementally, and not just pull an ever-growing dataset. We place the limitation on the reporting engine precisely to catch this sort of use case, it might be a workaround that is accessible but that's the wrong approach if you want something that will be robust in the long term. We will come up with an alternative approach for you, that will though probably involve using some form of integration/data migration connector/tool. Thanks Gerry
  10. Gerry

    Twitter Certificate Prompt When Opening Hornbill

    @Michael Sharp Thought that may well be the case. I am not sure if there is a practical way of implementing this as an option. We have assumed that those big services are going to be performant and reliable, it's not caused us any problems thus far, I will need to ask the devs, but I suspect it only gets loaded on demand (i.e. when it needs to) which would imply that you might already have embedded tweets in one or more of your activity streams. Gerry
  11. Gerry

    Maximum Report Cell Count

    @alecwa So that's really the problem we face, there is no viable upper limit on the number of records that would work in your context. The reporting engine, as convenient as it is for doing what you are doing with it, it's limited, it's not really capable of exporting an ever growing and therefore potentially unlimited amounts of data every hour or so. What we need to do is how we get what you need to be exported on an incremental basis. i.e. we export today's data/changes and your backend somehow incrementally expands your local data set. As of today we do not have a tool that can do this, and sadly "just expanding the limit or rows" to solve this way of using the tool is simply not technically viable as its our responsibility to also deliver a good quality service with performance and uptime commitments. I think I will need to defer to my devs here and see if we can come up with any possible solution, I am pretty sure though nothing we can do in terms of development will be very quickly delivered, what you need is quite complicated to make if its to scale and not kill the performance of our production databases Gerry
  12. Gerry

    Maximum Report Cell Count

    @alecwa Ok in terms of records, what are you exporting, are you just exporting all requests open and closed? in other words is that export growing by approx 600 records per week? Gerry
  13. Gerry

    Maximum Report Cell Count

    @alecwa Thanks for the clarification, ok I understand what you are trying to achieve now. So can I ask, what data are you exporting, are you trying to export all data 8 times a day? I am trying to establish why you are hitting the 25k record limit? Gerry
  14. Gerry

    Maximum Report Cell Count

    @alecwa Can I understand more about what you are trying to achieve? It sounds like to me that you are wanting to do an export rather than run a report? If so, reporting is not really the right route for this. We set a maximum of 25000 rows on a report because we thought that was a reasonable upper limit for a report, we also place this limit because we did not expect reporting to be used for "unlimited data size exports" because reporting is simply not designed for that purpose. If I can understand better what you are trying to achieve we can probably give you guidance on the correct approach for what you are trying to achieve. Gerry
  15. Gerry

    Twitter Certificate Prompt When Opening Hornbill

    @Michael Sharp One of our developers pointed out that we include this library because we support "embedded media for tweets", if you paste a link to a tweet in a post or comment you will see what I mean. Did you get this resolved? Gerry