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  1. Mike, is that not what the RHS of the ProCap forms do? Maybe we need to be able to customize them more? Gerry
  2. @Frank Reay Ok thanks, I will ask someone to have a look and see if we can re-create. Gerry
  3. @Aaron Summers I would be a little uncomfortable doing that to be honest, for individual developers or other "generally non-customer-facing Hornbill folk" being targeted with specific questions that could cause some problems, I do encourage all Hornbill staff to be part of our community, to read, contribute and help where they can, and our people are fantastic, they do and as a result it builds a great community. However, developers and other folk that work behind the scenes are not always available or free to respond to questions, sometimes they are busy or have to focus on other things. So targeting individuals with questions might lead to un-responded posts and questions, which would not help anyone. Also, if you target a question / suggestion to a specific individual, others are less likely to jump in. I would suggest its better to target topics and allow the organic participation of all community members, customers and Hornbill staff alike, that would be the best for the overall success of our community forums. Does that make sense? Gerry
  4. @Frank Reay Well I can honestly say, thats not come up before. Bizarre indeed, we will take a look. Thanks for identifying the cause of the issue. What is the AdBlocker tool, is it AdBlock? Gerry
  5. @Paul Alexander We will need to look at what we can do for you, one of our devs will probably need to write a script, as we need to make sure that on dangling tasks are cleared down. Will discuss internally. Gerry
  6. Thanks for the feedback, yes Steve is a whiz when it comes to integrations and understanding the technical architecture of our cloud service and how we connect to other things, I am glad everything is working for you. If you feel up to it, and think we deserve it, please recommend us to your professional network, we could always do with new customers to build our community (bit cheeky I know) Gerry
  7. @Logan Graham I hope that once ITOM is generally available we should be able to build and provide a more ready-to-use integration with PRTG, its on our list to look at. Gerry
  8. @John C I think that depends on if changing the Service Status is considered an administrative function, I am not sure it is (at the moment) or should be, would be interested to see what other customers think. Gerry
  9. @John C Thanks for the update, I am glad you have found the root cause of the issue. You mention "surely the whole point of roles should be to actually lock down unnecessary access etc" yes, of course, but different people work in different ways and of course this sort of requirement can be subjective, I would bet at least one customer we have would not want to lock down being able to change the service status under these conditions. In any case the team will discuss the nuances of this behaviour and may be able to make some changes, our challenge would be any change like this could impact other users. I appreciate Hornbill is a relatively new system for you, there will be some learning curve as you discover things like this, but I hope overall the solution still delivers good value for you. Gerry
  10. @John C Did you get the answer you needed? and have you found the cause of the issue you were reporting? Thanks, Gerry
  11. @John C Just for the sake of the community, please be aware that there is no specific SLA associated with requests/questions asked on the forum. We do have more formal support channels for questions/help/non-availability issues through https://hornbill.com/support In terms of the problem you are reporting, I am not entirely familiar with the inner workings of service availability but if its being changed without someone manually changing it, this has to be down to a misconfigured BPM or Automation. I will ask someone who knows better than I to see if they can give you any guidance, I am not sure who is available though so please bear with me. Thanks, Gerry
  12. All, Unfortunately, Harry was a little late to the game, or should I say, there was a timing mismatch between the changes in the Admin tool and the push of application services, so oddly, you will see a HH notice sometime very soon, but I do appreciate the Horse has already bolted so to speak. We felt that the changes were quite intuitive (having a new tile called "Applications"), so we had not tried to rush our some form of prior notice, but clearly for at least some this was not the case, our apologies for that. The changes have been made to make way for the upcoming ITOM capabilities, the layout makes more sense in that context, and hopefully everyone will get used to clicking the Applications tile to get to their installed applications. Thanks, Gerry
  13. @Stephen.whittle Thanks for the INSIGHTS feedback, thats great to hear and I am delighted you found the event valuable, we appreciate your participation and support also. It's an interesting perspective in relation to other content. You mentioned the automation ROI stuff, and you are right, I must hod my hands up here, I presented that in the context of talking about the value of automation, and you are right that is a good topic to present as a white-paper or maybe even a blogpost published on our website, I will see what I can do. I think one of the problems we have as a company is, we have always employed more product people/developers and less marketing people than our peers, so we are somewhat less focused on producing the type of marketing output you describe, although we certainly do need to get better at it - and thats definitely on our list of improvements to make Gerry
  14. @Logan Graham Is this software a cloud application? or installed behind your firewall? The Hornbill iBridge is focused on cloud applications. Granted, some customers have used it for plugging into behind-the-firewall integrations (for example with Jira) but that involves punching a hole in their firewill and exposing their internal application's API to the internet accessible endpoint, this is not really what the iBridge is designed to do. As we move forward with our ITOM offering, behind-the-firewall integrations with other software is very much on the agenda, and we could certainly look at PRTG. I do not know PRTG so dont know the semantics of how it works, I would be interested to understand more details about what an integration would look like - what are you trying to achieve by integrating Hornbill with PRTG? From your brief description, I think you are talking more about the ITOM Site Integration services we are introducing. Gerry
  15. @Steven Cotterell To be honest I am not sure we would even know that. To the best of my knowledge, the authentication scheme we are using is OAuth2, so the rights that the service account needs would be something I expect should be in the Teams documentation. Teams is not something we use so I am honestly not sure we would even know ourselves without looking it up. Our integration engineer that built the integration might know but he is on leave now until next week, hopefully, if he knows he will be able to let you know Gerry
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