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  1. The original design of the boards application did not include this as a consideration so its note likely the data model would even support this. I presume you are talking about providing access to guests who are logged in for security reasons? When you say "like Trello boards" is this a read-only view, or are you talking about more access than that? Gerry
  2. Hi Nasim, Because of the craziness of 2020 we moved the date and as of yet have not set a hard date. There is still a mix of both being used. What I can say is that future engineering work will be going into the Employe Portal and not the Service Portal, so apart from any security related issues, there will be no further changes. I would suggest its in everyones interest to move over as soon as is practical for them. Ideally decommissioning the service portal should be something we do because no one is using it any more, and not because we have set a hard date and that time is then r
  3. @Michael Sharp Lol :: thanks for posting. Yes, it seems everyone is ok with it now, as I think I said originally, the change was going to facilitate other things in the future, but also allows many login options that were previously... errr... difficult... I assume you have rolled out a combination of direct and SSO logins Gerry
  4. @Ieuan Payne IPO This should be a simple case of using the iBridge, assuming you want to trigger the CI/CD pipeline from a BPM at a specific point in that process. You also have the option of triggering this sort of thing from an AutoTask/Custom Button, and if you are using ITOM, also from Runbooks... so yes there are lots of options. There is ready made integrations in iBridge so all you really need to do is point and click a few things and you will be good to go https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Azure_DevOps Gerry
  5. @Adrian Simpkins @Michael Sharp Thanks for your feedback also, and the suggestion. I think the problem is, what you are asking for leads to this... And I am sure you will see that if we made such a list, weather intended or not, people would then use it as a work list, that would shortly be followed by "oh can can we just have this one extra field"... and before you know it, we would be re-creating a request list of sorts. This is what I am nervous about, it would dilute the concentrate of functionality and create yet more stuff that users would need to understand. I think it
  6. @Michael Sharp @Adrian Simpkins There has been some internal discussions around this request and for now at least, this is not looking like something we would change. The Notification List is designed under the hood for its functionality a reliance on the fact that data is sorted in chronologically descending order. To change this would be to change the nature of its behaviour which could have quite aa knock-on effect. For example, notifications on timelines are detected on chronology, and not an "unread-flag" per post, this is because unlike email there is no such thing as opening a po
  7. @Michael Sharp Its always worth mentioning that we have some customers that actively use two different login schemes, where they have some users logging in using SSO and others that log into Hornbill directly as a Hornbill user, so to them, the second option is not just a maintenance-only button. So while in your case it makes sense, for others it would not. Glad you got it sorted for your users Gerry
  8. @Aaron Carter Not currently, I can tell you that it is substantially implemented already but still needs work around the parallel processing. You should not have to do anything, its been designed to work with existing BPM's without you having to make any changes. What it brings to the table is mostly a big maturity step-change. * A clean design based on the last 5 years of evolution. * Significant performance improvements * Better enablement for our application developers * Improvements in the way the BPM engine handles parallel processes and asynchronous behaviour. * Vastly
  9. @Aaron Carter Thanks for your post. There is a stream of work where we are looking at a re-work of the current BPM engine, and some work around parallel processing is happening. I am not sure about this particular use case, although from memory I think there is something in the design of the current implementation that makes this a limitation. I expect BPM 2.0 (which is the very imaginative internal name for this work) will address this. For now though, its a bit of a limitiation Gerry
  10. @Michael Sharp I could be wrong here, but I am sure the login pages are fully translatable so really, you can customise the buttons to anything you like. Gerry
  11. @Chris Winship Hi Chris, As I read your requirement, from what I can read, I think you are wanting to use Tasks as small tickets. In other words, you want the ability to open a task, update the task (notes) by which I think you mean like the timeline on the request but just for that individual task and ultimately complete that task? We do get asked to add "ticket-like" functionality to tasks but we see tasks as "a human task" and a task as an instruction to complete a specific task. If more interaction that that is required, then we would see tickets (like incidents, problems et
  12. @Kelvin Thanks, have PM'd you Gerry
  13. @Paul Alexander Thanks for the note, and Happy New Year to you and yours also. Hope you and the team have had a great Christmas. Yes ITOM is out of Technical Preview and is in Early Adopter stag. I will PM you an EA pricing matrix and we can perhaps have a chat. Gerry
  14. @samwoo Ok I see what you are asking for I think. Let me first clarify, all content in Hornbill is considered "secure content" that is, there are access mechanisms to control access to documents, images and other content, and access is generally bound to a user session. In other words, there is no default or public access to almost any content, at the point you access a document, for example when you are viewing a list of documents being presented to you in Document Manager, at the point of you clicking the link to view/download the system will verify that you have access through whicheve
  15. @samwoo Thanks for the clarifications. For static content like documents, XLS and general text documents, Document Manager does this reasonably well already, it allows you to maintain versions, organise with tags and provide descriptions etc... FAQ's also let you include static images, and a link to media such as Youtube or Vimeo video content. With regards to *storing video* the storage is really only a small part of the equation, you also need to deal with streaming, and that means you have to deal with encoding/transcoding when you upload video to put it into a streamable for
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