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  1. @Gary.Reynolds No problem, thanks for the feedback, glad the issues are sorted. We have lots of incremental improvements to other ares coming now we have the base changes deployed. Gerry
  2. @Tina.Lapere We are also going to look at a possible hotfix for this particular issue if at all possible, if so, this will be pushed today most likely. Its only a possibility at this point though, so please dont hold me to it - just in case there is something more complicated than we think it might be. Gerry
  3. @Tina.Lapere I am not sure to be honest, I just checked here and for me its working as expected on various zoom levels, What browser are you using? what zoom level are you using? With this information I can ask the question of the devs Gerry
  4. @Tina.Lapere "Is there any way of changing the spacing on the Views as the one I had has now chopped off the last digit on our call numbers for Service Requests" Which view is this? Portal? Analyst Request List? other? Gerry
  5. @Tina.Lapere I will need to ask our devs about this, I really don't know how the height of these things are determined, I will have someone provide some more information here. Gerry
  6. @AndyHill "Is there a way you could provide the ability to edit the size of the tiles so we could return to 3 tiles fitting per box?" I will need to let our devs look at that. I expect the answer would be "not easily" as we are making this code fluid and reactive so you get a good end-user experience on mobile devices as well as in a browser. Having fixed sizes of anything is a bad idea. In terms of the image example you have given in relation to wanting giant buttons, thats actually a very helpful image that expresses perfectly what a number of customers has asked for, i will feed that back into the dev team and we will see what we can come up with. Ultimately, using images is bad if you want your portal design to work on all device types, and it seems to me having this type of giant style button should be an option we could easily provide I feel. Anyway, I am glad all of the other issues are sorted for you, thank you for your feedback and patience. Gerry
  7. @AndyHill Thanks for the update, I am not sure why setting a single size did not make it work. Perhaps you will be kind enough to post one of your images here (and the sizes you had set) and someone in the dev team can try to re-produce the issue? I would however encourage you not to use images here, because we have and are optimising the portal for mobile use, if you have images things will look really ugly on different mobile devices. Its not clear to me why you have used images when you can just use the SVG icons that are available to you, they are the exact same icons that you have used in your image creation. With regards to the other four issues, mentioned above, can you confirm these are now resolved for you on Preview? Thanks Gerry
  8. Hi Gary, Please see my comments below in relation to the 5 points raised in the word document you sent me... 1. In relation to the line under the logo. I have reviewed this with the devs here, and it seems that the line we added was dealing with the fact that the showcase image we were using had an unintentional pure-white blend around the centre of the image, the designer addressed that by adding a line to cater for the image without giving any consideration to an image a customer might use where there was an intentional white space with no break. I have instructed the devs to remove this line for now and this will be pushed to preview in the next 15 minutes. Please confirm you see that? 2. In relation to information missing from the bottom banner, this was indeed a defect, has now been fixed and deployed to preview earlier today, it should be there right now - please confirm? 3. Icons squashed. We have been unable to re-create this, but from what it looks like, this is a simple mis-configuration. We are assuming these blue boxes are actually images as opposed to the vector icons/text you can use natively, this would be better to use. However, if you want to use an image you have the "option" to set both the width and height of these images. If you specify the width, then the height will be adjusted proportional to the width you set, and visa versa, if you specify the heigh and not the width, then the width will be proportionately adjusted based on the width. If, as it appears to be in your case, you specify both the width and height of the image, then the image will be stretched to fit with the original aspect ratio ignored - this is what we believe is what is happening on your configuration. If you can go and remove either the width or height in the link widget configuration, your images will un-stretch. We cannot change this behaviour as many customers would be impacted, so the fasted route to resolution here is for you guys to just go into the portal config page and correctly set the image size settings 4. Icons not centred. This was identified as a defect, in fact, specifically, this is a defect where the top/bottom padding was not being applied in the case where the link items appeared as a single vertical column. This appears to be a bit of a blunder on our part, we should have seen that in testing, but I understand that has now been corrected and is now on preview. Can you please confirm? 5. As best we can tell from the word document, this is a problem that existed, and was already fixed over a week ago. Can you please confirm this is no longer an issue on preview? "All I am asking for is some time for this to be resolved and for my team to resolve the aesthetics." I understand and I hope the above gets us there, these issues should now all be resolved apart from the stretchy image issue. If the stretchy image issue is still a defect then we need to know this sooner rather than later. I cannot hold up the release pipeline for a single instance, which is why I have prioritised all of the above to be promoted to preview now. "Our reputation certainty will not be enhanced by 2500 customers landing on a SSP which looks corrupted." agreed, but I think we have an answer to that now above? Gerry
  9. @Michael Sharp I agree 100% with you on this point, and thats why I say its something very specific to the needs of "service managers", but in Hornbill, the notification system is a *generic* notification system, its not just for service managers, we have people using Hornbill for other things that do not include service management at all. Hornbill is a platform, which amongst other things provides a unified, browser, desktop and mobile notification system. Service Manager (our service manager application/solution) is an application that runs on the Hornbill Platform, so to make the notifications work like a prioritised workload list of people working requests is not in keeping with the design intent and is not appropriate to do. However, there is no reason not to look at adding a different view somewhere inside Service Manager that could address the needs of "service managers to ensure notifications are delivered in manageable and useful to their staff to prevent overload", and this would mean doing something different to twisting the notifications into some form of pseudo shortcut work management list. If we looked at addressing this problem via the request list (or that type of view), what would that look like...? that would be worth a discussion if this indeed a problem that Service Manager does not currently address well. Gerry
  10. @AndyHill Unfortunately we cannot, this is a change that is global I am afraid. We cannot leave individual instances on old code, the SaaS model does not work this way. This is of course why we always preview changes like this to give customers a chance to adapt/adopt. The vast majority of customers are seeing these changes as an improvement based on the feedback we have had so far. In your images above I actually think the NEW looks a lot more balanced that the OLD, to my eye at least, but I do understand its very subjective. What I can say is, if you can let us know which aspects of the new design that you would like to be able to change that you cannot currently change with the customisation options provided, we can consider extending the customisation options in the future to allow such changes. I hope that makes sense Gerry
  11. @Martin.bowman I think it is a lot easier to say than to do in practice. The notification list is a chronologically, descending-ordered list that has infinite scroll capability. In principle, ordering this in ascending order is easy, but thats not the problem. The problem is when you are scrolled to a certain position and the list is ordered in this way, what happens to new incoming notifications, where do we display them, how do we explain to users, no its not a bug that you are not seeing new notifications, its because you have re-ordered your notifications. Then, I imagine, the next ask would be "oh, but for urgent notifications, can these be always shown at the top", and so it would go on. I think if you look at the notification features in other systems, or look at desktop notifications on Windows, mac, your phone or any of these types of systems, none of these provide a way of you looking at your notifications in oldest-first list form - there is a good reason for that. I think there is a need here, as its being asked for here, I think a conversation around what problem we are trying to solve, and less focus on the prescription "just tweaking whats mostly there", then we could probably find a way of solving the problem, for me it sounds like this is a "request list" thing, or at least a view in that area of the application would be a more logical starting point Gerry
  12. We have now implemented baselining/version control on progressive captures. This is broadly speaking the same behaviour as you are already familiar with in the BPM/AutoTask?RunBooks etc... so its behaviour and function should be familiar. Once this is pushed to live instances (2-3 weeks) all of your existing pro-caps that are currently active will get baselines to version 1 automatically so there is nothing you need to do in order to take advantage of this feature. Once this has been rolled out, this does of course mean that after editing a pro-cap, you will have to baseline it in order to activate it.
  13. @AlexOnTheHill Just confirmed with the dev team (and yes I should have known this without having to ask lol), this change and others are on preview.hornbill.com/yourinstance. Preview will be pushed to live on the 26th next week, so then you will see the change. If you are currently using preview instead of live as most customers seems to be currently, then this change is already there... Gerry
  14. @AlexOnTheHill Yeah I just checked too and you are right, its not on Live for some reason, its been on beta for what seems like forever so not exactly sure why that is. I have asked and will find out... and will post back gerry
  15. @AlexOnTheHill To be honest I thought this was on live a long time ago, I have asked the question, might be just a browser caching issue Gerry
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