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  1. Gerry

    'My Services' View

    @Jeremy The URL in the new user portal will not change... https://beta.hornbill.com/<your_instance>/my-services/ Gerry
  2. Gerry

    Best way to deal with authorisers

    @Dan Munns Collaboration/Process users do not have any access to Service Manager requests I am afraid. I would suggest using Document Manager for this is probably the only way that will work - put the content in there and include a link to the document in the task/authorization, you should be able to share the documents with a library, which is shared with the group of users that will authorize. Gerry
  3. Gerry

    Printing BPM Process Description

    @Paul Alexander Have relayed to devs and added this requirement into the 90-day dev window so we should have something soon. Good suggestion. Gerry
  4. Gerry

    New Activity form not Distinct

    @Martyn Houghton thanks for the comments, yes I agree - we are doing something to address this which should be available in the next day or so - hope that’s ok gerry
  5. Gerry

    New Activity form not Distinct

    Hello Shalesh, Thank you for the feedback. I wanted to respond to your comments to clarify a couple of points. I can see from the screen-shot you have provided this is clearly a problem for the way that task is configured in this instance. We are actually following the research and style guide set down my Google Material Design, the reason for doing this is to improve the usability of our application - there is obviously a slight irony in that statement given the fact your users have found it harder to use. I am not an expert on the specific rules around how buttons should be presented/work but I am pretty sure it would fall within the guidelines for us to do something about it. In a case of a pop-up with a couple of buttons and moderate amounts of text the without board design works as you do get a background highlight surrounding the button as you move the mouse over it - this is what they refer to as a positive intent animation. Do you not see an animation when you float the mouse over any part of the button? or is that my misunderstanding? In any case we recognise the problem your specific form presents your users and will try to do something about it - I would suggest reducing the amount of text in the buttons would make it infinitely more usable, even with the old way of presentation - its very unusual to have more than two words in a button - "ON HOLD -AWAITING CUSTOMER RESPONSE" seems like a very long label. With all due respect, this change was not driven by developers wanting new toys! This was a conscious product strategy decision made by Hornbill to move the product forward. We have a number of areas we want to improve and modernize the user experience, not least in the employee portals and mobile apps. Google Material Design is a reasonable choice to adopt in order to avoid the exact thing you are implying, it removes the "creative freedom" from developers to make their own impression of what constitutes good design. One of the reasons your organization bought into Hornbill is our approach to Continuous Delivery, this is intentional, it removes the need for our customers to have to undertake big Upgrade projects - you can find out more about our approach here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Continuous_Delivery There was, we announced these changes at the last INSIGHTS event, @Martyn Houghton was present and aware of the changes coming, I did explain our justification and reasons for this change. Yes, we often do this but in this case it a CSS style change which is a lot more complicated to make optional so we opted not to go down that route and focused on ensuring the changes did not affect function. I am sorry this has caused you an issue, I will ensure we find a satisfactory solution to this in the next day or so. Gerry
  6. Gerry

    Printing BPM Process Description

    @Paul Alexander The only problem I can foresee with trying to do this is, we print out whats on the canvas so depending on the layout we would have to try and work out where there is blank space to render the text during print - this I don't think would be workable in any sensible way. What might work is having an option on the canvas to place note objects, you could then annotate your process diagram and deal with text description placement as part of the BPM layout/design. Does that make sense? Gerry
  7. Gerry

    Inform users when calls are updated

    The issue with notifying end users (basic users) is there is no notification channel in which to notify them, apart from email obviously, unlike platform users who are generally logged in, basic users are only logged in when they need something. The end-user mobile app is a good answer to this though, get the notifications directly to them via their smartphone. Gerry
  8. Gerry

    Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    @Martyn Houghton Thanks for the feedback. You can access the sandbox here: https://www.hornbill.com/try-now/service-manager/ I am not sure the sandbox is that intuitive if you are looking at it from cold. If HR have you to guide them through a preview then it will be fine. @Steven Boardman can give you information on login details for the various roles so you can see the application in the context of those users. Gerry
  9. Gerry

    Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    @Lyonel These (with the exception of the future roadmap one) are going to be published to SlideShare and distributed to all attendees of the event. Gerry
  10. Or slightly more assertive ------------------ From now on, every email request we receive from you will be entered into a lottery where you are guaranteed to win a prize! * You will be ignored until you find a way to use this link: https:://selfservice/ * You will be required to formally explain what makes you so special that you feel you do not need to use this link: https:://selfservice/ * You will be given 30 minutes of your own time to pop down to PCWorld so they can solve your problem for you, if they fail you can use your mobile device and access this link: https:://selfservice/ If none of these prize are appealing, please use this link: https:://selfservice/ to get help and get your issue solved. Thank you. ------------------
  11. We really ought to have some pre-canned email templates for these
  12. Josh, You can reject emails that do not have a recognizable call reference using the Auto Responder. My knowledge on the exact specifics on how to do this is limited but I know it can be done. Gerry
  13. Hi Josh, Unless you force the issue, ultimately people will continue to do whats easier for them. I would include a notice in every email response from the service desk communicating a date, at which point emails will no longer be expected, make that date a reasonable time in the future but set the date. On that date, simply bounce all emails with a clear instruction and link to the self-service page so people can then go and raise the request there. I know that sounds harsh but there really is not any other way. Gerry
  14. Gerry

    Forum Structure

    Samuel, For now at least we are constrained by the Forum software we use - its fairly limited as to what we can do with it. In terms of the tracking of enhancements we do actually do this, they are available to customers via our service portal, but access to that portal is only available to customers who have taken out a Success plan. Implementing something like voting, or publishing our roadmap in a public forum is always a challenge because we not only get a lot of false votes, but we also expose our forward roadmap to our competitors. This is why we have them behind a secure site (our service portal) Gerry Gerry
  15. Gerry

    Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    @SJEaton Right here: https://www.hornbill.com/events/ Gerry