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  1. @Martin.bowman This (being the in-app reporting) is still work in progress, I think @James Ainsworth can give you a better update on this progress than I. However, you state that you have a "number of Dashboards" so I presume you mean existing dashboards that you want to allow your team members to view, this is not something we have in development, they would need to use the admin view, although you can lock down the rights they have in the admin tool to just the dashboard view and can control who has the rights to see each dashboard. This can all be done through roles and rights. Gerry
  2. @Lyonel Ah ok, yes both PC and BPM are global components of the platform so this would be the case absolutely. Thanks for the clarification. Gerry
  3. @Lyonel The versioning is possible I am sure we can look to add that to the backlog. Not sure what you mean by "And across all applications?" if you could clarify that I would appreciate it. Gerry
  4. Activities not being created

    Hi Mark, Can you expand further. Activities from a schedule? or bpm? or manual? any errors reported? Gerry
  5. Simple List Maintenance - Import from CSV

    @Martyn Houghton @samwoo There is no reason not to use the API's to maintain these from external systems/scripts, it would be easy enough to achieve. Gerry
  6. Multiple Domains for SSO

    @Dan Munns Yeah that makes sense, quite a common scenario. I think setting up trust relationships would be the best way to go if you can Gerry
  7. @Martyn Houghton Yeah thats on the list of things to do, we can show the certificate information easy enough. Gerry
  8. @Martyn Houghton Ok thanks, 70 seconds is not going to have any effect in relation to the problem you are reporting, I found a slight issue around the skew setting being incorrectly applied but this is not related to your reported issue. As @trevorharris suggests, this would appear to be a ADFS rollover window. Gerry
  9. @Martyn Houghton What do you have this system setting set to? security.saml.timeSkewCompensation Gerry
  10. Multiple Domains for SSO

    Dan, You can set up any number of SSO profiles on the Hornbill platform, so you could have one SSO profile per domain. When a user browses the portal they would need to select which profile to use when logging in. Thats quite messy though for your situation. What would be better would be for your AD admins to pick one domain to work with and then set up trust relationships to the other two domains, it should then be possible to use a single SSO profile for all users regardless of what domain/AD server they are on. I have seen this done many times. Perhaps a more general question, but why do you have three separate domains/AD deployments? Is there any plan to unify them in the future? Gerry
  11. Email Problem

    Andy, In the admin tool, navigate to Home -> System -> Email -> Shared Mailboxes -> (your mailbox) Click on the "Inbound Mail Services" tab and you should see one or more mail connector configurations (either IMAP4 or POP3) Open up the connecter and you will see a "Test" button, that will try to connect and if it fails (which it most likely will) it will give you some diagnostics information. We cannot see any problems our end so its most likely something internal to your network/firewall/mail server, Let us know what you find. Gerry
  12. Extracting attachments from Hornbill

    Hi Keith, Ok that makes more sense now. So the problem is, a mass export. So you somehow (lets leave aside for now how) you get a selection of tickets, say 50 of them, and you print them. What about the attachments, what do you do with them, export them into a folder structure? So what would you provide the auditors, a print out or a bunch of files in a folder structure. In my experience auditors don't like having to deal with files they like everything printed, the requirement to look at attachments on requests will make that very complicated and all sorts of technical complexities. Its quite a specific requirement, I am not sure building it into the tool would be terribly useful for most customers. Possibly we (or your guys) could build an extract tool as an open-source command-iine tool where you feed it the criteria, it uses our API's and WebDAV to get the request details and the file attachments and it makes you an audit pack. I like the idea of having audit extracts from the system, that would be a very good "enterprise-class" feature but I am not sure how that would sit in the priority list for the Service Manager dev team, it would be quite a big task to get it done. Is this something that is urgent for you? If it is, and you could work with a command-line tool for extract, you could possibly consider our expert services team who I have no doubt could build something like this for you with relative ease? Gerry
  13. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    @Darren Rose Ok well that sounds like it might work for you. Do you envisage any specific integration requirements between the Products you manage and Service Manager? I ask because as of now the work on Product Manager has been as a stand-alone App, not an extension to Service Manager. Gerry
  14. Extracting attachments from Hornbill

    Keith, Can you be more specific, "extracting attachments" is very broad in scope. Perhaps you can give me an example of what you need do to? Attachments can of course be accessed and therefore extracted individually, but I think you are asking for something different. What would the SarbOx or FDA auditors want to see exactly? Gerry
  15. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    Hi Darren, What do you guys currently use to do this? Do you guys create software? Gerry