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  1. Gerry

    'My Services' View

    @Dan Munns We are looking at the final round of changes to the current implementation, those will be rolled out and preview will be removed in early January. We are still making a lot of changes in this area though so it will continue to evolve and improve in the first half of 2019. Gerry
  2. Gerry

    BPM Add Attachments to Request

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, I am afraid not. There is absolutely a need for an "enterprise-grade" file sharing service where you can create and manage a library and have full control over shared files, access, downloads, control over data sovereignty and general auditing capabilities. However, there is not a great deal of demand for this (although I could do with something along these lines myself at Hornbill) and the lack of any commercial opportunity means we have other priorities I am afraid. There are many freely available file-sharing services so people tend to use these, and because they are free, the expectation (reasonably) is that all file-sharing services should be free, hence the lack of commercial opportunity. It will remain on the list as something we will look to implement but for now, it's not a priority. The best we could probably do at the moment would be to integrate with an existing file sharing service if there is one you are interested in using that has APIs that we could plug into? Gerry
  3. Gerry

    Integrated Call System

    @Michael Sharp Dates still being finalized, we should have this out very very soon. We will send you appropriate invites. Gerry
  4. Gerry

    Integrated Call System

    @Michael Sharp Hi Mike, Thanks for the info, we will take a look. I would like to see some integration with telephony, the IP telephony is becoming ever more ubiquitous so there are probably dozens of ways to go about this. The key to this sort of thing is really tight and seamless integration, often difficult between two different parties when both need to monetize. We are doing some really interesting related stuff, not exactly related to this but could lead to this sort of thing too. Make sure you come to INSIGHTS 2019 we have some really exciting stuff to release Gerry
  5. @Martyn Houghton Right now I think this is a date based process, not sure I would have to check but that's what I think is the case. We do not have any way of tagging data on import, multiple tables, and different functions, what are you wanting to achieve? could a sandbox work for you? Gerry
  6. Hello Izu, Our backups are taken nightly so depending on when you run this we could recover from that nightly snapshot. However, it is a very bad idea to have a level of uncertainty around what you are doing with this to need a backup. I have asked one of our engineers to look at this requirement and create a solution for you that is fully tested and does not require any custom configuration. The cleaner tool is generally used for clearing out test data before a go-live, we had not envisaged it would be used for what you want to do, but we understand the requirement. give us a few days and we will see what we can work up. Someone will post back here with more details. Gerry
  7. Gerry

    Portal - Accessibility Standard WCAG 2.0

    @chrisnutt I asked the question internally, I am not sure much further has changed in recent months, I think we were hoping to prioritize based on customer feedback/need, but I need to confirm that is the case. We are trying not to complete the list for the sake of turning it green and had instead planned to meet and prioritize requirements as they come up. [edit] For example, 2.1.1 we probably cannot ever fully meet this, we would run out of keyboard shortcuts long before we got full coverage, there are so many areas of the application and that's expanding all the time. So it is getting to know what's important and what is not that is the key for us. Does that make sense? What is your objective specifically? Are there specific things that we do not meet that you/your users need? Gerry
  8. Hello @lokent Good to hear you are getting to BAU now. We really tried to learn from our past experiences and built a solution that specifically does not require you to be an IT boffin to get value. I wanted the Hornbill platform to enable people to really focus on their business goals and outcomes rather than being distracted coding or supporting the product that was supposed to help make life at work easier/better. We have seen so much really positive feedback from customers (just like above) many of who, now have had no in-depth technical/developer/IT experience, but who have subsequently become greatly appreciated by their organizations because of how they better support business outcomes, rather than just keeping the IT lights on - the use of Hornbill by non-IT people and departments are rapidly out-pacing the use of Hornbill just for IT. Its great to hear your feedback, thank you for posting. The more I have seen how the use of Hornbill has evolved the more I am convinced that ESM is the best opportunity for IT, since IT. Not because it's yet another new toy or buzzword for IT to spend money on, but because the very idea of ESM means you are actually trying to help your business solve business problems, the ever so critical day job still remains, but the perceived business value of IT-as-usual is very low in comparison to actually going out to your business areas with your head held high and saying "IT-as-usual is taken care of, now let me help you improve your XYZ process". As @Paul Alexander pointed out in his story above, expect skepticism and push back, but persevere and you will get good results, you will no longer be the guy/girl in IT, you will become the go-to person to help improve business operations and process issues - you transition from IT person to Trusted Advisor. So if you want iBridge or Project Manager because you instinctively know that will help, go and find a business problem to solve, demonstrate how it can be done and I am pretty sure "no budget" and "no time" will become non-issues for you. @Josh Bridgens I do hope your recovery was speedy and you are back to full strength. I hope the ESM strategy is making headway. Gerry
  9. Gerry

    User can't log in

    @Darren Rose Hows things. I just wanted to check in with you regarding Contracts in Customer Manager. We are about to take the contracts feature out of beta and want to see if you are using Contracts, and if so how? Is there anything else you feel is missing from the functionality? The trials were cancelled because we have started to automate this now as trials were being added and forgotten about. Customer manager its self is not in beta, there is no charge for Contracts, it is just a feature of Customer Manager. Please let me know where you are at with it. Gerry
  10. Gerry

    Email Volume Reporting - h_msg_message

    @Martyn Houghton Using a measure is the way to go here. I believe that the date fields are indexed so should act as good pre-selectors as far as query efficiency is concerned. Gerry
  11. Gerry

    Email Volume Reporting - h_msg_message

    Martyn, One of the reasons we don't really document system type tables is they are designed for performance and scale rather than reporting, that often means reporting can be a right royal... this table can be quite big, please be aware of the queries you are running as you could quite easily bog down the database servers and our techs will be killing off your queries if that happens. Limit your queries by date ranges, if anything takes longer than a few seconds then do the query in smaller chunks. It might actually be better here if you could moc-up the report output you would like to see, we could perhaps implement something to get what you need thats already made for you. Gerry
  12. Gerry

    Email Volume Reporting - h_msg_message

    Hi Martyn, We do everything off the recipient's table, related to the message. Consider a message being sent from one co-worker to another, or one shared mailbox to another which ones would be incoming or outgoing... the only way to tell this is to look at the from and two recipients and determine that. Alternatively, you also know that any messages that are sat in the sent items folder are probably outgoing but you would need to also exclude any mailbox to mailbox messages. There are quite a lot of variations to that theme. For your case you can probably just consider stuff in the sent items as outgoing. Gerry
  13. Gerry

    'My Services' View

    Please keep in mind these settings are experimental because we are changing things to improve the presentation of the employee portal, This has taken us longer than I would have hoped but we have a lot of backend changes to make, I am committed to bringing a really big step change to the presentation of this portal. We have had lots of feedback and are listening, so please keep it coming. Gerry
  14. Gerry

    error when logging/updating/cancelling

    @davidrb84 You are most welcome. I take an interest in every single issue that is escalated because in truth we actually have very few of them. The effort in design and implementation of our platform really paid off in that regard. I and the team will always go above and beyond when there is a serious problem. We are not perfect and we can get things wrong ourselves from time to time, but it is our obligation to provide an outstanding service so when things don't go well it matters a lot to us. I am extremely grateful to you and our other customers who always give us the space to resolve issues when they arise, that is worth its weight in gold and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate that when we are under pressure this end. That sense of mutual partnership and trust makes all the difference. Thanks, Gerry
  15. Gerry

    error when logging/updating/cancelling

    @davidrb84 We ended up rebuilding your index which solved the immediate problem. We do have a software problem that we can sporadically re-create, this can cause our index writer process to fail which seemingly *can* corrupt the index when the system is under heavy load. By doing a full rebuild of the index we solved your immediate problem. We are looking at ways of fixing the other issues which generally do not show up in production, so that's probably a longer-term prospect. For now, I would suggest you should consider the problem is resolved unless it reoccurs in the next couple of days. My apologies for the disruption this problem caused you, if its any consolation to know, we have not seen this problem before so it is as new to us as it was to you. I would not expect this to be a problem in the future, and on the odd chance it does re-occur on your instance (or any other instance for that matter) its now a documented known issue and we would be able to respond with a resolution much faster than we were able to this time. Hope that's ok. Gerry