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  1. Before goning live with the employee portal and hiding the service portal I just want to have a clarification. If an employee has bookmarked https://service.hornbill.com/instance will they be automatically redirected to the employee portal when using the bookmark?
  2. Just out of curiosity @James Ainsworth Will this be searchable so you can make a view with "last updated by = customer" ?
  3. @Gerry Is DKIM support in place and if so how do we configure it
  4. +1 to be able to delete contacts. It has caused issues where staff has mistakedly created duplicate contacts and we would like to be able to delete them. The same goes for test contacts. Regarding GDPR, it would be nice to be able to anonymize contacts if the connection to requests is needed by the system.
  5. +1. This is a major issue for us too with regards to both third party system integration as well as having third party staff "consult" in a ticket through emails.
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth I've started lookting through our requests after your last question and I can no longer find any examples. It appears something has fixed this although I cannot say when
  7. HHH

    Remove member

    Thanks @Steven Boardman Just a question since I'm cautious. What happens if the customer is not found as a member, will the process just move on or do I need to take it into account and add a decision node first checking if customer is member?
  8. If I understand @Adrian Simpkins correctly I've seen this behaviour too where if a link is entered without protocol, so just www.domain.com, a hyperlink is created but transformed into a local link so https://live.hornbill.com/instance/ is added before the link. So if www.domain.com is clicked you'd be sent to https://live.hornbill.com/instance/www.domain.com
  9. Is there a way to prevent that the analyst that raises a ticket automatically becomes a member of that ticket? It's when the analyst himself is the customer, often with a service they themselves don't support that we don't neccessarily want them all over the ticket. I tried to set it up in the Business process and failed since the flowcode customer is probably not the user ID
  10. Now that many of our anaalysts work from home we have seen several instances where multiple people picked up the same ticket and individually updated it without any notification or "lock" to prevent simultaneous update of the same ticket. Even if they for example begin by assigning the ticket to themselves, there have been instances where several analysts have done this almost simultaneously and the customer got confused because all they could see whas the ticket bouncing around during a short period of time. Also there have been information to the customer that went out simultaneously from 2 different people. would it be possible to show some information when you look at a request that says something along "Analyst X is also looking at this". Our previous support system had this kind of feature.
  11. @James Ainsworth I just realized my request was regarding CI's within each service.
  12. @James Ainsworth No I was just wondering since one of the analysts raised it with me. I'm satisfied with your explanation and will forward it.
  13. If a ticket is resolved and the customer replies to it by email. Then the routing rules add the email to the request timeline. Will the request be re-opened?
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