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  1. Hi. Please add me (and my organisation) as interested party as well.
  2. Bulletins - Publish and Expiry Dates

    +1 for me.
  3. I have set up a part of my business process that checks the customer's language and sends a new request notification in the appropriate language. Shall I use the language code "da" for Danish or set the check for language = Danish? See attached screenshot where I use both as explanation.
  4. It would be mainly monthly reports with respect to number of requests opened and closed by the customer organisation, showing priorities, request categories, SLA breachies and similiar. Basically we would like to be able to create a report in the reporting tool, flag it as being for a specific customer organisation and have it available through the portal when someone (specified) in that organisation logs in.
  5. Since we work exclusively with external customers making reports available to them means a lot of extra manual steps to make them accessible. We would like to be able to present reports or dashboards to select customers through the customer portal somehow.
  6. We also deal with external organisations only and currently have 1500+ customer organisations, each with multiple users
  7. @Hornbill Staff Are there any plans to allow portal access and passwords to be done in bulk? We have over 1500 external customers in the pipline and the way it's done now will be a massive workload.
  8. Is there a setting so when a new (external) customer is created, an email is sent to them informing them about this and sending their credentials? If not consider this a development suggestion
  9. Hi I accidentally cancelled a request and now I cannot find a way to uncancel it. Is there a way or is this limited to a specific role and/or ownership? Thanks.
  10. +1 for this, it's a serious issue for us with over 1500 external customers
  11. Industry

    I was in Service Manager -> Simple Lists. Thanks to both of you.
  12. Industry

    Can anyone tell me if the content of the Industry drop down for Organisations can be edited somewhere?
  13. Add attachments as a field rather than a node

    +1 for this request
  14. This would be both (in our case). But can it be made to be turned on through a setting if SSO is not used?