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  1. Nevermind. I just found it. Sorry to bother. Have a nice day.
  2. Analysts can no longer update the request category by editing request details. I assume it's connected somehow to this: Create Action Item for setting the category on a request {CH00141466} Is there another way to change the request caategory for a specific request or has a bug been introduced?
  3. @VictorThis occasionally also applies to normal timeline updates
  4. Is it possible to change ownership of a library somehow?
  5. +1 We are seeing i too. Coming and going
  6. @Martyn Houghton We had applied 1778, Hornbill has patched our instance which fixed the issue.
  7. +1, this raises som interesting options with allowing some people to be able to view specific tickets
  8. Thanks for the input @Martyn Houghton BTW, have you updated to the latest version (1778)?
  9. Steps to reproduce. 1. Go to https://customer.hornbill.com/{instance} 2. Log in with an external contact 3. Go to my requests 4. Click on any request in the list. Expected result: Request details and timeline shown. Actual result: Only the request ID shows. We have verified this behavior with a number of other contacts, so it appears to apply to our whole instance. Has anyone else experienced this? I have filed a support ticket with Hornbill.
  10. I'm trying to set up the Microsoft/Office 365/Calendar/Create Calendar Event through iBridge but fail to find where I can find the calender ID. Anyone that can point me in the right direction? Also is there anything else to consider?
  11. I assumed as much. Thanks @Daniel Dekel
  12. When a customers attempt to login to the customer portal fails the following message is shown: Error An unexpected error occurred during login. If this problem persists, please contact your Hornbill administrator The same error message seem to be presented regardardless the reason for the failed attempt. Different types of messages would make it easier to help the customer with this problem. For example: 1.The User ID or password is wrong 2. The User ID is not registered in the portal
  13. I raised the possibility of role in the other tread but will +1 here so it gets its own thread.
  14. @Martyn Houghton '{{Customer Contact.H_language}}'='en-GB' AND {{.h_customer_type}} = 1 works as expected But I noticed in your example above there are ' ' around the en part of the language code rather than the full code. Or maybe that was just a copy/paste error in your post.
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