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  1. @Steven Boardman Then I will come back to haunt you requesting translation functionality for all email templates, the same way as forms are now translated.
  2. @Steven Boardman I'll make it a bit difficult for you. Since we handle customers in 8 different languages we would require having translation functionality of this email template depending on customer language
  3. We've had the same problem raised with support and it was a timeout issue. The workaround was to go to the different services and view the request there
  4. @James Ainsworth Could any of the developers shed some light into this. It's a problem when supporting systems (Jira) or external partners email the Hornbill Service Manager and the emails can be seen by external customers in the timeline which we don't want. The problem is we cannot set default view to team because some emails we require to be seen by customers so the opposite would then apply. Perhaps we can create a custom role that has database update permissions on the tables needed but I would then need a hint on what tables are used for this.
  5. Thanks @Deen Yes, this mainly occurs for our customers and staff in Australia and New Zealand
  6. Are there any major drawbacks to extending the session timeout in the portal? The wiki is somewhat lacking on the subject. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Portal_Accounts
  7. Is there a way to exclude admin.hornbill.com/{instancename} from Single Sign On? We need to do some stuff there using non-AD users (Admin etc)
  8. @Steve G Thank you sir! This will allow me to create epic integrations.
  9. To reduce clickiness and speed up user interaction it would be nice to have an "Assign to me" or "Take it" button on requests. This should be both on the request list and within the request itself. The problem I see is if an analyst is a member of multiple teams but the priority then should be that if possible - don't change teams, if neccesary - take one in the same way it's done in the BPM when assigning to variable.
  10. @Daniel Dekel It's mostly a matter of structuring the information needed for the person being assigned the activity.
  11. We are interested as well. Some customers have complained about it being too crowded despite us pointing out the favorite function.
  12. Please add me as interested too.
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