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  1. That will be an awesome feature.
  2. hello In Workflow - BPM Editor: Add ability to define task custom capture fields at task level and task outcome level. Can someone elaborate on this please? Am I now able to create custom fields inside a human task form in the BPM or am I understanding it completely wrong? Thanks.
  3. Thanks @Steven Boardman I'll look at how this can be implemented. It's an extra step that needs to be addressed in each Request but perhaps the advantages outweight this.
  4. In this case it would be created manually by the Analyst from one of the templates. So what I'm looking for is basically a "Get request information" and then an "Attached Task title ==" or something similar to see if a certain task is attached to the request.
  5. Once again calling on the collective genius of the Hornbill Community. Now with Task Templates I have made a "Create Development Ticket" Task template. This is not mandatory but can be used by the analyst if it's determined that development is needed for the supported system. In the incident BPM I now want to check if the analyst has used/completed this task and, if so, use the integration bridge to automatically create a Jira (development) ticket. Here is the pseudo process. How would I set up the workflow to find if a certain Task has been used.
  6. SLA Timers not showing.

    @Steven Boardman That seems to be the issue in our case so now I'm in a catch 22 situation. Response time is from ticket is created until it's been assigned and prioritized but I cannot start clock until priority is set.... Hmmm, a challenge awaits. Thanks a lot for pointing this out though.
  7. SLA Timers not showing.

    Following since I noticed we have the same problem. In the Business process we start both Response and Resolution timers and then stop response timer after ticket is assigned and prioritized and resolve timer when ticket is resolved
  8. New Activity Templates

    Just one final clarification. Will we be able to use task templates in the BPM. For example inserting a human task and choosing which template is to be used?
  9. New Activity Templates

    I cannot seem to find a save/save as template. I am logged in as admin. Are the templates done somewhere else than in the task?
  10. New Activity Templates

    Is there a howto guide somewhere?
  11. New Activity Templates

    @Daniel Dekel Does this mean we cannot just yet create our own templates? Following since this will be a huge improvement for us.
  12. Template RCA

    A task with a checklist? BTW. I'm also looking for a way to add snippets or use templates for request updates.
  13. This worked as intended. Do you know if it's possible to inject some template text into the reason field?
  14. Can I open a new PC from within a Request or would I need to make a linked request?