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  1. I am 90% sure it is. But give it a test
  2. try changing to WHERE h_answer='Yes' AND h_question_id = [put the ID of the question field here]
  3. @James Ainsworth We have added a custom field for "Agreed completion date" which would be nice to be able to display to the customer (external contact in customer portal). So my idea would be a switch in the custom field handler, "show in portal" for any custom fields added. I am not really interested in having any specific fields show as default but more having them configurable.
  4. Is there a waay to make custom fields added to the details form visible to the customer in the customer portal. Preferrably on a field by field way and not all or nothing
  5. Is the My Service Manager tab in the success portal an implementation of release tickets in the Customer Portal? Our management are expressing an interest in setting something similar up for some of our services.
  6. +1 for @HGrigsby's idea about emailing and changing status from the request list
  7. @Ehsan Would it be possible to expose more information in the progressive capture from the Orgainsation Details node. We currently display information in the PCF depending on country by using translations. But at the moment we have customers in four english speaking countries and two french speaking so we have to maintain separate PCF's for each of these. Being able to have a conditional field that depends on organisation country or even more preferred one of the custom fields where we can store "default service desk" would be a huge help
  8. When someone posts a url that is not immediately followed by a space character, the trailing character is included in the anchor tag and the URL breaks. If a customer for examle writes a sentence "Then go to https://www.hornbill.com." this will be codified as <a href="https://www.hornbill.com."</a> rather than the corrrect <a href="https://www.hornbill.com"</a>. The same with trailing apostrohes, quotation marks, commas and end parenthesis.
  9. @James Ainsworth Same question as @Martyn Houghton, any news on this?
  10. @Jeremy A tip when creating and testing new BPM's I tend to add a lot of stage checkpoints during design and testing, almost one on each side of every node That way I'm able to follow flows and if the flow stops see where it halts. After testing I remove all the excess checkpoints
  11. I would like to raise a development proposal to allow a choice of "Continue when all paths have been comleted" and "Continue when any path has been completed" on the end parallell sequence node
  12. @Adnan Zamurred I made a specific Bulletin Writer role. You need to create a role that has all database permissions to the h_itsm_service_bulletins table, nothing else. Use this role in addition to any other user roles since it's very specific. I made this because Services Manager is a very broad role and we wanted everybody to be able to write bulletins but not being able to change services.
  13. @Deen what I think @James Gallally is after is an "email customer and linked requests customers" function. That would be a splendid idea. +1 from us to have this added to the things you can do to linked requests.
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