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  1. It is. There is a 7 day grace period in BPM before closing the resolved request. But if I apply an email to the resolved request during this period I need to manually re-open it. I would be good to have that done by the system.
  2. Hi all Is there a way to make an email reopen a resolved (not closed) ticket when applied to the ticket trough routing rules and also when manually applied to a request.
  3. HHH

    Timeline sorting

    In Service Manager -> Settings the value webapp.view.ITSM.requestTimeline.orderBy is set to mostRecentlyCommented which we understand should display the timeline post which has been most recently commented on at the top. We find that not be the case and in several instances have seen customers comment to a timeline update way back, which is the missed because the comment is far down on the screen. We tested setting sort to mostRecentlyPosted but can not see any difference. Can someone please sort this out for me? (pun intended) Is there a way to display the most recent comment or timeline update at the top.
  4. i just experienced that too
  5. HHH

    Updating Linked Requests

    +1, this would be really useful
  6. HHH

    Portal Access - Sort Order/Filter

    We are partly suffering from the same dilemma as @Martyn Houghton It would be really nice to have an opt-out setting for organisation view so that contacts get it unless otherwise specified.
  7. In my profile it is possible to choose language. The title of the drop down is translated as intended but how can I translate the languages themselves. I have looked through /language/settings/ and /language/translations/ in the admin module but found nothing. See screenshot for example. In Swedish (which is the language set) Danish would be called Danska, Dutch->Flamländska etc.
  8. HHH

    On-Hold Auto-Chase Mechanism

    +1 for this mechanism
  9. HHH

    Follower vs member

    Hi What are the practical differences between following a request and being a member of it?
  10. @Aaron Summers Would you mind sharing how this was set up?
  11. Is there a way to prevent customers from commenting on closed requests and if not, is there a way to automatically re-open the ticket if they do? Now it's easily missed when a customer comes back and comments (not updates timeline but comments on a previous timeline update) on a closed request through the portal.
  12. +1. Variables are not correctly applied to the email
  13. HHH

    Email "from"-name

    Is it the mailbox name, description or display name that is shown as "from" in sent emails? I have them all the same and don't want to test live :)