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  1. Is it possible to add an @someone to the timeline through a BPM node?
  2. It's quite annoying being tagged in a ticket and getting a notification about it and then, when trying to access the ticket you are mentioned in you cannot access it because it belongs to another team/service. Would it be possible to either automatically be made a member of a ticket where you are tagged, or at least be given read only access to it regardless of ownership.
  3. Has anyone made an auto task that automatically assigns a request to the user running it? I want to make one and add a custom button to trigger it. Just for convenience and to save a few clicks.
  4. @James Ainsworth In this case I want to go even further and raise a ticket using routing rules and routing rule templates. So I want to populate one of the fields in the progressive capture custom field with a regexed part of the email body.
  5. A tricky one I assume. I have a progressive capture that contains a custom field "InstallationID" which is a single line text field. I want to populate this by regexing the body of an incoming email looking for a specific pattern and then adding that to the "InstallationID" as a variable. Is this in any way possible?
  6. @Steven Boardman Please add us as interested as well. It has been raised internally. It's even harder for us who have external customers to get feedback since they cannot use SSO and go straight to the ticket.
  7. Error is in OR (lower(toAddress) LIKE '%ITServicesCallLogging@derby-college.ac.uk%') %ITServicesCallLogging@derby-college.ac.uk% must be all lower case or test will fail
  8. Can the "%ITCallLogging@derby-college.ac.uk%" surrounded by double quotes cause this? Also, is it case sensitive? if so try (lower(toAddress) LIKE '%itcalllogging@derby-college.ac.uk%' OR lower(toAddress) LIKE '%itservicescalllogging@derby-college.ac.uk%')
  9. After the last update to Service Manager we noted the following behaviour. If your request list is sorted on "Last updated" and you go into a request to look at it without making any change or update, just look, and then go to the request list again, the request list will have resorted putting the recently viewed request at top (or bottom depending on sort order) and the column "Last updated" says "seconds ago". I filed a support ticket about this and was told it's a feature and expected behaviour, something I find rather odd since most if not all of our analysts have reported this as a bu
  10. +1 for allowing some kind of reminders to owner at regular intervals
  11. I am 90% sure it is. But give it a test
  12. try changing to WHERE h_answer='Yes' AND h_question_id = [put the ID of the question field here]
  13. @James Ainsworth We have added a custom field for "Agreed completion date" which would be nice to be able to display to the customer (external contact in customer portal). So my idea would be a switch in the custom field handler, "show in portal" for any custom fields added. I am not really interested in having any specific fields show as default but more having them configurable.
  14. Is there a waay to make custom fields added to the details form visible to the customer in the customer portal. Preferrably on a field by field way and not all or nothing
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