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  1. Thanks @David Hall I will sleep a lot better tonight
  2. @Martyn Houghton In our case they tend to move within the community so they keep their email address and a unique constraint prevents having the same email even if the contact is archived. So It looks like test is the only way.
  3. It's actually a bit frightening that nobody seems to know this since we work with external customers it's a matter of GDPR and also a security issue.
  4. @Deen Would it be possible to implement the 0 or at least make description non-mandatory?
  5. If you have services that you don't want to show a description of can you put a 0 in the description field as with other portal stuff you want empty? We want descriptive texts on some but not all of our services.
  6. We have the same thing. Flow breaks before customer can add attachments. It's in the customer portal.
  7. @James Ainsworth Never mind, I got it
  8. @James Ainsworth I don't quite follow, from were do these custom fields get their content? If I just create a field and call it VIP how does it get populated?
  9. Doesn't anyone at Hornbill know how this works? I'm beginning to get worried.
  10. We recently discovered an issue while developing our own application to be compatible with Azure and SAML as you have a Signing Certificate that cannot have an infinite expiration. We then decided to check the Hornbill application that is set up with SAML from the Azure community/marketplace where you have uploaded the app and we then found an expiry date We now wonder how this will be updated? Will you send a new certificate out via e.g. Email or will it be pushed automatically via Azure marketplace?
  11. +1 I like the idea of separating mentions from notifications
  12. Is there a way to archive external contacts (customers) through the BPM. Preferrably as a variable, I'm trying to build a process that archives an organisation as well as its contacts
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