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  1. Please add a column showing if a request has open (unfinished) activities attached to it. It would be an excellent feature for several request types.
  2. It would be nice if you from the request list, search result list or a view could click the check boxes for several tickets and link them as part of the request actions.
  3. *Facepalm* I have totally missed the "Follow" feature. Thanks for the input. Request withdrawn.
  4. Any update on this? We have consortia with more than 40 organisations which are verydifficult to manage without this kind of structure
  5. HHH

    Parent Organisation (External)

    +1 for this
  6. Hi We often reassign requests to 2nd line support or other groups and in order to keep tabs on them we add ourselves as member before reassigning. It would save a lot of clicks if this could be done automatically in a similar way to app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising. So adding an "app.requests.addOwnerAsMemberWhenReassigning" setting Or a one click button "add me as member"
  7. HHH

    Editing a failed Business Process

    @Ehsan Please put this in the "Tips and Tricks" section
  8. Just check that noone has disabled the Jira user in Jira, something that happened to us when I set up our Jira integration. A bit frustrating to say the least
  9. HHH

    Snippets for call resolution

    +1. Not only for resolution but for timeline updates as well.
  10. HHH

    Snippets in non-email input boxes

    +1 from us. Both for timeline updates and resolutions
  11. Wiki is rather empty on the subject. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Guest_Account_Templates
  12. Thanks @Steven Boardman Are you aware if there is a way through a flowcode variable or otherwise to notify the team manager without having to resort to hard coding each team and manager-user into the Business Process?
  13. HHH

    Routing Rule Templates - Language

    We have the same scenario and solved it by looking at customer organisation using a custom field for "default service desk" and in other places by looking at contact language
  14. HHH

    Email Template - Translations

    Hi Hornbill Anything on this. We work in 8 languages and being able to use templates rather than manually writing everything or using snippets would help a lot. Also when building BPM's it's a hassle to need to branch every process 8-ways depending on language as soon as customer communications is neccesary.
  15. I'll add us as interested as well since we have a lot of linked requests this would ease things