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  1. AFAIK this is under development, perhaps one of the developers can tell us when it's due
  2. +1, we have several sub status within each Status, so the ability to do this would be nice.
  3. @Martyn Houghton What happens if you ignore the custom fields rather than set them blank? Also check in Jira what the actual ID for the priorities are
  4. it was suggested some time ago to put a 0 (zero) in the other fields.
  5. +1 since we handle external customers sharing for example the same server
  6. Are email template translations something that is considered for implementation?
  7. +1 to allow status changes (and sub-status) from request list
  8. When a routing rule is matched, does the routing rule engine stop or does it continue and process the next rule in line, allowing two rules to be applied to the same email? The reason for this is I want a rule that leaves specific emails in the inbox and I don't want the next rule, "updateRequest" to be applied to them.
  9. Is something similar possible to achieve with external organisations as well?
  10. I'm having trouble with regards to the computed visibility of/access to catalogue items. For example, we have User A in Team A on Site A If I set User A enabled and Team A disabled, User A will have access to the CI. If I set Team A enabled and Site A disabled, User A will not have access to the CI. Is there a definite list of access overrides somewhere? I.E. Site trumps Company, User trumps Team, etc. I hope I make sense but our organisation structure is quite complex and it would help a lot clearing things up and allowing the proper people access to the CI's.
  11. I like your idea @Martyn Houghton
  12. We run many of our standard changes as SR within Hornbill. Having a pre defined process and a CI for it.
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