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  1. @TrevorHarris Will this replace the current espbasic=true?
  2. I found an issue when trying to link two tickets. How to reproduce: Request A is one owned by someone in my team. Request B is one raised by me in a service which I do not support but by raising it as an analyst I become a member of request B. Since request B needs to be resolved before I can continue with request A I want to link them. So from request A I go to the link icon in the request and search for request B. Since I'm not part of the supporting team for request B it's filtered out in the search but, since I'm a member of that specific request, I think I should be able
  3. I'm trying to set up an auto task to take ownership of a ticket but cannot find a variable for "current user" is there one that can be invoked by the BPM engine?
  4. @James Ainsworth I have been looking at Log Requests BPM Operations but does it automatically become linked to the original request or how do I go about that?
  5. Is it possible to get a drop down list of countries and languages to use in the progressive capture? The reason is that I want to match it to the organisation country and language fields and since these are drop down fields in the organisations management, I want a direct match so I can automate the creation using a BPM.
  6. @James Ainsworth I cannot find where to create a new linked request, only update or resolve already linked ones. Can you point me in the right direction please?
  7. I suggest making this an instance setting since for us 1k would probably be an OK setting
  8. Has there been any updates on this @James Ainsworth?
  9. +1 since I just ran into some issues that linking by BPM would solve
  10. In practice what I'm looking for is to publish/retire a bulletin with a custom button and an auto task
  11. @Martyn Houghton I interpret your comment as that you are not aware of any way this can be done either
  12. Is there any way to either add a bulletin to a service through the BPM or change the status of a bulletin for example from draft to published?
  13. +1 for the OR operator since now I've added a bunch of identical buttons each for its own service
  14. Interesting, please add us as well
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