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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I found it. BPM designer somehow allowed me to do this, rather than one decision node per authorisation: After I scrapped the decion node and rebuilt it using one per authorisation it worked as intended.
  2. That's correct it's when I enter or try to change the contact's details. Thanks for quick response.
  3. I have a BMP where authorisation is reqired and after the authorisation node there is a branch which looks for Accept/Reject. When I test by accepting the authorisation the BPM crashes with the following message: decision ("585d6fbe-21a1-8429-7be9-b722f46e52bd"/"decision-db4ea101-1916-41d6-7751-8649379781d3") execute: at 1/51: "Uncaught Global::GetApprovalResult: unable to find node: "approval-3dde39bd-1dc2-4e64-869c-b32c766cdfd9"" (function(){ var outcome=false;var res = functions.getApprovalResult(global["... It appears the node for approval is not found but how can that be?
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_email
  5. When using the ADD CONTACT button from organisations view it brings up a form in-place, but with less fields compared to the full form here: If you need to enter additional data, there is a button MORE... to bring up the full form. The fields you entered into the shortened form are transferred over. When you're done entering, there is a button ADD, which creates the contact on click. The long form disappears as expected, but the brief form still shows with the data you entered originally. I expect this form to be cleared in the moment I create the contact, so that I can enter another contact without manually overwriting or deleting the content I entered earlier.
  6. We have international customers which have for example umlaut dots on the a (ä) in their email address. This is perfectly valid, even domains can contain German/Swedish/Danish umlauts and other special characters. Hornbill does not accept this as valid email address however, which means you can't add that address or change any details of that customer. I wanted to add her phone number but can't save it. We urgently need support for å, ä, ö, ü, æ and ø in email addresses and domains. Ideally, please update regexp check to correspond with current rules.
  7. HHH

    Service Subscription - Change Management

    +1 from us as well in order to be able to automate this
  8. @ArmandoDM That unfortunately didn't help. When I look in h_itsm_servicesubscriptions the connection is there but if I go to the service and look at subscribers the organisation is not listed. I'll log this with support.
  9. When running the query: SELECT h_firstname, h_lastname, h_email_1, h_organization_name, h_servicename FROM h_sys_contact join h_sys_org_contacts on h_sys_contact.h_pk_id = h_sys_org_contacts.h_contact_id join h_sys_organizations on h_sys_org_contacts.h_organization_id = h_sys_organizations.h_organization_id join h_itsm_servicesubscriptions on h_sys_organizations.h_organization_id = h_itsm_servicesubscriptions.h_fk_subscriberid join h_itsm_services on h_itsm_servicesubscriptions.h_fk_serviceid = h_itsm_services.h_pk_serviceid where h_itsm_servicesubscriptions.h_fk_serviceid = 113 order by h_organization_name I get organisations that are no longer subscribed to the specific service. Is there a join table that excludes these somewhere or is something else the matter?
  10. Hello I'm trying to achieve the following. If a major incident is raised on a service I want to add all subscribers to that service as impacted connections to the request. Is this possible somehow?
  11. HHH

    Contact Search not working

    Would that be even if the ticket creator is a "User" as opposed to an external contact/customer?
  12. HHH

    Override Flag for Service Desk

    @James Ainsworth Please add us as well. We are seeing lots of overhead information when having used some of our custom forms.
  13. It's in service manager translations: guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.resolve.working and guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.resolve.broken
  14. Hi I'm trying to set up a progressive capture that our sales department can use in the service portal to create tickets on behalf of an external customer. The scenario being if an account manager overhears the customer complaining about something, rather than telling them to go to our customer portal and create a ticket, they go to the service portal right after the visit to the customer and open a request on thir behalf. The sales people would be basic users. Attached is my test PCM. When I open a ticket from the service portal I expect the Contact Search form to open but it goes straight to request details. Basic user has the roles: Basic User Role, Hornbill Authorised Guest, Anonymous Guest and Self Service User. What am I missing, or have I totally misunderstood the function of the Contact Search form?