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  1. We use several custom forms in our progressive captures. If I add a regexp validation to a field there is no way to display the validation error message in the customer's language. There is no translation function.
  2. Do these requests use a custom form for input? Name the form fields h_summary and h_description to populate Summary and Description with field content
  3. That's the exact settings I've been using. And strangely enough it works as expected now. Could have been a caching issue with the required field which I set afterwards. But thanks anyway @Miro
  4. Is there any way to block the "Contnue" button until a checkbox has been checked in a form? Sort of the way "I have read the terms and conditions" usually works. I tried using the "This field requires a value to be provided" and setting never skip form to true but for checkboxes unchecked is also a value.
  5. @James Ainsworth Being able to set teams as members and/or connections would be a huge help for us and also facilitate doing this through BPM automation without having to keep tabs of analysts coming and going
  6. @Lyonel I realize I wasn't clear with the question. The idea would be for any analyst to be able to see who owns a particular view, without having the role to manage views or direct database access.
  7. Sometimes you see a shared view you like and would like to use as a base for your own but if you are not owner you cannot see how the view is set up. Having 11 Teams in 8 countries it's hard to find the owner to ask. Would it be possible to somehow either be able to see who is the owner or to get a read only view of how the view is set up?
  8. HHH

    Dark Mode

    I use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-mode-zen/ for Firefox. Works really well with Hornbill ITSM
  9. Nevermind. I just found it. Sorry to bother. Have a nice day.
  10. Analysts can no longer update the request category by editing request details. I assume it's connected somehow to this: Create Action Item for setting the category on a request {CH00141466} Is there another way to change the request caategory for a specific request or has a bug been introduced?
  11. @VictorThis occasionally also applies to normal timeline updates
  12. Is it possible to change ownership of a library somehow?
  13. +1 We are seeing i too. Coming and going
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