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  1. Thanks Steve. Turned it on, be interesting to see what happens going forward.
  2. Our mistake - been using Hornbill for 5 years and always assigned to individuals. I don't understand why there are so many needing dealt with, all of the calls they refer to have been closed so I would have assumed that the tasks were completed.
  3. Is there any way of simply deleting the users in question without going through their tasks and re-assigning/completing. None of it is relevant and can all go.
  4. Hi. I'm trying to delete some full users from our instance, each one fails as it says cannot be deleted while they have tasks. We haven't got any tasks that I'm aware of! Any advice appreciated.
  5. hi. All of our user email addresses have been imported to Horbilll as user id@corby.gov.uk. For example, john.smith@corby.gov.uk appears in Hornbill admin as jsmit@corby.gov.uk. This has been the case since we signed up to Hornbill in 2016 and has never been an issue. However, over the weekend we switched from Outlook 2013 to Office365 and all emails sent from Hornbill to users are failing. We think it's because the email addresses are not complete in Hornbill admin. Is there a quick fix? One of my colleagues has mentioned switching the 'alias' emails from Outlook 2013 to Outlook365.
  6. Thanks Victor. I'm pretty sure the issue is with our conf.json file. Prior the the end of last year we only had one OU in Active Directory for all of our users, then one of our analysts had the bright idea of splitting users across dozens of separate OU's covering each department here. Do I need to amend the conf file to reflect each OU - which will take ages, or can I amend it to import from the highest level and hopefully it will pull them across from there? EG - top level is OU is ***Newusers (*** is our organisation) Next level is Property Department. Currently the conf file is set to pick up the Newusers only.
  7. Been ages since I logged this but been so busy! The problem persists, see attached screenshot. Nothing on there I consider a risk. Not happening to everyone but enough to be a concern. Some of them are working from home over VPN, might be a factor. Others are in the office and were fine until I first posted.
  8. I know it's been a while since this thread started but we are still getting complaints about SSO not working over VPN. I have been advising users to use their domain/id credentials which does work but it would be nice yo know if anyone else is having this issue and how it was resolved.
  9. Hi Jeremy - adding my colleague as a member has worked a treat, I have sent her a screenshot of the settings required as a 'view' so we should be free of this task going forward - thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! I was wondering if it is possible to assign a call to more than one team member, I job share with a colleague and currently we are having to re-assign calls to each other when we finish work for the week. For example, when I finish at 13:00 today I will need to re-assign my calls to my colleague to ensure that they have a chance of progression. She will then need to re-assign to me when she finishes on Friday at 17:00. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. Hi Adrian and thanks for the reply. I may have jumped the gun a little, most of the VPN users seem to have no issue, just a few who are asked to sign on via our ADFS service instead of getting straight to the portal as they would on site. Have advised them to use domain\user id plus password and seems ok.
  12. Hi all ! We have most of our staff working from home during the current situation, as I expect most organisations have. It seems our basic users are having issues accessing Service Desk from home via VPN. Is there any advice/solution on offer? Currently they are emailing or phoning with problems and this is causing the small team on site a bit of stress! Thanks.
  13. Hi James - thanks for the reply! Next time I hear from any user with the issue I'll ask them to send a screenshot and attach it to this call.
  14. Hi all - just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. We have started having random errors when users try to log in to our Service Portal, they are getting a Federation error from ADFS. Surprises us as in every case they are well established users who haven't had any problems with SSO before. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.
  15. I should add that the new user account is different from the original, same name but with a number 1 added - ie original jblog, new is jblog1 (I made that up!).
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