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  1. Hi @AlexTumber Any update on this as it is still a problem for us ? Thanks
  2. Hi @AlexTumber That will work for us as per info previously supplied by @Martyn Houghton We would then configure multiple inbound routing rules based on whether the email address was internal (Team Visibility) or external (Customer Visibility) to our organisaiton. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi @Harry Hornbill Was this tagged as an enhancement ? We would like to set up a process within the main application for being able to delete archived contacts after they have been archived for X number of days. Thanks.
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth happy new year ! Has there been any movement on this enhancement ? Thanks in advance.
  5. @Berto2002 our users have just started experiencing this. We have raised with Hornbill Support. Did you identify what was causing the problem ?
  6. Could the Automatic Backups setting under admin/personalsettings/othersettings/ be expanded to incldue the Email Action screen ? Currently if a user closes a tab by mistake, or navigates to a different area of a request, any information in the email action screen is lost.
  7. @Daniel Dekel Happy Friday! When using the new UI, when you now select Customers - Organisations No orgs are visible If you End Preview, the orgs are then visible again. Thanks
  8. Changes to shared views in the request list When using the new UI, if a shared view is updated, only the person who owns the view can see the changes, these are not visible by any other user who has access to the view. These changes are visible if you revert back to the original UI.
  9. Workspace - Timesheet manager link not working when using Preview new UI See:
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