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  1. Once you select the custom column you wish to use you are given the option to specify a "friendly" name: This can subsequently be altered in the settings if required. However I don't believe the Display name is shown in the advanced filter.
  2. @Daniel Dekel Would this work in the meantime? <span style="color:rgb(212,0,72);">'''T:'''</span> 0000 000 0000 '''| ''' <span style="color:rgb(212,0,72);">'''E:'''</span> [[mailto:IT@hornbill.co.uk | IT@hornbill.co.uk]]
  3. @Shamaila Naim Mailboxes have their own Rights and Roles, can you check the User's permissions related to the Mailbox they're trying to view?
  4. @Adrian Simpkins As far as I can see the first card is exactly as configured - you have given it "content" and nothing else - title, type, colour etc. are all blank. Service Managers Boards were handled in a different way, but are deprecated and only available for backwards compatibility. I would recommend reviewing the Board Manager documentation (including related articles) and posting back if you have any further questions after that.
  5. As detailed on the wiki page: So, there's nothing to 'fix' as such, it's a design decision to prevent performance degredation.
  6. Unfortunately the simple answer is no, you can't have one group of Users on SSO and another on Hornbill Usernname/Password.
  7. The fix is going through release testing. We will post here when we have a definite timescale. In the meantime the only workaround is to use another browser, we are not experiencing these issues in Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc.
  8. @TrevorHarris Did the defect mentioned earlier make it to live? If so, are there any plans to increase the space further?
  9. In case other customers have a similar issue, the cause was an AD group that the import's LDAP filter used being moved without letting the Hornbill Admins know, meaning that any Users in that group were no longer picked up.
  10. @Jack_Podmore Short answer - yes, it could, however there are no indications in the log that confirm this. Can you increase your Log Level (on the configuration's Advanced Options tab) to Debug, and send me the new log via PM, please?
  11. @Jack_Podmore The timestamps on that log are from 2018 - I'm not sure they're the ones we need! Having said that, if the config hasn't changed that much the line 'Loading Configuration Data: ldapupdateexistingusers' suggests that you may have separate 'update' and 'create' configs. Checking this would be my suggested first step.
  12. Hi @Jack_Podmore Is there anything in the log file that indicates an error? There are a lot of things that could change, the configuration itself, a Windows Update, the account it runs under expiring or having its rights changed etc. Are you running the latest version of the LDAP Import Tool (currently v3.6.0)?
  13. @stuartmclennan Yes, Hornbill is compatible with O365. Exchange Online does have its own set of limits which can vary with your subscription and are detailed here, it would be up to yourselves to ensure that these are not exceeded.
  14. Hi @stuartmclennan The documentation for setting up email can be found on the wiki. I would expect that some of this will already be in place and will just need updating to the office 365 settings. The sections to look at would be Outbound Mail Routing and Shared Mailboxes. If you have any specific queries (about the Hornbill side of the setup) please post back here and someone will be able to answer them.
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