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  1. @Jeremy While we're investigating this the workaround is to allow the role access to view the mailbox - I appreciate that this is not your preferred behaviour but you can make your own call on the trade-off between being able to open the email against being able to see the mailbox.
  2. This thread might be of use to you, there is a system setting that allows duplicate handles.
  3. @Paul Alexander Not at present, thanks. If we need extra info we'll update you on here.
  4. If you run the report before applying filters you should get all the results, so I'm not sure why you'd need to use direct database access.
  5. Without seeing the settings for each node and decision branch it's not possible to narrow it down, but we can think of a few reasons why the above flow would either not suspend or would appear to have not suspended. I know the Service Manager team have seen this and are looking into it, they'll post back here when they have more information.
  6. Just a word of caution; Hornbill do not ever recommend directly altering database values. There are a huge number of relationships that could be affected by even the most innocuous alteration, and it is highly likely that any changes made will cause unexpected issues.
  7. Hi @Jeremy This is an issue that is being looked into, the current workaround is to refresh the page before changing the sub-status.
  8. @chrisnutt I managed to get that warning by using the wrong variable: My Get Request Details node had a Result Reference of task, so the variable was &[global["flowcoderefs"]["task"]["customField30"]] and the code in the update node became &[parseInt(global["flowcoderefs"]["task"]["customField30"])+1]
  9. If you refresh the browser this should make the Activities appear - this is only a workaround, but less clicks that using the arrows/show more options.
  10. @Jeremy I can see why you couldn't have two Resolutions, and that's something we didn't test but as you say, I'd expect a second resolution post to fail. So it looks like the missing update looks like a specific scenario, and would be resolved by the main focus; the enhancement request for the visibility of who is actively working on the request.
  11. @Jeremy Could you expand on the part where an update goes missing, please? We've tested this with multiple Users making overlapping updates of varying types to a request and everything is visible in the timelime.
  12. I think you might be able to achieve this with ESP conditions in the email template: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates
  13. Don't get him started on email ...
  14. @Paul Alexander There is a Suspend - Wait for Request Email node available, although it looks like you'll have to choose between waiting for an update or waiting for an email. Don't worry about @Victor - he chose to log in!
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