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  1. If the Departments aren't at the root level you'll need to change the dropdown to 'Search in the and child levels'
  2. @Hannah Pattison It's not completely clear from the above, but that sounds like the Business Process for a particular Request has a Human Task node which creates an Activity are part of the Workflow.
  3. @Adrian Simpkins Are these specifically for email updates to Requests, or for emails being received by an Inbox? These can be generated from different areas so identifying where the notification is generated is the first step.
  4. Locking the Resolve/Close action might be an option here, if you have a Suspend -> Wait for Request Resolution you can follow that with a Lock Actions node.
  5. Most things (although possibly not Service/CI/Request Type) can be prepopulated by using Custom Forms and either mapping the Fields or using the ProCap answers in the Business Process to update the Request.
  6. @Jack_Podmore Just to explain this; The "TO" address is a list of email addresses separated by semicolons or commas (I forget which off the top of my head!) So "person.one@domain.com" does not equal "person.one@domain.com; person.two@domain.com; person.three@domain.com" but it is contained in the list. You need the open-ended comparison ('%' at either end) as the list might be "person.two@domain.com; person.one@domain.com; person.three@domain.com" etc.
  7. @IT Specialist If the Users to be archived are all in the Disabled OU, you can exclude that OU from the main User Import, and then run a second Import on just the Disabled OU to mark all of those Users as Archived (and perform any other actions deemed necessary.)
  8. This was also spotted internally, it appears that the menu is there, but not visible - if you move the mouse to where the required menu item should be you will see the mouse pointer change and can even click the invisible option. This has been fixed and is working its way through testing before release. In the meantime the workaround is, as you've noticed, to refresh the page; or, if you're confident, just to click where your menu item should be ...
  9. As far as I'm aware this is not going to be developed further, and if anything is more likely to be removed from the Product. We would recommend exploring whether you can use Progressive Capture to achieve what you need with Quick Requests.
  10. I'm not aware of any, but that doesn't mean there aren't. On the other hand, that does somewhat go against the principle of a codeless environment.
  11. @samwoo The error is correct. There is no such context variable as: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformation"]["customField26"]+1]
  12. @Drew Davies Sorry, my mistake - I think I misread the error. It's the {{.status}} that's not being accepted. The Tool translates the active/suspended/archived to the correct numeric value. Can I check that you're using the SQL User Import tool? If so which version are you using, and what is your Data Source?
  13. @HGrigsby From the error this looks like a Service Manager Board - is that correct?
  14. @Drew Davies Active and Archived are display values - in the database you need to use 0 for Active and 2 for Archived.
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