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  1. @Ann-MarieHolloway I suspect it's the Reference that you have entered - this is for matching with the Request Reference. See the very end of the documentation on the wiki.
  2. I think this is the thread you referred to:
  3. @Ann-MarieHolloway Do you have an email routing rule to capture emails from contacts and update the requests?
  4. @Jeremy Once you've copied the Incident Management User and saved it under the new name you can edit the Role (Home > System > Organisational Data > Roles > Role Name) and add the right under the Application Rights tab in the Service Desk section.
  5. @Tina.Lapere On my test account having the Collaboration Role allowed the User to see the Activity, but not action it. Adding the 'enhanced' Incident Management Task Completer role allowed the User to action it.
  6. Hi @Tina.Lapere On my instance I created a copy of the Incident Management User role and named it Incident Management Task Completer. Then I added the Advanced Request Task Completer right to the new role and saved the changes. I created a User with Collaboration Role and Incident Management Task Completer and was able to successfully complete a task assigned to a different user. Does that allow you to achieve what you need without using the Full Access/Admin roles?
  7. There are further discussions on this topic here:
  8. @Cmason76 you've tagged on to a discussion about web accessibility on the Hornbill platform, although this is a related topic it's for completely different platforms. For Supportworks you'd be better raising this as a fresh topic in https://community.hornbill.com/forum/5-general-usage/
  9. I would suggest that your BP is relying on a ProCap answer that is not populated (as the Request is logged from email) and it's failing at that point. If you can check the BP and ensure that all Decision Nodes that test a ProCap question have a "No Match" option this should prevent the error.
  10. I think there's a missing apostrophe after YourTeamName
  11. @IntegraGreg Have you tried putting a Get Request Details before the WAIT: Status node? Without that I'm not sure the Process "knows" what the status value is. FYI: The documentation around a two-stage closure is here.
  12. @dwalby I've just tested on one of my requests and I was able to PrtScn and then CTRL+V the image straight into a timeline update. Is this not working for you?
  13. @Shamaila.Yousaf I would check with Facilities to see if they've made any alterations. Contractor-based items in the sub-status looks like something that they'd use and the may not have been specific about who can see them.
  14. Are you talking about manual or automatic updates? If the former, you can simply email them with the update, which will appear on your request timeline - which will have the same end result as what you're asking, an email to the 3rd party and a timeline update on your request. If you were to have an update automatically email the 3rd party you run the risk of their system responding to that email, which updates your request, which emails them ... and you're straight into a loop.
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