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  1. @Berto2002 1. No, this is not possible. 2. Yes, you can branch within a Progressive Capture and Switch Capture to a second PCF containing the additional questions. 3. Not the only option but it is fairly straightforward to have a "Do you require App A?" display the additional questions on the same Form is the answer is yes.
  2. @John C This has been raised internally and is being looked at. On a side note, please avoid tagging specific people unless you're replying directly to them as part of an existing conversation. You may be (as in this case) tagging someone who has no connection with the issue at hand, and this in turn may cause the relevant people to skip your post as they get the impression it's already being dealt with.
  3. manageSnippets gives you the right to create, share, and edit snippets, but there is no option to edit a snippet that has been shared with you. The error message is extremely accurate in this regard.
  4. Unfortunately there is no way to update multiple Business Processes at once. I would also raise a cautionary hand as you mention in case you are thinking of copying and pasting, as I've found this is not always completely reliable across Processes, particularly when Decision nodes are involved.
  5. I'm pretty sure (maybe @James Ainsworth can confirm) that although the Rule Expression can match against the body, the Reference will only match against the Subject.
  6. The expression: [a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8} matches both the Hornbill reference (SR00055903) and part of the external reference (INC000014741205) so the System cannot resolve to a single Request Reference. You'll need to adjust the Reference expression to cater for that, assuming (as I'm not a RegEx expert) that this is possible.
  7. @Berto2002 Are you taking Daylight Savings into account? My understanding of a Timestamp is that it will always be in UTC (GMT+0) where the date output can be formatted and may well be in BST (GMT+1) You can test this without changing anything by ensuring the difference is always greater than an hour.
  8. If it's an existing post you need to edit them, then add the tag. If you don't have permissions to edit you can add tags when a post is created
  9. There's a Service Manager setting of webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.resolve.denyWithOpenActivities which prevents a Request from being resolved when there are open Activities associated if that will help in the future.
  10. @derekgreen Unfortunately not. This is one of the reasons we recommend assigning Tasks to Groups/Roles rather than Individual Users.
  11. @Vin B Snippets are currently text-only, you can't use wiki markup or html to format them. I'm not aware of an Enhancement Request to add this, so if you want to raise one please tag the post with "Enhancement" so the Community can indicate their support where appropriate.
  12. Hi @Adrian Simpkins There's a defect raised for this, Reference KE00168261 which is currently being progressed. I've added you as impacted. Cheers, Steve.
  13. I'm fairly sure this is not possible; probably because by the nature of a dynamic list it can be edited independently of the Form that's using it at any time, including removing the value you have set as default which would cause problems, for obvious reasons.
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