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  1. My personal concern over this is that you could find yourself in a situation where the Answer has been edited and there is a discrepancy between what the Customer told you and what information is now in the Request, which could cause an issue. If Answers need updating might it not be better to be able to comment on the Answer so the change is is immediately visible and the original information is untouched?
  2. Is this the setting you're looking for? Debug being the most verbose and Error being the least.
  3. Without examining the Process I'm limited to guessing how it works, but based on this thread so far you might be able to avoid having an extra Human Task by slightly altering the existing one to give outcomes of, for example: 1. Issue Resolved 2. Further Investigation Required 3. Escalation to 2nd Line Required Then the BPM could resolve the issue for 1, leave the Request with 1st line for 2, or wait for a new owner and then assign a task to the new owner/team/role for 3.
  4. @Steven Cotterell Ah - that would be the SQL import then; this can also import from CSV. If you need to export the Users then report with the Additional Data Format set to CSV on the Output Formats tab should be able to do that.
  5. @Steven Cotterell The Data Import Tool can be used to Create, Update, or both. If you review the wiki documentation for your environment, it's a little different for Azure and AD, and then post back here with any further questions.
  6. If you're using the Data Import Tool you can set these as part of the import. Would that be a suitable option?
  7. The update has been released but unless you've passed through your Maintenance Window then it won't have been applied. You can check this by logging into the Admin Portal, clicking on your avatar (top right) and selecting About. If the Server Release is not 3091 then the latest update has not yet been applied to your instance.
  8. This would be covered by having a Role that, for example, contains both First Line and Second Line - or First Line and the Team that supports that Service - and assigning the task to that Role. Done this way, if First Line can provide a fix they can action the task, if not then Second Line also have the ability to do so without the need to re-assign the task.
  9. The h_itsm_requests table stores the sub-status under h_sub_status. If that's all you need I don't think you need the h_buz_activities table to create this report.
  10. The Advanced Request Task Completer role allows the User to complete tasks owned by other Users, not to move them between Users. If you are regularly finding that you need to move a Task from one User to another it is probably worth considering how you assign them. It is often better to avoid assigning them to individuals and instead assign them to groups or roles, so that, for example, if someone is off sick then the Task can be completed by someone with the same role without having to wait for it to be reassigned.
  11. I can see you have a support contract with us, if you can raise a request we can arrange to look into this a bit more deeply.
  12. This is what I see, so it appears the report should be working. Can you confirm how the assets are attached to the Requests - are they appearing in the Assets tab of the Requests, for example?
  13. You would definitely need to ensure that a No Match option was present, just for that one time it crops up and you'd otherwise be left with a broken process. You can either have the No Match go to the node for your default domain, or to a second decision node that deals with the unmatched route separately.
  14. @Kelvin That's where I'm looking, and I see exactly the same but with Assets visible. I also added an asset to a Request that didn't previously have one and the preview updated to include that request. Is the Report you're using exactly the same as the one attached in your original post, or have you made any changed - e.g. added any filters? You mention a certain asset type, have you filtered on that? If so, that might be where the problem lies.
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