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  1. They are output paramters, not inputs - they are not editable. Before the update they were not visible, now you can prefix the values with the Result Reference they are displayed so you can see exactly what values to use when referencing the results from that node.
  2. @aykut.boyraz You could only achieve that by having rules set up on Exchange that move the emails that you do not want in Hornbill out of the Exchange Inbox that they are retrieved from. This would be one for you Exchange Admins to look at, as it would take place before there was any interaction with Hornbill at all.
  3. If you put a Suspend -> Wait for Owner node followed by a Get Request Details node between the Change Approved and Create Asset and Link Baseline nodes this should prevent your issue from recurring.
  4. Hi @Logan Graham We are aware of this issue and will post back here once we have further information.
  5. Have you considered using the LDAP import tool as you're importing users from LDAP? Instructions for its use can be found on the wiki.
  6. It would be worth putting a Get Request Details node just before the node that is experiencing the error as a first step. If that doesn't help, can you come back with some more details, for example what are you attempting to do when the error occurs, etc.
  7. I've tagged this as an enhancement so the relevant teams will look into its feasibility.
  8. @Dan Munns I think the simple answer is no - you can't do that. As far as I can see there's no option to add an attachment, and certainly not an "Add all attachments from this Request" option. You could set a Human Task and assign a Service Manager User to email the group and attach the files to it - this can be done from the email option within the request, but there's not a Hornbill Automation to do this.
  9. Could you give some more details on what you're trying to achieve? For example, which actions are you wanting to track and in what way are the emails taken care of - are they used to create requests, are they responded to directly ... ?
  10. @David Longley That is a function to update a User profile. The Contact iBridge functions are under Collaboration, and currently only Create and Archive are available. I see @Martyn Houghton ninja'd me, but it's worth clarifying.
  11. You can only add the Superuser Role from an account that already has the Superuser Role. If you have an account that still has this Role you can log in with that account and assign the Superuser Role to the Admin account (and then remove it from all other accounts)~ If not you'll need to raise a Request with Cloud Support directly.
  12. @Adrian Simpkins The differences are documented here. The basic difference is that a Suspended User can still be seen by other Users, an Archived User is invisible.
  13. @Steven Cotterell I think https://www.php.net/manual/en/datetime.formats.time.php should have the Timezone info you require
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