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  1. No updates on timescales as yet, I'm afraid.
  2. Any CI can exclude groups, so if you add at least one group at the Service level, then exclude it at the CI level this should have the same effect. Again, I've not tested this as I don't have a Customer Portal on my test Instance currently, but it should work in theory until a better option is available.
  3. @AndyColeman If there's no import config in the Admin Console it either means that the config has been deleted or that you don't have one - as you mention you've had no problems for 5 years I suspect that you're running a really old version of the Import Tool that uses a .json config file stored on the server it's running on. This will be something you set up in house, so you'll need to locate the LDAP User Import Utility (ldap_import.exe) and update with the latest version. You can import your existing json file to create the config in the Admin Tool, although you will need to rev
  4. Hi @Ann I'm sure the mobile team will look at this, but in the meantime I'd suggest just browsing to your instance in the phone/tablet's browser as normal to see if this gives the required functionality.
  5. @Michael Sharp I'm not saying control of the attachments isn't a useful thing to have, just that there are better ways than setting an arbitrary limit (these are being looked at) which will at some point leave you without an attachment that you need.
  6. @Alberto M It would be a bit ugly, but a ProCap that branches on Portal Type or Source to a message to the User asking them not to use this CI might guide the User away. I haven't tested this, but if the View is set to Portal Only, and no Customers subscribe to it, I would expect that it would not show to anyone on the Customer Portal, and it wouldn't be visible to the Service Desk.
  7. @HGrigsby The setting is the default visibility - it does not enforce that visibility, the User is still able change it from that to Owner if required.
  8. Not if you delete it, then clear Deleted Items, however. Then the email and any attachments not added to the Request are gone forever. We are looking into options internally, but I don't have any details on timescales.
  9. @AlexRutter Apologies, that request was resolved in error and is currently open and being investigated.
  10. I'd suggest caution with something so arbitrary, for example I've just checked the images Customers have sent in to illustrate issues, and approximately half of those are under 10kb, with a number of log files similarly small.
  11. @HHH The Not Set value is, as you've found, there to cater for null values, any other value is classed as Set. Generally speaking, 0 is classed as false and any other value as true, but it's always worth checking either in the database or by outputting to the timeline during testing.
  12. Would scheduling the report to run at close of play every Friday achieve your goals? That way you'd have the data from the time you want it and the report would be available Monday morning.
  13. No, it's not currently possible without copying the values into a Custom Field.
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