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  1. @IntegraGreg Have you tried putting a Get Request Details before the WAIT: Status node? Without that I'm not sure the Process "knows" what the status value is. FYI: The documentation around a two-stage closure is here.
  2. @dwalby I've just tested on one of my requests and I was able to PrtScn and then CTRL+V the image straight into a timeline update. Is this not working for you?
  3. @Shamaila.Yousaf I would check with Facilities to see if they've made any alterations. Contractor-based items in the sub-status looks like something that they'd use and the may not have been specific about who can see them.
  4. Are you talking about manual or automatic updates? If the former, you can simply email them with the update, which will appear on your request timeline - which will have the same end result as what you're asking, an email to the 3rd party and a timeline update on your request. If you were to have an update automatically email the 3rd party you run the risk of their system responding to that email, which updates your request, which emails them ... and you're straight into a loop.
  5. @Shamaila.Yousaf You choose which field you output the result into, so you'll know which one to add to the view.
  6. Congratulations on your first post, @Andre de Waal
  7. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone The Routing Rules are processed in order, so this should be as straightforward as having the above rule in position #1 and the auto-reply rule in position #2 From the wiki:
  8. If you add a "Remove from Board" node in the Business Process the call will be removed from the relevant board if it is on there. If it is not the node will be ignored.
  9. Does this thread address your question?
  10. @Victor thanks for the confirmation - the import has been reinstated and nothing broke!
  11. @James Ainsworth Would my assumption above be correct? If so I can turn my import back one - if not I need to look at another way of not wiping out user privileges.
  12. @samwoo @James Ainsworth I'm using the Admin Portal with the existing configuration uploaded from the old on-prem solution. Having slept on it I suspect having the "Type" Action set to "Create and Update" was the reason - if that is the case is this value best left to "No Action" or "Create Only" when this import is picking up new users? I assume a newly created user defaults to "Basic"
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