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  1. @m.vandun PowerBI just asks your Instance to run the report - if it gets the message the report is running, that's what your Instance is responding with. What happens if you run the report manually from the UI?
  2. @Paul Taylor I think the ESP Conditions section of the Email Templates wiki page should allow you to achieve your goals here.
  3. @JoanneG We don't have a visual of the board, so I have to suggest that you double-check that the Lanes definitely exist, and there are no typos in the config. Secondly, I notice that the Order parameter is set to Auto - by default this is Ignore, I would recommend changing that back to the default unless you are going to supply a value explicitly. Note that the part of the Error message we can see ends in "Input p..." so I suspect this may be the issue here.
  4. @Sandip Bhogal Creating a Simple List is straightforward, just navigate to Home -> Applications -> Service Manager -> Simple Lists and create one called something like HR Priorities, then set it up with the Priorities you need, e.g: Customised Forms are explained on the wiki, you would need a Dynamic drop down select box using the Simple List option. Once the BPM Workflow starts, you can either assign an SLA based on the value from the Customised Form, or use the Service Level Rules Builder to automatically assign an SLA. Obviously in your session with the Product Speci
  5. @JoanneG That should be a relatively straightforward Process - it can be as simple as setting the status to "Closed" although that would probably be a bad idea! The best way to approach this is to consider the minimum steps that a User would take through a simple Request and automate each one. There will be a node that can do each of these steps, for example setting a Priority, assigning the Request, updating the Timeline, Emailing the Customer, and Resolving then Closing the Request.
  6. @Frank Reay The comment within the assignment tab is only meaningless to the Owner - as James mentioned, when assigning to yourself that comment is for a Team Member or Team Leader etc. to understand why they took on the Request. As a Team Lead, in the same way that you might look at my Request and ask "Why did James give that to Steve?" and see the note says "Passed it to Steve because I'm busy doing really clever programming stuff" you would look at James's Request and ask "Why didn't James give that to Steve?" - in this scenario the comment would let you know that James took the Request h
  7. When assigning it to yourself the purpose of the comment would be for someone other than the owner viewing the timeline, not for the owner themselves who (as you correctly state) already knows this.
  8. @JoanneG I'll defer to Bob if I'm mistaken, but I think that Requests -> h_description value equals %covid% should be Requests -> h_description value is like %covid% as the equals function will not parse the % character as a wildcard. Also Requests -> h_description value is like %COVID-19% whould be covered by Requests -> h_description value is like %covid% as the comparison is not case sensitive and it contains covid.
  9. @Jamie A As every customer creates their own priorities it would be impossible to do that with a role by default, so the only ways to do it are by restricting what the Customer sees in Progressive Capture, or by making decisions in the Business Process or the SLA Rules. I've also remembered that you can see the User's roles by using the session variables in a Progressive Capture decision branch, so you can change what a Customer sees based on a Role in this way.
  10. Is where it was explained how to use the API key in the command line. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to advise on how to use your chosen scheduling tool as that is internal to your network and Hornbill have no control over this. I'm happy that this is working for you now.
  11. @John C I've removed the Log file as it contains potentially sensitive information. The API key in the log file is not registering as valid against your Instance - can you verify that it was generated against an active User that has the correct Roles to run the import?
  12. @John C Can you Message me the log file privately, please?
  13. That tab is a command-line builder. Once the command-line is deployed to the scheduling tool the data serves no real purpose and the API was possibly removed for security reasons. The API key is linked to your Instance. Whether you have a separate one for each Country is up to you.
  14. @John C That would be in the next section, Configuration Summary Point 7 shows how to generate the command line to use either manually or within your scheduling tool (from your image that appears to be Windows Task Scheduler) in order to run the Import.
  15. @John C I've removed the image as it contains potentially sensitive information. The details on how to create an API key is linked in the same wiki article under step 4.2 KeySafe and API Keys
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