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  1. @clampj If you require detailed assistance with creating reports you are welcome to raise a Service Request with our Expert Services team.
  2. I've moved this into the Live Chat forum so it doesn't get swamped by Service Manager threads. One of our Product Specialists will get back to you shortly.
  3. @Adnan Zamurred Unfortunately I don't think this can be achieved - Progressive Capture uses wiki markup but the email templates use HTML markup.
  4. If you use one of the TEXT type Custom fields (or a VARCHAR if it's long enough) you can store the answers to multiple questions in a single custom field, then add that field to the email.
  5. @PeterL @Steven Cotterell Please could you send me an API key via a forum message - please do not post this on the forum. If you haven't already done so this document will guide you through the key generation process: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys If you are setting an expiry date please ensure that this is set to at least 24 hours from the time you create it, otherwise it is likely that the system will view it as expired. Note: For this issue it is essential that the API key is generated against the System Administrator account.
  6. Bearing in mind this comment, the first thing I would do would be to make that field mandatory - looking at the field settings shown it is possible that the Request was simply raised without a value being entered into that field.
  7. @James.Johnson Just a heads-up - there are a number of hints on the interwebs suggesting a "Number" format with 0 decimal places will do the same. I tested this and once you get past 15 digits, subsequent digits revert to 0 no matter what you type, so do stick to text only. Or, of course, find an alternative CSV editor that doesn't "help" you as much as Excel whilst still displaying the data in a tidy grid format.
  8. @James.Johnson I'm not sure that uploading from Excel wouldn't help with this issue, as it's Excel that is breaking (well, technically reformatting) your values. That aside, the workaround would be to pre-format the whole spreadsheet as text before you enter any data, save the file as an Excel workbook, and only change to CSV when you are ready to make the final save prior to uploading.
  9. @chriscorcoran As noted in the other thread, your Instance has also been patched.
  10. Are these for displaying on a dashboard? Wouldn't it be better to leave them as two widgets and just display them on the same dash? To have both in one widget you'd need to ensure both were returning useful values in an identical list of columns etc. To display them on a dash as two lists would be pretty straightforward.
  11. @Michael Sharp @AlexTumber FYI I've moved this to the Project Manager forum.
  12. We are aware of this issue and are working on a resolution. As we get further information we will update this thread.
  13. @Trevor Tinsley The latest version (v1.9.0) of the Database Asset Import Tool now includes support for clearing asset column values.
  14. @lee mcdermott I've merged this to the previous thread to keep the conversation in the same place.
  15. @Adrian Simpkins This issue has been fixed, however as the problem was caused by the encoding at the point the attachment was linked to the Request, any attachments linked prior to the fix may experience this issue. Removing the attachment and then re-linking it to the request should correct the encoding and allow you to send the attachment with an email direct from the request.
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