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  1. All, The higher than normal load has now been reduced and we are no longer seeing issues. We already had a change in beta to help with this kind of scenario and are hoping to be able to push this to live over next week. We have also scheduled a change to the front end web servers that will be made to beta today and then live again be end of next week. We will continue to monitor closely. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  2. All, Thank you for the posts. We have witnessed higher than normal load on our front end servers and taken steps to reduce this. At the moment this is now as expected and we will continue to monitor. Kind regards Keith Stevenson
  3. David, Thanks for the post. We can inform you that Email delivery of Scheduled reports is under the Enterprise Edition and Advanced Reporting & Delivery. https://www.hornbill.com/editions Kind regards Keith Stevenson
  4. Will, Thanks for the post. We use cloudflare for static content (Not your data) so that will be served more locally to your analysts in different regions (They have a data centre in Dubai) and accounts for around 60% of all traffic and its to this the < 100ms was based (When you ping live.hornbill.com it will resolve this to cloudflare servers). Yes, +100ms is still possible but for Hornbill most will not go direct to server but the cloudflare cache. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  5. Moses. Thanks for the post and apologies for not replying sooner. Please see the below post
  6. Moses, Thanks for the post and apologies for not replying sooner. It seemed to get missed. Please see
  7. Dear Moses, Thanks for the post. We assume you mean total latency from your machine to live.hornbill.com and its API points and as such 20ms is absolutely fine. Our soft rule of thumb is anything less than 100ms will be fine and you will be hard pushed to find a connection that provides slower than this over the internet today. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  8. Adam, We have discussed this internally and the above still stands. We have raised a number of feature requests to better accommodate your needs with regards to ISO27000 (Full auditing on changes to catalog, basic reporting for usage, dependancies etc) and we will keep you informed as they become available. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  9. Adam, Thanks for the post and clarification. I have now gone and read the ISO270000 standard around Service catalog management, which is different to what I suggested above which was us providing services to customers under 27001 etc, as you need to manage\audit the actual catalog items themselves rather than just present them for use. If I were to do this I would be tempted to have a library in document manager for each catalog item and within that have all required artifacts including full documentation, list of dependencies (assets, suppliers, configuration items\information etc within this as its then fully audit trailed and versioned ) but lett me speak with our Service Manager team and see if we can come up with a less manual way of achieving the requirements objectives. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  10. Adam, We use Hornbill exclusively for all our ISO management (27001 and 27018) , Document manager for storing all our docs and artifacts and Service manager for all incident management. We have a top level service for Cloud services (Which is the area of Hornbill covered by ISO) and within this several catalog items under Incident\Change and Requests, of which 1 is Security Incident. These have their own progressive capture which is pretty basic and is based off the required data from ISO standard. The BPM for each then drives what happens to it (For example some get added to ISO boards for management to see, some will result in tasks either changes to process, documentation or software etc) but that depends on what your process says for each type of incident. Hope this clarifies. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  11. Martin, Thanks for the post. We can inform you the problem with the scale of graph has been resolved. (Note that they only show complete months). We also note that if 1 or more data centres have the same value you can only see the first which we need to resolve. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  12. Frank, Thanks for the post. All your data (As a UK company) will be hosted\stored within the UK (Datacenters in Maidenhead and London). Cloudflare does not host\store any data it only caches static front end content (Not Data). We hope this resolves your query. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  13. Dear Joe, Thanks for the post. We can confirm that we will support OAuth support for POP3 and IMAP connectors, once MS have done so (They say that they will begin to implement this over the next few months) and before the 2020 deadline. Kind regards Keith Stevenson
  14. Dear Chris, The root cause was that an automatic update of services stalled on your instance as 1 thread could not be terminated. This meant the request to STOP the main Server Service was stalled on stopping and never completed. The resolve was to kill the offending process and restart. This has highlighted an oversight in our monitoring during updates which we will now address as we should have been informed of the issue before you noticed any error so that we could take action. We are also investigating the root cause as to why the service failed to stop in a timely fashion. We hope this clarifies the issue and should you require any further information please feel free to ask. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  15. Dear Chris. Thanks for the post. We can inform you that this has been resolved and you should now be able to log in. We will post an explanation shortly. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
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