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  1. @Shamaila Naim Thanks for the post. Apologies for the delay I was on annual leave. We have now updated this so you should be able to delete it from the full client. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  2. @Shamaila Naim We have noticed that the problem on your instance appears to be caused by a rather large body in the Alert email. We will be in touch shortly to discuss options to resolve this. Kind regards Keith Stevenson
  3. All, This was resolved by the local ISPs in Cape town just before midnight and appears to be functioning as expected. Can you confirm. Kind regards
  4. All, This appears to be a routing issue in and around cape town rather than a cloud flare specifc and therefore we are unsure if any workaround will work. Craig, the tracert you provided was incomplete and we cant see the route it took, can you provide a tracert to from any other machine (Hoping to see full route), you could also try adding to your hosts or local DNS as live.hornbill.com bypassing cloudflare (If this works then we can look at creating a subdomain that doesnt go via cloudflare specifically for cape town until the issue is resolved if possible. ) KInd regards
  5. Stephen, This seems to be impossed by the NHS and therefore they may be best to offer advice. However, rather than forward mail onto hornbill (Guess you are forwarding it to your live.hornbill.com address from your mail server) why not use IMAP (overTLS or SSL) and download the mail direct from nhs.net. (We have other NHS customers who do this). Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  6. All, We had raised this with Cloudflare, who have confirmed that they have identified the issue and a fix is being rolled out to Cape Town. (As of 12:13). Can you confirm that this is still an issue. Kind regards
  7. Craig, Thanks for the reply. That seems to be more of a problem with your internet-for-guests.com wifi? rather than the cloudflare issue as it should be showing more hops. Can you try disconnecting from the hotspot and trying again. Kind Regards
  8. Steven, Other cloudflare protected sites are also reporting issue s accessing sites from cape Town. Kind Regards
  9. Steven, Thanks for that.. Yes our tests are via Johanseberg which suggests an issue local to cape town (Can you get someone in cape town to run WinMTR or tracert to and live.hornbill.com) Can you also confirm what time the issue started occurring. Kind Regards
  10. Steven, Thanks for the post. We can see no issue and our testing from South Africa all returns as expected. There was 1 reported blip with Cloudflare Africa region today but it should have caused no issues. Can you confirm that this is error is still occuring and not just a blip. Kind Regards
  11. Adrian, Thanks for the post. If you hold off until Insights (June 17th-18th) we will have some exciting news regarding the Hornbill Holiday Manager application (And lots more) . Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  12. Adrian, Thanks for the post. For Spell checking we use the Browsers built in functionality, in Edge this is under Settings->Languages. Other browsers have similar options. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  13. Joe, Thanks for the post. I have edited your post to remove the TXT files you added which contained your account details for the O365 accounts. As for the error. This suggests as office 365 problem. Can you confirm that you can log via Office365 and that says no error in status Kind Regards
  14. The underlying disk had performance issues due to higher than expected reads\writes. The root cause of these has been identified and removed. All performance has now been restored.
  15. Dear All We are currently witnessing lower than expected performance on 1 Database server that may effect a subset of our users. We are currently investigating and will provide updates every 15 minutes. Please see https://status.hornbill.com/
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