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  1. Joe, Thanks for the post. I have edited your post to remove the TXT files you added which contained your account details for the O365 accounts. As for the error. This suggests as office 365 problem. Can you confirm that you can log via Office365 and that says no error in status Kind Regards
  2. The underlying disk had performance issues due to higher than expected reads\writes. The root cause of these has been identified and removed. All performance has now been restored.
  3. Dear All We are currently witnessing lower than expected performance on 1 Database server that may effect a subset of our users. We are currently investigating and will provide updates every 15 minutes. Please see https://status.hornbill.com/
  4. Dear Adrian, From your logs we can see that emails are being sent and accepted via mail.nhs.uk. You would need to contact the administrator of that server to identify cause of delay (If you click the Sent Item and then the Envelope next to the recipients mail you will see the Devliery Status and it should contain the handoff and delivery accepted by mail.nhs.uk message for your SMTP administrator to use to track.) Kind regards Keith Stevenson
  5. Stuart. If it is a new IP you have for your SMTP server, You will need to speak with your IT team and ask them to update the DNS record for mail.gs-associates.co.uk. You could try entering the new IP in place of mail.gs-associates.co.uk in the Mail connector, however the reason for DNS is to make IP changes transparent. As mentioned above, there could also be firewall rules that existed before to allow our servers to connect (from to your SMTP Server that will need to be updated with your new IP (Again your IT Team will need to do this). Hope this helps. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  6. Colin, Thanks for the post. Yes the password can be reset. Can you email cloudsupport@hornbill.com from your associated Email account and we can action this. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  7. Keith, Thanks for the post. Status.hornbill.com (which you should hopefully be subscribed to - link at bottom of that page), shows all outages\performance issues or unexpected downtime for all data centres. If you look at the graph you can drag a particular date range to see any non 100% (would indicate a problem at that time). Unfortunately, there is no other searching within that page and you would need to scroll through by date to find previous issues. If you have subscribed you woiuld get an email each time the status changes which could then be kept by yourself to show auditors in future. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  8. All, This has been restored. We will provide a full update shortly. Kind Regards
  9. All, Thanks for the posts. We can inform you that this was due to a disk lock on the underlying database and resolved by clearing the lock. This started around 14:26 All was resolved at 14:34. Kind regards Keith Stevenson
  10. @Paul Alexander, Thanks for the post. The previous issue was an all or nothing kind of thing so not sure why some are still failing. Will have a quick look now. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson Have checked and the ones that fail, do so in flowcode which appears to be unrelated to last weeks issue. I have escalated this internally as a priority and we should get back to you shortly.
  11. All, Thanks for the post. We have now identified the root cause and resolved this. A full RCA will be provided shortly, but briefly an index was removed on a given table that caused a number of frequently ran queries to take much longer than anticipated. The index has been re-added to all instances. Kind Regards
  12. All, We have now made this setting change to all instances and it should take effect over the next 10 minutes. Kind Regards
  13. @jdoran, We can inform you that this has been applied to your instance. It will take upto 15 minutes for the setting to be replicated. Kind regards
  14. @Frank Reay Your instance was done (see above), New emails should be processed Automatically. Can you confirm Kind Regards
  15. @Adam@Greggs @Logan Graham We can inform you that we have set the flag on your instance and you should find Auto Responder resolved in 10-14 mins KInd Regards
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