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  1. Joshua, We can inform you that our developers have identified and resolved the issue which will be included in the next planform release. We will post when this is complete. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  2. Joshua. Our development team are investigating as it appears to be issue with the TLS handshake and supported TLS versions. Weirdly out of over 6000 different email servers (2000 if you count Outlook and all its load balancers as 1) we connect to every day to send email (Across all instances) ,this is the only one we see this issue with (You and 1 other customer both send to a recipeint hosted on this and both fail). We will update you with our findings as soon as possible. Kind Regards
  3. Joshua Thanks for the logs. The good news is that does now fail within 1 second so not the timeout issue. WIll look at why. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  4. Joshua. Thanks for the reply. That does now return instantly as we would expect. Do you see any further failed deliveries. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  5. Dear Joshua We have reviewed the above and the problem appears to be the SMTP Server behind seg.trustwave.com taking on average between 2 and 3 minutes to respond to the Start TLS command and therefore our SMTP client timing out (Normally this should be completed within seconds) . This can be seen by running the below if you have openssl installed. At this point we would recommend contacting the Administrator of the below server and asking them to reduce the time it takes to perform the TLS handshake to < 30 seconds. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson openssl s_client -connec
  6. All, Thanks for the posts. We can confirm that we have replicated the issue and investigating. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  7. @Chris Bardell @Adrian Simpkins We have made some changes this morning. Can you confirm that performance is now once again as expected. Kind Regards
  8. @Adrian Simpkins Just seen your test and it appears OK so could be 2 different issues (Are you on the same N3 network? ) were you still experiencing the issue when you performed the test.. Will have a closer look at your instance whilst I wait your response. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  9. Compare that to me testing the same from our Germany DC. Given the above and below . This is your network and any delay with the above will add signifcant slow down for every API.. IF your are both on N3 then you should escalate internally.
  10. Ive just seen @Chris Bardelltest. This looks like your network connection (For the UK we normally see everything in Network < 20 ms) and as shown below all the services are responding very quickly. (The API Resonder is internal so not back to you which is why its OK and the Global Configuration is from you to another server which is why its long..)
  11. All, Thanks for the posts. We are not seeing anything unexpected in load (No instance\Node or service). Can you raise this via hornbill.com/support as that will fire the Instance Health check and show us any problems from your browser. The only thing both of you have in common is that your are both NHS (Different DBs, different nodes, different HVs ourside so unlikely to be a common cause) . Are you both on the N3 network? Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  12. Dan Thanks for the response. There is no standard for HTTP access to email, it just presents their own Web client. The only way to access and download email is via POP3(s)\IMAP(s) Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  13. Dan, Thanks for the post. Our requirements for POP3 are very simple. A route from our external IP (Listed here - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Hornbill_Cloud_and_Platform) to the mail Server on the given port. From the above that appears to be blocked either on your corporate firewall, on the mail servers firewall or in your mail server configuration itself. You should be able to test this, my telnet to your mail server on specified port, working out from the mail server, to LAN, to WAN to see where it stops working. Kind Regards Keith stevenson
  14. Chris, Thanks for the post. We can inform you that no changes were made and we didnt see anything on any instance or infrastruture that would have suggested a problem. If it occurs again can you raise this via https://www.hornbill.com/support as on login it will fire a number of tests between you (or your browser) and the instance that will show where any problem may reside. Kind Regards Keith Stevenson
  15. Stephen We can confirm that Hornbill does not require or use Flash. Kind Regards Keith stevenson
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