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  1. Not having much luck here I'm afraid, please see below:
  2. Is there anyone out there using Live Chat? If so, I would love to hear your experiences/challenges with it. I have seen the details on: https://www.hornbill.com/appstore/livechat however; would like to know how others are using it and if they found it a worth while service. I am looking to buy into this as I am sure our users will find this to be a great feature and will allow for a more improved customer experience. Regards Sxx
  3. Both myself and my Team Manager have the 'admin role'. ...so not sure why the error messages?
  4. My Team Manager also doesn't have the rights to add the role for me? - see Error below...I too get the same message? Thanks again!
  5. @Steven Boardman Do you mean the 'Service Manager In-App Reporting' role? I'll get someone to provide me with the access as I don't have the rights to add myself. The request with connections is one that I have been waiting for so will be sure to keep an eye out on the update next week to view the other available. Thanks Sxx
  6. I am trying to locate the Reports which were discussed at Insights, these reports were the ones where Hornbill had already setup re: Customer Satisfaction i.e. allowing us to see ratings against each service etc. The option which needed to be enabled had been at our surgery session, however; the reports still did not appear. I was advised that we would be put down to use the beta version, it would be great to know when the beta version will be available. We were advised that there would be no issues using the beta version and that Hornbill would be happy to receive our feedback. Thought I would add here just in case:). Thanks Sxx
  7. Cheers Steve. I am positive I was informed that customers could only view their requests, however; I have checked and calls can be logged via a mobile, However; the visibility is not great . BTW thanks for all your support at the Insights this year, dare I say it but it was nice catching up with you! Sxx
  8. At Insights it was discussed that there the new customer portal will be coming out in the near future - this excites me a lot!... This will allow our users will have an even more better customer experience when this go live. Is there a possibility for us to have access to the beta version? On another note, will our current setup transfer over to the new automatically? i.e. the FAQs etc? I am looking to publish our FAQs soon so not sure whether it was worth holding off etc? Can I also double check that there are plans in the future for our users to access the new service portal to log requests via their android smartphone? Thanks Sxx
  9. Please disregard the above, I managed to locate the wiki which explains the role: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Roles Services Manager role now added - so I am now happy! Thanks
  10. Hi All Hope you had a lovely weekend. Can someone please advise. what job role do I need to have access to the service portfolio? Thanks Sxx
  11. @Steven Boardman some of our other teams have not quiet grasped the idea of connections, so connections are not sent an update. I'll make a note of this and see if I can arrange to have the business process amended to have resolve emails be sent to connections. Thanks
  12. @Deen ok, so is there a resolve for this? Thanks for your reply back.
  13. What role needs to be added for users to access the 'Service' section to create a bulletin? Thanks again.
  14. Thanks @James Ainsworth & @Steven Boardman for the useful information. Outlook seems to be widely used, so guess we could include this as our notification type also. I like the fact that we can apply a bulletin to a particular service as well as the bulletin appearing when its valid and then disappears automatically. Saves time on manual work! I'm looking forwards to us having this feature used regularly...a win win for us and our users! Thanks guys!
  15. Not sure if this is the correct platform for this one. Does anyone use Service Manager to inform their customers when business systems are due to be down i.e. scheduled maintenance. We have so many different forms of communications our end emails usually get ignored/missed etc so not sure if we can incorporate anything within Service Manager. Any thoughts anyone? Regards Sxx
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