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  1. shamaila.yousaf

    Error: The text size provided (257) is greater than the maximum

    Can anyone help us with this at all please? Thanks
  2. Hi Calls are being logged on the service portal by our users, I have has 2 calls where the message appears with the message below - never had this issue occur so not sure if something has been amended our end recently. If the user exceeds the limit one would assume that the system would mention this on screen and not allow the call to be logged. At present I can not get into these calls as the screen tries to load without any success. Let me know the best way forward so we can make any changes accordingly. Regards
  3. shamaila.yousaf

    Hornbill Board Manager: How To

    Apologies, when I/our department moves over to the new board manager, would we delete the existing boards or archive it? Also, is there a timeframe when we should move across to the new board manager app? Just thought I would ask.
  4. Hi there. We are getting some occasions where our users forget the calls they have logged and end up logging duplicate calls via the portal. All portal calls are assigned to the service desk to set the priority etc. It would be great if the service desk analysts could have visibility of 'open requests' when they pick up the portal requests to pick up any duplicates which come in and action them accordingly. We do make our users aware of how they can look at their previous calls logged and so is work in progress. Thanks
  5. shamaila.yousaf

    Self Service - Measure of first reassignment

    Thanks Victor, are there additional costs involved in having a report created? Think I may liaise with my Team Manager prior to proceeding. Thanks again. Regards Shamaila
  6. shamaila.yousaf

    Self Service - Measure of first reassignment

    Thanks for your help @Conor - Its greatly appreciated. Copying & pasting appeared with some results but when I tried making some amendments to include source type & our team name it appeared with errors - lack of knowledge my end. No worries though, I'll add this to my 'wish list' and will see if we can have Hornbill Support create this report for me under our support hours etc. Thanks again for your continued support as always. Sxx
  7. shamaila.yousaf

    Self Service - Measure of first reassignment

    Apologies, I'm not winning here
  8. shamaila.yousaf

    Self Service - Measure of first reassignment

    @Conor thank you, I will have to see if this works for me and will try the source type amended as you have suggested. So how do i access the h_itsm_request_team_assignment table to retrieve our data from? Thanks
  9. shamaila.yousaf

    Hornbill Support - Customer Portal

    Thanks @Ehsan , all resolved now. Shamaila
  10. Hi Any Service Portals raised go into our Service Desk group, whomever is covering the portals will set an SLA and reassign accordingly. I would like to measure how many portal calls are being reassigned by each analyst on a daily basis - so it would be the number of first reassignments against each analyst for the self service source type. Can anyone kindly assist? Regards Sxx
  11. When we used Support Works we had the option to place the call on hold and have the option to send an email with the call on hold comments to the customer. At present we email the user and then have another action to place the call on hold. Is this achievable in Service Manager as one action only? Thanks in advance. Shamaila
  12. Apologies if this is not the correct platform for this request. I am trying to log a job via the customer portal and I have no idea what our instance is - can someone please kindly confirm so I can report a request? Many thanks Sxx
  13. shamaila.yousaf

    Report on Outstanding Activities

    @Gary.Reynolds I didn't notice the option to add as a view - all done now. Thanks Sxx
  14. shamaila.yousaf

    Hornbill Board Manager: How To

    A huge thanks @TrevorHarris, will give this a try.
  15. shamaila.yousaf

    Hornbill Board Manager: How To

    Please excuse my ignorance. How do we install the board manager app? I am looking to create new boards within it and deleting the existing ones? Has anyone else started using the new app? Thanks again.