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  1. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Number of missed calls

    Thanks for your response - the above does make sense. Regards Sxx
  2. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Prompt for recording down time in a Change Request missing

    we had the same issue and we have spoken to Dan. Dan has fedback to this with regards to our relation.
  3. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Number of missed calls

    Each time the Service Desk receives a missed call we are sent an email of notification in the shared mailbox. Is there an easy way to identify the number of missed calls along with details such as when the call was missed? Thanks
  4. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Routing rule to update requests

    Excellent, this seems to have resolved out Facilities Team's end. Thanks @Victor Regards Sxx
  5. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Routing rule to update requests

    I have not fully inserted the name of our email address in case it compromises GDPR/confidentiality etc. It doesn't work as in the rule fails and the email remains in our inbox.
  6. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Routing rule to update requests

    Thanks @Victortried the mailbox variable...and its not worked:( - it's probably something i'm not doing correctly. I'll go back to the drawing board.
  7. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Routing rule to update requests

    I setup a routing rule to update calls, via a regex match to a subject. However; not realising that this is affecting our Facilities Team who is a different department. I have amended to include AND toaddress and included the name of our mailbox but that hasn't worked. Any ideas?
  8. We are in the process of creating a business process for mobile phone requests, we add the customer as the line manager & the staff who requires the phone is added as the user connection. Would there be a possibility of the user connection having the ability to access the call via the portal to keep a track on the progress? I can see this being useful in other cases our end also. Thanks
  9. The business process was amended and I believe this issue was then resolved. Thanks all.
  10. Shamaila.Yousaf

    "Could not initialise core data - Error code" appears intermittently

    thanks we seem to be a little more stable now. Regards
  11. Please help - Could not initialise core data - Error code " sorry, you do not have permission to view this page" appears intermittently from Internet Explorer & Chrome. Any ideas? Many thanks
  12. When a call is usually logged via portal/email/analyst the room location is specified under the 'questions' section. However; when a new request is raised via the routing rule the 'questions' section does not appear. I have clicked on the 'design' option to see if the field doesn't appear hidden but nothing appears under this heading. Can someone kindly assist me at all? Thanks for your continued support.
  13. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Request for "Authorisation" column in request list view

    @James Ainsworth do you have an update for me please? I appreciate you are busy.
  14. Shamaila.Yousaf

    Email Routing Rule Assistance Please