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  1. I have created a rule where a call is logged and assigned to a team upon receiving the email from a particular mailbox. The call IN00056554 was: Logged today Timeline appears as: Request has been logged from Email by: System AutoResponder It also appears with the IT Support service So, is there a reason why the call above does not appear in the widget? Todays Logged Email by Customer Call details.docx Regards Sxx
  2. @Ehsanapologies, this is just a courtesy followup. Thanks Sxx
  3. @James Ainsworth think you're correct - I noticed an issue with the manager on the 2 users also. Think we have an LDAP import in place which updates this field...I'll go back to one of my colleagues to see if they can look into this to see if they can make the necessary changes. Thanks for your assistance both:)
  4. Hey, Do you mean to check the user ID in: Home>System>Organisational Data>Users? If so, the username is definitely not 111 characters long. Thanks Sxx
  5. An analyst receives the message below when they try and go into their profile settings, any ideas how this would need to be resolved? Thanks in advance.
  6. @Martyn Houghtonthank you for that. I get the error message "You can not update the role as you do not have sufficient permissions for the mailbox" - this message appears all to frequently for me. No worries though I'll see if i can get someone else to arrange the above. Thanks for your time:)
  7. Hi I would like to create a subfolder within the shared mailbox, how do I arrange this? Thanks Sxx
  8. @Ehsando you kindly have an update on the above for me? Thanks Shamaila
  9. @SimonSheldon thanks for your feedback.
  10. @James Ainsworthany ideas when & if the 'connections' option will be viewable via the self service portal? I have only just realised there is more than one portal!.. Our users do not access the employee portal which includes the 'My Services', they use the self service portal only. Anyway. I see this via the My Services and love the drop down which shows the 'connections'. It would be useful for this feature to be available on the self service portal for our users. Any ideas on this please? On a separate note it was mentioned at Insights there will be a new customer portal coming out soon am I to assume this will be the replacement for the self service portal? Or is it the replacement for the one we don't use (Employee Portal). Apologies if this is a silly one.
  11. When I am linking one FAQ to another the only way to locate the URL for that FAQ is by publishing the FAQ and accessing the URL via the Service Portal. Can the URL not be visible via the Library as this will prove useful to me. Thanks
  12. Hi there My knowledge base is currently in an application called Moodle. Moodle is used for elearning purposes for our students and staff at the college. I am moving to the FAQs in Service Manager as this is a more suitable option and is more of an efficient service, it allows for a 'search' whereas Moodle does not include this feature. I have a quick question, would there be a possibility of having the FAQ include multi-pages? In Moodle there is the option to have the documents setup in a style of a book, with chapters and subchapters so it appears as a handbook. We use this where we issue a mobile phone to a new user, and forward them the one link to the handbook, then the user can also see the subchapters within the same link. Thanks Sxx
  13. Thanks @Ehsan will log it:). Regards Sxx
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