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  1. @James Ainsworthit allowed me to save but still doesn't allow me to 'run'. Recently we have noticed a change in behaviour of the reporting interface which introduced some confusion, when we tried copying an existing report i.e. renamed the report it was actually renaming the existing instead of creating a copy. I wonder if there is any relation to this? There is no other report we have scheduled to run so can't test if i am able to run one set to schedule. I will try and log this with your Support team also, just not had chance as of yet. Thanks Sxx
  2. @James Ainsworththanks, is there any reason why the run button for me appears greyed out (appears with a no entry sign)? Thanks Sxx
  3. Hi there Can you run a report which is scheduled? I can't see how you can run the report i.e. to view outside the arranged scheduled. Or is that the point? Thanks Sxx
  4. Thanks Martyn. My board is showing 0 records...any ideas how to find out the board ID? Your support is greatly appreciated. Sxx
  5. Does anyone know how to locate the Board ID and Lane ID for the board? Thanks in advance. Sxx
  6. Is it possible to filter by the colour of the card, if not could this be something we look at in the future please? Thanks Sxx
  7. When reporting against a board, is it possible to get the details of any assets assigned to the requests in the report? Thanks Sxx
  8. I am using MS Bookings for an upcoming project of mine and hopefully would like to make use of this application for other things. Is there a way of extracting the data from the booking to appear in the call logged with captured information from bookings to appear in the call as well as custom fields? Data such as: Name of user, date & time of booking, location, answers to set questions etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am well thanks. Excellent, thanks for clarifying on my points @Bob Dickinson, most useful. Sxx
  10. @Ehsan thank you for resolving this for us - we are all up & running now. Regards Sxx
  11. Can anyone assist me with my queries above. I am looking to provide the positive and negatives of the chat service to my manager to look into whether its worth us subscribing for this. Thanks Sxx
  12. @Ehsanwe are having this issue our end also. Thanks in advance. Sxx
  13. Well, on this occasion refreshing the browser worked - I am pretty sure this hasn't always worked though. Cheers Giller!
  14. We use Chrome as our preferred browser for all things Hornbill related, however; I have noticed that there seems to be an issue where it does not allow us to view the update visibility to 'Team'. See screenshots below from bother browsers.
  15. I require further information on the Chat feature please. What are the restrictions for Chat being available to a particular service only i.e. we have different departments using Service Manager; If our dept buys into this. What are the possibilities of analysts doing a mention within the chat to other analysts who aren't chat agents and are not Chat subscribers? Is there the ability to open the chat service to certain customers only? - i.e. to test the service with some users before opening up to all our customers. Will analysts be able to redirect customers
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