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  1. I have managed to work this out. Thanks for your time:)
  2. @Deen thank you, any ideas if I can go down to the second level category? I have entered as i.e. Hardware>Mobile Phone which didn't bring up any results when it should have done? Thanks for the info above:).
  3. When I select the 'Today' option upon setting the Sample from and to it doesn't update to show 'Today'. I set this up yesterday and appears with yesterday's figures. I didn't manually choose the date? Can some kindly provide me the syntax tax for Today so i can add this into the 'filter' instead. Not sure if this is a 'user error' on my part
  4. @James Ainsworthit looks like IT Support is a department, I have removed myself from the IT Support department. Hopefully I wont receive any further activities from that team moving forward? I'll add myself back in if there is ever a future need. Thanks Sxx
  5. I come under more than one team, what would the impact be if i remove myself from this this team? I appear under the two groups below: derbycollege/itservices/ derbycollege/itservices/ITSupport/ As i am receiving a high number of activities for a business process which doesn't seem to work from within IT Support team, I wonder what the impact would be if i removed myself from the IT Support team? I have gone into: Organisational data>Users>Shamaila Yousaf>Organisation and amended the Allow Task View to false under the IT Support group but i still the activities? Advice would be useful, thanks in advance.
  6. I have a report to show open incidents for my team, would i like to be able to create a widget to report against a particular category to add to my dashboard. Is this possible? Regards
  7. Could not initialise core data - Error code
  8. You're on fire @Victor...lol Can I have access to the details as seen as its my team who action the requests from the mailbox? Thanks for your prompt response and continued support! Regards Sxx
  9. Is there a way to find out who has deleted emails on our shared mailbox? Thanks Sxx
  10. Thanks both, I knew there would be a way. I have fed back to the Facilities Team, think something was being tested by a colleague of yours when they were liaising with the Facilities Team but ended up disabling this function as it was affecting our services also. Hopefully they can apply to their own services once they decide to reapply this feature. Regards Sxx
  11. We have received an email which has been generated from our Payroll system. When we click on 'Raise Request' the details within the email do not transfer to the logged call, message appears "This message can only be viewed in HTML capable mail clients". The team are having to copy & paste the details during the call logging process - far from ideal. Any ideas how we can resolve this issue? Regards Sxx
  12. Hi We have noticed this for the past couple of days or so for incidents only, the take off hold appears as Select Sub-Status. It brings up 2 options (with contractor or confirmation from contractor received) - not sure what this means. Service Requests seem to be fine. I don't believe any changes have been made to anything our end. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks in advance.
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