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  1. Hi there If we needed to share a dashboard to a customer would they need any additional roles assigning? The customer in question only currently has access to the self service portal. Regards Sxx
  2. Hi there If I rename a catalog item, would there be any impact? The catalog item is being renamed only to make it a little clearer, can this be done via the service portfolio option? Or is there anything which will need amending i.e. our existing business process?. Regards Sxx
  3. Hi Guys What are the possibilities of sending a generic email to customers, I do not want to have to go through each individual job. I can see I can select a number of requests and click on the cog, however; this only allows me to bulk assign or add to the board. Is there an option to add the buttons to give me what I need? Thanks for your ongoing support all. Regards Sxx
  4. Hi there, The 'Me Too' option in our Service Portal is not visible in our service portal. Now is this because we don't have a Known Error business process in play? This would be a great feature for our users and one which I would like to setup in the future:). Regards
  5. The boards are all the same type (that i can see). I have 13 boards, none of which are archived. Not sure what you mean by it possibly not fitting on the screen. They all display in alphabetical order nicely on the screen - must be something to do with the settings as this is the only board created by system administrator whereas the others were created by me. Will have Dan Riley look into this for me at our next meeting. Thanks for your support with this @TrevorHarris:).
  6. Hi Some calls allow us manually to add calls to board manager as the new icon appears on the action bar. Not all calls appear with the icon, so I guess I would need to look into the action bar settings for the request types i.e. Incident & Service Requests. Any ideas whereabouts on the settings I would locate these to enable/add to the action bar. I will be in the process to enable the calls to be added to the boards automatically via the business process in the near future to avoid the manual work. Thanks all.
  7. Thanks @TrevorHarris. I have full permissions set...
  8. Could it be possibly because the System Administrator created this board? All the other boards which I created are listed...
  9. The board settings 'allowed types' are all selected so a little confused!
  10. Hi I am trying to copy a note/card from one board to another but not all my boards are listed, why would a board not be visible on the 'copy to' list? The board definitely exists as cards are added to the lanes as part of a business process. Regards Sxx
  11. This appears for us all, doesn't matter which browser we use. Could not connect to the Service Please contact you system administrator or click here to try again Please help. Regards Sxx
  12. Hi We have just started making use of Board Manager and I am finding that cards are being added/moved to the incorrect lanes. Is there a possibility to have the timeline specify which analyst added to the board & the lane please? Loving Board Manager, it is an improvement on the previous feature! Thanks as always! Sxx
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