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  1. Thanks @Mary have applied, the change. Hopefully this resolves our issue moving forwards. Regards Sxx
  2. Thanks @Mary, my email template currently shows this: setup has been scheduled for {{.H_custom_22}} Custom 22 shows correct, where in the email template am i to add the variable as you kindly mentioned above? Regards Sxx
  3. The date and time appears correct in the custom field, however; it appears an hour behind on the email template. Can anyone advise how we are to rectify this please? Thanks Sxx
  4. Hi there I usually hit the icon to refresh the process bar on ocassions, the icon seems to have disappeared since the new preview came into play. Tried from Edge & Chrome. Any ideas why this icon has disappeared? Regards Sxx
  5. Thanks for your prompt assistance:) Regards Sxx
  6. Hi there Can the size of attachment be increased at all? Regards Sxx
  7. Thank you for your time @Berto2002looks like my Name field was unchecked, once checked it appears to be working. #usererror Regards Shamaila Yousaf
  8. I have gone into Asset Management since the new preview came into play, and am unable to click on the searched asset to access the asset properties. I have tried from numerous browsers. Anyone else experienced this? Regards Sxx
  9. Yes, looks like its working from Android now as well. Great job!
  10. @Miroi tested this on my personal iOS deviceand it seems the issue has been resolved. i am getting this tested on an Andrioid device. We are now one step closer to transitioning to the new Employeee Portal:). Thanks Sxx
  11. Hi I have just tried logging a call today via the employee portal from an iOS device and was prompted to run an update whilst going through the logging process. Summary & Description now appears. Will get a colleague to test if this works on an Android device. Thanks Sxx
  12. Thanks. Go onto the Company Home link (https://preview.hornbill.com/derbycollege/internal/home/) on my personal mobile phone app (iOs 14.6) or on Android version 9 / 10. Select the service Select the catalog item Select the Site Select the Location Then it appears with finish or previous, call reference is then generated. No question appears for summary or description as it does on PC/Windows. Thanks
  13. Hi The Summary & Description is not being displayed on the Employee Portal from Mobile - iOS & Android. We are hoping to go live on the Employee Portal next week. Wanted to advise our users on the mobile phone access also. Anyone else finding this via a mobile?
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