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  1. Darren Rose

    Add to Board when adding a project task

    Any updates on this one, @AlexTumber?
  2. Really looking forward to this feature being available. We've got a few cross functional processes that we haven't been able to make live until this deployed.
  3. Darren Rose

    Ability to Create Views and Export List

    That's great, thanks Steve
  4. Hello Would it be possible to have the option to create views in Asset Manager, in the same way you can in Service Manager? Could it also be possible to export these results as a CSV too, just like in SM? Thanks Darren
  5. Darren Rose

    Asset URN is blank

    Any ideas on this one??
  6. Darren Rose

    Editing risks

    Great, thanks @AlexTumber
  7. Darren Rose

    Duplicate a Task

    Thanks @AlexTumber I've just added a couple of other posts following a PM meeting this morning, which would help them managing projects a bit easier Thanks
  8. Darren Rose

    Editing risks

    Could the same functionality of editing risks in the portfolio view (drop down for impact and probability etc...) be added to risks within the project? At the moment, you can only edit a risk in the project view by opening it up and editing / saving Thanks
  9. Hello Would it be possible to enable the editing of tasks, simlar to a table view so that from the tasks view, you can change the assignee, start and due dates, without having to open the individual task? Similar to the request to be able to duplicate a task, it's about making the admin side of managing projects a bit quicker for the PM team. Thanks Darren
  10. Darren Rose

    Duplicate a Task

    Would it be possible to have the option to duplicate a task within a project. My PM's feedback to me that this would greatly increase the speed at which they can add tasks. Could this functionality be added? e.g. Sometimes you might have 3 similar tasks, but different assignees. Being able to make duplicates, and then simply change the assignee would be helpful Thanks Darren
  11. Darren Rose

    Bookmark external links

    Following on from the very useful feature of Links in Project Manager, would it be possible to add external links to the bookmark function? Being able to add links to external resources, possibly under the same area as bookmarks, would be really useful for us. This would include sharepoint sites, powerbi dashboards etc... thanks
  12. Darren Rose

    Feature request - links

    @AlexTumber I just applied the update and added a test link, but it's not not working. When clicking on the link, the link is added to the address of our instance https://live.hornbill.com/vinci/www.bbc.co.uk/
  13. Darren Rose

    Knowledge Centre

    Hello When using the Knowledge centre and selecting Requests, could it only show active tickets, or have a status filter rather than showing all requests against the service? Thanks Darren
  14. Darren Rose

    Feature request - links

    Very pleased about that, thanks @AlexTumber
  15. Darren Rose

    Removing someone from a workspace

    Nope, it's the same person. Based on what you just said though, I put her back to being a Service Manager user, rather than basic, and it's not let me remove her form the workspace thanks