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  1. Project Portfolio View

    Thanks, @alextumber
  2. Allow other users to update tasks

    Thanks @Paul Alexander and @alextumber It's definitely slowing us down at the moment, because people are having to assign themselves the task so that they can update it, before then re-assigning it back to the original person Thanks
  3. Project Portfolio View

    Hello Would it be possible to have the columns on Project Portfolio amended, or have the option to configure the ones we want to see, similar to how the request list works on Service Manager? We haven't found the Last Modified By and Last Modified Date to be much use to us, but having the Sponsor, Actual Start Date and Scheduled End Date information would be extremely useful as a minimum Thanks
  4. Custom Fields

    @alextumberthat would definitely help with some types of metadata, yes. There are also other areas where having access to multi line text fields would enable us to add more complex information, such as benefits reviews etc...
  5. PM filter on Risks

    That's great. Thanks, @alextumber
  6. Bulk import of Contracts

    Hello Is there a way of bulk importing service contracts into Customer Mgr. I have c.150 that need to be imported and hoping to avoid the manual process... Thanks Darren
  7. PM filter on Risks

    Learn something new every day. Thanks @alextumber Hopefully the PM filter will be something not too difficult to add Have a good weekend
  8. PM filter on Risks

    Thanks, Alex. Being able to change the wording of the titles would help with using the same terminology we already use and avoid some confusion
  9. PM filter on Risks

    Ta, thanks @alextumber
  10. PM filter on Risks

    Hi, on My Project Risks, is it possible to add a PM as a drop down along the top. We can currently sort by PM, but having the filter option would be great. Also, is it possible to make the titles 'My Projects' and 'My Project Risks' editable under the translation mode? Thanks
  11. Organisational Info

    Morning, just thought I'd check to see if there was any movement on this one yet?
  12. Custom Fields

    Tags could prove useful for some fields, definitely. Reporting against them is key so that we can visualise our portfolio using PowerBI.
  13. Problem with completing tasks

    It appears to be all tasks
  14. Custom Fields

    i.e we like to track our projects against business strategies that they support, so that would be a list that we would pre-populate and the PM's would select.
  15. Custom Fields

    Hi, it's about different types of metadata for each report, the majority of which will be freetext but some will also be list.