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  1. Problem searching for Requests

    Hi @VictorIt's not all requests. I created a couple this morning, and I can search for them without any problems. That ref was raised on the 15th December
  2. Problem searching for Requests

    Morning, Is anyone else having issues searching for tickets this morning? We had a connection issue this morning, and since then, we're unable to search for tickets. Just says no results found, even though the ticket is open and assigned to a team and owner. Any ideas?
  3. Project Budget

    No problem @alextumber. Being able to set a default currency would also be very helpful. We only work in GBP for 99% of the projects, so being able to set a default somewhere would be beneficial
  4. Project Budget

    Hi I'm assuming the first field on the project budget in the details section is for the currency?? If so, could this be drop down, or labelled accordingly? Thanks
  5. Unable to add a Milestone to an Existing Task

    Thanks, Alex
  6. Hello once a task has been created, you are unable to add it to a milestone retrospectively because the option is simply not there. Can this be added please? thanks Darren
  7. Risk Owner / Asssignee and PM's

    Any updates on being able to add a Risk Owner and Risk assignee? @alextumber
  8. Organisational Info

    Hi @alextumber has there been any movement on being able to add some organisational relationships to Projects?
  9. Visibility of Problems

    Hi, I have a couple of problems, where I am the customer, but when I look on the portal Problems do not appear under 'all my requests'. Is this by design, or am I missing a setting somewhere? Thanks Darren
  10. Sort Milestones by Due date

    Thanks, @alextumber Do we have a date for the next update?
  11. Self Service Reporting

    That's great, thanks @Steven Boardman We'll see what the new build brings
  12. Self Service Reporting

    Hi @Steven Boardman It was the new Service Manager Reports I was interested in. At the moment, I can't give everyone access to the current reporting functionality, but if there was a user app where people can select their own dat ranges etc... against standard reports such as resolved / logged, then that would be great. If they could be scheduled to send a PDF output, even better thanks
  13. Additional Function on Gant Chart

    Thanks, @James Ainsworth
  14. Publish Raise a Project to the Portal

    Great, thanks @alextumber
  15. Hi is it foreseen that people will be able to raise a project via the self service portal at some point in the future? This would be a really useful feature for us thanks darren