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  1. Darren Rose

    Unable to download report - HTTP Response: 404

    Yep, that's fixed it. Thanks @TrevorKillick
  2. Darren Rose

    Showing Additional Customer Information

    +1 from VINCI for this feature too
  3. Looks like yesterday was a false herring. It is only this one project though. I'm getting the same error when updating the start and due dates on tasks with this one project
  4. Hello I created a report yesterday and when I try to download it, I get the following error It only happens on this report, and everyone that tries to download it gets the same error. It also happens for PDF and CSV versions of the report. I also created a copy of the report, and get the same error on the copy version too. The preview of the report works fine and it brings back the data I was expecting. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. I've just tested with another one that's added to a global board and didn't get the error. I then went and tried it again on the project that was giving me the error, and now it's not happening...
  6. Darren Rose

    'My Services' View

    Hi Gerry No particular requirements from us at the moment - we have haven't run into any major issues, and reported any bugs we found. My query was just one around communication. I am going to use the change to rebrand the portal, inline with other depts. in VINCI starting to use Hornbill. It makes sense for me to do it all under one comms plan, so I am just looking to schedule that for the best time. Enjoy your holiday! Thanks
  7. Darren Rose

    'My Services' View

    Is there an update on when the Employee Portal will be moved from preview, and therefore suitable to publish to basic users instead of the current Service portal? Thanks Darren
  8. Darren Rose

    'My Services' View

    Our users did find the descriptions very useful, yes. Whether this come become an option that turn on or off, that way your customers have a choice if they wish to display the description or not?
  9. I have added a project to a global board that I have created. When I now go to update a project task or milestone date, I get the following error; However, if I close the task and refresh the page, the new dates have applied. Can this be looked at please? thanks Darren
  10. Darren Rose

    Addition to Contract View

    Hi @Daniel Dekel yes, that's what we needed Thanks
  11. Darren Rose

    Sort Service Contracts by Name

    Hi Would it be possible to be able to sort the Short name column alphabetically when clicking on the column header in the Service Contracts View? Thanks
  12. Darren Rose

    Addition to Contract View

    Hello Can the option for 'all' contracts be added to the drop down list shown in the screenshot? Darren
  13. Darren Rose

    Chat - what are peoples thoughts?

    Hello I'm keen to hear from those that are using chat about how you're using it, and the benefits / problems you've had doing it. How many people are using chat? TIA Darren
  14. Hello, I'm sure I'm missing something obivous, but if I create a Service Contract against the wrong organisation, how do I change it to the correct one? Thanks
  15. Hi when creating a project activity, would it be possible to able to add to a project board at the same time, rather than having to go back into the activity and add to the board retrospectively? Thanks darren