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  1. Thanks, Daniel Do we have any ETA on the next mobile build so that we can plan the next phase of us pushing it out to our user base? thanks
  2. I should just clarify that this is the mobile version of the portal, and happens regardless of the device you view it on. Thanks Darren
  3. Morning during testing today we discovered a formatting issue when viewing the portal on a mobile device. The section highlighted in Red, which includes the menu is not visible because the text is white. If you click on the right hand side of this area, the menu slides out from the right, but appears blank because the text is again, in white. If you switch the phone to night mode to change the background to black, then you see the title and menu correctly. Can this be looked at please? Thanks Darren
  4. Hi @Daniel Dekel I just noticed that when viewing the portal on mobile, the new 'no impacted services' isn't there. It only appears to be visible on desktop thanks Darren
  5. @samwoo yeah, it looks like I'll have to use an image as a workaround for now, but then it becomes problematic to maintain and update. Hopefully it will be a quick fix
  6. Hi We've come across an issue with the way the Employee Portal displays tables in the FAQ's. One of our FAQ's has a table in it which is nicely formatted with colours etc... which was copied from Excel and this used to display fine on the old portal. However, on the Employee portal, it looks like this and not very good. @Katie FYI Thanks Darren
  7. Morning When using the Impacted Services widget, would it be possible for it say 'No Impacted Services' in the widget when there is nothing to display? I know there is the option to hide the widget if there is no data available, but that only applies if it's the full width, which we don't want to do Thanks Darren
  8. hmm, that does look ok though... interesting
  9. and it's a nice and crisp image @Jeremy?
  10. Just in addition to this, it doesn't matter if we upload a 72dpi or 300dpi image, it's always blurry...
  11. I'm after some tips on how to get our background for the Employee Portal looking the best it can be. We're struggling to get it looking sharp, so I wondered if anyone else had successfully added some to the background without it looking blurry (the screenshot makes all of it look bad, but it's just the background image that's blurry) We've followed the guidelines on the wiki re: sizing etc... thanks Darren
  12. We do like to make it difficult Thanks for the update and glad it's an easy fix Darren
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