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  1. Hi Would it be possible to offer the option to duplicate the default reports that are available in the in-app reporting? It would be useful to be able to duplicate and then edit the criteria Thanks Darren
  2. A really useful update today @AlexTumber A couple of quick questions / requests. Can Harry the Hornbill be removed from the Project Report Rag status, or have the option to display or not? When will the option to download the report be available? At the moment, we want to use the report to send to stakeholders that might not use PM Thanks Darren
  3. Hi Would it be possible to enable the sharing of activity views? Thanks Darren
  4. Hi we've imported a list of Supplier using the template, which all worked great, but on the list of the Suppliers in the Supplier Catalog, its displaying the custom 1 and custom 9 fields. It's not displaying the name of the fields to what we've set them in the form either. Not sure what to do to make it display something more useful / accurate
  5. Thanks, Alex. Our test of Customer Manager runs out in January so I might submit a request for the work to be done anyway
  6. Hi Alex We've got 189 contracts to move from Customer Manager to Supplier Manager... Is this something Hornbill could do for us under our support hours? Thanks Darren
  7. Hi Another one that would be a great help as we migrate from Customer Manager to Supplier Manager. We've imported the suppliers, but an easier way of importing a lot of contacts would be very handy Thanks Darren
  8. Any news on this, Alex. I'm just going through the process of moving records from Customer Manager to Supplier Manager, and this was one of the features I need to replicate? thanks Darren
  9. Hi Would it be possible to add 'checklists' to the task when creating the template. It would be great to have some checklists built in as part of the project templates thanks Darren
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