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  1. Darren Rose

    User can't log in

    Thanks @TrevorKillick
  2. Darren Rose

    User can't log in

    We had some licenses which Gerry gave us. We've been testing the Service Contracts feature, which was in BETA, and feeding back on how it could be improved etc... You can see posts where I have been providing feedback on it. Can access be given back so that we can help continue with testing BETA features, or do I have to now purchase licenses? Thanks Darren
  3. Darren Rose

    Links against an organisation

    Not quite, unfortunately. Each of you organisations has a separate sharepoint library. We have c. 20 organisations, therefore I think we'd have to have 20 custom buttons on the form with the way it's currently configured?? I may have missed a trick here of course Thanks Darren
  4. Darren Rose

    Links against an organisation

    Would it be possible to add a section links against an organisation, similar to how we added to links to Project manager. We use sharepoint as our documentation mgmt system, and being able to add links to the various sharepoint libraries that apply to an organisation would be really helpful thanks Darren
  5. Darren Rose

    Filter not applying??

    Thanks @Daniel Dekel If it can be added to the list, that would be great
  6. Darren Rose

    Filter not applying??

    Hello In Service contracts, when you make a selection using the types or sub types, the filters on the right hand do not update with the numbers of the view. In my example below, we have 173 contracts, 7 of which expire in 30 days. When I apply the type and subtype filter, it still says that there are 7 contracts expiring in 30 days. Would it be possible for the number to update based on the types and subtypes selected? Thanks Darren
  7. Darren Rose

    Error on reporting using Power BI

    Thanks @Steve G @Victor We're only using R script as the data source, and not combing multiple data sources.... I'll double check some of the relationships and the columns to see if we can identify what is now causing the issue
  8. Darren Rose

    Export Project Tasks

    Thanks, @AlexTumber
  9. Darren Rose

    Export Project Tasks

    Would it be possible to have the option to export project tasks as a CSV, similar to how you can export the Request view in Service manager? Thanks Darren
  10. Darren Rose

    Improved Gant Chart View

    Milestones are missing from the gant chart view, so adding them in addition to the tasks would allow us to view the milestones in a view similar to MS Project etc...
  11. We've got a new error coming up on our PowerBI report integration today. Nothing has changed on the report. Any idea what could be the cause of the error? Thanks Darren
  12. Darren Rose

    Change to project Tasks view

    On the project tasks view in Project Portfolio, would it be possible to edit the due date from this view, using a calendar picker. Would it also be possible to add the Milestone, and the option to edit the milestone from this view too?
  13. Darren Rose

    Improved Gant Chart View

    Hi Would it be possible to add the milestones to the Gant view in Project Manager, with the associated tasks listed below them? Thanks Darren
  14. Darren Rose

    Risks and Milestones

    Hi Would it be possible to select a milestone to a risk, so that you can see which risks might directly impact a milestone? From a reporting point of view, this would be a very handy feature. Also, are there any updates on this one yet? Separating out risk owner and risk assignee would be really useful.
  15. Darren Rose

    Sub Status on Project Portfolio

    Thanks, @AlexTumber I should have thought to ask it on the original post