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  1. Hi Would it be possible to sort tasks in a project template by any of the headers? The default is that they're listed alphabetically which is hard to work with. It also only displays 5 at a time, and it's not uncommon for a template to have 30+ tasks in it. Thanks Darren
  2. As per @Jo Sword comment, it's on all projects
  3. Thanks. Not being able to re-assign a task is a big one, so hopefully a fix will come very soon
  4. I created a new project template, but when I went to the project templates, I couldn't find it. We have 2 pages of project templates, but they both return the same lists as per the below screenshots. If I search for the project I created in the filter, it then shows up in the list of project templates... can this be looked at please? thanks Darren
  5. @AlexTumber we've also noticed that you can't change who a task is assigned to. When you take the old name out, and want to add a new one, you can no longer pick someone to add
  6. Morning Since the update, when opening a task, the 'counts towards milestone' field is empty. This applies to existing tasks, and tasks I've jut created thanks Darren
  7. Thanks @AlexTumber Yes a getDetails operation for project BPM would be useful, and probably needed if I wanted to do the Boards function outlined in a more dynamic way because it would allow me to add the project to a board based on a custom field. Thanks
  8. Hi Not sure if this is for Project Mgr or BPM section, but... I wanted to automatically add a project to board, when a Project is raised. Ideally, I would also like to determine which board it should go to, depending on a custom field that is populated when the project is raised. However, I can't seem to find a method doing this in the BPM. I thought I might be able to use the iBridge Project Manager node, but when you go to select the 'type', project isn't available... Am I missing something, or is this something that could be added? It would also be useful if there was a 'get details' option available in the BPM, so that you could then use it for does automation decisions in the BPM
  9. thanks @Victor I'm assuming this method is still impacted the 25,000 rows limit? If so, is there a method for incremental updates? Darren
  10. We currently use the method for PowerBI reporting as described on the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/PowerBI_Reporting However, I seem to recall at Insights that someone mentioned there is a possibly more efficient way of getting the information out (possibly to our SQL server DB or azure) so that we no longer have to use Rscript etc... Did I remember that correctly, and if so, are there any instructions or details on how we would go about setting this up? thanks Darren
  11. Hi Would it be possible to offer the option to make the default search for documents to be 'search by Title/Description' rather than 'search by tags'?
  12. +1 for us too. This would be a really useful addition
  13. Thanks @nasimg the latest ITOM update does indeed look promising! Hopefully the self service portal updates won't be too much longer either...
  14. Hi I was just wondering if there was any indication of potential timescales for the new portal that was showcased at Insights? The same goes for ITOM. I know you can't give definitive dates, but if it's not likely to land by the end of the year, I'll be able to set some expectations to the business about when (or not) we might be in a position to do something regarding these 2 topics. Thanks Darren
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