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  1. Hi When you create a new custom report using the Service Manager In app reports, would it be possible to have the option to duplicate it? Thanks Darren
  2. This would be a really useful feature for us too, so happy to contribute towards any testing of ideas etc..
  3. Hi When sorting tasks via due date, it only works on the page currently being displayed. If you then click on to page 2 of the task list, the results are no longer sorted and do not follow on from the date order on page 1. This is causing PM's an issue and frustration when trying to find / organise tasks that span across more than one page. Can this be looked at to see if this sorting behaviour can be improved? thanks
  4. It would be good if we had the ability to create views within Project Manager on the pages. A good example is on the Task page. If I could set view of status = assigned and assignee = "me", then that would be great. The majority of the time that PM's are going to the Task page, they are changing the status to assigned. When you do that across multiple projects, lots of times in a day, it soon gets frustrating
  5. Would it be possible to have the option for people to set the default page they want when opening a project? At the moment, when opening a project, the default is the OVERVIEW page. Many PM's myself included, nearly always jump to the TASKS page straightaway. It would be great if we could set which page we want as the default.
  6. Hi When adding time against a Project Task, you currently have to select time and date information. Would it be possible to have the option to add time as either hours, minutes etc.. similar to how you can in Service Manager in Timesheet? This would speed up the time entry element. Also, once time has been submitted, it can't be edited. I can why this might be the case, but we've also had people accidentally enter the wrong values which are too, and then we can't change it back. thanks
  7. Thanks @AlexTumber got a few more coming through this morning after a project team meeting yesterday
  8. Hi Would it be possible have the following additions to the MY PROJECT TASKS view? Add Task assignee as a pickable column Add a dropdown picker for Task Assignee Add a dropdown picker for PM Add the option to view in a GANT Chart Adding this would allow us to use this view to easily see all of the Project tasks assigned to a person, and identify clashes of work. thanks Darren
  9. Ah great news. We've run into this issue too
  10. @Jo Sword @Victor @AlexTumber I'll get the support request raised
  11. Would it be possible to allow Activities to be added to a Service, similar to how they work in Doc mgr and Supplier mgr? Being able to add 'review activities' for Service Owner would be a good addition for us Thanks
  12. Hi At Insights, it was demonstrated that you could use a role for change approval, rather than assigning an individual. Is this a feature that's due to be released, or have I missed something? thanks Darren
  13. Sorry that I missed this. With the chaos on the trains yesterday, it took me 3 hours to just end up back back at home. I hope it was a good sessions, and I'm catching up with @Patrick Bolger next week
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