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  1. Hi @AlexTumber By Project Role would be good for us and a good starting point thanks Darren
  2. Hi On the contracts view in Supplier Manager, clicking on any of the sort filters, doesn't actually do anything... Thanks Darren
  3. Hi We've added information to H_custom_9 (which we've called COINS Supplier Code) but when we add the column in the view, it's blank...
  4. Hi I have a supplier with a 5 star rating, which I can see on list of suppliers page. However, if I change the Rating Filter to either 5* or 4* or more, then it doesn't bring back any results Thanks Darren
  5. Hi On the contracts view, would it be possible to have additional filters, ideally the expiry with 30 days, 60 days, 90 days as a starter. At the moment, there's no quick way quick way to review contracts due in 90 days like there is in customer manager. Status would also be the other main filter we would use Thanks
  6. Hi Would it be possible to associate a project rate for a resource, without having to manually enter the project rate when you add the resource? Thanks Darren
  7. Hi Is there a way to report on the stage checkpoint of a ticket? I have the requirement to report on what stage a group of tickets are at, but cannot find a table that might contain the info Thanks Darren
  8. @AlexTumber that's brilliant, thank you
  9. Hi @AlexTumber Are there any updates on this functionality? Thanks Darren
  10. Hi would it be possible to NOT have to define the start and end date of the tasks in the project template, or when adding a task to a project? We like to work on the principle of backlog, and then only schedule the task when we move it out of backlog. We cannot work this way at the moment, due to the waterfall approach to tasks. Could this be looked at as an option? thanks Darren
  11. Hi When using the search widget, and filtering by domain, the results for All do no work I have set this search to filter by the HR domain only. If I type in Payslip and leave it on All I don't get any results. If I switch it to FAQ, I get the result I was expecting I would have expected the result to still come up in All even though I'm filtering on domain Thanks Darren
  12. We're having the same issue too and can replicate the same scenario reported by @Dan Munns
  13. Of course I am! You know how long I've been nagging you for it
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