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  1. @RobW This is a known defect, which has been fixed in this Service Manager update: Many thanks, Nanette
  2. @Prem Prakash gautam that is correct, it doesn't enforce until a user changes his/her password. At present there isn't the functionality to set a password expiration time limit, for the time being there aren't any immediate plans to implement this. As for the report, you can run a report on the users table, but the password stored there won't be of use because it would be an encrypted value.
  3. @Shamaila Naim Not at the moment, we will be in touch as soon as we have any further update. Many thanks, Nanette
  4. @Paul Alexander @Andrew Tasker We are currently looking into this, we will let you know as soon as there are any further updates. Kind regards, Nanette
  5. @Keith @nasimg @Alberto M We've identified a known defect (KE00161993). We are currently working on fix, we will let you know as soon as there is any further update. Kind regards, Nanette.
  6. @Keith @nasimg@Alberto M We are currently looking into this, please bear with us. Many thanks, Nanette.
  7. @Martyn Houghton @Adrian Simpkins Good news, the change that we have outstanding will include the set message priority option within the email template. This will be available in a future service manager update - keep an eye in the announcements section. Many thanks, Nanette.
  8. Hello @Adam Toms When placing the request on hold, the timers are paused, it allows you to add a reason for why the request is being placed on hold & the time that you wish for it to come off hold. If, the on hold time needs to be changed/extended then the only way to do this, is like you said and is take the request off hold and then place back on hold with a longer date & including the reason why the on hold period has changed. Many thanks, Nanette.
  9. @AndyHill We can confirm this was pushed out this morning: Many thanks, Nanette.
  10. @Bluegate Please can you raise this with our support team via the webform - https://www.hornbill.com/support ? Many thanks, Nanette.
  11. @Adrian Simpkins The priority option is only available within the email composer and not from within the request. Going forward, a change has been raised to address the ability to set the importance level of an email notification send from the BPM, watch out for this in future Service manager updates. A recall button isn't compatible with how we send email. Kind regards, Nanette.
  12. @LawesD @AmyW Within the system settings, there is a mail.client.defaultfont settings. Which allows you to define the font you wish to use: If you set this to what you want to use, do you still have issues? Many thanks, Nanette.
  13. @AmyW This has already been raised here: Please follow this post for any further updates? Many thanks, Nanette.
  14. @Adrian Simpkins Please can you provide some examples? Many thanks, Nanette.
  15. @Martyn Houghton You would need to delete the idpdisco_saml_remember cookie from the domain live.hornbill.com or delete all cookies from the live.hornbill.com domain. In chrome you can do this by opening the application tab in developer tools and clicking on the cookies option select the address https://live.hornbill.com which will give you a list of the cookies and you can delete the idpdisco_saml_remember, if other browsers it will be different. Many thanks, Nanette.
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