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  1. @Vikki Cameron @Alberto M@Jeremy@Dave Woodhead@Chris Winship We pushed a fix to your instances to resolve these issues. Many thanks, Nanette
  2. @MichelleReaneyWe have identified defect an issue, which will be fixed in the next Service Manager update. This is planned to be pushed out next week. Please keep an eye on the announcements section of the forums for any updates relating to our builds. Many thanks, Nanette.
  3. @nasimg we are aware of this issue on the Self-Service Portal and are currently investigating, please bear with us. Many thanks Nanette.
  4. @Martyn Houghton We can confirm that it would delete everything related to the mailbox including emails and all associated file attachments. Many thanks, Nanette
  5. @chriscorcoran Yes, we are currently investigating with the highest of priorities, please bear with us.
  6. @StephC @HGrigsby @Ann-MarieHolloway @Joyce @m.vandun @Adam Higgins @RobW We can inform you this has now been fixed in the latest platform (ESP) build 3416, which is now live in all instances. Kind regards, Nanette
  7. @Ann The build is planned to go live later this week. Many thanks, Nanette.
  8. @Kelvin just following up to see how the testing is going?
  9. @Martyn Houghton Sorry to hear this, I can see a support request has been raised. We will follow this up and provide an update as soon as we have one. Kind regards, Nanette.
  10. @7oaks You can configure the request list to include/display the Last update column: Click on the configure/customize the column settings in the Request List view, above highlighted in yellow: There are several other Last Updated columns, should you wish to include them. Many thanks, Nanette
  11. @Martyn Houghton We can confirm that this should be fixed now. The following will need to be done on the ones that aren't working, open affected decision node conditions and resave. Many thanks, Nanette
  12. @Martyn Houghton@Jack_Podmore We are currently investigating this as a potential defect, we will keep you updated as soon as there are any further updates. Many thanks, Nanette.
  13. Hi @Alberto M @Alisha In short, this working as intended, the users will not receive notifications on updates. When a user follows a timeline they should get notified only about updates they have visibility of, we don't send notifications on something they are not allowed to see. Being added as a member gives you access to the details of a request you normally are not allowed to see. However, this does not enable you to receive notifications when you follow the request because you're still not a Member of the team the request is assigned to. This would be an enhancement request, should you wish to request a change in functionality. Nanette.
  14. @Aston Instone Please take the latest Board Manager update from the App Store (click on the update button): Once updated, re-start the process for the request, this should resolve your issue. Many thanks, Nanette.
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