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  1. Dear all, We are aware of the issue & this is been investigated with the highest of priority. We will provide an update as soon as there is any further news. Please bear with us. Kind regards, Nanette
  2. @Nikolaj Please see forum thread We are currently investigating this issue, please bear with us. As soon as there are any further updates we will update the post. Kind regards, Nanette.
  3. Dear all, We are currently investigating this with the highest of priority, as soon as there is any further update we will let you know. Kind regards, Nanette
  4. @Martyn Houghton Good news, we've fixed this issue in the latest Service Manager update: Let me know if you need any further assistance. Many thanks, Nanette.
  5. @Martyn Houghton This defect has been fix in the latest Service Manager update, please see link below: Please take the build to resolve the issue. Many thanks, Nanette.
  6. Hi @Alberto M, We've identified a product defect (PM0015839), our developers are working on a fix. The fix will be available in a future Service Manager update. Kind regards, Nanette.
  7. Hi @Nikolaj, Good news, a fix has been deployed to your instance. Many thanks, Nanette.
  8. @Tina.Lapere let us know how you get on & if you need any further assistance from us. Kind regards, Nanette.
  9. Hi @Nikolaj Our developers have found the issue and looking to resolve it, please bear with us. As soon as we have any further update, we will be in touch. Kind regards, Nanette.
  10. @Paul Alexander thank you for clarifying.
  11. @Paul Alexander just to clarify, have you cleared the cache? many thanks, Nanette.
  12. @m.vandun We've identified the issue & have fixed it. The fix is available in a new update: Please take the update to resolve the issue, Many thanks Nanette.
  13. @Kelvin As you have a support contract, please can you raise a request via the web-form & we Support will assist? Here's the link for the webform: https://www.hornbill.com/support
  14. @Prem Prakash gautam Please can you PM an API key and we can look into this for you? Please find below a link to our guide on creating an API key: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/API_keys
  15. @Logan Graham Thank you for the post, we are aware of the issues & are currently investigating this. This is not affecting the requests in any way other than presenting the message. There will be an update automatically applied to remove the message. Many thanks, Nanette
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