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  1. Adrian Simpkins

    Storage of images on instance loaded from mobile application

    Thanks James, appreciated ! I will make our teams aware of this in case it is raised again and will monitor for the update to resolve this.
  2. Adrian Simpkins

    Storage of images on instance loaded from mobile application

    Hi James Thanks for the response ! I found this the other day when having a look around the admin tools, this will be great to monitor going forward. Also thanks for confirming that we would receive notifications when reaching our limits, I thought as much but wanted to just be sure
  3. Adrian Simpkins

    Snippets for call resolution

    The snippet function is a very helpful feature so a +1 from myself ! On a side note would there be any changes in hand to allow the admin of Service Manager to control snippets at all and provide some controlled Snippets to Users? We would like to be able to have some consistency in the response our analysts send to users where we can't utilise an email template. We will have some BPM's with email templates for a set action, but we also will have some BPM's set to cover miscellaneous items so Snippets will be ideal when resolving the call as the User will select the preset text depending on the actions taken.
  4. Adrian Simpkins

    User application in development?

    Hi Just a general enquiry really to see if there is a User version of the Hornbill mobile application in development at all ? Due to the nature of our working methods, a mobile application would be really beneficial for our staff to make use of on either a smart phone, or a tablet. Very often our staff would not have a desktop PC to logon to raise a call but would utilise an iPad to access systems as this suits the nature of their role. An app of some sort would be so useful going forward and as our staff are making use of app's more often on mobile devices, this would be ideal! I did have a quick search on the Forum to see if anyone has suggested this previously but couldn't find anything, so my apologies if this is a repeated enquiry. If there is an existing thread could you point me to it at all please? Many thanks
  5. Adrian Simpkins

    Storage of images on instance loaded from mobile application

    Hi James Thanks for the response, i will go back to the person who raised it to confirm exactly what they uploaded and will of course confirm of any further issues. With regards to the amount of storage available and housekeeping can i check then would we get notified if we are nearing storage capacity or is our storage unlimited? Just want to understand if we can just keep adding images / attachments or is there a limit? Many thanks
  6. Hi, I am a newly appointed administrator for Hornbill at Basildon, Mid Essex and Southend hospitals, and have my first enquiry ! We are doing some testing using the mobile application with one of our engineers today, and it appears there was some degradation in the quality of the image uploaded from his handset so i wanted to check if possible please : Is there compression on all images during upload? Whats the typical size of an image and 30 second video once uploaded What housekeeping functionality do we have IE auto archive bases on chronological order Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks