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  1. Hi Jeremy, Finally getting there with our Employee Portal - the stock image is being replaced with some Corporate branding but overall this is how ours will look Many thanks!
  2. Hi Daniel, Thank you for the response, there is a Search bar widget, and Raise a Request widget above these on our config: We have changed the design of the portal and it now seems to show the same height on Basic Users and Full Users so no longer an issue, but would like to understand why there was this difference if possible please. Image below shows how it now looks after we made the My Requests / My Documents both 4 bar wide on the configuration. The issue seemed to appear when both of these widgets were 2 bar wide and placed side by side Many thanks as always
  3. Hi All, I have realised this may be due to the system knowing I am a full User, and this is why I am seeing a cancel / resolve option on the Employee portal - if someone can confirm this just so I know, so I can advise my Users as some do use the Service Portal to manage their own requests. Many thanks
  4. hi All, I have raised a brand new Change today, however when I was looking over the new employee portal I noticed this request is showing as Resolved and giving me the Resolved tab in the portal ? I have checked an Incident and Service Request I have open and they look fine, just this Change Request as shown below: I have checked this on the old Service Portal and shows correctly (EDIT just noticed this is missing the Cancel option on the old portal but this shows on the new portal above?) : Many thanks
  5. Hi All, We have chosen to use the All Users option for our Employee Portal. However, when viewing this as a Basic User versus a full User the My Documents widget appear to be sized differently between the two as shown below. I am presuming as a Full User we have a larger My Documents widget as we would be using My Documents more heavily, but wanted to check this is expected Many thanks Full User: Basic User:
  6. Hi All, Just to jump on this thread, I have noticed if I set a review date on a new document say for 6 months time, it gives me the review activity straight away? not sure if I am setting it correctly but wanted to mention this for a little while. The below shows a new document I have loaded to Hornbill last week, and you can see my review date is set for 3/7/21 - however, I got an activity straight away for the review rather than it appearing on the 30th July 2021. Also the Document is showing in the Documents for Review tab under My Documents. I wanted to see if this is expected be
  7. +1 for me - would be great to be able to tailor what our Basic Users see here
  8. Hi Victor Yes that's what i meant Many thanks
  9. Thanks Nasim, The penny dropped after I posted this here, and the roles are now all removed so working again as expected Thank you !
  10. Hi All Myself and one other User are getting an error message today: 'Authorization failure: You are allocated rights to com.hornbill.projectmanager' application but your organizations subscription level for this application has been reached. please contact your system administrator' I have raised it as Support ticket, but unsure if anyone else seeing the same? Thanks!
  11. Hi Izu, I am going through a similar exercise at the moment to remove duplicated Server Assets. We have a large amount to be removed which I am working on removing from our instance using Hornbill Professional Services. So rather than me manually removing the items, a script will be run to remove the unrequired assets direct from the database. Might be worth engaging with Support to see if they can assist in this bulk removal. FYI we have around 57k server assets to remove Many thanks Adrian
  12. Hi Jamie, I have just tried this again on one of my requests and it is linking still with no issues. As mentioned above the only thing I thought may stop linking requests is if you are trying to link requests from different Service Domains, but looking at your list I presume these are all requests raised under the same Domain. I do not believe there are any Settings that need activating for Linking requests to work and it should work out of the box. So if this is happening to all your Users it may be an issue somewhere on your instance. I would raise a Support Ticket and get someone
  13. Hi Jamie I have tried linking on our instance and it seems to be returning requests with no issues, I presume the request you are trying to link sits under the same service domain? This is the only thing I could think of is that the request you are trying to link sits under another Service Domain? Many thanks
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