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  1. Hi All, I have been trying out the Solution Action button feature within Service Manager, and have noted that when publishing a Solution to a Customer where the Solution source has embedded images these images do not show on the customer side (screen shots below - 1st one shows the FAQ / Solution in the request, and 2nd shows the posting to the Customer) Should the customer see the embedded images when we provide a Solution to them from within Service Manager within the Service Portal All My Requests area? Thanks
  2. Hi James Thanks for confirming, I will have to encourage the staff to install Chrome then to make full use of the feature Many thanks as always
  3. Hi All I have today activated some of the automated notifications so our Users are made aware of changes in requests - however, I wanted to understand which would produce not only a notification within Hornbill, but also trigger a desktop pop up (On windows 10 using Edge). The below are the settings I have activated, just wanted to understand which of these should generate a desktop popup please (I presumed they would all generate a desktop popup but doesn't appear to be the case). guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.emailUpdate guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.analystLinkedRequestResolveAction guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.members guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.membersRecipient guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.portalUpdate guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType.subStatusChange Many thanks
  4. Bump for this please - as I have had to grant full access to the inbox, all Users are getting the email notifications everytime a new email hits the inbox - I will get the Users to turn this off on Notifications, but ideally I wanted to re instate the partial access with the correct settings to allow Users to view the email attachments. Many thanks
  5. Hi James Thanks, hopefully these updates will be implemented next Tuesday, so I will check what happens on these issues after then Thank you
  6. Hi James Sorry, just saw reply we are planning to update the instance this week, so I will check and see if this issue persists after the updates. As a side note, I am also seeing some email updates to requests where it is not loading the attachment to the request - is this also linked to the pending updates perhaps? Thanks
  7. I think I have also seen this behaviour on our instance - can anyone check and confirm at all please?
  8. +1 here from me, it would save me having a spreadsheet to try and track email templates and which BPM they are associated to !
  9. Hi Steven Yes that worked much better, thank you for the pointer as always
  10. Hi Steven I believe it was recorded as an update in the Timeline, I will check again and update Many thanks
  11. Hi Nasim Tried the above, and had no joy - it is the text in an update where this data would be stored that I need to search ideally Many thanks
  12. Hi All On the old SupportWorks we could freetext search all requests to find a specific word or value. However, this 'across the board function' does not appear to be replicated within Hornbill, so my question is how would I search all requests to find a specific value contained somewhere within a request. For example I have searched for a Purchase order number which would have been recorded in the Update Node (I have access to all team queues), but I have not been able to find the associated SR request where this text has been captured. Our procurement team will get confirmation via our purchasing software that an order is complete, but as we are unable to store the Hornbill SR number in said system, we only have to Purchase Number available to search against, and when entering this it does not appear to find any requests. So there will be occasions where we may not know an SR or IN number, or the Customer name and will need to search all requests using another value. Many thanks
  13. Hi Dave Perfect, thank you for confirming. I thought this would be the case Many thanks
  14. Bump for this one - is this something that can be added to the Roadmap Developments at all please? This feature is something we would utilise greatly going forward, as other departments are interested in onboarding to Service Manager, so we have a vision of ultimately automating this in a BPM, so for example a new User joins a team, and the BPM could call the template specific to their role and potentially automate their Hornbill setup? Thanks !
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