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  1. Hi All, We have our system configured so that if a request is raised by a VIP member of staff this is highlighted to 3 members of our management team to ensure the request is worked within SLA's. However, 2 of the managers are getting the message 'You do not have permissions to view this request' when clicking on the link to the request in the email, whereas the 3rd it is opening with no issues (this is my Manager Steve, and he has Super User role along with some other extra roles on his profile). All 3 are members of a team added as Supporting against the Service so I would expect t
  2. Hi Both, Sorry to jump on this one, but strangely enough this is something we just happened to be discussing here, and we would want to turn on, but I would also agree with Frank in that if an Analyst assigns to themselves it would normally indicate they are going to deal. However, I can also see the benefit of making the Analyst confirm it is assigned to them to action as James has confirmed, just so other Users can see what is happening on a request clearly. I have previously asked for Snippets to be included on the Update node, is there anyway we could have a Snippet to use here a
  3. Hi Paul, I have tried it on my instance, and i get similar requests numbers back which are only Resolved in the last 5 days, as after 5 days our requests move to Closed Status (I presume you may also have the 5 day auto closure set in your BPM's) so in effect I think the report is looking for anything that is still in a Resolved Status for the last 30 days, and as most of our requests move to Closed after 5 working days it is only showing the most recently Resolved. So might be worth looking at the Closed request data for the last 30 days, along with the Resolved FYI - Tried th
  4. Hi Deen, Thank you I did suspect it was in seconds. I presume there is no way to output this in anything other than seconds? Did you also try the 0/1 output on the within Response Time / within Resolve Time columns? Just wanted to confirm that a 0 means failed, and a 1 means success? Many thanks !
  5. Hi Nasim, we would want this to be visible as well so I will add my +1 here - thanks
  6. Hi All, We have today created a new request list view to output some data for a report where we want to show the Response / Resolve SLA set when the call raised, and then show the date Resolved / date Closed data. This is fine, however there are some columns I am struggling to understand the values shown on the report: Resolve Time / Response Time - this appears to be showing just as a Numeric value. As an example we have a request Raised on the 19th October with a respond by date of the 5th November, with a resolution date of the 16th November. The request was responded to on the 1s
  7. Just saw this thread, and realised it was probably why i had a number of failed requests this afternoon all missing the connection data to work I can confirm no further failed scripts and we are seeing portal raised requests with no issues
  8. Hi Steve - this is searching in Home / System / Organisational Data / Users - trying another account now with a surname of Kuriakose - when I search with Kur I get values returned, however when adding just one more letter I get the response 'No users found' Many thanks
  9. Hi Deen Thanks for confirming, I did not think there was anything to number the updates, I will go back to the Analyst and confirm this Many thanks as always
  10. Hi All, One of my Analysts has enquired about having a numbering system on the updates on a request like there used to be in SupportWorks to allow him to point customers to a specific update on requests with multiple updates. I did advise that each update has its own date / time stamp to differentiate updates, and suggested using this, but wanted to see if there were any options around the update numbering at all please? If there is not this is fine, I will just advise him to use the existing date / time stamp but wanted to check if there were any options available Many
  11. Hi All, So i have noticed that searching the User database it appears to be behaving slightly erratically in the returned values. For example I am searching for a customer with the surname 'Norris' - if i search with just Nor it returns all matched values, however as soon as i add the 4th letter r no values are returned at all, then when i tried it again it worked correctly and returned values when i entered Norr - it also doesn't always find the username correctly so i have to clear the search results and start again. Other times it finds the name first time, other times I have to enter
  12. Hi David Thank you for confirming - if it is something that can be accommodated would be beneficial to lessen the noise from the analysts getting these notifications when away from Site I will monitor for any changes or enhancements in future Many thanks Adrian
  13. Hi All, just wanted to clarify would our Analysts get the notifications from the automated SLA triggers if they are marked as away on Holiday? I know we would not be able to prevent the emails as these are sent to the team they are a part of, but wanted to see if they would still get the team notification on their account if they are marked as away? Many thanks Adrian
  14. Hi Trevor, Just to confirm just tested this on IE, and all working as expected now - many thanks for the fix !
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