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  1. HI Steve I have checked the setup on timesheet categories, and I have assigned access to these categories by Role as below - however, the Analyst getting the error has the roles associated to their logon so I am unsure why this error is coming up for just one Analyst? Many thanks
  2. Hi Steve We do have timesheet manager enabled, but it is not being used to its full effect yet. I will check and see what has been set for the teams against the timesheet categories, thank you for highlighting ! Many thanks
  3. Hi All One of my Analysts is getting an orange warning message as below when they send an ad-hoc email from within a request - I have checked over their permissions and the associated BPM but can not see why this message is appearing - anyone had this before at all please? Many thanks !
  4. Hi Martyn Perfect thanks, I was searching for comments ! Many thanks as always
  5. Hi All Is there a setting on Hornbill to have all comments by Default viewable by the team only please? I have had a quick look on the advanced settings but could not locate one? Many thanks !
  6. Hi All Please ignore the above, I have a report created giving me the required data Many thanks!
  7. Hi All I have some email routing rules in effect, and I can see from our email inbox that these appear to have been processed as they have moved into the sub folder I have setup against the routing rule. However, I am unable to locate a request raised. I have run a failed script report to see if this is highlighted there, but nothing in the list. Is there a way I can trace what reference number is allocated when a routing rule processes an email and moves the email to a completed folder? FYI I have a total of 10 alerts today, 8 have raised fine, it is these 2 I am unable to locate Many thanks
  8. HI Steve Apologies for delay in responding, I was off on holiday and today is go live ! I will review the above, it sounds like it is what I am after ! Many thanks !
  9. Hi Not sure what happened, but the HUD is now back so please ignore the above Many thanks
  10. Hi Just noticed that the HUD is not showing on IE when a Customer looks at All My Requests / Individual requests - it is working fine on Chrome, and I am sure it was showing fine on IE earlier today (definitely working yesterday). Any idea why this is not showing on IE? IE is our main desktop browser for our Staff, so ideally the HUD needs to show to get full benefit to our Customers Screen shots below. Thanks ! IE: Chrome:
  11. Hi All Another question to follow on from the above please I have got the BPM working so that it remains on hold until the request receives an update then it comes off hold. I want to make a decision straight after this node, so that if we have a response the BPM moves onto the next Stage (Investigate), and if we receive no response it moves to the Resolution stage. However it appears that although the request moves to On-hold as expected, the BPM is processing the decision stage straight away so that the request is going on-hold, but then it is marking the following decision node as a success straight away, not when it comes off hold. So my question is can we place a decision node straight after the Place on Hold Node - currently it is giving me a Success / Failure / No Match / Custom Expression option, and I have set it to Success / Failure as I thought this would pick up the update as either Updated = Success decision, and if no Update = Failure. I have included a copy of the BPM where it shows this logic. Any ideas at all please? Many thanks !
  12. Hi Armando Thanks for confirming, I did think this was the case, but wanted to double check ! Many thanks
  13. Hi Both Just to confirm it is now moving on with no error - I think it was the missing Required value in the Reason field Many thanks as always !
  14. Thanks Steven / David - ill try this and see what happens Many thanks
  15. Hi All, I am still struggling to get placing a request on hold / awaiting Customer response to work - I am currently getting the following error message: Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 's1/flowcode-bbcbeac4': 0200 apps updateReqHoldStatus FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/u... So the basic premise is we are sending an email out to the Customers Manager to make them aware of their staff's requests - the manager is added as a connection as an interested party, and an email is sent advising them of this request. I then want to place the request on Hold for a period to allow for any feedback from the Manager. However, when the BPM gets to the Place on Hold node I am getting the above error. I have set an On hold / Active choice on the Service Portfolio screen, and the relevant settings are turned to On within Application settings for on hold / off hold. I have included a screen shot of the node settings, the portfolio settings, and the global on hold settings to show how I have set the values. If anyone can advise I would be most grateful ! Many thanks
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