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  1. Hi Daniel, Just to confirm the issue on our portal with the colours is resolved - it had defaulted to the same colour Many thanks Adrian
  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for the pointer - i will take a look and confirm - many thanks as always
  3. Hi, Just noticed that the icons are not showing on the Employee main page, however if you click into a service the icon is shown - image below shows just blue circle where we would normally see the icon. I have tried this in IE and Edge and see the same in both Many thanks
  4. Hi Victor, No Tomcat messages on my side - it was literally myself and one other User and we got stuck on the SSO logon page - clicking logon just looped back around. Restarted the browser a couple of times, and all good now here thanks. I was just highlighting I had what looks like the same issue but now all working Many thanks!
  5. I had some problems logging on and one other full User, but after a brief blip we were able to logon as normal - same issue as yours Jeremy but it seems to have resolved itself now after a couple of browser restarts - thanks
  6. Hi Alex, we have tested it in IE, Edge and Chrome and are seeing the same issue in all 3 browsers where we just can not enter a value into the Hours / Minutes / Seconds fields - I have tried it on a few of the different action nodes in a request and appears to be the same on each Many thanks
  7. Hi All, We have noted that you appear unable to add time to a request when using the Timesheet function on an action node - just literally unable to enter any text into the Hours / Minutes / Seconds field - is this known / happening for anyone else at all please? Thanks
  8. Just some feedback on the new preview UI - I notice that the GRC module is being shown on all our Users menu buttons but we would prefer other modules not to be advertised here ideally, and only show the modules we have purchased / active - is this possible please? Thanks
  9. Hi Jeremy. Hope you well basically there is nothing that can be done to ensure these are processed at the time of raising - the advice received back was to restart the process once identified as a failed workflow. The requests I am seeing fail at this time are either automated incoming email requests, or someone on Nights just happening to raise a request around 3am. So in short, I do not think there is any fix as such other than restarting the failed workflow once identified - not such an issue for my requests as these are not time dependent, but if a request is time dependent this will of course impact any SLA's you have in place to action these. Might be worth highlighting this back to the Hornbill team as your issue may result in a different outcome to mine Thanks
  10. Just wanted to expand on this post - this image that we tried to upload now appears to be broken and shows as below - I appear to have no option to clear the upload or revert to the default laptop icon now on the asset type page, but I can upload an image when adding a new asset. Is there a way to revert it back to the original image?
  11. Hi James, Thank you for looking I can see there are some further options as to what to display in the asset node in the PC, where I can set it to just look at an asset class, and also an option to specify Contains, Starts With and Exact - However, I cant see anywhere to put a Regex validation rule so it only looks for AA11111 rather than either 11111 or AA11111 - if I could insert the prefix as a regex validation rule somehow this would work. I think if we can separate by class/type this would improve the 'issue', I would just have to rework the PC to filter to different asset fields / asset by class or type. However it would still mean the customer could potentially come across the same issue if there are 2 desktops for example with the same Asset ID / Asset Tag Thanks
  12. Hi James, yes sorry its using the Asset detail picker in the pro cap asset form, Thanks
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