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  1. Hi, I was hoping someone could clarify which timer takes precedence within the activity field please? We have turned on the Timesheet options on our services just to have a look at the output in the reports as the automatic capture of time spent is our preferred option to capture our Analysts working times, and I had some questions around the timers in the activity node. The screen shot below shows two timers within it, and we also have the automatic timer turned on for activity actions against this service - can you confirm which of these 3 timers would take precedence please? Would it be the auto timer set against the Service, the manual timer in top right corner, or the time selection in the bottom left corner? Also, I have tried using the manual timer in the top right corner but I still had to select a value from the drop downs in the bottom right ? I started / finished the manual timer with a value of around 2 minutes, but I could not move the activity on without selecting a value from the Time Spent drop downs, so even though I wanted to register 2 minutes on an activity I could only select a minimum of 5 minutes? And finally, if the time is being captured automatically against the service should these 2 manual timers still be showing in the activity node? Would they no longer be required if it is auto capturing time spent on activities? Many thanks as always
  2. +1 for me as I have also noted this scenario when sending a link to a Customer who was not yet logged into the portal - it would be much easier for our Customers to be redirected to the original link if they have to sign in from the link provided
  3. Hi Bob Thanks for the above, apologies I was off on my holidays until today !
  4. HI Steve Thanks for advising - i will look at setting the image on our servers for insertion Many thanks
  5. Perfect, thanks for clarifying Steve - I did think it would sit on one of our servers, just unsure where it would be Many thanks !
  6. Hi Steve Thanks, I didnt consider checking the main page configuration so this is perfect - thank you Just to clarify if I did want to change the background image where would I normally store this image as I note it is using a HTTPS address for the image - is this stored locally on our side, or is it something loaded to Hornbill? Many thanks
  7. Hi All we have at the moment 2 service specific bulletins setup to show relevant messages to our Customers, but when i view the Customer portal it appears there is a 3rd bulletin which appears which is advising Customers to login and references our instance name - where would I amend this / remove this please ? As the customer is already logged in to the portal this message is not relevant. I have checked all our Services (both live and retired services checked) but nothing showing other than the 2 bulletins I have setup (screenshot below shows the bulletin data). Many thanks
  8. Hi All I wanted to see if anyone could clarify if I am able to just copy / paste a .jpg image into our email templates, or do I need to use the 'Image' option on the template builder? If i have to use the 'Image' option I note it is asking for a URL to use against the image - what would this URL value need to be ? I am presuming it must be a URL that Service Manager can access to call the image from? Many thanks
  9. Hi All I am trying to build a BPM that also does the same - can I check what nodes you are using in this process please - would it be just a 'Suspend - Wait for Request Update' node only? Below is the node setup - I have tested sending in an update to a request on hold, but this didnt appear to take it off hold? I had to wait for the test 20 minutes to expire then the request came back to life! Thanks
  10. Hi Steve Just to confirm that was perfect, the 3rd line team pass on their thanks ! Many thanks
  11. Hi Steve, Thanks for the above, i will pass this to the 3rd line team to see if this was what they were looking for. Hi Simon I will get some data together around how we approached this and perhaps we can discuss again next week at some point? Many thanks
  12. Hi, Our 3rd line team have been looking at setting up auto archiving of Service Manager accounts when a Customers AD account is closed. They have asked if it is possible to turn on verbose logging at all. The reason being is they are doing a test run of this process, and when they go to run it they are just getting confirmaton over the number of accounts it will update, but there is no confirmation as to what will happen next. This test run has highlighted around 991 accounts so before they run this they want to confirm exactly what these 991 accounts are before they hit 'Run', and what will happen next to the accounts. Many thanks
  13. Hi Chaz Perfect they all show when I open the request information node then go back to the picker Many thanks as always !
  14. Hi I have noticed today when working on a BPM that on some stages i can only select up to field 30 when I am using the picker in a decision tree logic, but on other stages I get offered up to field 40 (screen shots below show the options on the Close Stage, and the Resolution Stage). I was not sure if this was an error or by design? I know there was a fix recently to allow these fields to be viewable / selectable in certain scenarios. Many thanks
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