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  1. Hi Steve Thank you, I will have a read up Many thanks!
  2. Hi All We are looking to restrict use of the Change Priority action button within a request so that this function is only available to Team Leaders / Managers. However, when looking at this it looks like Priority access is set at the Service Portfolio level rather than a function granted within a Role assigned to a User. So we are thinking of approaching it like this: we will turn off the Change Priority button on all Services, then look to setup an Auto Task button which will raise the priority of a request, and control access to this button by configuring the conditions within the
  3. Hi James, thanks for confirming current config - if there was any option in the future to be able to reorder these that may be helpful, although this would only apply to requests where we apply more than 6 notices, which i would hope doesn't happen very often! Many thanks as always
  4. Hi All Just a nice to have - can we have the new Notices function available as an option within the auto escalation options in SLA's at all ? having this as an option here would match nicely with Auto Tasks as we are setting Notices from auto tasks, but having the option to add a Notice as part of the auto escalation rules in SLA's would be most beneficial! Many thanks
  5. Hi All We are testing the Auto Task process, and note that the Notices post oldest to newest - is there anyway to reorder this so that the newest request shows at the top like the timeline please? Many thanks
  6. +1 from us here, we would like to have a pop up input box also as part of an Auto Task so the Analyst raising the request can enter some brief details - we are working on a System Down auto task, and as part of this we would like an input box for the Analyst to enter some details. Many thanks !
  7. Hi Steven, ah that makes sense - i didn't realise creating it under Global would mean it was not available. Many thanks !
  8. Hi All I am working on setting up some Auto Tasks for use by our Service Desk. I have a script setup under Applications / Service Manager / Auto Tasks which is an active process. However, when i go to setup the Custom button and try to select the auto task i want to invoke the Auto Task list is blank - is there something else i need to do to make the script become available on the Custom Button drop down? I have Super User role on my logon, as well as Form Designer and Business Process Manager roles set. We have also tried this on Steve's logon and he is seeing the same as per the below i
  9. Hi Bob, thank you for the above, i will digest and set up a test version to see how it works Many thanks as always !
  10. Hi All I am working on setting up some Auto Tasks for use by our Service Desk team, and was hoping we could use the auto task to achieve the following 3 steps: - Post Alert Notice to the request highlighting request has been escalated - Send email alert to the Owner of the request (if an Owner is set) - Send email alert to the Owners Manager I have setup the 1st 2 items with no issues, however, I was unsure of: - If no Owner is set will the script fail, or just ignore the Advise Owner if no Owner is set? - How would i email the Owner / Team Manager to advise
  11. Hi Daniel Perfect, I will pass this information out to the Users Many thanks
  12. hi Daniel Thank you, i think the way you view it appears to have changed from the default of All, to Co-Workers so it was not realising this that made me raised the post to begin with. Not sure if there is anyway to make All the default here? Thanks
  13. Hi All, ignore the above, i now can see the default view has changed so once changed to All i can now see the expected results Thanks
  14. Hi All Not sure if something changed over the weekend, but we are unable to search for customers correctly in the Co-Workers search bar. If i searched for myself on Friday i would see all 4 accounts i have loaded to Hornbill, however today i am only seeing 1 / 2 (2 show initially then one disappears completely so left with only 1 value). Same happens for Steve Whittle. If i search for a basic customer i am finding no results at all - has something changed at all ? Many thanks
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