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  1. Thanks Berto - we used to control card board movement via the BPM, but our staff were not completing the Activities at the right time, so items got stuck. So now we only write to the board at the start, and remove at the end. The movement to other lanes is handled manually so I will continue to dig around Many thanks
  2. Hi Steve, it appears to be notifications on all sorts of email activity in requests - i have a constant stream of notifications relating to all sorts of emails. I have turned off email notifications in my Profile but these notifications are still appearing in my Desktop pop up window). The below screen shot shows the desktop notifications - just to confirm I am seeing no notifications against these in Service Manager itself:
  3. Hi All, for the last 40 minutes or so I have started receiving Windows desktop notifications on every email action in the mailboxes/requests? As an example I have a request where the customer has responded, and the system has auto attached it to the request as expected, but I got a desktop notification for this? I am not a member of the team working the request, and i have not been added as a Member to view the request, but I got a notification when the email was attached to the request? Is anyone else seeing this? NB I have turned off the notifications in my profile and this seems to stop the spam, however once turned back on it starts again? No one else in my teams is seeing this issue, just appears to be me? Many thanks
  4. Hi James, Yes posted as a support ticket in the end and all sorted - thanks
  5. Hi All, Just noticed about 9.05 am all our emails appear to be getting bounced with a 521 Service not available error - is anyone else seeing this please? I did a test request and my emails came through ok, but I am seeing loads rejected Many thanks
  6. Just to confirm @Jeremy has kindly forwarded me the details to access the Sandbox environment Many thanks Jeremy
  7. Hi All, I was looking to see how do we access the Sandbox environment please? It is not something I have dabbled with previously - I presume there is a link and password / username to utilise for this? Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Many thanks Adrian
  8. Hi, Some of my teams have a large amount of snippets. However, the list is hard to navigate as it extends off the bottom of the displayed screen, so the only way to access snippets further down the list is to either search or scroll the whole screen. Is it possible to limit the number shown with a scroll bar within the snippet list window itself to save having to scroll the whole screen? Screen shot below shows the view, the 1st arrow is the browser window scroll bar, and as you can see we have to scroll down the list to find the snippet if the name is not known. Many thanks
  9. Hi Victor, Just looking at the process and your suggestion would work as I could make the expired / rejected decision on the initial node, and then just have to cater for the authorised / no match on the next Stage, - thank you for the pointer UPDATE just saw you posted the above with the values so I will try this initially, and if need be i will move the reject / expired outcome onto the Stage where we make the authorisation call. Many thanks as always ! Adrian
  10. Hi Victor, The BPM has this decision on the next Stage so I am unable to just use the outcomes on the original authorisation node outcome. I also have 4 potential outcomes in the process 1 request does not need authorisation so can just be actioned by team / there will be no authorisation decision to branch on 2 request needs authorisation / this is authorised - currently works on the decision node using Hornbill Automations->Get Request Information->Authorisation (Approved/Rejected)==1 3 request needs authorisation / this is rejected - currently have this setup as Hornbill Automations->Get Request Information->Authorisation (Approved/Rejected)==0 but unsure if rejected authorisations are stored as 0? 4 request needs authorisation / this has expired - unsure where I would get this value on the following stage through a get request node So on the following stage I have utilised the No Match option for option 1, so need to know how to identify the expired and rejected authorisations at that point in the process. So I was hoping like authorised has a value of 1, that both rejected and expired are also stored with a value Many thanks
  11. Hi All, We are introducing / making use of the inbuilt authorisation's process in Hornbill for the first time. I have setup the BPM to cater for 3 potential outcomes of the authorisation: Authorised / Rejected / Expired. I believe the value to check for authorised is 1, and a 0 would indicate rejection (I think) - however I am unsure of the value to check for in the decision node to offer a specific task for the expired outcome - can anyone confirm the below is correct / fill the blank at all please? NB this is on a Service Request automated authorisation rather than a manually initiated authorisation in the request itself. Authorised: 1 Rejected: 0 ? Expired: ? Many thanks
  12. Hi @samwoo Much the same as Paul never really found a solution so I am still maintaining management of our templates via a spreadsheet. Would be great to have another method in the system to manage these Many thanks Adrian
  13. Hi Alisha, We add our assets to the request at the time of capture in the PC questions - are you capturing the asset then, or once the request is raised into Service Manager? Thanks
  14. Hi Steve, This issue is now fixed as the setting is now off - however I was sure this was set to on previously. When viewing the setting the text below seems to indicate it needs to be on to work, rather than off: app.request.allowResolveCloseWithoutAnalyst : this indicates if turned on this will allow resolution without analystThis setting prevents resolving or closing a Request that does not have an owner. This setting is not enforced in Business Processes. : this text seems to indicate if this is on it prevents resolution without an owner. I am almost 100% sure this was always On which is why I was confused as to why I was seeing resolved requests without an owner this week. I certainly would have picked up this issue before this week if this was always the way this setting worked. However, I have been working on collating global settings into a document this week so it is possible I may have clicked this setting to On in error when working on this document - Ill be honest and say I cant recall ! Either way all fixed now - thanks
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