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  1. Hi All Just a general question around deleting questions from a request - once we delete a question from a request are we able to run any reports to reflect this deletion at all? Or once it is deleted this is not possible as it has in reality been deleted? Just asking as we have had a scenario where I have had to remove some inappropriate comments on a request, and wanted to ensure we have a way of reporting on these if possible (I want to provide guidance to our teams as to how they handle deletions of this nature going forward) Many thanks
  2. Hi Steve Thanks for the above - I did review the documents when setting it up, however I will read again to see if I missed anything in the setup, then will let you know Many thanks
  3. Hi Alex Thank you for the update, I will take a look following the pending update Many thanks as always
  4. Hi Both I am going to jump on this bandwagon I have been trying the import Supplier / Contract / Contacts which works perfectly, however, I am also unsure of the benefit / use of the Custom data fields - I can only see these showing in the overall Supplier list but once you drill into a record I can not see where these Custom data fields show? Also, I presume it is not possible to rename these custom data fields? We would like to rename some of them to specific values - when I tried this the values were just ignored by the import process Many thanks !
  5. Hi Gerry, Thank you for confirming, this will lower my current stress levels ! I will monitor for confirmation as and when you are ready Many thanks as always
  6. Hi All, Just a general question relating to the cut off date for the new portal / turning off the old service portal. As you are all very aware there is a nasty little bug floating around that is affecting us all. However, working in the Health Sector this is impacting all our workstreams, and staff resources. So I wanted to ask is the cut off date for the Summer still going to be enforced? As I am being pulled away to focus on Covid19 related requests and potentially will have to step away from this role altogether to temporarily support our front line staff if things get too manic, I am concerned that I will struggle to meet this deadline. I did have plans in place to start a review of the new portal, and to start fleshing out how it would look, but of course these plans are now in disarray, and I do not think this will change before the Summer. Any thoughts please? Many thanks
  7. Hi Paul Ah yes, just noticed the above Excellent news, I can stand down my CAB duties ! Many thanks
  8. Hi Victor Thanks for clarifying I wanted Ian's name to show the differences, next time I will try and use one of my test accounts so nothing exposed other than me ! Many thanks as always
  9. Hi Gerry Was this going ahead still this week ? I was not sure if this date would be affected with all that's going on Thanks !
  10. Hi Victor, Ah sorry I was not specific - my bad! what I actually meant to ask is I could not see anywhere in the User Options Tab to update the Login ID, so I presume it would just be a case of updating the Login ID field in the User Account tab? Thanks!
  11. Hiya, One of my Users has highlighted that when a web address in contained within a request, when we try to jump to the link it seems to insert a Hornbill URL before the web address which means the web address does not open. E.G. Request has a URL of www.blueteq-shield.co.uk/ however when we click on this link in the request it opens as https://live.hornbill.com/mse/www.blueteq-shield.co.uk/ so the link does not open - is there a way to bypass this so that when we click on the web link it jumps straight to the external weblink, rather than inserting the Hornbill prefix please? Image as below: Many thanks
  12. Hi All We have had some of our Customers change their name on our AD, but this is currently not updating onto Hornbill, so these Customers are having issues accessing the Service Portal with SSO as the details do not match with their new AD desktop logon details. So, I think we need to change our LDAP upload to change this as it is not currently setup to update Customers details when they change their name for the login. The email, and Handle etc are all updating to the new value, just the User ID / Login ID are still showing the old value. I wanted to make sure that if we set the LDAP to update these details that this would not create any issues for the Customer, and that it would all still link through to their requests etc raised under the old name. Also, from looking at the LDAP configuration setup, there does not appear to be an area where we can update the Login ID, is this Automatically updated if we update the User ID? I have included a screenshot of what we currently see on an updated account below - Ian's AD logon is now ian.tomassi, but Hornbill still showing the old AD logon ianm.tomassi Many thanks !
  13. Hi James, I will check with the User and advise what they can / can not see from the notification and will update asap Thanks!
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