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  1. Hi Steven Thank you, at least there is a solution, I will have a read through Many thanks
  2. Hi, I have today come across a problem where we have a manual step in one of our existing Hornbill instances on all associated BPM's, which requires the User to confirm if a Customer is happy with the resolution of a call. Unfortunately it appears that when this instance was made live back in 2016, the Users were advised the call would do this part automatically and they were unaware they should have actually reviewed each call to move it to a 'Closed' status. So I wanted to ask if we amend the existing BPM's to have an auto closure step, will this take effect on the calls sitting in the Resolved status and retrospectively move the status to Closed? From what I have read I do not think this would work, but wanted to double check! If this is not an option, I presume we would have to look at having a bulk update of the calls all set still with a status of 'Resolved' directly on the database? We have over 7k calls sitting with this status since the instance went live in 2016, and ideally I want to correct the status on the calls. I am changing the existing scripts so that all future calls auto close as expected by sending an email to the Customer giving them 5 days to respond if the resolution has not fixed their issue rather than having a manual step for Users. Many thanks
  3. Hi Steven Just to confirm I have mapped the data as shown in the guide, and all displaying as expected! Many Thanks
  4. Hi Steven Ah thanks for confirming - that will be why I couldnt find anything on the Forum/Wiki ! I will have a read through the above to see how I can configure the templates to show the data I need. Many thanks
  5. Hi I am working on building some email templates to work with a new BPM/PC. I have managed to populate a number of the fields with no issues using the Variable list email supplied with the out of the Email templates, as well as reviewing the Variable picker from within the email designer screen. However, I am struggling to work out the variable I would use to display a Customers responses to the questions posed in the PC (I am setting up an auto email to forward the Customers response for review for Information Governance purposes). Is there a full list of Variables within the database anywhere I can view easily, or can you advise what Variable I should enter to display the data? I have the form name, and the field names within the form - just need confirmation what I should set as the Variable to display field 1, field 2 etc Many thanks
  6. Hi Steven Thanks for the above I will have a review, at the moment I just have a readonly form displaying the contents of the document, and the User is advised clicking Next is confirmation of their acceptance so I have a temporary solution but the above looks more suited so I will have read through. Many thanks
  7. Hi We have a requirement where we want to present a Customer with some Conditions of Use as a pre-requisite before they move onto the actual Progressive Capture questions - is there a way I can upload this document in Document Manager, then call this at the start of a request and offer a Customer a message like 'Please read the displayed document then confirm you have read it below' ? I could not see how I might be able to call this as part of the PC. Many thanks
  8. Hi Steve Thanks for the clarification, appreciated. So if the default mailbox desription above is for User generated emails rather than automatic emails, and I set just one mailbox on the Service I would just need to ensure the User has permissions to that mailbox for the auto email function to trigger correctly - perfect ! Many thanks!
  9. Hi I wanted to see if someone could just confirm my understanding of how a default mailbox will be utilised within Hornbill. We have 3 different Sites where our staff will be raising requests from, and each site has it's own local mailbox. I note that the explanation of the default mailbox states : Define which mailbox any manually sent emails will be sent from on requests logged against the service If no mailbox is selected then manually send emails will be sent from the mailbox selected by the agent sending the email on the request raised against the service Agents need to have the rights to send emails from the default service, otherwise it will default to a mailbox the agent does have the rights to send from Agents can manually override which mailbox emails are sent from when sending emails manually from a request logged against the service if they have the rights to more than one mailbox So I just wanted to confirm that if I do not set a default mailbox on a Service, the email should default to a users default Site email ? The reason I want to confirm this is ideally I want to use the same BPM / PC's for each Site, and offer one service rather than having to setup a service for each site with their local default mailbox specified. Many thanks
  10. Hi Steven Thank you that worked perfectly, I thought it was the condition parameter I was setting incorrectly ! The script is now popping up the questions like your example and it is exactly how I wanted it to display. Many thanks again, much appreciated
  11. Hi Steven, thank you for the response ! The above method looks like it would hopefully suit our needs so I will have read through and have a go in a PC to see how this functions, and will confirm outcome as soon as possible. Thank you
  12. Hi Miro, thanks for the response I have included screen shot of the progessive capture - this only has a few sub questions set so far as i wanted to see if I could trigger the decision branch from the selections in the simple list via a dynamic checkbox before building a complete PC with all sub questions. Ideally I wanted our Customers to be able to just select each system they want from an initial list, then if we require any further system specific information the relevant questions would then trigger if the Customer has selected that system in the dynamic checkbox offered on the Systems Required customised form. Many thanks
  13. Hi, I am currently setting up a BPM / PC to allow us to capture a Customers requirements for access to multiple systems. We have 13 systems that our Customers currently request via paper forms, which I am looking to digitise via a Service / Catalog item. I have set up a script to initially offer a Customer a dynamic checkbox list which calls a Simple List with all the systems listed. However some of these systems will generate further questions if a Customer wants access, so they are not straight forward Yes/No responses, and I have set some decision branches to ask the further questions we need to be able to setup a Customers access correctly. Is there a method I can utilise to allow me to offer a list of all options, where a Customer can select multiple 'Yes' values, then according to what they select in the list the relevant question would trigger? The PC I have setup is just offering the list at the start of the script, and then none of the sub questions are triggering as expected - the custom expression on the branch decision node just appears to offer actions based on questions offered in the PC, rather than anything which appears to check against the provided Yes/No responses in the Dynamic Checkbox list? Many thanks !
  14. Hi Victor, Thanks for the pointer - this method may alleivate some of the input if I can filter by role, so I will have a closer look at this function you have highlighted. Many thanks for your advice !
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