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  1. Hi all This issue has now been raised by another team - I need to know if there is anyway I can grant access to a Service to another team without adding them as a team member please - the original issue still stands as our 1st line team have view rights on all other team, but this means they get all their shared views, all their snippets etc whereas I just want them to have a view into the other teams queues without it loading all these associated config. Our network team have also asked as they are finding they are unable to search for a request if they are not a member of the team the request is under - they can search for the request and see it listed, but when trying to view the request they get the message 'You do not have permissions' Many thanks
  2. Hi All Just noticed today that when you create a Custom view for a request list, the Totals for New Open etc you normally see on the left do not seem to appear? Unsure if there is a setting I can't find that controls this perhaps, or do we have to set something in the Custom view template window ? I could not see anything obvious within the create window though. Many thanks !
  3. Hi Paul My issue was I didn't seem to be able to branch on a decision node in a BPM using these custom data field values - however I was unaware at the time that fields 31-40 are just text fields (unsure if this had any bearing), so I have swopped these custom data values to a VarChar instead and the issue went away. I am unsure if anything was written to our database at the time so would have to let someone else comment further about you being unable to see any values being captured. However, it does make me wonder though if that was why I had problems branching on a decision node using these fields, because if the value is not being captured in the database, I would guess the BPM would try to make the decision, and find no value to branch correctly on?
  4. Hi Gerry Thanks for the above explanation on the approach to updates. Personally, I like the idea of taking the task of updates away from myself However, other interested parties within my organisation are nervous around changes outside of our control, I will just have to sell this approach to them, and will use O365 as a good example Some kind of heads up on the Forum would more than suffice - I will let you know of any feedback when I check this with the CAB team. Many thanks !
  5. Perfect thanks Martyn - would still prefer a date to be available so I could set a specified date rather than ad-hoc updates on any day. If this is something currently unavailable, it would be something we would prefer to have available Many thanks
  6. Hi Gerry Will there be a published schedule of when these updates would take place at all? Would it be a set date each week / month or would these updates potentially be implemented any day? The reason I ask is for any updates I have implemented to date, these are discussed and agreed at our weekly CAB meetings. If there is an option for us to specify a date for these updates to allow us to be able to present the changes to our CAB? I note you do mention these updates will be implemented within a specified window set by ourselves? Many thanks
  7. Hi All Just wanted to see if it is possible to link assets to a Board at all please? We have been discussing ways to manage our in-stock assets, and was hoping we could perhaps build a Board using asset data. However, when you do look at the options available for setting a new board up, it does not list Assets. Is this even possible against Assets? Our idea was to have a board showing 10 PCs in stock, 10 Laptops etc, then as the items are moved from In Stock to Operational the board would reflect the available stock levels and reduce accordingly, Many thanks !
  8. Hi Gerry Thanks for the above, I think it might be something we do not end up pursuing - apparently we used to scan the Barcode to add assets into SupportWorks but our source is now SCCM so I will check further with the team asking for this functionality Many thanks as always
  9. Hi Victor No worries thanks for the update, and the speedy resolution as always ! Thanks
  10. Hi All I can see today that all the Categories against Timesheets have now reappeared, and I am no longer seeing the above errors - I presume this indicates the issue has been resolved? Thanks
  11. Hi All One of my second line teams are advising that they currently are able to scan a barcode of an asset direct into SupportWorks using a hand scanner - can I check is there anything like this function within Service Manager please? Many thanks
  12. Hi Victor, ah yes nothing set yet in guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox - changed now, and rechecked the default mailbox - now receiving emails as expected Many thanks !
  13. Hi All I have started testing the function to allow us to send an email to the Customer whenever there is an update to a request. I have set this up on an internal Test Service I have created, enabled the Action option to turn on send emails on the Service Portfolio screen, and then updated guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.customerTimelineUpdate with a new template I have designed. However, I have tested this against a couple of requests and no emails are being generated out to the Customer when an update is applied to a request. I am wondering if this might be affected by the fact we have 3 mailboxes, and I can not see anywhere to specify which mailbox this outgoing email should utilise? I wanted to get this function up and running before our final Site is on the system which will be next Wednesday. Any advice appreciated
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