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  1. @James AinsworthThanks for the update James, I look forward to the new functionality with interest ! Many thanks
  2. I will join in on this and +1 it - would be great to have this feature in FAQs, as well as the other enhancement I suggested previously where we can add hidden tags to a FAQ as our customers do not always search for the correct terminology when searching on the portal so having hidden tags (much like we can add tags to documents in Document Manager) will really help us push our customers to the correct data Thanks !
  3. Hi All, So I am probably ahead of myself but I was interested to see what plans there may be in place for a 2021 Insights event - really missed not having one last year, and I will admit I am excited to see if there is one this year ! Its such a good event for interactions and updates and meeting everyone, Thanks!
  4. Hi All, We are currently working on migrating our current in house mailboxes to NHS.Net across all of our 3 sites. I wanted to see if anyone else has had to do this in their instance at all please, and if so how was this configured? Have any other NHS organisation's had to do the same at all please? Many thanks
  5. @Steven Boardman Hi Steve, did you get a chance to review the above at all please? Many thanks !
  6. Bump on this please @Andre de Waal can you assist in this enquiry at all please ! Many thanks
  7. Hi Steve, I have gone through our latest Change Requests to identify any with the date for implementation that is incorrect / not set: - 2 Changes have the same start / end time set incorrectly for the implementation fields captured in the PC (both the start / end date / time are the same). However the request raises aok, and it appears to just move through the BPM when it reaches the set Imp node - is this expected or should it throw an error? Is there anyway to identify these easily other than drilling into each request? - 1 Change has the end date for implementation set to
  8. Hi Steve, Thank you for the response. Currently this process is available to a limited number of users and can be raised either on the Employee Portal, or directly in Hornbill by a full User. The PC has the question set as Mandatory with no options to bypass / branching to affect capture of this (effectively customers should not be able to raise it without entering a start / end date for the scheduled date. however, the examples I have seen only appear to capture the start date, I will find an example and post here - thanks !
  9. Hi All, I have noticed on a few of our change requests that the implementation date is not always been set in the request. When checking the PC for raising a Change request both the date/time start and the date/time end fields are mandatory. However I notice that on occasion this date is not being set in the request - when I checked the questions the field for capturing the start date / time states 'Not Answered' - is this a known issue or is anyone else seeing this occur at all ? Many thanks
  10. Hi All, Not sure if this has been raised previously - currently there are 3 options on the Service Availability function in Hornbill which is great. However, there does not appear to be any option to schedule a planned impact. The scenario we are looking to address would be for Planned Changes on a system which of course would impact its availability, so if a have a Change agreed at CAB we could also ensure availability data is kept up to date and accurate. Would it be possible to have a scheduler installed here at all, so we could for example set our out of hours changes to auto app
  11. just as an update to this, the User advised this is occuring in Firefox, and appears to work correctly in IE / Edge so I have advised him to swop browser (Firefox is not our standard browser) Many thanks !
  12. Hi All, Today is our first day on the new Employee Portal. One of my full Users has highlighted an issue with how the data is showing under one of his requests in the MY REQUESTS area as per below image - is this a known issue / happening for anyone else? Many thanks
  13. Hi Darren, We have also recently started working on improving our feedback - the value needed is shown below, so looking for not required value of 5 I believe Thanks h_feedback_status h_feedback_status_id awaiting 0 received 1 expired 2 rejected 3 Not Used 4 not required 5
  14. +1 from me on this, we would love some more options to make use of the feedback in a request, especially an option to chase for feedback thanks
  15. Hi Mary, Thank you for the confirmation over value 4, and for the pointer to the mapping table, that's great Many thanks as always
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