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  1. Hi Mohamed, they have all asset options set to No so all visible. The forms also include guidance to select All Assets if there is no shown associated Asset. Just noticed it is now not capturing the asset and letting you bypass it if there is no associated asset, which it did not do previously - it forced the asset capture if no known associated asset shown, or if the shown asset not correct they could search for another. Thanks
  2. Hi Mohamed, I have noticed another issue with Assets within our processes so thought I would just mention it here! So any of our Progressive Captures that require an Asset captured have this set as mandatory. However, when raising a request for a Customer just now, I noticed it let me bypass this field as the Customer had no associated assets, whereas I would expect it to not let me pass as it is set to True (Asset field on this PC is the pre defined Asset Form). Thought it maybe related to this Thanks!
  3. Hi Samuel, To be honest it is currently very hard to secure the required resources due to the impact of Covid on our staffing, so my asset issues have fallen to the wayside slightly However, we are looking at moving 3 sites onto once asset management system in the very near future, so I will look again at how we approach the import of data then so would be interested if you pursue your solution for sure Many thanks
  4. Hi Mohamed, no option for attachment on our Raise New from email process - should there be one? I am sure it added attachments previously without this ever being in place? Thanks!
  5. Hi Mohamed Just realised we swop to auto updates on the 12th anyway, so if its next Tuesday then I will definitely not have to do anything! Thanks!
  6. Hi Gerry, Firstly if we did not have Hornbill in place at the time of this event it would have posed some serious issues to our supporting of the business. Having access to Hornbill anywhere on any device also helps greatly! We just had to issue equipment and off everyone went, which was fantastic! Some very interesting points raised here, and some of what you describe here I feel is happening within our organisation, and is probably the same for others as well. One of the key things I have noticed is without the team interactions in a workplace it is very easy to feel like you are not part of the whole! Ideally I would like our Users to interact more using the collaboration features of Hornbill to try and get some of the feeling of a team back into their working days. Looking forward to part 4 as hopefully I can take away some of your suggestions to try and get that team feeling back! Many thanks
  7. Sorry forgot to add I also cleared my cache before trying this - thanks
  8. Hi Mohamed I have just tested this on our instance and it is not showing the attachment in the request. We are on the latest build. However the attachment is accessible via the Timeline update when raising from email. Am I also correct in thinking that the email content also gets copied into the request? Or has it always been that you access the attached email the request was raised from via the Timeline update, and it is just when applying an email to a request that the email text is copied into the request? Thanks
  9. Thanks Mohamed, forgot to ask will it be a fix I need to implement, or is it a change on your side? Then I can line someone up to action if it is on our side Thanks!
  10. Hi Mohamed, thanks for the update. Typical I am on holiday next week Many thanks
  11. Hi Mohamed, thanks for confirming - is there any mooted live date as this is affecting a lot of our requests and causing issues for customers, which in turn is increasing the phone calls and emails for the Service Desk Thanks !
  12. Hi Jeremy, we are all up to date with Service Manager but have the same issue it appears Thanks
  13. Hi, I have come across the same issue just now - unable to find any assets in a request using a custom field converted to Asset selections, but if we use the specific pre defined asset node in the PC it works fine. Most of our PC's have use the pre defined asset picker in the PC but I do have a number where I have a custom field set to be the asset picker - If you need any examples please let me know (NB this was working aok the other week so unsure why not working now) Many thanks Adrian
  14. +1 for me here, would be great to be able to feed unassigned requests to a board for ease of monitoring etc thanks!
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