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  1. +1 from me for this please, would help to reduce frustrations for our Users no end
  2. Thanks Daniel for confirming, I will plan accordingly !
  3. Hi, Just a general enquiry about when the new portal design page will be available please - only reason I ask is we are now looking to go live in the next 5-6 weeks, and I wanted to know if the new page design for the portal will be available before then to save us having to redesign the portal when the new design is available It would be a better experience for our Customers to launch from day one with the new design. Many thanks !
  4. Hi All Just wanted to say thank you to you all for the Insights 2019 event, it was great to meet everyone - both customers and Hornbill staff. It was very beneficial and it has given some exciting new possibilities ! I am looking forward to next year already ! I also just wanted to enquire when we may get our hands on the slides from the event at all please as we are hoping to use some of the content to drive forward buy in from other departments. Apologies for coming straight at you the day back to work Many thanks again all !
  5. Hi Samrai Thank you for the above - I did think it would probably not be possible but thank you for confirming - I will take the suggested solution of posting updated reports to Document Manager and see if this would be a suitable alternative, and will let you know further. Many thanks
  6. Hi James It looks like this is a historic activity, and is not appearing on current requests so I think you are correct in that someone changed a script at some point in the past! So thank you for the pointer, and thank you for the advice as always ! Many thanks
  7. Hi James I will check and see if this acivity is appearing on any new requests raised today and let you know - from a quick lookover the BPM I could not see any node with this activity within it but will recheck this and confirm both as soon as possible Thank you
  8. Hi We have an activity that has been set against one of our Service / Catalog items for both incidents and service reqeusts. When I have checked the BPM's associated to these catalog items, there is no node to set this activity / task so I presume it must be set somewhere to trigger against these catalog items. However, I am unsure where I can find details of this activity and who set it up. This activity appears to be triggering on every Incident and Service Request under this Service / Catalog (I have 6219 historical items of this activity against all SR's / Incidents raised since the instance begun in 2017). I have Activity Template Manager as a role, and have checked on My Activities, then under Manage Templates but I can not see anything here that relates to this activity. So I wanted to check is there somewhere else I would look to amend this activity at all ? Or will this only appear for whoever set it up under their own logon? Many thanks
  9. Hi Martyn Thanks for the above, i will revisit our BPM's to look at the placement of the timer Many thanks
  10. Hi Bob Perfect thank you for clarifing - as long as i know we have to allow for this when building our resolution 5 day auto closure just so my managers and staff are aware. Many thanks
  11. Hi Any update on this please? Just need clarification over how the timers / SLA's function when a request is reopened as part of the 5 day auto closure process - Martyn confirmed he thought the timers restart when a call is reopened, however H has had previous confirmation that these items do not restart when a call is reopened. So ideally just need confirmation either way please Many thanks
  12. Hi James It would be just to improve searches on the portal for Customers as although we may have an FAQ loaded, the Customer would not always search for the correct terminology so being able to add a Tag would allow us to cover different terms that a Customer may search for. Thanks
  13. Hi, Currently we are on the Standard platform edition of Hornbill. I note that the Enterprise edition of Hornbill has the added benefit of Advanced Reporting & Delivery, which includes the ability to send emails automatically via email. I wanted to ask if the availability of this feature will be changing at all in the future as we would like to use this function to send out our reports. However, if it is not something that will be changing is there anyway we can purchase / utilise this function separately at all please? Apologies if this is in the wrong location on the forum ! Many thanks as always
  14. Hi, I wanted to check and see if there is anyway we can add a Tag to an FAQ in the same manner we can apply Tags to Documents etc. I could not see any way to add a Tag when we setup an FAQ but wanted to clarify this please Many thanks as always
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