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  1. Ooh I can see this being useful when Asset Management comes to the BPM... If someone requests access to an Application and is approved, the licence count could go down by 1.
  2. Hello, Just wanted to say the new forums look and feel is really nice. Quick question - As we can defined our own tags (and have been able to do so forever), is there any scope for pre-defined tags so everyone should use the same tags for sameness and searchability (i.e. Enhancement Request, New Feature Request, Issue)? Sometimes I like to see what New Feature Requests were raised so I can read through and add my vote if I like it. Feel free for others to add feedback below. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hi @ArmandoDM, How did this get on? Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hello, I'd like to follow up my previous query to see if any movements/discussions have been made regarding this? Thanks, Samuel
  5. Hello, Has anyone from Hornbill had any thoughts about this? Thanks, Samuel
  6. Hello, How is this progressing @James Ainsworth? Thanks, Samuel
  7. Hello, Has anyone from Hornbill had any thoughts about this? (or similar functionality?) Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hi @Deen, Apologies I hadn't gotten back in touch. This seems to happen if we upload a .jpg, .png or via a screenshot being pasted directly into the timeline. We are getting this issue on Edge Chromium, Google Chrome and IE11. Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hello, Since yesterday (that i've noticed), we've been getting this error when trying to paste images into Hornbill. Please can someone have a look at this as we rely on snip and paste. Thanks, Samuel
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