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  1. samwoo

    Plugin to Asset Manager

    Thanks @James Ainsworth - fanastic additions to be sure, definitely will be keeping an eye out for it.
  2. Hello, As the title states: User with full access to a "Library" cannot read the "Revisions" against the documents within - The user does not have permissions to view the specified document. I have a library which i've allowed full permissions to 4 teams and 2 users (besides myself). I have 4 reports which will be sheduled into this Library: (there are 2 seperate reports, but there are 2 each to be run at different times of the day... I was hoping to be able to schedule 2 reports to run on the same day at different times within the same report... but this is a different issue). I have already created the 2 document which will be where the scheduled reports go to. I have already done a dummy run for these reports so the Documents within the Library are now the correct file type (XLSX). When one of the user's who has "Full" access to the library attempt to read the "Revisions" against the documents, they are presented with an error message: I really hope I don't have to start adding individual users to each of these documents as they come and go and more reports may be required in the future. I think this relates to the issues I raised about the documents in the past, thankfully we are now able to change owners in bulk but not being able to allow Groups to amend or view revisions against document makes it rather tricky to maintain. Is the above a potential issue if the permissions (i hope) cascade down from Library to document level? If not can I request this feature... and can someone provide me with a potential workaround that doesn't involve me adding in users individually one-by-one to each document? Thanks, Samuel
  3. samwoo

    Time Control when setting calls On-hold

    Hello @Steven Boardman, Thanks for getting in touch - one of my colleague has had a go and has come back with the following: To follow on from his last sentence, I know it isn't possible currently. Can we raise this as an enhancment? It's a small thing but has a big impact in their day to day work. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hello, I have no idea what this is supposed to be called so I am going with "Time Control" but not in the context of going backwards or forwards in time... Basically when putting a call on-hold, users are constantly picking up the fact that no-one ever puts a ticket on-hold until (for example) 07:53:22 or 12:11:10. I can see their frustration and have told them that I will ask the following on the forums: Can we have the ability to choose the "types" of times visible when putting calls on-hold... so here are some ideas... I think this should be catalog specific (for example for New Starter requests Appointments are to be made at either Quarter Past, Half Past, Quarter To or O'Clock). A global setting should still apply though, but be overridden by Catalog specific settings where required. 1. Show every minute and every second as we do currently 2. Hide the seconds and show every minute 3. Hide the seconds but show the minutes in increments of 10 4. Hide the seconds but show the minutes in increments of 15 I really hope I am making sense here... so this will then make it easier for example for a call to be put on-hold at sensible times throughout the day for an appointment that has been booked with a customer. The users like to be able to keep the selection, they know they can type in the time but would prefer a quick click dropdown of fewer options to choose from. Wow I really really hope I made sense here, Thanks, Samuel
  5. samwoo

    Branch on Request Type

    Hi @Victor, I'm not having any luck with using the Analyst Request type form via the Portal For each of the fields I have tried various criteria (selectionTypeData, selectionTypeDesc, selectionTypePrefix) CONTAINS = Incident CONTAINS = status.Incident CONTAINS = IN EQUAL TO = Incident EQUAL TO= status.Incident EQUAL TO = IN But no matter what I do it always go down the "No Match" branch. I even changed the "No Match" path to CONTAINS Service Request etc (similar to above). and all I get is an error message "Progressive Capture flow is empty" Can you advise how you got this working? Thanks, Samuel
  6. samwoo

    Data Query doesn't fire Override Flags

    Thank you very much for your help @Miro Samuel
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman, Sure so here are some examples: Computer System Laptops We were using "Current", "Active" and "Retired" states for Laptops - we are now moving to just using "Active" and "Retired" states. We will need to keep some "Current" Substates to be used for other Asset Type, but we don't want them to be visible in the Laptops Asset Type. Active In Stock: Built In Stock: Unbuilt Ready for Collection With Customer Waiting to be returned Under repair Retired Assumed Lost Confirmed Lost To be disposed of Disposed Desktop We were using "Current", "Active" and "Retired" states for Desktops - we are now moving to just using "Active" and "Retired" states. We will need to keep some "Current" Substates to be used for other Asset Type, but we don't want them to be visible in the Desktop Asset Type. Active In Stock: Built In Stock: Unbuilt Waiting to be installed by IT With Customer Waiting to be collected by IT Under repair Retired Stolen To be disposed of Disposed Servers Current Live - Production Live - Development Active In Stock: Built In Stock: Unbuilt Waiting to be installed Patching due Under repair Retired Decommissioned To be disposed of Disposed As you can see we only need certain substates visible for certain types of Assets. There are some we could have "Global" and the others "Type" specific. We really need to prevent users from selecting the wrong Substate hence the reason for this request.
  8. samwoo

    Data Query doesn't fire Override Flags

    Hi @Miro, Just realised from the video that your method will not work as we need to show the additional question in the same form. No matter what I do when trying to use the Override flag based on the value of a "Company" using the Group Picker, the additional question won't show. As a workaround i've created a Static Dropdown List and inputted the 3 Company names into here and it now works. It's going to have to do for now until the Override Flags works with a Group Picker field. As for the "Site" Data Query field, there is no workaround except to read the "ID" of the Selected Site, and not the name. Not ideal if we were to add more "Other" sites, we would still have to manually update the Progressive Capture and add in the additional ID's which I wanted to prevent. Thanks, Samuel
  9. samwoo

    Colourings on the request list

    +1 and yes I think this has been raised before
  10. Same requirements here. +1 then
  11. Hello, I'd like to request the ability to have different substates based on the Class / Type of Assets selected. This should work the same way the Request Substates work per Service / Global etc. I really hope this is an easy addition as we are now having to have different substates for all our different types of Assets and discovered that the settings are currently Global so will make CMDB a tad bit difficult for the moment whilst we change our internal processes. Trying to think of a Workaround for the moment though... Thanks, Samuel
  12. In my case it would be to email relevant managers in IT (for now) of any P1/P2 tickets that have been set part-way through a ticket. I wonder what @dwalby is look for?
  13. samwoo

    PS4 VR

    Oooh your setup sounds amazing, any glorious pics? ☺️ I read up that the Alien Isolation mod(?) for VR has been updated in the last couple of months and made the VR experience so much better. I really wish I had a VR for PC... Just waiting on a good quality one. I haven't had any time to look into any VR games but that is one of the games I would like to get at some point.
  14. Part way through a request outside of BPM? +1 if this already isn't possible.
  15. +1 - definitely would find use being able to change the Type of Asset to choose in the future Asset Picker (as opposed to all assets). Being able to only list Laptops for example will further guarantee that the right options are being selected and mapped to the right fields.