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  1. samwoo

    BPM within linked request

    Hi @James Ainsworth, Is there a way to automatically create a Change Request and attach a BPM to it? In terms of capturing data specifically for the Change Request, maybe a Human Task in the Change BPM can capture all the information required in order for the process to be driven. (as we cannot expect a PCF to be populated due to the process being automated) Is this possible? Thanks, Samuel Cc. @Aaron Summers
  2. Have there been any movement to this conversation @ArmandoDM? I can imagine linking all the assets to be disposed of against a ticket, the at the right part stage, the bpm then loops through all these assets and updates according to the information we specify via the progressive capture. I can also envisage tasks being created individually for each assigned assets too, appearing in the request for the user to action on one-by-one. I hope something like this will be possible. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hi @dwalby, Apologies I did not get back to you sooner. I am glad you managed to find out. It's advisable to test this script using a small number of assets first which I am assuming you have already thought of just to make sure that it does what is expected. I hope it goes well. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Thanks @Victor - hope a resolution can be found quickly.
  5. Hi @James Ainsworth, I admit we could have handled the process for manual request closures better, but the idea is that if someone closes a ticket manually we can identify who is not following the process of resolving a call and letting it close automatically after 37 working hours. It should not be using the weekend since we are using the Service Desk calendar (i have just been informed that it does include the weekend days where it shouldn't be - I will need to investigate this) Prior to the 27th November this entire process was working as it should. We did have a couple of occassions where the analyst closed the ticket manually and it reopened, but it was working properly as we expected it to. We just cannot undertstand why nearly all of our processes are now affected by the issue, especially when the Business Processes haven't been changed. We are now up to 50 tickets that have been reopened out of the blue... the timeline doesn't have anything to show that the ticket has been reopened by anyone... except the following (after 37 hours from being resolved): System Internal Context The status has been set to Open by the Business Process Engine If you look at @Aaron Summers previous screenshot, when the task expires from the decision node, it should be going -> right to close the call. But what it looks like is happen is that when it expires, it fires a "no match" and goes up and reopens the call. Then we start to get into a loop where the analyst resolves the call again and the issue repeats. Thanks, Samuel EDIT Is this issue by any form or another related to the following?:
  6. samwoo

    Outlook add-in for Hornibill

    +1 to this idea. I wonder what else can be done via Outlook...
  7. Hi there, Can someone provide more clarity on what the setting: app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising Actually does? From what it looks like... if a colleague raises a request to a team they are not a part of (and they are not the customer) they automatically become a member of that ticket? Thanks, Samuel
  8. samwoo

    Not Able to Drag and Drop From Outlook

    Ohh +1 if this can work in Chrome
  9. samwoo

    Version only show "Undefined"

    Hi Can I just add to what @Aaron Summers has requested, could we also have an ability to set a maximum number of users we can set against an asset? For example certain software may have a restricted number of licences so if we can set a max. No of user to a field in Asset Details. If empty or not visibld then unlimited users can be assigned to an asset If a number is defined then this is the maximum number of users who can be assigned to an asset. This will go hand in hand with the count of users. For example you might see 20/50 or 45/50. If not defined then you will just see the count. Thanks, Samuel
  10. samwoo

    Service Portal Banner

    @Steven Boardman No problem at all, Hornbill is a solution I'd want to see thrive beyond anything imaginable so whatever I can do to be a part of that, I will try Also wondered what other users thought about this as well? THanks, Samuel
  11. samwoo

    Service Portal Banner

    Forgot to add other points above Hovering over the banner in the Portal will stop the banner from switching to the next one. Taking your mouse off the banner resets the duration Hovering over a title will stop the Portal Banner from switching to the next one Hovering over the title will display a popup containing the full text of the entire title if the title is too long to show in the Portal. Taking your mouse off the title will reset the duration it takes before switching to the next banner Clicking on another title not currently selected will switch to that banner Just chucking around ideas
  12. samwoo

    Service Portal Banner

    Just had a thought about this somewhat. Why not have a new area under Service Manager Services Portfolio for managing Portal Banners? This will then allow users to do various things. Create / Edit / Delete Banners in a single area Create Banners not tied to Services Create / Edit Banners and link them to Services if so required Create / Edit Banners and link them to Catalogs (takes users straight to a form if required) Create / Edit Banners and link them to external sources such as other Web pages or Intranet sites. Additional options would include Include the Banner Title and Banner Content Ability to define an icon against the banner should one need to Ability to only show the Banner in the main Portal or only against the Service or in both areas Ability to re-order banners using drag and drop on the fly to prioritise them (or they can be left alone unordered) Ability to set the duration of the Banner before it switches to the next one in the ordering set. Carry over the current ability to hide shadow, set start and end date etc. Visibility of the Banner can be set to "All", " Service Subscription", "Service Owners", " Organizations", "Roles", " Users" and if we can... set to users who are assigned to specific "Asset Types". The visibility of these wholly depends on then visibility options we choose Any Banners created here will show up in the Banners area against the Services within the Services Portfolio if they are linked. But we should have the following in my opinion for displaying the banner(s). The Banner region on the Portal will be divided into 2 sections and will be device responsive. The left (or right) should be smaller and have a list of Title's of the Banner showing (with the icon if present) in the order specified in the Banners area of the Service Portfolio. The other side will be larger and will show the banner content as we have now. The list will be highlighted with the currently shown Banner and move to the next in the list after a duration (if custom or default). This means that the Banner ordering will be visualize and yet the users will only see the Banners they have visibility of. I hope I explained this clearly. Thanks, Samuel
  13. samwoo

    Last Updated By

    +1 to Alisha's idea
  14. samwoo

    New Starter Issue

    That is correct, we only tested it as ourself none of who are "Basic" users. Thanks, Samuel