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  1. that's great thanks @Victor! I had a few occasions where I wanted to map 2 x responses to the same Custom Field... population of the field was supposed to be based on which direction the customer went in the flow... and I kept getting an error trying to map them. Nice to know this setting exists to bypass that error. I think in the end I used the BPM to map the fields based on the PCF responses. Cheers!
  2. I have just created another FAQ and the issue has appeared for two images - nothing to do with size
  3. Forgot to mention that I'm using Microsoft Edge as this is the main browser.
  4. Good morning, Couple of issues with FAQ's When adding borders against images in the FAQ's via Service Portfolio, they are displayed initially but then disappear after updating/saving the FAQ. The borders do not show in the portals too. and when viewing the Image Properties, the Borders have been set back to 0 (despite setting them to 1). Adding a border Seeing the result I Saved/Updated the FAQ then go back into it to see the border has disappeared The border settings have been reset too I'm
  5. Hi, Are you able to confirm what this setting does?
  6. +1 I do think the action of tagging someone should give them access to the ticket too.
  7. Hi Gerry, I was thinking more along the lines of a read only view that only users with access to Hornbill could see. This would allow the set up of boards used as road maps for upgrades for a particular service for example for visibility purposes or upcoming it projects or downtime that impacts all or parts of the business. An extension of this if the idea is considered and implemented is that it could also be used as widgets on the employee portal and if allowed, users can click on a card to see more details. Similar to the road map the Hornbill customer success portal. The id
  8. +1 if this could be raised as a potential enhancement be done similarly to how public boards work in Trello (minus the commenting on the cards)
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth, We have it and I showed my colleagues it but they are not likely to use it as they manage suppliers in our main finance system. We have started using Power BI for Hornbill so having this information against the assets will be better for us at the moment, as we could use it to highlight Applications going out of support etc. Thanks, Samuel
  10. Good afternoon, I would like to request some additional fields for Software Assets - Support Start Date - Support End Date - Extended Support Start Date - Extended Support End Date We need to be able to specify the Asset Support type... the list should consist of: - Unreleased - Supported - In Extended Support - Out of Support It would be good if the above options could be tied into the Support dates automatically. If a Supplier is attached to an asset, then maybe somehow there could be enhanced functionality, relating to Supplier Contracts updating these fiel
  11. Hello, I would like to request have the possibility of viewing the Asset"s relationship to an entity when linked. Assets can be linked in multiple places (requests,assets,sites I think etc.), so it would be good to have this work the same way as the connections regions when we can define the connection type, in this case it will be to define the asset relationship type (for lack of better wording). For example a customer raising a request to have their laptop replaced, so the old laptop is linked and marked as "To be replaced". When a new laptop is added to the request, it can
  12. Good morning, I would like to request for a Human Task to be highlighted (configurable?) if the task is assigned to the person viewing the request. Becomes (for example)
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