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  1. Hello, The amount of times a user has admittedly forgotten to put a call on hold-on after sending an email or updating a request to await the customer's response has had a huge affect on SLA causing investigations into why these tickets have gone beyond their resolution times. This is admittedly human error across the whole department, but if we can have a tick-box to help this would minimise this issue. I would like to request for there to be a tick-box in the "Email" action against a request. If ticked, once the email is sent, the call is put on-hold. The tick box should be appropriately titled "Awaiting response from Customer". There should be an additional option under the "Sub-Status" area's in the Admin Tool and Service Manager to cater for this setting. We could set a "Global Sub-Status" to auto-set when the tick-box against the "Email" action is ticked, which will put the call on hold for say... 5 working days (or whatever is set up in the configuration). This should be configurable at the Service (or even Catalog) level and override the "Global Sub-Status" on-hold timer. It could even be worth attaching this to the SLA or Service Level as well. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Plugin to Asset Manager

    Thanks Steve! Looking forward to all these improvements! Samuel
  3. Plugin to Asset Manager

    Hi @Steven Boardman, Brilliant, thank you. I'll be keeping an eye out for any announcements on this. In addition, is it possible for the Documents against an asset to be grouped or categorized? And for this to be visible and searchable? For example, similar to how we link requests together using the relationship, it would be good to group documents into categories/relationships such as: "Supporting Documentation" "SDD" "Overview" "Video Guide" and possibly more. This should be customizable. Then when looking at the documents in the assets area we can search based on the type. I can see this functionality extending into other areas such as when linking documents via a ticket. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Plugin to Asset Manager

    Hi, We have a requirement to attach relevant documents to their associated assets... we have overview and supporting documents for a group of Assets (such as Applications) which we urgently need to link together, especially for GDPR. This would also need to be visible in Configuration Manager too. Many thanks, Samuel
  5. Connection and Service Portal visibility

    +1 and if we can set this via the BPM, much more of an improvement. Completely agree, we've already stopped users from emailing and calling to log a request, everyone HAS to log a request via the Portal (except if they cannot or there is a major incident). However other users are unable to see the request if they are a connection (or even if they are in the same team as the customer, but this is another thing entirely) Thanks, Samuel
  6. Line breaks in Bullets

    Thanks @Daniel Dekel, much appreciated
  7. Line breaks in Bullets

    @Daniel Dekel, Sending the email from within a ticket. Thanks, Samuel
  8. Line breaks in Bullets

    @Daniel Dekel, Is it possible for the Wiki Markup Horizontal Rule be converted into a HTML Horizontal Rule when an email is sent? The HR looks good in Hornbill, but when an email is sent with text containing the Wiki-Markup HR, it shows - - - - instead and is a bit of a format-breaker when viewing the email in Hornbill or in Outlook. I haven't tested how the indents look in the Emails though. Many thanks, Samuel
  9. What games do you play?

    I've been waiting for something like that on the PSVR for Alien: Isolation... I have it on the PC and love it! But if we can get VR mode into the PC version then i'm afraid I have no choice but to invest in another VR headset, this time for the pc...
  10. Line breaks in Bullets

    Thanks @Daniel Dekel - looks good already!
  11. Hello, Here is a use case for this query: I couldn't find this thread so will continue any further conversations I was going to have in my thread on here instead. Thanks, Samuel
  12. @James Ainsworth, That is correct - I wonder if it may seem odd that a user could be a member of 20+ teams, but they monitor everything to ensure it's all running smoothly across Hornbill. I will pass on the temporary workaround until you come up with a solution. Many thanks, Samuel