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  1. samwoo

    Updating Linked Requests

    Please add me to this
  2. samwoo

    Variables in progressive capture flow

    Can I also request to have the "Service" name as a variable?
  3. samwoo

    Variables in progressive capture flow

    Can we have the "Telephone" variable added?
  4. Hello, I would like to request the ability to be able to set the user relationship to an asset (if it's a Shared Asset). It should be customizable the same way Linked Requests are. We have a need to know who the Super Users (Team or User(S)) are for each Asset, we also have a need to know who the Primary and Secondary IT Support Person as well (especially for Software assets). I believe I have raised this before as additional fields to be added to the Assets list quite a long time ago now, the above idea may be even more suitable that my original. As a side "addon" task can we have the ability to define the groupings and orders of the User List as well, so we can see clearly in the Asset Summary. Thanks, Samuel Cc:@Aaron Summers ps. Please vote on this idea if you like it or not
  5. samwoo

    PCF link requests option

    We have a requirement for something like this as well, for customers to be able to link tickets by entering the reference number. +1
  6. samwoo

    Software / Contract Management

    +1 It can't be done to the level of extent required. I have raised something like this on the forums before a while ago, however there was not enough traction at the time to make it a discussion point. You have explained it much clearer than I did so hopefully this would help. Thanks, Samuel
  7. samwoo

    Report on first and last email update on requests

    @Steve G Can you clarify what JSON_VALUE does? This looks like something of benefit to us as well so will have to sit down and have a go. Thanks, Samuel
  8. samwoo

    Filter by Asset type in Progressive Capture

    +1 on all mentioned features
  9. samwoo

    Asset Automation ?

    +1 to creating assets via the BPM I cant remember if this was something that came up before and is on the roadmap
  10. samwoo

    Auto assignment of assets

    I 'm following this with interest
  11. samwoo

    Variables in progressive capture flow

    Hello, Apologies for reviving an old thread... I would like to make a couple of requests... It took me a little while to find this post - can the information above be added to the Wiki? Can you advise if there have been any new variables added since this post? Thanks, Samuel
  12. samwoo

    Asset Management: Update Warranty expires date

    ta - thanks @James Ainsworth
  13. You need to go to Service Manager (not in the Admin Tool) -> Service Portfolio -> Priorities and set the colours in there. If you dont see the option to change the colours you will need to do a hard refresh of your Hornbill Instance (CTRL+F5)