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  1. Hi @TrevorHarris, Apologies just seen your message. After 10 minutes of posting this topic, I found out that I was still logged into Hornbill on another session in a separate browser window... so I wasn't suspended, despite the message telling me that I was. Odd. Are you aware of any configuration at your end (Registry settings?) that means you don't have the issue with SSO authentication when navigating from a link via Microsoft Office to a SSO Enabled website? Thanks, Samuel
  2. Hi @Gerry, We haven't had the opportunity to try out ITOM yet due to higher priority work. Are you in a position to explain a little bit about the basic ITOM functionality that will be available to all Hornbill users? Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hello, I'm currently working on the Employee Portal and have been documenting the pages. I put links into my word document and when I clicked on one of them, it took me to the password screen for Hornbill. Thinking that's quite odd as we generally use SSO to log in so I put in my password and my account suddenly got suspended: This is the URL I was using: https://live.hornbill.com/##########/internal/home/?audience=basic Now I, unfortunately, cannot do any more work on the Employee Portal ready for a meeting tomorrow. Can someone tell me what's going on? Why does clic
  4. +1 When that was first introduced, I tried to find a variable and couldn't see one
  5. Hello, Please can I have confirmation of the latest regarding the deadline for the Employee Portal? The information I currently have is that we should all have moved from the Self-Service Portal to the Employee Portal by the 31st December as no guarantee afterwards that any potential new or enhanced PCF functionality will work on the Self-Service Portal afterwards. I thought there was a post about this on the forums but for the life of me, I cannot find it. Thanks, Samuel Wood
  6. Hello, I would like to present the result of a Checkbox into individual lines, but I'm not having any luck. I'm using the String Utilities feature in the BPM but it is replacing the commas with the text I defined, instead of replacing them with the Newline / Linefeed + Carriage Return. The reason I am including the asterisks is because I was hoping it would present the list in bullet points. Please can someone advise? Thanks, Samuel
  7. I'm looking forward to this feature. Will there also be functionality for this within the BPM by any chance? Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hi, Just spotted this extremely old request - @James Ainsworth was this change ever introduced? I cannot find any way to apply an email to a request based on the external reference number with no Hornbill Reference number in the Subject as of current. Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hello, Please can I request an enhancement for the human task BPM to a allow an Outcome to ignore the 100% checklist completion requirement. For example, we don't want to force completion of these checklist items if after logging the request the customer decides to back out of wanting a smartphone. In order to choose the outcome "Not Completed" (we need to rename this to something else or add other outcomes) the users till have to complete the checklist to make it 100% before the button becomes available. Thanks, Samuel
  10. Ooh I can see this being useful when Asset Management comes to the BPM... If someone requests access to an Application and is approved, the licence count could go down by 1.
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