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  1. Adding New Category Profile

    +1 for an enchancement we can create new profiles but I don't think we can set them to be used anywhere else in Hornbill. It would be nice to be able to use this outside of call logging and resolving - such as in the Progressive Capture on the IT Portal, or maybe against an asset for instance.
  2. Skype Integration?

    Hello, Just to bump this up a little - is there an update on this? Many thanks, Samuel
  3. All My Requests customization

    +1000 @James Ainsworth could you add me as an interested party to this as well?
  4. Redirect to another page on logout

    +1 this would be useful
  5. Hello, My colleagues have been querying whether or not it's possible to save an email from within the Request List as draft. They envisage there being an option to save an email they are writing from withing the Request List as draft which they can return to at a later stage. This is particularly helpful in scenario's where someone is working on writing an email related to a ticket and suddenly halfway through the email they need look at another ticket (maybe a P1). Most people don't open new windows or tabs and simply go straight to the request list from a ticket they have open. This results in the email they've written being lost. There have been cases where they've accidently closed their laptop or their battery ran out of charge or the internet connection has dropped as well where this would help. The draft would only re-appear for the user who wrote it, and if they get back to the ticket with a draft email and decide not to use it, they can overwrite it or remove it to clear the draft email. The options around this should be customizable: How long to hold a draft email for before being deleted? An option that will determine... If Draft is ALWAYS on or Save Draft button Can the draft options be set per service (as some could be confidential and must not have draft emails at all for instance) Just a thought. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Can Connections View Requests?

    +100 I think this has been discussed before, but it's not currently possible (yet?)
  7. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    As a starting point though this would be good
  8. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    @Gerry We currently do not use Release Manager aswell as not having a Release Manager in the Business. Everything we do goes through Change Control. I do not think we will ever use it. We have an Applications Team (which I am a member of where Hornbill is one of my primnary Applications) and there is about 6 people providing support for quite a lot more than 30 Applications at least. Each Application is broken down into tiers 1. Business Critical (Super A) 2. Important 3. General We provide Technical Support - so dealing with backend stuff such as Upgrades, running SQL, setting up interface scripts, make changes to the applications for our front-end users, running reports for them, resolving incidents when logged via the Portal, liaising with Suppliers with regards to any queries, dealing with setting up users or doing password resets, licenses etc. There are also Super Users who deal with the Administration side of these Applications (not all have though!) My idea is to have a place where we can hold all the information required about a Product and it's lifecycle for Applications/Products that we support and maintain... we do not create any software though (with the exception of creating processes/ sub-applications? within certain Applications, such as Dynamics 365 (which is done via another team entirely) and CRM). Our Suppliers have set Roadmaps (which could span 2 or 3 years) which will contain information such as... When they expect new releases to come out Whether or not the will be software changes to the server or application such as Oracle Weblogic being updated to the latest version They will have details of when an Application goes out of support and at what version it will go out of support. etc. It will contain details about the new updates / backpatches such as what browsers are supported on each release or what the minimum Java version is required We can use the information above to prepare for changes in the future of the Application, by maybe creating a notification, task or request to flag up things we need to be aware of or do. We would also need to store information about the Application itself which we currently store in a Spreadsheet, but it's hard to maintain a history of any changes to this spreadsheet. (I can send you a sample if you'd like of what information we hold on there). Will the Product Manager cater for a scenario such as this? Please bear in mind that this is just me throwing my ideas around - everyone wants to move away from an excel spreadsheet at some point - I am not expecting this to be a thing though as it's scale would be immense. Does the count of voters on the poll help in this case? Thanks, Samuel
  9. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    Posted my message the same time as you. Thanks @James Ainsworth for bring this to the discussions with your internal team. Cheers
  10. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    @Victor Portal-wise - Very similar yes but maybe with the additional views more akin to a Swimlane or timeline but only showing certain content based on what the Product / Application the Service deals with. We will still need a visual Product / Application management tool in Hornbill, maybe an extension of the Asset Manager also being able to visualise a Roadmap for each Product / Application, with the ability to publish these to the Portal. Is this too much? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Idea: Roadmap Manager app in Hornbill

    I have just found out what this is called "Product Management"
  12. Hello, Apologies - I didn't know where to put this. I was wondering if I could propose an idea for a new Hornbill App - the Hornbill Roadmap Tool. We are currently using Spreadsheet's for product Roadmaps and it is getting very messy. I've looked online and there are other Roadmap tools out there (https://roadmunk.com/ for example - looks good)... but I believe when it comes to internal development (creating brand new software from scratch or making changes existing software) it would be a good idea to have a place outside of the Change Calendar where we can maintain Roadmap - style information for each individual Application. This can be then be linked to the Assets Manager, Service Manager, Project Manager etc and to also be visible on the Portal (with security or without). An example of how I would use this is for one of my main applications that i manage (next to Hornbill) I would like to replicate the Supplier's roadmap information in Hornbill, as well as being able to include my own work on the very same roadmap for this software. I can then ensure that a ticket or task is created when a Major step in the Roadmap is around the corner. This Roadmap can be manipulated so that if i get to that part of the year where i'm expected to have something done by, I can extend or move it to another time. And best of all the user's can see the Roadmap for that particular application against a Service (or another screen) in the IT Portal so they can get an idea of what's upcoming. This is probably overkill and I cant think of how feasible it would be in Hornbill except for it being useful in my case - but there may be plenty of use for it that i've not though about. The Change Calendar is good for changes, but it gets hugely cluttered that it can be difficult to look at certain things at a glance hence the reason for the Roadmap idea. Thanks, Samuel EDIT: Here are the fields we have on the "Spreadsheet" version of the Applications Matrix / Roadmap: Application Name, Notes/Status, Purpose, Department, Owner, Tier, Primary , Secondary, Super User(s), API's Asked, Comments , Current version, Latest Available Version, Date of next upgrade, , Annual support mainenance, Renewal date, Example PO, Account Manager, Wiser Resolver Group, Supplier, Hosted , Current DB server spec, Current App server spec, Current Web server spec, Spec New DB Server, Spec New app server, Confirmed, Overview Document As you can see it's very extensive and hard to maintain... and we lose the history too when it's updated.
  13. Reports - Can you schedule?

    This is awesome stuff! Can the export deal with field formatting? For example if exporting a mobile asset will it be able to retain the '0' in front of the mobile number? Would this also resolve the issue where a field will show as a Scientific Notation, instead this time will show as the actual value? Cheers, Samuel