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  1. Hi Michael, Sorry I forgot to respond to you when you first posted this. Thanks I had planned to look at creating my own solution using the asset import tool or PowerShell behind a GUI instead if there were no updates to this. How did you get on? How about you @Adrian Simpkins? Thanks, Samuel
  2. @Shamaila.Yousaf Hope all is well? I was wondering if you took this query any further or made a different decision with regards to Hornbill + MS Bookings? Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hi, No-one has come back to me about this, but I just wanted to say that this issue appears to be resolved, but not sure from when. We are now able to update User Accounts in Hornbill properly again. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hello, whenever we try to update a user on Hornbill, we get the following error message: looking at the EspApiTransaction log i can see the following: This is happening regardless of the user we are trying to update. Please advise? Thanks, Samuel
  5. +1 @Martyn Houghton! Good for generating P1/P2 alerts and other messages to appear in the notification bell. As additional enhancements requests... (i hope this is ok Martyn?) 1. Allow configuration the notification background colour to be changed 2. Include the ability to add an Icon/Symbol next to it, and to be able to define if that Symbol is a Priority notification 3. Allow the actual bell notification icon to change colour and/or flash the icon or animate if someone has one or more priority notifications
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth, Both would in fact be useful, but in this case I am looking at returning a list of all Computer Assets (for example) but I want to exclude any Assets that are "Shared" from being visible in the list. Similarly I would like to do the same in reverse, to only return Assets that are "Shared". Thanks, Samuel
  7. Hi, This issue is still showing on our system - i know there is a fix on the way (hopefully soon), but I've also discovered this issue showing for another field as well and just wanted to point this out. The Product is also showing the ID instead of the value. Thanks, Samuel
  8. Thanks @James Ainsworth for your response. Hope others see the benefit of shared views in the Assets View. I quoted a part of your post above, I cannot seem to exclude any assets that are "Shared" - any ideas? Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth, The views are great - thanks! Can I just check... 1. Will the ability to share Asset Views be available at some point? 2. Can you advise on how to search (or exclude) assets used by "Shared" users? Thanks, Samuel
  10. having this issue as well, looking forward to the update.
  11. Hello, Has there been any discussion in relation to this idea? Thanks, Samuel
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