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  1. I would expect these to fall under the Software information section, but if a Firmware section can also be added that would be great as I think firmware information can also be captured
  2. If I remember rightly the device name is also a field in Intune, and as Intune doesn't hold Asset Tags, the device name (as well as the IMEI or serial number) is another way to identify a mobile device. I am doing all this for the sake of automating the updates between Hornbill and Intune
  3. The enrolled datetime is used for the date the mobile device was enrolled into Microsoft Intune. The asset could be created and assigned to a user in Hornbill, but they may not have enrolled the device Intune for whatever reason. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi @Martyn Houghton, This will go with what I suggested +1 Thanks, Samuel
  5. +1 if it helps to get this feature done a little bit sooner, even if its 10 minutes sooner
  6. @Stephen.whittle, If you go into the Admin Tool - > Service Manager - > click Entity Browser (or viewer, can't remember off the top of my head the exact name) you should be able to see a list of the tables and columns associated with them with lots of other related info. It's really good, very detailed and has helped me a lot. Thanks, Samuel
  7. +1 though I haven't seen this myself or noticed it, if this does happen it needs to be resolved.
  8. Asset States cannot be managed unfortunately (yet? I think this was something that was requested a couple of years ago, but didn't get much traction) Asset Substates can be managed by going into Asset Manager -> Manage Asset Types and I think there is a tab for Substates? Anyway you choose what Substates go against the current list of States, but you cannot (yet?) Specify which Substates and States are visible per class / asset type. (Not currently logged in to Hornbill to double check, and it's been a while since I ventured into that area) Thanks, Samuel
  9. At the moment there are some fields that can be used, but they are just for information purposes and doesn't do any calculations etc. (Such as calculating how many shared users Vs how many licences available). I raised this with Hornbill before quite a while ago, but it was not something that would have been a priority at that time, especially that they have been working on some exciting new features and functionality. As you have raised this now I would like to +1 for a way to do this to add it as a story. They way I would do it with what Hornbill features currently, if there is a method of grabbing a licence count and other info from with an application via an API, via SQL Connections, via Web Scraping, via SCCM or via a regular CSV export, I would use PowerShell and update Asset Manager using Hornbills PowerShell module. It can then be automated to do daily checks etc. The challenge would be to write all of those individual PowerShell processes for each application and maintain it. You would need to consider scenarios where the connection may go down, or a URL has changed etc. And find ways of catching all of that into a report, or to automatically log an Incident for someone to pick up and manage. In terms of storing keys (if any), this is the trickiest and riskiest thing that need to be thought through, but if there was a Key safe that could be linked to software assets this would provide a viable storage solutions for keys, accounts, licenses etc. It would need to have access control to prevent certain users from viewing these keys. The way we do it currently is very old fashioned and outside of Hornbill, and this is something I would like to address, but do not have the time (or power) currently. I am hoping that ITOM will go a long way to assist with this, so anticipating the release and seeing what I can do with it. Thanks, Samuel
  10. This +++++1 Custom Fields against assets would be a great way to capture information temporarily whilst we request for an official field to be added to the Assets. As I have discovered, 3 months a time to get new fields could be too long, especially if we discover something we need immediately as part of doing some planned work, only to find that Hornbill cannot hold that particular information yet and we have to wait for the next quarter for it to be implemented after requesting it on the forums. Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hello, Any thoughts on this? There was another post that linked to this one with other use cases for the idea. (Trying to find it) Thanks, Samuel
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