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  1. Hi @Miro, Many thanks for this - I will keep an eye out for the release notes. Take Care, Samuel
  2. +1 for this million year old topic (just kidding - but definitely a +1)
  3. Hi @Miro, Thanks for the explanation - that does in fact makes perfect sense, but I am not sure it would work in my case. Basically I need this field to be mandatory - however there is a condition that makes it non-mandatory if the other field is populated... but if I accidentally populate this mandatory field which hides the other field, I cannot clear the value in there. - this was hard to try and explain in words - lets see if pictures do it justice. This is what the form looks like when a user first navigates to it: I need to search for a Joe Bliggs, but being me, I accidentally clicked on Joe Bloggs: I know that Joe Bliggs doesn't exist, but I cannot clear the field where I selected Joe Bloggs by accident: What should happen is there should be an X where I can clear the selection, and this will display the free text fields. When I enter text in the free text fields, the Data Query becomes non-mandatory and is not displayed on the form: Even if the field is Mandatory, we should still have the option to clear it. Maybe there should be another option in the Progressive Capture Flow to allow field to be cleared. I mocked up something using the F12 Developer Tools (see the Allow Clear Field? option at the bottom): Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hello, How does one clear the value in a field that is using a Data Query on the PCF? In this instance we are looking up all users, and if someone accidentally clicks on a user in the list, they cannot clear the selection. We have a condition on two other fields that appears if the Data Query field is blank (assuming the person who is moving isn't actually in the list... which will prompt an investigation as to why they were not in Hornbill) the two fields will allow the user to manually type in a person's name and Email Address. This was tested in both Chrome and IE11 via Service Manager and the Service Portal. This is frustrating users who have to refresh the whole page or go back and start the form again in order to clear the field if they've made a mistake or clicked on the wrong thing. Thanks, Samuel
  5. I thought that might be the case - thanks man you have been a great help - I've learnt from the best Have a good weekend! Samuel
  6. Hi again @Steve G, I remember why I didn't use that method, because I had no idea what queryNames are available - but now checking in the browser's console when doing something on the system, it now makes more sense about what's going on. I am just wondering... are the queryNames documented anywhere? Anyway that worked, and is perfect... exactly what I was looking for... and surprisingly quick at returning result :O Thanks! Samuel
  7. Hi @Steve G, Thanks for this - I will give it a go. I have come across that method but didnt' think to use it instead of entityBrowseRecords2. Cheers, Samuel
  8. The only way it could be done in bulk is via API and using a csv/xlsx file to hold the data you will bulk load (make sure you have checks in place to prevent them from being loaded in again)... or contact Hornbill Support for assistance. But... maybe there could be an enhancement to the Service Portfolio screen that allows bulk upload, but way of downloading a template which can be populated (like you can for assets). I will do a +1 for this as it could be useful. Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hello, Will it ever be possible to included relatedEntityData using entityBrowseRecords2? I'm using PowerShell and struggling to find the best way to combine individual information from the Assets Table and Assets Computer Table. Having relateEntityData would help alleviate that. Any thought's? Thanks, Samuel
  10. I've just done another test - it actually does pick up the latest activity... but if the ticket is on-hold and you send an update it puts the Off-hold status as the latest Content. Hornbill - can I request for there to be another H_content variable that picks up the latest "Timeline" post where h_type = 'Update'? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi, I would like to request the ability to type @Customer in the Update field to mention the current customer of the request. The additional functionality should be that when this update is posted to the request, it should email the customer directly with the contents of that Update box into a variable via a Template. We can then disable to "Update notification email" where required for certain Services. Because there is no time or content checks on this current functionality, the customer keeps getting notifications that their request has been updated... and we could be actively working on these requests and posting updates that doesn't require the Customer to be notified each time. Another use for this functionality could be to automatically set the visibility of the timeline post to Customer as well And yet another use is that when the Customer logs on to the Portal(s), any unread posts with @Customer in it can be highlighted with a different colour to let them know they've not read it. Thanks, Samuel
  12. I hope being able to include the actual last activity (not the previous activity) via a variable within this notification email is possible +1
  13. Hello and Happy New Year! Anyway, whenever I use the link icon against a document that is linked to an external document (ie. SharePoint), I get the following: If this is where document URL's are changed, I have not been able to do so since this was released because of the above issue. Thanks, Samuel
  14. Hi, Have you taken any further discussions internally regarding providing us with the ability to define which entities will be visible by default? Thanks, Samuel
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