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  1. Hi @Paul Alexander, In the DSN field, take out the CN bit and try again. Basically when you specify the CN this is the lowest point of the hierarchy which usually points to a User or Asset record. The lowest level of the DSN should be an OU, so you are in a sense searching for everything in this OU and any Sub-OU's (according to your scope). This is an example from one of my LDAP_Import configs: OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU=####,DC=########,DC=gov,DC=uk Another bit of advice that I found was in the filter, use the following: (&(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person)) This will guarantee only "person" users are being pulled in. But you may have a reason as to why you might not use the above filter. Hope this helps in some way, Samuel
  2. thank @TrevorKillick - will you have the documentation handy by then or should it be relatively simple to pick up? (it sounds like it should be)
  3. Hello, I have created two Task Categories - BAU Tasks - Project Tasks I then created a board in My Activities which contains the following lanes - Project Tasks (Condition: Category -- is -- Project Tasks) - BAU Tasks (Condition: Category -- is -- BAU Tasks) I have created my first Activity (Category = "Project Tasks") and it appropriately slotted itself into the first lane of the board. I then proceeded to add in the checklists for that new Activity and after saving it, the Activity now appears on the BAU Tasks lane alongside the Project Tasks lane... This should not be possible because I have a condition attached to the BAU Tasks lane (Condition: Category -- is -- BAU Tasks)... but the Category of this Activity is "Project Tasks" This may be confusing to read - I apologise... Can someone advise? Samuel
  4. Thanks @trevorharris re. the update. As for the summary not coming across, I have moved the node further down to allow other nodes to run before-hand and it appears to be working now - suprised how quickly the "Add to Card" node runs after a request is created and errors prior to the summary being populated. Thanks for pointing out the other thread in relation to this.
  5. This might not be entirely related (it could be?) Every "new" New Starter Request should now be populating the first lane of New Starter Board. Every single time a new request is raised since I implemented the change, the process errors out. When I go into the BPM Instance to check, all I had to do is simply restart the process for it to carry on... WITHOUT making any changes to the Board Node which is throwing the error. Today... though I thought was no different. I received some like errors like usual but this time simply pressing the Restart Process button doesnt work now. Tweaking the Board node doesn't work at all... I am just simply unable to progress the request. (see the Board Node config in my first post) This is the error message I am now getting when attempting to restart the process: Can someone assist? EDIT So I refreshed the page and tried restarting the process without changing anything in the node... it now works. Can someone look at why I have to manually restart the BPM process in order for Service Manager to generate a card on a Board...
  6. Thanks @TrevorKillick, that sounds like it will work. All I really need to do is extract the Parent OU from a user so it sounds like it should. Cheers. Samuel
  7. Hi @TrevorKillick, I was surprised when I noticed the date I posted this thread... cant believe the time. It's been a couple of weeks so here is a gentle nudge to remind you:
  8. Is anyone able to offer any Wisdom in regards to this issue? Thanks, Samuel
  9. Hello, When a customer chooses a site in the Progressive Capture Custom Form -> Dynamic drop down select box -> Data Query -> Get All Sites... the value that is returned in the request is the Site ID rather than the Site Name. Please can this be looked at as a matter of importance as not everyone has access to the Admin Tool to identify what the Site ID relates to. Thanks, Samuel
  10. @Lyonel I did try this before and it didn't work, but also I didn't notice the following information until after I attempted hence the reason I haven't used the content field in my first screenshot. This usually tells the truth Thanks,
  11. Hello, See attached: See the setup: Is there a reason why the Summary is not being pulled across via the BPM Automated Task to add the request card to a lane? Pressing (i) on the other fields in the automated task states that the fields will be ignored if the Application is set. I assumed the Title field is where the Request summary would be. The other ones you see above were manually moved to the Boards from within the request and correctly populates with the Summary of the ticket. Thanks, Samuel
  12. samwoo

    Version Control on Attachments

    Off-topic: @James Ainsworth Oooooh sneak peak at some new features? :O Curious.... Semi On-topic: I haven't properly tested the Document Manager request action, but I am assuming at the moment the users themselves cannot access any linked Documents via the Self Service Portal?
  13. samwoo

    Inform users when calls are updated

    My apologies @Keith I meant to say an application that sits within the Windows task bar / system tray area on you Windows (or Mac?) Operating System as suggested by @Martyn Houghton which will eliminate the need for any notifications to appear on mobile phones for those who doesn't have one.
  14. samwoo

    Inform users when calls are updated

    I think the idea is that the app is deployed via Group Policy for example and sits in the background so noone will know it's there. Then if an analyst updates a customer's ticket (with the visibility set to Customer), that customer will receive a notification from that app (much like the Windows 10 notifications) that their ticket has been updated. If they click on that notification they get taken straight to the relevant ticket.
  15. samwoo

    Inform users when calls are updated

    +1 to @Martyn Houghton's idea about having a small app that can be deployed. Would be good if this exists and uses the same single-sign on method as Hornbill for all users.