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  1. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone, At a glance, it looks like the "Company" and "Site" criteria need to be moved to the "ANY of these conditions" can match region. From my logic the way it's currently set up it is doing this... But I am assuming you want it to do something like this... Better to test it first, but take my word with a grain of salt, I could be wrong... try putting both the "Company" and "Site" criteria into the "ANY of these conditions can match a try" region. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anyone is able to offer any input into this feature request to allow the prevention of Sub-Status changes from within an Auto-Routing rule? Thanks, Samuel
  3. can I jump on this and also request to have PowerShell showing as well?
  4. Hi @James Bartle, At the moment I do not believe it is currently possible to dynamically capture content from an email. This is something that would also be of benefit for us. What I've discovered recently (I haven't tested it yet) is that you can use the Service Manager email functionality against a routing rule and providing the BPM against the Service or Service/Catalog is specifically for raising tickets via Email (or there is a check for the source of the request), you could potentially have an activity appear in the request which the analyst would complete and have dynamic questions in there to drive the request in the right direction. There will be lots of surprises at the Hornbill INSIGHTS event (I can't wait to find out what they are), and hopefully one of these surprises could relate to what we are looking for. If I am incorrect please could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Samuel
  5. Sadly not it seems, @Lyonel. At least I do not. Whilst I played the last one (not nearly to death) I felt it had a lot of flaws... And I came late to that party (about 2 or 3 years after release) and didn't play it much after about a couple of weeks. I have been following the second one with interest and it does sound good but I've never seen anything that has stood out to make me stop playing PUBG and stop watching Prime/Netflix shows/movies for example. Could you do a sort of mini review on it here? (In addition to your first post) Something like the following... Is it worth the price it's sold at or should we wait for it to be discounted? PC or Console? What do you like about it? Any bugbears you have about the game? Anything else you wish to say about it? Samuel
  6. Hello, I would like to make 3 requests: Can we have Account variables used for Greetings (if I can avoid having to use Custom Fields that would be great)? Currently, in the main email templates, i have the following text: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi <Customer Name>, Text goes here Thanks, <Session User Name>, <Session User Job Title> ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ However quite a few users have said they wanted to use a different Greetings... a couple of people wanted to use "Dear" instead of "Hi", at least 3 people wanted to use "Hello" etc. This also applies to Salutations as well, for example, the word "Thanks" some people wanted to say "Regards" etc. If we could have Greeting and Salutation fields against the user Account which could be defaulted to certain values and allow the user to change it will allow emails to become more personal. This means we could use it as per the next request below... Have Additional Session Variables for the "Site Name" and if the above can be implemented, have "Greeting" and "Salutation" session variables If "Salutation" and "Greeting" variables cannot be added for any reason (or in addition to the above), can we have Session Variables for the Custom Fields?
  7. +1 I know there is the API Scheduler that can be used - not entirely user friendly if this is a realm one hasn't entered before - but usable... but if we had a Hornbill solution this will be far better. Thanks, Samuel
  8. Thanks Bob, The reason I am asking is we have a huge list of templates (we need to tidy up at some point) and it's tricky to scroll up and down the list where our analysts can see every single template, even ones that are primarily used during the BPM. I will see what @James Ainsworth says. Thanks, Samuel EDIT: I just re-read what @Paul Alexander was asking about - having Email Templates based on a Service will work by the sounds of it as well. Just a further thought, could we have an option to specify which parts of Hornbill will use each Email Template? I can envision something like a checkbox available under each email template - [ ] BPM [ ] Request Email (and any other areas that use's email templates) We can then also use this feature to filter the email list as well, as well as filtering the list of templates visible in areas were you can choose them.
  9. Hi, Will we eventually be able to select what people can see in that list in the future? Thanks, Samuel
  10. Hi, I have shown this new version of the Portal to a few people, and they really like it, especially the way the Catalogs look. The feedback is they would like the ability to show a grid on the main Services screen. Is this something that can be easily added and toggleable for other organisations? I mocked something up very quickly in 5 minutes using F12 developer tools... Along those lines? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi @Dan MunnsMunns, That is really helpful and insightful thank you for taking the time to respond. I will have a look properly in more detail when I get to my laptop at work. Re. Our vision and your diagram they look very similar. I can imagine there will be challenges to overcome as one would have to likely have to configure a single Catalog BPM to cater for multiple different scenarios and that is a big piece of work in itself. Do you have different things showing in the portal (what you are doing at the moment) to what you might have showing in Service Manager for your analysts? Thanks, Samuel
  12. Hi @James AinsworthAinsworth, Thank you for taking the time to respond to our queries. We will have a look and try out some of your suggestions. I was wondering for future purposes on the Wiki to explain that selecting a service or catalog when creating a linked request will trigger the BPM attached to them. It may be me but I struggled to find anything on this. Thank you so much, Samuel Edit: I am also assuming the same behaviour here works the same way for Email Routing Rules using the Email Routing setup in Service Manager?
  13. Hi @James Ainsworth, Thanks for getting in touch and having a look at this. Samuel
  14. Hi, Can I just check - if a default BPM is attached to a Service will the Linked Request use this BPM? I cannot see this specified anywhere but I was look at the API to see what it's capable of : https://eurapi.hornbill.com/<INSTANCE_NAME>/xmlmc/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/Incidents?op=logIncident And it says the following in General Description Please can someone confirm? Thanks, Samuel
  15. Hi again, Silly me I put this thread in the wrong part of the forum - should be in Collaboration. Anyway I have finally been able to upload the image I wanted to upload earlier. The colours were added be myself for visual clarity. Thanks, Samuel
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