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  1. +1 - though this may go against what Hornbill are attempting to offer in their product (no code where possible etc.)... however if the option is there for advance users I would most definitely use it.
  2. Hi @SimonSheldon, Thanks for this - It was interesting to look online to find that it's known limitation... but, it doesn't appear to be affecting yourself. I am on Office 365 (the latest version... it auto-updates and I have to restart Office 365 when this happens) and I've got the issue above. Is it likely to be from the ADFS setup on our end that's causing this? Thanks, Samuel
  3. Hello, One our of Project Managers has discovered an issue where if he puts the URL into a Word or Excel document which is a link straight to a Service on the Self Service Portal (ie. https://service.hornbill.com/<instances>/servicemanager/service/38/), and the Portal is set up to use Single Sign-On, it takes us back to the list of Services after Single Sign-On. Quite a few of us tested this (some on Office 2016, others on Office 365) and the same thing occurs. I did some reading up on this, and it is already a known limitation with the Office Products: > https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/899927/you-are-redirected-to-a-logon-page-or-an-error-page-or-you-are-prompte > https://developer.ibm.com/answers/questions/204906/why-does-clicking-on-a-hyperlink-from-micrsosoft-o/ I then tested this with a direct link to a SharePoint page sub page (which is our Intranet), and it worked fine. Curious, I asked someone else to test another Application that uses Single Sign-On via a link in an Office document and the same issue occurs. I was wondering if this is something that is already known at Hornbill, and if there is a way for this to be fixed? There are some workarounds presented on the Website above, but if SharePoint works then I wonder if it's because Single Sign-On redirects to the first main page, rather than the requested page and whether this is something that can be looked at in the future? Replication steps: Log on to the Self Service Portal as normal Navigate to a Service to see the Catalogs Copy the URL to that Service Paste that URL straight into a Word or Excel document (we could only test with Office 2016 and above) Open the URL from the document, you can see it navigates to the Single Sign-On page and takes you straight to the List of Services instead. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hello, It sounds like some sort of Key Detail or Key Information about the client that Michael is looking for. In another system I managed we have these as Key Detail, and using SQL we can flag up an alert if the condition is met and display certain text. For example if someone is deaf, you might need to produce an alert at every screen where this client is linked to, to inform the officer that this person is hearing impaired and can only be contact via SMS or email. Having this embedded in the Custom fields of a client is ok, but it only works if someone is looking for that detail and not everyone checks that. Having an alert popup based on certain criteria would be even better, at the point of logging a call against that customer, as well as from within the ticket. Nice idea @Michael Sharp +1, I can see this being used for various different siutations... Thanks, Samuel
  5. I'd be interested to know if we can use a separate auto value sequence when raising certain types of requests. I know we can create our own auto values but we cannot seem to use them anywhere. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had a look at my query? Thanks, Samuel
  7. Hello Hornbill, I was wondering if Asset Manager will become a separate application to Service Manager, much like you did with the Service Manager Boards and now we have the Board Manager application. This is just a curiosity as I've noticed that anything Asset Manager related has been relatively quiet for quite a while (as in not many updates). Of course I know you have all been busy with other stuff at the same time. I really really hope you are working on (or considering working on) a bespoke application (fingers crossed) because of what you have done so far with everything else in Hornbill, you have done so well, the sky is the limit. Thanks, Samuel
  8. Hi @James AinsworthAinsworth, I have made a PCF that uses these new features, however I ran into the issue where I couldn't specify multiple Asset Types. For example under the software class, we have the following types: business critical applications business important applications business applications Unfortunately because I couldn't return all of these under a single PCF form I had to make all the business applications types use the same asset record state (Asset Status) and all other software types a different one. Please could I request the ability to be able to select multiple Asset Types? Thanks, Samuel
  9. +1 to having folders as @HGrigsby has requested @Will J Douglas, It's more for managers/certain users who may want to go in an run a quick a report, be able to manage/schedule their own reports and not have to see reports for other teams. Basically puts the onus on them to manage their own reporting. Thanks, Samuel
  10. Hi @Bob Dickinson, Just wanted to let you know that I cannot find this information anywhere on the Wiki - can you assist? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Thanks James, I look forward to this.
  12. Hi @James AinsworthAinsworthAinsworthAinsworth, Many thanks for this. We are currently storing the display name of the team, though I could understand if the team name changes it could have an impact on being able to reassign the ticket. If there could be an ability to check if the assign to team using variable has failed I could branch off to re-assign to a default team using ID. Thanks again, Samuel
  13. As we have a couple of other teams outside of IT using Hornbill, they need to be able to do twmheir own reporting. Could we have the ability to specify which reports can be run and which reports can be editted based on roles? In addition to this could we also restrict visibility to certain reports as well as access to reports based on roles. Whilst we could have generic reports, the reports can be accessed and amended by anyone with the Service Manager Reporting role. If this is already possible, then I apologise as I must be missing something. Thanks, Samuel
  14. @Will J Douglas, I tend to find using the equal to operator (==) very tricky to manage, and I am not sure why. In cases like these I would always use contains operator, and just use the word "change" It would look something like: Request Type contains (the word) change I wont say that this will work though (but it could do?), you could give it a try. No doubt @Victor will come up with a much better answer though. This Sith Lord has the power to everything. Thanks, Samuel
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