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  1. Hello, Some Business Processes in Hornbill sends an email to relevant teams, containing the details of a ticket, such as the description. A lot of tickets has Wiki-Markup in the description in order to make it readable to the user via the Service Manager. Using the Custom Fields is out of the question in some cases due to how much data is required against a ticket, which exceeds the amount of Custom Fields that are available. In the following example, the answers to some of the questions from a New Starter Request will appear in the description of the request, where each part is highlighted bold in Wiki-Markup followed by the answer provided from the forms. An email is then sent to the Business should the New Starter requires acess to an Application that we do not manage.The problem is that the description includes the Wiki Markup codes. This is what the email looks like once it's sent. As you can see, some of the text in the body should be BOLD, as shown in the actual ticket. Is it possible prior to the BPM sending an email, to automatically convert any Wiki Markup into actual formatting? Thanks, Samuel
  2. Minor frustration with UI

    +1 This happens to me mainly when I have about 10 nodes or more on the same screen, the performance of the stage is decreased and causes the issue you mentioned... but there have been a couple of times i've seen this happen with only a few nodes on the screen. I'm used to this issue though it can get a bit annoying, I mainly whisper any NSFW comments, however I might pick up my mouse and "accidentally" drop it from a few centimeters high lol. It may be dependent on how many nodes there are in the entire Business Process / Progressive Capture and how complex they are, as well as your system / browser performance. Can someone from Hornbill confirm what may be causing the performance drops? Thanks, Samuel
  3. Users Asset Details in the Portal

  4. FAQ searching for more than one word

    Hi @Steven Boardman, Thank you for the update As with any new major feature, spending more time on it is better than rushing a release so we are very much looking forward to it when it is. Many thanks - have a good day, Samuel
  5. FAQ searching for more than one word

    Hello, How is the progress for getting the Knowledge Center showing in the Progressive Capture? Many thanks, Samuel
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth, Many thanks for the update. I will keep an eye out for this. Will this take users to a new page or show the popup on top of the request? Many thanks, Samuel
  7. Hornbill CSV Asset Import

    Hi @Steve G, Apologies I think i clicked on the wrong download link in the first place, and many thanks for looking into the Location Type issue that we had. Many thanks, Samuel
  8. Hello, We have come across some issues with the Hornbill CSV Asset Importer: The latest version of the CSV Asset Importer doesn't have the .exe files in there. I had to use the previous version. The "Location Type" field we originally populated this with a value of "Physical" and it failed with an error. I found out that it should be " 0 " for Physical. When using this, it imports successfully but the "Location Type" field is left blank. Does this mean the "Location" needs to be populated as well? We are othewise really impressed with how easy it is to use this tool - thank you. Cheers, Samuel
  9. Oh i forgot to mention that if I put a Hookbin URL (which is like Requestbin which seems to be down at the moment) in the Webhook URL, it works by showing me the details of the Asset that was updated. (https://hookbin.com/bin/)
  10. Hello, Has anyone managed to get the Webhooks working with Microsoft Flow in Office 365? In Hornbill, as a test I am using the Event source Entity : Asset : Updated with the URL pointing to HTTP request in a custom flow on Office 365. In Microsoft Flow, I have an Action Trigger set up, which auto generates a HTTP POST URL after creation (which is what I copied to the Webhook event in Hornbill) I am assuming this is the correct Request Body JSON Schema to start with (in Microsoft Flow): { "type": "object", "properties": { "record": { "type": "object", "properties": { "h_pk_asset_id": { "type": "string" }, "h_last_updated": { "type": "string" }, "h_owned_by": { "type": "string" }, "h_owned_by_name": { "type": "string" } } } } } Following this Action Trigger, i have an action afterwards which should send an email to me with the above strings. Whenever I update an asset in Hornbill, i keep getting the Webhook's 401 error in the Hornbill event log which I am assuming is because I don't have Authentication to connect to the flow in Microsoft Flow from Hornbill. So I attempted to set up a Key to connect to the Office 365 and Microsoft Flow... but it wont let me connect to the Service (presumably because we have Multi-Factor Authentication set up, as well as Single-Sign on). Can someone advise on how I might be able to go about doing this? I might be getting the wrong end of the stick here. Many thanks, Samuel
  11. if i'm not already an interested party - could you add me +1
  12. Email Routing - Attachments

    Hello, Sorry to revive such an old thread but I am needing to attach files to a new ticket that has been created via the Email Routing option... it's a very specific email that comes over with 3 files every night so would need these files to be attached to the call. There are no hidden attachments (signatures, images) in the email except for these 3 files. Can you advise if this is now possible to do? Or has development not started on this yet (understanding that other things can be a higher priority) Cheers, Samuel
  13. Hi @TrevorKillick, No worries at all - we have a change freeze in place mid-december to early January too, so completely understand that this may not be incorporated any time soon, but it gives the guy who does the New Starter Requests something to look forward to Many thanks for all your hard work, Samuel
  14. @Victor, Sorry to bother you again about this, my colleague who does the New Starter Requests was wondering if you might have an ETA on a fix? Is it someone that could be resolved fairly soon or is it a way off? thanks, Samuel
  15. Auto-Chase Requests

    What a fantastic idea!!! ++++++1 Like having an action set, where we can define actions that can occur when a sub-status is set