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  1. Also the colour of the Domains font in the Employee Portal makes it a bit too hard to read (latest version of Edge) Also in the My Services view -> clicking the down arrow to expand the catalogs - if the Catalog name is fairly long, the text doesn't align properly:
  2. A lot of us (myself included) uses a laptop where the screen size is 1366 x 768 which when used with the 14px font means we don't have a lot of information on our screen. We do use monitors but there are occasions where we might not be able to or might need the bigger screen for the work we need to do outside of Hornbill. I use all the columns that I've defined, but now, unfortunately, I need to scroll left/right a lot more to see the information that I usually have in front of me. I have temporarily zoomed out of my browser to 80% which gives me the view that suits my needs for the moment when I have Hornbill on my laptop screen. However, despite not seeing as much information on the screen currently at 100% zoom (on my laptop screen), I do feel that it's clearer and easier to read. It does look really nice on a larger screen though at 100% zoom.
  3. This wasn't noticeably clear to me, but I eventually discovered where they are... by clicking on the orange star. Not sure why it didn't tick with me that this is the favourites area... in fact, I'm not sure why I didnt notice it until about 10 minutes ago. I like that you can drag and drop to reorder them as you could previously.
  4. +1 I really like it, however my current gripe with it is that the default font size is too big at 14px (for me anyway) and I feel that I am seeing less on screen than I am used to. I think it would be good if we have some control of it. Maybe there could be something in the user settings area that will allow users to choose their preferred font size for Hornbill? Could hornbill adopt the em scale, would that give more flexibility over the size of the fonts?
  5. Good afternoon, I would like to request that include links in the Searches on the Employee Portal. We have been using Links instead of My Services as we feel they look better and gives us a bit more freedom about what we can include, such as having a link to another portal, or links to a SharePoint page sitting alongside links to our Services. It is harder to maintain, but it's a price worth paying for a better user experience. In fact, I've seen others on the forums also doing the same thing. I would like to request to allow links to be searchable on the Employee Portal search boxes. If a Search Widget is linked to a domain, then it should return links created in that domain. Links being searchable by default can be enabled or disabled using a global setting The links themselves can be set to be searchable or not when creating/updating them, this means we can have some links visible in search and others not. The global setting will be used to set the setting for the individual link unless changed manually. For info, we haven't yet gone LIVE with the Employee Portal due to other commitments and other projects. Here is an example of the Links Widget being used for Services and a link to an external Portal (please ignore the duplicate Printers link as I was doing some testing) Here is what it could look like in the Search. In my fake scenario below, the other links above are not Searchable, but as they are linked to Services from the Services Portfolio, they can be found under the Service tab already if they are searched on. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Holy... Woah. Last year, I downloaded Elite Dangerous from Epic Games (it was free for a limited time) and had a blast with it using the Oculus VR... but I haven't played it in a while and had no idea about this one!! I'm hoping it supports virtual reality! So, after seeing the game trailer, I'm slightly doubting what you've said LOL.
  7. Ah gotcha - thanks for the clarification @Victor - sounds good!
  8. Thanks @Victor - sounds promising. So, it sounds like something we can create and manage outside the BPM but invoked within the BPM, meaning it can be reused multiple times, but if changes need to be made, it can be done once.
  9. Good afternoon, When using the Solutions functionality, you have the following options: When use Accept Solution, it should mark the FAQ as the solution... and copy the contents to the Resolution box. The latter works, but the former doesn't... When using in the past, I seem to remember it is supposed to mark the FAQ as green with a tick, but now the FAQ just stays in the list as if it hasn't been marked as the solution. Here is an example of an FAQ that was Accepted as a solution... this is the contents of the resolution field (which looks weird without the images... and really no good to the customer) If you look at the Solutions tab, you can see the only FAQ in that list... but showing up as if it hasn't been marked You can see evidence of this here too when you click the Not the solution button: Please can this be investigated? Thanks, Samuel
  10. Did this get any further? It looks weird having big spaces where images used to sit in the FAQ and the text references what's in the images that are not there.
  11. Hello, Someone else has been having this issue with the FAQ formatting after going back in to edit. Please can someone have a look? The images are still visible in the Portals and Service Desk, but are just not showing up in the FAQ box when it comes to editing. Thanks, Samuel
  12. that's great thanks @Victor! I had a few occasions where I wanted to map 2 x responses to the same Custom Field... population of the field was supposed to be based on which direction the customer went in the flow... and I kept getting an error trying to map them. Nice to know this setting exists to bypass that error. I think in the end I used the BPM to map the fields based on the PCF responses. Cheers!
  13. I have just created another FAQ and the issue has appeared for two images - nothing to do with size
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