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  1. +1, however it would be good if we could manage section ourselves and put our own links here (for basic users only)
  2. Can we also have the option put this a linked requests on-hold? this feature could be enabled within the sub-status configuration as not every sub-status should allow bulk on-Hold actions. +1 for the other options too
  3. this would be good for the Employee Portal too, to allow visibility of service-wide IT projects for our internal customers (at a high level) +1 if there is a story for this
  4. Hi @Jonny and all, I was wondering if you could provide a bit of information on how you got this working. I am trying to use updateAsset2 API and have the following function that should allow me to do what I need it to do: function Update-HB-Asset2 { [CmdletBinding()] param ( # The ID of the Asset that will be updated [Parameter(Mandatory=$true,ValueFromPipeline=$true)] [Int] $asset_ID, # The Class of the Asset that will be updated # (computer, software, software, computerPeripheral, mobileDevice, networkDevice, printer and telec
  5. Thanks, yeah, I wondered when it was turned on as I recognise that setting from a while ago - just a shame that there is no audit trail for any of the settings (that I can see).
  6. Hi @Victor, I have disabled the setting and carried out a search, and finally received results. Other colleagues have checked, and the search is working fine now. Was there something in last night's ESP update that conflicted with this setting? Cheers for promptly providing a solution. Thanks, Samuel
  7. thanks @Victor, and thanks @JonNutt for reporting this for us promptly
  8. Ah brilliant - thanks for confirming - so has anything changed that caused this to happen? The Change Request PCF hasn't changed for a while.
  9. Hi Victor, I did - yes - but I didnt make that field mandatory nor did I made it visible. When I saw that non-visible field, I deleted it straight away and was about to test it but got called into a meeting and forget about it. For reference, it was a Static Checkbox field with only 1 option that was never used. Looks like it's fixed. Thanks, Samuel
  10. Morning, We are getting the following error when logging a Change Request via Service Manager: Is this related? This was reported to me this morning. Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hello again, Some more! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15. The button that takes users back to the Employee Portal homepage keeps getting missed by users not realising it's there... no matter what I cange the text to. I currently haveit set to this (using a
  12. Hello, Has anyone at Hornbill had a chance to look at this? Thanks, Samuel
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