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  1. We noticed this morning at around 09:30 that several emails were received into our shared mailbox but the time stamps were from varied times throughout yesterday and early this morning. We checked with our IT team and they couldn't locate any issues on our end as to why this happened or what possibly held them up. Is anyone aware of any issues at the moment that may have caused this or how we avoid it happening again?
  2. Hi Ryan, Any update on this? Still having the same issues with the dashboard displaying the incorrect timing. This should actually show as an hour ahead from what they are currently displaying. For example as I check it just now the first reference is saying 08:12:16 but should be 09:12:16. It works to the correct time but shows an hour behind. https://live.hornbill.com/gsaservicedesk/admin/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/advanced-analytics/dashboards/33/ Thanks Euan
  3. Hi Ryan, Still getting the same issue, We also have this when exporting the data. For example if we raise something on the system at 09:00 it will show as 08:00 when exported? Thanks Euan
  4. I believe the column is (H_fixby) Thanks Euan
  5. Hi All, This is an issues we have been having for a very long time but need to get the times to match up now. I have raised on the forum before but wasn't able to get a solution. When the clocks change it always knocks the Hornbill system timings off as you will see from the attached picture of one of our widgets. This particular widget shows references that are due to fail in the next hour but you will see from the bottom of the screen the time is 10:21 so the widget should say that the breach time is 10:35 but instead its an hour behind so says its due to breach at 09:35 which has already past. The times only seem to be out on the reporting side as when you log a call for example at 10 o'clock this will show correctly in the log as being raised at that time and not an hour behind. however if you export the log to excel format this will then be an hour behind again. Is anyone else having these issues and is there a work around as we use the widgets live on screens throughout the office each day so doesn't look great when the times are from the previous hour.
  6. Hi David, I have manually changed these all to GSA now and it looks like it is all working. how could something like this just change overnight so we can avoid this going forward as this has put us massively on the back foot this morning but was just a setting change? Appreciate the support getting this resolved this morning! Thank you! Euan
  7. Just to add to this, we can create new requests its just the function to apply an email to an existing request that is no longer working correctly. This seems to just have been an issue from around 07:30 this morning.
  8. Hi David, Thanks for suggesting the above, it wont let me edit this to 3 unfortunately?
  9. See attached, I think this is what your looking for?
  10. Hi Steve, Please see below snip, the apply button works as normal and sometimes you will get suggestions like shown on the snip also but the relevant ID you want to apply to wont show.
  11. I know this was an issue previously on the new UI where the apply button wouldn't appear but like you say, this time the option to apply the request appears however the relevant request ID wont show.
  12. Thanks David, the reply function has been activated and appears to be working as normal again. Will look out for the "apply to email" resolve later this week.
  13. We encounter the below problem every time the clocks change when it comes to our automated reports that have been created. It seems like the system clocks fall out of sync and then all automated reports shift by an hour. Is there a way to amend the system time to match and avoid having to manually update all the reports individually? Essentially for 6 months of the year we have the times out by an hour but not something we have previously been able to resolve. Thanks Euan
  14. Is there any update on the above issues raised? These are still ongoing and I haven't seen any other posts with a resolve for this.
  15. We have had ongoing issues with the new UI and I don't yet see any updates or fixes. The main issue is when replying to a message you cant see the email trail, the only time you can see the trail is when you forward the message and you have to manually copy in all the email addresses again. This has become massively time consuming and i thought there would have been a fix by now? We are also noticing that when you are applying an email to a request in some cases that you cant see the most recent update that you are applying but will be able to see the rest of the email trail. Not having the relevant email in the log trail makes it extremely difficult to follow so hoping this is something that is fixed ASAP. Any support is appreciated.
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