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  1. This could be something that might help with a report I will be looking at generating soon too. I will have a look at what I can work out, using what Amy has mentioned above as a starting point
  2. I know this thread is a few years old, but stumbled across it when looking for something else. I have raised on another thread, about having an audible, or visible tab notification for an update to a chat, once one is in progress. Has this been progressed further since @Alex8000 raised it above? @TrevorKillick Many thanks
  3. Hi @AndyG, I upload each image as needed using the image button, and selecting it from my machine, see below: I've done this on a couple now, where I've added or replaced an image and it then causes the FAQ to not become visible to people, even though it is published and visible to the relevant audiences. I'll give it another go, and will post an update shortly. I've a job already logged with Hornbill Support, so will send the HTML link to the FAQ's I've got problem with via e-mail to the job, so you can see it there too. Thanks Emily
  4. +1 - Like this idea, as currently missing mentions in jobs!
  5. Along with this, is there the possibility of having an audible chat notification? With lots of teams notifications/email notifications/softphone notifications going off, it can be hard to spot the Hornbill chat notification too.
  6. Hi @AndyG, I'm finding a similar issue today with an FAQ. I created it and went in to add some images that were missing - they were a .png. Uploaded them, but then when going back to check the FAQ from the portal home page, the article doesn't appear at all. Have tried changing it to draft then back to published, but no joy. Creating it again as a new FAQ it works, but when go to add in the images in .png or.jpg it just disappears and shows a completley blank page. Other previously made FAQ's appear fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  7. As I was writing the above, I had the idea based from another conditional date setting, that could delay the time they could chose by a period of time, by setting it as an override. For example, we have a 2 or 5 day lead time on certain types of changes, before they can be implemented from the time they are raised. We are able to delay the first day they can select by using an override, as in the below image: I'm looking at setting a delay in the date range on an end date field settings to be 5.04 (0.04 is a 1/24th i.e. 1 hour in decimal form) so that the earliest end date they can select is an hour after the start date. I'm just not sure what I would need to put in the 'If The Following Is True' section to get it validate/work.
  8. +1 - We're finding similar with our change requests. At present, change raisers are able to select the start of their change on say, for example, the 3rd September, and the planned end date of the change is the 2nd September, for example.
  9. Hi, This is possibly something I was thinking about, but more of a stockroom type thing for hardware loans, that would link up to a request form. This would help save time and the use of a spreadsheet, while provide end users live time availability of kit they could borrow from us. I'd be interested if it's on a road map at all, or if there's already a way of doing it. Many thanks
  10. +1 from us on the Change front too. It's something a lot of our change raisers have mentioned since implementation, as our form can be quiet lengthy.
  11. Hello, I'm struggling with the use of anchors within a FAQ. The FAQ in question was copied over from elsewhere with anchors in, which worked in the last place, and will go back to the old place when clicked from the new FAQ. I've tried updating the 'contents' area and with the name of the anchor from within the document, but it's not taking me to that part of the document when clicked. I've checked my understanding via google, and what I can see in the source code appears to be right. I've tried creating a new FAQ with anchors in to see if it's because it's an existing FAQ and I'm not getting very far with it either. I use the anchor option at the top of the window, and it still won't jump down to another part of the same document. I even tried using the source code to no avail either. Does anyone have any idea on how I can get the anchors to work as expected please? Or has anyone else experienced this issue? Thank you
  12. I would be interested in this when something has been worked out. Thank you @James Ainsworth
  13. I would like to know too, as have members across two teams, and it's the secondary team that they are in that an auto assigning of ticket go to. The secondary team is first alphabetically too. Is there some code that needs to be tweaked for this, or is this something that can be added as a development, for people to chose an option when setting up queues etc?
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