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  1. @Chaz no delegation or reassignment, but the "advanced task completer" is turn on (and has been since it was made available)
  2. @Steven Boardman that is much better now Thank you
  3. @Chaz I have been made aware of a scenario similar (I believe) to what Dan reported. In one of our BPM, we have an "Approval" task. Before, only the assignee could complete the approval task. But recently, any analyst seem to be able to.
  4. @Steven Boardman Yeah... validation against that would not be a bad idea I have already learnt this lesson the hard way
  5. That's why... Sorry I missed that If people see this post and wonder where to look for documentation: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Capture_Task_Fields
  6. @Steven Boardman am I doing something wrong? I don't seem to have the "Capture outcome fields" available to me... Which is probably why I asked the question in the first place to be honest.
  7. @Steven Boardman the problem is that at the time of the PC, I don't know who will be the project manager... That's why I need to set it during the BPM
  8. Thank you @Steven Boardman Happy to help
  9. Nevermind. It is working today... Don't understand why, but it works Once I noticed is the name of the project is not applied to the hyperlink. It's like it does not quite pick it up as a hornbill project entity? Am I doing something wrong? Or is my expectation at fault?
  10. So nobody plays this game?
  11. @Malcolm just "follow" the ticket. You need to do it manually for each ticket
  12. @Paul Alexander Try setting up the log level to debug Then share the section of the log file just before the error is thrown? In my experience, this helps a bit. Also, query the Active Directory using SQL or Powershell to see what is returned programmatically for this particular user.
  13. What's the name of the person in the Active Directory? I think the problem comes from the field extracted from the AD that you mapped to the field Name in Hornbill. Pretty sure it is empty
  14. In one of my progressive captures, I need the user to select one or many divisions (as defined in the organisation data). To do so, I created a custom form an setup the field as such: So far so good. The problem is the render on the screen when logging the request... It looks 100% fine for a single value, but it is not looking good at all (in my opinion) for a multiple select configuration: Is that something that you could maybe improve? I think the list should be at least 4 or 5 rows high when "Allow multiple items to be selected" is ticked. Something like this:
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