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  1. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Dan Munns the percentage of Email is quite impressive I have to admit! Just out of interest, why do you have such big chunk under "Analyst"? Is that because the customer phones?
  2. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Gerry, @Patrick Bolger I do not disagree with any of what you said! And I wish we could stop emails altogether but it will never happen in my company. So, given a bad situation, I am trying my best to use Hornbill and convince users to log calls themselves, go onto the service portal, provide feedback, etc. Having the option to resolve a Service Request with a FAQ entry would considerably enhance this communication strategy (my only option here as I can't remove emails at all) as it would literally force the user to realise the information was already available to him/her. Of course, the template for emails is extremely helpful for this communication strategy and I am planning on a new "marketing campaign" to promote the service portal. @Gerry if emails were down for 2 days, most people in the IT department would get the sack! that's why we moved to Office 365, so that it does not happen (or if it does, not really anything we can do about it). Joking aside, if emails were down for more than a couple hours, it would be "the end of the world" for top management (and almost "holidays" for everybody else as we could actually focus on our jobs instead of emails)
  3. Searching Requests

    Although I did post earlier and tried helping out, I have to admit I am also frustrated with the search engine on the platform. I too have similar issues like the ones mentioned by @chrisnutt and @nasimg
  4. Searching Requests

    Have a look at this Wiki Page: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Global_Search_for_Requests If you want to narrow down your research, you can use the advanced filters by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side of the textbox: It will display advanced filtering options. Requests are sorted by request type, then date logged I believe (albeit I could be wrong about the sorting order).
  5. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Gerry there is no way to force them to use the portal unfortunately... So we will always have the "email" problem. I think you will find the same problem in many private companies that are in the manufacturing industry, where our customers are actually people working for that company.
  6. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Steven Boardman yes exactly! HOWEVER do not underestimate the love of users for emails... I mean, despite our best efforts, this is the history of calls per source type: In average, 72.25% of the calls are logged by emails. Another 18.92% is raised directly by analysts (most of the time on behalf of users). So we are talking about 90 % of our calls logged by IT staff rather than users themselves. 8.74% of calls in average are logged via the self service portal. No matter how clever your system is, if the user does not go onto the service portal, we still have to log the request... Hence why such feature on Service Request as well as Incidents would be incredibly useful
  7. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Steven Boardman the new development sounds promising! In our case, we could use the same functionality for Service Request when it comes to "access request" to a system. Some of our systems have access control managed by business users (e.g. NOT I.T people) and we do not deal with that. But our dear users just don't care... So we want to log the request (as a Service Request) and then close it pretty much instantly using an existing FAQ. We could also use it a lot for "training" end users with recurring questions (for example: how can I change my telephone number in my email signature?). Indeed, for most of them we have a FAQ available. Bottom line is what you did with Incidents is really good! So why not expand it to Service Requests too?
  8. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Steven Boardman thanks for the additional info. However it does not really answer my question... We would like to resolve a Service Request by using a FAQ (just like you would with an Incident). Is that not possible at all? If so, is there any particular reason? Documents are OK, but we need to use FAQs so that our end users get used to the service portal. No need for a full document... A simple FAQ does the trick.
  9. Hi, I have a question regarding a recent functionality in Service Manager: This is really cool! My question: does it only work with Incidents? Am I missing something? A setting somewhere maybe? If not, is there any particular reason why we cannot use it against Service Requests? It would be incredibly useful for us if we could... Thanks!
  10. Publishing Dashboards

    @David_Wilson to answer your question: YES you need to use a license for a user to consult dashboards. It is NOT part of the basic user model...
  11. Icons - The lost Scroll

    @Dan Munns you probably already know this but just in case (also could help new people): until they fix the scroll / pager mechanism, you can look for the right keyword to type by browsing icons here: http://fontawesome.io/icons/ It certainly helps me quite a lot
  12. Thanks @James Ainsworth! I totally overlooked the "email" option in the Service Desk admin menu...
  13. Attach email error

    Me too Clearing the text from the email chain and just keeping the latest message seems to work for us too. But as you said @Victor (or tried to )there is maybe an underlying issue here.
  14. Note: I did read the wiki on routing rule template but I don't really find it useful for knowing where to start https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Routing_Rules https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Routing_Rule_Templates
  15. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to post to a workspace directly when receiving an email, without going through logging a request and using a BPM? Something like: - Application: "Hornbill Collaboration" - Operation: "Post to workspace" - Workspace: XYZ Or do I have to raise a new request with a specific BPM? If so, what is "Routing Rule Template" and where do you set it up? Thanks in advance for any help.