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  1. Lyonel

    "is not" condition in view filters

    Thank you @Conor and team!
  2. Lyonel

    "is not" condition in view filters

    @Conor looking at "member" field. I think the idea of my colleague is to select a list of requests where she is not a member but the service is <list of services>...
  3. Hi, Is there a reason why "is not" does not exist as a possible filter? Would it be possible to add? Thanks!
  4. Lyonel

    Post visibility meaning?

    Thanks @TrevorKillick !!! I tried to look in the api documentation, but totally forgot about the hidden "_types" section!
  5. Lyonel

    Post visibility meaning?

    Hi, I have a need to report on posts made on timelines. What is the meaning of the number displayed in the table? SELECT distinct h_visibility FROM h_buz_activities I am looking for a rough translation... I looked on the wiki but could not find anything. 1 10 20 30 35 50 100 Thank you in advance
  6. Lyonel

    Request List - Feeback Star Rating Column

    @Martyn Houghton you can already do charts against ratings: that being said, +1 for having "Rating" column available in the request list!
  7. Lyonel

    Follower vs member

    @HHH nobody knows when you follow a request The only difference in my opinion & experience is that "following" allows you to be notified of any update on a request (notifications + News feed) but you do not have any active role in the resolution of the request. As a "member" you have an active role, visible to all. As a team leader, I use the "follow" feature a lot on key / critical requests. It allows me to monitor & control the progress on a real-time basis but not be involved in its resolution. As a technical expert, I add myself as "member" when I need to intervene / help my colleagues on a request. In summary, the difference is: - Follow => Keep on eye on it but don't touch - Member => Keep an eye & intervene / help out That's just my 2 cents
  8. Lyonel

    Requirement: Dependencies

    @AlexTumber yes I noticed that after posting my comment
  9. Lyonel

    Requirement: Dependencies

    +1 Again, mentioned that in another thread too. This is what I would call the "Issues / defects" list
  10. Lyonel

    Lessons learnt

    +1 I mentioned that briefly in a separate thread:
  11. @Victor all good for us after your post:
  12. Lyonel

    Email Templates - Session Variables

    It is now live and working Just tried it this morning
  13. @Keith try asking users to log out and back in again. We experienced similar issues until 10 minutes ago when @Victor informed us they were working on fixing the issues. After that all went back to normal.
  14. @Victor yes Emails, BPMs are working again