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  1. @Keith Good question! I actually wanted to do that for a while but never got round to actually doing it... But because it's you and I have a similar need, but mainly because things have evolved and so has my knowledge in Hornbill, here is what you need: Note: if you alias your tables, make sure you update the table name in the "concat" function Hope this answers your need?
  2. Lyonel

    UI issues on medium screen devices (iPad)

    @Daniel Dekel iPad 9.7" using Google Chrome App
  3. Lyonel

    App Evaluation

    200% with you on this one
  4. Lyonel

    App Evaluation

    I would love something like that! Bear in mind @Keith you can always play with the demo instance. It's not perfect when you want to demo an app within your organisation, but at least it lets you play with the whole system.
  5. @samwoo try "Content" = request details > summary instead of value "Auto" ?
  6. Hi, I was playing around in the app, trying to test it, when I came across a minor UI issue: after "deleting" a card from a lane, using the "bin" lane, the badges on the filters at the top did not refresh. After dropping my cards: I only have 1 card on the board (the one displayed) After a screen refresh (F5): The badges are updated with the correct count. Just wanted to let you know.
  7. Lyonel

    Adding a picture?

    Thanks @trevorharris. Just wanting to be a pain here... Is it possible to maybe have it as part of the content too? Or would that be too complex?
  8. Lyonel

    UI issues on iPad

    Using chrome app by the way
  9. Lyonel

    UI issues on iPad

    Just tapping on a card (I was trying to move it lane): can’t get out of this state without reloading... tapping on fit to screen works within the container as expected, but the container does not resize properly. also moving cards from one lane to another is either not working or not intuitive. Shame because it is actually looking really good on iPad! I could easily sell this to my managers when working 100% on iPad
  10. Search bar is not covering the text of the logo (out of position?) and icons for email (and workspaces when I have new updates) not displayed
  11. Lyonel

    View - add Ticket summary

  12. @James Ainsworth thanks for the notification I noticed it already and making great use of it! That is a definite improvement for us. Thank you for that
  13. Lyonel

    In App Dashboards

    Perfect for the World Cup @Victor
  14. Lyonel

    In App Dashboards

    @chriscorcoran using a big TV in the office, or taking screenshots and sending them as PowerPoint presentation to top management