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  1. Thanks @Ehsan and @James Ainsworth!!! This will make me and my colleagues super happy! One less email to worry about And 1 more workspace getting more and more attention
  2. Thanks @James Ainsworth for coming back so quickly
  3. Hi, Is it possible to extend the list of fields available when retrieving the request details in a BPM? What I am trying to achieve is detecting if the customer has closed the request him/herself via the self service portal. The idea is to send the customer an email to tell him that: she / he did not respond in the last 3 working days so we closed the call on his / her behalf she / he has 20 days left to provide some feedback. The ultimate goal is to get people to log onto the service portal a lot more often. One of the method to do it is like so: I would like to compare Flowcodes -> Customer to Flowcodes -> Closed By? Is that something you can help me with? I am happy with another new field too! Whatever is the easiest solution really
  4. Hi, I am using the "post to public workspace" automated task in most of our BPMs with the below config: As you can see, it is a pretty straight forward setup. I noticed recently that not all P1 calls make their way to the workspace... Looking deeper into the details, I also noticed that only calls raised by users get published. Now this is a problem if a basic user (e.g. customer) log a request via the self service portal! Is this a limitation of the method? Or a bug? (I really hope for the latter, otherwise I am screwed) Thanks!
  5. Lyonel

    PUBG - Tips for a noob?

    Had my first game with a friend tonight. Quite fun I have to admit
  6. Lyonel

    Outlook add-in for Hornibill

    @Giuseppe Iannacone we did the same thing with the icon on desktop :) But that's not enough unfortunately.
  7. Lyonel

    Outlook add-in for Hornibill

    @Giuseppe Iannacone @samwoo it might be a bit far fetched but I also have the problem and here is what we are considering: setting up an rule so that every time an email reaches the support mailbox, an automatic response gets fired with a nice and simple text redirecting user to the portal. We have not yet implemented this but we are strongly considering it for the new year
  8. @RobW I reported the issue back to Hornbill via the support channel. They acknowledged a bug in the system and are working on it. There is still no date but I would expect it to be fixed shortly (they are generally quick a these things). @Victor fyi
  9. I may or may not have bought PUBG last night... Any tips for a noob?
  10. Hi, One of the many great features of Hornbill is the ability to resolve a request using an existing FAQ. However, if the FAQ contains formatted text or images / videos, it becomes a bit useless Indeed, the rich text will not display properly in the resolution box. Same issue with the email that can be sent (via BPM). I already mentioned that to some of the Devs and product specialists. This needs to be fixed to make full use of the feature. I would like to extend this topic to other customers and get your feedback too: When using a FAQ to resolve a request, could we possibly include the URL to the FAQ too? The idea would be to make it obvious to the customer that the answer was readily available from the beginning? It could something as simple as : [Source: https://service.hornbill.com/XXX/servicemanager/service/99/faqs/] What do you think?
  11. Lyonel

    SLA Automatic update

    Hi, I just wanted to take 30s to say a big thank you to Hornbill's team for making such a "small" change that makes my colleagues' life 100% easier :) Keep these changes coming guys :) Thanks again for your efforts. It is good to see a number of "old" changes / improvements getting delivered in recent weeks. Have a nice X-Mas!
  12. @Daniel Dekel thanks for the heads up ! I am very pleased to say that the functionality is now working like a charm Thank you very much. It will be incredibly useful to us in the coming months.
  13. Lyonel

    Reporting on Activities

    @Ann-MarieJones yes there are multiple ways to report on activities. The table you need is "h_sys_tasks" from where you can get all the details you need from the activity. What are you looking for exactly?