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Found 7 results

  1. Is the above possible? We have a specific scenario: Two people need to have access to a Service (specifically the requests logged against this service), this can be achieved via supporting teams (which I have set up). But these two people only view these requests and are not in an actual 'team' they have been added to the team that supports this service, but this then gives then access to other things that we don't want them to see. If a team could be set up e.g. restricted access and this is not visible in the drop downs etc to choose but then could be selected to Support services t
  2. Are there any plans to extend the Roles to allow them to be assigned at the Team level as well as the User level? When dealing with a large number of user and teams, it would make it much easier to allocate the bulk of the permissions at a team level and then deal with the exceptions/specific permissions at the user level. Cheers Martyn
  3. Since early last week, when we try to reassign a call to a new team member, or team. The analysts appearing under the team selected are the wrong analysts. In the below example. We have selected the Endpoint team, but all of the Telecoms analysts are appearing... if we assign anyway and refrest the page then try to assign again to the correct members it works.
  4. Afternoon, If there any way that we can report on all teams that worked on a call, and at what point and team that the call breaches or completes within SLA? We have calls that are being passed to teams and then breaching within minutes because the previous team has "sat on" the call for a period of time before looking into it. This is also a issue in the sence that if one team has done a large piece of work at the beginning of the call, then passed it to another team to do a final piece of work. Only the 2nd team is getting the closure stats for that call. So we want a way
  5. I really enjoyed the Insight17 last week and noted we need to use collaboration more. We are keen to use workspaces but noticed you can only add user accounts (all or individuals). This isn't really great when we have large teams (50+ accounts), and we have different business within our organisation using the tool (Web team, AV team, Finance Team). Is there a way to assign workspaces by team, department etc? Nasim
  6. Afternoon all, I just wondered if there is a way to report on the number of teams that have handled one call? Say a call went to Service Desk got reassigned to Business Applications then got sent to Application Delivery and finally back to Service Desk. Is there a report that shows this? Thanks Hayley.
  7. We have two teams who both come under the umbrella of service A. Team 1 - Needs to be able to create/update/view all of the requests logged to service A Needs to be able to assign ownership of requests to anybody in team 1 or team 2 Team 2 - Needs to be able to create/update/view requests that are assigned to team 2 only. Need to be able to assign requests to other members of team 2 only. I've managed to get part of the way there by myself. To start with I've changed the business process so that any requests that are created by a member of team 2 are automatically
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