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  1. Evening all, I'm hoping to please get some help with the Simple List Import Utility if possible Basically I'm trying to import a list from a CSV using the tool but I can't seem to get the Default Display field to populate with info from the CSV, each time I do the import the Default display is populated by the Value as shown below. Am I missing something? or is it not possible to populate the Default Display field using the import tool? Many thanks
  2. We have set up a node for passing a JSON file out of all the questions from a PCF and we are trying to send this to another server that we have, we have enabled access to/from this server on our firewall to the Hornbill IP address but when sending the file there is nothing that is received and the node seems to mark it as a success which is not true. I can send the setting of the node to someone in a PM if they want to see how it is set up with the details, below is a redacted version. There is nothing that the remote server receives and in the SM log I can't see any errors but
  3. Hi, In a test BPM I have set-up an iBridge (Cloud Automation) node to use an 'HTTP Request' to post to a Microsoft Teams channel when a Change Request is scheduled. The problem is that the 'Scheduled Start' & 'Scheduled End' date/time fields are being sent as UTC, not in BST. This is despite taking the advice in the WIKI to wrap any date/time field in 'square brackets' to get it to use the profiles regional settings. Anyone have any ideas? I did have an idea of pushing the two 'Scheduled' date/time fields to another two 'text' custom fields in
  4. Please can I request a Google Docs integration call to be added to the list of Hornbill Integrations. We would like the ability to create documents from requests passing fields inc custom fields, I am more than happy to discuss further if required.
  5. I am having problems with setting up a 'Cloud Automation' node to allow me to post to a Microsoft Teams channel. I am filling out the node and when I click the drop down arrow in the 'Team Group ID' field, I get the word "Loading' displayed then this error... I figure that I have to select the 'team Group ID' first to get the integration to connect to MS Teams to then pull back the available Channel IDs for that Team. I know what the Channel ID & Team Group ID is but I cannot add these to the fields manually and the node be happy with the inputs. Also, as per the
  6. Is there a way once a spreadsheet has been updated that you can add further data to the end of a row? e.g. if we add data to a sheet from column A to E on one row as part of the BPM and then later want to add more data to column F & G later in the same row as part of the BPM...Is this possible?
  7. On Friday and over the weekend we have noticed that some (not all) requests that have integration calls were failing the integration type that we are using is: *Utilities/Experimental/HTTP Request - Basic Auth When they fail, we can restart the BPM once or twice and this then works. Have there been any issues at the Hornbill end? As we cannot immediately see any issues from our side....
  8. We are using the password generator to create passwords, however, some systems don't allow specific characters such as & or $ etc is there a way that we can have an option to disallow certain characters from being used in the password generation?
  9. We have an integration call that fails where the target does not receive the request, see below error When we check the sessions in the system we see the below, which seems to have multiple sessions for the same user. However we cannot see a reason for this happening.... does anyone know what is happening? There are ideas here around things like Service Manager updates happening for example, we had this issue this morning when we applied the latest update but we are not sure if this is a coincidence.
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to dynamically kick off change requests using the Hornbill api and using the logChangeRequest method, but in order for it to be logged correctly and the BPM to kick in I also need to feed it the expected answers from a progressive capture form. I've tried answering the questions using their field id within the "questions" param, however no matter which way I try to format them I get a FlowCode exception. I'm making the call within a PoSh script and have successfully logged Service Requests/Incidents, just this is currently giving me grief! Exampl
  11. Hi all, We want to be able to post messages to our Microsoft Teams channels from within our BPMs and when setting up the Microsoft Key in the Keysafe, we are running into a 'security issue'. The first part of creating the key goes swimmingly, the issue comes when then clicking on the 'Connect' button. It correctly pops up the Microsoft window prompting for a user to login with. The issue is with the fact that the account that needs to login, needs 'Microsoft Admin level permissions' in order to proceed so that we can review the option we are authorising the Hornbill App to
  12. Morning @Martyn Houghton @Dan Munns @Malcolm One of the questions on the Integration Round Table yesterday was: Can we write to a Hornbill Activity Stream (workspace) when a message has been added to a channel on Microsoft Teams? The answer is yes I've knocked up an example flow to demonstrate how that could work for you: You just need to replace the instance ID in the URI with that of your instance, the Authorization header needs a valid API key for an account that can write to the activity stream, and of course the activityStreamId in the body will need replacing with
  13. I thought I would post a quick preview of an upcoming feature of our business process tool. We are expanding its capability to include a new "Web Call" node. This new node will enable you to make calls to other systems or cloud services applications via restful API's which significantly expands your options for automation of business processes that need to interact with other systems. My goal as the architect for our platform technology has always been to keep the BPM 100% code free so that process managers do not have to have a programming background in order to make effective use of
  14. Hi Just calling on the collected expertize of the community to help me get Atlassian Integration working. What i'm trying to do is use the Business Process and integration bridge to create a form/template that contains information that will be pushed to Jira. Something like this. Hornbill Request ID: (Taken from Flowcode variable) Steps to reproduce: (Here the Analyst fills in the steps necessary) Expected Result: (Here the Analyst fills in the info) Actual Result: (Here the Analyst fills in the info) The contents of the form would then be added to the Des
  15. Hi Is it possible to integrate with our on-premise active directory? I'd like to be able to configure catalogue items on self service that would automate amending AD security group membership. Suspect powershell would be required but not sure how to go about it (the powershell bits easy but how do we use it with Service Manager?). Can anyone provide any pointers/further reading? I've looked on the wiki and read the integration section but I'm none the wiser for it. Thanks J
  16. Hornbill iBridge for Linode Hornbill's iBridge is a great way to integrate with Linode, a cloud based solution for creating and managing virtual Linux servers. Between Hornbill's Keysafe and Linode's API Key a secure connection can be made between the two. Once done, you are able to use the Hornbill Business Process management for the orchestration of your Linode servers. Easily process requests from users requiring a linux server with a fully automated integration node. From a simple request submitted by a user, the Business Process workflow can automate the creation of a Linode
  17. Good Morning all, We have a printer service with Xerox, however they have their own call logging system that they like us to log calls to. Because of this we do not log the calls in Hornbill as we would then have to raise a separate email to Xerox to advise them of the issue, and because the 2 systems are not integrated together we would have to manually update the hornbill calls each time with the Xerox updates. We would also have to close the call in hornbill manually. What we want is to be able to create a call in hornbill that sends as email directly to Xerox. Then when they upd
  18. Hi all, Probably something stupid I am (not) doing but after adding my Twilio credentials into the key safe I am unable to create an integration call in any BPMs. I select twilioSMS under method and then select sendsms but when I click apply it doesn't do anything. The window stays open like I didn't click anything so I cant save the config. As I am trying to generate text alerts based on Solarwinds emails I kind of need this to work. Also as we use Esendex as our SMS provider is there a way of integrating with them on the horizon? Thanks Dan
  19. INTEGRATION: Hornbill Open Integration Approach When I first conceived our Hornbill Platform I knew that the key to being successful was the ease in which it could be made to interoperate with other systems.  In theory, the Hornbill Platform could be used to implement pretty much any business application with its many capabilities. However, for now at least, we have chosen to focus our go-to-market efforts on Collaboration, Service Management and Customer Management application areas.  Any business system needs to be able to “play nice” with other systems, and not only sh
  20. INTEGRATION: Integrating with Microsoft Power BI Although we provide powerful analytics, dashboards and reporting capabilities built into the Hornbill Platform, that capability only caters for reporting on data held within Hornbill.  We know that customers often need to report across data sets from multiple systems which is where Business Intelligence tools come in.   Many of our customers have requested integration with Microsoft Power BI Data Visualisation Tool, it’s a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to manipulate and visualize data sets, linking and cross-referenc
  21. INTEGRATION: Integration with HP Operations Orchestration In my last article in my integration series I talked about our integration with MS Orchestrator, and when investigating these tools we found another very similar tool called HP Operations Orchestration (or HP OO for short) which is described by Hewlett Packard as Enterprise-scale IT Automation.   If you are not familiar with HP OO is very similar in concept to MS Orchestrator which I wrote about here, both have integrations, both have an orchestration capability, both use graphical representation of their flows/runbooks, bot
  22. INTEGRATION: Integrating with Microsoft System Center Orchestrator In a previous article, I talked about Hornbills iBridge which is our solution for integrating with other cloud solutions.  The iBridge can also be used to integrate with some on premise systems too but as we build the integrations for the iBridge this is generally not flexible enough for most situations.  In order to integrate with systems behind an enterprise firewall we decided to look at what was already available and in use by our customers, this is where we found Microsoft System Center Orchestrator. For those
  23. INTEGRATION: Hornbill iBridge - Connecting the Cloud Following on from my previous post Not All Integrations/Automations Are Made Equal I want to share with you how we tackled the problem of esoteric and unmaintainable integrations for our customers.  I felt very strongly that non-technical business process users could easily use these integrations without the need to have a deep technical understanding of APIs, coding and authentication schemes. Hornbill has the ideal canvas in its business process tool, its an intuitive, graphical canvas that allows you to draw diagrams
  24. INTEGRATION: Business Application and IT Automation At the beginning of 2017 we decided to introduce a development theme to focus on IT and Business Systems automation.  As I was investigating what we needed to do I very quickly realised there was a lot of conflicting terminology so our starting point was to establish clear terminology around which we could anchor our internal conversations. If you are involved in product creation don’t under-estimate just how important this step is to get right, you will be surprised what seems so obvious actually isn’t. It turned out prett
  25. I am working on a project to consolidate our organisations 'New Starter' process into one form/application and automate where possible. I obviously want the starting point to be the Portal, what options are there for integration into other applications?
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