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  1. Just to confirm, I believe user has the correct privileges:
  2. I have a user who has reported the exact same problem. Based on what was on this post, I asked him to create the FAQ with normal text and remove any URL links. I also got him to try from a different service. He also then tried to update an existing FAQ and in all case, he gets the same error. Creating a blank FAQ with no text fails also. Is there a Role that users need to be able to Publish/Update FAQ's?
  3. @Steve Giller- Please can you advise which application right in the ‘Full Access’ role provides the permission or if it has it been hardcoded to the specific role name?
  4. Since the above feature was launched, our users were able to create new Notices and Alerts on all requests. Over the past few days, these users are now, no longer able to create this and get the below error: It would seem that there has been a change to permissions so a new Application Role may be required, so that we can assign users to this Role. We do not want to make users Full Admin users, simply so that they can add Notices and Alerts.
  5. Thanks @Steven Boardman- I have explained this to the user and clarified the issue.
  6. Morning @Steven Boardman- the User is an internal user and what he was trying to achieve is to see Requests logged his colleagues, while they are on annual leave.
  7. A user who previously had access to the above view no longer has this option and this has been replaced by My Staff's view, although he is not a Manager. How can I correct this for him, please?
  8. When we are creating a new Asset and move to the 'Software Information' field, using the Tab button on your keyboard does not snap to the fields on the right (as with other forms). The Tab order appears as below, which causes us an issue with the 'Version' drop down field, because the version list is dependent on the product you select and the products is dependent on the vendor you select.
  9. Currently, when you select a status of Out of Office, this is shown as Green, similar to when you are available. Can this be changed to show in Red (same as when you are on DnD or In Training)? Thanks.
  10. @Ehsan @James Ainsworth Our users are still losing unsaved work so I wonder if the this could be explored further and a prompt displayed prior to the current page being closed and.or a new page loaded. Another example case provided to us had the below scenario: It was noticed by 1st tier from the site's response to their chasing email that Robin had put support call IDXIN00272038 on hold without sending an email and this has happened sometimes for me as well.One of the possible reasons for this (which for a couple of my support calls, I am certain has been the cause) is where you pre
  11. @James Ainsworth - Yes, please add us as supporting this change. Thank you.
  12. Quite often, customers will continue to email us on requests which have been Resolved and closed. We still record the correspondence on the original request (for audit purposes) and will then raise a linked request for the follow up enquiry. However, sometimes the analyst applying the email request do not notice that the status of the request is Closed. Currently, it shows as Black Bold but can this be made obvious, either with an additional Pop Up message and/or Red Bold larger text please?
  13. Using a customer email which contains an attachment, we will create a new request. We step through the progressive capture and on the final screen, it will show which attachments are to be applied to the request (See image below). The attachment(s) may also include additional logos (Twitter, Facebook, etc) but as these are presented to the user towards the bottom of the page, sometimes it can be missed and get added to the Request. Users have asked if the attachments could be shown in the vacant space immediately under the [FINISH] Button (middle left part of the form) as this will
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