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  1. This has been requested by a few users: Can the email ribbon be made collapsible or otherwise made selectable/de-selectable? I don't think I have ever had cause to use it.I just find it inconvenient that this ribbon means I have to scroll down quite far to start typing my email.
  2. @James Ainsworth Can you please advise if this has been considered and if so, any timescales for implementation? Thank you.
  3. @James Ainsworth Can you please advise if this has been considered and if so, any timescales for implementation? Thank you.
  4. This has been reported as an issue by all our users also. This means that the Request jumps to the top your request list , suggesting it has been updated / but the Row colour does not change to yellow (which is correct)
  5. Many thanks @Steven Boardman I did not have access to Timesheet Visibility so will check with my Administrator.
  6. Following the release of New Update: Hornbill Timesheet Manager (148) and the below 2 features: Visibility of Co-Worker Timesheets. Visibility of Team Timesheets. We are seeing Archived Co-workers under the Managers timesheet view. Is this intentional and/or is there any way it can be removed from View?
  7. Hi @ArmandoDM Do we have a timescale for when this is likely to be fixed, please, as this is causing us operational difficulties. Thanks.
  8. Further to release of Hornbill Service Manager (1040), which allowed you to Update multiple Requests from the Request list, it will be useful to have a similar feature where you could update multiple requests from an Email. We currently raise defects on a Atlassian Jira platform and link affected users/requests to it. Where we have a number of customers affected by the same defect, it will be highly effective if we had a Multi-Select Action so that all affected requests can be updated, using the 'Apply to Request' option. I tried various combinations on this field and although the Apply button becomes enabled, we then get an error of [Please provide a request ID]
  9. Hello @Daniel Dekel this relates to the Contacts search from #1, with the results displayed at #2. If you then click the Archived button at #3. you get a diffrent set of results. Our RFC was if the Archived contacts were also displayed on the original search but the accounts clearly marked as Archived so we could see at a glance, their current + past accounts plus which emails had been utilised .
  10. In line with best practice, we are using our customers email address as their login ID As you cannot use an email address that is stored in the dB, it will be useful if the Contacts search returned details of the current customer AS WELL AS details of the Archived customer record, so that we can see what emails had been stored previously for this customer. From the results screen, a tag confirming which is the Archived customer record, will be very useful. Currently, you have do perform 2 separate search and open them under separate Tabs, to verify this information.
  11. @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman Is this something that could be considered, please?
  12. This is a Request for Change, so that we have the ability to mark a service as Historic where a customer moves to another product. We have customer who are subscribed to a standard service but then renegotiate their maintenance Contract and go on to a Hosted solution. Therefore, their Service changes from XXX to Hosted_XXX When customer 1st switch over to hosted, they often have open requests, so if we remove those non-hosted services, they won’t be able to view any historic incidents for that service. If we made the old Service "Historic" customers could still view the current Open Requests but will be unable to log any new requests. To add to this and to help us to get the New services linked in anticipation of go-live for the customer, it will be useful to have a service in Draft before we publish it, under the Organisation.
  13. Good morning @Daniel Dekel @TrevorHarris Many thanks for the proposed fix and I am most grateful for your update. We look forward to the release.
  14. @Deen Is there an update on this issue please? The most latest customer complaint I have had is as follows: Please can the time allowed to be in the portal be extended to enable disturbances to be taken into account when completing requests? It is very frustrating when being timed out just as I finish submitting my request and it doesn’t save what has been input!!
  15. Morning @Daniel Dekel We are getting daily complaints from our customers about this and this is having a negative impact at a time when we are actively promoting the self service. Do you have an update on this issue please? Thank you.
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