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  1. @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman Is this something that could be considered, please?
  2. This is a Request for Change, so that we have the ability to mark a service as Historic where a customer moves to another product. We have customer who are subscribed to a standard service but then renegotiate their maintenance Contract and go on to a Hosted solution. Therefore, their Service changes from XXX to Hosted_XXX When customer 1st switch over to hosted, they often have open requests, so if we remove those non-hosted services, they won’t be able to view any historic incidents for that service. If we made the old Service "Historic" customers could still view the current Open Requests but will be unable to log any new requests. To add to this and to help us to get the New services linked in anticipation of go-live for the customer, it will be useful to have a service in Draft before we publish it, under the Organisation.
  3. Good morning @Daniel Dekel @TrevorHarris Many thanks for the proposed fix and I am most grateful for your update. We look forward to the release.
  4. @Deen Is there an update on this issue please? The most latest customer complaint I have had is as follows: Please can the time allowed to be in the portal be extended to enable disturbances to be taken into account when completing requests? It is very frustrating when being timed out just as I finish submitting my request and it doesn’t save what has been input!!
  5. Morning @Daniel Dekel We are getting daily complaints from our customers about this and this is having a negative impact at a time when we are actively promoting the self service. Do you have an update on this issue please? Thank you.
  6. @James Ainsworth Can I check if there has been any progress on this please? Currently, when you use the On Hold button from Pending Activity, it automatically sets the hold date as 7 Days in future. As we count our SLA in working days, users have to use the sub-status activity a week prior to any BH then complete the Pending activity to On Hold. This causes extra work load plus some users forget to use the sub status option and use the standard activity causing Requests to come off hold on a Bank Holiday. On our in-house system, we have addressed this issue using the following as an example: INSERT INTO LE_NON_WORKING_DAYS VALUES(to_date('19/04/2019','22/04/2019','DD/MM/YYYY'));COMMIT; Many thanks.
  7. On our customer portal, the Sub-Status field is currently truncated therefore, not display the full sub-status. There appears to be room available, to move the Scroll Bar, further to the right thereby allowing the field to display fully. Can this be reviewed for Change, please? Thanks.
  8. @Victor Thank you. Affected users now confirm that the issue is resolved.
  9. @Victor It is not working for approx. 90% of my work force. When they click on the Email icon, it does not populate the Subject Line or the rest of the Template (with Greeting, Salutation or Footer). Screen shot example provided.
  10. @Victor We had the issue also, this morning but following your last update, I have tested and Emails are now loading successfully on our instance. Sadly, although it is working for me, it isn't working for other users. Only difference is that I have Supervisor Riights.
  11. Hi @Steven Boardman Many thanks for the changes made recently, which has been helpful. An issue that remains is the formatting of non-standard characters which makes reading back the contents of an email via the timeline quite painful. In our example case, we had used the below text on the Email. <common:Reference> as well as "Site &amp; When this was inserted into the timeline, the view shows as follows:- &lt;common:Reference&gt; "Site &amp;amp; I will be grateful for your feedback.
  12. Currently, when a new Contact is added to an Organisation, the assigned Services are cascaded to the new contact. We have had a request from a customer, where they don't want ALL services available to this new person. Is there any way that we are able to 'Restrict' what Services a new contact can have? I was unable to find any previous threads regarding this matter. Thank you.
  13. Hi @Ehsan Thanks for the update, although this is not working for Snippets. I have deleted the Variable and then inserted the variable from the drop-down but the customer name remains blank.
  14. Morning Victor, Is there any update on this, please? I have tried {{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} as well as {{Customer Coworker.H_first_name}} on our Snippets but neither is populating the first name.
  15. My team have raised the following concerns with the New Email View, as it is causing extra work/mouse-click/scrolling. (1) After the email is sent (rather than displaying the email action again with an empty template, which can cause confusion and possible duplication of sending a second empty email) could we display a replacement dialog which says email sent and then you click on it to re-open the email editor to send another email, or just click on another request action icon/activity to carry on with request. (2) Due to the size of the email dialog now when opening to include the template, could the action bar to include time, connections, snippets etc be duplicated at the top as well as the bottom, as most users will have very substantial footers in their templates, so would be working/entering the content at the top. (3) As the whole email content including the template content (i.e. standard footer etc) is inserted into the timeline, this is duplicated standard content in the timeline entries. Can a configuration settings/flag be set in the template to mark where the content inserted into the timeline is stopped, so the footer information is not duplicated into every email timeline entry?
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