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  1. At the moment we created an 'inbox archive <month>_<year>' each month in each of our 4 mailboxes. We then create a 6 month Archived Folder and move these from the monthly folder to the 6 month folder. We now need to move the 6 monthly emails into a central folder for each year e.g. 2019/2020, etc However, the 2 folders we have for the year 2019 has >50k emails and currently, you can only move 500 emails at a time. Is there any way to Bulk Move the whole Archive Folder to a new folder (similar to the options you have for "Empty Folder" & "Delete Folder"?)
  2. I could not see if this was reported on this thread, but the Request View is truncating the last digit, where it is a SR or CR. Incidents (IN) are ok. I asked users to Refresh but did not resolve. Screen Resolution is 1920x1080 @100%. Screen shot below.
  3. We are not seeing that @Ehsan So I tested again where the email had an attachment: (Attachment = Customer Email.png) But when the Content Box is presented, the attachment secondary window is still pushed to the bottom and you have to scroll down to view it. (Attachment = Apply to Request.png)
  4. Good morning @Ehsan Many thanks for resolving the issue which after a clear of cache and browser rest provides the new email content box. Unfortunately, it is not the same as the previous size as the content box now takes up the whole rigt hand window pane. Previously, this was diveided into 2 boxes 1. Email content box 2. Attachments Although the attachments window is present, it is now further down the page which involves additional mouse clicks for users. Can we restore the content box to its previous state, please? Screenshot of issue below:
  5. Following the (2331) update yesterday, where you select an email and click on Apply, you get a preview window which enables you to remove unnecassary text + logos, etc. The email text window is now really small which makes it really difficult to read/amend before applying.
  6. Our 2nd Tier analysts cannot amend visibility of an update, if that has been submitted by another analyst.They believe it was working previously but stopped working in old UI and still not working in new UI.I provided the TL with this post (https://community.hornbill.com/topic/14826-cannot-change-visibility-of-emails/?tab=comments#comment-71786) and logged with support ( Incident IN00168636)As a result, the TL has asked if the config can be changed so we have these permissions: the visibility can be changed by the User who made the post (current) the visibility can be changed by a Service Desk Admin (current) the visibility can be changed by the owner of the request (New Feature)
  7. I have collated feedback from the users and these are attached below: New UI Feedback - July2021_Dislikes.docx New UI Feedback - July2021_Likes.docx
  8. + 1. All our users affected also (working ok on the New 'preview' design mode)
  9. We have seen similar behaviour so have reported to support: Hornbill Incident IN00167440 - Validation Email not added to Timeline
  10. Following the Service Manager 2223 update, we have found that timeline entries are no longer being added to print outs. Steps to replicate: Open any Request Click on the Print Icon Leave all tick boxes checked (including Timeline) Click Print Select Save as PDF What happens: Preview shows blank entry under the Timeline section.
  11. This the point of failure for our customers:
  12. @AlexTumberthanks for letting me know. We already record our time manually as per your screen shot so was looking to see if this could be automated. I'll let the users know that there are no current plans, to make any such changes.
  13. Is it possible for Workspace posts have an 'in-post' time recording facility please? Our users post fairly regularly and some are large announcements so they would find not having to record these posts' time elements as separate timesheet updates beneficial. Below is an artist impression of what we would like to achieve, so you click on the Timer button, as soon as you start to compose your post and then stop it, once finished.
  14. We are capturing a lot of information under the Questions section, as part of progressive capture but the Search option does not query this table. Will it be possible to add this to the searching profile, and include questions text as part of the results?
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