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  1. Interesting. We do regularly check any that error and resolve these. We have nearly four thousand pages of completed workflows dating back to 2022, so I'm not overly confident that they remove after 7 days...
  2. Hi, A very minor ask - but something we find fairly annoying. Can all system lists in Hornbill please be sorted alphabetically - e.g. this list of fields from Service Manager reporting. Would make finding things so much easier. In the below we go from C to D to L to D - it just doesnt make any sense
  3. HI, In the interest of storage space, how long are completed business process kept for, and is there a way to set a retention period for them? after which they will be deleted?
  4. Hi, Whilst the resolution text box now supports wiki mark up, when sending the resolution text out by email, the wiki mark up is not included, and it shows the unformatted text... Not sure if this is an oversight but seems a little bit odd?
  5. Is there any chance the colouring of the user could be changed as the white text is quite hard to see on the grey background
  6. Hi, Can we raise an enhancement to add times to System Exclusions on the Working Time Calendars? Use case would be where we have different opening hours (for a Bank Holiday for example) we could add a Holiday in from 16:00–23:59 so that Live Chat could close at that time. We have this currently in our Telephony provider - just means we can add in days when we might have different opening hours all in one go rather than having to amend the Working Time Calendar to cater for early closures/ late openings (and then to remember to change it back!) This is how we would enter it for our telephony system
  7. Hi, We have an intermittent bug with Live Chat. When a customer raises a LC, and it then is accepted by an analyst, sometimes this does not load for the customer so they still see the spinning HB logo whilst the agent is sending messages to the chat thread. We haven't been able to replicate this on demand but have seen multiple customers mentioning this (this even happened when we were doing a demo of LC to a partner department, but we thought nothing of it at the time) Has anyone else had any problems?
  8. We're having the same issue here
  9. Hi, When creating new users via CSV import, is there a way to populate the custom fields and home organisation via CSV also?
  10. The page switcher on org structure doesn't work (we used to have over 150 pages) the child org counter also doesn't work
  11. In Service Manager reporting, when using data preview, the layout preview and action buttons are pushed to the end of the screen. The data preview box appears not to be wrapped properly.
  12. I'm nitpicking here - but it's a minor annoyance. The request list header bar doesn't sit flush to the top, so there is a small gap where you can see things flying past when scrolling down the request list Could I also ask that columns auto size correctly when the page first loads? It's not easy on the eyes when column width is changing as you're scrolling down the list
  13. Hi, We are also seeing issues with some email formatting in the new UI - some emails do not format correctly. I can't share any examples on here, but they come through to our inbox with the wrong font (courier new) and the text is not wrapped to the preview window, meaning we have to scroll sideways to read the remaining text.
  14. +1 for us also. This would allow us to automate a couple of extra steps in our processes
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