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  1. I'm looking into raising a change that will allow a customer to update their previously submitted feedback. This will most likely have a setting to control if this is enabled or disabled across all requests to begin with. I'll update this post with any progress of the change. Regards, James
  2. There are a number of concerns with the use of Insert within Direct Database which would probably be the reason behind removing this ability. Hornbill is largely built using entities which are interacted with using APIs. These entities can contain relationships with other entities. Using APIs to create, update, and delete entities all provide important updates to related entities. When manipulating the database using Database Direct it is possible that updating data for one entity it will not provide the needed information for the related entities. Not using the APIs could also result in some records not being indexed. We do have a change in our backlog that will look at options for making a copy of an SLA. This was raised from this forum post. I'll make sure that you are added to the change and that this post is updated with any progress to this requirement. Regards, James
  3. There is a setting that allows you to specify the amount idle time before a user's session is closed. The default is 8 hours. If a user was to logout of Hornbill using the Logout option under the Profile menu, their session is immediately ended and they will be considered offline. Each interaction a user has with Hornbill using any client will open another session which will either be timed out after 8 hours or closed immediately if they use the options to Logout. You can reduce the session idle timeout number, but keep in mind that if you have users that come into Hornbill only a couple of times through the day, they may find that they have to provide there AD credentials a bit more often than normally. The availability option Do not disturb doesn't have any impact on the session, so with this set, the user will still be classed as on-line, but not Available. I hope this helps. Regards, James
  4. Hi Foley, Thanks for your post. Looking at the attached email and the explanation within that email, I see that you are using wiki markup, and I believe this is what you are expecting to be bold within the email. Wiki mark-up is a great way to format text that is held in certain fields or forms within Hornbill, however the limitation comes when transferring this information to applications external to Hornbill. The wiki mark-up will only be recognised with Hornbill or by other apps that also use wiki mark-up. In this case, the email client will not be able to interpret the markup that you have used within Hornbill. The email templates and email editors in Hornbill are HTML based editors where you should be able to apply the appropriate font. However, if you are using that particular string that includes the the three apostrophes, the may also be included in your email. Also worth a mention, this is a public forum so you may want to remove that email which contains valid email addresses. In its place, a screen grab with the email addresses masked out would be recommended. Regards, James
  5. This change is still in our backlog. I've reviewed the requirement and to start with we will look to only make the Timeline read-only on the portals once the request is closed. It will also be a single setting for all requests. More options can be added in the future, but to speed up the availability of this I've limited the functionality that this particular change will provide. It still needs to be scheduled, but I will provide an update closer to it being available. Regards, James
  6. Hi Alisha, Since our earlier posts, a new option has been added to the widgets so that this can be done within the widget itself under the Datalist Settings Let us know if this works for you. Regards, James
  7. The only problem with deleting the failed instances is this will completely remove the Process Tracker at the top of the request. You will not be able to see what has been done or how far in the workflow you managed to get to. One option for you is to look at is cancelling a process. At the moment you can't cancel a failed process, so the option would be to make sure that there is a suspend node soon after the failed node, and before any emails go out. If that is the case, you can fix the process and then cancel the process so that it doesn't proceed any further. A cancelled process would look similar to this in the Process Tracker I will also see if I can find out the reasons behind failed requests not having the option to be cancelled. Let us know if this helps. Regards, James
  8. We have added a check for when a request loads and the BPM Instance has been deleted, it will allow the request to display without error, and a message at the top of the request that makes the user aware that the workflow is no longer available. This should be available in one of the next couple of Service Manager updates. Regards, James
  9. Each asset has a section for showing linked requests. You could have this part of your change management were each change on an asset needs to be done using a change request linked to the asset.
  10. Hi 7oaks, Thanks for your post. The first thing would be to look at the variable on the email template and make sure that it is exactly written like this: {{.H_summary}}. I would even go as far as deleting the variable and adding it back in. I've come across cases where these had been pasted from other templates and some hidden characters were included. Could you also show us your BPM where this email confirmation is being sent? (be sure to mask out any email addresses or confidential info before posting any screenshots)
  11. Hi Daniel, At the moment if you delete a BPM instance the associated request will not be able to load. The actual request will still be there. If you are getting an error on a request saying that the request can't find the Business Process Instance this will be because the BPM instance has already been deleted. We should be able to add check to ensure the request still loads when the BPM instance can't be found. Provided that the BPM instance is not listed as version 0 you should be able to modify these to get them working again. If you have other BPMs that are broken, I may be able to help with some suggestions on how to change to get them going again. Regards, James
  12. As an alternative to using the mapping, by using the matching field name, you could try doing it all in the BPM where you get the progressive capture responses and use the Update Request Hornbill Automation and use a variable to take the answer and update the custom field.
  13. I don't believe there is. It may be a bit of a challenge to build something to do this as it could be used in a BPM workflow, an application setting, or selected within an app. The email template are part of the platform that can be utilized by multiple apps, so the platform is unlikely to know or track where it is being used. It could even be external apps that communicate to our platform and send emails using APIs. I will ask about to see if there are any ideas that may help. Regards, James
  14. Hi Adrian, When the totals were originally put in there were some questions about the usefulness of the totals as a View could easily include conditions to restrict the status to one particular status, and therefore making this somewhat lose its purpose. One may also be mislead in thinking that they have no request in a particular status as it reads 0, where in fact there are some, just that the View is not displaying them. So, there isn't any setting or way to get this to display the totals at the moment. I'll ask around to see what others think about changing this. I'd also be interested to hear from other customers and what they think about the totals. Regards, James
  15. Hi Paul, Just a quick idea to throw out there... I've not used this myself but the API Scheduler may be able to do this for you. I could only see an API to delete a Group and not delete all the users in a group. Are you familiar with the API Scheduler? Regards, James
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