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  1. Hi Steve, The field is the details field for the external authorisation. What I'm assuming is happening is that you are populating the the details of the external authorisation within your BPM using variables and these variables add up to more than the available 1024 characters that are available in the external authorisation when it is being created. If this is the case, you need to think about the variables being used here and if there are any that have the potential to insert long strings of text that could take it over the 1024 character limit.
  2. Hi Mojahidm, I have reviewed the Snippets and what you are experiencing. I believe that there are some issue at play and this is now being looked at. Regards, James
  3. Hi Gavin, Thanks for your post. I've been doing some tests to see what was possible. I was initially looking to see if there is anything we can do with the regex validation. So far I haven't had any luck. I'll do a bit more testing and see if I can come up with anything. Regards, Jmaes
  4. I have tested and confirmed that this fix for this is now available in the LIVE environment. Please let us know if you are still having issues with this. Regards, James
  5. We don't have a specific field for PAT test dates and their results. Using the translations you can rename fields. You could find a field that you don't use and you know that you have no other future use for that field. Is this something for a particular asset type, or is it something that you want on all assets?
  6. Hi Berto, At the moment there is only the option to delete ALL the questions/answers. And not individual questions/answers. This was provided for customers that would like to use progressive capture to drive or support their workflow, but they don't need to see the questions sections. As you suggested and as some other users configure this is to create custom fields for all the important details that they want to capture and possibly change. You can map progressive capture fields to custom fields on a request record. Once they are in a field, they can be changed through the details section of the request. Users are able to manually edit answers that are contained within a text field. This was added so that if there was a situation where a customer has manually typed something like a password or something inappropriate, it can be removed. Hope that helps, James
  7. Hi Andy, Is this referring to the Assign Action on a request or the Progressive Capture Assign form, or possibly both?
  8. Within Admin, there is an option to Reload Application Cache. You access this by navigating from the Home landing page to App Store, then Service Manager. Not sure if this will help, but I think it is worth trying.
  9. Hi Josh, I had missed @Steve Giller's comment about adjusting the Reference. I was purely looking at the Rule Expression and changing the regex there, and not the Reference. I see where the challenge is now. Steve is correct that the Reference only checks against the subject. The subject line of the email above doesn't include your Hornbill reference, only the 3rd Party reference, so it doesn't know which request to update.
  10. Hi Berto2002, As you mentioned, the only way to remove a change from the change calendar is to remove the schedule on each change that you don't want listed. The calendar should only show a user the changes that are associated to services that they support. What do you have set up on your test service for supporting teams?
  11. Hi Tina, We have made a change so that the Data Queries in Progressive Capture respects the setting Hide User Account from Co-worker Directory. This will be available as part of the next Collaboration Core build release. Regards, James
  12. Hi Martyn, No update at the moment. I'll check to see if there are any plans in this area. Regards, James
  13. Hi Alisha, Thanks for your post. We don't currently have any plans in this area of the product. This text box is meant as a simple notes field to describe the reason for changing the sub-state. I'll keep an eye open on this post to see if it is something that other customers would like to have. Regards, James
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