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  1. Hi Steve, I'm trying to set some time aside to do some testing with some different scenarios and try to replicate the issue that you are experiencing. I'll come back with any updates that I have with the results of my tests.
  2. Hi Logan, Thanks for your post. Someone from the integration team will have a look and get back to you. This usually starts with a look at the capabilities of the APIs that are provided by the supplier. It is also possible that we already have this is a list of planned integrations. It will probably be next week before someone can look at this and respond. Regards, James
  3. Hi Mark, We do have a change that is partly related to your request. This came from this post... There is the potential for Hornbill Customer Manager to use these nodes once this has been completed.
  4. Hi Tom, When you have an authorization using the Authorization Task and there are multiple authorizers, once the required number of authorizers have responded, the other authorizations are automatically cancelled. There are two settings that may help. The second setting will make sure that those that have activities that are yet to be completed are forced to complete before they can resolve. Tasks and Authorisations also have expiry options in the BPM. Going forward, you may find that there are places where this can be used to automatically complete these if they are not done within a set time frame. In the next Service Manager update we are also including a new report that lets you find requests that have overdue activities. Hopefully you will have this next week. Let know if you think any of these would help. Regards, James
  5. Hi @mojahidm There are no options for archiving defined reports. You are able to run reports with different date ranges against the available date fields, however this will not always produce what you are looking for. You may run a report on requests raised or maybe resolved during a set date range but this same report if it was run last month compared to this month, other data in the requests may have changed. You can use the report filters to prompt for date ranges at the time a report is run. The Advanced Analytics is designed to look at trending, and captures information over time. You can also have a report that is scheduled to publish monthly versions to a document in Document Manager so you see historical reports. Let us know if this helps. Regards, James
  6. Hi @Dan Munns No update at the moment. This change is still in our backlog for review. Regards, James
  7. Hi Martyn, I've just tried this out and at the moment I don't seem to be able to replicate the issue. This works for me. Have you tried this on other KeySafe types? What KeySafe Type is this happening with? Regards, James
  8. Hi @davidrb84 This requirement is still in our backlog. I'm make sure that it gets a review soon. Regards, James
  9. Hi Martyn, You were actually on the existing change already. It was raised from this conversation Regards, James
  10. Hi Martyn, We actually already have this requirement in the backlog. I'll add you to the change. Regards, James
  11. Hi Will, I see that in your list of tasks you have one that it 100% complete and all the others have no progress. I'm curious, if you were to progress one of these tasks to have some percentage of progress, if they then show in the list of Active Tasks. I believe the idea behind that Active Tasks list is to show tasks that are currently being worked on. If there is zero progress, it may be considered as not active in this list. Regards, James
  12. Hi Dan, We weren't able to add a filter at this point, but we have changed this to be alphabetical. I hope that will help. This should be available on one of the upcoming automated updates to Administration. Regards, James
  13. Hi Michael, This is a known issue and a fix has already been completed which will be included in the next Service Manager update.
  14. Hi Martyn, I've just seen that this has now been changed to list in alphabetical order. You will see this in an upcoming Administration update. Regards, James
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