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  1. Hi Jeremy, Thanks for your post. I personally use the Bookmarks feature for exactly this purpose. If I read a request but I need to come back to it for one reason or another, I just bookmark it or if there is a bigger piece of work needed, I create a task. I think that manually changing the read by owner to an unread by owner could give the wrong impression to the other users, making them think that the owner hasn't seen their last update, when they have. You could even go as far as adding your own custom field for a Review Flag, and then a user could create a View to show al
  2. Hi Michael, Thanks for your post. I'll mention to the development team. There is no reason for these not to be displayed in the format specified in the user's profile. Regards, James
  3. Hi Will, I just wanted to let you know that I just finished testing the fix for your issue. This is part of a release that is being aimed to go live next week, provided all goes well with the remainder of the testing. Keep an eye open for the release notes. Regards, James
  4. Hi Michael, I just wanted to let you know that this work has been done and you should see it on the next Service Manager update.
  5. Hi Sam, I'm not sure. I'll ask again to see if there is someone that can answer this.
  6. You may have seen or read in other posts that we are working on improving knowledge management within Hornbill. As part of this there will be a some consideration around providing a centalized view of both FAQs and Published Issues as part of a new Knowledge Centre. Once available you will have to keep in mind that we will be introducing Knowledge Articles which you may find to be more appropriate for knowledge than FAQs. No time frames yet. We're working hard to get this to you as soon as possible.
  7. Hi Nasim, The Service Manager In-App Reporting role is for access to this section of reporting that is found under the Service Manager menu in the main app.
  8. I'm assuming you're referring to the request categories in admin. I'm afraid that there are no options in the UI to copy from one branch to another.
  9. Thanks for the update Michael. Keep an eye on the portal and let us know if you see it again. I'll let you know about the area in the screenshot once I've had some feedback.
  10. Hi Nasim, There is a wiki page here. I'm not sure if this role on its own will be enough, but probably a good starting point. For example, the user may also need the Service Manager Admin role to access the area for Service Manager.
  11. Hi Chris, There is the ability to define a Root Category that is used by the requests raised under a service. There are also Service Categories that are shared and already visible to each services. Could you provide a bit more information about what you are trying to achieve? Many thanks, James
  12. Thanks Giuseppe, I'll feed this back to the development team.
  13. Hi Michael, You mention the Service Portal. I'm not exactly sure where you are referencing that they can't see the attachment descriptions. Could you let me know or provide a screen shot?
  14. Hi Michael, Thanks for your post. I'll have a look and see what we can do.
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