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  1. James Ainsworth

    Timeline sorting

    Hi @HHH Thanks for your post. We are looking into it. At the moment it looks like the option is persistent to the selection that the user has made here. The setting may only be applying the default for when a user first views a request. Provided that you select ''Most recently updated" on the option above, this should remain in place for you. Regards, James
  2. James Ainsworth

    Raising Requests from Assets

    Hi @Lauren Thanks for your post. Including the ''Raised Linked Request'' option that you see on the Link Action of a request to an Asset is a good idea. I have raised a change and this will be considered as an approach to achieve this. I'll post back here once it is closer to being worked on. Regarding the custom buttons and the use of the iBridge integration for raising requests, this operation is likely to be changed on how it works. The primary purpose of the iBridge is to work with external systems. In this case, the iBridge for log incident and log service request will be directed more at raising requests in a different Hornbill instance and not within the same instance. The solution for you will be to have the above mentioned change . Regards, James
  3. James Ainsworth

    Custom Button Visibility

    I wanted to follow up on this post with the option that we now have to allow you to set conditions on the custom buttons. In this example, the custom button would only display if the service under which the request was raised matches the condition. I hope this helps. Regards, James
  4. James Ainsworth

    Report asset for specific Owner

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone What are you looking to be in this report? Just a list of assets that a particular user has? Also, just wanted to make sure that it wasn't "Used by" rather than "owner" that you were looking for. Here is an example of a report that asks for the name of the owner. It is a text only field as there isn't a lookup option available. asset-list-by-owner.report.txt Let us know if this helps. Regards, James
  5. James Ainsworth

    Impacted customers

    @Lauren what is the outcome that you would like to see from this? On a single issue what benefit to you see from having the same person being listed more than once? If one person is added multiple times to the same issue/problem record, would you expect the impact of the problem to be listed as a higher impact problem? In your example could you add the device to the linked assets to record the different devices that it has occurred on?
  6. James Ainsworth

    Impacted customers

    Hi @Alisha Are you referring to the Connections option on a request? We can only have a user listed once here. The connections option also manages communications so that each user listed can be emailed either manually or automatically through the BPM. There will be additional features in the future that work off of the connections list. Having the same user listed multiple times could cause issues with these. What goal did you have in mind with adding them twice? If you want to make a note that the user has called back a second time, you could filter the Timeline on Connections and then add a comment to the original post when that user was added.
  7. A fix has been provided by the development team and we should see this made available in the next update.
  8. James Ainsworth

    Storage of images on instance loaded from mobile application

    Hi Adrian, I just wanted to give you an update on the image size when uploaded from the mobile app. It seems that the iOS app uploads a full size image while the Android app does reduce the size of the image on upload. We will be providing an option in the next update to the Android app that lets you select if you want to upload the full size or "data friendly" size. Regards, James
  9. Hi @Alisha I believe that the development work for this has been completed and it should be available in an upcoming platform update over the next few weeks. Regards, James
  10. James Ainsworth

    FlowCode Exception when putting tickets on/off Hold

    I believe that an issue has been identified and fixed and should be available in the next Service Manager update. Regards, James
  11. James Ainsworth

    Storage of images on instance loaded from mobile application

    Hi Adrian, With the Administration portal you can keep an eye on your storage usage. You need to go into the App Store and then select the Subscription option. There is a limit, but this can easily be increased. We will notify you if you go over this limit. If you do go over, everything will continue to work as normal. You don't have to worry that it will stop working if you go over the limit. The cost of additional storage is very, very minimal.
  12. James Ainsworth

    Raising requests from email with attachments

    Something that might also help is a requirement that we are currently working on which will allow you to define a unique Progressive Capture script when the Raise Request from email plug-in is used from the mailbox. This way you can specify items in your Progressive Capture script as described above as the information you need to collect from an email may be different from whey you are raising a request with someone on the phone. This should be available in about 4 weeks time.
  13. James Ainsworth

    Report - Time for a particular customer/co-worker

    Hi @Jack_Podmore I'll make sure that the development team are aware of your requirement in Timesheet Manager. There is a forum topic for Timesheet Manager located here: https://community.hornbill.com/forum/134-timesheet-manager/ . We would love to hear your requirements for Timesheet Manager features and reporting. It still may be possible to get the information you are looking for out of the reporting under Timesheet Manager. I will try and find some time to see if I can build one. Regards, James
  14. James Ainsworth

    Variables in progressive capture flow

    Hi @samwoo Telephone has been added. This will be automatically available when the next Hornbill update is applied to your instance. Regards, James
  15. James Ainsworth

    Shared Views & Dashboards

    Hi @chriscorcoran Thanks for your post. Under the Views menu, and within the Shared Views you will see the views that have been shared with you that have defined charts. If you click on the cog icon, you will then be presented with a list of charts that were shared with this view. The user can click on the hide/show icon to have this displayed on their personal dashboard. Users will not be able to add additional charts to a View that has been shared with them. This must be done by the person that created the share. I hope this helps. Regards, James