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  1. @Darren Rose You were actually already on this change from this earlier post...
  2. Hi @Darren Rose We do have a change in our backlog that will look at providing options for links between a service and linking Document Manager. This will look at adding both individual documents and / or linking a service to a library of documents. I'll add you to the change. Regards, James
  3. We have added the sorting on the date fields for the email templates. This will be provided in the next automated update to administration.
  4. Hi @Lauren This is still in our backlog and not yet scheduled. I'll update here once it is underway. Regards, James
  5. Hi @Paul Alexander The report that I mentioned would help in a situation where a BPM has not been used for some time, but you may still have active requests that use that BPM. So, when it comes time to delete a BPM and you get a message saying that there are active BPM instances, a report on the instances may help locate those requests. Regards, James
  6. Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone Sorry for not having this looked at yet. At the moment I can't see if you have a Premier Success plan with us or not. If you do, I would recommend raising a request directly with the support team. Requests raised as part of the success plan do get prioritized. We do our best to look at and respond to as many posts on the community forum as possible. While I can see that it can be replicated on our demo instance I'll look to see if I can replicate it on a production instance. Regards, James
  7. Hi @Paul Alexander Do you know if this particular BPM was imported or a copy of another BPM? Not sure how much data is copied across when doing either of these things. That's the only reason that I can think of for these dates. You may want to consider building a report that shows the BPM Instances. At the moment you can't delete a BPM workflow if it has active instances of that particular BPM. If you try to delete, it will give you a message saying that it has active BPM Instances. I've also moved your post to the Business Process topic. Regards, James
  8. Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf The main consideration is around your visibility of requests in the Request List and the ability to have requests assigned to you. If you are not being assigned requests or working requests that for a particular team, then it would be worth removing yourself from that team. In order to still have some visibility of requests assigned to a team that you are not a member of, you could be a member of another team that supports the same services that the other team supports. First determine if both the mentioned groups are Teams and not a Department or other Group type. While it is possible to have a Team Group sit under another Team Group I personally would have Teams at the bottom of the Org Structure and not have any sub Teams under another Team. At the moment there is very little in the way of features that take advantage of the hierarchical structure, but we have recently introduced the ability for subscriptions to cascade down the org structure. So, in most cases any changes to your team membership shouldn't have much affect other than the above mentioned visibility of requests. If you find that there are problems, you can be quickly added back to a team to get yourself up and running again. I hope this helps a bit. Let us know if you have any other questions. Regards, James
  9. Hi @m.vandun Thanks for your post. I believe that this is already set in the code to automatically remove the FTF flag if a request is reopened. There is no configurable option to set this, it will just happen when the status changes. Let us know if you find that the FTF flag is not being reset after a request is re-opened. Regards, James
  10. Hi @Haroon Could you post a screen shot or describe which email view this is happening in? Thanks, James
  11. Hi @Steven Cotterell My first thought would be that having the ability to authorize something without a secure connection might be a security concern. I'm sure that at the moment, this can't be done via an email without the authentication or from the mobile app. Regards, James
  12. Hi @AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT There is a little control button on the right hand side of the activities list that lets you select the visible columns. Regards, James
  13. Hi @Haroon Thanks for this post. Have a look at the link to the post below and the closing comment. This provides some details of a recent update in Service Manager that provides a BPM operation that lets you define the criteria behind a First Time Fix. Let us know if this helps.
  14. Hi @Michael Sharp A fix has been provided which will ensure that images in emails are resized to fit the screen. I believe that this update will come as part of an automated platform update. Regards, James
  15. Hi @Martyn Houghton I wasn't sure which of the two requirements you were looking at. I already have you on the change for the bulk linking from this post.
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