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  1. James Ainsworth

    Reports - Linking Asset "Used By" to Accounts Table

    Hi @JamieMews I had some success with this set up... Let us know if this provides the results that you are looking for. Regards, James
  2. James Ainsworth

    Making jobs 'eye catching' in the request list

    Hi @lokent We don't currently have any options within the request list for changing the colour based on priority levels. I can look to see if it is possible to add a background colour to the Priority column. You may find that once the request list goes beyond a page long, that even with colours, they may be missed if people are not scrolling down the request list. Sorting on Priority would bring the higher priority requests to the top. You could also look to have a High Priority Board, increased escalation notifications on the higher the priority requests, dashboard widget on a big screen. Regards, James
  3. James Ainsworth

    Change assignment of task at the same time as the job

    Hi @lokent I just wanted to first check if you are using the authorisation node or a task node for this? The setting app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter works well with Human Tasks but not Authorisations. Both Authorisations and Human Task have an Owner option. If this is not set, it defaults to a system account. What can be useful is to make the person that is responsible for overseeing the area where the authorisation/task is required as the owner. With this being set, they will be able to modify the authorisation/task. You could also change how or when the authorisation/task is set against the request within your workflow. You could allow for an assessment of the job prior to any assignments and only once it has been allocated to the correct owner does it create the authorisation/task. Regards, James
  4. James Ainsworth

    Supporting Teams

    Hi @Darren Rose We don't currently have auditing of a Service form that tracks these changes. We do have a change in our backlog for tracking changes to a Service. I'll add you to the change. This is not currently scheduled for development. Regards, James
  5. James Ainsworth

    Visibility Issue

    @Dan Munns When the request owner is referenced it is usually talking about the request owner only. Having the currently assigned team classed as the owning team is up for interpretation. The owner will need to be part of the assigned team.
  6. James Ainsworth

    Request List Refresh Rate

    Thanks for your feedback @Keith. Sounds like a nice way to work, using the large touch screen. I'll continue to look at the options for providing a refresh on these charts and let you know if or when we make some progress. Regards, Jammes
  7. James Ainsworth

    Visibility Issue

    Hi @Dan Munns As suggested by Victor, the visibility of Team indicates anyone on a team that supports the service that the request is raised against. Regards, James
  8. James Ainsworth

    Asset Management - Software

    Hi @TSheward_SGW The change discussed above is primarily focused on the Used by field and not the Owner field. While we can consider including the Owner field in this scenario I would first be interested to understand how you plan to use the Owner field. While an asset may be used by one or more people, the actual Ownership may refer more to an individual that uses their own device within the work environment. If you are looking at this from a financial perspective, the assets have a cost centre field which could be used for this. The change to the Used By options does not have an ETA as of yet, but the priority for providing this has increased. I will update this post once we have had some movement. Regards, James
  9. James Ainsworth

    Additional Filters on Service Manager

    @Michael Sharp Have you considered creating separate service levels for your Partners (VIP Users)? Not only would this provide a way to filter (create Views) on these users within the Request list, but you will also be able to provide unique targets, specific reporting on how you respond to these users, BPM options based on these users, and more. Regards, James
  10. James Ainsworth

    Version Control on Attachments

    Hi @samwoo That is correct that the customer of the request cannot access documents that are directly associated to a request. You can separately associate libraries to the portals following the instructions here.
  11. James Ainsworth

    Can't change site

    @Giuseppe Iannacone you were added and I'll be sure to update this post once it is ready. Regards, James
  12. James Ainsworth

    Ticket Request Actions

    Hi @Aaron Summers We do have some more Multi-select options that we are planning on adding over time. The current set of options are currently under an experimental flag. Before adding any more to this we will look to bring this out as a standard feature. Once that is done we can add more options. This is not scheduled yet so I'm unable to provide any time frames. Regards, James
  13. James Ainsworth

    Request List Refresh Rate

    Hi @Keith There hasn't been any changes for the automatic refreshing of the Personal Dashboards on the Request List. Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason for using the personal request list dashboards over the Advanced Analytic Dashboards? The Analytic Dashboards were designed for this purpose. Regards, James
  14. James Ainsworth

    Additional Filters on Service Manager

    Hi @Michael Sharp I'm going to need a bit more clarification on what exactly you are looking for. Service Manager doesn't provide a separate function that is specific for managing partners, however partners can be added as organisations within Hornbill and have requests raised against them. Organisation record do already have lists of requests that are associated to the organisation. If any individual contact that belongs to the organisation raises a request, it will automatically show in this list. Regards, James
  15. James Ainsworth

    Version Control on Attachments

    Hi @Michael Sharp Yes, a new Request Action is available for Document Manager. This is configured under each service. The Document Manager plug-in can be enabled for each request type by enabling the following action item icon... Regards, James