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  1. Hi Andy, The change is still in our backlog. No progress on this as of yet. I will provide an update if this does have any movement. Regards, James
  2. Hi HHH, I came across this old post and I just wanted to conclude it by letting you know that this is available. I can't pinpoint when it was added, but I just wanted to make sure that you were aware.
  3. Hi Shamaila, The current Hornbill Automation for adding a Member only allows you to add one member at a time. So you will have to make a copy of this and add to your workflow with the name of the other user. The Hornbill Automation for sending emails, you could either make a copy of the one that you are using or change this to the Email External Address automation which lets you send to multiple recipients, with each address separated by a comma. I'm sure we have something in our backlog to change the Member Hornbill automation to allow for adding multiple users at once, but for no
  4. Hi Lee, Can I ask if when you say Closed do you mean Cancelled? I think that if there was something put in place for this, we would look at cancelling. Any task that is set as completed in my opinion would suggest that something was done as part of that task. Tasks can add a lot of value to a ticket, but in order for them to work, one needs to make sure that the ticket can't progress until the task is done. There are options such as locking actions or preventing resolution until all the tasks are done that help with this.
  5. Hi Dan, This isn't something that we currently support. Out of interest, do you have a particular make or model of scanner that you use? Is this a wired scanner attached to a computer or laptop, or is it a wireless scanner. Wireless scanners can often come with their own interfaces that present information about the item that was just scanned where updates can be applied and then synced with a server. These can be quite sophisticated and a supplier could potentially use Hornbill APIs to all direct updates to take place. A wired scanner attached to a laptop might just work as a simp
  6. Sorry... a couple more questions Shamaila. When you say "failing" what precisely is happening? Is it just not picking up the email when you expect it to, or are you getting some form of error message? Does the email that you are expecting to be picked up, get picked up by another rule at any point?
  7. Hi Yelhay, Thanks for your post. I don't believe that there are any Hornbill Automations that could be used to complete all outstanding tasks. Are you wanting to complete the tasks or cancel the tasks? Completing a task would signify that the task has been done, and if you were to complete them all using some form of automation, then there is no way to know if the work was actually done or not. Regards, James
  8. Hi Martyn, Thanks for your post. I am looking to review the entire Service area. I'll keep this in mind once we start this work. Regards, James
  9. Hi Marytn, Nothing at the moment. There is some planned work to look at the overall form for services. It has become quite complex and needs looking at. This will most likely need doing first before we look at a copy feature. Regards, James
  10. Hi Chris, If you are using the BPM for managing the stopping and restarting of the timers then the settings should be turned off. You can either use the settings to manage how the timers behave, or you can use the BPM to manage how the timers behave. But not a mix of the two. From your description, it sounds like you are needing to do this all in the BPM and have these settings all set to off. I hope that helps. James
  11. Hi Nikolaj, If you are having an issue with custom roles, you may be able to see the errors from within the Monitor Log Files section of Admin where you can see any issues. While viewing the EspServerService log file, have one of the users try to open the asset form. This hopefully will give you some feedback as to what is missing. I don't personally have access to your system so I can't help with the roles without knowing if there is a particular error message that shows a missing right. I'd also be interested to know what this particular role is for or what you are trying to ac
  12. Hi Shamaila, Could you copy and paste your latest regex expression and paste here as text (not a screen shot)?
  13. Hi Chris, Have a look at the documentation here. There are some settings that related to some of this behaviour. You may find that if some of these settings are enabled, they are over-riding what you are doing in the BPM. app.request.pauseResolutionTimerOnResolve (Default OFF) app.request.resumeResolutionTimerOnReopen (Default OFF) app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnResolve (Default ON) app.request.stopResolutionTimerOnClose (Default OFF)
  14. Mark, You mention users were set as Asset Management (Read Only). Is this a role? I don't currently see that as a default role that we supply.
  15. Hi Mark, Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this onto the development team as there should have been a clear message to the user saying that they don't have enough rights to access.
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