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  1. Improve Custom Buttons functionality?

    Hi @DougA I just wanted to update this post and mention that we now have a new Action Item on requests for linking to documents in Document Manager to a Request in Service Manager. Regards, James
  2. Viewing a Customers Requests (all of them)

    I just wanted to follow up on this post. A full functioning request list has now been placed on both a user's profile and on a contact's record. This includes filters, exports, and customizing columns. In addition to this there is another tab that shows the services that they are subscribed to. Regards, James
  3. Hi @dwalby While this is being looked into, I was thinking about your wiki and I would imagine that it would take some time until all is moved to Document Manager. I have a custom button on requests that searches the Hornbill wiki. To do this just do a normal search on your wiki, take the URL from the results page and make a custom button with it, and add the summary or description variables where you see your search text. I thought that having this on your requests may help until Document Manager is ready for you. You can do the same with Hornbill Workspaces Workspaces become a great place for less formal knowledge. It is amazing what useful information can get captured through a discussion on a workspace. Regards, James
  4. Automated Email Templates and Wiki Markup

    Thanks for your post Samuel. We are going to have a look to see what can be done. We will post back once we know if we can provide a solution. Regards, James
  5. Searching Requests

    Great to see everyone's posts. As a result of the earlier discussions on searching we do have a number of changes to hopefully help in these areas. One change regarding timeline searching is mostly complete but due to performance concerns, it was delayed and we hope to return to this soon. Other changes are planned to improve the searching as you will see being discussed here... Along with the search requirements we have many other suggestions for features and enhancements and hopefully you will see from both past and up coming updates that these are being continually added. Threads such as this one helps us prioritize and progress these changes so your feedback is of great value. We will keep these threads updated as we make progress with the searching. Regards, James
  6. Use of Closure Categories

    The end result could look like this...
  7. Use of Closure Categories

    Hi @Paul Smith While this is being looked at I thought that I might put forward an idea which may help in a number of ways. Set the default visibility of the Resolution Action to Team In the BPM add a Request Update to the timeline that has the visibility set to Customer which contains a constructed customer facing text and includes the resolution text using a variable. The advantage of this is The customer will no longer see this resolution information that includes if a category was assigned or not You maintain the visibility to your analysts that a category was not set The Request Update lets you provide a standard format or template on how you communicate the resolution to your customers Having this standard template means less time each analyst spends writing up the resolution details. Here is an example of the BPM Operation to create this resolution update template to the timeline. A couple of things that you will need to do as part of your BPM is to have a Suspend and Wait for Resolution and Get Request Info operations before the timeline update is made. This will ensure that the resolution has taken place with the resolution text and that the new resolution text is updated in the Get Info variables. Your BPM may look a little like this... I hope this helps. Post back if you have any questions about setting this up. Regards, James
  8. Boards Enhancement

    I like the idea of having an action on a board. I've added that as criteria to the original change so that we can look at both options when it comes time to working on the change. Regards, James
  9. Option to add cc'd people as 'Members' of a ticket

    Hi Paul, No, you wouldn't be able to see the CC'd on the Add Connections form. I will have a think on what we can do to improve this. For now the user may need to view the email in a separate tab and manually add them to this form. Regards, James
  10. Widget to display users Online Status/Active

    Just had it confirmed... this session information is only held in memory and not in the database.
  11. BPM process error

    Hi @J_Tamburrini Are you able to provide a screen shot of the assign operation that you think is failing in your workflow so that we can see what options you have included? It should like like this... (you may want to mask out user names before posting) Regards, James
  12. Widget to display users Online Status/Active

    Hi Martyn, I'm quite sure that the online/off line session information is held dynamically. I'll see if I can get someone to confirm just in case I have it wrong. James
  13. Viewing Sites within Service Manager

    Hi @dwalby Thanks for your post. One of the things that I'm investigating at the moment is to see if we can provide some information on a User's profile where their primary site is listed. Possibly a hover-over popup that shows the address. We can also look to do something similar in the Request details. I'll let you know what the outcome is. Regards, James
  14. Option to add cc'd people as 'Members' of a ticket

    Hi Paul, There is a progressive capture form for adding connections while a request is being raised. Would this help? Regards, James
  15. More co-worker details

    Hi Paul, Thanks for your post. I have added a change request to have some additional fields added. I'll update this post with any updates about the change. Regards, James