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  1. Searching for Requests in Service Manager Hornbill's Service Manager offers a number of search features for locating requests held within Service Manger.  These include options from using simple filters to creating complex search conditions. The Global Search located at the top of the browser is always available no matter which Hornbill app you are working in.  A combination of a text search, search tools, and advanced operations provides the flexibility needed for fast results. The Request List in itself contains a number of easily accessible options such as the Quick Filter located on the Request List tool bar.  As this works within your request list, options such as sorting and exporting your results are also available. There may also be a need for a more complex search to find something very particular whether it be a single request or a group of requests.  For this we have the Advanced Search.  A wide range of criteria can be selected to build different conditions for your search.  Now you may find yourself searching the same criteria over and over again.  If this is the case you are able to save your Advanced  Search as a View.  This will then be available in your list of Views to be used when ever needed. One additional feature for searching requests can be accessed from the keyboard using the Shift+Ctrl+F key combination.  No matter where you are in Hornbill you can access this search where you can can enter a full reference number and open the request.
  2. How To - change contents of new job box

    Hi @lokent Nothing at the moment to update. I will schedule a review for this change to see when it is likely to progress. Regards, James
  3. Searching for unique request reference returns multiple results

    The advanced search does not use the filter options such as My Requests. It only uses the text filter on the left to help narrow down your results. The only restriction on the results when using the Advanced Search is the Service and Team membership where you won't see in your results, any request that is not assigned to one of your teams or a Service that you are supporting. This should be the same in the Global Search. After you click the Search button on the Advanced Search you will notice that none of the filter options are selected (displayed as grey) indicating that none of these are being applied to the results. The loading of the requests in the request list is done in a way that manages the performance so that long lists of requests will not take long to load. I hope that helps. Regards, James
  4. View for future dates

    Hi Joyce, Thanks for your post. These are the option on the Resolve By Sorry if I have not understood, but does the before x days provide what you are looking for? Regards, James
  5. Link to tasks in notifications

    Hi Paul, This notification I believe is specific to Project Manager. The 3 days ago link will take you to the text where you were mentioned. I'll ask about the link to the actual task. Regards, James
  6. Connection and Service Portal visibility

    @Lyonel Thanks for your post. I really enjoy seeing this type of insight. It certainly helps to make things clear and helps with defining the requirements around this feature. And thanks @Giuseppefor adding to it. There are some good suggestions that might allow us to progress this a bit further. I may look to ease this in with a few separate small changes. I will keep this post updated with any progress made to this change. It is currently in our backlog and not in our development queue, but I will continue to review this. Regards, James
  7. Searching for unique request reference returns multiple results

    The Global Search works on relevance, a bit like Google. There are no options for sorting. However, if you are looking for further filtering and sorting I would recommend using the Advanced Search on the Request List.
  8. View Attachment on Timeline More Actions

    Thanks for your post. We do have a change in our backlog to provide a link in the Timeline entry to open the attachment. I'll update this post when this is closer to being available. Regards, James
  9. Searching for unique request reference returns multiple results

    Hi @HGrigsby Where are you doing your search from? If you do this from within the request list using either the filters or the Advanced Search you will be able to sort on any of the available date fields. Regards, James
  10. Hi Paul, There were some changes done to some of our APIs for performance improvements which changed the behaviour here. We have reverted this particular area and you should find that the search will behave as it was after the next update to Administration is applied. Regards
  11. Viewing Sites within Service Manager

    Hi @dwalby I just wanted to let you know that there has been an update for this requirement. Already available is the ability to access the Site data from a User's profile page. If a user has a site associated to them under the About tab, this will now be a clickable link which will show the details of the Site. We have also completed some work on the request where the Site that has been provided in the description of a request will also be a clickable link that will open the same site form. This is a couple of Service Manager updates away and should be available over the next few weeks. Regards, James
  12. Custom fields as Request List columns

    I've responded on the other topic related to this...
  13. custom fields in request list view

    Hi @chrisnutt We do have the change in the backlog for this. The challenge comes with the display of the column heading so that it makes the information in the list meaningful. For example if you had the field customA used to contain 10 completely different pieces of information for 10 different services, how do we display the heading of the column so that the user understands what the information in that column relates to. As the custom fields can be configured per Service, it might be that we provide the visibility of these custom field columns when viewing requests only for that Service. It is something that we will continue to investigate and look for solutions. Regards, James
  14. Connection and Service Portal visibility

    Hi @Lyonel @samwoo We still have this change in the backlog, but it has not reached our 90 day development queue yet. I would still like to ask again about visibility and sharing of data. Putting yourself in the shoes of an end user, if you raised a request with a support desk you may do so with the thought that your communication is between you and the support desk. You may enter information that you may not want or expect to be shared with your co-workers. Despite the desire for the Service Desk to share this information, it may not be the desire of the end user to have their information shared without their knowing. I am looking at an approach similar to the publishing of a Problem or Known Error where you can add a customer facing description and publish an Incident which could then be displayed to Connections. My feeling is that it would need to exclude any information about the original customer. Then there is the Timeline. A customer may need to know that their updates on the Timeline may be visible to their co-workers (or contacts from other companies if you are doing external support) I would be interested to know what are the limitations/challenges that make the use of a published Problem in these scenarios not workable? Please continue with your feedback which will help provide more information for the planned change as it progresses. Regards, James
  15. Force Request Categories

    Hi Michael, Thanks for that. I'll keep that in mind. James