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  1. Hi Adam, You are right that this requirement had already been delivered and should be available to you without turning on the mentioned setting. I believe that this may be the case. I have seen before where a slight modification to a Hornbill Automation has been made, but as you put it, in order to obtain this new functionality you may either need to re-create the node or possibly even just a re-save of the BPM (drag a node to a new position to enable the save button), and publish. It is most likely done this way in order to limit how an update changes existing behaviour.
  2. Hi Michael, You may have noticed that we recently added Tags to Assets. Do have a look at these as this is similar to what will be used on the requests. Adding the tags to requests is still in our backlog. It would definitely be a nice feature to have. I'm afraid I can't give a timeline for this yet, but hopefully not too far away. Regards, James
  3. If this needs to be applied to multiple BPMs, you could add and test in one of the BPMs. Once you know it is working, you should be able to copy this group of nodes and paste them into the other BPMs where you want to use this.
  4. Hi Dave, One approach would be to use the Custom Fields on the user accounts for adding or flagging if a user is a VIP user. Step 1: Within the Administration portal, you could add the text VIP to one of the available attributes for each of the VIP users. Step 2: Within your existing BPM Workflow where you wish to automatically add the request to a VIP Board, you would then use the Get Information Hornbill Automation for getting the details of the customer that is set against the request. This Hornbill Automation includes returning the above custom attribu
  5. Hi Alberto, Thanks for this post. The one challenge that we have is that there are a number of date fields within a request. When it was raised, last updated, resolved, closed, not to mention custom date fields. I would think that the date raised is likely to be the most commonly used. I will talk with our development team to see what options with have to adding this. Regards, James
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for your post. Are you automatically adding these requests to your board? You should be able to get information about the customer associated to an incident, and based on if they are a VIP, you could set the colour of the card when it is added to the board.
  7. Hi Dan, It would certainly be nice to have another customer show you how they are using it. However, if you don't hear anything back do post back here again and I'm sure that one of us from Hornbill could give you a quick run through.
  8. Maybe another option would be to add these 3 managers as Members to VIP tickets to assure access. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Request_Members
  9. Hi Michael, Are you familiar with the Manage Executed Processes which is available on the list of BPMs? You can't add or delete nodes, but you can correct a node that has been misconfigured. The request IDs are recorded on each entry so you can easily search to find the BPM in questions. Let me know if you need a hand with any of this.
  10. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that this might be what you are looking for...
  11. Hi Mark There is this Service Manager setting that lets you turn off the list of templates. The default is turned off, so I would guess that at some point a decision was made on your Hornbill to enable this so you may want to find if someone else requires this. It's a global setting so changing this would affect all services. You would also want to make sure that each service has a default template set up before making this change.
  12. Hi Frank, The behavior here when this setting is turned on is to help with tracking reasons for the assignment and it applies to everyone. I'm curious why this wouldn't apply to someone assigning to themselves? If there is a need to provide a reason for an assignment, and I was to assign a request to myself, wouldn't a team lead or team members still require this information? "I've assigned this incident to myself as I'm familiar with the issue" In your use case, is it being used as a hand-off comment from the current owner to the new owner rather than auditing or compliance?
  13. Hi Joyce, The change calendar is there for Change and Release records. There are no plans at the moment to expand this to be a general calendar. Could you use the change records for your planned maintenance? How are you managing your planned maintenance at the moment?
  14. Hi Anne, Thanks for your post. I just wanted to check if all is ok now. Regards, James
  15. Hi James, This can happen when there is a problem with not being able to locate the Progressive Capture used for raising a new request. The first thing to look for is if the default Progressive Capture for the Raise New Request has been made inactive. You can look in the list Progressive Captures to see this under the Active State column. You can also confirm which Progressive Capture is running when you select Raise New. This is set from the following setting: Once you confirm with Progressive Capture is being used when raising a new request, be sure
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