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  1. Service Catalogue Items per portal

    Hi @HHH We have a change in our backlog which should help with your requirement. We do plan on having subscription options on the individual Request Catalog Items. The default behaviour will be that it inherits the service subscription, but there would be options to override these within a Request Catalog Item. I will add you as an interested connection to the change. This is not currently scheduled for development. I'll will update this post as it progresses. Regards, James
  2. Issue using Sub Status in My Dashboard Charts

    Hi Keith, The development team have completed a fix for the drill down issue and they have also included an experimental setting "app.experimental.mergeDuplicateDashboardDataRows" which you will be able to enable in Administration under Home->Service Manager->Settings which will merge the global and service level sub-statues which are of the same name. This should be available in the next update of Service Manager. Regards, James
  3. Access to calls from redundant services

    Hi @paul_rbbc For the redundant services, if you set their Portfolio status to ''Retired'' the service will no longer be available for the customers on the portals to raise requests, however they will still be able to see their historic calls for the service under the ''All My Requests'' view. I hope that helps. Regards, James
  4. Assigning New Requests

    Hi @sprasad We have added an option to the Round Robin BPM Operation that lets you set if you wish to exclude users that are not logged into Hornbill. Let us know if this helps. Regards, James
  5. Creating Views within Service Manager

    Hi @Tina.Lapere I just wanted to revisit your post and confirm that you can now use the Request Catalog Items when defining your Request List Views. Regards, James
  6. Empty Emails

    Hi @chriscorcoran The above mentioned defect was resolved last year. I just wanted to follow up and make sure that this is working for you now. Regards, James
  7. The Service Manager "In-app Reporting" is coming along and hopefully we will start to see some of this being made available before too long. We also have some planned work to allow the sharing of the Personal Dashboards which are created as part of the request list Views. Lots of other great things happening with the reporting in Administration too! @Martin.bowman as these features become available we look to provide a range of options for reports, dashboards, charts, and widgets that will accommodate different users and uses. The reporting area that fits your need might depend on the type of information that you would like to share with your team members. Hopefully as these new features become available, sharing and the use of this information will be more clear. I'm always interested to hear about the types of reports or charts that you would like to have. Regards, James
  8. Linked Request section to display Sub Status

    Thanks for the posts. We have a change in our backlog that would look at making the contents of the request popup configurable. We have had requests for many other fields to be displayed here. For each customer the value of the contents will be different and we need to make sure this is done in a way that the appropriate fields are being displayed for each customer, or that the size of the popup doesn't become unmanageable. I will add you to the mentioned change as interested connections. Regards, James
  9. Creating Request Sub-statuses

    Creating Request Sub-statuses While working on an Incident Record you may want to provide a way to describe different scenarios that occur while this incident is open.   This might be to describe what is currently being done to progress the incident, or possibly to display who needs to action the incident next. Hornbill Service Manager allows you to create and manage sub-statuses not only provide this type of description, but also to set if the incident should be on-hold during that time. Automation can be set up to change the sub-status based on when a customer either update the incident on Self Service or if the customer sends an update by email to the Service Desk.
  10. Hi @Gary@ADL Thanks for your post. We will investigate an option for this. At the moment there is nothing in our backlog for this feature. I'll up date this post as it is progressed. Regards, James
  11. Call assignment

    Hi @derekgreen There is a way that this can be achieved using the BPM lock options on the different Action Items. This would also allow you to change this access throughout the life of the request. You may decided that at certain points within the process you do want to give people rights to re-assign. Provided that a user is part of one of the following roles, they can over-ride the lock - Incident Management Full Access, Change Management Full Access, Problem Management Full Access, Release Management Full Access, Service Request Full Access, and Service Desk Admin. Regards, James https://youtu.be/fgs5-_vbeXk
  12. Can look but not touch...

    Hi @Paul Morrow Thanks for your post. I did some initial tests and I can see some errors happening in the back end. I've asked the dev team to have a look. We get back to you as soon as possible. Regards, James
  13. Adding New Category Profile

    Hi @Dan Munns On a Service you can select the starting level of the Category Tree. I was wondering if you had tried this? You can set this for the all the Services that this team supports. When selecting a category for their requests they would only see the sub categories under this selected level.
  14. Request Searching

    Hi @chrisnutt We do have a number of changes that look at some of the different options for searches in our backlog. We will continue to progress these and we will let you know as they are scheduled and work begins. We have been working on some options for the Global Search Tools for Request that will include searching the Timeline. This has been in the works for some time as we had to get over some performance concerns. We believe that we are almost there. I don't think that this will suit the type of searches that you are looking to do, but it will provide more options to the Global Search. As you are looking at ordering and dates, the Request List is still possibly the best place for this type of look-up. Having an Advanced Filter as described in my previous post should help. It is not currently scheduled to be worked on, but I will continue to review and let you know when we are a bit closer. Regards, James
  15. Decision

    Hi @Kelvin Thanks for your post. What are all the possibilities that can be stored in Custom Field A? Rejected, Accepted, and blank? Is there a use case for someone leaving it blank? On your decision node, are you using a 'No Match' option as well? For now, I was thinking that you could try and add multiple custom expressions in the above Goto if for each possible value for Custom Field A excluding Rejected. Then create a 'No Match' branch which should be picked up when the Custom Field A is blank. We can also do some tests around the !=Rejected in case there is some reason that a null or blank value is not recognised by this. James