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  1. Hi Joshua, There has been a fix completed for this issue which you should see in one of the upcoming Service Manager updates. Keep an eye open for the release notes. It is likely to come out after the new year. Regards, James
  2. Hi IntegraGreg, Does the mandatory option not work here? The other option is this, but you need to make sure that every Service has at least one Request Catalog Item to select from. Hope this helps. Regards, James
  3. Hi Paul, I don't believe that there are any notifications available at the moment. When you say "daily task to check these" I wasn't sure if you are using the Manage Executed Processes option to do this, so I thought I'd mention just in case... In the top right of the list of BPM workflows you may have a button to Manage Executed Processes. If this isn't visible you can enable the setting Once you click on the Manage Executed Processes button you will have a list like this where you can see and fix failed workflows. Let me know if you think this will help Regards, James
  4. Hi Paul, There is a setting for adding default holiday exclusions, but it doesn't seem to be tied in with the individual working time calendars. I've put this forward to the development team to have a look. Regards, James
  5. Hi Martyn, Thanks for your post. There is nothing to update at the moment regarding these features. This is still in our backlog and is not currently scheduled. Regards, James
  6. Hi Prem, I'm not actually sure what you are trying to achieve. Could you give us some more details?
  7. It looks like the issue has been identified and fixed. The fix should be available in one of the upcoming Service Manager updates.
  8. Hi Joshua, I have had a look at this and I'm getting something similar. I need to go back to our development team to find out a bit more.
  9. Hi David, The challenge with changing the Catalog Item after the request has been raised, is that along with a Catalog Item are Progressive Capture workflows that collect information about the request may be different for each Catalog Item. The information in the Progressive Capture may also be used to drive the BPM workflow. It might be set in the Catalog Item which BPM to use. If more than on Request Catalog Item is using the same BPM, then there may be logic that is used in the BPM that depends on the progressive capture questions. We have had a few customers ask for this requirement and we are still thinking about the best way this can be delivered, without leaving the request in a state where progressive capture questions are no longer valid, it may be running the wrong BPM, it may have the wrong Service Level Targets applied to it. What we do have is the ability raise a linked request. The benefit of doing this is that the information from the original request can be transferred over, the correct Request Catalog Item can be selected and the Progressive Capture questions answered correctly and the correct BPM and Service Level Targets started. You can then cancel the original request. Meanwhile, keeping a record in the Timeline. While this may require a few extra clicks up front, the workflow and timers will all be correct for the remaining part of the request. If there are particular Request Catalog Items that are often being raised incorrectly, maybe you could use the Info Message for the top of the form to make sure the user is clear about what is being raised, or even provide a question that they have to answer to confirm that they have the correct Request Catalog Item. Let us know if this helps Regards, James
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I've added all of you to the change. This is not yet in our 90 queue, but we will review it again in January. Regards, James
  11. As of Service Manager build 1778, we have released a feature to allow you to manage Shared Views. Provided that you have either an Admin role or Service Desk Admin role, you will have an option to manage all the views that have been shared. You are able to either take ownership of someones View or assign ownership to another user. Regards, James
  12. Hi Daniel, There won't be a relationship between the automated backups and a user being disconnected. There is a setting for a timeout after a period of inactivity by a user. The default for the session timeout for Basic Users is 900 seconds. If your users are experiencing these disconnects on a regular basis, you can always increase this number. I would recommend keeping it within reason so that there are not large numbers of inactive sessions in play.
  13. Hi Lucy, I came across this post from last year and see that it wasn't responded to. I just wanted to check to see if this was resolved.
  14. Hi @Prem Prakash gautam Sorry... I was a little confused between the title and your question. As far as the tracking of emails, we don't currently have anything that tracks movements or deletions of emails. The events are captured within the log files, but these log files are not permanent nor can they have a report generated from them. Did you also have a question about Customer Feedback without login? As Hornbill is a secure system, there is a requirement for uses to be authenticated. If SSO is enabled, it can automated the authentication as it will use Active Directory Services to handle the authentication.
  15. Hi Daniel, Was there are particular area expectation that you where wanting the automatic backups to work with? This feature is predominantly used in the workspaces for posts and comments which Basic Users don't have access to.
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