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  1. James Ainsworth

    Closed request update

    For this requirement, is this the manual update of requests? There is the option of using the Lock feature on the BPM to lock any or all of the action items, however you may have a particular scenario that you are trying to prevent. Documentation here. Let us know if you have a scenario that these don't cover. Regards, James
  2. James Ainsworth

    Closed request update

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone We do have this Service Manager setting app.email.routing.rules.allowClosedCallUpdates which should help you with the automatic rules. Regards, James
  3. James Ainsworth

    Subscribing services to sites

    Hi @davidrb84 Yes, i see that we have you connected to the change that's in our backlog for this feature. Possibly something that will be worked on in the next month.
  4. James Ainsworth

    Add a Custom Culumn to the Request List

    You can use a custom field but you won't yet be able to add this to the request list. Once this work that we are currently planning is complete, you will. This is something to consider as you may start using the External Reference now as a workaround, but you may want to change to a custom field in the future. It will either be use a custom field and wait for the ability to add a custom column or use the External Reference and then move from that field to a custom field later on. We are also hoping to add Tags to requests. Tags are already available in Document Manager and Project Manager. This too might be a nice way in the future on how to manage this.
  5. James Ainsworth

    Add a Custom Culumn to the Request List

    The only thing I can think of is to re-purpose the External Reference field. You can rename the field using the translations. The External Reference field is also included in searches. It just depends on if you are already using this for something else.
  6. James Ainsworth

    New User Alert!

    I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing your feedback. There are loads of possibilities for Configuration Manager. The one concept to think about is the idea around CIs being In Policy. One of the big challenges when one has 10's of thousands of CIs, you don't necessarily want to track them all. By putting the assets that are most important to you to being In Policy lets you focus on those things that have the potential of causing the biggest impact when things go wrong.
  7. James Ainsworth

    Auto resolution

    The setting has been there for some time. I'm not aware of any changes, but if there were it might be that somehow the BPM operation for updating the status was changed to check this setting. We have a defect raised for this and hopefully a Service Manager update will be provided soon. As a workaround, you could add a check in your BPM workflow to make sure an owner is assigned, and either add a Suspend and Wait for owner, or just add an owner.
  8. James Ainsworth

    PowerBi issue

    Hi @RyanMesser Thanks for letting us know that you found a solution to this and sorry that we were not able to help. This post can help other customers that might run into the same issue to great to have your solution posted. Regards, James
  9. James Ainsworth

    Service Subscription - Change Management

    Hi @Martyn Houghton We have a change in our backlog from this post which should cover the automation of the subscriptions. This is not scheduled yet, but I'll make sure that I have a review of this change. Regards, James
  10. James Ainsworth

    Add a Custom Culumn to the Request List

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone Not at the moment but we are working to provide a solution for this. it is a challenge to display a custom column in the main Request list as it is possible for the same field to contain different types of data so it would be very confusing as the data might not match the column name. We have some good ideas on how to provide this and hopefully this is something that we will start developing on in the coming months. Regards, James
  11. James Ainsworth

    Notifications per service

    Hi Paul, The settings are global and not configurable per service. However, you could put an automated email in the BPM which this service uses. You could send an email to the members of the team when the request is first raised.
  12. James Ainsworth

    Request Print - Does not include Priority/SLA Details

    Hi Martyn, That's correct. There will be an Information check box which when selected provides these options...
  13. James Ainsworth

    Plugin to Asset Manager

    This feature is now available in the live environment as of the Service Manager Build 1345.
  14. James Ainsworth

    Auto resolution

    Hi @LawesD In my testing I found that this Service Manager setting.. is being respected by the BPM status change. With this setting switched to On the request consistently was set to resolved, and with this set to Off it was left open. I will check with development to see if there has been any changes in the logic. The difference in behaviour might be due to this setting being set to Off on your instance. However, I would like to think that the BPM operation for changing the status shouldn't use this setting as the the workflow itself can take care of the logic around resolving with or without an owner. I'll speak with our development team. Regards, James
  15. James Ainsworth

    Request Print - Does not include Priority/SLA Details

    Hi Martyn, I just wanted to let you know that the work on this has been completed and it should be available in an upcoming update of Service Manager over the next few weeks. Regards, James