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  1. Hi Berto2002, Can you post the settings that you have for the BPM node that adds the cards to this lane?
  2. Hi Sam, My previous post still stands. Changes around the design of the Service are still being looked into. Until a decision is made on a possible new structure, other changes such as copying a service wont be planned until after this has taken place. Regards, James
  3. Hi Jeremy, I've not personally seen this spreadsheet calculator. Using an online date calculator I did get a total of 307 work days between 13-Aug-2020 and today. (https://www.timeanddate.com/date/workdays.html) 2737 hours based on 8 hour days is 342 days. Which is still 35 days to go from 307. I'd need to know if you have longer days or include weekends in your WTC calendar and also additional holidays above the standard bank holidays to get a more accurate calculation.
  4. Hi Will, Thanks for your post. I'm not aware of any issues regarding the creation of new Suppliers. Had you been able to create suppliers previously? Can you confirm that the user that you are logged in as has either one of the available Supplier Manager roles? Supplier Administrator or Supplier User.
  5. Hi Jeremy, Often this comes down to indexing. For some reason, this particular item may not have been included in the index. I believe that Hornbill Support will be looking into this and possibly schedule a reindex. Regards, James
  6. Hi Adrian, I believe that you have reported this through the Hornbill Support and and root cause has been identified?
  7. Hi Helen, Nothing has changed as far as I'm aware. In fact, development on the Service Manager Boards (My Boards) stopped a number of years ago, after it was superseded by the Board Manager App which was released on June 28th, 2018. I would recommend to anyone still using the old Service Manager My Boards, to have a look at Board Manager and move over to this more feature rich app. We are looking to provide tools to help with moving an existing Service Manager Board over to Board Manager. As it has been over 3 years since development stopped on this old feature I expect that at some point, it will have an "end of life". Please let us know if you have any questions about Board Manager. Regards, James
  8. Do you have more than one recipient specified in the To: field? If so, how are you separating them? Or are you including quotes within the To: field?
  9. Hi Gary, Could you also have a look for me with that particular SR where you had the issue and determine if the BPM that is used for that request is still an active BPM? This can be done by looking in the list of BPM Workflows
  10. Hi Gary, I'll reach out to Hornbill Support to see if there is anything else that they can add. If this appears to be random, as in you normally don't see this message, but it does happy once and a while, I would next look to see if your connectivity to your mail server from Hornbill is having some issues. It might be your IMAP or SMTP is not always connecting. If Hornbill has an issue connecting, it does do a few retries, which might explain why the emails are being received, if the emails eventually go out after a few retries.
  11. Hi Rob, All I can think is that there is some corruption in the definition file. I'm not sure how big your workflow currently is, but you could try re-creating in a new progressive capture. Or provided you don't mind sharing your Progressive Capture here, you could upload it to this post and I can give it a try to see if I have the same issue.
  12. Hi Rob, Thanks for your post. When it comes to task assignment and ownership you need to make sure that the user ID is used and not the user name. When using the outputs from a Get Request Details automation, you should see one of the outcome variables listed as Owner (For Tasks). This is the one that you want to use for assignments and/or task ownership. You should be able to edit any of the broken BPM using the Manage Executed Processes tool. I hope that helps.
  13. I would like to mention that there is something we are looking at developing which is to allow the use of wiki markup in the request notices. This was primarily considered to add the ability to create clickable links, but our wiki markup also includes an option that can specify a date within a string that can be dynamically updated based on the user's profile timezone. This work hasn't been schedule yet, and it isn't clear yet if it will support what you are looking to do, but it may. For more on wiki markup click here
  14. Hi Berto, Thanks for your post. The UI throughout Hornbill is designed to use the Timezone settings within a user's profile to present the correct time information to the user on all the date fields. So, once we hit BST, all times that are displayed in date/time fields will be displayed in BST. The challenge that you are having is that a request notice is not a date field, but a text field. Building the request notice using the BPM automations is simply using information within the database to build a text string. This string of text is not dynamic. For example if you have some changes raised before BST kicks in, and this string for the notice is created before BST, if that change is still active after BST, the text string will not dynamically change to BST. Are you using the Scheduling action for these changes? Is this the date that you are trying to show in the notice?
  15. Hi Frank, The home organisation is for something a little different. This is currently in use. It works with the Employee Portal for when you have multiple companies that sit within a single organisation. You can create different branded pages within the Employee Portal for each company. Setting the home organisation for a user will direct that user to their company page. Regards, James
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