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  1. It looks to me like a BPM Instance hasn't been created. You can look to see if there is a BPM for this SR by looking in the Manage Executed Process You should be able to search by request ID. If nothing shows in the results, the BPM workflow will most likely not have been created.
  2. Hi Nick I'll look at adding an option to include the questions/answers when creating the new request. Not sure yet when this can be delivered, but I'll see what I can do. Possibly, to help with your custom field approach, if you are using a custom progressive capture form and a data query when picking the user to assign the authorisation task, in the BPM workflow you need to use the raw data when copying the progressive capture question to the custom field. This should take the user ID rather than the display name. Let me know if that helps or if you need a bit more info on how this is done. James
  3. Hi Jeremy, You can already change the service status from the Service Form. Before adding Auto Task to services, we will need to think about the use cases for this. The main purpose for the Auto Tasks is to run operations that may be part of other areas or apps or integrations. For example, there is an operation that can be run on a request to update the status of the service that it is linked to.
  4. Hi Frank, It's been like this since the release of the Board Manager app. Maybe you are noticing a difference between the old Service Manger boards and the Board Manager app if you have recently switched from using one to the other. As the Boards Manager app is a separate app, cards can link to email, requests, tasks, documents, projects, and other entities. This is why the link icon. It is a card that is linked to an entity, and clicking on this icon will take you to that linked entity. The Open at the bottom right is a status of the linked entity. In this case, it is showing that the request that it is linked to has a status of Open. I hope that helps. Regards, James
  5. Yes. Assigning their workspaces to you would be fine. Yes, you will still see them in the list of users. They will have an archive icon next to them. You can filter the list to just show active users.
  6. Hi Nick, Another way to raise one request from another is to use the Link action on a request. This will bring across some of the details of the original change. We are also planning for some more functionality around this. We are looking a the ability to copy an entire request as well as providing more options to select exactly what you would like to brings across when raising a new request. The options would be similar to the BPM options mentioned above, but will be able to be done manually, outside of the BPM. I'll add our interest to the changes that we have in our backlog. Regards, James
  7. Hi Jeremy, Is there any more you can tell us about the issue? Is the Process Tracker being displayed at the top of the request? If you look at the server service logs when raising a request that uses this BPM, are there any error messages displayed? James
  8. There are a few points made here which may be of interest.
  9. You don't need to demote to a basic user. Probably best practice to keep them as a full user, but archived. That way you can easily reinstate their account for any reason. Workflows won't be lost when a user is archived. Nothing is removed when you archive a user. An admin will still have access to all the workflows created by them. And if for some reason you do run into an issue, as mentioned above, you can just reinstate the user.
  10. Hi Adrian, This is the case that you need the attachments form when manually raising requests from an email. This can be really helpful as at the time of raising the request you can strip any attachments that you don't want, like logos in the signature. If you don't want the Attachment form showing up when raised from other sources like a portal, the mobile, or by phone you can have a branch in your progressive capture to check the source. If the source is email, then show the attachment form.
  11. Rather than changing this user to be a basic user, as they are no longer with the company, it would be better to archive them. You can do this by going to the user's list and selecting the checkbox next to their name and click on the archive button. Archived users can be reinstated where as changing an account to a Basic account will remove a lot from the account which can't be retrieved. Also, a Basic user will still be listed in your system. You will still see them as a user, whereas an archived user is hidden from view.
  12. Hi Shamaila, Starting with the documents, within Administration->Applications->Hornbill Document Manager, you can change ownership of all of this users documents to another user.
  13. Hi Jamie, I just wanted to check if the uninstall/re-install worked for you.
  14. Hi Paul, Have you had any luck with this yet? So far we have not been able to replicate. Do let us know if this is still happening. Regards, James
  15. Hi Richard, It may be possible to use some of the suspend Hornbill Automations to keep the workflow going while the request is in a closed state. As long as you have not reached the end of the workflow, even with a closed status you can continue to have automated processing. I don't believe that we currently have a "Wait for Customer Email" Hornbill Automation, but there may another that helps with your requirement.
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