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  1. Hi Joe, When you say "Customers" are these contacts or users that you are looking for? For contacts there is an export option on the main contact list.
  2. I'm going to guess that the record that is listed is missing the asset ID in the CSV which could be used as the primary key. Hard to tell without seeing the CSV file.
  3. We will only copy what is in the questions table. The placement of the questions/answers in custom fields will be unique to each customer, and can even be different between services or request types for the same customer.
  4. Have you watched the logs while someone is clicking on this AutoTask? It may give some insight into what is happening.
  5. Hi Dan, I believe that there has been a change where basic users can't be added to Teams, but you should be able to add them to any other Organisational Group. I believe that the reason behind this change is that teams are used for operational purposes within all the of the apps which was creating a lot of issues when Basic users were added to teams. Assigned tasks, notifications, assignments, etc are all based on team membership and Basic users could not access the related entities which caused a lot of errors and failed workflows. I believe that the docmanager portal role shou
  6. Hi Kevin, Are you using the option to map progressive capture fields to the custom fields or are you using a BPM update node to populate the custom fields from the questions? In most cases, the back end operations such as these run at a different permissions level than the users so my first thought is that it isn't permissions related, but I could be wrong.
  7. Hi Giuseppe, I just gave it a test and it works for me.
  8. Hi Alisha, You might be able to use the lock options along with a condition in the BPM. You could lock the Resolve Action if set to Critical. You could then use an expiry node set for 5 days at which point the resolve action becomes unlocked or you can automatically close the request. Let me know if you need more details to set this up. James
  9. If you login as Admin user you will have the Edit option available to you in the post's menu. Editing a post will leave the text *** Edited by <user>*** in the post to indicate that it has been changes. There are no restriction with the post having likes or comments. Regards, James
  10. Hi Martyn, Not being considered at the moment. I will review this post at a later date to see if is something that we can add. Regards, James
  11. Hi Adrian, Thanks for your post. The notices will be listed in the order that they are added and there isn't currently an option to change the order. Regards, James
  12. Hi Adrian, Thanks for your post. Nice idea. I'll see if there is any other planned work in this area that this can be appended to. Regards, James
  13. Hi @sprasad This is not currently in our backlog or planned. I'll continue to review the post and let you know if there is any change in this. Regards, James
  14. Hi Stuart, I believe that you have to set yourself up as the manager of the user rather than the team. This can be done in Admin After this is done, you should then see the user in this pick list on the activity view.
  15. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Snow_License_Manager_Cloud_Asset_Import Hi Paul, I don't see any reason why you couldn't get a SNOW import set up and tested, and then turn off the SCCM import. Both imports should have options to select a key field (asset ID) on an asset to ensure that an update is done, rather than adding a new asset.
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