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  1. James Ainsworth

    Customer Feeback - Questions not enabled

    Hi @chriscorcoran You should be able to include an email in your BPM that is sent to the customer of the request once the request is closed. You could create a Feedback email template that includes a link back to the portal. Is that what you are looking for?
  2. James Ainsworth

    Cannot assign owner to asset after last update

    Hi @AKetteringham I believe that the fix for this is already available in the latest update. Regards, James
  3. James Ainsworth

    Customer Feeback - Questions not enabled

    @chriscorcoran Oddly enough, this as also started working for me on my live environment. I just did a Shift+F5 to refresh my browser and it started working.
  4. James Ainsworth

    Customer Feeback - Questions not enabled

    Hi @chriscorcoran I've replicated this in the live environment. It does however seem to be working in our development environment so it is possible that a fix is already on its way. I'll see if I can get someone to confirm. Regards, James
  5. James Ainsworth

    Possibility to view Portal FAQ content based on language

    I've raised a change and added it to our backlog. I've added you both to the change. Regards, James
  6. James Ainsworth

    Specify which OU in AD to import assets from

    Hi @MikeW The current Asset Import tool doesn't support a direct asset import from AD. There are command line tools available with which you should be able to export your AD to a CSV file from a specific OU. Is this the type of thing you are looking for? Regards, James
  7. Hi @mojahidm I just wanted to confirm your requirement. Are you wanting the option All in addition to Active and Closed which will show both Active and Closed together in one list? Regards, James
  8. James Ainsworth

    Closed requests - can be re-opened

    Hi @Ria The ability to re-open a closed request is based on rights. Here are some of the rights for the Incident Management Full Access role which includes this right. The Incident Management User role does not include this right. If you do not wish for users to re-open requests, you may need to revisit the roles that these users have. Even without these rights for the users, the BPM can be designed to re-open a request. For this you would need to look at your workflows to identify if there are any scenarios where this has been configured. I hope this helps. Regards, James
  9. James Ainsworth

    Priorities and New Service Levels in Portals

    Hi Martyn, This is still in our backlog. I'll update this post once some progress has been made. Regards, James
  10. James Ainsworth

    Hovering over Requests

    Hi @Lauren We do have a change in our backlog to provide some more functionality around this. I'll add you and this post to the change to make sure you are updated with any progress. It is not currently scheduled for development. Regards, James
  11. James Ainsworth

    BPM within linked request

    Hi @Aaron Summers For the first part of your requirement, I'm wondering if this BPM Operation would be what you are looking for. Documentation located here Your service request's BPM can be suspended until a particular update has been made on the change. In your case, it looks like the update you will be waiting for is the approval being accepted. Regarding your question about changing a request from one type to another, I think that this may cause a number of problems with BPMs, rights and access to different request types, change calendars, visibility by customers on the portals... Lots of things would be impacted when changing a request from one type to another. No plans at the moment to implement this. Regards, James
  12. James Ainsworth

    Customer Portal - Linked Documents not appearing

    Thanks for your posts. At the moment this option isn't available. The Documents using the Document Action are only available to support staff. I'll have a look to see what options we can provide to make this possible. Regards, James
  13. James Ainsworth

    Owner Id not populating

    Hi @AKetteringham We had identified a problem with the Owner field on an asset. I believe that this is already fixed and should be available in the next update, as suggested in this post. Regards, James
  14. James Ainsworth

    Possibility to view Portal FAQ content based on language

    Hi @Cizzling Thanks for your post. This hasn't been something that we had previously considered. I will look into the feasibility of adding something like this. Regards, James
  15. James Ainsworth

    BPM - Post to Public Workspace - Limitations or bug?

    Hi @Lyonel It looks like this has been adjusted and it should be available in the next Service Manager update. Keep an eye open on the release notes for the update that contains this. Regards, James