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  1. @James Ainsworth Hi James, would you have an update on this issue at all please (As per @Martyn Houghton above) I believe we also enquired about grouping/filtering FAQ'a also. Thanks
  2. Hi, This was initially raised in 2016, but having hunted around the wiki I am unable to locate details regarding the supported file types for inserting media into Workspaces. I have tried .wmv and .mp4 videos but get the error stating unsupported filetype. Can you confirm a definitive list of what file types can be posted please. Thanks Martin
  3. @Victor Checked with a few users and still not working i'm afraid. They have logged out and in and cleared Browser cache
  4. @VictorHi Victor, This is still not working for our users. It is this setting that is not populating the window after clicking the email icon. It is working for myself and a few others.
  5. Hi Just to add, this used to work, in that if entering text into the email / comment window and moving away elsewhere, when returning to that point the text was still there. Thanks Martin
  6. @Steven Boardman In addition to this, would it be possible to add the Request Preview pop up window functionality to Boards Manager so this is displayed when you hover over the Request reference, as it does on Request List for example? Thaks
  7. @Victor Hi, Further to this, we would also like the option to change the default. Whilst it is context sensitive upon initial log in is more likely to want to search for a Request rather than a Co-Worker. Similarly, when viewing a workspace item I am more likely to want to then search for a Request rather than another workspace item - and so on. If we could have the option of setting an initial default, in our case we would set 'Requests', but also for it to either then 'persist' so it would remain as 'Requests' no matter where you are, or 'context' so it then changes once you move from the initial screen. Thanks
  8. Hi there, Just following up on this and wondering if there is any further news of whether an Organisational view of subscribed services is being developed at all? Thanks Martin
  9. Hi, I have a report which I added Scheduling to, set to Run Once on Wed 7th Feb, although I subsequently set this to Disabled back in Feb. Thing is the report is actually running once a week (usually a Wednesday) every 5 minutes. I now have 63 pages of report history, and 18k+ rows. Is there a known problem with report scheduling please? Thanks Martin ======================= SELECT count(*) FROM h_sys_reports_history where h_fk_reportid = '93'
  10. Hi @TrevorKillick @Victor Further to this is there nay update please, the dates are still not being displayed in the .csv output. Thanks Martin
  11. Hi @Bob Dickinson I have tried this, does it still require users to be assigned to the Dashboard View role?
  12. Hi @TrevorKillick. I realise this is still in hand but just to advise that reports now show as completed ok, but still do not contain any data in time fields. Just for info. Thanks
  13. Hi, Since ESP 2856 yesterday, Service Manager reports are displaying as 'Failed' status and no dates are returned in date columns withing the .csv output. The Preview works ok. Can you advise please? Thanks
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