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  1. @Jeremy i'll see if the team can take a look at this, as the logic should allow for portal updates
  2. @David Longley just to add a couple of bits to Jeremy's response. Mapping the proposed start and end dates won't populate this change on the calendar, as they are the proposed not actual dates. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms You can still use the dates captured in progressive capture, but use the bpm operation to inject the start and end dates for the change using the variable picker - there is another post on this exact same thing here: This might also be worth reviewing: Jeremy covered off where the remove from change calendar options are.
  3. @Jeremy a connection, customer or agent update should trigger the unsuspending. Is the connection on the request using the '''Update''' option, i.e adding a new post, or are they commenting on an existing post? The Suspend wait update, is only looking for new posts (using the update) option, not comments on an existing post (update) Is your connection possibly adding a comment?
  4. @Paul Welby thanks for confirming. As we are not able to replicate what your experiencing, and you are seeing this for multiple users, can i suggest for the speediest remedy, you log this with our support team? https://www.hornbill.com/support
  5. @Jeremy correct, one aspect of auto-tasks, is that they don't Pause (suspend) - so no tasks / approvals / or pause for info - they can only use information on the request. Obviously what you can do, is use the conditions of the custom button to only make the option to resolve the linked requests once the Primary / Parent ticket has got to a particular point - i.e it could be a task which updates the resolution, and a custom field - and the visibility of the resolve linked requests custom button is visible once the custom button value is set. I suppose with this, the option to manually update the linked requests from the resolution box is pretty much the same. Is there any reason you were looking to do this via a custom button and not from the resolve action which allows the resolution of linked requests OOTB?
  6. @Paul Alexander is it possible to do this off the priority? for example if the auto-task button is visible to flag the major incident and this changes the priority, could you then hide the auto task button, using the condition - priority not equals major (or the name you use)? Failing that, as a workaround, you could get the auto task to add a value to a custom field, and then set the 'no show' condition on the value in the custom field? There is an example of an escalate and de-escalate major incident on the sandbox instance https://live.hornbill.com/demo/servicemanager/request/view/IN00000760/ Login as grahamc / H0rnbill - see how the raise / deescalate visibility are tied to the request priority Hope that helps
  7. @Paul Alexander as we can't seem to replicate this on other instances, did you want to raise this as an issue with support? so they can take a closer look for you? https://www.hornbill.com/support
  8. @Paul Welby are you seeing this issue on all report export types (pdf, csv, xls,xlsx), or is it specific to one or a few?
  9. @Paul Alexander this was looked at following INSIGHTS 19, it is an experimental feature right now, and not verified as ready for production use. I'll ask the team looking at this, when it is likely to be ready for production. In the meantime FYI, * It will allow the searching of all properties on all nodes in all processes for text matches. * It will list all process with matches, and how many matches in each process * It will provide an option to allow the updates of the matched text with replacement text into either all or selective processes where there is a match.
  10. @Jeremy yep gotcha, but in the auto task process, you still need to get the info to pass down to the linked requests - so you can still set the resolutions text, category of the primary ticket via the auto task (not the process running on the primary ticket), using the usual nodes in the process designer, then get the request details and resolve the linked requests, all from an auto-task The auto task can: * Use process nodes for setting the resolution details * Look for manually set resolution details * can use injected resolution details into resolution fields from task custom fields etc run from primary business process All on the ticket the auto task will be run from, then in the auto task you get the request info and resolve the linked requests All my testing was done purely using auto-tasks not a standard bpm Here is what i am doing in my auto-task resolve-linked.draft.bpm.txt
  11. @Jeremy in your auto task, do you resolve, categorise, and change the status to resolve or closed for the primary request? if so do you then do a get request info before using the resolve linked requests option? If i do this, then my linked requests are resolved, inherit the resolution category and resolution text from the parent ticket So very much like using this node in a standard business process, this node is expecting and using the resolution text and category from the parent ticket, therefore there are no input params for this given node - you would need to take care of the resolution text and category in earlier nodes, then get request info, and then update linked requests Let us know if this helps, or if you are still having any issues
  12. @David Longley this is not possible right now in Procap forms. The current option is to include a link to the video, which you launch in another tab Under the hood we have been busy working on procap v2, which is in use in the employee portal, employee mobile and agent mobile interfaces. We still have procap v1 in the Customer Portal, Service Portal, My Services, and the agent interface, but we are actively migrating these areas to v2 (nothing our customers will need to worry about as all v1 procap's will continue to work in procap v2. Once we are in the world of procap v2 across the board, we can then look at supporting this but no timeframes on this right now i'm afraid. It's on the list and we'll update once any progress is made in this area.
  13. @HHH the short answer is yes. If you look at step 8 in the migration steps on the wiki, if you enable the redirects then when they hit the Service portal urls via a bookmark, link in email template etc, then they will be redirected to the employee portal equivalent pages. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Migrating_to_the_Employee_Portal
  14. @Dave Longley What you'll need are ESP Conditions in your email template https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates This will allow you to define both the URL's for the internal employee portal and for the external customer portal, and depending on the customer type (contact / co-worker), only the relevant one will show in the email. Check out this post, i think it will give you what you need (You will need to substitute the internal URL in the example with the employee portal request URL, as this topic uses the service portal URL as an example)
  15. @Michael Sharp mine is a links widget (showing for comparison with yours) on build 142. If you go to safari and access the URL without going via the home screen link what build do you get and what can you see on the links widget?
  16. @Michael Sharp I know there was an issue before, but this should have been resolved on the mobile Could you check something for us? 1. Can you go into settings, clear cache - does this resolve it? 2. If not in settings, can you check which client build you are on? should be 142 3. Are you accessing the mobile app from a shortcut on your home screen? if so could you try opening up safari on the iphone and accessing the mobile directly from the url mcatalog.hornbill.com/(yourinstance) - if you do this, are you still seeing the issue Let us know how you get on
  17. @Luke you can specify the default mailbox for all requests per service - click to edit a service to see this option There is info here about agents who have access to more than one mailbox - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Details
  18. @7oaks there is also some new(ish) logic around who you can assign and share an activity with, and then in turn who can reassign those activiies https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Activities
  19. @7oaks would this setting and feature help - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Experimental_Features
  20. @NickH one more thing, in your business process where the email template is being used - make sure you update the Email Template Entity from the default Request to ChangeRequest
  21. @NickH In the email templates - change the option from Request to Change Request Then in the variable picker you will see variables for: * Start Time * End Tiem * Proposed etc * You will still have all the request related variables available to you
  22. @Hannah Stella with option 3 have you considered: * Creating a simple list of your sites * Then in your progressive captures, you can reference the simple list, and make it a checkbox picker - for the multiple selection of sites * Then if you sites are added, you only need to update the one simple list, not each and every progressive capture seperately? * In order to have the multiple sites available for your email templates, you could map the progressive capture question to a custom request field, and then use this custom field in your email templates
  23. @Dave Longley for assets to appear on a request, they have to be manually added either through the request by your support team, or by the requestor on progressive capture by using the default asset form, someone has to add an asset, as being relevant to the request which is being raised, there isn't a concept of adding a users assets to a request automatically. When a user logs a request, they can be presented with the option to add the asset/s which they own, or share or at the site based on what has been configured in your progressive capture flows. Possible Config And in Progressive Capture, each user will be able yo manually add the appropriate assets (they own, share, reside at a site etc) to the request they are raising, which will in turn appear in the assets accordion on a request
  24. @Dave Longley In the admin console > Apps > Service Manager > Settings you can use this option to pin the assets accordion open on viewing requests. Any assets added to the request will be visible here. If there are no assets linked to a request, the accordion will not show, as with the other accordions (attachments, requests etc) If you haven't added assets via progressive capture, but want to add them on the request itself, this is done from the action bar on the request, but the assets action item will only be visible on requests if it has been enabled against the service and request types
  25. @Haroon could you provide some more context to this? Is it in Progressive Capture? if so could you explain the scenario and maybe there are some approaches we can offer?
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