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  1. I have had an inbound email but for some reason its only pulled in the footer of the email in to the details section. Any ideas why? It looks like most inbound emails we get.
  2. @Steven Boardman Thanks Steven, apologies for the delay I have been away. I will look into it.
  3. I have a business process that stops the SLA reposnse timer if the call is updated via the update action only. Is it possible to have it so that the SLA reposnse timer is stopped if the call is updated via the update action and/or via the email action?
  4. I have a report that shows me all calls for a paritcvular service with a few columns like date created, summary etc. I'm doing some trend analyis in power bi on keywords and could do with the whole of the audit trail for calls. Is there a way to add the audit trail to a report? I guess it would make export massive, maybe removing system updates? I know I can print the content of each call indivdually but I'm looking to pull the data in all at once. any thoughts?
  5. is there a way to lock stop the clock as well (pause) ?
  6. @Victor makes sense. I may have to check what the teams have.
  7. @Michael Sharp doh!, I always forget Thats sorted it. Thanks
  8. Many thanks for the suggestion @Michael Sharp @VictorI have attempted to lock down the actions which does grey them out but I can still click on them and fill complete them. Do you know what I need to change in order to stop people bypassing. So in my test, i'm locking all actions apart from email. You can see I can still click on the resolution.
  9. can anyone point me at the product enhancement page? I use to have a link to it but can't find it!
  10. In our business process we set our response SLA to be met once its been assigned to an analyst and they complete the updated customer activity. People always forget to complete the activity or fail to assign it but do contact the customer, which means analysts often miss the response SLA. Is there a way to make it so that the first email sent externally to the customer would trigger the SLA response met? Or can someone suggest a better way, or what they do for response SLA.
  11. Is it possible to audit if an email was deleted manually or by the system to the deleted mailbox?
  12. Hi, I forgot to add in the Easter bank holidays on our SLA Calendars. Is it possible to add the dates and wind back calculate SLA's that failed over the Easter weekend its messed up some of our reports we send to customers.
  13. @Ehsan that is great, thanks!
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