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  1. I have changed a user from basic to user today, given them all the correct roles but I get the error unable to validate user credentials box. We don't have sso or anything. I have added him to organisations. I know a similar post mentioned it was the email address had been used multiple times, but I cant see that anywhere? Not sure if anyone has had similar
  2. Thanks @Frank Reay I checked and thats set to All but I had not used filter before so good shout.
  3. Thanks @Deen although we are not seeing on every call, I also only see Team and Customer under Change visibility
  4. I have had a few calls recently that seem to be missing comments from the timeline. Is there a system failicty to hide things in the timeline that analysts maybe using I'm not aware off? In the example I'm seeing a call has been assigned to someone, then the next item is call taken off hold, but I'm missing the bit that shows call placed on hold. It worries me as we have calls that are against a customer SLA.
  5. Thanks @Martyn Houghton makes sense. I remmbered a previous chat with one you last year and found the timer targets sheet so my 5 days should be 1 day 13 hrs and 30 mins
  6. I have a query over SLA. I have a service with a 5 day resolution call IN00035468 was logged on 8th June 07:20, the call was placed on hold 9th June 10:29 until 12th June 10:29 resolution is showing as expiring on the 1st July 16:59 the calendar is running 09:00 to 17:00 to me the resolution seems off.
  7. thanks @Gerry it makes perfect sense. It was only because I hadn't made a changes to the bpm in over 15 months so I hadnt even noticed the decsiion node at first. When I first created it 3 years back it did have three decisions coming off it, which I tuned later but hadnt removed the node. I need to spend more time improving my bpm inline with the chnages you guys are making to keep current. Thanks again.
  8. @Steve G Hi Steve I thouht I woul dhave another go at posting to teams. I have just done a new token etc and on the business process I'm testing with I get a forbidden to post to teams error. not sure why? Any thoughts?
  9. @Victor its just historical from when there were three decisons. Can I just remove and go direct?
  10. I havent made any changes to my business processes in a long while so something may no longer work correctly with decsion nodes. I have added some cloud automation and when I come to publish it complains that I only have one outflow, do you know what I need to replace this with now?
  11. is it possible to back date a ressolve time. We resolved something last Friday and I need to reflect that as I forgot to hit resolve. The problem is we are under contract with the customer and the report will reflect it todays date.
  12. I have got a report which I just need to add a couple more fields to. I have found two of the three, but I need one to show last updated. Is that available as a field? I guess with there being many possible combinations of a ticket being updated, like general update, on hold, inbound email, but it would be a useful field to have. Any ideas?
  13. Hi @Steve G tried again now I cant get the team ID to poulate
  14. Not sure if this has been flagged but the delete bin icon is now hidden by the picture of the analyst in the boards.
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