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  1. A few of our users are getting 502 errors bad gateway and certificate issues, any known issues?
  2. Would it be possible to add the following as fields in the Asset Management section? Asset Type Properties Section Suggested Additional Field All General Asset Information Purpose or Use Computer System Hardware Information PSU1 Serial Computer System Hardware Information PSU2 Serial Network Device Hardware Information Firmware Software Software Information Release Date
  3. thanks @Steve G just testing and when add the variable shown below my weblink collector URL is https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/test?H_pk_reference=[H_pk_reference_value] which doesnt seem right. It takes me to the survey but doesnt add the hornbill request ID to the export results file. Any ideas?
  4. We have thousands of customers which dont have the portal or use it so we dont get many people using the inbuilt hornbill feedback system. Is there a way to link survey monkey or another 3rd party survey system so that when we send out the resolve email the link includes the call ref? If not I guess I could use one of the fields as the ref number.
  5. Thanks @David Hall, it is somthing that would be very useful if the chnage could be pushed, it's one our our top complaints
  6. Hi, After updating our environment last night to the latest version some users have reported that calls that are on hold are very faint and very hard to read. Is this a known issue? Thanks
  7. thanks @Steven Boardman I agree it could be our best option.
  8. I have been asked if its possible to add an approval step into a service before an email is sent from the call. So the idea is with one service we would like an approval email to be senmt to a manager of th service before it leaves to the customer for checking. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  9. I have had an inbound email but for some reason its only pulled in the footer of the email in to the details section. Any ideas why? It looks like most inbound emails we get.
  10. @Steven Boardman Thanks Steven, apologies for the delay I have been away. I will look into it.
  11. I have a business process that stops the SLA reposnse timer if the call is updated via the update action only. Is it possible to have it so that the SLA reposnse timer is stopped if the call is updated via the update action and/or via the email action?
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