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  1. @Steven Boardman thanks steve, I didn't even realise that they were set against the services, so explains why it was still using the old BP.
  2. Hi, I have just changed our change process and created a new BP, however after changing the default BP as below for some reason it has picked up the new Pro cap but has continued to use the old BP? I have just spotted that on each Service under change their is a workflow as below which actually has the old BP set. Does this setting take priority over the settings in the application settings showed above? Will it be a case of just changing this to reflect the new BP? thanks lee
  3. @James Ainsworth Yes we could cancel them I guess as the work has been done. Is there a way to do that in bulk? I agree tasks\activities are and would be very useful and I would love to use them more, but as mentioned people just forget to check their activities or the pop out menus on the side to view the activities and as such they don't get actioned. I think stopping the progression\locking a call until the task is complete I think would be more hassle than it's worth as whoever has the call assigned would then end up having to chase up other teams to get them t
  4. @Victor @James Ainsworth @yelyah.nodrog I've just raised the same question. I would like to be able to close bulk activities assigned to a particular team. The reason for us is something I have raised many times but unfortunately is something that cannot be changed in Hornbill and that is for activities to be visible in a teams assigned calls. What I find is any activity assigned to any team isn't visible, so most people do not know they are there, they have been advised many times in the past to check their activities but unfortunately the message never sinks in. So
  5. @Victor ah yes similar, shall I just continue on that thread instead lee
  6. Is there anyway to close all activities assigned to a team in bulk? We have hundreds asigned to a team that have not been actioned but the call has since been closed? thanks lee
  7. @Steven Boardman thats great thanks for the help. again sorry for the constant questions, apart from the above I think i am sorted now. lee
  8. Hi, If I have a human activity node with an expiration time on it, will this time only be applied during SLA times? I.e if it was logged out of hours and reached this node will the timer count while out of hours or wait until normal operating hours before starting to count? thanks lee
  9. @Steven Boardman Hi Steve, hope you had a good weekend, Can I just confirm there is no way to suspend a node and wait for an update that will start again when the customer updates or the call is updated by the system auto responder (i.e. after an emial update on the call)? I was hoping any update on the call may trigger the node to continue, ive even tried updating the call by applying the update via the mailbox hoping it may trigger the node to continue as it has had an update from analyst rather than the system, but this didn't seem to work either? I
  10. @Steven Boardman Hi steve was just about to update you think I have it sorted I think my application and scope was wrong, my screen shot must have been from the test hornbill one , where as mine was slightly different. I think it's been a long week and I have too many tabs open updating various things so getting confused as to which one is the one i am actually working on Anyway it seems to be working now, and I think maybe i should call it a day for this week and start a fresh next week. I think it is all working as I want now any way, maybe jus
  11. @Steven Boardman hi steve me again. I'm making good progress and have most of my new change working. However one part which I have copied directly from the TEST RFC supplied by yourelves the other week I cannot get to work. After the Human task to select approve, reject or more info required - starts the loop as shown, It then is meant to get the output from the decision and the details entered to then populate the custom field p with that info so it can be added into a email template. this is a human task not an authorisation node so not sure if that makes a differe
  12. @Steven Boardman cheers that all makes sense, i may just stick with the method we are currently using for the approval part, all the rest of the process is still an improvement on what were were doing so is still better than it was.
  13. @Steven Boardman thanks again, the cab members are emailed via a distribution group email that contains all the cab members in it. So it may potentially work as they would all still get the email, it would depend if multiple people could use the same link and authorise, would need to incorporate some sort of loop or dual authorisation node to accommodate 2 authorisers. I might do a bit of testing with this just to see how it works? to get it working how I am trying involves the ability to add a wait for update node. So are you saying it wont be possible to have a wait for
  14. @Steven Boardman unfortunately they are all non Hornbill users, hence the reason I have to do it via email. I got a new change template (BPM and Pro cap)from yourselves last week, but have had to re work it to try and work the approval process via email. Our current change process also works via email and emails CAB members, I'm just trying to refine it and automate as much as possible so the service desk have minimal tasks to do
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