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  1. @Gerry thanks Gerry thats good to hear as this is a feature we are keen to use going forward. lee
  2. it appears that part of the issue is if either side of the chat sends a message it doesn't update for the recipient unless they start typing..as soon as they start typing it seems to update any messages that have been sent. If you are not actually typing in the chat box it doesn't seem to update the conversation. Everything else seems quite straight forward and works well, but I think this could be the difference between whether this is a usable function or not. lee
  3. @James Ainsworth great thanks James
  4. Hi, Is there anyway to change the agents display name without affecting their display name while using service manager? I have found that by changing an agents Handle will change the name displayed in the chat session. However this also changes it in service manage so on all logged requests is also display this. We would like a more informal first name just for the chat session i.e. first name only. But this doesnt work in service manager as if we have multiple people with the same first name it is not obvious who it is by just seeing their first name displayed thanks lee
  5. Hi I noticed this has already been logged but there had been no response for it. Hence I thought I would log it again. We have just setup Chat to test, but noticed there is a delay on most messages, sometimes they appear fairly quickly (a few seconds) however the majority can take upto 30 seconds or more and than all messages appear at the same time. Is there a fix for this? thanks lee
  6. @Deen thanks deen, just managed to do it - i had to log in as admin and set my permssions to add services role (i thought I had done that and it hadn't worked) but tried it again and seems ok now? thanks lee
  7. Hi, I seem to have lost access the service portfolio. What role or permissions are required to be able to access this? I tried adding the service manager role but it will not let me add this even as an admin account? thanks lee
  8. @James Ainsworth thanks james. What happens if I click install via the add more apps in admin console? Do I need to put a PO through or official request first or do I install and select how many agents I want then get charged after? Whats the process? lee
  9. Hi, We are considering trying the Live chat. However initially we want to use it as part of a project for the roll out of a new service. As such is it possible to enable Live Chat so that it is only available from the user portal for a individual service? So for example when logging into the portal and then selecting a particular service the live chat would then be available? My concern is if live chat became available for all services for all users they would start using it for normal BAU issues which we don't want initially. I assume we could just assign the correct role to those people involved in the project - would this mean only they could see the chat window when they log in? However if it was possible to make it visible by accessing certain services we could then slowly rollout it out to more people. any help or info would be most appreciated. thanks lee
  10. @Victor Yeah i had checked that and confirmed the username and password were still correct and the other details have not changed either. I have also tried getting the cmd line and using that to run - this still doesnt work and it just deletes the .exe file I've tried both the x86 and x64 version same result I have put the previous import utility back in place and used that and it tries to run but fails with the original error for authentication, but at lease the file doesn't get deleted? any thing else we can do, starting to get a few complaints as we have not managed to import any new users for over 2 weeks now so people cannot access Hornbill to log any calls.
  11. @Victor it was already setup and has been working for a while until about 2 weeks ago. I just downloaded the latest version and tried doing a manual run - i haven't changed anything in the admin tool setup? do i need too? information in the read me file looks like the same setup and process as before?
  12. @Victor I have just downloaded the latest version and tried that but when running it via cmd prompt (same process as before) it just deletes the file from the folder? Ive tried just running the .exe file but that does nothing? any help will be appreciated
  13. @Victor thanks victor I have done that and managed to get past the import is running issue. I am now back to the original issue of it not working It appears this started 2 weeks ago and get the error [ERROR] Bind Error: LDAP Result Code 49 "Invalid Credentials": 80090308: LdapErr : DSID-0C09042F, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 52e, v2580 In the json file the username and password specified is still correct and works ( i have logged onto a pc with it to check) i have also tried another user account but get the same error. any ideas?
  14. The import utility has stopped working and I have tried running a manual import but keep getting the following message [ERROR] Unable to run import, a provious import is still running Is there anyway to check or stop the import. If i go to admin console and check here I can see one has started but can't see anyway to stop it
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