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  1. @Paul Alexander I think I asked the same question when we first started using Hornbill and was told it was not something they were looking at. i was hoping that as the system is continuously developing that over the last 2 years they may have reconsidered it? Or would it be considered if enough people asked for that?
  2. @Daniel Dekel Hi Daniel, just seen this topic. Maybe going off topic slightly, but is there or has there ever been any consideration to enable activities to be able to be viewed in a normal team's assigned calls list? Basically we only use activities sparingly and a part of tasks for new users\amend users etc. The problem we have found is that the majority of people dont' see the activities assigned to their team because they forget to go and look in their activities list(it's just another thing to remember to do) or ignore the little reminder icon. It would solve all the problems I think if any activity could be shown in the list of calls in the teams queue. At the top where you can select to view only incidents\service requests, changes etc..you could add another to view activities and have these show up in your list of calls. Even now after 2 years of using Hornbill I still forget about the activities and that I need to go and check to see if we have any assigned which we often do from the new\amend user forms. Just a thought? But it is the one thing about Hornbill I have never liked. I like the activities idea but managing them and actively using them has always been a problem for the reasons mentioned above. thanks lee
  3. @Steven Boardman Fantastic cheers for that. lee
  4. @James Ainsworth Hi James, I have been asked to get a data dump so that someone can use it in Power BI to display stats stuff I think. I don't think it is specifically about getting Power BI and Hornbill working together, I think it is more a separate project around Power Bi and seeing what that can do so they wanted a data set to use for testing. The data would probably be just all the information you would get from a logged request.
  5. Hi, What is the best way to get a full data download for maybe the last 6 months or even 12 months? I thought creating a standard report and only selecting date logged with parameter of last 6 months. I would then have to select what columns I want I assume? Is there any utility in Hornbill other than reports that would allow you to download data. Thanks lee
  6. Hi, I'm trying to setup a widget to show number of calls logged last month. I have this for calls logged in last 7 days. h_requesttype = 'incident' AND h_datelogged >= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 7 DAY) What is the syntax for calls logged last month? Also is there a list of common syntax available anywhere i.e. how to get different dates things like that? I'm not particularly familiar with sql code so struggling a bit when trying to setup some new widgets. thanks lee
  7. Hi, What permissions or assigned roles are required to allow a user to view a dashboard. I have tried the below so far but had no joy? any ideas? lee
  8. @James Ainsworth thanks James I will give this a go
  9. Hi, just wondering what permissions I need to grant someone to allow them to access admin section in order to view\check amend Sites? thanks Lee
  10. Hi, just wondering what permissions I need to grant someone to allow them to access admin section in order to view\check amend Sites? thanks Lee
  11. Hi @Nanette I think I have just sorted it . I had changed the password but didn't realise there was another entry for it in outbound rules I had only changed it in the shared mailbox setting for inbound. thanks lee
  12. Hi, The email account configured in Hornbill had its password reset yesterday unknown to me. So all emails had stopped sending. When I found out it had changed I updated the password in the system and tested the connection which was successful. However it appears emails are still not sending? Is there any where else I can check or anywhere else that will need amending to get it working again? thanks lee
  13. @Steven Boardman thanks steve I will have a look at those.
  14. Hi, I am struggling to create a report that will report on department and or division that have been setup in the organisation structure. My report is using type entity - I would like to display volume of calls grouped by service type and request type but also want to include what department it was logged against(i.e. the department the user belongs to). Any ideas how this is done? Do I need to be using SLQ and joining tables? thanks Lee
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