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  1. lee mcdermott

    permissions to create\amend sites?

    @James Ainsworth thanks James I will give this a go
  2. Hi, just wondering what permissions I need to grant someone to allow them to access admin section in order to view\check amend Sites? thanks Lee
  3. lee mcdermott

    permissions to create\amend sites?

    Hi, just wondering what permissions I need to grant someone to allow them to access admin section in order to view\check amend Sites? thanks Lee
  4. lee mcdermott

    Emails no longer sending

    Hi @Nanette I think I have just sorted it . I had changed the password but didn't realise there was another entry for it in outbound rules I had only changed it in the shared mailbox setting for inbound. thanks lee
  5. lee mcdermott

    Emails no longer sending

    Hi, The email account configured in Hornbill had its password reset yesterday unknown to me. So all emails had stopped sending. When I found out it had changed I updated the password in the system and tested the connection which was successful. However it appears emails are still not sending? Is there any where else I can check or anywhere else that will need amending to get it working again? thanks lee
  6. lee mcdermott

    reporting on departments?

    @Steven Boardman thanks steve I will have a look at those.
  7. lee mcdermott

    reporting on departments?

    Hi, I am struggling to create a report that will report on department and or division that have been setup in the organisation structure. My report is using type entity - I would like to display volume of calls grouped by service type and request type but also want to include what department it was logged against(i.e. the department the user belongs to). Any ideas how this is done? Do I need to be using SLQ and joining tables? thanks Lee
  8. lee mcdermott

    Issues: New Email View in Requests

    @Steven Boardman just seen that update is actually available now. I have applied it and that is much better thanks. lee
  9. lee mcdermott

    Issues: New Email View in Requests

    @Steven Boardman @sprasad We have also had this raised and found people re sending the email because they are not sure the original had been sent as it auto displays the template again. (1) After the email is sent (rather than displaying the email action again with an empty template, which can cause confusion and possible duplication of sending a second empty email) could we display a replacement dialog which says email sent and then you click on it to re-open the email editor to send another email, or just click on another request action icon/activity to carry on with request. Steve does any of the below address this? One question was can the system default back to the update tab(view) rather than stay on the email tab? Due to the feedback from the customer base, the next service manager update will include the following options 1. Stay using the new email preview component (Globally) 2. Revert back to the old email component i.e no preview or template selection (Globally) 3. Agent Preference - Allow each agent to decide which email option they prefer to use, they will be able to toggle between the old and the new email components thanks lee
  10. lee mcdermott

    Email templates

    @Steven Boardman Quick question, setting up the template but would like to add a variable where it will populate only the customers first name. This is possible with a snippet, but don't seem to be able to find a variable for this on a email template. Having {{.H_fk_user_name}} which gives Joe.Bloggs seems a bit impersonal I think. thanks lee
  11. lee mcdermott

    Email templates

    @Steven Boardman thats great thanks steve, I like the feature just wasn't sure how to change things if need be to be a bit more flexible. lee
  12. lee mcdermott

    Email templates

    Hi , I have just applied the latest update and a few analysts have complained about the new email template format. Because most people select email and then select one of their Snippets - when selecting email it pre populates the message now with an email template, so if you select a snippet you have to then highlight and delete the pre populated template which makes it a bit more cumbersome to do. Is there any way to change the template it uses by default? And if possible turn off the use of a default template? thanks lee
  13. lee mcdermott

    Unable to log into Live.Hornbill anymore

    @Victor thanks victor that has worked. i have been on Holiday for the last few weeks so just back this week so hadn't been on the forum for a while.
  14. Hi, I can no longer log into our Live.hornbill instance. Everything was working fine on Monday, when I came to log in Tuesday it failed with the below error. We use SAML2 authentication which links to our Google accounts to use single sign on. Everyone else is still working fine so appears to be an issue with my account. I have tried resetting my password and relogging into Google but still get the same message. I have also tried on different devices and get the same issue. I have logged into the Hornbill Admin console using the Admin account to check my hornbill account and all looks ok. I did notice that it said last log was this morning at 5:55am which seemed strange as I was still in bed? I logged into the mobile app on my phone ok but don't think that uses single sign on or my google account? Anyone have any ideas or seen this before? thanks lee
  15. lee mcdermott

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @Victor thats great thanks victor - I will give this ago.