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  1. lee mcdermott

    Email templates

    @Steven Boardman Quick question, setting up the template but would like to add a variable where it will populate only the customers first name. This is possible with a snippet, but don't seem to be able to find a variable for this on a email template. Having {{.H_fk_user_name}} which gives Joe.Bloggs seems a bit impersonal I think. thanks lee
  2. lee mcdermott

    Email templates

    @Steven Boardman thats great thanks steve, I like the feature just wasn't sure how to change things if need be to be a bit more flexible. lee
  3. lee mcdermott

    Email templates

    Hi , I have just applied the latest update and a few analysts have complained about the new email template format. Because most people select email and then select one of their Snippets - when selecting email it pre populates the message now with an email template, so if you select a snippet you have to then highlight and delete the pre populated template which makes it a bit more cumbersome to do. Is there any way to change the template it uses by default? And if possible turn off the use of a default template? thanks lee
  4. lee mcdermott

    Unable to log into Live.Hornbill anymore

    @Victor thanks victor that has worked. i have been on Holiday for the last few weeks so just back this week so hadn't been on the forum for a while.
  5. Hi, I can no longer log into our Live.hornbill instance. Everything was working fine on Monday, when I came to log in Tuesday it failed with the below error. We use SAML2 authentication which links to our Google accounts to use single sign on. Everyone else is still working fine so appears to be an issue with my account. I have tried resetting my password and relogging into Google but still get the same message. I have also tried on different devices and get the same issue. I have logged into the Hornbill Admin console using the Admin account to check my hornbill account and all looks ok. I did notice that it said last log was this morning at 5:55am which seemed strange as I was still in bed? I logged into the mobile app on my phone ok but don't think that uses single sign on or my google account? Anyone have any ideas or seen this before? thanks lee
  6. lee mcdermott

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @Victor thats great thanks victor - I will give this ago.
  7. lee mcdermott

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @Victor thanks victor so for the 11 without a catalog item I suspect some analysts I believe dont always select the catalog item. I think they get to select service as below and select next without actually clicking the Service request or Incident. Is there anyway to force them to select it before they can select continue? For the 42 requests without owner - again is there any way to force them to assign it to an owner? I thought maybe to try locking the resolution until it has been assigned to a owner then unlocking? Do you think this would work or would there be a better way to do it? thanks lee
  8. lee mcdermott

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @Victor thanks Victor
  9. lee mcdermott

    Service Level Target not set when running widget

    @Victor Hi Victor, the 2 widgets it is happening on is Incidents - service level success for last month Service requests - service level success for last month cheers
  10. Hi, I have an issue when running a widget where a portion of the calls show as Service level target not set. I have had this issue before and it was because there was a service that was not assigned to the SLA. However all Services are assigned to the SLA now. Any idea why this would be happening or how to find out why? thanks lee
  11. lee mcdermott

    How to view all closed calls

    @Josh Bridgens thanks Josh that has worked. I was close I had actually tried it the other way around, I had specified Team IS NOT and added 1 team thinking it would show me results for all the other teams but it didn't seem to work, but adding the actual team did. thanks lee
  12. lee mcdermott

    How to view all closed calls

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked and answered before. But I want to be able to view calls in other teams queues or maybe all calls closed in the last 30 days etc regardless of which team or service it was assigned to. All services are supported by all teams. But when creating a new view I can only ever see calls related to the team I am a member of. Is it possible to do this and if so how?
  13. lee mcdermott

    No Team update option anymore?

    @Victor ok thanks.
  14. lee mcdermott

    No Team update option anymore?

    @Victor hope this doesn't turn into another of those banging the head on table situations..!!
  15. lee mcdermott

    No Team update option anymore?

    clicking on it doesn't really do anything it just makes it go from the above to this?