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  1. @TrevorHarris is there any way to turn this off so you are not prompted to select an option everyday you log in? we use SSO and by accessing the Live URl used to just log you in, now it is a little frustrating that you have to select the same SSO option every day to log in. thanks lee
  2. @Victor thanks victor, i managed to get Mary's working but had to tweak it as it was listing everything logged from 7 days ago rather than from the time i run the report 7 days ago. I have just tried yours and that works fine and is a little easier to type. thanks lee
  3. @Mary Thanks Mary thats great, I will give that a go. lee
  4. Hi I am trying to schedule a report so that it runs on a Friday afternoon to show all calls logged that week. Is there any way to get it to run by using "last 7 days". I currently have the below configured. My problem is I need to get the weekly figures by Mid afternoon. So for example if it ran at 2pm, I will miss any calls logged between 2 and end of day at 5. Therefore not getting totally accurate figures. What I hoped is if I schedule a report to run at 2pm every Friday and it was for the last 7 days (i.e. the previous friday @ 2pm until the report runs on the fr
  5. @Steven Boardman Thanks Steve, yes I have logged in as a normal user and the employee page seems correct and as it should be, so hopefully all good from that side. No plans as yet for the employee mobile side. thanks lee
  6. Hi All, There are numerous posts and a lot of info to take in, I am planning on switching over next week to make employee portal live. Can you confirm the steps I need to take are as below? Have I missed anything? 1. Comms to customers 2. Change local URLS to direct to Employee portal (not a major issue due to hornbill auto redirects) 3. Change the following 2 settings to Employee Portal and ON 4. remove names from this section and tick to hide my services 5. All user just have these roles. Do they need any additional roles to allow them
  7. @Steven Boardman thats great thanks steve, I don't have the attachment form in the progressive capture, will add it and try that. Also auto updating existing calls sounds good also. We have routing rules and our calls do update via email, so this will help also for auto adding attachements. thanks lee
  8. Hi, When raising a request from email, is there a way that an attachment on the email can be automatically added to the request? Or do you have to download it, log the request than upload it? The option to add attachment only seems to be for already existing requests (not new ones) thanks lee
  9. @TrevorHarris Thanks trevor. It's sort of worked , the popup still comes up then then just returns an error on screen.
  10. @TrevorHarris Hi trevor, I am still having trouble trying to switch this off. And people are still accessing it. I tried deleting as below Home > Application > Hornbill Live Chat > Role > Portal Chat Session User - Select the user tab (the last one) ticket the checkbox at the top to select all users and click on the delete button. However it only lets you delete a page at a time when selecting all. We have 11,000 users..so nearly 450 pages I would have to go through and manually delete I then tried removing the role from the import conf
  11. @TrevorHarris thanks trevor. I will remove the role from everyone. There maybe a bug in the system then as I have the options set as above but can still start a chat session. The pop up wasnt there, so i clicked the live chat link and the message on screen was we are closed, then I went back to home page of the service portal and the chat icon popped up and i could start a session?
  12. Hi , I thought I had turned off chat as below. But it appears that users can still instigate a chat session some how? How do you turn off Live Chat and possibly remove the link . thanks lee
  13. @TrevorHarris thanks trevor I have applied that fix. lee
  14. @Daniel Dekel Thanks. It is definitely published. So i suspect it is the visibility. I have checked and it is set to user visibility. So does that mean I will need to set it all up again and select basic user visibility? what is the reasoning behind having 3 different visibility? who would just "users" be? lee
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