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  1. @TrevorHarris Thanks trevor. It's sort of worked , the popup still comes up then then just returns an error on screen.
  2. @TrevorHarris Hi trevor, I am still having trouble trying to switch this off. And people are still accessing it. I tried deleting as below Home > Application > Hornbill Live Chat > Role > Portal Chat Session User - Select the user tab (the last one) ticket the checkbox at the top to select all users and click on the delete button. However it only lets you delete a page at a time when selecting all. We have 11,000 users..so nearly 450 pages I would have to go through and manually delete I then tried removing the role from the import config profile ( this is how I added the Portal Chat Session User to all users in the first place) So I deleted the role saved it, ran the import thinking as it is set to create and update it would update the roles by removing that one I just deleted. But it hasn't changed anyone's roles (or at least it hasn't removed the Portal Chat Session User) Any ideas how I can remove the roles from everyone? thanks lee
  3. @TrevorHarris thanks trevor. I will remove the role from everyone. There maybe a bug in the system then as I have the options set as above but can still start a chat session. The pop up wasnt there, so i clicked the live chat link and the message on screen was we are closed, then I went back to home page of the service portal and the chat icon popped up and i could start a session?
  4. Hi , I thought I had turned off chat as below. But it appears that users can still instigate a chat session some how? How do you turn off Live Chat and possibly remove the link . thanks lee
  5. @TrevorHarris thanks trevor I have applied that fix. lee
  6. @Daniel Dekel Thanks. It is definitely published. So i suspect it is the visibility. I have checked and it is set to user visibility. So does that mean I will need to set it all up again and select basic user visibility? what is the reasoning behind having 3 different visibility? who would just "users" be? lee
  7. Hi I am busy setting this up and testing with a view to switching over sometime soon. I have logged into company home and setup the page as I want it to be for the customer when they access the page. See below. with various widgets. However when logging in as a user it is different as below. Missing all the widgets I have setup? And I notice the my services is also different? and Ideas what i need to do? thanks lee
  8. @TrevorHarris fyi..notifications are working for me now? might have been because I was testing as user and as analyst (same person)?
  9. @TrevorHarris also another thing i noticed is the little chat icon on the screen is still visible and allows people to start a chat even outside of the Working hours? If you click the Live Chat option at the top of the screen in here it says chat is now closed, but I think people just select the chat icon from the home screen (still using service.hornbill... pages). Is there any way this can be changed so it either hides the icon until the opening time or at least displays the message we are currently closed? thanks lee
  10. @TrevorHarrisTested the Notifications. I cannot get it to work for me? I asked someone else to try it and it did work for them, just asked someone else to try. not sure why I dont get any notifications?
  11. @TrevorHarris great thanks trevor will test that out today lee
  12. @TrevorHarris thanks trevor i will try doing some extra testing here and let you know if we get anywhere. Ive just tested on mine 2 separate devices..one as a end user and the other as an analysts and everything was working fine. ( i have applied the update also) What do you think the possibility of the enhancement would be? so adding a desktop notification feature as that is the one big downside to the Chat feature. thanks lee
  13. @TrevorHarris this is from an analyst In my experience the text does appear in box B as I type. But nothing appears in box A until the screen is refreshed. I see no messages from the caller until the page has been refreshed. They do appear, but only on a post refreshed screen. The automatic printing of a line saying that I have left the conversation is the most damaging part. Many callers see that and disconnect before I can explain it is a glitch.
  14. @TrevorHarris also How do i put enhancement requests through? this is some feedback As well as the screen refresh glitch that needs re-patching and the addition of an sound notification for a new chat call it would improve the software if it had… …One of those little boxes I have seen when online chatting to utility companies. It displays info about the other party such as “other user typing” or “other person has left the conversation”. Many of the calls taken have finished with hello? Are you still there? If we knew what the other side was doing, it would make call handling more efficient.
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