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  1. @Deen thanks Deen, I have a call logged now that Victor is looking into it, I think it is a separate issue?
  2. Hi, One of our BP's sends an email and adds the various answers from the logging form, this has recently stopped working. The email still sends but all the answers are now missing as below. i havent checked all the other forms yet but potentially could be all our forms that send emails. Any ideas why this would stop working, the BP has not been changed for a very long time? could a Hornbill update have broken this? thanks lee
  3. Hi, ive just noticed on the email that gets sent to our agents when a customer updates a call via email. I have a link on the template that is meant to link to the call for the analyst to quickly access the call as below https://live.hornbill.com/{{instanceId}}/servicemanager/request/view/{{.H_pk_reference}} However although the template does have a link url associated with it when they receive the email it does not contain a link and is in just plain text. Is this a know issue? I believe this used to work when we used Google mail, we have r
  4. @Steve Giller thanks steve, thats worked. I had tried that originally but couldnt get them to show up in the list even after adding them to my team, it was the change of manager that did the trick. thanks lee
  5. Hi, I am trying to make a couple of accounts basic users again as they have left the organisation, however it says cannot demote user with tasks assigned. How do you find what those tasks are as I cannot find them? thanks lee
  6. @Victor yes that would be useful, as I have loads of outstanding calls for people who can no longer get in. do i need to raise it or can you raise it from this thread?
  7. @Victor that is what i had thought, but my example above seemed to disprove that. As i had changed the login id so they match and it didnt work. it was only when i created a new user account in hornbil with a user id that matched the username in Active directory did it then work * but only with the old and new account in hornbill active? also as it is using SAML authentication would that have any bearing on what it uses for authentication i.e. user id or log in id? as I cannot get it working by just changing the login id?
  8. We seem to have issues when peoples Active directory accounts get changed - usually a name change of some sort. In the past i have had to archive the original user and import them again with the new name. However recently we have moved from google to O365. We have many users who's account (user id in AD) has changed format and I can no longer get them working or able to log into Hornbill. In one instance I have a user called Heidi.beerbalm (dont worry this is not a real person but a test name and account) so AD and Hornbill id matched and the can log into hornbill,
  9. @Victor ok thanks. Im trying to find out how the routing works from a hornbill side as well. Are you able to answer the following. when you test the outbound routing it says you will receive an email from do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com. Will all emails once the outbound is configured be sent from this email address? Because currently when you receive an email the from email address is our actual email address configured as the login ID within the outbound rule.
  10. Hi, Has anyone ever managed to get this working with Office 365? If so do you know how or what you had to configure? Ours is currently working fine with Google, but when trying a O365 account we cannot get it to work and get the message as below. see forum post thanks lee
  11. can add to this also. Any further update on whether this will work in Chrome without having to hold ctrl?
  12. Hi, I noticed there was an update last night. Today our sites do not work? So when logging any calls it says there are no sites for selection? Is this as a result of the update? thanks lee
  13. @Martyn Houghton cheers martyn. that may explain why its failing. I tried creating a new one just so I could test the connection worked before actually swapping over. Will just have to go for it and hope it works. thanks lee
  14. Hi, We were originally setup to use Google but have recently moved to Microsoft O365. I am trying to setup a new outbound routing rule but it fails with a send as denied error. Does anyone know what needs to be setup and where to get this working? The current setup is using smart Host to smtp-relay.gmail.com the new one I believe will be smtp.office365.com. What is required for step 2? if we are using smtp.office365.com Does hornbill have to send to a relay at our site for it to then direct to smtp.office365.com? If so where is this configured?
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