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  1. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @DeadMeatGF thats great thanks
  2. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman @DeadMeatGF finally cracked it, on the task to add outcome to custom field I had it to put the outcome to the field, I must have without realising changed it to add completion details to custom field instead of outcome....dohh. I checked everything so many times but just missed this one. Thanks for the help though. just out of interest how do you add the custom field to show on the timeline...will be useful for testing if I run into this sort of issue again. lee
  3. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    @Steven Boardman thanks steve. I will give this a try. On a slightly separate note I was going to start looking at how we deal with and process major incidents. i noticed your example is checking if it is a major incident. How or what is this actually checking is it just a certain priority level or is there something in Hornbill where you can actually specify the call as being a major incident?
  4. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman @DeadMeatGF thanks for that I will give it a try. I have checked that the case matches and the get request details is correct. Will see what the no match throws up. I've added the no match to the decision node and added the following automated task - is this correct or do you need additional nodes to add the contents of the custom field to the timeline? lee
  5. Questions not showing on requests anymore?

    @Steven Boardman Hi screen shots attached and call reference numbers. SR*37843 logged 18th april - no questions SR*38186 logged 20th april - does have questions SR*38208 logged 21st april - no questions these are all on the same form logged via the service portal. SR*37648 is an example of no questions again but for a different form. thanks lee
  6. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    @DeadMeatGF ah thanks yes exactly the same issue. Lets see if anything comes of it. Hopefully so. having a timer or setting for the board to remove things is a good idea.
  7. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman ive also made a copy of this called bacup test RFC so i know that the test rfc is currently working only with draft 19 selected though.
  8. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman Hi Steve further to this. I hope you can help. I managed to get this working and all seemed fine. However after making some further amendments to a different part of the bpm this has stopped working even though the BPM progresses fine up to this point. See screen shots attached. I just get a gotoIf error I have had to re-activate a previous version which is working. But on comparing the one that works and the one that is failing they appear to be identical? i have even tried deleting the task that adds the decision outcome to a custom field and recreated the decision shown below starting again but I still cannot get it to work anymore. i am totally confused as to why it has stopped working. any ideas? the bpm in question is called test RFC
  9. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    @Steven Boardman thanks for that. Do you think this would still work following a closure task? Basically at the end of a bpm I have move call to completed list on a board. But that list now has over 300 on it which becomes a bit meaningless. So I thought i would add a timer to remove it after 28 days once the call is closed.
  10. Hi, We seem to be getting a number of requests that when logged via the portal do not show the questions for the call when we look at them? It was happening on a particular form a few times the other day. Now we have another called logged on a different form and all the question section is now missing from that one also? Any ideas? thanks lee
  11. Hi, is it possible to remove a call from a board using the BPM after x amount of time(i.e. 4 weeks)? thanks lee
  12. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman Hi, can you confirm if this is correct? so straight after my human activity I have added an auto task as follows the variable picker I selected Outcome is this right? I'm never sure if I should be selecting inject or overwrite? I have selected overwrite? then to get the info before my decision is it a straight forward "Get request Details" auto task followed by a decision node? lee
  13. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @Steven Boardman Ah right ok great. i will try that. I may come back to you if I'm struggling with the right way to add and retrieve the info. thanks lee
  14. Hi, Is it possible to start a BPM stage with a decision node based on the previous stage ending with a human activity? So basically i want my stage to end with a human activity where the outcome is Success or failure. - then imedialtely after the activity it will move to the next stage and I want to start that stage with a decision based on the answers from the previous human activity on the last stage? Or would I need to use some sort of "get answers from" using a automated task to then be able to use the decision node? I'm in the process of setting this up so thought it may be easier to ask the question before setting up and logging a test call just to see if it works. cheers lee
  15. @Steven Boardman @DeadMeatGF cheers guys, I will have a look and hopefully be able to do what I need to do. lee