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  1. Hello Support @AlexTumber I cannot delete a milestone in a project. There is no Task for that milestone. What could be the problem? Thanks Nikolaj
  2. Hi Support @AlexTumber When i update the progress of a task who counts to a milestone the milestone automatically changed the progress right that make sense and i like that. But the Status of a Milestone is not changing automatically. Would it not make sense to change the status also automatically from "To do" to "in Progress" for example? Best regards Nikolaj
  3. Hi @AlexTumber I would like to add posts to a milestone. Best Regards Nikolaj
  4. Hello Support @AlexTumber would it be possible to add something like that we have for Tasks also for milestones? posts? Thanks Nikolaj
  5. Hello @AlexTumber Any News here why it is not working? regards Nikolaj
  6. Hello @AlexTumber any news here? my list get bigger and bigger.... Thanks Nikolaj
  7. Also, my template contains 20 tasks... when I create a project, the 20 tasks get assigned to me (because the template does not specify any owner - on purpose). THIS IS OVERWHELMING!!! This is also a Big Problem for me as i already told you and the list get bigger and bigger.... Regards Nikolaj
  8. Nikolaj


    @AlexTumber Ok thank you. That is good to hear. regards Nikolaj
  9. Nikolaj


    @AlexTumber any news here? how can i create Project reports in the Project Manager? for example i would like to see the milestones in this month and how far they are? what are the active tasks over all projects this week? and so on? is there any solution? best regards Nikolaj
  10. @AlexTumber Yes please look inside this table and remove the dead links please. there are more than one of these links. Regards Nikolaj
  11. @AlexTumber No i cannot move the milestone that are my problem. Some of these milestone in the project i cannot move up or down nothing happen. Please have a look in this project. Something is wrong there. Best regards Nikolaj
  12. HI @AlexTumber What is the status here. This Project has still death links? I have the feeling that some of my posted errors are not taken very serious here. Same with the milestone sorting. Best Regards Nikolaj
  13. @AlexTumber any News here? Regards Nikolaj
  14. @AlexTumber No there is no sorting at all. if you look at the screenshot you can see that this milestone is in the middle of two others.. thats why im asking and I cannot explain it why it is like that.... We have to find a solution for that milestone problem Thanks Nikolaj
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