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  1. hello Support, @Steven Boardman it seems that the update may be was not completed in the background. Now i can see the depends on in the gant chart But if you would like to see the the gantt view by assignee i get an error Thanks Nikolaj
  2. Hello Support, Is there a reason why the Business Process is not shown any more in the overview on active Projects? Thanks Nikolaj
  3. Hello Support, Where are these values in the overview panels come from? because these are not the values I set in the RAG Tolerance as you can see and for the Project progress i found nothing so far where i can set it to some %? Thanks Nikolaj
  4. @Steven Boardman thanks for your answer. I have set a depends on Task 1 for example for Task 2 but in the Gant View i cannot see it? Thanks Nikolaj
  5. Hello Support, Is it not possible to change the 2 values "Counts towards Milestone" "and Depends on Task" after creating a Task? Thanks Nikolaj
  6. Hello Support, The snapshots are not working anymore and i can still not see any dependencies.. Is there something i dont know so far about the dependencies? Thanks and Best regards Nikolaj
  7. @AlexTumber Thanks for your quick answer. Then i will wait for it. good to know that you are already working on that.. regards Nikolaj
  8. Hello Support @AlexTumber I have 2 things regarding the Gantt Chart. 1. If you have 2 Milestones on the same day it will not show both in the Gantt chart only one. Here for example 18.06.2019 2. If you set a filter in the "list view" and then go to gantt chart and edit the range from ... to... I can only see tasks who start and end in this time. But not tasks how are already in work and the finish date is in that time. It would be really nice to see also the tasks are in progress Thanks Nikolaj
  9. Hello Support, I have the feeling that the audit history is not working as it should. Can you please have a look? I miss a bit more details same for tasks: which milestone what are the changes etc Best regards Nikolaj
  10. @AlexTumber Any News here so far? regards Nikolaj
  11. Hello Support @AlexTumber I cannot delete a milestone in a project. There is no Task for that milestone. What could be the problem? Thanks Nikolaj
  12. Hi Support @AlexTumber When i update the progress of a task who counts to a milestone the milestone automatically changed the progress right that make sense and i like that. But the Status of a Milestone is not changing automatically. Would it not make sense to change the status also automatically from "To do" to "in Progress" for example? Best regards Nikolaj
  13. Hi @AlexTumber I would like to add posts to a milestone. Best Regards Nikolaj
  14. Hello Support @AlexTumber would it be possible to add something like that we have for Tasks also for milestones? posts? Thanks Nikolaj
  15. Hello @AlexTumber Any News here why it is not working? regards Nikolaj
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