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  1. HI @Steven Boardman thanks for your comment. Then i will wait and see what happen. best regards Nikolaj
  2. Hello support, can you please help me. How is the name of the details field on the right side when i raise a new ticket? And is it possible to configure the information inside? Is it possible to show also the catalog there? Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  3. Hi @ArmandoDM can you tell me if this is fixed in the actual service manager update? thanks and regards Nikolaj
  4. Hi @ArmandoDM thanks for your help. looking forward to the fix. best regards Nikolaj
  5. Hello Support, We have imported about 200 USB Stick to our Asset Management. We are Using the field Device Name for authentification to our DLP system. The Import via csv file was no problem. but now if we would like to change something, we cannot save it anymore. So my question is it possible to extend this field please. not only for import. thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  6. @Steve Giller Ok that make sense. Thank you very much. now i have 1 (active) and 2( archive)
  7. @Steve Giller good point we don't use operational state for our assets. But in the report i use it is calling operational state. I cannot find just state in the table to use. second picture. sorry for my bad explanation and confusion. Nikolaj
  8. HI @Steve Giller thanks for your help. In our case it looks like this after some deeper look with service manager reports. I found out that -1 = Archived 0 = Active But anyway thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  9. Hi @James Ainsworththanks for your confirmation and feedback. Looking forward for a fix. best regards Nikolaj
  10. hello @James Ainsworth is there any reason why i cannot filter for basic users? thanks and regards Nikolaj
  11. Hello Support, Can you help me where i can find the answer for our asset operational state. In the database direct i cannot switch between "Use Column Display Names" and "Use Column Database Name" nothing happen. And i can only find something about asset operational state 1, 2 and 3. But in my report it shows 0 and -1. Thanks Nikolaj
  12. Yes this is right but ower department IT is not the Store_IT or for example here Network Environment User... we use this for our internal description who is the owner for this asset. also our basic users are owning assets and i cannot filter it. So my question is why are the basic users can own an asset but i cannot filter it? Thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  13. this is how it looks under: organisational data, users.... and we have a lt of this kind of users comeing from our ldap import.
  14. Hello Support, It looks like that a Basic user can not be filtered? is this correct? thanks Nikolaj
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