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  1. Hello @AlexTumberany updates on this topics? Best Regards Nikolaj
  2. @AlexTumber any news here? Thanks Nikolaj
  3. Hi @ArmandoDM any news about the next build with the fix thanks Nikolaj
  4. Hello Support any news here? Thanks Nikolaj
  5. please make it possible to re-open a Task Thanks
  6. Hi @ArmandoDM we have the same problem and yes it is for computer peripheral. Any News when this will be fixed? Error Message: EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] The text size provided (9 characters) is greater than the maximum allowable size of 4 characters for column h_static Best regards Nikolaj
  7. @AlexTumber the problem is i cannot close the project or change anything in the details i always get this error Can you please fix this and let me know when i can work again with this project? Thanks Nikolaj
  8. @AlexTumber it looks like it is just for a specific Project. in this case it is the "214-Part Lifing in Teamcenter" Nikolaj
  9. Hello Support, When i try to change something in the details for example progress or dates of a project i get this message.. Thanks Nikolaj
  10. Hello James, Thanks for your help. If it is for all request ID´s and for all types then it make no sense for us in this case to change it. What we would like is that it is just for one request type. in our case a "special ERP_Change request" who required a continuous numerating. Best Regards Nikolaj
  11. Hi support when i look at my reports created with advanced Analytics "Last Modified Date" see screenshot and i compare it to the view in My Projects i have always a time difference from 2h why is that and what can i do? I think it has something to do with the GMT time and the GUI. Best regards Nikolaj My Project View:
  12. Hi support, Is it possible to give a new number range for special requests (ERP changes) for example CHERP0000001? Best Regards Nikolaj
  13. @AlexTumber thank you to keep me up to date. and good to hear that your team are continuing working on it. Best Regards Nikolaj
  14. Hi @AlexTumber any Updates especially about the not working snapshots? Thanks Nikolaj
  15. @AlexTumber Thanks, and please tell your development team that they should also have a look at the dependencies because today they are gone.Like you see It is not every time. regards Nikolaj
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