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  1. Hello Support @SupportAccount can you please help? thanks Nikolaj
  2. @Steven Boardman i mean the view in the employee portal.... and i try too add more test user but i cannot add a user anymore. There is no apply button.
  3. @Steven Boardman thanks for your help i found it and it works so far. One more question i tried to setup to different Service domains IT and HR and qould like to populate the service catalogs to them. But when i log on with my test user for HR i can still see all catalogs from IT. Can you explain me what im doing wrong? Thanks Nikolaj
  4. @Steven Boardman thanks for your detailed explanation. helps me better to understand the change. Can you help me also with the start of the employee portal. I cannot access it so far. I did all the settings i think but i still see just the service portal with my user. Thanks Nikolaj
  5. @Victor thanks for your explanation. Now i got it and makes sense to me. this was the important text for me ( This changed when we redesigned it and introduced the "Employee Portal" as a replacement for the traditional service portal.) Is it now also possible to assign assets to a Service Domain? Yes i saw the webinar yesterday and then the questions starts what is the right way for our IT Self Service to set it up for our internal customers. All of them have a Basic hornbill account. best regards Nikolaj
  6. Hello @Daniel Dekel Ok I unterstand. we just have internal Customer. And for what is the the service portal then? I thought that is the portal for the self service entrence for our internal customer. Is the employee portal more effective and user friendly? Best regards Nikolaj
  7. Hello @Daniel Dekel can you explain me the different between customer portal and employee portal? I don't get it really? I thought for my IT colleges (agents) i need a Full License. In our company our customers from the IT department are also employees from the company. My question is when we start to built an IT Self Service now do i use the customer portal or the employee portal for this? or both? Thanks Nikolaj
  8. Hi @James Ainsworth Thanks for your help. I welcome the idea providing a view like it is with the requests. That would also make sense for some other apps like the project manager i have already mention. Because you can see much more and it is more user friendly also with filter and so on. But in this case the reason was we had a change request for assets (switches) and it took us a while to link them all to this change mote then 60 assets and for that it would be nice first to group the assets and then link the hole group to that change. Hope that make sense to you. Best Regards Nikolaj
  9. Hello support @SupportAccount Is it possible to merge Assets into a group? I mean not Asset Typ of course. For example a group of switches with the same function. Best regards Nikolaj
  10. @AlexTumber it depend if its just a information in the task or is their some logic behind in progress of a milestone for example? Best regards Nikolaj
  11. @AlexTumber will it be possible in the future to have something like a "weighting factor" or something similar for project tasks? thanks Nikolaj
  12. @Steve Giller thanks yes that helps me a lot. cheers Nikolaj
  13. Hello @ArmandoDM I know and thats why im asking. But why is it like that and can we not add it to the general class? In my opinion it would make sense because when i open the view all Assets i would also like to search for a serial number of a device who im not sure what it is or under which typ it was added? best regards Nikolaj
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