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  1. Nikolaj

    Problems with attachment

    HI @AlexTumber we have still death links for attachment in this project No such file exists for this record thanks Nikolaj
  2. Nikolaj

    Problems with attachment

    @AlexTumber any news here? thanks Nikolaj
  3. Nikolaj

    Problems with attachment

    @AlexTumber thanks for your support. Nikolaj
  4. Nikolaj

    Problems with attachment

    Hello Support, we have some problems in 1 of our projects with attachments. We still see them in a list but they are not there and also i cannot upload something.. Project : Revaluation of cantine cards with Payroll and giro Can you please have a look? Thanks Nikolaj
  5. Hello All, Is it possible to see the workload of an project member over all his project Tasks from different projects? I ask because i would like to know if its possible to give such an project member a new task or if he is already used in an other Project in the same time? Best regards Nikolaj
  6. Nikolaj

    project tasks gantt chart

    It would be also nice if we can see the resources in the Gantt Chart for a Task
  7. Nikolaj

    project tasks gantt chart

    @AlexTumber Any Updates here? thanks Nikolaj
  8. Nikolaj

    Project Milestone Status

    Hi Support, I created new milestones status in the simple list but when i add anew milestone i cannot see them? Any ideas? Best regards Nikolaj
  9. Nikolaj

    Assigning Tasks

    Hi @AlexTumber any news here? my list get bigger and bigger and that is a bit frustrating... Thanks Nikolaj
  10. Nikolaj


    Any News? Thanks Nikolaj
  11. Nikolaj

    Simple Lists

    Hello Support, I have 2 questions about the simple lists in the Project Manager App. 1. Is it possible to have a "simple list" also for "Project Status" ? 2. I did some changes in the list " sub status" for example add a new status onhold, but in the project i cannot see or select this sub status? Thanks Nikolaj
  12. Nikolaj

    Next Milestone project Portfolio view

    @AlexTumber thanks, this is a nice feature, but which milestone will be shown in that view that´s is more important to me which logic is behind? regards Nikolaj
  13. Hello support, can you please help me with the logic behind this point? So my question which entries in the milestone are relevant for this view? I think it is only the sequence of the milestones in the project himself, but this make for me not really sense because in a portfolio view i would like to see the next milestone i working on and should be finished next, therefor a sorting of date maybe helps...what do you think? Best Regards Nikolaj
  14. Nikolaj

    Project Portfolio View

    Hello Support, I know I already mentioned it but we have to find a solution for this. Because it is confusing me now a lot Thanks and best regards Nikolaj