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  1. Hello @Mark (ESC) @James Ainsworth we still have the problem for our asset users? Any News ? it is only working with the role mark explained. But this cannot the solution. It was possible to work with custome roles and view only. best regards Nikolaj
  2. @AlexTumber so i should contact the support team in this case? Thanks Nikolaj
  3. Hello @AlexTumber One of my Project Manager showed me in his activities he can see old tasks under overdue from projects i cannot find any more. so we think we deleted this project but the tasks are still there. Could that be the case? and can a developer maybe delete this tasks from the database or everything what was linked to projects who are deleted? Thanks Nikolaj
  4. Hello all, @AlexTumber we would also like to raise a change or service request from within the project manager and linked to a task or raised from a task. Best regards Nikolaj
  5. Hello @AlexTumber I have tested the estimated hours for a task. If you now look at the gantt chart it is completely wrong displayed as you can see. Can you please check this. Thanks and regards Nikolaj Task view: Testing Niko is assigned to me thats right with estimated hours 8. Correct!! Gantt View 1 without summary tasks. Wrong! Gantt view 2 with summary tasks. Wrong!!
  6. Hello Support, I cannot filter by event type in the security audit. thanks Nikolaj
  7. Hello Support @AlexTumber a lot of Project Users cannot look in the details they get the following error. thanks and regards Nikolaj
  8. @AlexTumber My Project View: I did some updates today in Both projects you can see it here. I use this view to see how often are the projects updated by the project leader for example. best regards Nikolaj
  9. Hello Support @AlexTumber after updating some projects the last modified date is not updating in the view. But in the audit history of the project you can see that there was an update. Best regards Nikolaj
  10. Hello Support, We found out that we have to add our mobile device again via an scan QR Code. But for security reason our mobile camara is deactivated. So my question is do you have any other possibility to do that? Thanks Nikolaj
  11. Hi @AlexTumber Ok i have send an email to your support with the users ID who cannot create projects. Thanks Nikolaj
  12. Hello @AlexTumber we have still the problem with creating projects. The last update did't help. What is the status here? best regards Nikolaj
  13. @AlexTumber ok cool :-) best regards Nikolaj
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