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  1. Nikolaj

    Next Milestone project Portfolio view

    @AlexTumber thanks, this is a nice feature, but which milestone will be shown in that view that´s is more important to me which logic is behind? regards Nikolaj
  2. Hello support, can you please help me with the logic behind this point? So my question which entries in the milestone are relevant for this view? I think it is only the sequence of the milestones in the project himself, but this make for me not really sense because in a portfolio view i would like to see the next milestone i working on and should be finished next, therefor a sorting of date maybe helps...what do you think? Best Regards Nikolaj
  3. Nikolaj

    Project Portfolio View

    Hello Support, I know I already mentioned it but we have to find a solution for this. Because it is confusing me now a lot Thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  4. Nikolaj


    Hello Support, It looks like the search function here is not working... can you please check. Thanks Nikolaj
  5. Nikolaj

    Activities View

    Good Morning @AlexTumber What are the status of this topic? i need really a solution for this. a solution could be that we can create tasks in a template without a owner or assignee as i saw in another topic here. because my view is now very confusing me... thanks Nikolaj
  6. Nikolaj

    project tasks gantt chart

    Hello @AlexTumber When i go to Tasks in the Project and then setup some filter for example "Filter By Milestone" and then click on "Gantt View by Task" i can see what i expect. But then i would like to have a snapshot and i click on "View Fullscreen" i get the complete Gantt Chart the filter not works any more....Bug?? Thanks Nikolaj
  7. Nikolaj


    Hi @AlexTumber looking forward to these updates. thanks and Best regards Nikolaj
  8. Nikolaj

    Project Portfolio View

    Hello @AlexTumber I have a question about the Gantt View in the portfolio would it be possible if i klick on a project to see the Gantt View from that Project. that would be very nice. or something like that. thanks Nikolaj
  9. Nikolaj


    Hi @AlexTumber The winter is coming and the year is nearly over ;-) so any news here? It would be very nice if we can show the top management Project reports of our ongoing projects. Best regards Nikolaj
  10. Nikolaj

    Assigning Tasks

    Hi @AlexTumber that would be great and also help me with my other topic. When i create a project (in draft) with a template and tasks included... But also there should be a different if the project is in draft or active.. Thanks Nikolaj @AlexTumber yes that is right i´m the owner of, because i create the project via a template and there are tasks included. But After I create the Project i change the Project Manager and also the assigned tasks to the Project Manager who is responsibly for that project from that time on. And i cannot change the owner of a task. only if i create a new task. It would make sense when i change the project Manager and im not a Stakeholder any more of that project that also the owner will change automatically to the new project manager. Best regards Nikolaj
  11. Nikolaj

    Project Portfolio View

    @AlexTumber great, thanks for the update. Best regards Nikolaj
  12. Nikolaj

    Project Portfolio View

    @AlexTumber any update on this topic? thanks Nikolaj
  13. Hello Support, related to my other request with filters. I have three new features where i think it would be very helpful for creating new services with the configuration manager. 1. when you are creating dependencies there are to many clicks 4 in total. a drop down direct in the explorer would be helpful here. 2. when you link assets it would be nice if you can do it in the explorer view under details for example and if you can set the dependency here also, perfect. something like this for example. 3. Details should be customized by the user for example if I would like to see something else than ID and Name here. What do You think? Best regards Nikolaj
  14. Hello Support, It would be great if we can filter in the explorer of Configuration Manager. Filter options can be: dependency, similar to "impact" for example and the direction from the parent and on the parent. What do you think? Best regards Nikolaj