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  1. Hello Hornbill Team, Is it possible to add attachement to email templates and snippets? Also i get the question if it is possible to insert more Parameters not only My details. For example the customer. thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  2. Ok I will give them a try and see what happens? did anybody else get the update feature today? Normally this Button is not availible if no updates there. But i cannot see something here. Thats strange a bit and confusing me. thanks and regards Nikolaj
  3. Hi Support, It shows that a update is available for Service Manager is that right? built 2030 is installed.
  4. @AlexTumber Ok thanks for the feedback. You are right checklists for project tasks are part of PM. regards Nikolaj
  5. @AlexTumberthanks for coming back to me on this topic. I have contact the Customer Success Team now. Best regards Nikolaj
  6. Hello Support, Is it possible to add a graphic legend to the snapshots? Also Milestones Names and dates to it? For other people who are not familiar with hornbill it is not so easy to understand the chart. Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  7. Hello Support, I have a question regarding the Wiki for Hornbill Project Manager and a function in the past who i thought that was possible. Edit the Task Dates by dragging the start and or due dates,,, Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  8. Hello @AlexTumber any updates on this? thanks Nikolaj
  9. Hello @AlexTumber This function would be very nice but it is not working correct. We cannot see our projects in My project View (Gantt View) this happens for all my Project Leader. Do you have any information how it will go on with this topic in the future? Thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  10. Hello @AlexTumber any news here on the future update? Thanks Nikolaj
  11. @Gerry Thanks for your quick reply. Sounds great then we looking forward to this function. Best regards Nikolaj
  12. @AlexTumber it seems to work for another Task. So I'm not sure right now what was the problem on the last Task why it was not working. I tried it now several times in my Test Project and it looks ok. Thanks for coming back. regards Nikolaj
  13. Hello Hornbill Team, Will it be possible in the future for "not at work" or "out of office" to setup a date and time when I'm back? So that my User Help Desk knows when the admins are back at work. Nikolaj
  14. HI @James Ainsworth Do you have any news for me? Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  15. Hi @James Ainsworth Do you have any update for me? Thanks Nikolaj
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