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  1. @James Ainsworth It is more that our security policies say that apps that link to YouTube are not allowed to be used and will be blocked.
  2. Hi @TrevorHarris Ok thanks. Then we will look for some other solution in the meanwhile. regards Nikolaj
  3. Hi @James Ainsworth Sounds good. Thank you for your fast reply. Then we will wait. Best regards Nikolaj
  4. @Steve G one more question do you know where i can change the name Attribute 5 to expiry date? I cannot find it. thanks Nikolaj
  5. Hi @Steve G It works like a charm. Thanks very much. best regards Nikolaj
  6. @Steve G I tried it but nothing happened. I think we are using an old import tool. here is the log entry. 2020/07/02 13:07:35 [MESSAGE] ---- XMLMC LDAP Import Utility V3.0.3 ----2020/07/02 13:07:35 How can i easily update it? thanks Nikolaj
  7. Hi @Steve G great, I already saw that but was not sure if this is the right one. i will test it and let you know. Thanks Nikolaj
  8. @Steve Giller do you have any news here? thanks Nikolaj
  9. Hello @TrevorHarris any News here, do you have something planned for this? Best regards Nikolaj
  10. Good morning @James Ainsworth We are going to change the portal for our basic user to the new employee portal but our Manager would like to see this feature from the beginning is there something in your planned work for this? Thanks Nikolaj
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth Is it possible to deactivate this link or not? thanks Nikolaj
  12. Ok I found the settings and it works now
  13. @Victor Is there a setting who allows internal mails but no external mails. For routing rules? all Mails from extern are not working but from intern with the same subject. and my rules are subject related. Thanks Nikolaj
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