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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth Nice, much more comfortable.
  2. @James Ainsworth Thank you very much for your explanantion. Yes it helps. Are there any problems when users are working with 2 browsers in the same time for example? or if sessions are longer active i would say a week or so? What are your recommendations. Our settings are 900h for Basic and 24h for Users but i can see that a session for User is longer active? Is it not closing automatically? Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  3. @Steven Boardman thanks it works great. do i need a special license for that role or can i just add it to my basic users? regards Nikolaj
  4. @Steven Boardman ok thanks i will try it. I think then I miss understood you in the first post here i thought only one of these are enough. Sorry. Best regards Nikolaj If the library has been shared with basic users, or a role (DocManager Portal) which basic users have, then they will be able to download
  5. Hello support Team @supportguy @SupportAccount I have some questions regarding System Monitor Sessions but i cannot find something on your wiki. 1. Question Why have my Users more then 1 sessions there? 2. And some of these sessions are created for a long time but it looks like they are still active? and in the same time they have also new sessions? Can someone explain it to me? Thanks Nikolaj
  6. @TrevorHarris thanks for your reply. Ok I will work out an workaround for this maybe to create a lot of the same documents and link it to the assets and the admin has to fill it out then. Hope i can see something in the near future. Thanks Nikolaj
  7. Hello @Steven Boardman I have created a library with documents and would like to share it with all our basic User Role user. But when i log on with my Test Basic user I cannot see the widget with the documents. Do i miss something? When i change my view in the design mode of the employe portal from user to basic user there i can see the documets. Thanks and Best regards Nikolaj
  8. @AlexTumber thank you. Best regards Nikolaj
  9. Good Morning @AlexTumber can you please help me i would like to understand this and why you have a remove Button and I'm not? thanks and regards Nikolaj
  10. @AlexTumber And i dont understand this here why i see here 2 boards in this view and when i go into a Board and then on the right side click i can see much more boards picture 2? Thanks Nikolaj
  11. @AlexTumber I dont have the remove Button there only archive as you see is it the same? thanks
  12. Hello @SupportAccount How can I delete Boards for Project Manager? Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  13. @AlexTumber Any News here for for the first 2 points? We also like the idea to assign project tasks to a team. thanks Nikolaj
  14. Hi is there a link to a record of that webinar ? thanks Nikolaj
  15. @AlexTumber Can we also do something for the Project Portfolio view in the future, here we have similar problems... for example to use the left and right edge. Thanks and Best Regards Nikolaj
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