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  1. HI @Alisha @NeilWJ Thanks for your information and let me know that you had also problems with it. Today it looks also fine for us couldn't repeat the problem. best regards Nikolaj
  2. Hello Support @SupportAccount My widgets are nor working and i cannot create new ones! Any idea? Thanks Nikolaj
  3. Hello @SupportAccount I have problems with my widgets they are not working any more and i cannot create new ones. Any idea? Thanks Nikolaj
  4. Hello Support @SupportAccount We can not connect. Please help. Thanks Nikolaj
  5. Nikolaj


    @AlexTumber thanks that would be really nice feature for the future i think. keep me up to date on this please. Thanks Nikolaj
  6. @Miro thanks good to know. best regards Nikolaj
  7. @Miro ok done now you will find some Test Niko Tasks
  8. Hi @Miro If you click on "complete tick" to complete task - it open for you a task with different data -> Yes that is true Could you tell me what happen if you click on task title - does it open the proper task or the same as on "complete tick"? -> the proper task Also if you can open "My Activities -> Board view" tab and then try to see if the same happen there? -> NO here are both ways working fine. It looks that is only in My activities view and only if you click on "complete tick". Best regards Nikolaj
  9. @Deen it happened so far by 5 different user with google chrome. same today. It just happen if you complete the first one and then do nothing and just click on the next one in your list then you should get the last task what you have set to complete.
  10. Hello All @SupportAccount Our Activities not working correct and the result is that my hornbill users are closing the wrong tasks by clicking complete. Here is an example: when i click on the Test Niko 3 task to complete i get the task Test Niko 2 that is because Test Niko 2 Task is Test Niko 1 Task and Test Niko 1 Task is already closed. Can you please confirm this and look for an fix? Thanks Nikolaj
  11. Hello @SupportAccount please have a look to our instance. It was very slow and then connection failed. thanks Nikolaj
  12. Hi @James Ainsworth That explain it that i couldn't find the setting :-). I will have a look for the update and check it out. Thanks Nikolaj
  13. Hello @SupportAccount For me it is not possible to setup a new sub-status for On-Hold for example and publishing this status to all services. I miss the publish Button when i create a new one as you can see. Any ideas? Thanks Nikolaj
  14. Nikolaj


    Hi @AlexTumber Is it possible to have an advanced analytics report or widget for an dashboard who look like this? Thanks Nikolaj
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