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  1. Hi Support, something is a bit strange with the boards after the update. In some case it is not possible to add new cards or tasks to a board i don´t know why? Nothing happen by click on the add and +
  2. @AlexTumber yes by the first click and it is repeatable do i miss something a setting or value maybe? regards Nikolaj
  3. Hello Support, I get an error by click on the charts in a Program. Any idea? Thanks Nikolaj FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.projectmanager/entities/ProgrammeProjects/fc_ops/getProgrammeProjectsBarCharts): Unable to locate target node [undefined] referenced in the call node [83d578c4-87e7-43fc-88a0-b101cfc91c4c]
  4. I found the issue...... I have to log out and log in again after the update then it works. regards Nikolaj
  5. Hello Support After the update it is not possible to add cards or tasks to a board. Nothing happen by click on add + Any idea?
  6. @AlexTumber Thanks for your answer. Yes this is what i mean. And i don´t like this "paging" in Project Manager. because i can only see on one site 6 Milestones and 9 Tasks and in Projects with a lot of them it is quit hard to have an overview. I think with an list view like in Service Manager it is much easier to get the hole picture and also this filtering and so on would be much nicer. Thanks a lot for investigation on this. Best regards Nikolaj
  7. HI @James Ainsworth Thank you very much. This explain my question. because i don´t have any new Custom PCF in this new Progressive Capture Process. Make sense to me now. thanks for your help. best regards Nikolaj
  8. I think about something like this here @AlexTumber
  9. Hello @SupportAccount, Any idea here? why it is not working? regards Nikolaj
  10. HI All, Not on my projects as you can see... regards Nikolaj
  11. Is there any restriction on it? i expect this PC (TMG - Server Delete process) because i use this PC for that BP. But it is not there. Any idea? Thanks
  12. HI @ArmandoDM thanks for your reply. In the meanwhile its working now. But without any changes. Bit strange. Best regards Nikolaj
  13. Hello Support, Can you please explain me why i dont see all Custom PCF in the variable picker? I miss my last created PC for example who i want to use. Thanks Nikolaj
  14. Hi Support, Can you please help me in this case. I try to setup a new business process but something went wrong by the asset details when i search for an asset.
  15. Hello Support and other Project Manager Users, What do you think about a list view for Project Manager Tasks and Projects like it is in Service Manager for Requests. I think that would be a big advantage because then you can have a big picture on one site for all Projects if you are a Portfolio Manager. Also for tasks, milestones in a project if you have a lot of them then it is quit complicated to get an complete overview where we are. A benefit could also be a nice filter then like in the service request view. For Tasks over end date or project over end date or milestones. just one example. looking forward of your ideas. Best regards Nikolaj
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