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  1. @Victor you are my hero of today. Now i get the logic behind and what i was doing wrong. :-) I was not aware that when i choose a default report and then i go to customer reports + that this report what i can create then is based on that default report. Now i get a correct result back when i use the default report Closed Requests and just add a condition like Owner is ....! Thanks a lot and best regards Nikolaj
  2. @Victor Ok I understand that for the View's. But in my case the report is not showing any result when i try to find tickets for an owner with status closed or resolved. The view was just to make sure that he has closed tickets for example. Reports for open tickets are working, so maybe we have a problem with the status closed in Service Manager In Reports? Thanks Nikolaj
  3. Hello Support, I have problems to understand how the in app reporting is working in service manager. because when i tried to create a report with the same criteria as a view i get different results like you see. thanks for your help. Best regards Nikolaj
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth Do you have any news for me about this topic? And maybe you can tell me a nice and quick solution how i can change (different fields) from a lot of assets at the same time? the solution should be handeled by a normal service support user. thanks and regards Nikolaj
  5. Hello Support, Is here anything planned for the future? for example to show the only relevant months in this case Mar and the gantt will be bigger? Or the Snapshots with the summary Tasks for example? Thanks and regards Nikolaj
  6. @Mary Yes and can i hide it now or not or will this possible in the future? thanks Nikolaj
  7. @Mary Thanks for your explanation. For example we do not use Customers/ Contact but i think this is associated to the role collaboration, what we need of course, so what can i do in this case? So my question is if i can order the menu items why i cannot hide some of these? thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  8. Hello Support Are there any news to the reports for project manager app planned in the future? Best regards Nikolaj
  9. @AlexTumber Yes that is correct nothing happen just the icon is spinning thanks Nikolaj
  10. Hi @Adrian Simpkins That helps a bit for the first time especially for the delete folder. many thanks Nikolaj
  11. Hello Support Is it possible to delete an item or better hide it from the Menu if we do not need it? Thanks Nikolaj
  12. Hello Support, I think we had that problem in the beginning but now it is back. I cannot add Task with more details only tasks with no details are possible to add in different projects. Thanks Nikolaj
  13. Hello Support, Is it possible to have an option to delete Mails older than in a mailbox folder? thanks and best regards Nikolaj
  14. Hello @James Ainsworth do you have any updates regarding this change? thanks and best regards Nikolaj
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