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  1. I had reason to investigate why a Request did not have a customer and discovered that the Copy Request function allows logging to proceed without one - is this by design and if so, is there a setting where I can make it mandatory? Thanks
  2. @Steve Giller I see the latest Project Manager doesn't include the fix for this - could it be considered soon please?
  3. +1 I tend to agree, I have also noticed that some things are labelled differently in different areas, eg. Reporting says Date Logged but the Advanced Search says Raised On
  4. Just thought I'd close this off - with Hornbills help this was found to be a user error in my parallel processing, thanks Lee for helping with this one
  5. A minor inconvenience here - In Gantt View by Task, when hovering over completed tasks (or the completed bit of a partially completed task) the pop-up summary box displays well: When you have a task with no progress (or partially completed) the only way you can see the pop-up is by hovering over the very outside edge/border of the task: It would be great if the behaviour of the pop-up could be consistent (my personal preference would be to hover over any part of the task, not just the edge). Thanks for your consideration.
  6. Thought this has resolved itself since last week as I created a new Service Portfolio item this morning and was able to log a request. Updated the Workflow, republished - no HUD. Reactivated the previously working version of the same Workflow - no HUD. Anyone else seen this? Thanks
  7. When adding or updating a Bulletin the previous sort order seems to be lost, so where I have dragged/dropped bulletins in to a specific order they always pop back to the order of the creation date. Minor issue but would be helpful if this could be fixed.
  8. I wonder if this is similar to the problem I'm having - I'm not switching captures but the Workflow is not being picked up from the one specified in Catalogue Item
  9. I'm testing a new Catalogue Item in our Test Service. I have done this many times before however this time I'm stumped! I have created the Catalogue Item in the normal way, allocating an IC and the Workflow in question. When I log the request, it acts as though there is no workflow at all, there is no HUD and the only options available on the Action Bar are Update and Assign, it doesn't follow any of the nodes in the Workflow. In Service Manager I have: - made sure the latest versions of the IC and workflow have been published - confirmed that the workflow has at least one Stage (it has 4) - made a copy of the workflow, published it, tried again - still didn't work - changed the Workflow to a known working workflow - this was successful and the Workflow was applied - created another new Catalogue Item in the same service using completely different IC and Workflow - this was successful - rolled back to a previously published version from mid-March and this has been successful Any ideas why the portfolio is not applying the Workflow that it did before?
  10. Could there be better control for Admins over the order of Bulletin display? I have just created 4 new Bulletins in the same service but when shown on the Widget they are interspersed with Bulletins from other services (I was advised how the order is determined a long while ago). For this particular purpose, I wanted all 4 Bulletins to show in sequence and I can only achieve this by taking the ones attached to other services off. Any advice welcome. _
  11. Sam P


    utility---hornbill-service-portfolio-report.report.txt Hi Nick, this is one I picked up from somewhere else on the Forum, I think this will do what you want.
  12. @David Hall is the change to red/orange included in the revisions being made? What is the criteria for this colour? Thanks
  13. Apologies if this has already been covered however we're finding that the difference/contrast of colours in the Request List between those that are Open and On Hold is quite low making it quite difficult to tell them apart: We have also had the Dark Mode links issue reported:
  14. @Steve Giller could we also have the option to set the default visibility of the Take Ownership action in the Timeline - it currently defaults to Customer. Thanks
  15. Is it / could it be possible that we have the option to cancel a Project without having to manually complete all associated milestones and tasks? We created a whole bunch of test ones (whilst working through creating a template) - its quite time consuming to then go in and assign, update and close everything before being able to clear the test projects out. Thanks
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