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  1. I use the Quick Links widget, where the link is directed straight to my Feedback catalogue item, works well for what we need:
  2. Could the image shown both on the Bulletin Carousel and in the Service itself be set to the same size? Or perhaps the option to toggle on/off in the Service? Pictorial images are not such an issue, but you can see my dilemma here! Maybe I have missed a setting somewhere? On the left, an image from the carousel On the right, how it appears in the Service
  3. Can anyone advise what drives the order in which Bulletins are displayed on the Bulletins carousel widget? Is it title? Date published, then Service? I've tried a combination of these with results that are not logical to me! Does anyone know? I think its a bit of dark art! Thanks
  4. @Bob Dickinson thanks, it is working, I just don't want to run out of button options where Custom Fields are used elsewhere for other things. Thanks for your help as always.
  5. Is the best way to remove/hide a custom button once its been pressed to have the Autotask also set a Custom Field and then use that in the button criteria? Or is there a better way? When a button could be used for any request in the system this almost renders the Custom Field useless for anything else (have I understood Custom Fields properly? (still a newbie)) If you can share any suggestions on how to ensure a button can only be used once, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. (example, send only one Slack message for an MI, or send task to Jira board only once)
  6. @Paul Alexanderah I see, I hadn't appreciated that the custom fields on the Service were for the Service itself (makes 100% sense now of course!) I had hoped it was a quicker way of applying custom fields to the Incidents and SR within that Service. Really helpful, thanks!
  7. Hi everyone The Extra Details form on the main page for each Service only allows me to add Custom Field A - F... I wanted to add Custom Field K. Is my only option to do this for each incident and each service request separately under each service? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks @yelyah.nodrog we are using the tooltips too, it was more on the Create Custom Button box that I felt a title would be useful.
  9. Hello, am just starting out with integrations and have now set up Jira, I can now create a Jira task using an Autotask & Custom Button combo. I wondered if/how I can subsequently send the last ticket/timeline update to that Jira task using Atlassian/Jira Cloud/Comment Issue? What would I need to reference in the Comment field to achieve this? I have a "Get Request Information" node in front of the Cloud Automation node but I don't think this is right. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, can Custom Buttons have a title field that gets displayed in the Dialogue box, so that its still possible to see what the Button is for even when its only using an icon and no button text?
  11. Seems like I have lost some formatting the in the Catalog Item description display within Services...I was using a line break to display the Target Resolution on a separate line, but its now wrapped in with the rest of the description (have tried updating the Item again this morning to check). Is this intentional? Does anyone know if/how I can reinstate them the line break? Before and after shown below (left screenshot taken approx one month ago) Thanks in advance
  12. Yes Requests, so if for example a report showed how many requests were resolved per month by team member, would the tickets of a deleted team still appear? And if it was renamed, would the line appear twice?
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