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  1. @Ade M @Daniella R. Goral @HGrigsby this feature is now available in the update which went live this today
  2. @AndyHill There is an option to Get Last Authorisation Details this should give you what you need, the outputs from include the reasons for the approval decision.
  3. @Adrian Simpkins where / who is using the progressive capture form? * Is it your agents in the user app * supported user via employee portal * supported user via service portal All of the above? Is there anything in your progressive capture - conditional fields / branching which may result in the dates question being skipped under certain conditions? Steve
  4. @Joy not currently i'm afraid, I will ask the question and see if this is something which can be looked into ahead of live chat supporting different domain teams.
  5. @HGrigsby I will add you, however this development story is now complete, and will be available in the next Service Manager update, which is likely to be before mid April. We'll update this discussion once the update is deployed, but this should be in the next two weeks all being well. @Ade M FYI
  6. @mmensah In your business process from which the email templates are being sent, before the node which actually sends the email (and your email template), do you have a Get Request Info node? This node is needed to load the values (custom field values) which will then be used in the email template in the send email node. Steve
  7. @HGrigsby That's good that you have it working in the workflow. I think if there is an issue when you use the copy request feature, this is one to raise via our support team so we can get this looked at for you: https://www.hornbill.com/support Steve
  8. @HHH no problem i've added you to this
  9. @HGrigsby Ok a step forwards. On the document side, is the ID correct, does the user who has the API key have rights to document manager? On the request if you refresh the browser is anything shown in the document section?
  10. @Adrian Simpkins @AndyGilly I've added you as interested parties to this story.
  11. Hi @HGrigsby Your configuration looks correct, and i have just tested on my instance and it is working as expected. The error message would indicate an issue with the Keysafe credentials which you are using. Could you check that the InstanceID is set correctly for the keysafe you are using in the Request Credentials - it can be your Case Sensitive instanceID And that the APIKey is correct One of the team is updating the error message so it will be more helpful in the future. Let us know how you get on Steve
  12. @AndyHill This should work <span style="color:red;font-size:16px;font-family:fantasy">font formatting such as color and font type</span> There is a list of supported mark up here - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Wiki_Markup Hopefully that gives you what you need.
  13. @AndyHill no problem, glad you have visibility of the hide question settings. In regard to the label question type, if you use the Description field for your content, you should retain the ability to format across multiple lines. Like so Which presents as follows in progressive capture: Which of course if then hidden from the questions section if the hide settings are enabled. Hope that helps
  14. @AndyHill If the question type is Label on your custom forms, and you use the Description field to hold your information Then in the admin tool you can enable the following setting which will hide ANY unanswered questions from the questions section on the request view. There is one setting for the agent view, and other one's for the employee portal/service portal and the customer portal. Admin Console > Home > Applications > Service Manager > Settings These are global settings, so you would need to ensure this didn't have an unwanted impact on other p
  15. @Ann On the project task, in the task timeline, the project manager can @mention the user / task owner and ask for the update, the @mentioned user will get a Hornbill notification for this, does this help?
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