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  1. @Jeremy there is also a few forum threads on this topic - popular topic
  2. @Keith ok i've been having a think about this one, and i can't see a way to do this with just the Due Date so i have detailed a long winded parallel process based approach which i think gives you the outcome but i appreciate might have a few compromises and workarounds. So below is an image of the process, but i've attached the process if you want to take a closer look Steps 1. Assign to team and owner 2. Start parallel processing 2.1 Create testing task - set due date and expiry to 5 days 2.2 Update a custom field with a value - i have gone with 'Reminder Due' 2.3 Place request on hold (3 days in your example) 2.4 suspend and wait for request to come off hold 2.5 On coming off hold, get request info and check the value in the custom field 2.5.1 - If it is still 'Reminder Due' branch and send the owner of the request an email saying the task is still outstanding - then update the value to 'Email Sent' 2.5.2 - If the value is not 'Reminder Due' branch and don't send the reminder email This is the important bit - off the back of the task being completed (inside the 3 days) although set to 5 days - it is followed by an update request details and i have set this to 'Completed intime' and then take the request offhold. Therefore when the request checks the value of the custom field it will no longer be 'Reminder Due' and thus a chasing email will not be sent (which i am assuming is what you will want if the task has been completed.) I've run it through and tested some scenarios 1. The task is not completed after 3 days - email sent 2. Task is completed inside 3 days - no email sent Hopefully this approach means you can still report on the task completion. If you are uploading the process i've attached: testing-stuff.bpm.txt * You'll need to change the assignee team and owner * Change the email template and from mailbox * Change the task due and expiry dates and on-hold periods - i reduced these to minutes not days for testing Hopefully this maybe of use
  3. @Keith the team have taken a look and there is nothing really which should be providing slow performance here, performing this via the iBridge. We are not doing anything with the doc directly, simply updating the database, with the link, in the same way as if you were linking a doc via the UI on the request. Do you notice any delay doing this via the UI on a request? perhaps you can let us know if this persists, and then we maybe able to look into any other contributing factors around the wider process etc.
  4. @Keith we pushed out an update to the iBridge Content Pack this morning with a fix. Glad it is working for you, i too tested and it was all good for me. In terms of performance i am not sure, i've asked the question and will see what comes back from the team
  5. @Paul Alexander ok, the rights issue is fixed, pushed out and working. I've just run a test and it is all working as expected for me with the config changes i suggested above.
  6. Hi @Keith I went to try and replicate your issue last night, but got a rights based error instead. I have asked one of the team to take a look at this, and once i have it sorted i'll post back here - your configuration looks right from the screen shot.
  7. @Paul Alexander a couple of the input params are wrong here. Application should be com.hornbill.servicemanager Entity should be Requests Funnily enough there is an update on this forum discussion on the same topic: I did spot a rights issue, which i have asked one of the team to look at, so will post back once we know more, but the above configurations should help get this bit right in the meantime Steve
  8. @Paul Alexander @HGrigsby this change is now available in the PCF designer in the admin tool, and your data will now persist when switching between static field types.
  9. @David_Wilson in regards to the the Boards Manager app cards (requests) it is not possible today, but we have a story to allow the setting of the colour of the card via the business process configurations (see the screen shot of how this will look) , so once this is updated you will be able to specify the colour of the card when adding this to a Board in Boards Manager , hopefully this will be available shortly. It isn't possible to change the colour of the change calendar entries, i am afraid. @nasimg in regards to the filter on the calendar are you referring to the person / group filter? or a free text filter or both? Steve
  10. @Josh Bridgens we have fixed up an issue when you are using the co-worker search form, and this will be available in an update in the coming weeks. In the meantime you should be fine working with the customer search form and the assets form.
  11. @Paul Alexander thanks for the post, this is something which we will look at and fix up, will post back once it is done
  12. @Josh Bridgens no problem, looks like you got there using the customer search form which is great. I'll pass on the issue you experienced using the co-worker search form and see what is happening there.
  13. @David_Wilson silly question, so apologises but i thought i better start with this. There are possibly two different type of boards. 1. Boards in the Service Manager app - 2. The standalone Board's app If you have created a board in the Service Manager Boards feature, then it will not show in the business process node you have chosen > Hornbill Boards Manager > Entity > Card > Add to Board, however if you use the following business process node, does it show up? Hornbill Service Manager > Entity > Boards > Add to Board(request) > Add request to board? Both are perfectly valid types of boards to use, the Service Manager boards were boards v1 before we released the Boards Manager App - so you are free to use either. The only consideration is that only Service Manager Boards will show in the Service Manager > Add to Boards list, and only Board Manager Boards will appear in the Boards Manager > Add to Boards list If it is not this please let us know Steve
  14. @Josh Bridgens i have used your configuration from the PCF screenshot above and i can't replicate the issue - i am seeing the below: * The Asset Title and Info Message are displayed * The customer assets is the default and showing the asset assigned to them. I have seen this once before. Could you go into the PFC, move any node, and then re-save the PCF process and try it again and let us know how you get on? Steve
  15. @neilcg it does also include Service Requests yes. Please remember, you need to be a subscribed user (not a full Service Manager subscription) to be assigned an approval, but if you are then clicking on the link in the approval task will open up a view of the change or service request, from where you can make your authorisation decision, as well as comment on timeline posts or add an update. Hope that helps Steve
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