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  1. @Mark (ESC) There are two options here: 1. If a user has the Services Manager role and the service is open, they will be able to manage FAQ's or 2. If the user is part of a team which supports the service, they will be able to manage FAQ's (without being a Service Manager). This is covered in the Access section on the below wiki page. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Details Hope that helps
  2. @Martyn Houghton the menu option in the User Interface to My Services can be turned off from here in the admin console There is also the showserviceportallink option which you can disable The re-directs for the service portal URL's to the employee portal should take care of any traffic heading to the Service Portal Hope that helps
  3. @sprasad from a support perspective, his colleagues will be able to do this from their support queue's if they were supporting those tickets. From the perspective of being an internally supported employee / customer, there is no default option to view the tickets of other internal customers, this is true of the employee, service and my services portals. As we know when the context is external and you are supporting tickets from an external organisation, then this is allowed via the My Organisation's view on the customer portal. Internally the tickets could be of a sensitive nature, as
  4. @sprasad the Employee Portal is an internally facing employee portal, it is not a replacement for the Customer Portal, for external customers and their contact's. The My Organisation's Request's is a feature of the request list on the customer portal, it did not exist on the old Service Portal or My Services View, where the My Staff's View did and as such is carried forward to the internally facing Employee Portal Is the User in question a contact for one of your customer's?
  5. @Alisha you can't map a custom field directly to the resolution field in a request in progressive capture, but you can have a custom field in your progressive capture which captures the resolution, and then in your business process use the update > resolution option and inject that progressive capture answer using the variable picker. Hope that helps
  6. @Stuart Torres-Catmur the logic is to show the employee's where you are recorded as their manager on their profile, so in that sense yep direct reports only, not those employee's of someone you manage.
  7. @Stuart Torres-Catmur they will have access to both active and closed requests for their staff.
  8. @Stuart Torres-Catmur there is a global system setting which allows all managers to see their employees tickets on self service (based on them being marked as their manager on their profiles). Admin Console > Home > Application > Service Manager > Application Settings servicemanager.portal.requests.showStaffRequestsA setting to enable the manager to see all of their managed staff's requests This would be accessible via the Service Portal, My Services and or New Employee Portal. https://service.hornbill.com/walthamforest/servicemanager/ The manager would b
  9. @Paul Alexander thanks for the feedback, i'll pass this on and see what if any options there are. In the meantime on the one you highlighted, it does look like the wiki documentation hasn't been updated, it will be shortly. This enhancement simply provides a Copy Questions option when using the Request > Log Requests option - so it will copy the questions / answers from the request running the process, and add them into the questions section on the newly created request.
  10. @David_Wilson the Hornbill services module, has this security model built in. If you define supporting teams against the services which secure tickets are going to be logged, then only the analysts which are members of the teams which support the services, which the tickets are logged against will be able to see those tickets in the request list. This extends out so that only those supporting team analysts can: * View the tickets * Search for the tickets * Have the tickets reassigned to them * Create request list views using services those tickets are logged ag
  11. @Paul Alexander there was an issue with the search, if you give it a go again now it should be better. Just be mindful of the search term as per the info provided on the search view
  12. @Adrian Simpkins when you created the auto task processes did you do this under Global or Request context? Only those created under Request will show in the custom buttons on the Request view. if you created them under Global, you can download them and upload them under Request and they should appear for you
  13. @Paul Lear There are some instructions on linking documents to your services at the bottom of this wiki page: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Details Documents from document manager linked to a service are not searchable from the search bar on the home page (search widget). Document widgets can be added to the home and domain pages to show documents as another approach.
  14. @Ann you can use a custom field to achieve this right now, and use a progressive capture question for the SR submitter to provide this info, you can then use the business process engine to map this to a custom field on the SR details. Having this as a custom field will allow you to use it in email templates, and as a column on the request list We are currently working on a new feature, a Due Date field which you can use in SR's and other request types. This will also include the option to view in the request list, how much time is left before / after the due date for each request. Thi
  15. @Andrew Taskercould you share a screenshot of your report configuration?
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