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  1. Steven Boardman

    Service and catlog item IDs

    Hi @Izu if you have access to database direct in the admin console you can find these in the h_itsm_service_catalog table (catalog id and service id for each catalog item) Likewise just h_itsm_services if you only want the service id's. You may need to enable the following setting in the admin console to see the database direct option under Home > System > Data Alternatively on the service portal, you can go to each catalog item and look at the URL and get these id's In this case 15 being the service and 65 the catalog item for the catalog item i have navigated too. Hope that helps Steve
  2. Steven Boardman

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    @Paul Alexander ok that makes sense with the 3 add attachment forms in the same PC. Let me ask about the feasibility some kind of count alongside the mandatory option to ensure x number of attachments are provided.
  3. Steven Boardman

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    @Paul Alexander ok perhaps there is something else happening here for you. To get to the bottom of this it might be quicker to get this logged with out support team? are you ok to log this here: https://www.hornbill.com/support
  4. Steven Boardman

    Editing update visibility after posting

    @Alisha i believe the logic allows for the following: * An agent can change the visibility level of posts They have made * An agent can't change the visibility level of posts of other agents, customer etc * An admin with the Super Admin role can change the visibility level of posts by anyone (agent, customer) Hope that helps Steve
  5. Steven Boardman

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    @mojahidm is this still an issue for you? i seem to be able to attach multiple attachments on both the customer and service portals via the progressive capture - add attachments option
  6. Steven Boardman

    Unable to upload multiple attachments

    Hi @Paul Alexander When i look at this on the service portal (chrome) it seems to work as expected i.e adding multiple attachments. With the attachments showing on the ticket: Are you seeing this on any specific browser? are you on the latest update of Service Manager?
  7. Steven Boardman

    Activities Associated to Assets

    @Lauren @Alisha turns out it has been done look out for the next Service Manager update (next week) and this will show the asset name by default instead of the ID.
  8. Steven Boardman

    Canvas Grid - can it default to 'on'?

    @Aaron Summers ok so there was an issue here but it is being fixed and should be sorted in the admin console early next week
  9. Steven Boardman

    Canvas Grid - can it default to 'on'?

    @Aaron Summers hmmmm i see what you mean. Let me check with dev on this as it should be functioning
  10. Steven Boardman

    Canvas Grid - can it default to 'on'?

    @Paul Alexander @Aaron Summers sorry for the slow reply, yep the setting was added and can be enabled here: Admin Console > Home > Collaboration > Application Settings admin.feature.workflow.showworkflowcanvasgrid Do just bear in mind as a system setting, this will be global for all process designers.
  11. @Joyce @Darren Rose as a first step towards this we have added an Updated By field to the reports view, so you will be able to see who made the last update and when. This will be available with the next admin console update
  12. Steven Boardman

    Capturing Breach Reasons through Activities

    Hi @Lauren unfortunately i am not sure i can think of much to assist here. One thought was to lock the resolution action until after the last action in your process, and on the completion of the last action, say something like investigation complete you could actually mark the resolve timer and do a check to see if the request had breached, if it had then create the breach activity and have said timer to ensure completion in a timely manner, obviously once the breach details were recorded you could unlock the resolve action and allow the resolution to be entered, if there was no breach you would skip the breach task and just unlock the resolve action. Obviously this way you could then have your 5 days from actual resolve to auto close. I am not sure this is going to be practical and it may simply move the problem in front of the resolve action, compared to the issue you are having after the resolve action, but i just thought i would throw it out there as the mark fix timer can be put anywhere in your business process.
  13. Steven Boardman

    Activities Associated to Assets

    @Lauren chasing this up but i don't have visibility of a timescale on this, as soon as i do we'll post back here
  14. Steven Boardman

    Virtual Showroom for Hardware Purchase

    @Ria @Giuseppe Iannacone this is something which is still work in progress i am afraid, and i don't have a specific timeframe on it. If you have a need to crack on with the purchase request flows then i don't anticipate this being available in the short term. As this progresses and we have a clearer idea on timelines for availability we will post updates back here.
  15. Steven Boardman

    Self Service (Self Help)

    Hi @Steffen Following on from what Nadeem mentioned above, the knowledge centre on self service presents it's self in progressive capture. So as the user is entering details, relevant FAQs, existing requests, known issues etc will be presented to them. The returned results are filtered based on the service they are logging the request against, and can be further filtered based on text entered into the summary field on the details progressive capture form or single line fields on custom forms (mapped to the summary field) this is explained in more detail on the wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Knowledge_Centre In addition to the knowledge centre, have you considered using the progressive capture flows to embed the corrective steps for common scenarios? they lend themselves well to asking questions, allowing users to answer and branching on the given answers to gather more info or to present links to where there solution could be found - including links to knowledge held elsewhere. - in the example above their is a hyperlink in one of the Label fields in the progressive capture forms. You can use conditional fields to only show relevant information based on the answers to previous questions, or to present additional questions based on previous answers - again this is covered here on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer (displaying conditional fields section) You can actually build steps into the progressive captures, which you can get your end users to follow to self help: Using this approach you can also allow users to record the fact that the information provided / steps given allowed them to self help (see above for 'Yes all sorted' outcome to a question), this outcome could still log a ticket, but auto-closed and auto categorised as a self help fix which you can then report against. The above example with linked progressive capture flow and business process is available to review on our sandbox instance as follows: Business Process: https://admin.hornbill.com/demo/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/workflow/bpm/remote-access-issue-v2/ Progressive Capture: https://admin.hornbill.com/demo/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/workflow/procapture/VPN Access v2/78/ You can currently login as grahamc and password: H0rnbill to see and download these. They are brought together under the Home Working Service and Access VPN catalog item. You can see this on the sandbox self service portal as stever and password H0rnbill: https://service.hornbill.com/demo/ Hope this helps Steve