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  1. Thanks @samwoo for the suggestion, sounds like something we can take a look at. I have created a story and added those interested. As this moves forward we will post back here.
  2. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    HI @lee mcdermott in my example i am simply checking the priority of the request to see if it is Major in my example i check this on logging, to see if a Major Incident Comms plan needs invoking, and at the end of the workflow to see what i need to do to close it down. You could of course look at any other value to determine if it is a major incident, such as a request custom field as a tick box. On the demo instance, if you want to take a look their is an example major incident process which takes care of: * Adding operational management * Adding in senior management * Invoking the relevant Service Level Targets * Notifying all interested parties (email and workspaces) as the major incident proceeds and is updated * Use of hot topics Boards * Closure of all linked requests * removal from boards Access the sandbox at admin.hornbill.com/demo user: grahamc password: H0rnbill In the process designer take a look at the Desktop Support example Hope it helps Steve
  3. Questions not showing on requests anymore?

    Thanks @lee mcdermott i'll ask one of the team to take a look at those requests
  4. Questions not showing on requests anymore?

    Hi @lee mcdermott could you share some screen shots of the issue or a reference number i can ask the team to look into for you? Thanks Steve
  5. Priorities per Service

    @chrisnutt it certainly will and i've added you
  6. Hi @Dan Munns we don't have anything planned around this just yet, however we are looking to make more options open around the Catalog Items, our first story in this area is to allow subscriptions to catalog items (which we should see fairly soon), once this is in place we can take a look at other configuration options which might be applicable at the catalog item level. Steve
  7. Starting a BPM stage with a decision?

    @lee mcdermott unfortunately i don't have access to your instance to look at the specific workflow but i would tend to agree with @DeadMeatGF to trouble shoot this, use another node to output the actual value held in custom_o to the timeline to see what value is being added and then we might be able to see why the decision and branching is not working. In terms of the task itself are their only two outcomes - Failure and Success ? In the outcome configuration are both the outcome values matching (case etc) to the rule you are then applying in the next stage - So Failure rather than failure? Also on your Get Request Details node on the review stage, is this configured to > Get Request Information > Request Details? I have spun up a simple example and it seems to work as expected if the above it true. If you use an option as suggested to say if No Match then update timeline with the value held in Custom_O that might point us in the right direction? Steve
  8. Plugin to Asset Manager

    Hi @samwoo We have Document Tags which are used to organise documents (other than in libraries and collections), i can raise the question to see if we can include some sort of filtering by tag grouping of documents linked to other entities. Below is a view from the library in Document Manager where inside the library you can filter further based on the documents tags (process design, problem management etc) @Kelvin i've added you to this story as well Steve
  9. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    @lee mcdermott i have done a quick test and the expiry option on a task after a request is closed works fine In my example below i Auto Close then do a check if it was a major incident, close linked requests, send notifications then have a task set to expire after 2 mins, with an outcome of expire and then remove from board Hope that helps We will explore the options of even having a generic Suspend for a defined period of time option We also have a story for the remove from any boards which will remove a request from any board it is on, again as this progresses we will post back Steve
  10. Service Portal Search Not Functioning Correctly

    @clampj we have found a small issue on the search results based on how users are subscribed to services and we are looking into this. This does not effect their ability to view services they are subscirbed to, only the search which we are looking into Steve
  11. Explanation of new feature needed

    @HHH @samwoo apoligises for this, that release note should not have been visible, as the feature is not yet ready. But as a head's up we are working on a feature in the business process engine which would allow custom fields on tasks and task outcomes - kind of like custom fields in the progressive capture designer custom forms but tied to outcomes on tasks. This requires a few internal changes and the above was an internal update for another team to pick up the baton to move this story forward. This will be a great feature when ready so watch this space
  12. Closing a call

    @Prathmesh Patel @dwalby are you still experiencing these errors? @Prathmesh Patel could you share a screen shot of the errors you are seeing?
  13. Priorities per Service

    Hi @Dan Munns we do have a story for this and i have added you as interested in this which increases it's priority (if you'll excuse the pun). As this progresses we'll post back here Steve
  14. Plugin to Asset Manager

    Hi @samwoo we have a story to allow you to link documents from document manager to assets - like you can now with requests,. We have added your comments and will post back once it progresses Steve
  15. Automatically remove from a board after a given time period?

    Hi @lee mcdermott there isn't an action to delay the removal of a request from a board for after a specific period of time, however you could achieve the same result by using the Expire options which are on other BPM nodes - such as * Task * Suspend await status change * Suspend await request update So at the appropriate point in the process, use one of the above (maybe a task) set the task Expire to 28 days and then follow it with decision and and outcome of expire - then you can use the remove from board node following the expire path. Just a thought Steve