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  1. @AlexOnTheHill gotcha, that makes sense, let me ask the question internally for you.
  2. Thanks @AlexOnTheHill In terms of the filter, i understand you use Hornbill across different internal business domains, and with this list being for employees of the organisation - supported and providing the support (basic and user types), could you let us know what the filtering will offer you here, or in essence what is the outcome you are looking for? I am just trying to see if this is already available somewhere else for you in Hornbill, for example under the organisational structure as shown below, there are the group breakdown's and assigned users to each grouping.
  3. @AlexOnTheHill thanks for the post, could you provide a little more information on the user list? are you referring to a specific view in the agent view, or the admin console or both which you would like this filter against?
  4. @Paul Welbythe team have looked at this, and it looks like the same issue, which is now fixed and will be available in the next Service Manager update, which will hopefully be pushed automatically in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Thanks @Paul Welby i believe it will, but now you have confirmed the details i'll get one of the developers to double check and confirm if the fix in the next update will indeed address your issue.
  6. @Rashid.Ahmed there are a few options for flagging VIP's If you wanted to use the banners, you would need to add these to your business processes, and they would only apply to requests running the business processes, after you have made the changes, and added the notices. Below is another forum post, which has links to a number of other VIP discussions These include: * VIP SLA's * Displaying custom fields on the request list which make reference to it being a VIP * Showing fields during progressive capture which display VIP info * Showing VIP info held in a
  7. Hi @Paul Welby thanks for the more info. Just to clarify on the assets accordion section on a request, intermittently a number shows to indicate there are assets attached, however if you open the accordion there are no assets, and the number on the accordion is removed? I ask as we have seen something like this and a fix is coming out in our next Service Manager update, i just want to make sure it is the same issue and make sure this will address your issue for you.
  8. @Aaron Carter no definitive timeframe i'm afraid, however the work is pretty much complete, but as this (priority piece) is just one part of the bigger re-factoring of the progressive capture work, there is a fair amount of testing etc which needs to follow, which makes it difficult to give timelines's on it. The testing has to be completed and any issues addressed before it is released in an update. Hopefully this won't take too long to complete and release.
  9. @Aaron Carter it certainly isn't the intention to make the configuration of Hornbill confusing, and we are always looking to improve the user experience. An example of this would be making it visible if different pc forms are only intended for use in specific interfaces (agent / end user). I don't think you were misinformed, the information it sounds like you were given was accurate in the sense, that to achieve an outcome of allowing the customer to select a priority and for it to be used on the request would involve custom PC questions and mappings via the business process engine.
  10. @Adrian Simpkins thanks, i believe if you are a member of an Inc, SR or Change this alone won't push notifications to you about updates etc. However if you are following the ticket then you will get notifications about updates etc to the ticket. I've done a few tests and this seems to be the case. Also just to be sure, if you are viewing the request which is being updated when it is updated, the notification immediately goes into the dismissed list in the notification list. When you are setting your preferences for notifications in your profile, these are for you as the owner, or
  11. @Aaron Carter thanks for the post. We are currently working on progressive capture enhancements, and as part of this work, we will be enabling the priority form to work for the customers as well as it does currently for the support agents. This work is ongoing, but will be completed soon, and once tested it will be pushed out in an update to all customers. Once available, it will enable you to use the priority form on the progressive capture flows on the self service portals, so your customers can update the priority of the tickets they are raising. In the meantime the work
  12. @Paul Welby would you mind sharing an image of where in the interface you are seeing the issue?
  13. @Adrian Simpkins yep they should work as with any request type. Let us know if you have some specific examples and i am sure we can take a look at them
  14. @Alberto M if i understand correctly what you are looking to do, i am not sure this is possible. Once a customer is asked for feedback (which occurs automatically on the closure of the ticket, if you have configured the service and request type against which the ticket has been logged to use it), there are only three possible outcomes 1. Feedback is provided (either immediately or they click 'later' and come back to it, but ultimately they do provide the feedback 2. The customer consciously opts out of providing the feedback - using the 'No Thanks' option. 3. The Feedb
  15. @Nikolaj we are currently implementing an update to progressive capture for the support users, this will include the catalog item (if chosen) in the right hand side. The details shown on the right are not configurable for this form. We are still finishing the development work on this, but we will post back here once the updated progressive capture will be available.
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