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  1. Changes logged with no catalog

    @Dan Munns just to say the inconsistencies between the displayed services between changes and service requests has been fixed and will be included in an SM update shortly, this may not be the next one due in the next couple of days but should be the update following that. We have the story as well to hide the request type drop down options and will post back on this separately as it progresses
  2. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Lyonel so on SR's it is more the case that you want to be able to resolve question type service requests by including a link to an existing FAQ in the resolution of the SR? Something like: You can change your telephone number in your email signature by following the instructions in this FAQ (Link) Hopefully the embedded knowledge will prevent a percentage of these even raising a service request but i see what you are looking to do, i'll raise this internally and post back updates. Thansks Steve
  3. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    @Lyonel FAQ's are only available to resolve Incidents currently In regards to Service Requests, FAQ's and your end users. The new functionality which has been introduced for using an FAQ to resolve an Incident is restricted to the Agents, not visible to end users on the service portal. Any FAQ content in the resolution details of an Incident will be visible to them. Obviously end users can still use FAQ's to solve their issues before logging a request of any sort. The same would then be true once a Service Request is raised, even if the option for FAQ's was enabled for Service Requests the end user would not see an FAQ linked to their Service Request from the service portal just the FAQ content in the SR resolution details. We do see the FAQ's on Incidents as being an enabler to resolve the Incident, and in regards to Service Requests we see agents perhaps needing guidance and process to follow to onboard a new starter, give them access to a system etc hence the suggestion of the document approach. We are also finishing off another knowledge story which will allow ens users on the service portal to be pro-actively presented with FAQ's and other knowledge inside progressive capture to allow them to self help and prevent the need to raise Incidents, Service Requests in the first place - this will be out shortly and will be in the form of a Knowledge centre All of that said, if there is a desire and support from customers to extend functionality into other areas or provide a solution which provides the same end result. Could you provide some examples of where you could see this benefiting the different types of Service Requests you process? Thanks Steve
  4. Profiles - can we mark them as archived?

    @Tina.Lapere when you add a category to a request this category is written to the request table and you will still be able to report on the request table and the values held in the category column. What you would need to consider is that if you do delete this that it will no longer appear in the category tree on old requests, so you would not be able to go back to old requests and change them to anything you have deleted. Hope that helps Steve
  5. Resolve by FAQ - Service requests

    Hi @Lyonel please you like it It has been introduced in Incidents as this was seen as the most natural place for it, in terms of having knowledge available to help you resolve the issue and return to BAU, so it sits there alongside the workarounds from linked Problems, as possible solutions which you can use to resolve your Incident. In regards to Service Requests we have had various requests to have the ability to link documents to say a New Starter Service Request with the steps which need to be followed, and this is now possible through the Document Manager action bar icon on all request types. In addition we have just added a new iBridge option which allows you to automate the adding of specific documents from within your business process - so using the same example above, you can always add the relevant New Starter Guide document to the New Starter Service Requests And the new iBridge option under the Integration call in your process designer There is more discussion here on this and an example config for the above:
  6. Schedule Calls to log automatically?

    Hi @clampj When you set up the scheduler if you choose days and then only highlight the day of the week you want this to run - say a Friday and set the expire count to -1 then this will execute every Friday (weekly) indefinitely - you can also set the next event date to the first day you want this to run Hope that helps
  7. Changes logged with no catalog

    @Dan Munns yes that is correct, it will only show the session analyst the services which they support (based on their team memberships). This is really designed for environments where you have say IT, HR, Facilities all defining and managing their own services, and it is only relevant for agents in the teams in each department to see the services which they support not a long list of services which the whole business provides. As your's was set to Off it would seem it is not a contributing factor here, re the difference in the services displayed when logging SR's compared to Changes. The team are looking into system setting and looking at expanding this to all request types not just SR's and Incidents where catalog items are used.
  8. Decision tree within a form

    @Keith coming back to your question on a quick overview video on using wiki mark-up in progressive capture to enhance the user experience and appearance, i have created a quick video which is on the wiki here on the progressive capture Customised Forms page: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Customised_Forms I have also included the links to the wiki markup examples on the wiki too. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup Hope this is useful
  9. Service Requests FAQs

    Hi @Martyn Houghton the Document Add is just the test name i gave to the Keysafe credentials when setting up the Hornbill Authentication type, it doesn't relate to any functional capabilities, that is all handled through the chosen Method field under the Connector above. No remove document option as of yet i'm afraid, but we are always adding to the available options Steve
  10. ISSUE! Duplicate Labels on ProCaps

    @SJEaton this issue should now be resolved, and the PC forms with labels working as before, please let me know if this is not the case
  11. Details Designer - Date and Time Picker

    @SJEaton this should now be sorted and working as before, please let us know if this is not the case?
  12. Boards Enhancement

    @DeadMeatGF thanks for the suggestion, it seems reasonable to me. I have raised this for review and will update here once discussed and any progress
  13. Users Asset Details in the Portal

    Thanks Paul One limitation with using the existing Assets Progressive Capture form (which does show a customers assets) is that you can in fact add / link multiple assets which would make the branching off this very difficult, say you added 4 assets, then which variables are we exposing (showing), what order they are added, and which assets variables are we making the branching on, so using progressive capture would probably involve a new form at a minimum where only singular items can be chosen, then exposing of that assets attributes for branching etc. I am sure there are a number of different approaches which could be looked at for this challenge, and it is good to get as much input from those that are interested Thanks Steve
  14. Users Asset Details in the Portal

    @Martyn Houghton @Paul Alexander @samwoo @dwalby @JBasey Thanks everyone, could i request a bit more info from those who have also supported this idea? Are you looking for the ability for customers on the portals to purchase equipment but for the options to be restricted to those relevant to (A) their existing equipment and (B) what they are entitled to order? How would you see this working? part of existing progressive capture flows? something new? Thanks Steve
  15. Details Designer - Date and Time Picker

    @SJEaton i can replicate this issue and i have fed back this needs looking at asap, we'll update here once we know more