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  1. @Jeremy there isn't currently an option to schedule activities against a Service (i believe we have this in our to do list). In the meantime as a workaround you could possibly look at the above post on the Scheduled Jobs thread. It essence you could schedule these via a master ticket, and have the service defined in the auto-spawning, which would then show them in the list of requests against each service. Maybe not ideal for you but thought i would at least share the workaround idea
  2. @Jeremy thanks for the post. There is nothing i am aware of to combine the views at the moment. Currently you can access your tasks on the righthandside from any view in Hornbill, including when onthe request list. We continue to add features to this area, including: * Filter the activities * Filter by Activities assigned to you, rather than one's where you are the owner * Activities which are New - grouped * Activities which are overdue, further out or have no due date. As with everything else on Hornbill we are always happy to listen to suggestions and community support for specific features.
  3. @Ann-MarieHolloway i don't believe there is i'm afraid
  4. @Steven Cotterell thanks for the post. this is not currently possible, however what you can do in the meantime, for any urgent updates you want the customer to see, you can use the Email update action on the request. The ability to email the customer on an agent update is on the short term list of features to add, so hopefully not to long to have to wait. I''ll add you and @HHH to this story and we'll post back here once this is progressing,
  5. @HGrigsby we are now actively working on this capability i've added you as interested connection and we'll ensure we update this post once complete
  6. Hi @Lauren the reason the status filters are not displayed in custom views, was due to the ability in the views to decide (using the condition builder) which statuses to include or exclude. However this has been something which has been asked for before, and i've added you as an interested party to this story, and as it prioritised, and scheduled we'll post back here.
  7. @Ria another option for you if you wanted to branch based on specific answers to your security questions, rather than the outcome Impact level they create, is to not use impact assessments, but instead create a human task, with custom questions in the human task. You can then follow the human task with a decision node and build custom expressions based on the answers to any or multiple of the questions asked in the human task. example Flow below, where the custom expression builder can evaluate the answers to the above security questions in the human task More info on the wiki about using capture task fields and then branching on their outcomes: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Capture_Task_Fields
  8. Hi @Ria it sounds like you need to have a custom expression which will evaluate the Impact attribute following the impact assessment. The impact assessment questions will drive an outcome to the impact field, and then you can branch (set sub-status based on this). After your suspend wait for assessment, you will need a Request > Get Request Information > Request Details (so that you are evaluating the current Impact value), then have a decision node, and from the decision node have one or multiple Request > Update Request > Status (where you can set the sub status you want) In the custom expression linking to this node, you would have something like: I get this by clicking on the variable picker (icon), and choosing the Flowcode option > and the name of the node where you used the Request > Get Request Information > Request Details node, from here you can scroll down to find the Impact field to evaluate against. Hope that helps
  9. @Adrian Simpkins the changes to business process definitions will not affect existing processes against existing requests, only new, as you suspected. Whilst still a painful exercise, there is an option in the request list to multi-select and apply the status change to closed. A few observations: 1. This will only appear for those in a resolved status 2. By default you can't do this across requests of different types or logged against different services - but you can disable this restriction as detailed here on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Multi-Select_Actions 3. You can Select the first record, then shift + select the bottom record to select all in between to then apply this status change too. Hope this helps
  10. Hi @TomW hopefully this post will be able to point you to the right table and give an example report:
  11. Hi @Paul Trenter do you see a toggle next to the used by field? If you enable the option you will see the shared option on the right hand side. In terms of mass import, are you referring to a CSV import or using the data import utility?
  12. @David Longley ok got you. In the request where the process fails, in the information section - there should be a service and or a catalog item displayed. If you look at the service and or catalog item for the specific request type from the service view i mentioned above this will tell you which business process is running. If there is no service / catalog item on the ticket where this is happening let us know
  13. @Paul Alexander ah, i should have spotted the date / time custom field (sorry). Yes this will only work with the text / varchar type custom fields. I have requested for date only field controls to be able with the date / time types (or just date only fields) but no ETA at this point i'm afraid.
  14. Hi @Adrian Simpkins you are not able to include progressive capture questions directly into email templates. What you are able to do is map (via progressive capture and or copy these answers into request custom fields) which are then available for you to include in your email templates. Some useful wiki sources below: Request Variables: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Variables Business Process Designer - Specifically the options to update request (i.e the custom fields) https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow Using the Variable picker https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Variable_Picker Mapping progressive Capture answers into custom fields: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms Plenty of reading but i hope this helps
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