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  1. Steven Boardman

    Unable to search for Change Requests via Global Search box

    Hi @Ann-MarieJones thanks for the post, could you provide a little more info on the users who are not able to search for Change Requests? 1. Is it the global search bar at the top of the UI or the search option on the request list? 2. If the global search and in the drop down do they have the change request filter option available? 3. When they search are they not getting any CH results back? In my test below i am using the global search and have the change option and am seeing change results back. 4. Do you know if you have the following setting enabled? With this enabled, searches would only return requests (CH) which the user had the rights to view, based on team memberships and the services against which the changes were raised? So in scenario, different users would get different search results back based on the teams they belong to, the services those teams support and of course which services the CH's had been raised against. Sorry for all the questions but just looking to pinpoint the issue for you Steve
  2. Steven Boardman

    Encouraging Customer Feedback

    Hi @HGrigsby it should be and it seems to work for me. There are two translations strings to consider here One for the service portal (internal customers) guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.servicePortal.home.requestView.details.resolve.pleaseRate This one i have changed and you can see the output below The second is for the Customer Portal (external customers) guest.com.hornbill.servicemanager.portals.portal.home.requestView.details.resolve.pleaseRate There is only a very subtle difference in the translations strings .portals.serviceportal compared to .portals.portal for the customer portal Could you check and let us know if you changed the appropriate one for your end users portal? Steve
  3. Steven Boardman

    Escalating Priority doesnt change SLA

    @Steffen your configure looks fine Have you enabled the following setting: Admin Console > Service Manager > Settings By default this feature is off due to the fact it was a new feature we introduced and we can't assume all customers will want this, so to protect the existing behaviour, this would be off by default. If you enable this setting this should work for you Let us know of course Steve
  4. Steven Boardman

    Authorisation by Email for Basic Users

    @Steffen in order for the business process to automate the approval process then as James mentions the approvers would need to be collaborator subscribers not basic users. I can only assume the approach put forward was that of automated sending of an email from the business process using the option Request > Send Email Notification > Customer to the basic user customer using an email template which would include the details of the information / decision needed from the customer. One additional action in the business process maybe to put the request on hold awaiting response If the customer responds to the email, the email will be added to the request automatically, and if on hold as suggested above the request would come back off hold and the owner of the request notified. The owner would then review the email response from the customer and manually progress the process accordingly if approval was given or rejected. One approach to achieve this would be to have a task appear after the off-hold action mentioned above and the two outcomes the owner could choose from would be something like - customer approved or customer rejected. and then branch off each outcome to do whatever you needed to do in your process. Hornbill offers various ways to interact with a request via email and basic users can certainly do the above via email. Over and above this there is our formal automated approval methods which automate the full end to end piece for collaborator approvers, including approvals via the native iOS or Android apps. I hope this helps but i am sure the sales team can discuss any concerns you may have Steve
  5. Steven Boardman

    Issue opening change request

    Thanks @Giuseppe Iannacone Ok a couple of things from this. The progressive capture works fine for me in terms of logging a request..... but as there is no Request Type form following your Services form then if no catalog item is selected it will default down the No Match path and log an Incident (by default), if you add the Request Type form to your No Match path, once you have chosen a service you can pick Change and it will long a change against the chosen service and invoke the business process assigned under Request Configuration on the service. With this change it worked as expected for me Equally if i made a Change catalog item visible to the service desk with this setting: Visibility set to either Service Desk or Both Then it displayed in the services list for me And if chosen would raise the change against this catalog item following your switch node in your progressive capture I've attached the PC if you want to try this one again with the request type node, and if you are using catalog items under change if you could check and make sure there visibility is set to both or servicedesk Hopefully this should then work for you Steve test.pcf.txt
  6. Steven Boardman

    Exporting Asset Data

    @Jeremy in the meantime as a workaround you should be able to do this in the reports in the admin console. Attached is a basic report which prompts for the asset name and then returns all linked requests - which you can export to CSV and or PDFrequests-by-asset.report.txt Steve
  7. @Vikki Cameron @Jeremy apologises for any inconvenience this has caused, we believe we have this addressed and are just moving this update through testing before we can make it available to you
  8. Steven Boardman

    Scdedule a new incident or service request

    @AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT thanks for the post - are there specific examples of things you are looking to schedule? Typically an Incident would be a reactive break fix and a service request could be a fulfilment of something. Typically we see scheduled tasks being things like - daily checks for back-ups etc where activities are hopefully well suited. That said and ahead of your examples, there is an option open to you to create scheduled requests . You could utilise the business process option for the auto-creation of new Incidents, Service Requests etc in-conjunction with say the on-hold until feature. So you could have a master ticket which runs the process which schedules the creation of these tickets. It is a little long winded but basically you could start a process which creates the first ticket, and then maybe is put on hold for say 24 hours, then put it into a suspend await off hold option, and when off hold - raise the next Inc / Service Request etc and then immediately put it back on hold for say the next 24 hours. Another option is to use the task and Expire option, so that it waits for a task to expire and then use the raise new request and follow this with another task and another Expire period Basically with both approaches you are in effect creating a loop and you can configure this to just run and run and create the required Incidents / Service Request for you at the required times. It is a little long winded and you want to be careful when building it, not to put it into an infinite loop where it is just creating requests one after the other but if you are comfortable working with the business process engine and expiry / on hold until logic this might be a workaround for now for you. The other option could be to use the log request API and fire a little script off a windows scheduler event on a daily, weekly etc basis Steve
  9. Steven Boardman

    Issue opening change request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone at the top of the forum page there should be an envelope icon if you click on that and then compose new, just start entering my name into the to field and then attach your pc flow i'll take a look at that
  10. Steven Boardman

    Issue opening change request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone Would you be able to direct message me the progressive capture flow that you are using behind your Raise New buttons so i can take a look at that for you?
  11. Steven Boardman

    Issue opening change request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone just taking a step back, when you say you are not able to open change requests under the Raise New option - is this for just the one specific service, or you can't raise changes against All services? Your end users can raise requests via the service portal so i assume you have configured catalog items against this or other services? Is this issue affecting just you or are other agents able to see and raise Changes against this service? Steve
  12. Steven Boardman

    Email notification via BPM to Interested

    @Giuseppe Iannacone you can add interested folk as Connections to a request, and then use the Request Connection options to send emails, choosing templates and mailboxes as well as the type of connections you want the email to go to at the given time in your business process. You can choose if All, Internal (Users), or External (Contacts) should receive the email. The list of connection types is a definable simple list you can also manage in the admin console. Hope that helps Steve
  13. Steven Boardman

    Notification when several incidents happen in quick succession

    Hi @Claire Holtham thanks for the question, it is not currently possible to do this in Service Manager however it is a great suggestion and something which i know you may have had in Supportworks. We have raised a story for this, once this is defined, prioritised and scheduled we will post back here Steve
  14. Steven Boardman

    Issue opening change request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone Hmmm ok, what about the supporting teams for the service, do you belong to one of the teams marked as supporting the service? Or is this blank and supported by all teams? Steve
  15. Steven Boardman

    Issue opening change request

    @Giuseppe Iannacone for the service which you can't seem to open changes for is the following setting enabled? By default i believe the Change Configuration will be set to Disabled therefore even if catalog items are defined against it, it will not show on the Services form in progressive capture - could you confirm if this is enabled for the service you are having an issue with? Steve