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  1. Steven Boardman

    Reassign Ticket If on-hold

    Hi @Logan Graham The On-Hold Settings set here, including the assign option seem to be respected if you open a request which is on-hold and you want to have the option to re-assign, whilst on hold. This is an example of a request on-hold but with the assign option available, respecting the system settings i have configured above. It does look like this is not possible via the request list and multi-select actions. I will raise this and see what the issue is, in the meantime if you open the request you can perform the actions you have specified as being available whilst a request is on-hold Steve
  2. Steven Boardman

    Display Order of FAQ's

    @Stuart Riddell @lokent i have added you both to the story as interested parties, the scope of the story is the ability to re-order the FAQ's by various ordering options.
  3. Steven Boardman

    Support portal not working on IE

    @Victor would you be able to assist here?
  4. @Keith i was convinced you were already on this story but that was not the case, you are now
  5. Steven Boardman

    Change Management Database Direct Queries

    @Awalker i am not sure if you are looking to do this in the reports in the admin console or a widget etc in advanced analytics. If you are using the reports, if you create a report using the Change Request entity, then you will have the scheduled dates columns available to select to include in your report content For the date range, you can use any of the date fields to evaluate against, i have shown Date Logged below, and you can use the user prompt option to prompt the user for the date range each time they run the report, or you could use the Against custom Criteria options as shown below where you can choose a date range for the report to use each time it is run Hope that helps Steve
  6. Steven Boardman

    In App Reporting

    @AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT it is a rights issue, but one which relates to you needing the rights to assign this role to another user. I can check which rights you need to do this, however if you have the Super User role as a workaround, you will be able to assign this role to the required users. @Chaz could we look at what role in SM has this right, so that a service manager administrator can assign the SM in-app reporting role? Steve
  7. Steven Boardman

    Issue in Chrome

    @nasimg in one of the latest Service Manager updates we introduced an option to limit the Logging option to just the Raise New option and disable the drop down options: This is in the admin console > Service Manager > Application Settings @RyanMesser the error message is suggesting there is an issue with the progressive capture flow, which is lined to the Raise New option, and from what you have said the progressive capture flows seem to be ok for other options (Incident, Request etc), as such is it possible to check which progressive capture flow you have linked to Raise New - you can do this in the admin console > service manager > application settings: In my instance this is New Request but it could be different in yours Once you confirm this, could you take a look at the progressive capture flow and see if there is anything obvious in it's configuration which might be causing this error Steve
  8. Steven Boardman

    Best way to deal with authorisers

    @Dan Munns Collaboration subscribers would not have access to Service Manager requests, they would need a Service Manager Subscription for that. For approvals they will have access to the approval tasks only. In order to provide Context to what they are being asked to authorise, i can suggest injecting request data into the approval task details. This way when they receive the approval notification they will have the key information in the approval task to allow them to make a decision. Returning something like this These can then be picked up via the user app, mobile app or use the voting buttons on the notification emails Hope that helps Steve
  9. Steven Boardman

    Linked requests in BPM

    Hi @Michael Risby I think i understand what you are looking to do, just let me check. When a user raises a SR, depending on the answer to a question (approved standard changes) - you want an option in the BPM to automate the raising of a NEW change, and the auto-linking of the originating SR to that NEW change? If that is the case i can comment on the following: 1. There is not currently an option to automate the raising of a NEW change from the BPM (currently), however there is an existing BPM Log Request option which allows for the logging of new Incidents and SR - and we have just finished the work on extending these options to cover Changes, Problems, Releases which will be available in a Service Manager update in the coming weeks, so keep a look out for the release notes as i hope this will provide you with what you need. If you Log a new request from this BPM option, it will automatically link it to the originating request. 2. Another option could be to allow the users to raise the approved change requests directly? what i mean by this is the ability to define a catalog item for each standard change option under a service and users can raise them directly from the service portal? if you haven't already you can enable the ability for changes to be raised from self service using the following system setting in the admin console > Service Manager > System Settings And then configure your catalog items in a service under Request Configuration > Change Each catalog item can have it's own progressive capture questions and fulfilment business process Hope this helps Steve
  10. Steven Boardman

    Override Flags - Using Custom Fields/Attributes

    @Alisha i have checked and unfortunately is not currently possible to expose the extra customer attributes. Could you give us some context on what you are looking to branch on and we can then look and see if there are any alternative approaches? Steve
  11. Steven Boardman

    Icons/graphics on Portal fields?

    @Paul Alexander it is doable now with wiki markup in the fields on the custom form - so in the label field you can include wiki markup - i use the description field and show icons and text etc. This will appear inline with the other boxes rather than to the right of the text, but here is an example below: And the wiki markup for this is in the description field of a label on a custom form [[file:https://media.industrialinfo.com/icons/info.png|20px]] If the issue is resolved, on choosing '''Next''' we will record this as a self fixed issue and no further action is required. More info on using wiki markup is available on the wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Wiki_Markup Hope that helps Steve
  12. Steven Boardman

    Cancel reason setting not respected

    @Dan Munns your not missing anything here, it was reported as an issue , it has been fixed but just needs to be pushed out in our next update
  13. Steven Boardman

    Change Templates

    @gwynne sure not discounting the effort here, just looking to provide an option in the absence of templates being available
  14. Steven Boardman

    Scheduled tasks added to Change calendar

    @Dan Munns it is only possible to add changes / releases to the change calendar. There is a separate activity calendar under Home > My Activities. In regards to widgets on a wall board are you referring to advanced analytics? if so you should be able to create a data list widget with certain task criteria to only show tasks which are due today or contain certain text, are not completed etc