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  1. Hi @Daniel Dekel By URL I mean a regular web address such as https://visitwarwick.co.uk/ By iFrame URL for embedded links I mean addresses like <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/sFeM8cHN6TE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> I'm not sure why the image appears to be broken, I can see it and can copy the link to download it also.
  2. Hi Daniel, Oh dear, I see what you mean, the external frame widget has gone back to saying not available. The widget is 4 columns wide and is the last, so has the same height as the one in your example but is placed where you have a text widget. I also notice the widget uses a url rather than an iframe link which could offer a bit more dimension control Here's an example of what we see (before the update was rolled back):
  3. Hello, I have seen the External Frame widget go live today and had a go configuring it. I am able to get it to show external sites however it only provides a narrow letterbox view of the site. Would it be possible to control the verticality of the widget? Our intention is to include a support bot and looking at the example conversations many of the responses take up more than the default vertical space allows. Many thanks
  4. Hi @Daniel Dekel I have seen the update today: I went in and started to use the external page widget but came back this afternoon to see that it is gone and unavailable for selection. I did log out and back in again to make sure it wasn't a session problem. Does this mean the change has been rolled back?
  5. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thank you, what is the best was to track the expected rollout of this new build? It would be great if I could be notified when a date is confirmed. Many thanks
  6. @James Ainsworth Please add our interest for this also.
  7. Good afternoon, We have noticed that when raising a request for a user in Hornbill that we are able to see current active requests. These should be filtered by domain so when the Service Desk raise a request they cannot see requests raised by HR and vice versa. I have started raising a request and have seen a HR service request along with its title, my presumption was that this was due to elevated rights however I have verified that co-workers in Service Desk see not just the reference but the title too and the title could refer to a private matter which HR would not wish to dis
  8. Hi @Daniel Dekel Is there any update to the possible availability of this widget? Many thanks
  9. Would it be possible to add filters to the suggested subjects presented when a user types in a summary as they open a call? Even a tick box for match entire phrase would be useful. I have received a complaint from a user that they are seeing lots of irrelevant results. When they use "New Self Service Portal" and get 27 suggested FAQs that include the word "Service" It would be useful if you can click on results and select 'match entire phrase', 'limit results to FAQs for selected service' or even give the users the option of switching off the suggestions feature. I ca
  10. @James Ainsworth At the start of this week the only teams which were visible were the teams we were a member of. None of the supporting teams were visible. My own team is a supporting team for all teams so the drop down should have shown a long list rather than just the teams I am a member of. During testing we found that if we added a test service and added my team to it in the list of supporting teams for it then supporting teams magically reappeared for myself so there appeared to be an underlying problem. I have seen that the support reference IN00164184 has been closed
  11. Thank you for coming back to me, sorry if I was unclear. As things stand when you log in on self service and pick a domain you are presented with a list of services and these services can be named anything. This is fine if you have one domain but as you add more domains it is not necessarily clear which domain each service belongs to when added as a favourite (for example Requests or Faults/General Enquiry/Procurement) We have identified ambiguous services and manually prefixed them with the domain (as in the screenshot) however this is not ideal: When going to the domain,
  12. Hello, We have noticed that as we add more domains to our instance there is a greater likelihood of confusing end users by presenting services that are not clearly identifiable as belonging to one domain rather than another For example: Purchasing, General Enquiries We have worked around the ambiguity by prefixing some services with the domain name however with more domains being added it would be more efficient to present favourites with the domain prefix that the respective favourite belongs to. When browsing to the domain the prefix would not be needed, but when looking
  13. We have tried to ensure that no draft email templates have been set against any of our Business Processes. This is potentially a lengthy process and I think it would be beneficial to be able to see from within Email Templates which Business Processes make use of each respective template. Many thanks
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