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  1. Good morning, Just following up on the above, does the report look correct?
  2. Thank you for your help with this one. I've had a go creating a timesheet report however I don't seem to be able to extract useful/user friendly information from it. Here, I don't seem to be able to get timesheet IDs, Request IDs or Sub-categories (attached) It makes sense that not all timesheet entries have a Request ID because someone may allocate time to do a number of requests and put in an entry that says 'admin time' The amount of blanks though makes me wonder if I have joined the tables incorrectly. ict---timesheet-test-report.report.txt
  3. Good morning, Checking in, would you be able to offer some advice regarding the reports?
  4. I have an open request looking into the ability to delete contacts. The description of the contacts admin role is "This role grants the rights to add, edit and delete contacts as well as customise portals." Given that a user administrator can delete a user, rather than the wording being incorrect, I think the ability to delete a contact is missing from the contacts admin role.
  5. Good afternoon, Just checking in, would it be possible to take a look at the above regarding the reports?
  6. I don't think it's pedantic to point that out at all, I probably oversimplified the point I was trying to make. You're absolutely right that stakeholders would need to agree what counts as a first response. I think what I'm trying to highlight is that it would be helpful if we could have a suspend node which allows for the inclusion of any/all of the first interactions rather than the current mechanism which only allows for one method. A human task seems the workaround for that. My challenge with human tasks is agents familiarity with that workflow and the volume of activities that would generate as they would necessarily be generated for all requests. I think a suspend node which would wait for an event to trigger the response timer must allow for any type of response unless stakeholders agreed x type of request will only be dealt with by email or y request is only dealt with by phone call and that doesn't really match with my experience with dealing with requests. I will propose we look at human tasks and ask that the option to select multiple conditions be considered for an enhancement.
  7. Thank you Alex, I do have a further question about timesheets and that is around reporting: The in built reports do not allow the manager to get a list of calls associated to a particular category, for example. Calls can only be viewed if they select a daily view. How can a manager report on which requests have used which categories over a longer period? I have looked at creating a report but timesheet IDs are not mentioned in requests and request IDs are not mentioned in timesheets, is there another table I can use to bridge the two?
  8. Thank you Steve. I'm glad I understand things correctly. While a workflow can dictate what counts as a first response I think agents will always consider that any response is a first response, be it email, call or simply the notification that the request is assigned to an agent. I am aware that colleagues have fashioned a workaround where they have set either an activity or custom button to define a value which marks a first response so I may explore that option. I would still like it considered as an enhancement request that the system allow any first response to mark the first response timer.
  9. Just checking in, could someone advise whether what I am looking for is possible?
  10. Sorry, yes, I am aware that the search in the request list where you can create a custom view does allow us to see this. I have shown my colleagues how to use this too. I still think a date filter would help with the search results in the top search box.
  11. Hello, While searching for relevant requests in the search box in Hornbill I have noticed that I can only filter by Owner, Customer, Type, Service and Status but not by date. This would be particularly useful to help with identifying calls within a given timeframe - eg during an outage or after a change of process. I am aware that this can be achieved using the custom view however this would be useful within the search box too. If there's something I've missed please let me know. Many thanks
  12. Just checking in, any advice would be appreciated
  13. Is this proposal possible? I think this is something that many workflows could benefit from.
  14. Hello, I have users looking to implement Timesheets and I have received a request from management for clarification regarding the permanence of the entries recorded. There is a concern that once the entry is created it could be amended by the user or a colleague after it is reviewed by management at the end of the week/month. I understand that there is an audit history so we could see what changes are made any by whom but do we have a way to lock completed entries? I have looked for clarification in the wiki but cannot see an answer, I also cannot see whether someone in the same team with the Timesheet Manager User role is able to edit a colleague's entry. I would also like to know if there is a limit on the number of categories that can be created. Many thanks in advance, timesheets are a subject that did not come up during our onboarding and now there is interest in using the feature management are looking for some reassurance regarding the robustness of any figures they may use coming from them.
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