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  1. Thank you for the swift reply I do understand you can tick that box to stop it happening going forward, this is advice we regularly give our users. The problem is new users cannot see the button they need to click at all with the prompt in the way. The feedback we commonly get is that users with Hornbill logins are clicking on the Single Sign on button because that's the only button they can see. This is why I ask if Harry can be repositioned, hidden or made transparent so people can see there is another button hidden underneath.
  2. I have had a request to remove the Harry Hornbill icon from our login page When going to log in he entirely obscures the Hornbill direct button: We have changed our portal background to instructions that explain the need to close this box which is less than ideal. Can it be removed? Made transparent? Moved so it no longer hides the button below? A proportion of our user base needs to log in with Hornbill credentials and the team looking after them have asked that their login button not be obscured.
  3. Hello, We have noticed when creating dashboards if we select Bar Chart the total is correctly aligned however if we chose Column Chart then the chart is rotated 90 degrees but the totals are also rotated 90 degrees. I've highlighted the alignment in the screenshot below I cannot see anywhere in the chart options that allow you to correct the alignment, the numbers need to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Is this a bug or is there somewhere I can correct this alignment that I have missed?
  4. I have noticed a further failure again today on CH00108007 at the same point 'Get Card Info' Execution Failed: Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node '8a21a7f9-dadc-2031-0697-69317467c95b/flowcode-528166c8': <methodCallResult status="fail"> <state> <code>0200</code> <service>apps</service> <operation>getCardInformation</operation> <error>Unable to get application context: com.hornbill.boardmanager</error> </state> </methodCallResult> This failed with the same error at the same point with the newes
  5. Hello, Over recent weeks we have been experiencing a number of problems with occasional failures in the Standard Change BP The BP fails at Get Card Info, sometimes at the review stage, other times at the implementation stage but always at Get Card Info This does not always affect the same person and does not affect our non standard change process The same people raising the standard change can raise a non standard change without encountering this issue so we do not believe the problem to be role related Examples of failures in the live instance: CH00105388, CH00105376
  6. Hello, I am trying to improve our change business process and have noticed recently that a number of changes seem to be approved without having a schedule set. I have tried adding an automation which makes the process wait until the change has its change date scheduled but there doesn't appear to be an option among the tasks. Is there something I am missing or can this option be made available? Alex
  7. Hello, We operate in a shared instance where the two main areas have differing requirements for the default visibility of updates in the timeline. One area needs to keep updates visible to the team only as the contents have data sensitivity concerns, other areas need to share updates with their users. Given the importance of preventing unintentional breaches I can see why the switches that control updates are set to team - eg app.email.routing.rules.default.visibility.update Would it be possible to give the option to control default update visibility to the services or even
  8. I found the role Docmanager Portal which does give end users the document manager feature this also enables the selection of a hyperlink
  9. Hello, Apologies for the knowledge gap here, I am working on developing our Self Service Portal and would like to change the link we currently use for an internally hosted user guide to one available outside our Microsoft tenant. I have uploaded a document, added it to a library and ensured that the Library is visible to all internal users and external ones however when I log in with a test external account I am unable to view the document. The test account currently only has the Basic User Role and the Self Service User role. Is there something I have missed? The library has been sh
  10. Hello, We have encountered an issue where adding external users to Hornbill as basic users potentially leads to those external users being able to see internal notices on the platform as well as links to internal documents It is not practical for us to go down the external customer portal route for these users as we have a shared instance and both areas sharing the instance want all customers to be able to see just their own services. We had explored the option of adding external parties as basic users and adding them to a specific company but cannot use that information to cont
  11. Thank you Mary This is exactly what I was looking for and somehow exactly what wasn't what happened when I set up a bulletin yesterday. I will take a look to see if I did something daft like expired the bulletin before I looked at the page. Oh my days, it was a combination of the time expiring and the bulletin being on a different service. Thank you for your help!
  12. Hello, I have had a request to add a notification rather than to the homepage or the our domain within Self Service to a specific service. I am aware of, and part of the organisation already uses, the Bulletin widget on their homepage but would it be possible to make this same information visible when you select the service the bulletin relates to? I am just thinking if, theoretically, you had 30 different services and they each had bulletins then the bulletin widget would not be the most effective way to display that information. If you then selected a specific service and
  13. Thank you for coming back to me It feels more like the regex is working around a problem rather than the answer to it. Nothing in the definition of the progressive capture or the business process warns that the population of the details from the progressive capture will fail under these conditions. Would it be possible to arrange it so that rather than populating no details at all it populates with truncated details?
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