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  1. I asked the question only a few days ago and the below reply was received The Timeline updates are stored in tables that are optimised for performance and not reporting. If you wish to report on these it would be worth investigating the Direct Database Access that is available on the Enterprise platform.
  2. When replying to an email - from an email (view email and then reply) the system put double spaces between new lines.. Is there a way to format the email?
  3. Is there a way to extract an updates an analyst performed on all tickets... I looked at the update table but it only have some requests not others, I'm guessing it only stores a specific type of an update?
  4. thank you .. do we know when the next release is?
  5. When using the top search for Co-workers the system adds the %20 and won't return an results.. see below If I then add a letter within the top search my record is being retrieved correctly.
  6. Hello, is there a way to enable use to set a ticket to resolve it without Taking Off Hold first? and could the requirements for adding a reason off/on hold be removed?
  7. What are the correct steps to cancel a request? We have End Process node if something was rejected but the calls doesn't appear closed after that.. Is this the correct way to use End Process node?
  8. I don't get the same reply as you { "@status": true, "params": { "option": [ { "key": "webapp.view.email.userPreferredTemplate", "type": "string", "overridden": false, "choices": [ ] It doesn't
  9. Keith... I can check the No template then confirm... and the correct template is applied.. Yet, when I create a new email the previous template is checked as default.. so basically I need to do the same step every single time I want to send an email.
  10. Keith, you need to give me more details.. I'm not sure how I can highlight the template? I want to have the No Template option to be the default option
  11. Is there a way to change the default template to No Template permanently , It seems that I can make the changes but this will only apply to the specific email and the change is not retain.
  12. As far as i'm aware the headers were always added as an attachments onto a request but some of my users are adamant this isn't the case and recently there are many more attachments being added to requests. Does anyone else have the same experience?
  13. Where I can find API Key Rules for raising a request?
  14. The only settings I'm aware of which will purge any emails are emails.purgeDeletedItemsAfter and emails.purgeSentItemsAfter under Platform> Advanced, so check those. Maybe there is a rule which move emails to a different location? are the attachment are not visible on the request it relates to?
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