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  1. We are wondering if these two parts of the system are separate, as we do not use the analytics very much and are considering removing it from our subscription as it's a paid for service. But we use reporting for some specific functions and wondered if we 'turn off' analytics if we can still use the Reporting functions?
  2. I've had a pleasant hour browsing the forums looking for an answer to my requirement (enough to spark several other ideas!),. However I have been unsuccessful in finding out how to report on Customer/User Attributes, or indeed an customer variables. I'm sure it's as plain as the nose on my face, any advice would be welcome - thank you.
  3. Hi, Within Supportworks, we have "Last Action Text" column (OpenCall -> Last_Text) where we can quickly see the latest update for each calls within Service Desk feature, and we rely on this very heavily in reportings. Service Manager does not have this within Request List, is it possible in there being an ability to display the first 255 characters of the last request timeline update in the request list? We can also then make use of this in reportings. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I'm not sure whether reporting is currently able to capture this information, I have been looking through the filters but not seen something that matches this requirement. I'm looking to report on calls that are not resolved by the first assigned team. Is that possible with the current filters? Is there a way to achieve this? Ideally, we would like to be able to see the calls assigned to frontline then the proportion of those calls which are resolved by all teams to see which proportion are resolved frontline. I can see filters like reopened count but not something that allows me to say the initial team does not equal the resolved team. I hope this makes sense Many thanks
  5. Reporting is currently accessed via the Admin Tool under Service Manager. I have a number end users who need the ability to create and run reports, but I do no wish them to have access to the rest of the admin tool. There does not seem to be a standard role for giving access to Reporting only. Can you advise on what permissions would be required to give access to only the reporting element? Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi, When I schedule reports, within Administration area, to be emailed to our customers, rather than them receiving an email saying it is being sent from "ICT Department" (as they do when receiving notification of calls being raised although from a different mailbox), they see Hornbill as the Sender instead. Can there be the ability to change the sender name from Hornbill to something else e.g. ICT Department for webapp.view.usersPreferredMailbox? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I would like to produce a report for management that filters for specific time periods throughout the working week. Ideally, I'd like to say show me all the calls to [x] department, not raised by self service, not in a cancelled status, logged between [time] and [time] over the course of the last year. Do you have any recommendations for how I might achieve this? I have been going through the filters and nothing quite seems to match. Theoretically, I could manually enter the specific time and date beginning and end date for each date manually but that isn't feasible. Any recommendations would be gratefully received. Many thanks
  8. Hello While recreating reports which were created by a colleague who has since retired I have noticed that the filter within service manager reports is a bit limited. https://admin.hornbill.com/[instance]/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/reporting/ It would be really useful to see which of the reports are scheduled and what the schedule status is (ie running, expired, failed) so you can easily identify which of a list of hundreds of reports require attention. It would be even better to see next scheduled run and report recipients too If these were added to the columns I imagine the filter would then be able to pick them up. I would imagine these additions would be useful for other areas of reporting also. Many thanks
  9. I would like to search for potential duplicate requests by running a report in Hornbill using the CSV to pivot the data and review requests linked to an asset. To do this I need to include the table that linked assets reside. I cannot locate it using database direct, can anyone help? I currently have requests table linked and would like to table join the associated linked asset to a request.
  10. Hello, I am very new to Hornbill so apologise if this has already been cover but i wasn't able to locate anything. How do I report on Customer Feedback? I am wanting a report that shows the star rating and the user comments and can't not locate how to add the star ratings. TIA Julie
  11. I have created some that show me a count of active requests either per day, week, month etc. Q1. All I want to see is a trend of calls sat with a particular team in a line for a period of time. Am I right in understanding that these cannot resample retrospectively because request status is a snapshot? Or is a change in request status timestamped in the DB and therefore measures can look back in time for an accurate count of total requests in a teams queue for that period. Q2. I have created a measure as above for the whole of our department (All teams). This count gives me a total count of active requests across the service. I have added “Team Name” to the “saved data columns” does this allow me to create a widget either line chart or something else and then see the active request count trend per supporting team?
  12. Trying to get an accurate report for ALL requests that at some stage in a request lifecycle have been assigned to a team. Not fully confident that requests included in reports that just have the filter "team is" as I am not sure if this factors requests that have touched that team at some stage in their life cycle or if its only including requests that have: Been logged directly against that team initially as per BPM. Teams have interactions with requests but are not the team that the request was initially assigned to in the BPM or they are indeed the team that resolve the request but it is usuaful to capture ALL requests that at some stage have been assigned to a given team for input so I can record that interaction and understand the demand on the teams. Is anyone able to calrify or help?
  13. Morning All Hope you are safe and well. I have created a report and one of the fields it brings who a task is assigned to, the field is 'Assigned to' from the h_sys_tasks table, however this brings back a staff id, not the staff name. How am I able to bring back the staff name please? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello, I am trying to create a report that runs on a daily basis, for changes that were authorised during that day up until 16:15. I would then set the report to auto run at 16:20 each day uploaded via document manager. Our change process is very mature, so standard and Normal with an impact of minor - do not require CAB approval. As there are different processes different changes follow I wish to create reports that are as efficient as possible. I have looked at the change requests table, and there doesn't seem to be any option in there for the word authorised. After having a bit more of a think, All changes that get approved, go onto our Change Management Board, and all changes regardless of process end up in the board lane called Awaiting Change Implementation. I thought it could get away with inner joining the requests table and use the date modified feature, however that way does produce some anomalies. As any change modified in that lane will appear in the report, but that might simply be a member of staff adding an update to the request. Is there a way as I haven't been able anything in the Board Lanes table that records the time a request has moved into the lane called Awaiting Change Implementation? Looking at the time line of the ticket is seems to record the fact that the request has moved into the lane in the Change Management Board, but there seems to be no obvious way that I can find that I can use dates/ times a Change Request has moved lanes. As always any help would be gratefully appreciated Many Thanks. Adam
  15. Hello, I am currently looking into the In-App reports and have a few questions. When i run the First Time Fix report, 100% of my tickets are not showing as achieved. what is the logic behind these so that i can see why my tickets are not being flagged as FTF? Also I can see that the report 'request Incident Response Time by service Level' is available, but how can i customise this? so that i can filter by team or service? Again, the same goes for open tickets by age, i want to filter this by team/analyst Can we filter any of these report by date? Do you have any reports available which can show tickets which have breached SLA?
  16. Hello all, I have a dashboard view currently set up, where a colleague is able to extract all smartphone requests captured in a month. Currently a colleague from the Procurement team, goes through all tickets, to find the cost code, which is a question in the progressive capture of the catalogue item. What would be handy to save the Procurement team going through each ticket manually, as on average there is around 100 per month, if I can add the cost code field into the report so this information is pulled into the Excel Spreadsheet extract. Would be keen to know if this is something that is possible, and if other members of the Hornbill community have been able to do this? Many Thanks. Adam
  17. Excuse my limited sql knowledge. I am trying to run a report in the reports module against outstanding requests older than X days. The preset variables do not allow for this specific detail so I would like to use the "customer criteria" option but simply pasting in some sql doesn't seem to be working for me. Is anyone able to help. Using this SQL. h_datelogged < DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) and configured as per attached. The report is still resolving requests logged in less than 30 days in this example.
  18. Hi Is there a way to report on the stage checkpoint of a ticket? I have the requirement to report on what stage a group of tickets are at, but cannot find a table that might contain the info Thanks Darren
  19. Good morning! I was wondering if there was a way of pulling requests into a report based on whether they mention a keyword? At present, we have a number of 'movement of item' requests that relate to a specific system we use inhouse. The supervisor of the team (who is a user, not an analyst) would like a report created so she can see how frequently her team are logging requests related to the inhouse system. As the progressive captures are fairly generic, there isn't a question on the form which says simply ''Is this related to XX?'' as for 80% of the work it would be a redundant question. Therefore, I was wondering if we could search for answers including the keyword? If not, I guess it'll be an excel filter situation! TIA Lauren cc. @Gemma Morrison
  20. Hello, I am trying to run a report for the particular catalog within our Service, however I have noticed after running the report a few times for various other catalogs, the report looks like they are capped at 5000... is there anyway I can run a report from 05/06/2018 (our go live date) until present or will the report be limited to 5000 each time? which in that case I would then require to run each month and add the results together?
  21. Hello, I am trying to create a report to pull out the next days changes but within the reporting tool i cannot see a way of getting only the next days data. If i use the end of day variable this will pull out all future changes. Does anyone have any idea how to only pull the following days data. Thanks.
  22. We are looking are creating some dashboards which show the Requests raised against each service for the last week, which we have successfully created. We are wondering if there is a way to overlay weekly averages so that we can see if these requests are higher or lower than previous weeks. Has anyone done anything like this and how was it achieved?
  23. Hi All, Wondering if any of you kind individuals could help. We have been utilising Hornbill service manager now for 7 months and although I believe its a great ITSM service desk tool, the reporting is down right appalling and the advanced analytics cost is extortionate for a small team. Could anyone share their standard reporting definitions for a few basic reports, the front end is massively clunky to get used to and its proving very time consuming. I'm looking for the following but ANY would be most welcome. 1. SLA reporting by month. 2. Tickets Logged / Resolved by month. (Ticket Volume) 3. AVG Resolution times 4. Incidents caused due to change. (&How do we flag incidents as caused due to change?) 5. Individuals Performance 6. Unplanned Changes by month 7. Incident Report For Incident/problem management Best Regards Adam
  24. If a job is closed/resolved/cancelled then it clears all sub-statuses. Therefore when trying to run reports, we are unable to see whether a job has been on-hold and how long for if it is now closed/resolved/cancelled. In some instances, a job has clearly been on hold, e.g. the SLA for the job was 5 days and says met, however the job was resolved 3 months after being logged. The only way to delve deeper and find out how long the job was on hold for it to search for the job itself in the analyst portal, which is impractical when looking at reports for thousands of jobs. I believe this was raised by another colleague on the Customer Support portal back in April/May, with the resolution stated as a product defect that will be rectified in a later update. Do you have any idea when this will be actioned as it is affecting our reporting?
  25. Morning all, Since the last manual update all of the charts we have on "My Dashboards" have gone blue? If anyone else experiencing this issue and is there a way to resolve it? Hayley.
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