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Found 62 results

  1. Hi All, Wondering if any of you kind individuals could help. We have been utilising Hornbill service manager now for 7 months and although I believe its a great ITSM service desk tool, the reporting is down right appalling and the advanced analytics cost is extortionate for a small team. Could anyone share their standard reporting definitions for a few basic reports, the front end is massively clunky to get used to and its proving very time consuming. I'm looking for the following but ANY would be most welcome. 1. SLA reporting by month. 2. Tickets Logged / Resolved by month. (Ticket Volume) 3. AVG Resolution times 4. Incidents caused due to change. (&How do we flag incidents as caused due to change?) 5. Individuals Performance 6. Unplanned Changes by month 7. Incident Report For Incident/problem management Best Regards Adam
  2. If a job is closed/resolved/cancelled then it clears all sub-statuses. Therefore when trying to run reports, we are unable to see whether a job has been on-hold and how long for if it is now closed/resolved/cancelled. In some instances, a job has clearly been on hold, e.g. the SLA for the job was 5 days and says met, however the job was resolved 3 months after being logged. The only way to delve deeper and find out how long the job was on hold for it to search for the job itself in the analyst portal, which is impractical when looking at reports for thousands of jobs. I believe this was raised by another colleague on the Customer Support portal back in April/May, with the resolution stated as a product defect that will be rectified in a later update. Do you have any idea when this will be actioned as it is affecting our reporting?
  3. Morning all, Since the last manual update all of the charts we have on "My Dashboards" have gone blue? If anyone else experiencing this issue and is there a way to resolve it? Hayley.
  4. Whilst trying to diagnose some discrepancies between the number of rows returned via a measure and a report, I though I would try running a report on the saved columns held with the measure by using the 'Measure' source option in the report designer. However the output is not quite what I was expecting. The measure in question captures the data ranging column (example below is date_logged - h_datelogged) as the second column value, so entering the same period as the measure sample into the report, I get between 3 to 4 times as many rows returned with duplicate rows, but not necessarily identical. It appears the measure data structure is not quite I was expecting, which was one row for each request that was counted in the measure that meet the criteria. I have been trying to work out what logic or structure it is using but I am stumped. Anyone else tried reporting on measure entities and worked out what it is doing? Cheers Martyn
  5. Afternoon all, I am trying to get a measure to run to show me the percentage of tickets a user has let breach response and also the same for resolve, However no matter what i do if i add the user in i cannot get the measure to come back with anything. I already have one running for IN and SR each month for the department, The below shows response outside SLA for the month So i figured that i just had to change the frequency to year and add a bit in the query to say AND h_resolvedby_username = 'username' But this just keeps bringing back 0 as the results. Any idea? Many thanks Hayley.
  6. Hello, I am trying to run a report for the particular catalog within our Service, however I have noticed after running the report a few times for various other catalogs, the report looks like they are capped at 5000... is there anyway I can run a report from 05/06/2018 (our go live date) until present or will the report be limited to 5000 each time? which in that case I would then require to run each month and add the results together?
  7. When setting up a report on a measure, the drop down list of 'Report Measures' is not sorted and there is no filter. This make is quite cumbersome when you have a large number of measures. Can the drop down list be sorted alphabetically as a minimum and if possible a filter option added?. Cheers Martyn
  8. As part of our change process we have a task for CERFs (when a change goes wrong), I am trying to find a way to pull out the task questions and answers that relate to specific tasks e.g. Task Title - CERF form for CHxxxxxxx Questions: Please enter the date that the change took place Give details of any unplanned outcomes What specific actions were taken to mitigate the unplanned outcomes? List recommendations to avoid these these outcomes in the future, including resources required We would then like a report based on the task(s) to display this information clearly so that we can keep tabs on the responses, also there is a subsequent task that happens after this which is the recommendations from CAB, which we would also like to include at the end of the request after it is closed. Has anyone ever done anything like this? I have got as far as getting the task information although it pulls a lot of other tasks not related, but also we cannot find an easy way to format the reports in Service Manager i.e. change the layouts etc
  9. Hi all, Has there been a change to reporting recently? Some tables are named as per the database (as I expected), some are using 'user friendly' names (h_itsm_requests only being found as 'Requests' for example) I am making a report which should have over 1100 lines (according to the measure I am basing the report from) but I can only get it to show 103 lines. The filters are identical. @Victor @Bob Dickinson Any ideas??
  10. Is there a way that reports can be emailed to certain addresses after it has been scheduled to run? As an example, we'd like a report detailing our high priority incidents (and call-outs) to certain members of staff and management. This was something that was possible in Supportworks, but I don't seem to see an option to do this? Alternatively, is there a way of emailing a document from Document Manager (after scheduling the report to publish there)? Thanks Lauren
  11. Hi We've utilised "relatedEntityData.record.h_custom_l" in our incident details form as a way of identifying whether an incident has warranted a call-out of an IT engineer or not: It shows as a simple check-box for the IT engineer to check if they've been called out by the business. I need to be able to report on this, but cannot locate the table in which the custom fields available in the "Details" form are stored. Are you able to help, please? Thanks Lauren
  12. We are in the process of enabling visibility of Change Requests on the customer portal (see post link at the bottom), which will mean our existing change requests which where created before catalog options for changes where in place will be view-able to the customer. Therefore before making this change I want to review all customer view-able comments on the timeline of the effected requests. I can see from other posts on the forum about reporting on the activities, which I have based my initial query on, but there appears to be a missing table relationship between the itsm_requests and the h_buz_comments. select h_pk_reference,h_buz_comments.h_comment,h_buz_comments.h_visibility from h_itsm_requests RIGHT JOIN h_buz_comments ON h_itsm_requests.h_activity_stream_id = h_buz_comments.h_activity_id where h_pk_reference='IDXCR00076979' I can link h_itsm_requests to h_buz_activity_streams using the h_activity_stream_id, but do not seem how that would then let me link to the timeline comments in h_buz_comments. Therefore I must be missing one or more tables relationships which tie the timeline comments to the the request. Can you advise on what I am missing? Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi We need to be able to report on how many times requests have been updated by a customer via the service portal. Previously, in Supportworks, there was updatedb table which enabled us to report on this. Is there a similar table in Service Manager we can use for this? Thanks Lauren
  14. Good Morning All, I am currently creating a Private "wallboard" for our Co-Ordinator so that they can see the information they want fairly quickly. I am struggling with the Request "I want to see the availability status of 1st Line at all times" I tried to get round this myself before coming to the forums, where I found someone had done this, but it pulls through a list of all teams. The current SQL Query is: SELECT a.h_name as User_Name, b.h_name as Current_Status FROM h_sys_accounts a LEFT JOIN h_sys_accounts_status b ON a.h_avail_status = b.h_status WHERE a.h_class = 1 ORDER BY a.h_name ASC I have tried numerous attempts of filtering this down to just "1st Line Support" but I am not having any luck. Can anyone help? Josh
  15. Hi, Is there the current functionality to be able to report on either checkpoints (whether they've been completed or not) OR outcomes of activities? Thanks Lauren
  16. Morning all, My apologies if this has been raised before, I wasn't able to locate it via a quick look. We have a number of reports running to give us figures on tickets being resolved/closed etc by various teams and individuals however it would appear activities are not recorded in these figures. Is there a way to report on active/resolved/closed activities within Service Manager? Many Thanks
  17. Hello, I have created quite a few reports to run monthly and for the past two months, they have not done so. So I have been going in manually updating each document that they have been linked too. Would someone be able to advise me if I need to add anything in? I am struggling to find the issue!! ( I have changed the next event date to next month, but want to see if I have missed anything beforehand)
  18. Morning All, A Department we support has recently said they have noticed an improvement in efficiency from the Service Desk, less wait times, more call information... etc In an effort to bolster support for the Service Desk and better explain what we have done to make a difference, I've been told to drop almost everything and see what I can put together - Report and Advanced Analytics wise - to show the efficiency changes in the Service Desk as the system has slowly changed. My Question is, does anyone have templates or examples of the measures / widgets they use to show performance based on individual departments they support? I am fine with the Reports side however not so good with the Sparkline, measure etc. side of the Advanced analytics yet. Any help would be appreciated! Josh
  19. Hi I am trying to find out which closure categories have not been used so that we can remove some of the older ones that we are not logging requests against. What is the best way of achieving this? I would guess a report but am not sure where to begin, I created a view to show me the ones in use but as there are so many it's difficult to work it out.
  20. I'm looking to generate a count of jobs logged per day. In SW I would have done this against the database direct and used a combination of format, group and count to get what I needed. Can anyone give a suggestion of how I might do this?
  21. Hi all, I am trying to create a report of assets attached to a call. I want the analysts to be able to run the report, type in a call reference and output a csv of all linked assets with the following info: Type Name Serial number I am having difficulty working out the table joins to pull out the required information. Thanks
  22. Is it possible to report on how frequently members of a team log into Service manager - I can see the 'last login' in h_sys_accounts, which gives the most recent login. But I'm after seeing how often users log into Service Manager. This is for full users, rather than basic users. thanks Claire
  23. Hi all, After a recent audit, our QA process has been picked up as 'requires work'. To that end I was thinking of a scheduled task which uses a report to present me with a list of say 30 random tickets logged in the last 30 days, to run on the 1st of the month. Is this possible with the reporting system at the moment? And if so is there a SQL wizard (@Victor I am looking in your direction) who can lend a hand? Thanks Dan
  24. I was wondering if anyone can assist, we are trying to create a report that will show all incidents closed the previous day with either no asset number or the asset number 0000 attached. How would be the best way to do this?
  25. Does anyone know if there is a way to report on what list on a board a call is sitting on? We have different lists for different stages of the change process such as: "Pending review and authorisation" "More information Required" I would like to incude this on a report i run for our change manager so they know what is holding the change up? What table/Column is this if at all? Hayley.
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