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  1. Doh - ignore me!!! Pressing the Follow button in the Topic itself seems to do the job!!
  2. I am following some Forums and sometimes see a Topic (not raised by myself) which is of interest. Can I follow that Topic and receive Notifications when an update is added. I think this is possible when I add an update myself but I don't actually have anything to say!
  3. Thanks James. I have used the What's New Page (and it has been really useful) but as you say it does not tell us everything and sometimes it is the small unexpected things which make a big difference with customer's individual builds. I find it frustrating that you are not 'selling' all your changes and enhancements. Your guys are doing lots of great stuff but because it is not granular enough in one location I miss changes that could really help with my day to day work. Perhaps this is an improvement you could do to the What's New Page (have links to the pop-up's?) btw the Read Later button does work for me - the pop-up window re-appears when I open a new session. Finally have a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2020. Onwards and upwards!
  4. When we are advised of updates to the system they come through with very little info. For instance a recent one was: As a Service Level Manager I want additional rule criteria for SLAs {CH00146261} How do I find out more detail about this change? The TechWiki had nothing and I could not find anything from the Change Number. When I when to the SLA screen I did find a pop up window which was brilliant (but I had to find it). I had options of 'Got it' or 'Read Later'. I clicked on the latter but can no longer make it pop up. So is there a central place with details behind these updates. And can I go back to the pop-up window?
  5. Typically (for us) it is when the sender is external and is not recognised. In which case you need to set them up as a Contact.
  6. Thanks - we have just had some more. Stuck in the in-box and cannot automatically process (but we can push manually). Was working fine upto 1.00am this morning. First stuck one was at about 4.00am.
  7. Same problem for us but suspect it was due to the earlier outage. We have processed ours manually.
  8. @Martyn Houghton many thanks for your help. See previous update.
  9. Found it!!! I have to go into Edit of an existing Service and then I see what Martyn sees. The 'Default Mailbox' option does not appear when creating a Service nor when viewing main Details. However when you click on the Edit button then 'hey presto' there it is. Now updated and sorted. Many thanks to all!
  10. Thanks for your help. The Service config was my first port of call but I can now see that it appears my problem is I can't see the mailbox setting! When creating a new Service I don't have that 'Default Mailbox' dropdown and when I go into an existing service again I cannot see any reference to mailbox. See screenshots below. What am I missing?
  11. Frustrating problem. We now use 2 mailboxes in our instance. When the Agents are entering an Email Update the default sender email address provided by the system seems to vary. It does not default to the last one used and I don't know how the system selects the default. This is not always noticed by the Agent and so they sometimes send from the incorrect address. The Agent can go into the dropdown to select the correct address but that is far from ideal. Each of our 2 addresses is used uniquely for a different Service which is looked after by a different group of Agents. Does anyone know how the system selects the default sending address and can this be set/controlled?
  12. +1 Martyn - I think we would like this as well but can I just confirm something. The reason is that in our system a comment does not result in the Analyst being being made aware that there is an update. Also the colour does not change on the View List to make them aware. So are there config settings around notification of updates via Comments that we are not aware of? Also can the Comment functionality be actually switched off for Portal and/or Analysts? I don't really see the point in them (but would welcome other people's views) and the above has caught out some of our Analysts when they missed an important 'Comment' update for a few days. We tell the Customers that we prefer them not to use Comments but the functionality is there and staring them in the face so you can guess what happens!
  13. ++++1 Martyn, We automatically add Connections as part of the BPM when the Request is raised based on the 'Affected Product' (mainly for Sev1 Incidents) and this includes an email to each Connection advising them (it's quite an impressive BPM Stage!). However as you correctly point out subsequent 'Email updates' are not sent to Connections by default which is a pain. We use the my-services portal so our Connections can see their 'connected' Requests but are not aware when there is an email update. Equally they are not notified of a normal update - I guess if you are using the old portal then that is not such a problem as they can't see the Requests anyway. I am hoping that the 'Adhoc BPM' button may help once delivered so that we can alert Connections to a significant update on Sev1 Incidents.
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