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  1. I presume this has been raised elsewhere but I can't see it. We have a standard BPM that spots when we have a Sev1 raised and then fires off certain mails and actions. That is all fine. However a number of times we have a Sev2 or 3 that gets escalated to a Sev1 once the impact is fully understood. We don't think this sort of action cannot easily be picked up in our above BPM without continual circular polling. So could we have a customised button (or similar) that the analyst would manually press(or even better does it automatically) when he escalates to a Sev1. This would kick off its own BPM which has the same actions as in the standard BPM (clearly we would need to maintain the actions in 2 places but we can handle that).
  2. Thanks James. We found the cause. The person who set up the Report (and showed as the owner) has left the company and his user ID has been archived. As such the Scheduling did not run. Resolution - an active user copied report and deleted the original. We could not see how to change the owner.
  3. We have a Security Audit from our parent company next week (Daily Mail Group)! The question is being raised about where our data is stored. You state on your website that 'if your instance is in Europe then your data remains in Europe' and we have also seen that you use Cloudfare. A further detailed question has been raised - are you able to answer this: "Do you happen to know where in Europe the servers that you use are located? Hornbill appear to use Cloudflare, which have servers in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. If they are allocated by IP address, then this indicates that no data leaves the UK." Many thanks.
  4. This Topic is now over a year old but there are still issues. This is with the background of you rolling out new functionality (as presented at Insights 19) to just this 'my-services' portal. In particular see below for the SD page which highlights some of the outstanding concerns (most of which have been mentioned before in this Topic) - I am using an 'experimental' switch for the coloured Catalogs but I wouldn't expect the non-centred icons to still appear. Also it is still the same Configuration page which drives both this portal and the old one - this means that we cannot configure the new portal without disrupting our existing old and 'Live' portal. In addition to this I am struggling to see how we seamlessly switch users to the new portal but that is the subject of a 'Customer Success' Portal Request.
  5. Thanks James. Is that an intention or is it possible now? The reason for asking is that we are flipping over to the my-services portal tonight!
  6. We have reports which are scheduled to run at 6.00am each morning. They did not run today. I have tried to do schedule Run Once in 5 mins time but again no success - the status changed from Running to Expired so it picked up the evnt. However I have been able to run them by using the Run Now 'arrow'. We haven't changed anything so is this a system issue? Frank
  7. We have a similar issue with some users who really dislike their formal name (eg Joanna) which is their First Name. Their Handle Name is is the preferred name (eg Jo ...). However in the Portal, the list of Requests shows Customer (eg Joanna) and I think I am correct in saying that list cannot be customised. In the Request itself there is again reference to Customer - in fact the Handle name is used sparingly. I don't foresee changes in Handle names being a major problem (surnames are changed far more regularly and much more problematic - we have to create a new user and the user cannot then see their old Requests! But that is a separate issue!!). We would certainly like to have Handle name as an option so that it is made more available. This would also require us to be able to customise the columns in the Request List in the portal. Frank
  8. That makes sense. Many thanks for looking into this. Certainly not a biggie but worth knowing about.
  9. We want to start using the new Connections functionality but this is only available in the Employee portal at live.hornbill.com/<Your Instance>/my-services To configure the screen for the Service Portal (service.hornbill.com/<Your Instance>), which we currently use, we go to Home/System/Manage Portals/Customise Service Portal. However that does not seem to FULLY control the above Employee portal - we can see some changes appear in both portals. But in the Employee Portal, we cannot for example remove the words 'Follow Us' near the bottom, cannot remove an annoying 0 in the top left and cannot remove 'Requests Awaiting Feedback' as we don't currently use Feedback functionality. Also our Home Page image is not correct (not fully visible) but we don't want to fiddle around with that as we suspect it will affect the Service Portal which our users are continually using. Are we missing something?
  10. Yes and I think it had the same name in both Firefox and Chrome browsers. We can replicate at will by switching it on and off.
  11. There are over 200 pages of Translations. In some cases it can be really useful to be able to change some of the words on the screen but finding an entry is a needle in a haystack. There is a Filter but to be honest I find that of limited use as I don't understand the naming convention for the Keys (and can't see anything in the wiki). I need a search option for any text in the Default or Translated fields.
  12. That's odd - we had a similar problem this morning. There is an experimental feature which is 2 years old but still works and is wonderful! Sad to say but earlier this morning I was jumping out of my seat in joy when I found it!!! https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_Manager_Experimental_Features Third heading down. You just need to ensure that your selected Requests are in a similar state and use the same workflow.
  13. I am not sure if this has been raised before but I can't find it! When viewing a Request you can use Pins to hold open the HUD and also Customer info, Details etc. This is 'sticky' so is like a profile setting. One of our users could not see the Pin (in Firefox or Chrome) which got our heads scratching. Eventually we found the answer - in both his browsers the AdBlock add-on was making the Pin vanish. Switch off the add-on and there is the Pin. Bizarre but true!
  14. Yep - that's work a treat. Many thanks. We will move to the 'new' employee portal in a few weeks time to pick up this new functionality. In the meantime we have a go-live to focus on!
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