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  1. Found it: So that is 2 single quotes together.
  2. I want to run a report on certain Assets which do not have a Used By Name. I know that when the field is empty it is not Null but just has no value. However this does not work: So I tried Prompted Value, and entered nothing when prompted, and that does work. But I want to run this as a scheduled job without any prompt - how do I achieve that?
  3. @James Ainsworth That would be really helpful - thanks.
  4. When undertaking a simple search for Assets a number of fields are not searched and so do not return any records. This is when using this Filter This causes total confusion for our users (in particular Mobile 'Device Name' cannot be searched unless the Advanced Search/Condition is used). For example under Mobile Devices: Serial Number can be searched but NOT Device Name Operating System Version can be searched but NOT Operating System Apparently this is as intended(!) and requires an enhancement to be raised so user support would be welcome.
  5. @Deen I am sorry but that is NOT the case. For example from the table h_cmdb_assets_mobile_device: These are fields are searchable: h_tariff_code h_secondary_service_provider_id h_serial_number h_os_version Whereas these fields are not: h_device_name h_device_registration_state h_os_description I cannot see why some fields within the same table are searchable and some are not (even for related info such as os_description and os_version). It is highly confusing for my users and I cannot explain it.
  6. @Paul Alexander yep - same underlying issue. In the future we will want to use the BPM route and also remove a user in the Shared By list.
  7. @Paul Alexander I wonder if you are caught in a similar issue reported in the topic below. The CSV Import Update process will not allow fields (such as 'Used By') to be blanked out. I will be interested where this takes you... Set Asset field values (i.e. used by and owned by) to null/blank via the CSV Asset Import utility - Service Manager - Hornbill Community Forums
  8. @Izu We looked at this ourselves and my techie's recommended not to use it as the process was too complex and time consuming. I did think about paying HB to set it up for us but instead decided to work around the issues with the csv import process.
  9. We are using the CSV Asset Import Utility process to update our assets every night. Some of the assets are having their updates skipped which is a concern. Every update should also add the current date into a field against each asset so it shouldn't skip and I want to see what is happening. However in the log file how I cannot see how I identify which records are skipped. The logs for each Update look to be identical whether they were actually done or skipped.
  10. What I have just noticed is that it appears nothing in the 'Mobile Device Information' Section is searchable by the Simple Search. However fields in the other Additional Properties Sections are picked up. That doesn't feel right to me as I can't see why that would be the case.
  11. @Deen Are you able to replicate this as this is becoming a pain for us. We can't use the simple search to find anything in the Device Name field. Searching for something via the Simple Search (as below) which we know exists in the Device Name field returns no assets. Instead we have to use the Advanced Search (as below) which does work but is a real pain for Agents to do everytime.
  12. @ArmandoDM We use this to Update assets quite successfully: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/CSV_Asset_Import (ie not the csv upload function via the App screen) However it will NOT allow a value to be changed to blank/null. This is the case for all fields (not just Owned By / Used By).
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