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  1. I guess this has been raised before but I can't find anything. My SD Manager becomes frustrated by Agents transferring Requests to other teams (or other Agents within the same team) with very little info or advice. Ideally he would want the Comments section in the Assign Tab (shaded red in pic below) to have some standard headings for info when assigning (and perhaps even made mandatory). I can't see any way of doing this so (apart from hitting people over the head to ensure they enter meaningful Timeline updates and Comments when assigning) how do others overcome this issue?
  2. @Jeremy That's really useful. Thank you.
  3. @Jeremy Thanks for the response. If it isn't too much effort can you point me in the right direction for how you 'lock' the Change post-authorisation.
  4. @Jeremy Using your method I presume that means that if the Scheduled Date/Time is changed (as I don't think this can be 'frozen') then it is not updated in the List View as the Custom Fields are still holding the original values passed over when it completed the step in the BPM?
  5. In Chrome you can right click on the Session tab and choose Duplicate. This pretty much does the same job as you want but with 2 extra clicks.
  6. I think you may find that is the total number of unread mails in the Inboxes of BOTH your mail addresses. You need to click one and then the other to find where the 'hidden' mail is lurking.
  7. Alisha, I have asked this before as well - see this...
  8. @James Ainsworth I have had another chat with my InTune expert and I can see why you are asking the questions! There has been some confusion here. There is indeed no Last Modified By and Last Modified Date within InTune. I thought that InTune could record when an admin had accessed a device and updated it - but that is not the case. He definitely showed me something before in this respect but I can no longer see what it was! However my chat did uncover something else related to InTune. Under Mobile Device/Mobile Device Information there is a Last Sync field which maps nicely to lastS
  9. I am new to this area of the system so excuse me if this has already been addressed. Is it possible for us to have Sub-Libraries? We currently only seem to be able to go 1 level deep whereas we would like a concept of sub-folders. This would help us enormously in being able to structure dozens of docs and make them easier to group. We have held back from using Doc Manager as we don't want dozens and dozens of Libraries all at the same level. Thanks.
  10. Hi @ArmandoDM Thanks for this. It is quite easy for me to replicate in our instance if evidence is required.
  11. Maybe showing you the obvious but is this something to do with the Timeline Filter (although the default is All)?
  12. We use Boards to track our Changes. I am sure the look of the 'Cards' has changed from a week or so ago. Is this the same for others? The 'link' icon in the top right enables us to open the Request - the icon seems wrong? The 'OPEN' button in the bottom right is not a hyperlink so cannot be accessed. I can't quite remember the layout of the card before but it certainly wasn't this confusing!
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