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  1. @AlexTumber excellent news and thanks for the update. These updates look really interesting.
  2. Hi @James Ainsworth, That works for me so many thanks. I don't believe this functionality was in place when I posted this item back in January 2020 and I wasn't aware that this had been enabled - it was the setting that I needed to change. As you say this works for users without a Collaboration Licence.
  3. @Daniel Dekel Thanks Daniel - that works well for us.
  4. Customers don't have the option to create new Asset Classes. What I have done is rename some of the other Asset Classes (relabelled via Translations). On the whole it works OK with just a few places where the original name is seen (generally when you are doing reports or in BPM's).
  5. @Gerrycould I also have sight of the pricing matrix. Frank
  6. Hi @Gerry, You mentioned above in November about organising some webinairs in the coming months. Is this still planned as we are keen to take another look and refresh our memories? I have taken a look at the wiki but it would be better for me and my colleagues to see the tool in action etc. Frank
  7. +1 Good idea as will make searching in a long list easier and ensure the correct asset is being linked.
  8. As an Admin I can see archived Contacts and Co-workers. However our Agents can only see archived Contacts (not archived Co-Workers - which on the face of it seems to be the wrong way round). So this must be a permissions thing. Can I add this missing permission to one of our Agent's roles? It is not unusual for a user to be automatically archived before an Agent has had a chance to review the user's assets. Currently once the user is archived the Agent loses visibility of the assets.
  9. @AlexTumberSorted now. I needed to clear 'Cached Images and Files' from my browser.
  10. I know that Asset Management is part of Service Manager but could we have a separate Forum? It does tend to get swamped by Service Manager discussions.
  11. You can't change the number of drop downs but you can relabel them via Translations in Service Manager Admin. I have done that quite successfully but you need to do the translations in a few places.
  12. @VictorCan I confirm something please. As mentioned above we are looking at using the Database Asset Import tool (as per the link provided earlier). You seem to refer to this as using the Data Service APIs. You say that the Asset entity APIs are different and would trigger an audit record. So is there anything in the wiki (or elsewhere) about these 'Asset entity API's. I ask because when I look at the Database Asset Import the heading would infer that it is using the Asset Entity APIs.
  13. We've received the update (I can now see more than 3 contracts at a time and the 100 max has been increased). However the pop out 'eye' does not seem to be there (for Suppliers or Contracts). See screenshots/.
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